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Last Updated: 02/25/2020
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February 24 2020
Seeing as it's Milfs Momday, can you guys (and gals?) do me a favor?  Read more below:

February 22 2020
I'm going to a Meat Raffle tonight from 6-10PM where it costs $2 to get in and you get free beer, soda & sandwiches.  I can drink a lot of beer & eat a lot of sandwiches in 4 hours.  These people have no idea how much money they are going to lose by letting me in the door.

February 21 2020

February 20 2020
Yesterday, UberFacts informed me that you can's say "happiness" without saying "penis".  Try it:


February 19 2020
These non-drinking hangovers suck balls.

February 18 2020
The bad thing about not having a mortgage is that you have to come up with money for these stupid tax bills 2x's a year.

February 17 2020
Today I celebrate 43 of our 45 Presidents

February 15 2020
Valentine's Day is OVER! Time to move on to my (obvious) favorite holiday!

February 14 2020
So I rented & then watched/read the movie Parasite and WOW!!!  What a great fucking movie!

February 13 2020
Going to a wake and/or a funeral sucks...obviously.  So I've already told my bride that I want neither.  I'm not putting my family & friends thru that hellish nonsense.  Instead, have a fucking keg-party!

February 12 2020
Today I get to go to yet another wake for yet another friend that was taken from us by cancer

February 11 2020
I'm in a funk.

February 10 2020
Parasite is the 1st non-English speaking film to win an Oscar for Best Picture
Great.  Now I gotta read a movie

February 8 2020
I think I'll give that new XFL Football League a try today...

Well, that's not gonna be good for ratings

February 7 2020
This Op-Ed by George Conway in the Washington Post is fucking brilliant!
I believe the president, and in the president

February 6 2020
It snowed...

February 5 2020
It's not exactly Kim Kardashian Breaks The Internet, but my homemade meme bashing from Sunday night kinda almost sorta went viral & is officially my most viewed Tweet ever:
I Can Haz Viralness

February 4 2020
Watching the Iowa Caucus reminds me of the people on the ferry in The Dark Knight voting whether or not too blow up the other boat:

February 3 2020
Congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs, their fans, and the great state of Kansas Missouri

February 1 2020
This year...

...I'm rooting for my pool numbers

January 31 2020
We added to the family yesterday be getting my dog Ren a new brother.  His name is Kylo:

January 30 2020
I lost track of how many Super Bowl Squares Pools I'm in this year, but I did get KC 5 SF 0 in a $300/square pool that pays out every score change, which aren't the greatest numbers, but it ain't 2 & 2

January 29 2020
The only good thing about the Sabres game last night was my view of the on-ice dumpster fire

January 28 2020
Tonight, I'm going to my 1st Sabres game since I gave up my season tix about 6 years ago.

January 27 2020
RIP Black Mamba

January 25 2020
This lack of hockey & football is killing me!

January 24 2020
Just gonna leave this here...

January 22 2020
It's just after 1:30 AM ET & I'm still watching dummy's impeachment trial (and based on the amount of unhinged ReTweets coming from his Twitter, so is he)

January 21 2020
Just watched Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez on the Netflix and WOW!  I had no idea about 1/2 of that stuff.  Great doc, even if you're not a football fan

January 20 2020
Yesterday was my birthday (Sunday 2020-01-19). The Weather Readers said Saturday that we'd be getting 2-4in/5-10cm of snow thru Monday. That changed to 8-15in/20-38cm on Sunday morning. Of course, that meant dummy's OCD compelled him to take screencaps from his Ring camera every hour or so to document what ended up being about 4in/10cm. WHOOP-DEE-FUCKING-DOO!!! So here's my shitty timelapse of the snow accumulating on my loaner SUV, starting at 1PM Saturday & ending at 6PM Sunday. ENJOY!

January 18 2020
6 years ago today I was inducted into the Internet Founders Branch of the AVN Hall Of Fame.  If pride is a sin, then call me a sinner!
2014 AVN HOF Member Greenguy

January 17 2020
Went out last night for wings & beers and while I am moving a little slower than usual today, I'm kinda proud that I didn't "over do it"

January 16 2020
I finally saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and while I would like to watch it at least one more time before I pass judgment, I will say that I can live with it

January 15 2020
Happy birthday to my lovely bride aka The Bitch!
(that's her chosen internet name)

January 14 2020
I finally decorated the other half of my office:

January 13 2020
I lost a good friend & member of my Fantasy Football League yesterday to cancer.  RIP Clam

January 11 2020
Extra big updates yesterday & today to make up for my sick days - enjoy!

January 10 2020
Twat did you say?  I cunt hear you.  I have an ear infuction.

January 7 2020
Yes, I am sick again...

January 6 2020
Don't talk to me about football.

January 4 2020

January 3 2020
Nothing like being blindly hungover on a Friday morning.

January 2 2020
I have a live Fantasy Football Playoff Draft tonight - WTF is wrong with me?!

January 1 2020

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