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May 23 2019
I can't waut to wear my Backes St Louis Blues jersey this weekend

May 22 2019
We found out yesterday that my wife's leg is fractured.  4 weeks of me being her personal Uber.

May 21 2019
One good thing about this fucked up sleep schedule is that if I work when everyone else is sleeping, no one interrupts me!

May 20 2019
My sleep schedule is FUBAR.  I need beer.  A lot of beer.  Problem is I don't want to drink alone.

May 18 2019
My mom lives with us.  My wife was helping her take a shower yesterday when she fell...onto my wife's knee & hyper-extended it.  Mom's fine, but now I have 2 people in the house that can't get up on their own

May 17 2019

May 16 2019
I can't sleep, which means you get an early upate - enjoy!

May 15 2019
Alabama: You disapoint your country

May 14 2019
Bill Nye sums it up pretty well...

May 13 2019
Someone's been angrily Tweeting from the bowl the last few mornings...

May 11-12 2019
It's the weekend!  Enjoy!

May 10 2019
Wings and beer on a Thursday night make for a lovely Friday morning

May 9 2019
I'm thinking some Thursday drinking may lift me from this funk...if only for a couple hours :)

May 8 2019
It's only Wednesday?
(says the guy that works 7 days a week)

May 7 2019
The funk remains...

May 6 2019
I'm in a funk...

May 4-5 2019
Saturday | Sunday

May 3 2019
Happy Birthday Einer!!

May 2 2019
No Avengers: Endgame spoilers, but I will say it was a fantastic ending to a wonderful movie series.

May 1 2019
I'm going to see Avengers: Endgame today, so expect spoilers tomorrow!

April 30 2019
So long, April!

April 29 2019
I got nothing!

April 27 2019
I haven't seen Avengers: Endgame yet, so don't ruin it!  But I did just watch BlacKkKlansman & I thought that was good.  Finger on the pop-culture pulse, people!

April 26 2019
Day 2 of waking up with a hangover after not drinking.  I wonder if drinking will solve this problem?

April 25 2019
I correctly picked 2 of the 8 1st Round match-ups in hockey.  I suck.

April 24 2019
Now that Boston's eliminated Toronto, I hope Columbus kicks the shit out of them.  Also nice to see San Jose move on.

April 23 2019
Stayed up late watching Nashville lose to Dallas in OT.  You do remember they killed Kennedy, right?

April 22 2019
Merry Earth Day!!

April 20 2019
Since I'll be too busy celebrating the Easter Bunny's birthday tomorrow, today's update has a lot of  in it.  Enjoy!

April 19 2019
Good Good Friday Friday!

April 18 2019
Regardless of what side of the aisle you're on, today should be all kinds of interesting!
Get out your

April 17 2019
I have to admit, taking a couple days off like that was refreshing.  I might have to do that a little more often (but don't worry, I won't blow you off for a week like I did - I'm thinking 2-3 days tops)

April 15 2019
The bride decided to give me a To Do list since I was taking a couple days off from work & guess who spent more time fucking off than actually doing anything on it.  I swear, I'll be back Wednesday!

April 10 2019
After being sick for 3 days & then kicked out of my office for 1, I'm saying fuck it & doing something I haven't done in a long time: I'm taking the rest of the week off!

April 9 2019
Not as fluish today, but my bride is working from home & kicking me out of my office, so looks like another workfree day for me

April 8 2019
I have the flu & feel like death.

April 6-7 2019
Don't believe the reviews for The Happytime Murders!  I literally LOL'd thr the entire film!

April 5 2019
RIP, Kurt

April 4 2019
I have Sleep Apnea, so I use a CPAP where the "mask" is a Nasal Pillow, so it basically goes into my nose.  Ever get a pimple on the edge of your nostril?  Maybe 2 of them?  Yeah...

April 3 2019
Proving once again that my fingertip is on the pulse of pop culture, I watched Aquaman last night & while it was visually spectacular (especially for a DC Comics movie), the story was one big pile of lazy hack writing with foreshadowing that was so painfully obvious, the actors might as well have turned to the camera & winked I love SuperHero/ComicBook/Popcorn movies, which means I actually bought this hunk of shit instead of renting it

April 2 2019
I miss Fantasy Hockey already :(

April 1 2019
[insert April Fools' joke here]

March 30-31 2019
Enjoy your weekend! (or don't - whatever floats your boat)

March 29 2019
Texas de Brazil costs $45/person for all-you-can-eat meat & I'm pretty sure they lost money on me last night.

March 28 2019
My bride has tasked me with getting 6 tickets to see Kane Brown when they go on sale at 10 AM.  I don't know who he is either.

March 27 2019
I really need to focus less on debating politics with my friends & more on slinging porn.

March 26 2019
I honestly can't wrap my head around why The Special Counsel stated: "while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him." It's those last 6 words that concern me.

March 25 2019
While my Fantasy Hockey Season wasn't as successful as my Fantasy Football Season was, I did finish 1st in 1 of the 3 leagues I'm in and pretty much doubled my money overall

March 23 2019
Look up...

