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December 31 2006
Happy New Years Eve!

December 30 2006
Time Warner Cable is really starting to annoy me. They're in a dispute with Fox over the price for them to carry the station. They have until midnight tomorrow to settle it or Fox will be pulled from our TV. I'm not sure if my local office is going to do this, but I did read that some are going to hand out "rabbit ears" to their customers so that people can watch Fox. That could quite possibly be the stupidest solution to this problem that these morons could have ever come up with. I wonder if I can get a really big set of rabbit ears so that I can watch The NFL Network....oh wait! That's called a satellite dish :)

December 29 2006
My Aussie buddy Murray is 2 for 2 in seeing the Sabres win, as we beat up on last year's Cup champs Carolina 4-1 last night. I hope his streak keeps up, as we're going to 3 more games, including next Wednesday up in Ottawa. and it's nice to see that Versus picked up the Sabres/Islanders game on New Years Day (but too bad it's not in HD)

December 28 2006
Not much going on in my little world. The site is updated, I've got some year end crap to take care of and then off to the Sabres game tonight. I did manage to update the Cheap Porn Passpage yesterday incase anyone cares. There's one really good bargain on there for the All Access Adult site.

December 27 2006
As promised, I released a new category yesterday for you co "choke" your chicken to, so please enjoy Gagging and Deep Throatsbecause I know I will :)

December 26 2006
Happy Boxing Day and Kwanzaa to you and yours! I'm running late today, so I updated what I had and will just say that you should check back later for another new category that you can "choke" your chicken to :)

December 23-25 2006
I'm outta here! I've got a good friend coming in from Australia for the Holidays (he runs Mega Porn Links ) and the Bills game on Sunday and Christmas festivities on Monday. So I will simply Say Merry Ho Ho to you and yours and I'll see you all on Tuesday!

December 22 2006
Did ya watch Rudolph in HD last night? I love that they can take anything shot on 35mm film from back in the 60's and 70's and turn it into almost perfect HD (Mark Cuban is making a mint doing this on that HDMovie channel) The only think I was upset with is that they weren't able to convert it to wide screen :( But beggars can't be choosers....wucka wucka wucka.

December 21 2006
My strange lesbian fetish continues, as today I added a Milf Lesbians category. To be honest, the existing Lesbian Porn page was way too big - and it's still a tad big on the large side, so expect more in the coming days :)

December 20 2006
Is it just me, or do other people find is funny (and kinda sad) when they see some guy wearing a professional sport teams jersey that they had custom made with their own name? Even worse are the guys that have their nickname put on there - like this guy I see at the Bills games with "Cowboy Ron" on the back of his Bills jersey - yes, that's cool. But the ones that make me roll around on the floor slapping my knee are the guys that get custom jerseys with 69 as the number - yeah, you're cool. I get it. 69. Let's party! BLECH! These are the thoughts that run thru my head while I create new categories for you to enjoy, like Black Movies :)

December 19 2006
I fucking hate Fantasy Football! I fucking give up! I lost in the one league where I had a chance at the overall money and I fucking tied in the Toilet Bowl in another. Ties go to fractional points in this league, so 33 yards rushing is 3.3 points. I lost by .1 - an fucking tenth of a point! The only good thing that came out of yesterday is that I added a Pornstar Lesbians category for you to enjoy :)

December 18 2006
The Bills beat up on the Dolphins yesterday and I was giddy about that until I watched Survivor. How the fuck did Yul win? I thought it'd be a landslide for Ozzy. I can't complain too much, we were in a Survivor Pool and my wife had Yul and I had Ozzy. CHA-CHING!

December 16 2006
While my body says it's still Friday, it's technically Saturday and since I've been working all day on adding 2 new categories, I thought I'd finish things up and update the site. So please enjoy Lesbian Groupsex and Black Lesbians and I'll see everyone on Monday as I have a Bills game tomorrow against the much hated Dolphins. SQUISH THE FISH.....blech - I hate that fucking chant!

December 15 2006
It's Friday and my plans for today and tomorrow are nothing but work. I'm not even going to the Sabres game on Saturday as I made my mom very happy by giving her the tickets. She's been a big Sabres fan since 1970 and at least once a week, she calls me up and sings "We're gonna win that cup...." which people form the WNY area will know as the Sabres little jingle form the 70's. I know....BORING!

