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December 31 2009
Have a safe & happy New Years!

December 30 2009
I go to bingo on occasion & before you cast judgement against me, let me remind you that it is a form of gambling :)

December 29 2009
It's currently a balmy 8 here in Buffalo - WTF is that about!

December 28 2009
I finally got around to watching the Survivor Finale last night - I am on the top of the pile when it comes to pop culture!

December 26 2009
Thank God Christmas is over.

December 24-25 2009
Merry Ho Ho to you & yours!

December 23 2009
I do love my bride - another year where I did not have to go Xmas shopping once!

December 22 2009
I DVR'd Survivor on Sunday but could not avoid finding out who won - stupid Facebook!

December 21 2009
So much for my 2009 Fantasy Football teams - no money this year :(

December 19-20 2009
Enjoy your weekend and hopefully it's not full of shopping.

December 16-18 2009
It's not too late to get yourself a girlfriend to bring about the family on Christmas :)

December 15 2009
10 days til Bah Humbug!

December 14 2009
I fucking hate Fantasy Football.

December 12-13 2009
Enjoy your weekend (you too, Frankie)

December 11 2009
Today means something to me, but I can't figure out what the fuck it is. I hate when that happens.

December 10 2009
The one good thing about being in The Toilet Bowl in my Fantasy Football leagues is that I have a 1st round bye in each. Semi-finals, here I come!

December 9 2009
11 years ago today was my 1st day of not having a real job :)

December 7 2009
It's looking like The Toilet Bowl for both of my Fantasy Football leagues :(

December 5-6 2009
Enjoy your weekend!

December 4 2009
Nothing like wasting 24 hours traveling to Toronto to watch your football team play a home game.

December 3 2009
Nothing like traveling to Toronto to watch your football team play a home game.

December 2 2009
I've got nothing.

December 1 2009
It finally snowed in Buffalo - welcome to Winter.

November 30 2009
Bills won. Sabres won 2 games. Happy sports weekend for me :)

November 28-29 2009
Happy Birthday Dad! And everyone else - enjoy your weekend!

November 27 2009
Fuck Black Friday - I'm all about Cyber Monday!

November 26 2009
Merry Turkey Day!

November 25 2009
Day 3 of my ear ache, but I did get dragged to Bingo last night - what a borefest.

November 24 2009
Day 2 of my ear ache - and the best part is that it's now bleeding from time to time.

November 23 2009
Twat did you say? I cunt hear you. I have an ear infucktion.

November 21-22 2009
Another sports filled weekend is upon us - enjoy!

November 20 2009
I haven't mentioned it lately, but I stil hate Time Warner Cable for not having The NFL Network.

November 19 2009
Flu may be almost gone - I did get to leave the house & watch my Sabres get the shit kicked out of them last night, so that's a start.

November 18 2009
Still have the flu - this is day 6 I think?

November 17 2009
Still have the flu but feeling a little bit better today.

November 16 2009
4 days with the flu while I was visiting friends & I just want to crawl up in a ball & die.

November 14-15 2009
Enjoy your weekend!

November 13 2009
Friday The 13th - Bad Things, Man!

November 12 2009
I've got nothing :(

November 11 2009
Happy Veterans Day!

November 10 2009
Metallica concert tonight!

November 9 2009
1/2 way thru the Fantasy Football season & I'm getting ready for the Toilet Bowl in each league.

November 7-8 2009
Have a nice weekend and if you're interested in watching some FREE Pay Per View porn, check out Greenguy's Broadband Movie House & have 15 minutes on me :)

November 6 2009
Nothing like waking up at 2:30 for no damn reason!

November 5 2009

November 3 2009
So I set up 2 TV's last night - one with the cable box set to ESPN for the football game and one with an antenna set to Fox to watch the Yankees game. I then fell asleep for 2 hours & missed most of the games.

November 2 2009
I've decorated for Turkey Day

October 31 - November 1 2009
Have a safe & merry Halloween & don't forget to check out Greenguy's XXX Porn Site Reviews :)

October 30 2009
OK, so I'm back on the Yankees bandwagon, but what has me occupied these days is watching Washington Capitals games seeing as ovechkin is a fucking freak.

October 29 2009
It looks like I've already jinxed the Yankees.

October 28 2009
I think I'll jump on the Yankees bandwagon.

October 27 2009
I've got a big pile of fucking nothing.

October 26 2009
The Bills are on a 2 game win streak - scray, huh?

October 24-25 2009
My sickness is over! Just in time for a 4 person birthday party here today - joy. Have a nice weekend & don't forget to check out Greenguy's XXX Porn Site Reviews ;-)

October 23 2009
Day 4 of my sickness.

