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December 9 2017
Week 1 of the Fantasy Football Playoffs, so wish me luck!

December 8 2017
It finally snowed!  I'm living in a Winter Wonderland

December 7 2017
RIP August Ames :'(

December 6 2017
We're supposed to get 1-2.5 feet of snow starting tonight.  People in the area are in their usual state of panic

December 5 2017
Happy Birthday JDWS!!

December 4 2017
My 2 Fantasy Football teams are looking pretty good!  1 is in the Playoffs & 1st overall in points and the other is in 2nd Overall (no Playoffs in that league).  My Bills, on the other hand...

December 2 2017
My Netflix binge-watching has continued & Ozark is fucking awesome!  Enjoy your weekend!

December 1 2017
Merry December!

November 30 2017
Tuesday & Wednesday, I binge-watched both seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix & all I can say is WOW!

November 29 2017
Matt Lauer, too?!

November 28 2017
I've got nothing.

November 27 2017
It sometimes amazes me how angry I get at Fantasy Sports

November 25 2017
Today is Small Business Saturday.  I'm a Small Business!  So why not buy some HD porn movies from me?

November 24 2017
Thursday is Garbage Day on my street, but due to the Holiday, they're picking it up today.  I forgot to put mine out & as I type this, I can hear them driving by my house FUCK!!!

November 23 2017
Merry Turkey Day!!

November 22 2017
Read what's above.  It's EXTREMELY important!

November 21 2017
It's the yearly Tuesday Humpday!

November 20 2017
I'm embarrassed to be a fan of the Buffalo Bills.

November 18 2017
Buffalo's supposed to get it's 1st snowfall of the season, but if you were to believe the Weather Readers on the local news, this should come as a shock to all of us.

November 17 2017
Woke up because I was having a sneezing fit.  I best not be getting sick!

November 15 2017
My mom's cat got out of the house, so I got on my bike looking for her. About half a mile from my house, I got stopped by the Police, a couple squad cars. One guy looked like he wanted to shoot me, the other one was asking me what I was doing. I told him what happened, and I asked why I'm being stopped. He told me they got a few reports of a large long haired white man looking agitated riding around the neighborhood on his bike yelling racial slurs. I told him I was yelling out my Cat's name, "Snickers". Showed him pictures and everything on my phone.

November 14 2017
I'll probably jinx myself by posting this, but my Fantasy Football teams are looking pretty fucking good!  One is tied for 1st in Wins & leading in Overall Points, and the other is currently in the money TOUCHDOWN!!!

November 13 2017
My beloved Bills let me down for the 2nd week in a row, but at least one fan brightened my day:
Oh, Yes, They Call Him The Streak

November 11 2017
I said it yesterday, but it bares repeating:
To all the Veterans: Thank You For Your Service!

November 10 2017
To all the Veterans: Thank You For Your Service!

November 9 2017
Another private showing of the house today - this new realtor ROCKS! Thumb Up!

November 8 2017
Well, yesterday didn't go as planned.  But, we do have a private showing of the house today Thumb Up!

November 7 2017
For all the shit that goes wrong in my life, this one thing better go right!

November 6 2017
As always, Thank You Robert P!

November 4 2017
RIP Nickatilynx :'(

November 3 2017
Typical Buffalo Bills: They lose a game on national TV that they really needed to & should have won :(

November 2 2017
Congrats to The Astros & the people of Houston!

November 1 2017
I decorated for Turkey Day!

October 31 2017
I didn't do anything for the holiday other than decorate, but there are a lot of Halloween galleries up on my side project Porn Luv today

October 30 2017
I'll probably jinx them by saying this, but my beloved Buffalo Bills might just be for real!

October 28 2017
I'm an American League guy, but rooting for Houston just feels wrong.  Anyway, sickness is gone - enjoy your weekend!

October 27 2017
I think this sickness is finally going away...just in time for the weekend :)

October 26 2017
This fucking sickness has got to go!

October 25 2017
OK.  It's official.  I'm sick :(

October 24 2017
I think I'm sick :(

October 23 2017
My beloved Bills squeaked one out yesterday!