December 14 2006
I fucking hate it when you're working and you have your day planned out and someone throws a pile of shit at you that eats up 3 hours of your day. I got nothing done yesterday. NOTHING! (except for updating here) So today is twice as busy as normal and I have a Sabres game tonight. I know, I know - look at the guy working in his basement in his underwear complaining about his job :)

December 13 2006
It's Wednesday and other than the Sabres beating the Devils last night, I've got nothing important to talk about (as if that's important to anyone outside of the Buffalo and Jersey area)

December 12 2006
You can't tell by looking at the site, but I really do hate Christmas. Not so much the seeing family and party stuff, but the shopping and gifts and commercials and all that crap. When was the last time you got more than 1 gift that you actually used or needed? The Bride has it easy: Sabres Season tickets for me and I'm happy. But the clothing that I'll never wear and the Simpsons toys I'll throw onto the pile are useless. So this year, no gifts for anyone and I want no gifts given to me. Oddly enough, I have this feeling that I'll be getting gifts on Christmas.
...and, the Non-Normal Porn Sites page was updated :)

December 11 2006
Tell me if you saw this one coming: I lost in 2 of the 3 Fantasy Football playoff games that I was in (the one that I won was in the Toilet Bowl playoffs that are set up to keep the shitty teams interested in the league for the last 4 weeks of the season) The reason I lost? Because I am a 2nd guessing douche bag. I had Brees in my line-up, but pulled him out and put in Manning. I had Marty Booker in my lineup, but pulled him out for Chris Chambers. I had Trevor Pryce in my lineup, but pulled him out for Trent Cole. Not making this three moves would have made me 3-0 this weekend. Now, one league is a 2 week total points game, so I do have a shot. The other, I need Urlacher to get 2 picks, a sack and 10 tackles wile Chicago kicks 5 long field goals. I'm fucking done :(

December 10 2006
You have to love it when you're dead last in your Fantasy Hockey League as far as goalie stats and the 3 goalies you start play a grand total of ZERO games in the last 7 days! Oh well, Fantasy Football Playoffs start today - money on the line on 3 leagues (ok, one of the leagues is Toilet Bowl money, but it's money none-the-less)
And fuck you Bates - stop reading my "blog", you Aldo Nova loving tree hugger!

December 9 2006
I was scratching my head last week when I saw that the NFL moved next week's Bills/Dolphins game was moved to 4:00, because it was not going to be the national game on CBS. Yesterday, I get an automated phone call from The Bills telling me that they moved it back to 1:00. I'm very confused.

December 7 2006
YIPEE! Another Thursday where I can't watch fucking football because of 2 big greedy corporations that'd rather spend money bashing each other as opposed to using it to let me watch football!

December 6 2006
I've really got nothing to talk about today. It's still snowing, I'm busy with work as usual and the contractors that started working here in February are still here for some fucking reason.

December 5 2006
I know no one cares, but I did make the playoffs in my Fantasy Football League last night tanks to Delhomme throwing two picks! We also got 6" of snow, or as we in the Buffalo area call it, "A Dusting"

December 4 2006
Bills lost, but at least they made it interesting. I think I made the playoffs on 2 of the 3 Fantasy Football Leagues that I'm in, so I'm happy about that. And, they are forecasting 8-12" of snow tonight for parts of Western New York - yippe.

December 2-3 2006
Go Sabres! Go Bills! Go Nameless Fantasy Football Teams! If you're in a Fantasy Football League, odds are this is your last regular season game and the playoffs start next week. I'm in the playoffs in one league, in the Toilet Bowl in another and I'm on the bubble in a 3rd. I wish it was as simple as "win and you're in" for me, but after running a little playoff scenario thing, I'm more confused now. Anyway, enjoy your weekend!

December 12006
Sorry I forgot to spew out useless info about nothing on here yesterday - I was so damn busy that I completely forgot to let everyone know what boring events are going on in my pathetic life :) Sabres game tonight!

November 29 2006
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! Other than that and the fact that I'm running late on here because of a shitload of work, I've got nothing

November 28 2006
Happy Birthday Dad! I've got 2 doctor appointments this morning (how the fuck does that happen) and then dinner with my Dad tonight. I also sent in an edited copy of my little rant fro yesterday to the local news paper as well as Time Warner and The NFL Network - not that those 2 will care, but maybe the news will take notice. And, just a head's up, the Non-Normal Porn Sites page was updated :)

November 27 2006
Something crossed my mind over the weekend while watching TV and not watching the NFL Network game on Thursday night. Both Time Warner (my cable company) and the NFL Network are running HUGE ad campaigns on both TV and radio pushing their NFL broadcasts. Time Warner says that the NFL Network wants too much money from them. The NFL Network says that Time Warner is not offering enough money to them. How much money do you think these companies are spending on the ads? Seriously - Time Warner is running ads on Fox and CBS, and not thru the their cable ad package - I see these ads when I'm watching the over-the-air feed via the big 1950's antenna on my roof. This is not free advertising that they throw in with the cable commercials that they charge companies for - these are PAID ADS! The NFL Network is running ads all over the place and you know it's coating them a shitload of cash as well. You'd think that the money these fucking assholes are spending on ads would balance out the difference in money that is currently not allowing me to see the NFL Network. AAARRRGGGHHHH!