October 22 2009
I've been sick for 3 days now - hope it's not the swine flu!

October 21 2009
Happy Birthday Steve! (as if he visits this site)

October 20 2009
Happy Birthday Mom! (as if she visits this site)

October 19 2009
I got an email over the weekend about a new site that's being released. The name made me literally LOL: Your Mom Tossed My Salad

October 17-18 2009
Have a nice weekend & don't forget to check out the new & improved Greenguy's XXX Porn Site Reviews for indepth & honest reviews of some top notch sites.

October 16 2009
It's Friday already? Time flew by this week....and yes, it snowed here last night.

October 15 2009
Up really early today as I have to take my Dad to a Dr's appointment. So this is what it's like when they get old :)

October 14 2009
My beloved Sabres looked pretty good last niught, as they beat up Hockey Town 6-2

October 13 2009
Somehow, even though I have one of the worst teams in Fanmtasy Football, I'm tied for 1st in my division at 3-2.

October 12 2009
So, who else things it's time Buffalo fired their coach? Ugh.

October 10-11 2009
Nothing beats being woke up by a sloppy wet kiss from a dog. Enjoy your weekend & LET'S GO BUFFALO!

October 9 2009
Sabres won, my fantasy hockey team is on the rise, life is good for today :)

October 8 2009
Sabres game tonight - yipee :)

October 7 2009
Fucking weather. 40 MPH winds & rain all day. Who lives like this?

October 6 2009
2nd Fantasy Hockey draft is tonight - online drafts suck, but what are ya gonna do?

October 5 2009
Sucky fucking Monday

October 3-4 2009
Saturday is all about hockey, Sunday is all about football. Enjoy your weekend!

October 2 2009

October 1 2009
I decorated for Halloween :)

September 30 2009
1st hockey draft is tonight - wish me luck!

September 29 2009
My Fantasy Football teams went 0-2 last weekend. Good thing I have 2 hockey drafts this week :)

September 28 2009
Merry Yom Kippur! (I'm not Jewish) Bills lost, I lost in both my fantasy leagues, it's raining, I overslept. Monday is my funday!

September 26-27 2009
I feel like shit - enjoy your weekend.

September 25 2009
TGIF - wucka wucka!

September 24 2009
My wife comes home today & call me a wussy, but I can't wait :)

September 23 2009
Happy Hump Day!

September 22 2009
I've got nothing, except I do miss my wife, who's on vacation.

September 21 2009
My Bills won & since I wasn't there for the 1st time in about 10 years, I'm happy & sad.

September 19-20 2009
Enjoy your weekend! I know I will ;-)

September 18 2009
My Sabres kicked off their pre-season last night with a loss to Washington, who sat Ovechkin, Semin & Green - boring!

September 17 2009
After a lot of work & a major overhaul, the Greenguy's XXX Porn Site Reviews pages have been updated - take a look & see for yourself.

September 16 2009
I am so glad Jordan beat Natalie on Big Brother last night. But now I have a problem: what am I supposed to watch at midnight everyday when I'm trying to go to sleep?

September 15 2009
Being a Bills fan is like being in an abusive relationship with someone you can not bring yourself to leave.

September 14 2009
My Bills kickoff their season tonight against New England. I've got my T O jersey on :)

September 12-13 2009
Ahh yes. Football starts this weekend, my Fantasy Hockey roster is set for the keeper league, there's a party at my house today. Life is good - at leaqst for now :) Enjoy your weekend!

September 11 2009
9-11 - we'll never forget.

September 10 2009
Football starts tonight & I could care less because I have no one playing in the games :)

September 9 2009
Happy 09-09-09

September 8 2009
My Labor Day Weekend was filled with Fantasy Football (and Hockey) as well as a lot of time in the hot tub. Nice.

September 5-7 2009
Have a safe & happy Labor Day Weekend!

September 4 2009
Being that I am on the top of pop culture, I went & saw Inglorious Basterds yesterday afternoon & I must say, that's one hell of a movie. I was not happy that I had to read 1/2 of it, but that's my only complaint.

September 3 2009
My 2nd Fantasy Football draft is Saturday & I've done zero prep work - guess that's what I'll be doing this afternoon since I drafted two injured players in the last one.

September 2 2009
I fear that Jeff will be going home from Big Brother tomorrow night, which really sucks because my bride has him in the pool :(

September 1 2009
Welcome to September, where I woke up to a balmy 47 here in Buffalo!

August 31 2009
Back from my vacation - Florida is too fucking hot.

