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March 31 2015
Fucking taxes!  I owe the state, but I'm getting a refund from federal, and I need that to pay the state!  It best come in by the 15th!!!

March 30 2015
I'm back!  I had a nice enjoyable weekend, and it snowed!  Hopefully this week will be kinda normal :-)

March 27 2015
The Good News:
I apologize again for not being able to update yesterday, but the techguy's worked on my server & things are now loading as fast as ever!
The Bad News:
I'm gonna try to take the weekend off, so see ya Monday!

March 26 2015
I apologize, but I don't think there's going to be an update today.  I'm having some programming problems & seeing as the script I use to run this mess was written in 2001, I'm having trouble finding anyone that knows WTF is going on Thumb DOWN!
It's fixed, the site is loading like shit thru a goose, and I'll be back tomorrow

March 25 2015
Started watching Bloodline on Nexflix yesterday & I'm fucking hooked!  I've come to the conclusion that I will now watch any series Netflix puts out!

March 24 2015
Remember what I said yesterday about not being #1 when you search "greenguy" in Google?  Well, yesterday afternoon, it magically came back!! I Can Dance!

March 23 2015
I am depressed beyond belief.  For the 1st time ever(?) this site is not the #1 result in Google for the word "greenguy".  What might be worse is that I could not find this site on the 1st 20 pages of results (or the top 200).  It feels like I've been robbed of my identity Me Sad

March 22 2015
So I took most of yesterday off & watch 2 great movies: 1st it was Interstellar.  Then, I watched Exodus: Gods and Kings.  Both were great works of fiction He He He

March 20 2015
Spring Has Sprung!! LOL! ROFL! GTFO! OU812! REO SPEEDWAGON!

March 19 2015
For those of you that are paying attention to things around here, I'm down to about 20 or so categories that need to be changed over to the new design.  I'm confident I'll have the rest done by Christmas!

March 18 2015
Nicki Minaj announced US tour dates that go on sale today & my niece is seriously freaking out.  I'm in charge of getting her some presale tix, but I honestly can't remember being anywhere near as excited as she is about a concert!

March 17 2015
Here in the Buffalo area, everyone wants our beloved Sabres to tank the rest of the hockey season in order to get a high draft pick so they can take McDavid or Eichel.  But take a look at the last 3 "next big thing" draft picks:
John Tavares: Drafted in 2009 - Islanders have made the playoffs once (in 2012); just now becoming a very good team
Sidney Crosby: Drafted in 2005 - Penguins missed playoffs his 1st season; didn't win Stanley Cup til 2009 (plus he's got Malkin)
Alexander Ovechkin: Drafted 2005 - Capitals missed playoffs his 1st 2 years; still no Cup
My point? We're still not going to see a good team until the 2020's!!

March 16 2015
So happy today!  I made it to the money in 1 of my Fantasy Hockey leagues!  With any luck, I'll break even Thumb Up!
(Oh, it's also Girlfriend Monday - ENJOY!)

March 15 2015
With a little help from an old friend, I was able to add a Last Updated date to all the category pages on here.  Hopefully that helps some of you out Lil Greenie

March 13 2015
AAAHHH!!! Friday The 13th Part II!! Bad things!!

March 12 2015
The Bitch has 2 job interviews today, so let's hope she lands one Thumb Up!

March 11 2015
I really hate it when I get a bug up my ass about how this page looks.  Yes, it does need a new design, but I'm still working on updating all the category pages!!

March 10 2015
Not only is today Porno Tubesday but look at what came in the mail yesterday!
2014 AVN HOF Member Greenguy

March 9 2015
Aside from the fact that it's another Girlfriend Monday, I have one thing to say:
Roof Ice Dams SUCK!!!

March 8 2015
I was gonna update yesterday, but I found myself truly consumed listening to the re-release of Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti, especially one song:
Everybody Makes It Through (In the Light) (Early Version - In Transit)

March 6 2015
BTW, the roof did stop leaking in my house, but yesterday I realized the temps were back in the teens, so I'm sure to have problems this weekend when it's in the 30s.

March 5 2015
Well, after a couple hours of getting snow & ice off my roof yesterday, I think I'm entitled to take the rest of today off...but I did update Thumb Up!

March 4 2015
Good thing I got the update ready early today, as it's above freezing for the 1st time in about 3 months & now there's water leaking in everywhere in my house BOO!!!

March 3 2015
Seeing as I was so late with yesterday's Girlfriend Monday links, I made sure to load up on the Porno Tubesday vids bright & early!

March 2 2015
Sorry for the late Girlfriend Monday update, but personal/family matters come 1st.