November 25 2006
I'm upset! Fucking Canadians beat my fucking Sabres last fucking night 2-1 by fucking scoring a fucking goal with 1 fucking second left in fucking overtime! Oh well, Bills game tomorrow and maybe that'll cheer me up ;)

November 24 2006
The Bride decided that she wanted to sit in a mall parking lot overnight so that she could take advantage of all the Black Friday sales, so I decided that I might as well stay up late working and decorating :)
And, the Cheap Porn Pass page was updated.

November 23 2006
Happy Turkey Day! and I truly hope that all the Maple Leaf fans that were at last night's Sabres game had a nice ride home after we beat them 7-4 :)

November 22 2006
Happy Biggest Drinking Day Of The Year! Man, do I remember all those night-before Thanksgiving benders when I was younger (and still drinking) and the following day hangovers while forcing down turkey at my mom's house. I'll be pounding Red Bull's tonight before the Sabres/Leafs game (fucking Toronto fans invading our arena because they can't get tickets to their home games) So enjoy your binge-drinking or whatever tonight and remember that you have to see your family tomorrow :)

November 21 2006
Sabres beat up on Tampa Bay last night - down 1-0 after the 1st, they scored 7 in the 2nd - it was getting silly! and yes, I know it seems like sports is all I talk about, but aside from reviewing links and finding people that are trying to screw me (and you) over by fucking with their sites, that and TV are all I have!

November 20 2006
WOW! Pretty good game between the Bills and the Texans yesterday (I know - odds are you didn't see it) They finally let Losman throw the ball more than 15 times and the offense looked really good. and a TD pass with 9 seconds left to win the game? It doesn't get more exciting than that! If the Bills play like this for the rest of the season, I'm thinking 10-6 and playoffs! (I know - that'll happen and then I'll wake up with my dick in my hand)

November 19 2006
Congrats to all the Ohio State fans - what a fucking great game! Of course, my Sabres disappointed me last night, but I'm still not going to complain that they are 16-3-1 - and we have 87 goals so far, which leads the league (Atlanta and Carolina are tied for 2nd with 76, but each has played 2 more games than us) Bills play today at Houston (oddly enough, this one is not going to be on CBS's HD channel) Enjoy your Sunday!

November 18 2006
Saw the Sabres beat Pittsburgh last night and I have to admit, I was a big disappointed in Malkin - he's a slug. It seems like he only puts forth an effort when he wants to. He was hanging on the blue line a lot, not even thinking about playing defense, he was (for the most part) slow and lumbering around like an oaf. He took a really bad penalty at then end of a 4 minute power play that Pittsburgh did not score on. I was surprised at how bad he looked. Anyway, the big Ohio/Michigan game is today at 3 and then the Sabres play Ottawa at 7, so I'll be busy watching sports :)

November 17 2006
Sabres play the Penguins tonight - I'm sorta excited as this will be my 1st time seeing Malkin live. He was a bit of a freak on the Olympics last year. Let's just hope that Biron is on his game :) Also, remember Classic Pornstar Ginger Lynn ? If not, you will once you see these movies!

November 16 2006
I'm a bit depressed that my Sabres lost last night, but it's hard to complain when your team is 15-2-1 (but you'd think we were 2-15-1 by listening to the sports radio callers) Tonight I'm going to see my 5th Cirque Du Soleil show, which may seem a little pussy-whipped to most, but I actually enjoy seeing them.

November 15 2006
CNN reported that a 16 inch (not foot) Tsunami hit - I hope that no one was wearing pants, because they might get wet. Sabres play the hapless Senators tonight and I almost forgot to mention that there's a new Non-Normal Porn Site :)

November 14 2006
This is how far being the times I am - I finally got around to watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang last night. The Bride thought it was stupid, but I liked it. At this rate, I'll be watching Borat sometime in mid 2008.

November 13 2006
We do I get my hope up when I watch the Bills? You have to admit, they kept it close and if they didn't miss that Feild Goal, that might have won the game - but odds are Indy would have marched down the field and scored. Oh - and a special thanks to the idiots that run CBS - what genius decided to show us 10 minutes from the middle of the 4th quarter of the Chargers/Bengals game. I understand that they can't show any games past 4:15, but why bother to tease us by showing a game that you know will not finish by 4:15?

November 11-12 2006
Happy Veterans Day Weekend!