August 23-30 2009
I'm on vacation, but don't worry, the site will still be updated everyday. Enjoy the end of summer :)

August 22 2009
Enjoy your weekend!

August 21 2009
Early update today, due to me taking a 2 hour napo at 10 PM & Big Brother After Dark being a bit boring.

August 20 2009
The unwashed masses & slack-jawed yokels are in full effect - the county fair is im town.

August 19 2009
I added a new non-normal porn site yesterday - take a look at Cum Hogs - it's good for a luagh or two :)

August 18 2009
I really need to bunker down & get started on my Fantasy Football prep sheets. 11 days until my 1st draft!

August 17 2009
The beginning of another work week. Joy.

August 15 2009
I'm up in Canada visiting some friends, so enjoy your weekend :)

August 12 2009
4 AM is my new 8 AM - ugh.

August 11 2009
It never gets easier.

August 10 2009
Nothing beats a day full of thunderstorms, power outages, cancelled races & shitty football.

August 8 2009
Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Blue Brit & The Smut Gremlin :)

August 7 2009
Here's my Big Brother prediction for next week: Jeff uses the coup d'etat on Thursday & puts up Jesse & Natalie, with Jesse going home.

August 6 2009
Day 3 of no real news. I do lead a boring life.

August 5 2009
Happy Hump Day (aka I've got nothing again)

August 4 2009
I've got nothing.

August 3 2009
My Bride had a party here at the house over the weekend. 130+ family members. I hid in the house for most of it :)

August 1 2009
Nothing like waking up at 4 AM on a Saturday. It was not that long ago that I went to bed about that time.

July 31 2009
There's a big party here tomorrow, which means today there will be numerous women cooking & cackling around my house.

July 30 2009
I'm working on 3 hours of sleep seeing as I got up at 5 for no fucking reason.

July 29 2009
Oh Great! I've got Casey in the Big Brother Pool! There goes my $20!

July 28 2009
What the fuck happened to July?

July 27 2009
Back to work after a nice working weekend at my buddy Jim's house.

July 24 2009
15 years ago today I started dating the lovely woman that would become my wife. Happy Anniversary Honey!

July 23 2009
Sorry I forgot to update this page yesterday. I have no real excuse other than I suck.

July 21 2009
Apparently, the 1200 calorie diet I'm on is aimed towards a female with diabetes, so hopefully my doctor calls & gives me a new plan today.

July 20 2009
1200 calorie dies sucks ass. I might bump it up to 1600 just to get thru the days.

July 17 2009
My doctor basically called me fat by putting me on a 1200 calorie diet. Who the fuck is he kidding?

July 16 2009
I'm home from my sleep study & I feel oddly rested. Maybe I need to sleep with wires attached to me in order to get a good night's rest.

July 15 2009
I get to go for another sleep study tonight. Nothing like being hooked up to 30 wires & trying to sleep.

July 14 2009
A new Non-Normal Porn Site was added today: Seinfeld A XXX Parody

July 13 2009
Welcome to the work week.

July 10 2009
15 years after I should have seen them, I'm off to see Stone Temple Pilots tonight. NICE!

July 9 2009
Another sleepless night. Fucking insomnia.

July 8 2009
Do me a favor and throw "rev al is a racist" into Google - keep that sucker on top of the Google Trends :)

July 7 2009
Insomnia is really starting to fuck with me.

July 6 2009
Welcome back to the work week.

July 3-5 2009
Happy 4th of July weekend :)

July 2 2009
How can you work today or tomorrow in the US knowing that Saturday is the 4th? I'm thinking half day for me today :)

July 1 2009
Happy Canada Day to my friends to the North!

June 30 2009
19 years after the fact, I have discovered Pantera's Cowboy's From Hell. I'm always late to the party.

June 29 2009
When did celebrities start dying in 4's?

June 27 2009
I went to my 20 year High School reunion last night....sober for the 1st time around most of those people. Cringe. Today I'm going to punish myself some more by going to the post party picnic.

June 26 2009
Children of the world breather a sigh of relief yesterday as Michael Jackson passed away. Farrah Fawcett also died, and Google Trends has her top result at #3: farrah fawcett playboy images (which you can see here)

June 25 2009
It's amazing how 24 hours of sleep over 2 days can make you feel so much better. Now if I can just forget all these funky dreams I had

June 24 2009
I slept for 12 hours & I'm still tired. I hate my sleep patterns.