October 21 2017
Happy 50th to my brother-in-law!

October 20 2017
Happy Birthday Mom!

October 19 2017
RIP Gord Downie :(

October 18 2017
Looks like it was a good thing I fell asleep before the Sabres game :(

October 17 2017
Can't sleep because I got the Jimmy legs :(

October 15 2017
It's Boss's Day.  I remember when I used to have employees...

October 14 2017
Saturday The 14th!!  Bad Things!!

October 13 2017
Friday The 13th!!  Bad Things!!

October 12 2017
While I'm not a huge baseball fan, I do root for The Yankees :)

October 11 2017
Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul...

October 10 2017
Nice to see that, after only 3 games, my beloved Buffalo Sabres are shitting the bed once again :(

October 9 2017
Well, my beloved Buffalo Bills looked like their normal shitty selves yesterday.

October 7-8 2017
Enjoy your weekend!!

October 6 2017
It's Friday & I got nothing!

October 5 2017
The Buffalo Sabres season kicks off tonight Time For Hockey!

October 4 2017
The NHL Season kicks off tonight Time For Hockey!

October 3 2017
RIP Tom Petty :(

October 2 2017
Waking up to the horror of what happened in Vegas :(

September 30 2017
I've got 2 Fantasy Hockey drafts today - wish me luck!

September 29 2017
Spider-Man: Homecoming was so good, I watched it TWICE!

September 28 2017
RIP Hef.

September 27 2017
After our latest no-show Open Houses, we were forced to once again drop the price of the house :(

September 26 2017
From natural disasters like the hurricanes & earth quakes, to political drama with health care, North Korea, and the NFL, you have to admit, we are living in very interesting times!

September 25 2017
Open House went poorly.  Bills won.  New side project: Milf Porn Clips

September 23 2017
Open House here Saturday & Sunday Thumb Up!

September 22 2017
OMG!  The Thursday Night Football game wasn't a snorefest!

September 21 2017
...and just like that, my stomach feels normal!

September 20 2017
I still have a stomach ache - been about 5 weeks now :(  Antibiotics didn't work, lab tests came back clean.  Seeing doctor again on Friday.

September 19 2017
You do know that my original side-project Chubby Girls Links now has daily updates, don't you? :)

September 18 2017
I squeezed out yet another side-project yesterday as I watched my Bills shit the bed:
Masturbation Clips

September 16 2017
Fantasy Hockey rosters were due in my league yesterday.  It's my favorite time of the year :)

September 15 2017
I released 2 new all video side projects yesterday - give'em a visit :)
Handjob Sex Clips
Latina Sex Clips

September 14 2017
I've said it before & I'll say it again: Being the Commish of a Fantasy League is like herding cats.

September 13 2017
I watched The Mummy yesterday.  It was actually a lot funnier than I thought it'd be, but it was still a douchey movie.

September 12 2017
My beloved Buffalo Bills are alone in 1st place Thumb Up!

September 11 2017
Never Forget
Never Forget

September 9 2017
Thank you Kirk L!

September 8 2017
Well, I certainly didn't expect that result from last night's game.  Otherwise, I'd have started Alex Smith in my fantasy league!

September 7 2017

September 6 2017
Finally watched Wonder Woman yesterday.  I liked the beginning, but it kinda got goofy at the end.

September 5 2017
Did you know that my side project Chubby Girls Links now has thumbnail previews & daily updates?

September 4 2017
Merry Labor Day!

September 2 2017
Hosting my annual Fantast Football Draft today - wish me luck!

September 1 2017
I've got nothing!

August 31 2017
Good-bye August!

August 30 2017
It's one thing to post on Social Media about the flooding in Houston, but if you want to make a difference, make a donation to The Red Cross.

August 29 2017
First Fantasy Football Draft went well.  I only drafted 1 guy that's out for the season.

August 28 2017
First Fantasy Football Draft is tonight - wish me luck!