Nothing major going on this weekend - Sabres won again on Friday and they play the hapless Flyers on Saturday. Might play a little poker as well and then Sunday will be chock-full of fat ass couch sitting while I watch a lot of football. Enjoy your weekend!

November 10 2006
Not much going on in the Greenguy World today - the daily update is done, I've got some links to check and make sure they're working for all you lovely people and then I've got the Sabres game tonight.

November 9 2006
I'm still on a bit of a high after Tuesday's elections, especially after the announced that the Democrats got Montana and Virginia (IMHO Allen is another one like Swan and Schwarzenegger that's just running off his name) Rumsfeld's gone, Bush looked even more confused during yesterday's press conference (I didn't think that was possible) It also appears that the FCC is going to let curse words slide thru on TV News broadcasts - this may seem like a little thing to some people, but the ball is rolling to actually allow words that we all use in normal conversation on the things that the FCC still governs. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

November 8 2006
Well, after staying up until about 2 AM last night, I'm somewhat happy this morning with yesterday's election results. The Democrats won the House and after a couple of recounts, it looks like they'll have the Senate as well. The times, they are a changing!

November 6-7 2006
I'm not going to preach to you but I am going to ask you to please get out and vote on Tuesday. When you do, make your decision based on what you think is right and not the ads you've seen on TV. Also, don't vote for someone just because you know their name - meaning if you live in California, don't vote for Schwarzenegger because he's a movie star. If you live in Pennsylvania, don't vote for Lynn Swan just because you're a Steelers fan. Base your vote on facts and not hype. Vote based on what is best for you and your family. and most importantly, make sure you vote. This country is a mess and we need to voice our opinions - voting is the best way to do so.
(Just incase you're wondering, I'm voting Democrat across the board)

November 4-5 2006
Big sports weekend for me. I've got the guy that runs Pornstar Legends coming into town for the Sabres/Leafs game and then the Bills/Packers game (my last time to see farve play) but I'll make sure that the links get updated each day. Have a good weekend and LET'S GO BUFF-A-LO!!!!!!

November 3 2006
I'll admit it. I turned off the Sabres/Bruins game last night when it was 3-1 so that I could watch Survivor and ER. BIG MISTAKE! They were down 4-1 in the 3rd and ended up winning the game in a shootout! I can't wait until Saturday so I can watch them beat the shit out of Toronto :)

November 2 2006
The big event for tonight is that my bride is going to see Rascal Flats, who could probably hit my car with their tour bus and I'd have no idea who they were and be scared of the country folk and their shotguns.

November 1 2006
Happy November Everyone! For those of you keeping score at home, I'm almost 4 months into this groin pain that's been annoying me (I know...kinky) I went to see a pain management specialist yesterday and now I'm on 3 new meds (which make me nice and loopy) and I have to go for a Cat Scan (which takes 7-10 days to get approval for) But, I do have to say, the pain is a lot less than it was 2 days ago :)

October 31 2006
Happy Halloween!

October 30 2006
Fuck I hate Mondays. I remember when I was drinking that I hated them as well - and that was one of the reasons I quit drinking - but fuck me, I did nothing yesterday after playing cards on Friday and going to see the Sabres on Saturday and I'm still exhausted. and yes, I know it's really hacky to say that "Monday's Suck"

October 28-29 2006
Big sports weekend for me once again. My Sabres can break the record for most wins to start a season tonight and tomorrow, I guarantee that the Bills will not loose (I know - it's a hack joke) Enjoy your weekend and remember...
REMINDER! Change your clocks!

October 27 2006
Why do ABC, NBC and CBS feel the need to just give up when Fox is running the MLB World Series? Pretty much everything has been reruns all week and the only think I can think of is that all 3 of them are scared of Fox, so why bother putting on new shows. The only time I can see this making sense is during the Super Bowl. There's a line about 100 miles wide down the center of the country and people on either side don't care if Detroit or St Louis wins.

October 26 2006
I don't live in Wisconsin, but if I did, I'd vote for Ron Kind :)

October 25 2006
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! Nothing major to report today except that the Cheap Porn Pass page was updated with 2 new mega-sites:
All Adult Pass (50 sites at $0.50/site)
All Members Areas (45 sites at $0.78/site)
Remember, if you're going to join a paysite, you might as well get access to some other ones for free :)

October 24 2006
If you're reading this, that means you are not infected with this new malicious adware that's called Zango. I've been reading some websites that talk about how bad it is (just throw "zango adware" into any search engine and see what I mean) and a group of website owners decided to take matters into our own hands and let those that are infected with this shit know about it and advise them on how to remove it. You can see the instructions over here Anyone that is infected is automatically sent to this page when they try to access my site. So, let your friend know that if they see that page that they are infected (and no, I'm not trying to sell you anything)

October 23 2006
Sabres are 8-0, Bills sucks balls, my Fantasy Football Teams are average at best and I think I went 3-10 on my picks for yesterday's games. Based on this, I really need to spend more time on hockey :)

October 21-22 2006
I'm a little less angry with the world today, mostly because the Sabres won again and are now 7-0! Bills play the Pats on Sunday and I actually think they have a good chance of winning, but don't bet on the game :) Have a nice weekend and I'll see you all on Monday!