June 23 2009
Yesterday I asked my Facebook friends to vote for this week's non-normal porn sites and the results are in: Bitches In Training

June 22 2009
I know that once again I am really far behind pop culture, but I am officially addicted to Wii's Mario Cart

June 20 2009
My dog is sick :( His name is Rufus & he's a long haired Chihuahua. He's barely eaten or drank any water in the last 48 hours. We have a vet appt today, but what really sucks is he can't tell us what wrong :(

June 19 2009
I need sleep.

June 17 2009
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday!

June 16 2009
Once again, someone has request some porn - if you want credit, you do have to leave your 1st name :)

June 15 2009
Stupid me, I forgot to get my name on Facebook Friday night, so now I'm stuck with greenguy89, which matches my Twitter name.
BTW - 89 is the year I graduated High School :)

June 13 2009
Game Seven lived up to the hype. Congrats to Pittsburgh & all the Penquin fans!

June 12 2009
Game Seven is tonight! Nothing beats a Game Seven....except maybe watching it in my hot tub! GO PENS!!!

June 11 2009
Yet another new category for you to enjoy: Ladyboys went live yesterday afternoon.

June 10 2009
Another new category for you to truly enjoy: Erotic Nudes went live last night.

June 9 2009
Four "big" pieces of news today:
1 - Goth Porn & Tattoo Sex category went live last night
2 - Not Three's Company XXX is this week's non-normal porn site
3 - Someone Requested Some Porn!
4 - Happy Birthday Bighead!

June 8 2009
Be My Friend On Facebook!!!!!

June 6 2009
My Vegas vacation is almost officially over :(

June 3 2009
Nothing like loosing 1/2 the money you brought with you the 1st day you're in Vegas!!!!!!!!

June 2 2009
Viva Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!

June 1 2009
Happy June! I ended up jumping on the Penguins bandwagon on Saturday night & so far, that's not really working out for me.

May 30 2009
I'm thinking Hot Tub Hockey for tonight's Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I'm not sure who I'm rooting for yet, but I'm sure I'll be on a bandwagon by the end of the game :)

May 29 2009
I forgot to mention yesterday that I split the Bondage Sex and now we have the new BDSM Sex catecory. Enjoy :)

May 28 2009
So we get to see Detroit & Pittsburgh again. I'm really starting to think that I should just back all Pittsburgh teams seeing as they seem to win a lot, compared to Buffalo teams, which seem to suck a lot.

May 27 2009
I woke up, looked at the clock & saw that is read 5:09. So I got up & started going about my normal daily crap. Turns out it was actually 2:09. Nothing beats fucking your day up because your eyes had sand in them.

May 26 2009
Back to work - as if I rerally stopped over the long weekend :)

May 23-25 2009
Have a happy & safe Memorial Day Weekend. See you next Tuesday!!

May 22 2009
I have to admit, it was great watching the hockey game from my hot tub, but what a pain in the ass running all the cables & wires. Tomorrow the games will be on CBC, eliminating some of the wires because I can use an antenna.

May 21 2009
The pool is open & Carolina/Pittsburgh play tonight. I'm thinking Hot Tub Hockey!

May 20 2009
I am so fucking sick of seeing asshole Detroit Red Wing fans standing up in the middle of play & waving at the cameras that I could fucking SCREAM!

May 19 2009
Netflix is sending me two movies today - which do you think will be funnier? Paul Blart Mall Cop OR Valkyrie?

May 18 2009
We ran out of time so I've yet to watch Survivor, but thanks to my Facebook friends, I know who won :( So now do I waste 3 hours watching it? Probably, because I want to see Coach make an ass of himself at least one more time :)

May 16 2009
Two days without hockey - I'm going thru withdrawls already!

May 15 2009
Boston - I'm pointing at you & laughing :)

May 14 2009
One Game 7 down (and what a piece of shit that was) and two to go! I just want to know what genius set it up so that 2 EST teams host Game 7's & the team that's further West starts 1st!

May 13 2009
My 1st Porn Request came in - click here to see what they requested!

May 12 2009
A fat guy fell in my driveway yesterday while walking back from the mailbox & attempting to step on an ant. 220# coming down on one knee is not good. I'm old.

May 11 2009
Seeing as I forgot to post it yesterday, Happy Mother's Day to the 3 female surfers that frequent this site :)

May 9 2009
I have no love for Carolina, but I find it very pleasing that they are beating Boston 3-1 & can win the series tomorrow. Plus that helps me with my fantast stats :)

May 8 2009
Worky Work Busy Bee! I've got an unusual amount of work on the agenda for today - and some of it involves leaving the house! Scary, huh?

May 7 2009
Yesterday I posted about getting Nirvana Behind The Music. Well, I watched it. This is the review I submitted on Netflix:
"This is NOT a VH1 Behind The Music! It's a bunch of fat people that once met Kurt talking about him & living out the end of their 15 minutes of fame. If you've read the book you know all this already. Save the time & the rental & get something else."