August 26-27 2017
Bonfire & Boxing on Saturday, Rest & Relaxation on Sunday :)

August 25 2017
This Hurricane Harvey thing seems to have popped up out of nowhere.

August 24 2017
21 years ago today, I married the woman I love.

August 23 2017
I can't sleep, which is bad for me, but good for you, seeing as I just updated :)

August 22 2017
I've had an on-and-off stomach ache for about 5 days now.  Last time this happened, doctor said it was a stomach virus & it lasted about a month :(

August 21 2017
Over the weekend, I got the bright idea to turn my side-project Chubby Links from a text links site into a thumbnail site.  That means making 1 thumbnail for each of the 4,000 links I have on there

August 19-20 2017
Another summer weekend is upon us.  I think I shall enjoy many, many adult beverages :)

August 18 2017
Phone took a shit.  Can't get into Apple store til late this afternoon.  I feel naked.

August 17 2017
Guns N Roses concert was awesome!  The band sounded great & Axl's voice was spot-on!  I posted a couple songs on my You Tube channel ROCK!!!

August 16 2017
Guns N Roses concert today! I ROCK!

August 15 2017
Check out my newest & pretty big side-project: Interracial Sex Clips

August 14 2017
Sorry for the late update.  Typical of me, I broke the script/program that runs the site & needed help fixing it.

August 12-13 2017
Once again, it's the weekend & I think I'll take my own advice & get my ass out of the house.

August 11 2017
Up early due to new meds working too well, but I'm not complaining!

August 10 2017
An increase in my meds might have taken my funks away - stay tuned!

August 9 2017
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 was ok I guess.  I had higher hopes...

August 8 2017
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 is out today!!

August 7 2017
It kinda sucks when the highlight of your weekend is grocery shopping.

August 5-6 2017
Get your ass outside & enjoy the summer!

August 4 2017
Just got my electric bill & it looks like I need to turn off the AC :(

August 3 2017
I've got nothing for today.

August 2 2017
Royal Blood was AWESOME!!  I highly recommend going to see them if they come anywhere close to you!!

August 1 2017
I'm psyched to go see Royal Blood tonight!!

July 31 2017
Where the fuck did July go?

July 29-30 2017
Once again, it's the weekend - go outside & enjoy yourself!

July 28 2017
Up early for an airport run - I'm a good stepdad :)

July 27 2017
...and I'm back to having nothing to put here.

July 26 2017
It's just anniversaries galore this week!  Today the Link O'Rama is 20 years old

July 25 2017
25 years ago today I saw Guns N Roses, Metallica, and Faith No More - that went by quick!

July 24 2017
23 years ago today I made a booty call that would turn into true love.  Happy Dating Anniversary to my lovely bride!

July 22-23 2017
Rogue One is on Netflix - enjoy your weekend!

July 21 2017
Up early for no reason watching golf, Part II.

July 20 2017
Up early for no reason watching golf.

July 19 2017
Happy Birthday RyRy!

July 18 2017
I've got nothing.  Well, I do have a tooth ache, but you know what I mean :)

July 17 2017
After a nice fun filled weekend, I need a nap :)

July 15-16 2017
Saturday: Pool Party.  Sunday: Recovery.  Enjoy your weekend!

July 14 2017
I somehow got suckered into helping my brother-in-law put in a floor at my step-daughters.

July 13 2017
Tennis anyone?

July 12 2017
Grunt work is paying the bills these days.

July 11 2017
I'm watching way too much tennis these days...

July 10 2017
I spent yesterday installing a screen door at my step-daughter's & now I have a bad sunburn.

July 8-9 2017
It's the weekend!  Go outside & have some fun!

July 7 2017
Cancelled 2 subscriptions to Sirius XM yesterday after Opie Radio was fired :(

July 6 2017
Thank you Robert P - it's always appreciated!

July 5 2017
Ah yes, the ever popular 5th of July hangover.

July 4 2017
Merry 4th Of July!

July 3 2017
Went Day Drinking with my lovely bride yesterday & today I feel like someone beat me up.