October 20 2006
So I'm watching My Name Is Earl last night and it's not in HD. I assume the reason is that they are running the "Dance Academy Classes: Closed Friday" public service announcements and they can't figure out how to get them to run on the HD feed. So I call the local NBC station, get their voicemail and leave a complaint. Next HD show that comes on is ER and they run a disclaimer at 10:00 and 10:30 that they are having "technical difficulties" with the HD feed. I still say that they are lying and that they are just too stupid to figure out how to run the announcements on the HD feed and too stupid to realize that there's NO FUCKING NEED to run them on the HD feed, let alone the regular feed all day and all night. Why can't they scroll a notice to check the website for what's closed? It's not like people without power are watching TV and if they are, odds are it's on a 10" portable screen where they can't see the notices anyway!

October 19 2006
Buffalo and Erie County must still be in a State Of Emergency because all the local TV stations are eating up 25% of my screen with announcements about what Bingo's are closed. and I forget which one did it, but one of these greedy fuck stations actually turned off the closed announcements when commercials came on. I do love that these announcements are so fucking important that they can shrink down the size of the show I'm watching, but commercials are left unchanged.

October 18 2006
Go Sabres! Incase you missed it, they beat up on shitty Philly last night 9-1 and they are now 6-0 - what a way to start the season!

October 17 2006
A couple of points of interest for the site:
greenguy The Broadband Porn page was updated as some of the links were bad (sorry)
greenguy The Cheap Porn Pass page has 2 new Mega Sites
greenguy My Vamp is the current Non-Normal Porn Site in honor of Halloween

October 16 2006
I blame the Bills loss yesterday on the Tigers going to the World Series. Other than that, I've got nothing and I think today will be a very lazy day.

October 15 2006
My life is back to normal and I think my family all has power now (not sure about Dad - gotta give him a call) and based on the attendance at the Sabres game last night (HA HA Ranger fans!) life is back to normal for a lot of people in the area. But watching the news this morning leads me to believe that only people with tickets to the hockey game last night have power :) Bills game today - enjoy your Sunday!

October 14 2006
Hello from the Winter Wonderland that is Buffalo New York! I was one of the 450,000 people without power yesterday, but it came on during the night and I'm pretty much back to normal. But, most of my family and friends are still without power, so that means I'll be running and helping them out today. Sabres game is still on for tonight, so I'll be sneaking off to that. I'm a bit behind on updating this site, so look for an update tomorrow and Monday to get everything all caught up.

October 12 2006
The Departed was a great movies. I was a little worried going in, as I saw that it was 2 hours and 45 minutes long, but not once was I uninterested and the time flew by. And, even though we went to a 3:15 shows on a Wednesday, there were still a lot of people in the theater. We were the 1st ones to arrive and sat dead center - of course, 2 couples deemed it necessary to sit 1 seat away on each side of us and the guy to my left was a moron - this dope was OOOHHH'ing and AAAHHH'ing at the fucking Extreme Sports commercial before the show. I wanted to ask him what time he had to be back at the institute.

October 11 2006
I'm taking The Bride to see The Departed today. I'm not one for going to the movies as I hate being annoyed by other people, but I figure that an afternoon show on a Wednesday will be a safe bet.

October 10 2006
Well, my hatred towards CBS continues, as I found out that they cancelled Smith. For the last 3 seasons, I've watched one new show on CBS and each year, they fucking cancel it 3 or 4 episodes in. Fuck! I hate CBS!!

October 9 2006
Sabres - Good! Bills - Bad :( Fantasy Football - Good! Football Picks - Bad :( Well, not that bad - I'm 10-3 going into tonight's game, but fuck me, there's a lot of people that are perfect going into tonight, so I have no shot at winning money this week. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some hate mail to write to CBS since they decided to cut off the HD feed for the Bills game yesterday once everyone realized that we were not going to win.

October 7-8 2006
Holy Shit! The Sabres are killing me! 1st it was the shootout win against Carolina and last night, down 4-2 to Montreal with 5 minutes left, they tie it up with 15 seconds left, no one scores in OT and we win the shootout! And, for those of you playing along at home, I did get a new Miller jersey with my SabreBucks :) Yard work today, Bills game tomorrow. Have a nice weekend!