February 28 2015
Seeing as I missed updating Thursday, I just put up an extra special super duper no holds barred Saturday update! (that looks like every other update)

February 27 2015
I'm sorry I missed yesterday's update - too many doctor appts, including 1 that was 2+ hours in a dentist chair!

February 25 2015
Don't you fucking hate it when you wake up & your PC decided to reboot itself in the middle of the night FUCK!

February 24 2015
Video Tuesday has officially been changed to Porno Tubesday Thumb Up!

February 23 2015
As promised!
1 - It's Girlfriend Monday on the New Porn Links page
2 - I shit on my TV!

February 22 2015
If Birdman wins ANYTHING tonight I may just take a shit on my TV!

February 20 2015
OK - enough about my update streak (6 days in a row & 10 of the last 11 BTW)

February 19 2015
Updates 4 days in a row & 9 of the last 10?!  I might "officially" be back!

February 18 2015
For Lent, I'm once again giving up Religion. Seems to be working, so why stop!

February 17 2015
Late update Monday = Early update Tuesday!  And, it's another jam packed all video update!!
PS - Every day is Fat Tuesday at my Chubby Twitter Gals Page

February 16 2015
It's a little late in the day, but I updated before midnight, so it counts!  And, it's the 1st of what I'm going to call Girlfriend Monday's Thumb Up!

February 15 2015
Yes, I took yesterday off - so sue me!  But I do have to say that Jim Jefferies was FUCKING HILARIOUS on Friday night!

February 13 2015
To celebrate Valentine's Day, as well as my 5th daily update in a row, The Bitch & I are going to see Jim Jefferies perform tonight!

February 12 2015
4th day in a row with an update?!  I think that's a new record!  So do me a favor & click on a banner, will ya? Thumb Up!

February 11 2015
I updated THREE days in a row?!

February 10 2015
I'm thinking that, once or twice a week, I'm just gonna bombard you with clips from recently released movies from my HD Porn Theater.
(you all do know I have that, don't you?)

February 9 2015
I honestly don't think my life can get any worse...

February 6 2015
Sorry I didn't update yesterday, but I have one hell of a legit excuse: I was removing about 6,000 links...by hand Thumb Up!

February 4 2015
Humpday Update Thumb Up!

February 2 2015
Merry Groundhog Day!
Here's my take on the end of the Super Bowl:
6 seconds left in the half, you'd think they were gonna kneel, run 2-3 seconds off the clock so that they wouldn't have to kickoff, then kick the fieldgoal - nope! Touchdown pass to tie the game!
20 or so seconds left in the game on the 1, you'd think they'd run the ball - nope! Pass gets intercepted!
The same things that make Pete Carroll a great coach can also make him look dumb. They score & he's a genius. You can't have it both ways...

January 31 2015
I was gonna try to put up some new links to day, but there's just not enough good stuff to bother.

January 30 2015
Just finished a nice little update and I got 7 categories all spiffed up & fancy looking:
Oral & Blowjobs
Oral Sex Movies
Panty Porn
Pantyhose Porn
Petite Sex
Porn Movies
Pornstar Lesbians

January 29 2015
No update yesterday or today, but rest easy, knowing that things are going on behind the scenes.

January 27 2015
Not a massive update today, but an update none-the-less!

January 26 2015
More Netflix yesterday.  Started watching their series The Fall & I have to admit, only 2 episodes in, I'm hooked!

January 25 2015
I was gonna update yesterday - I swear!  But then I turned on Netflix & sat my fat ass on the couch for the entire day.

January 23 2015
Another day, another update! Thumb Up!
...and, I think I forgot to tell everyone what my lovely bride, The Bitch, gave me for Xmas: Meet my little buddy Ren!
Greenguy's Chihuahua Ren

January 22 2015
I am going to try to update today, but I did want to mention that most of my category pages do have a new 1-5 min flash video every day.  Just look for the next to the category to know which ones to visit each day Thumb Up!

January 21 2015
I updated - nothing major, but I do want to at least try to get back to doing this every day.

January 20 2015
I'm back & almost recovered from my big birthday weekend!

January 16 2015
Updates for 3 outta the last 4 days, but I can almost guarantee that streak is gonna stop, seeing as it's my birthday weekend

January 14 2015
Back-to-back updates - enjoy it now, because I could be back to weekly at any moment!

January 13 2015
I am working a lot these days - pretty soon, it'll be daily updates lol

January 11 2015
It's 7 AM on a Sunday & what am I doing? Slinging porn!!

January 8 2015
WOW! I actually updated before Noon!  I deserve some sort of prize

January 5 2015
RIP Stuart Scott.  With as much ESPN that I've watched over the years, it's like losing a friend :'(

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