July 1 2017
Happy Birthday Canadia!
Oh Canada!

June 30 2017
It's Friday, which really means nothing if your wife works on Saturday...

June 29 2017
It's good to know that my Hot Dog, Not Hot Dog app works!

June 28 2017
Merry Hump Day!

June 27 2017
Went & looked at a house yesterday that is exactly what we need. Now if we could get a nibble on this one...

June 26 2017
Weekend Recap: The wedding I performed went very well.  The Open House we had...not so good :(

June 24 2017
Seeing as I'm an ordained member of the Spiritual Humanist clergy, I get to perform a wedding today!

June 23 2017
Sorry about the slight mishap on the newsites page yesterday - it's been corrected :)

June 22 2017
Miss you Einer - more than you will ever know...

June 21 2017
Merry Summer Solstice!

June 20 2017
I think I'm still feeling the effects of the party....

June 19 2017
The party was a HUGE success & yes, I'm still hurting :)

June 17 2017
Big party here on Saturday & Happy Father's Day to all you dads on Sunday!

June 16 2017
I'm in full Party Prep mode as we're having a surprise birthday party here tomorrow for 2 people that will never read this :)

June 15 2017
I'm up early & I've got nothing!

June 14 2017
Merry Hump Day!

June 13 2017
I do love when my family drama plays out on Facebook, especially when I started it :)

June 12 2017
I was ONE Nashville goal away from $750!!  Anyway, congrats to the Pens

June 10-11 2017
Enjoy your weekend!

June 8 2017
I've got nothing :(

June 7 2017
The house being officially up for sale has put me in a major funk :(

June 6 2017
...and the house is officially up for sale :(

June 5 2017
Back to hockey tonight!

June 3-4 2017
Enjoy your weekend!
PSSST I added a Czech Porn category Thumb Up!

June 2 2017
Why is there no hockey tonight?  I blame NBC!

June 1 2017
I won some more money in another hockey pool!  Won't know how much until the finals are over, but it's at least $100 :)

May 31 2017
So my buddy calls yesterday because he had an extra ticket to see Tool in Rochester.  15 minutes later I was in the car - great show!

May 30 2017
I cleaned up the pages on here a bit & removed most of those annoying ads that make me no money - enjoy!

May 29 2017
Finally, back to hockey tonight!
PSSST I added a Czech Porn category Thumb Up!

May 27-28 2017
This 4 days between hockey games is just fucking stupid.  Enjoy your weekend :)

May 26 2017
Thank You Pittsburgh! $800 :)

May 25 2017
Happy Towel Day!!

May 24 2017
Fucking Pittsburgh!  They better not fuck it up tomorrow night!

May 23 2017
Yay Preds!  I'm 1/2 way to $800 - GO PENS!!

May 22 2017
I've got nothing & I think that's ok for a Monday :)

May 20-21 2017
Enjoy your weekend!

May 19 2017
Still in shock over Chris Cornell :'(

May 18 2017
RIP Chris Cornell :'(

May 17 2017
A lot to do today, but 1st I think I'll go back to bed :)

May 16 2017
It's Concrete Day here at the house!

May 15 2017
In honor of Mature Milf's Momday I give you one of my many new side-projects:
Milf Or Mature

May 13-14 2017
Enjoy Your Weekend & Happy Milf's Day!

May 12 2017
I've got nothing.

May 11 2017
I'm still alive in the hockey pool.  Go Nashville & Pittsburgh!

May 10 2017
The good news is my pool is finally full.  The bad news is the pump is making a horrible noise.

May 9 2017
Thanks Robert P.  As always, it's much appreciated :)

May 8 2017
I'm still awake after midnight, so I updated.  Can it stop raining now?

May 6 2017
Today, ignore horse racing...like you do the other 364 days of the year.

May 5 2017
Merry Sinko de Mayonnaise!

May 4 2017
I'm a closet Caps fan, but I have Pittsburgh in the pool, so it's strange to watch their games & try to root for the Pens.

May 3 2017
Happy Birthday Einer!