May 6 2009
I've got Netflix sending me Nirvana Behind The Music today. I never knew they even did one - and I have Cobain set to auto-record on my TiVo!

May 5 2009

May 4 2009
I watched the 1st 5 periods (4+ hours) of the Detroit/Anaheim game yesterday & then my wife's friend comes over to cut my hair. I missed the 3OT goal :(

May 2 2009
How is a hockey fan supposed to follow the games today? 1st game is at 1 PM EDT, 2nd game is 8 hours later - what the fuck is that? And fuck the Kentucky Derby and their big fucking hats!

May 1 2009
Fucking Chicago came back only to let me down in the end. I guess it's ok since I have Luongo in my Fantasy Pool :)

April 30 2009
I just looked at my Netflix queue & I have 101 movies in there. I watched one piece of shit last night called While She Was Out and I really have no fucking idea why I put it in there in the 1st place. My mind is shot.

April 29 2009
I thought I had the Swine Flu, but it turned out I just had a bad case of Swamp Ass.

April 28 2009
Well, San Jose really fucked my palyoff pools. My last hope at redemption is Carolina beating New Jersey tonight. And Washington better beat the Rangers - fucking overpaid NY douchebags!

April 27 2009
I slept 12 hours Saturday night & 8 hours last night. I finally feel somewhat normal. My goal for today is no nap :)

April 25 2009
If nothing else, you have to give the creator's of Coctomom credit for being timely & fast with their production of this porn parody.

April 24 2009
TGI-go-F-yourself :) So far, 2 of my underdogs have been booted from the NHL PLayoffs. I was rooting for St Louis & Columbus. I'm also on the San Jose, Chicago & Washington bandwagons, but I have this strange feeling that those 3 will make me 0-5

April 23 2009
Thursday - I've got nothing.

April 22 2009
Today is Earth Day & I ask that you do me a small favor & do something that you would not normally do - like recycle, plant a tree, turn off some unnecessary lights, etc. Save The Planet!

April 21 2009
There's a new Non-Normal Pornsite up today - Stop The Camera is all about porn bloopers.

April 20 2009
Sorry for the lack of updates on here - my lovely bride had a bad case of diverticulitus & ended up in the hospital. She's ok now & should come home today.

April 17 2009
I told my lovely bride yesterday that odds are she won't see me too much at night for the next 2 months due to hockey. I watched 4 games last night on 2 TV's & my laptop. I'm a geek.

April 16 2009
I posted the other day that I fucked up my shoulder playing Wii Bowling. Well, it's still fucked &, oddly enough, using my mouse makes it hurt even MORE! I only have 1 free hand when I surf, so how the fuck am I supposed to navigate thru the sea of porn?

April 15 2009
Insert Tax Day joke here.

April 14 2009
I played a lot of Wii Bowling over the weekend & now my shoulder hurts. I am such a fucking pussy.

April 13 2009
12 years after I joined the league, I finally finished in 1st in my Fantasy Hockey League! $500 smackers will pay off a very small portion of my debt :D

April 12 2009
Happy Zombie Jesus Day to you & yours. I hope the Easter Bunny left you a lot of candy that looks like chocolate covered raisins!

April 10 2009
Cheech & Chong were fucking AWESOME! If you have the chance to see them, do it. And, I'll be going to see Stone Temple Pilots on July (assuming they show up) Gotta love Indan Casinos!

April 9 2009
I'd come up with something clever to say here, but I overslept & I'm running late for my trip to see Cheech & Chong tonight :)

April 8 2009
This is it for the new categories for a week or so. Russian Porn went live early this morning. I'm going to start up the new categories once I'm done celebrating with Zombie Jesus.

April 7 2009
Yes, yet another new category today - Interracial Gangbangs went live this morning and I think you know what type of sites you'll find on there. Peace, Love & Sex :)

April 6 2009
Welcome to the work week! I've already started my work by adding yet another new category! Milf Interracial went live today, because white moms need black cock, too :)

April 4 2009
Even on the weekend, I bring you new categories! Teen Anal went live this morning, and as we all know, it's popular because you're still technically a virgin :)

April 3 2009
Yes, another lovely new category for you to spank to this weekend. Latina Interracial went live today & in case you didn't figure it out yet, it's Hispanic girls with black guys.

April 2 2009
I'm taking the day off from adding new categories, but don't worry, more tomorrow. Today I'm debating who's bandwagons to jump on in the NHL since my Sabres will be golfing. I'm thinking Washington in the East, St Louis in the West.