March 22 2019
I'm currently in a pissing match with PornHub because I feel that they are scumbags for going after my name (and many others) when you search Google.  It should get really interesting...

March 21 2019
"I didn't get thank you..." George Conway is 100% correct: This FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT President of ours is the definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder!

March 20 2019
Spring Has Sprung!

(Feel free to use that all day & you're welcome)

March 19 2019
Rumor has it that Boeing will announce that part of the software problem with their 737s is that they're running Windows

March 18 2019
Happy Hangover!!

March 16-17 2019
I was lucky enough to find 17 St. Patty's Day links for this weekend, so rub one out real quick & then go enjoy some green beer

March 15 2019
I saw Captain Marvel yesterday & seeing as I had no idea who she was going into it, I am going to need to watch it again, but it did answer a lot of questions.

March 14 2019

March 13 2019
Why am I so tired?

March 12 2019
Why isn't the new Aquaman movie on Amazon?  THIS IS NOT WHAT I'M USED TO!!

March 11 2019
Just saw that Tool is coming out with their 1st album in 13 years & I can't fucking wait!!

March 9-10 2019
If you remember, I went solar about 6 months ago.  The company we used ask us to be their guests at The Buffalo Home Show this weekend, which means we get to work their booth for 2 hours on Sunday in exchange for free swag

March 8 2019
Going to see the accountant again today, this time for my personal taxes.

March 7 2019
I've got nothing!

March 6 2019
PC problems continue, but I did finally get the fucker to update!

March 5 2019
Who wants to go see Smashing Pumpkins with me on August 10th?

March 4 2019
I did a Windows update & now it says I have no speakers

March 2 2019
I'm taking the weekend off & I suggest you do the same.

March 1 2019
Thank You Michel M!!!

February 28 2019
As I watched Michael Cohen in front of Congress yesterday, this one joke kept coming to mind:
If you build one bridge, no one calls you a Bridge Builder.  But if you suck one cock, you're a cocksucker for life.

February 27 2019
I hope this Michael Cohen movie I'm watching on CNN is exciting!

February 26 2019
1st haircut in 3 years yesterday & I donated my ponytail to Locks Of Love.  I have the feeling this is my last long hair :(

February 25 2019
For the last week, the Weather Readers were saying we'd be getting a really strong wind storm starting Sunday, with gusts up to 75mph.  On Saturday, they read that we'd also be getting 3-6" of snow, so when you put those 2 things together, you get a:
Hurricane Blizzard
Fair Warning: Some of what I posted from other people is pretty good, but the stuff from my house is kinda BORING!! but I will keep updating it just in case something happens.

February 23 2019
I ordered a new plunger yesterday & I suggest you do the same:
Poopla Plunger

February 22 2019
Going to see my accountant today to get my taxes done.  I sure hope I can explain my creative bookkeeping

February 21 2019
You may have noticed that Mr. Skin's 20th Annual Anatomy Awards have been announced & I have to say, I missed some nice celeb nudity last year, mainly Britney popping a nip for what feels like an hour and Omarosa popping an entire tit to (or for?) Chuck Liddell.  I'm a big fan of the tit or nip pop BOOBIES!!!

February 20 2019
I posted about finding that Smashing Pumpkins concert posters yesterday & that started a discussion about what the 1st concert everyone attended was.  Mine was Van Halen on the 5150 Tour in 1986.  I bought this shirt & wore it to school the next day:

The principal sent me home, so I put duct tape over ASS & walked back to school

February 19 2019
Think of the best concert you've ever went to.  Now imagine that you could have the poster from that concert.  For me, it was seeing Smashing Pumpkins at Buffalo State College on April 17th 1994 and yesterday I was sent this.

February 18 2019
Saturday: FORE!!!

February 16 2019
Not much has changed in the last 21 years

February 15 2019
My stepdaughter was released from the hospital yesterday & I'm on Cloud Fucking Nine

February 14 2019
Merry Valentine's Day!
I Heart You! 

February 13 2019
We got to meet the wonderful selfless woman that donated her kidney to my stepdaughter & it turns out she's the friend of a friend of a friend on Facebook who saw our post & simply decided to change the life of a total stranger.

February 12 2019
The Kidney Transplant was a great success!!

February 11 2019
It's Kidney Transplant Day!!

February 9-10 2019
Monday is the big day!!

February 8 2019
Here's the high temps for the last 10 days & the forecasted highs for the next 3:
01-29 34F
01-30 10F *Blizzard
01-31 6F *Blizzard
02-01 10F
02-02 36F
02-03 52F
02-04 60F *Heat Wave
02-05 47F
02-06 32F *Ice Storm
02-07 55F
02-08 55F
02-09 23F
02-10 27F
Gotta love Buffalo weather

February 7 2019
4 more wake-ups til my stepdaughter gets her kidney transplant!!