May 2 2017
Well, we opened the pool for the 1st time in 3 years yesterday & it's greener than my website :)

May 1 2017

April 29 2017
I swear!  I updated this morning when I woke up around 6 AM but forgot to change this page.  Oh well...enjoy your weekend :)

April 28 2017
Today, I really have nothing.

April 27 2017
Aside from the number 27 following me, I've got nothing.

April 26 2017
Even though my Sabres aren't in it, it's nice that I'm interested in the NHL Playoffs once again.

April 25 2017
How did I get the flu the moment the weather changed to nice?

April 24 2017
The Garage Sale went better than expected, but wow I'm still sore from moving all that crap around!

April 22 2017
Merry Earth Day!

April 21 2017
Garage Sale today - wish me luck!

April 20 2017
Even though I rarely partake...Happy 420 :)

April 19 2017
It best not rain on my Garage Sale this weekend!!

April 18 2017
Not only are we downsizing our house, but we downsized our vehicle, too.  Got a brand new one and saved $150/month!

April 17 2017
We're having a Garage Sale this weekend & after spending 13 hours yesterday, we're still not completely set up.  We have a lot of shit lol

April 15-16 2017
Happy Tax Day & Merry Easter!

April 14 2017
Good Good Friday Friday!

April 13 2017
Today I really have nothing :(

April 12 2017
Happy Hump Day!!
(aka I got nothing)

April 11 2017
It's amazing how much money you have to put into your house just to sell it :(

April 10 2017
Another Fantasy Hockey season is over & I won back 1/2 my money.

April 8-9 2017
Another weekend is upon us, so try to enjoy it :)

April 7 2017
It snowed.

April 6 2017
Incase you didn't notice it, I did relaunch yet another side project:

April 5 2017
RIP Kurt.

April 4 2017
It hit 71 yesterday - I almost put on shorts!

April 3 2017
I just put in my last Fantasy Hockey lineups of the year :(

April 1 & 2 2017
I relaunched yet another side project:
Naked Tanlines
Enjoy your weekend!

March 31 2017
Fantasy Hockey Playoffs are upon us & I'll be lucky to win my money back.

March 30 2017
I've got nothing :(

March 29 2017
My chiropractor did a number on my back yesterday.  I might have to go back to bed lol

March 28 2017
The thought of building a deck on top of uneven concrete has me incredibly worried.

March 27 2017
Yes, I did spend the weekend watching Rogue One three times :)

March 25 2017
Enjoy your weekend!  I'll be packing up the house :(

March 24 2017
I've got nothing again!

March 23 2017
I've got nothing!

March 22 2017
My niece recently turned 18.  I bought her smokes & porn :)

March 21 2017
Merry Spring!

March 20 2017
So I decided to go out drinking yesterday....that's the last time I do that for a LONG time.

March 18 2017
Have a great weekend & drink a lot of green beer for me :)

March 17 2017
Merry St. Patrick's Day!

March 16 2017
I've got nothing.

March 15 2017
The older I get, the more I hate the snow.

March 14 2017
Seeing as it's Tranny Tuesday, it seems like a good time to announce my newest side-project:
Shemale Sex Clips

March 13 2017
It was 1 year ago today I took drinking back up!

March 11 2017
Have a great weekend & don't forget to change your clocks!

March 10 2017
I've got nothing :(

March 9 2017
We had another wind storm yesterday & it basically took down the rest of my fence.  FML.

March 8 2017
I just relaunched 2 of my old side-projects:
Anal Sex Fest & Sunshine Lesbians

March 7 2017
The Real Estate Agent says we can get more than what want/need for the house, so I guess that's a good thing :)

March 6 2017
The Real Estate Agent is coming to appraise the house today - wish me luck!!

March 4 2017
Enjoy your weekend!!

March 3 2017
No sleep for me means an early update for you!

March 2 2017
The fucking wind last night not only knocked out our power for 3 hours, but it also took down part of my gutters!

March 1 2017
Merry March!

February 28 2017
This crap of packing up my house is for the birds.