April 1 2009
Happy April Fools Day. No joke, today I've added a category based on one of the all time sterotypes. Interracial BBW went live today & it's all fat white girls with skinny black guys. Enjoy :)

March 31 2009
As promised, today I'm launching a new category for all the Fatty Admirers out there. Mature BBW's and Old Fat Nudes went live today. Tomorrow, I go after a tried & true stereotype :)

March 30 2009
Yes, yet another new category - today it's Car Sex and Road Head. Who doesn't love watching hitchhikers getting fucked in the back of a van? Tomorrow, I start to expand the fatties!

March 28 2009
Another new category - today is Porn Auditions and Casting Couch Sex. Watch as doe-eyed newcomers have their hopers & dreams smashed with big cocks :)

March 27 2009
It's time for some new categories around here. The 1st is Babysitter Sex and while it may not be that big right now, it will be :) Look out for Porn Auditions & Car Sex very soon!

March 26 2009

March 25 2009
My lovely bride has been sick for the past few days, which of course means that I'm now sick since she has cooties.

March 24 2009
I downloaded Pearl Jam's Ten Legacy Edition this morning & while the remix's sound fucking great, I can't help but feel awkward about downloading it. Not that I want the album version, but it just seems odd to be "digital" with my grunge.

March 23 2009
Check out the Bills In Toronto Survey I took over the weekend. Anyone that thinks they are not moving to Toronto in 2012 is just lying to themselves.

March 21 2009
Happy Spring - My bracket took a shit:( I'm 28-4, but had Ohio State going to the Final Four. Oh well, it was a free pool anyway.

March 20 2009
I got into a couple of free bracket pools on CBS SportsLine & I thought I was doing pretty good with 14 right after 16 games, but my rank is someplace around 71,000. I still think 14 correct is pretty good for a guy that has not watched a complete college basketball game since Carmello was in Syracuse :)

March 19 2009
I'm like a week or 2 behind on all my TV watching, but one show I am current on - KENNY FUCKING POWERS!

March 18 2009
I love my Sabres, but it's hard for me to bash them, even if they consistently let me down.

March 17 2009
Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

March 16 2009
Nothing beats a 4 AM wake up call to a false security alarm, followed by 2 hours of work & a 5 hour nap :)

March 14 2009
Saturday The 14th! Remember that piece of shit movie? UGH!

March 13 2009
Friday The 13th Part 2 - Bad Things!

March 12 2009
As unmanly as it may sound, my wife is on vacation & I miss her. PUSSY WHIPPED! :)

March 11 2009
I think it might be time for me to find some new sports teams to back. The Bills signed TO & the Sabres are playing their way to the golf course. I'm thinking Pittsburgh. Steelers make the playoffs & win Super Bowls. Penguins made it to the finals & have 2 of the top 3 players in the league. Yeah. Pittsburgh it is.

March 10 2009
I know I'm making money, but shipping 100+ things that I sold on eBay is a HUGE pain in the ass.

March 9 2009
I had a great time up in Ottawa, except for the 3rd period of the game. I'm 0-3 when I go see Buffalo play up there. I think I need to stay stateside.

March 7 2009
I'm up in Ottawa for tonight's Sabres game. If you have no life, you might want to follow my antics on Twitter.

March 6 2009
The Bills called me back yesterday, ruining my OpEd in the Buffalo News on Sunday. I have to call them back since I wasn't home when they called (OK, I was sleeping) I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I call, but one thing is for sure: I won't be pleasant.

March 5 2009
Well, I did not have to punch my cat, but I almost punted her due to the Sabres giving Connolly $9 mil over the next 2 years. He's missed that much time due to injury in the last 3 seasons! Fucker should play for free! (Hi Monaco)

March 4 2009
The NHL Trade Deadline is today & I swear to God if my Sabres get rid of someone good like Connolly I'm gonna punch my cat!

March 3 2009
Happy Square Root Day!!!

March 2 2009
Welcome to March! I'm doing a little spring cleaning around the house, which of course means that some stuff has to be thrown out or sold. Thank God for eBay! If you're interested, you can see what I'm getting rid of on my eBay page :)

February 28 2009
My Bills Season Ticket contract runs out today. I wrote them a letter 2 weeks ago, complaining about a couple of things. You think those fucking assholes would call me & try to smooth things over? I hope they fucking move to Toronto. I'll just follow Cleveland.

February 27 2009
Seeing as NBC cancelled hockey on Sunday for golf, nothing makes me happier than seeing Tiger shit the bed on Day 2 of the 5 day event.