February 6 2019
I thought this was pretty cool:
Mr Skin's Nude Year Challenge:
Stars Who Were Nude Then and Now

Take a look at stars who went nude a decade ago and then again ten years later. Stars like Angelina Jolie, Chloe Sevigny, Uma Thurman, Juliette Lewis, Andie MacDowell, Gina Gershon, Kelly Reilly, Carla Gugino, Charlize Theron, Patricia Arquette and more.

February 5 2019
I did forget to toot my own horn & mention that I won some more money in my Fantasy Football Playoff Pool, which will come in handy since I need to pay property taxes next week!

February 4 2019
Most people in Buffalo HATE New England, but I grew up in the 70's & 80's, which means I HATE Miami.  I have a lot of respect for Brady & the Pats, so I do mean it when I say CONGRATS!

February 2 2019
If my math is correct (and it usually isn't) the New England Patriots have made it to 9 of the last 17 Super Bowls.  Let that sink in...

February 1 2019
Maybe I'm just jaded, or maybe I didn't get as much snow as other areas around here, but to me, this "Blizzard" was kinda lame.

January 31 2019
Ladies (?) and Gentleman, I give to you:
The 2019 Blizzard Of Clods

January 30 2019
The Weather Reader said we were going to get 12-18 inches of snow yesterday.  Here's a pic from before it started to snow & what I woke up to

January 29 2019
My main PC took a shit, so I spent the last 24 hours backing it up & setting up a new one.  The server for my websites also went wonky over the weekend & yesterday, but that's fixed now.  And my vape started smoking when I put new batteries in it yesterday.  When it rains, it pours!

January 28 2019
What a boring fucking weekend for sports!

January 26 2019
I got the old Blue Screen Of Death twice in the last 8 hours & I'm ready to throw this Windows piece of shit out into a snowbank except I can't afford an iMac right now

January 25 2019
As weird as this sounds, I hope it snows some more in the next few hours, because there's enough in the driveway that I need to shovel, but not enough that I need to fire up the snowblower.

January 24 2019
Don't you love it when you solve one problem, but that causes another & next thing you know, all your dominos have fallen?  That was about 8 hours of my day yesterday.

January 23 2019
Yesterday I complained that it was only 4F out.  Well, it warmed up about 30 and now it's raining & the temp will drop again.  YIPPEE!  ICE STORM!!

January 22 2019
I'm usually not one to complain about the weather, but this single digit shit has got to go!  It's 4F out for fuck's sake!

January 21 2019
While it's true that no one knows what would have happened had that Pass Interference Penalty actually been called, you have to feel for the Saints & their fans.  I know (see No Goal & Homerun Throwback)

January 19 2019
We found out yesterday that the hospital approved a donor & my stepdaughter is getting a kidney in 3 weeks!!!

January 18 2019
47 today, 48 tomorrow

January 17 2019
Small Biz Peeps: 20 or less 1099s to send out? Go buy the forms from Office Max & then give this guy $9 for his AMAZING spreadsheet - HUGE time saver

January 16 2019
3 weeks later, I finally got all my Fantasy Football winnings!

January 15 2019
Happy Birthday to my lovely bride, who's age I will not reveal suffice to say that if you know mine, she's 10 years older than me today

January 14 2019
I'm going to jinx myself & state that my Fantasy Football dominance has continued into the Playoffs as 1 of my teams is tied for 1st after 8 of 11 total games.  I RULE!

January 12 2019
I finally watched/tried Black Mirror: Bandersnatch last night & I went into it thinking I'd base my decisions on what I'd personally do and it started out fine. Then it kept rewinding (for lack of a better word) and making me choose between things I already chose against, meaning they asked A or B and I took A, then they asked C or D and I took C, then they asked B or D, so I was kinda forced to pick a path I didn't want to & that started to annoy me. Then the "Netflix" thing came into play & I thought that was fucking BRILLIANT! Then there were 2 or 3 times I was given a choice between a rewind or credits, so I took the rewind & each time was great. By the end (which was truly awesome) I was just "OMG! THIS IS AMAZING!" and I can't wait to watch/try it again knowing what I know from the 1st go-thru.  I think I'll start by going back twice: one time keeping the author of the Bandersnatch book he was reading/using in mind, and the other time keeping the PAC thing in mind.  I think I'll have 2 very different experiences from my 1st go-thru.

January 11 2019
How long were you guys gonna wait to tell me I had January spelled wrong?

January 10 2019
Windows said it needed to update, so I restarted it at 5 PM.  Came back at 6 PM & it was 19% done

January 9 2019
My mom came home & until I get this routine down, my work & free time is scarce.

January 8 2019
Again, I've got nothing...

January 7 2019
I've got nothing...

January 5 2019
Just wait until the unemployment numbers for January come out where there's an extra 800,000 furloughed gov't employees on there.

January 4 2019

January 3 2019

January 2 2019
I know I sound like a broken record, but getting a group of 40something males to follow simple instructions for a Fantasy Football Pool is like trying to herd cats.

January 1 2019
Happy 2019!  I fell asleep at 11:30

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