October 6 2006
Sabres home opener is tonight and I'm actually giddy! Giddy I tell ya!

October 5 2006
Sabres looked decent last night and I was very happy to see them beat Carolina in the shootout. 1st home game is tomorrow and I have to decide if I want one of the new jersey's with the "slug" on the front of them or if I'm going to try and get a discount on one of the old 3rd uniforms that I really love. Of course, whatever I buy is compliments of the team, since they sent me some Sabres Bucks to use at the arena because I'm a season ticket holder :)

October 4 2006
Happy Anniversary to Opie and Anthony - two years of more gooder XM Satellite Radio!

October 3 2006
OOOHHHHH! Another new category! I added Latex Sex yesterday, which was another request that I got from a couple of you guys and gals. Most of them were mixed in with all the other sites on the Unusual and Fetish Sex page, so now they are a little easier to find. Enjoy the page and I'll have another new category for all you freaks in a couple of weeks :)

October 2 2006
So the weekend was great, but the problem with Bills home games is that I'm always exhausted on Monday, where my normal slack off and lay on the couch day is Sunday. Son I think I'll go watch 4 or 5 hours of ESPN, nap 2 or 3 times and then it'll be time to get ready for MNF (Go Packers!)
And yes, I'm starting to decorate for Halloween.

September 30 - October 1 2006
Another wonderful weekend is here. We're having a little benefit here at the house today and tomorrow, I'll be heading out to watch the Bills take on the Vikings. Enjoy your weekend and I'll talk to you on Monday!

September 29 2006
UGH! After spending 3 hours reinstalling crap on my wife's laptop on Wednesday, I go to turn it on yesterday to reinstall more stuff and it won't boot :( The guy at Dell that we spoke to was very helpful and he's calling back on Saturday to see how things are going, so I have this feeling I'm going to have to box this thing up and mail it off to India on Monday.

September 28 2006
I really need to look into moving over to a Mac. The Bride's laptop took a shit the other day and I'm reinstalling everything. Windows had to update 6 times and Norton had to run the Live Update 5 times before I could do anything else. It's almost 2007 - can I please run one fucking update for each and be done with it?

September 27 2006
Happy Hump Day! Blechhh! I watched the final table from the World Series Of Poker last night and I have to say, that Jamie Gold is one lucky mother fucker. He's not lucky like Moneymaker, who I seem to remember being all in a couple of times and catching cards on the river. Gold seemed to be able to take any 2 cards and catch a great had on the flop. I was rooting for him 100% until he started to get too happy near the end of the show when there were 3 or 4 people left. But, you gotta take your hat off to him and his $12 million :)

September 26 2006
I'm watching a couple of new TV shows this season. I know that Studio 60 will be round for awhile because of the stars and Sorkin. I'm also watching Smith on CBS and I just know they're gonna fuck me by pulling it off the air. Dexter looks like it's going to be really fucking great on Showtime and The Wire is the best fucking show on TV today.

September 25 2006
I fucking give up on Fantasy Football. The guys I start don't do shit or get zero's and the guys I sit do great and get 20-30 points. and I'm pissed off at myself for getting hyped up by the Bills - 6 point favorites and they loose by 8. and Bates, if you're reading this, go stick your thumb in one asshole, your middle finger in the other and try to bowl yourself.

September 23-24 2006
I've got my Fantasy Hockey draft on Saturday and then the Bills home opener on Sunday, so I'll be back on Monday (but don't expect me too early)

September 22 2006
I am so glad that the fat heavy metal guy went home last night on Survivor. and enough about them being divided by race because it's not that big of a deal.

September 21 2006
Isn't today the last day of Summer? Didn't the seasons always change on the 21st? Why does my calendar say Fall starts on Saturday the 23rd? I'm very confused and I blame global warming.

September 20 2006
I watched Smith last night on CBS and it was pretty decent. I just hope that they don't fuck me over like they did with The Handler and The Brotherhood Of Poland New Hampshire, because I got hooked on those shows before they fucking yanked them off the air. This is why I watch HBO and Showtime - even if the ratings suck, you know they're going to play the entire season.

September 19 2006
I'm hoping this makes everyone very happy - I'm finally going to get off my ass and start to add new categories again. The 1st one is Tan Lines , which I think will make a lot of you guys and gals very happy :) I'm going to try and add a new category every week or so, so stay tuned and enjoy.

September 18 2006
Go Bills! I really hope that a lot of you lost on your cards and that you will finally heed my advice: Never Bet On A Bills Game! Of course, you should probably keep ignoring me, as my Fantasy Football dominance from last week took a big shit on me this week - looks like I'll be 1-2 unless Fred Taylor pretends it's 1998 or 2000 tonight. Oh - one last thing - a bit of a rant: 1 episode into the new season of The Amazing Race and I already can't stand the one legged midget that can run a marathon, but has to use her handicap to get on planes 1st and steal cabs.