February 26 2009
How stupid did our leaders look yesterday talking about the stimulus package with soot on their foreheads? Enough's enough with these silly religious rituals!

February 25 2009
Happy Ashy Wednesday!

February 24 2009
For those of you keeping track at home, NBC announced that their next game will be Boston vs NY Rangers. That's 2 out of 4 weeks we'll have The Rangers & my guess is that we'll see them 2 more times after that. FUCKING MORONS!

February 23 2009
Are you on Facebook? I am :) Come join my group for shits & giggles. I do plan on posting some links & material that will be exclusive to the Facebook page.

February 21-22 2009
No one knows this, but it is a big hockey weekend. Saturday is Hockey Day In Canada, where all 6 of the Canadian teams play each other, and you can see all 3 games on the NHL Network here in the States.. Tonight I get to see my Sabres take on the New York Rangers, who's games I see more than anyone other than Buffalo. Tomorrow Pittsburgh & Washington play on NBC. Good hockey - I advise you to watch some :)

February 20 2009
We went and got our taxes done yesterday & then decided it'd be a bright idea to go to the casino. Needless to say, we didn't win anything, but they did feed us & let us take home $300 worth of crap from their store for free.

February 19 2009
Happy Birthday to my Aunt, who has no idea this site even exists :)

February 18 2009
Last night, I listened to the remixed version of Once by Peal Jam off their upcoming reissue of Ten. I blew a load in my pants.

February 17 2009
I know I'm a day late, but that cheese competition on The Amazing Race from Sunday was possibly the BEST challenge EVER. I'm still fucking laughing.

February 16 2009
Happy President's day! I hope you get a good deal on furniture!

February 14 2009
I'm sick. Bad sick. So sick that I didn't go to see the Sabres beat San Jose last night. So sick that I feel worse than when I got off pain meds. This sucks.

February 12 2009
I was at the Sabres game last night & 2 things had me all messed up for most of the night. The 1st was the 2 Canadians sitting behind me that were asking questions about the game. The 2nd was the midget sitting in front of me.

February 11 2009
It's nice to know that as I approach my 40's, I still get drunken voice mails from my High School friends during the middle of the night.

February 10 2009
I really need to get my ass in gear & start to sort out my taxes. The main reason I procrastinate so much is that I haven't had a refund in 10 years.

February 9 2009
How can Cold Play win a Grammy for writing a song that anyone with working ears can tell you was stolen from Joe Satriani?

February 7-8 2009
The NHL On NBC starts back up again on Sunday & I have already written a letter to NBC Sports. They have FOUR Rangers games on the schedule for the next eight weeks, THREE of them against Philly. Come on!

February 6 2009
Can we please just leave Michael Phelps alone? He smoked some dope - big fucking deal. The local news actually went and interviewed some kids from a high school swim team to see how they felt. WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!!!

February 5 2009
You have no idea how satisfying it was to see thousands of Toronto fans watch their beloved Maple Laughs loose to my Sabres 5-0. I truly hope they all enjoyed the ride back to Canada!

February 4 2009
Tonight is my 1st Sabres home game in 26 days - it feels like forever since I've seen them in person.

February 3 2009
What genius forgot to tell me that Netflix was delaying the release of Zack & Miri Make A Porno 1 day? I have my new releases timed out perfectly & now I'm fucked.

February 2 2009
What a fucking game last night! And to think there was pretty much ZERO hype about it. I actually wanted Pittsburgh to tie it so that it'd go into overtime, because I wanted to watch more of these 2 teams. It's too bad Arizona lost, because they are a great team.

February 1 2009
I was split on betting money on the game or buying a jersey, so I invested in a Arizona Cardinals #32 Edgerrin James home jersey. The store had a ton of them, all marked down 25% I don't care if he's in the last year of his contract - he's gonna help Arizona will today!!!!

January 29-31 2009
As you might have heard, T-Shirt Hell is going out of business :( I have the ever popular Fuck The Color Blind as well as There Are 2 People Fucking On The Back Of This Shirt which always pisses off the Religious kooks. I know I'm going to order a few, like Santa Rubbed Your Toothbrush On His Balls. You might want to stock up on a couple as well :)

January 28 2009
How can these people that forecast the weather be so far off in the year 2009? Don't we have this shit figured out yet? All I heard yesterday was about the "big storm" that was going to hit during the night. I think we got an inch of snow, maybe 2. Now they say that the "big storm" will hit during the day. I'm not holding my breath.

January 27 2009
I switched over to Google's Chrome browser yesterday & while it does not have all the bells & whistles that IE has, it hasn't crashed like IE did 4 or 5 times a day. But I do find it really strange that the Google Toolbar does not work with the Google Browser.

