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April 24 2018
I'll just go ahead & jinx myself by posting that I have San Jose & Washington in an NHL Playoffs Pool

April 23 2018
Wanna do me a quick favor?  Go visit Indie Nudes.  This guy has helped me out a lot the last year or so & the least I can do is let you guys (and gals?) know how cool & unique his site is

April 21-22 2018
This weekend, this site is green in honor of Earth Day

April 20 2018
Today this site is green in honor of 420

April 19 2018
Greenguy Link O'Rama is pleased as punch to announce that I've partnered up with Wifebucket to bring you guys (and gals?) daily pics of real amateur wives posing nude & getting fucked by their husbands, lovers & swinger friends.  You can find today's pics just below here or on the New Clips & Links page Thumb Up For Real Amateur Porn!

April 18 2018
Yesterday I realized that for the last year or so, I've been pounding nails into a piece of wood on a daily basis using a screwdriver because I never bothered to read the box the nails came in which clearly says "USE HAMMER" I SUCK

April 17 2018
I owe $232 in Fed taxes.  I'm due $241 in NYS taxes.  How come I gotta pay the $232 today, but I have no idea when I'm getting the $241, which, to be honest, I need to pay the $232?

April 16 2018
My friend's dog is still missing, so if you're in the Ridgecrest/Bakersfield CA area or you know someone that lives or is traveling near there, PLEASE share that image.

April 14-15 2018
I am happy to announce My Vision for a new Link O'Rama!

Also, my friend lost his dog, so if you're in the Ridgecrest/Bakersfield CA area, PLEASE share that image.

April 13 2018
Friday The 13th  OMG!!!

April 12 2018
The Andre The Giant doc on HBO was fucking awesome!

April 11 2018
This could be a historic date, because I think Trump just declared war on Russia.

April 10 2018
OMG! I almost forgot:

April 9 2018
Even though I've been out of the running in my Fantasy Hockey leagues, 1 of them came down to a team's goalies saving just 1 goal that went in thru the entire season, a difference of 0.00003 or 3 hundred-thousandths of a point!

April 7-8 2018
We currently have a pharmaceutical guy running the DEA, a fossil fuels guy running the EPA, an anti Net Neutrality guy running the FCC, and now we have an opponent of the Endangered Species Act overseeing federal wildlife policy. I fully expect to see David Berkowitz appointed United States Postmaster General this coming week I Just Can't Anymore

April 6 2018
RIP Tyler - you were loved by every life you touched :'(

April 5 2018
24 years ago today, no one knew Kurt Cobain had died, but I can vividly remember 3 days later as I was driving to work when I heard the news on the radio & I can honestly say it devastated me.  It still hurts today :'(

April 4 2018
...and just like that, the big changes I mentioned yesterday are put on hold :(

April 3 2018
I think there will be BIG changes coming around here!  Stay tuned!!
(sorry I'm a cock-tease)

April 2 2018
Merry Dyngus Day!!

April 1 2018
Happy Birthday Easter Bunny!
Happy Birthday Easter Bunny!Happy Birthday Easter Bunny!Happy Birthday Easter Bunny!
There's more Easter galleries over on my side project
Porn Luv Happy Birthday Easter Bunny!

March 31 2018
While you're enjoying the Easter Bunny's birthday, I'll be hiding from a Chinese Space Lab!

March 30 2018
Good Fish Fry Friday!
(this may be a joke that only works locally in Buffalo)

March 29 2018
I wish I had employees so I could fire them via Twitter.

March 28 2018
I fucked off most of yesterday & got caught up on some sleep.  Now I'm over-tired.

March 27 2018
I got my taxes back from the accountant yesterday and NY State owes me $9 more than I owe the IRS, so that's a win for me!

March 26 2018
I don't know about anyone else, but I completely believed everything Stormy Daniels said last night.

March 24 2018
Did you know that Stormy Daniels Official Website just got a makeover?  Well, you do now! Fuck Trump
Stormy Daniels Official Website

March 23 2018
I actually slept in until 8AM!

March 22 2018
My favorite quote of all time was told to me 25+ years ago when I was a Dock Supervisor for a trucking company & I asked one of my dockmen a question about how something should be done:
"It's not my job to educate Management."

March 21 2018
Spring Has Sprung

March 20 2018
I slept for a little bit & now I'm awake just after Midnight, so I'm not sure if it's still Monday or Tuesday.  Either way, early update for you :)

March 19 2018
There's a new sign on my front lawn

March 17 2018
As usual, there's a handful of St Patrick's Day galleries over on Porn Luv.
Have a for me today!

March 16 2018
Social Media was filled with local bandwagon fans of The University Of Buffalo last night as they watched our local college team play basketball for the 1st time this season.

March 15 2018

March 14 2018
I woke up to see:
1 - Nor'easter?  More like Snor'easter
2 - Stephen Hawking
3 - Local college basketball team St. Bonaventure made the NCAA Tournament, which means people will be jumping on that bandwagon until they lose on Thursday
4 - Windows wants to update/restart my PC

March 13 2018
Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out on Amazon today.  There goes my afternoon

March 12 2018
I missed the playoffs in one of my Fantasy Hockey leagues by 1 game!! :'(

March 10 2018
Enjoy your weekend!!

March 9 2018
Did you know (or even care) that Greenguy Cams got a makeover?

March 8 2018
It's painful to watch my beloved Buffalo Sabres.

March 7 2018
There's a bump in the road that I think can easily be climbed over, but I'm not an expert in road bumps.

March 6 2018
So far, so good

March 5 2018
Balls are rolling, my friends!

March 3 2018
I've been advised to not in public, so I won't ;-)

March 2 2018
I have to go see the accountant today to get the taxes done. Dear Jebus... for me!