September 16-17 2006
Happy Weekend! There's a party here at the house today for my Bride's friend, then hopefully a little poker afterwards. Sunday will be the same as last week - me watching the Bills sucks balls while keeping an eye on 4 browsers as my fantasy Football stats come in. Enjoy your weekend!

September 15 2006
My 3rd and final rant of the week (yes, I know it's Friday) is this fucking mess that is Time Warner Cable and the NFL Network. I had Adelphia and Time Warner bought them out and took over 6 weeks ago. Adelphia gave us The NFL Network (including the HD channel) for the last 2 years. Time Warner keeps telling us that we won't even notice the change over and that it's been seamless and whatnot, but today the channel is gone. I don't care who wants what and where it is on the line up and what it costs - I just want to watch the fucking NFL Network! I love that Time Warner tries to blow smoke up our asses, saying that The NFL Network will only have 8 games on and that we can see all our home team's games on the other channels - NO SHIT! I want to see the 8 prime time games, I want to see the shows, I want to see the replays and want to fucking watch The NFL Network whenever my fat ass deems it necessary!

September 14 2006
Verizon bashing time :) They recently set up a very cool looking Fiber Optic system where you can get your internet at really fast speeds, your telephone (up to 4 lines) and DirecTV all pumped over one line. This does look good on the surface, but when you take into account that their internet server is looking to take the side of "net neutrality" where a company would have to pay them if they wanted their content sent at the highest speeds (those that don't pay would have their content sent to you, the surfer, at a much lower speed) As far as the DirecTV that they offer, it's less channels than I currently get right now (including a lot less HD channels) and you still need the antenna of the roof to pick up local channels (I have one just so I can watch Fox in HD and it's always fun positioning it to pick up other channels) So it looks like I'll be sticking with Time Warner for my cable and internet (and I will bash them and the NFL Network tomorrow)

September 13 2006
I've been waiting for TiVo to come out with a High Def recorder for about 2 years now and yesterday I was really excited to see an email from them saying that they now have one. My excitement ceased to exist once I started to look into it. 1st off, these bastards want $800 for the unit! The next thing I saw is that, instead of feeding the recorder from your cable box, you have to use this CableCARD, which Time Warner does offer, but since you don't have a box anymore, you can't watch PPV or On Demand and you don't get all of the channels. And, TiVo no longer offers the Lifetime Subscription, so it's $12 a month for their guide. If you take into consideration that it's $6/month for the HD receiver from Time Warner and $6/month for their DVR, TiVo is expecting people to pay $800 for their guide while losing channels and features that you already have. Stay tuned as tomorrow I think I'll bash Verizon and their DirecTV package and then on Friday, I'll bash The NFL Network and Time Warner :)

September 12 2006
Well, the 1st week of Fantasy Football is over (I'd care about real football if the Bills didn't loose on a safety) I went 3-0! (back pat, back pat, back pat) Another tidbit of info that's useless to you but makes me happy is that in 2 of the leagues, everyone else in my division lost, putting me in 1st place all by myself. I've never been in 1st place in 6 years of Fantasy Football. I'm a dork.

September 11 2006

5 years later....

September 9-10 2006
The weekend is here and I'm ready for some football! Of course, I have to start my weekend off by going to an outdoor wedding in the rain, but I'm sure it'll be lovely. Enjoy your weekend!

September 8 2006
This Thursday night football is going to ruin my Friday's once Turkey Day rolls around. Here it is 11:00 AM and I'm about 2-3 hours behind where I normally am as far as Friday work. Also, I'm glad I didn't draft Culpepper :)

September 7 2006
I've really got nothing to yap about today. Sure, football starts, but I have to feed my Big Brother addiction before I can watch that. I also need to make a smoke run. Boring, right?

September 6 2006
I can't believe that Dr Will was kicked off Big Brother yesterday. I think I'm going to cry :( Now my hopes and dreams rest on the shoulders of a 35 year old wigger.

September 5 2006
UGH! I do enjoy taking 3 day off for a nice long weekend, but I fucking dread coming back on Tuesday and playing catch-up for 2 or 3 days.