January 26 2009
After the NHL All Star Game, I rented what might be the worst movie I'd ever seen: Mirrors. It wasn't so much the story, which was decent & had potential. It was the horrendous overacting of Kiefer Sutherland that destroyed this movie. I now remember why I gave up on 24.

January 24-25 2009
It's NHL All Stat Weekend, so do me a favor & tune in Versus & watch some of the skills contests & game.

January 23 2009
Happy Birthday To My Good Friend MrMaryLou!

January 22 2009
I'm a bit early for Black History Month, but maybe it's better that I release these now. Another new category: Black BBW and Ebony Fat Girls went live today. I think that's it for the black female categories....for now :)

January 21 2009
I'm going to continue my current trend in honor of our new President - who I voted for & whole heartedly support. A new category went live today: Black Ass And Ghetto Booty (ok, so maybe that one is in honor of our new First Lady)

January 20 2009
I'm finally home from Vegas & while I was there, my friend told me about his new site (no lie - I go there for the AVN conventions) It's a combination of three niches/fetishes that I never even thought of. Black Feet Booty Street is a black lesbian foot fetish site. How's that for a non-normal porn site :)

January 19 2009
Nothing beats traveling home from Vegas on your birthday with no money while trying to celebrate MLK Day.

January 17 2009
I'm broke, my feet hurt, I have no one to watch the games with tomorrow, Vegas rules!

January 16 2009
I'm taking my mom & the rest of the family to see Love tonight. It'll be my 2nd time, but I would have turned around & watched it again after I saw it last year.

January 15 2009
Happy Birthday To My Lovely Bride!!!

January 14 2009
This is the 10th year I've come out to Vegas & the weather this time is fucking great! It's almost 70 every day. I hear it's -4 back in Buffalo :)

January 13 2009
Surprise! I'm in Vegas! Not much to report on seeing as the 2 big conventions left town the day before we got here, but I'll keep you posted on who I'm betting on this weekend so you can do the opposite :)

January 12 2009
After watching a very interesting weekend of football, the one question I have to ask is what the fuck is wrong with the face of Pacman Jones' lawyer?

January 10 2009
Party Weekend here at my place. I've got some buddies coming over, most of which are in my Fantasy Football & Hockey Leagues (because grown men like to pretend to be involved in sports) 4 TV's, 3 hockey games, 2 football games, 1 poker table, 0 women (because manly men don't need women around - grunt grunt grunt)

January 9 2009
My birthday is coming up & seeing as many people have laughed at me & the antenna on my 2005 LG Flip Phone, the family brought me up to date & got me the LG Dare. Now all I need to do is figure out how to use all the bells & whistles.

January 8 2009
I forgot to mention up here that I added a new Non-Normal Porn Site the other day & it's a doosie! Naked Movie follows the tried & true porn parody script & brings you some top notch xxx tomfoolery!

January 7 2009
I've lived in my house for 7-1/2 years & last night was the 1st time I've had my vehicle in the garage. Suddenly there's room for it after a bit of cleaning & it scared me when I turned on the lights this morning.

January 6 2009
Why is it that my roof decided to leak & blow off when there's an economic recession? Good thing they have 1 year same as cash, which really just means no payments for 1 year :D

January 5 2009
I have come to the conclusion that running or assisting with any kind of fantasy sports league is a lot like herding cats. Why is it that grown men can't follow SIMPLE instructions?

January 4 2009
So much for my alma mater. At least the NHL All Star voting was fair & balanced. They might as well have called them teams the Anaheim Black Hawks & the Montreal Penguins.

January 3 2009
My old college plays a bowl game today. I went to SUNY Buffalo from 89 until they asked me to not come back in 92, seeing as I was less than a model student. I was there when they were digging for the new stadium that opened in 94. I could not have cared less about the football team until they clinched a Bowl game in November. I, like most other Western New Yorkers, will be cheering from the top of a bandwagon when they play today up in Toronto. Hopefully they'll play a better game than the Bills did up there.

January 2 2009
I'm going to prove how dumb I am: I just realized that "Happy Holidays" is a PC term used to cover all the December holidays, like Christmas, Haunkkah, Kwanzaa, etc. I honestly thought it was just a shorter way of saying "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year" The box I live in is very small & gets little sunlight.

January 1 2009
You know what sucks about staying home on New Years Eve because you're old & boring? Drunk people call/text right around midnight. I love all my friends - even those that live in different time zones - but for fuck sakes! I guess it could be worse, just look at Dick Clark.

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