February 27 2017
I turned off The Oscars after La La Land won Best Picture - did I miss anything?

February 25 2017
Enjoy your weekend :)

February 24 2017
I'm really enjoying this daily Vice News show that HBO is airing weekdays at 7:30.

February 23 2017
I've been Dog Watching for 2 days & it's not at all fun trying to sleep with 4 chihuahuas!

February 22 2017
I hate it when that On This Day thing in Facebook reminds you a good friend died :(

February 21 2017
Holy Fuck!  This flu just won't go away - it's just lingering...

February 20 2017
Merry President's Day!!

February 18 2017
I'm still sick - enjoy your weekend.

February 17 2017
I feel like shit - going back to bed.

February 16 2017
I've got nothing!

February 15 2017
Make sure to check out my new side project: Porn Luv

February 14 2017
Merry Valentine's Day!!

February 13 2017
Once again, Metallica got screwed over by The Grammys!

February 11-12 2017
Enjoy your weekend!!

February 10 2017
No matter what happens today, at least it's Friday :)

February 9 2017
We've all heard of a 24 hours flu, but is it possible that I had a 2 hour flu yesterday??

February 8 2017
Sorry for the late update.  The server move went smoothly, just took a little longer than expected.

February 7 2017
Server move today.  Wish me luck!!

February 6 2017
What can I say about that game except HOLY FUCKBALLS!!!

February 4 2017
My SuperBowl prediction: New England -3 - enjoy your weekend!

February 3 2017
Up very early for no reason so I thought I'd give you all an early update :)

February 2 2017
Happy Groundhog Day!!

February 1 2017
Tax season is gonna be the death or me (or at least the death of my stress filled stomach)

January 31 2017
I have 3 doctor appts today.  Why I made all 3 on the same day I have no f'ing idea.

January 30 2017
Some fool at Chase decided to give the bride & I an unsolicited credit card with a very high limit.  SUCKERS!!

January 28 2017
Try to enjoy your weekend :)

January 27 2017
If it wasn't for family...

January 26 2017
I've got nothing :(

January 25 2017
Things can't get worse...can they??

January 24 2017
I think this cold is turning into the flu :(

January 23 2017
Back from a nice fun-filled weekend in Ottawa & now I have a cold :(

January 20 2017
Taking the weekend off, so next update will be on Monday :)

January 19 2017

January 18 2017
I started watching this Black Mirror series on Netfix & all I can say is WOW!  Think about it as a futuristic Twilight Zone.

January 17 2017
I've had a stomach ache for a week :(

January 16 2017
3 for 4 on my picks over the weekend - I'd have actually won money if I was in Vegas!

January 14 2017
Divisional Weekend!  If I were in Vegas, I'd take Atlanta -5, New England -15.5, Kansas City -1, Green Bay +5.  Based on my history, you should be the opposite :)

January 13 2017

January 12 2017
The clusterfuck that is my life is making my brain hurt.

January 11 2017
35 New Links added today - back to normal :)

January 10 2017
Well, I fucked something up & lost all of today's new links.  Well, not lost completely, as they are all still listed on the category pages of the site, they're just not showing up on the New Sites page.  I know what I did & didn't do to fuck this up, but there's no way to fix it :(

January 9 2017
What a blowout shitshow every Wildcard game was this weekend!  Thanks Obama :)

January 7 2017
I'm a HUGE Nirvana fan.  Even have the smiley tattooed on my leg & I only have 4 tats total.  But fuck me if the Alice In Chains Unplugged isn't the best Unplugged album ever.

January 5-6 2017
Anyone want to enter my Fantasy Football Playoff Pool?
(My pre-porn nickname was Jenks, hence the name of the pool lol)

January 4 2017
I'm sick of being sick - get it?!

January 3 2017
I had a cold last week & now I have the fucking flu!

January 2 2017
I saw Rogue One yesterday & it's didn't have the feel of a Star Wars movie.  No scroll at the beginning, telling us the names of the planets, etc.  Good movie, but was kinda bummed everyone died.

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