March 1 2018
I decorated for March :)

February 28 2018
So long, February!

February 27 2018
Binge-watched Mindhunter on Netflix yesterday & it was fucking great!

February 26 2018
I'll probably jinx it by saying it, but with so many people finally coming to look at my house, this fucker is gonna sell SOON!

February 26 2018
We've got a couple coming to look at the house for a 3rd time today!!

February 23 2018
I've got nothing!

February 22 2018
It's hard to believe my friend & colleague that started Chubby Links has been gone for 7 years...
Miss You, King!

February 21 2018
Our President really is a walking contradiction :(

February 20 2018
I really need to stop going to bed at 8PM & getting up at 2AM :(

February 19 2018
Celebrating our 1st 43 Presidents today!
(I don't count Nixon)

February 17 2018
After a very stressful week (I think I mentioned that lol) I'm taking the next 2 days off.  See ya Monday!

February 16 2018
Yesterday, I said "My life can't possibly get any more stressful :(".  Well, I was wrong...

February 15 2018
My life can't possibly get any more stressful :(

February 14 2018
Merry Valentine's Day!
Merry Valentine's Day!
There's 30 or so Valentine's Day pic/vid galleries over on my side project Porn Luv

February 13 2018
After busting my ass working on Sunday, my sleep is all out of whack.  Went to bed at 6PM, woke up at 11:30PM wide awake.  Hence, the really early update :)

February 12 2018
Installed some kitchen cabinets at my stepdaughter's yesterday & my back is going to pay for it for the rest of the week :(

February 10 2018
It's time for me to tune my TV to Olympic coverage 24/7 for the next 2+ weeks!

February 9 2018
If you use Google Chrome & recently updated it, you probably noticed that it's changed the way a text link is displayed.  THIS IS NOT WHAT I'M USED TO!!!  I slapped this together last night - check out the screencaps for each browser on the bottom.

February 8 2018
My insanity for all things Olympics kicked off last night when I watched Curling on CBC out of Canada.

February 7 2018
"Don't Panic" Thank You Elon Musk 42

February 6 2018
Was kinda hungover & slept away most of Monday, so here I am wide awake & working at 1 AM on a Tuesday :)

February 5 2018
As usual, I was wrong in my Superbowl pick.  Congrats to the Eagles Fly Eagles Fly

February 3-4 2018
My guess is that New England covers the 4.5 point spread.  Enjoy the Superbowl!

February 2 2018
Merry Groundhog Day!

February 1 2018
Merry February!

January 31 2018
I'm having a rough few days, but I did finally finish the 2018 AVN Award Winning Movies and Pornstars page of clips :)

January 29-30 2018
I started working on a page of clips from the 2018 AVN Award Winning Movies and Pornstars but I ran out of gas, so enjoy what's up there today & the rest will be waiting for you tomorrow :)

January 27 2018
I was born on 01/19/1971 - 0 days old
I met my wife on 07/24/1994 - 8,588 days old
Today is 01/27/2018 - 17,176 days old
I've spent half my life with the love of my life

January 26 2018
My internet went out yesterday around 4PM & was still down when I went to bed.  How fucking boring life is without it!

January 25 2018
Here's something you don't see everyday: A Hardcore Gangbang where the girl takes 2 in the pink & 1 in the stink, but I'm not talking about fingers!

January 24 2018
This is scary: My Sabres are now on a TWO game win streak

January 23 2018
My Sabres actually won a game last night!

January 22 2018
Ever wondered what they mean by an Anal Rosebud?

January 21 2018
As promised, I give to you clips from the...
2018 XBIZ Award Winning Movies and Pornstars

January 20 2018
The 2018 XBIZ Awards took place on Thursday night & I'm in the process of gathering up clips from as many of the winning movies & stars as I can.  Should have it posted tomorrow!

January 19 2018

January 18 2018
It was 4 years ago today that I was inducted into the AVN Hall Of Fame
2014 AVN HOF Member Greenguy

January 17 2018
This one will be in a future update, but I had to share it with you ASAP because this guy's cock is about the size of her calf:
Blackzilla Rises 5: Ava Hardey

January 16 2018
My stepdaughters took my bride & I out to dinner to celebrate our birthdays last night & I ate so much, I fell asleep in the car on the ride home :)

January 15 2018
I'd just like to wish my lovely bride a Happy Birthday :)

January 13 2018
Today, it's my great honor to proclaim Jan 13, 2018, as Alleged Trump Sexual Encounter Pornstar Stormy Daniels Day! I encourage all Americans to observe this day by going to my New Clips & Links page to find 6 videos of Ms Daniels in action

January 12 2018
Our President is an asshole.

January 11 2018
The local Weather Reader actually put this graphic up on the screen during last night's news.  So much snow, we're gonna need a shovel

January 10 2018
I'm officially old: I've only heard of 4 of the 149 musical acts scheduled for Bonnaroo this year.

January 9 2018
Once again, I fall asleep during what looks to be a wrapped up blowout football game

January 8 2018
I truly forgot how stressful watching a Bills playoff game was.  Oh well...

January 6 2018

January 5 2018
The current temp is -1F (-18C).  The high today is forecasted to be 3F (-16C), the low -5F (-21C), and don't get me started on the wind chill.  I can't decide if it's brutally frigid or frigidly brutal.

January 4 2018
I've got nothing!

January 3 2018
There was a massive 75 car pileup about 15 min from my house due to the snow yesterday

January 2 2018
I think I'm going to binge-watch all the Harry Potter movies on HBO this week.

January 1 2018
Not only did my beloved Bills make the Playoffs, but I swept my Fantasy Football League, winning Head To Head last week and Overall Points yesterday!  It was a good football day for me

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