September 1-4 2006
OK - big weekend ahead for me. I've got one Fantasy Football draft Friday night, one on Saturday night, a party here on Sunday and relaxing on Monday. This is the last weekend of the summer, people! Go outside and enjoy yourselves and stop looking for porn - it'll be here when you get back :)

August 30 2006
My lovely bride seems to have fucked up her other foot and she can't drive for the next 2 weeks, so that means I get to play chauffeur when she does what she normally does, which is all the running (I never leave the house)

August 29 2006
I just looked at the projected path of Ernesto and I think I need to go buy some supplies (yes, I live in Buffalo, NY)

August 28 2006
My Fantasy Football draft down in Florida went well, but I was wondering if I could ask all the angry people of Orlando if it's be possible to petition your local lawmakers to install even more toll booths - I think I drive thru 20 of them over the 3 days I was down there.

August 25-27 2006
I'm flying down to O-Town this weekend for a Fantasy Footballs draft - wish me luck!

August 24 2006
The Bride and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary today, so pat me on the back for making it this long :) Love you babe!

August 23 2006
I miss you Afro Steve!

August 22 2006
My lovely wife went to Bingo last night and actually won a decent amount of money. Of course, when you factor in what it costs and that they have this silly rule where they split whatever they win with whoever else is there and the number of times that she's gone and not won a dime, well, she's still down :D

August 21 2006
Ok - this is why I hate the Erie County Fair. I'm at the Demolition Derby watching my step-daughter come in 6th overall when I hear a noise and feel something liquid hit my leg. I turn to my left and see a mentally challenged man vomiting in the seat next to me. So now I'm standing with puke on my sock, everyone around us is disgusted and this guy's care-taker (or whatever the ass that was with him is called) does nothing except tell the guy to stop playing with the puke with his feet. And, to top it off, my washing machine took a shit this morning and I can't wash the sock.

August 19-20 2006
I have no clue what the Bills did yesterday and I'm hoping that I can keep it that way until I watch the replay of the game tonight. Sunday has a lot of cars in it for me - Nascar at 2 and then The Demolition Derby at the Slack-Jawed Yokel Fest that is know as "America's Fair" Uck!

August 18 2006
Bills play tonight, but since my lovely bride is taking my niece, I'll be here not watching the game and waiting until the replay tomorrow. Also, check out today's Useless Site - it's very timely :)

August 17 2006
I've got a lot of Fantasy Football crap to do this weekend, as I'm in 3 leagues this year, all with big money and all with offensive and defensive players (none of that Team Defense shit - real men draft LB's and whatnot) So I think this weekend will be nothing but prep work, as my 1st draft is next weekend down in the angriest town in America, Orlando.

August 16 2006
Incase you didn't notice, I redesigned the main page here and the site is now best viewed at 1024x768 - so all you 800x600 people need to adjust your monitor settings :) I'm also changing the rules as far as what sites I list - they will now have more pics, bigger pics and bigger pages. BIG BIG BIG!

August 15 2006
Happy Naked Bacon Sandwiches Tuesday! The Bride is heading over to the redneck fest that is the Erie County Fair for the day, so I'll be alone for most of the day. This means I can walk around the house in the nude and eat bacon sandwiches all day, which hurts at times as the grease tends to burn your skin :)

August 14 2006
WTF is HBO doing? I see The Wire is coming back next month, which is great, but now their showing movies on Sunday night at 8? Why not just tell us to watch The Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives? Who hasn't see Wedding Crashers? Fantastic Four? Brokeback Mountain? (Ok - I haven't seen that last one, but I assume that everyone that wanted to see it has done so already) Since The Sopranos came on, HBO has owned Sunday nights in my house. Thanks for the run!

August 12-13 2006
Why does my body do this to me? I work at home, so I don't set an alarm. I usually just wake up between 5 and 7 every day. I set my alarm last night because I have a doctor's appt at 9 and I could not fall asleep knowing that the alarm was set. Oh well, I'm off to my appt and then I think I'll fuck off for the rest of the weekend. Enjoy!

August 11 2006
Buh Bye Kaysar! How's it feel to be voted out of Big Brother three times? :)

August 10 2006
The Erie County Fair started yesterday and I can't figure out why my wife loves to go there and hang out with the slack-jawed yokels and play I Got It and spend a lot of money on really greasy food made by carneys. I am going to watch the Demolition Derby next Sunday, because it is fun to watch slack jawed yokels hit each other with moving vehicles :)

August 9 2006
I can't get enough of Big Brother All Stars, especially Will and Mike Boogie. I am going to be so upset when one of them gets kicked out.

August 4-7 2006
My PC is back! Of course, I'm having guests in town this weekend and 2 of them are currently sleeping in my office, so I'm still on the laptop and currently sitting in my kitchen. I'll be here entertaining some webmaster friends (mot gonna name-drop this time) so enjoy your weekend and I'll talk to you again on Tuesday!

August 3 2006
Day 3 on the laptop, but that will change tomorrow as the main PC is on it's way back to me. It was the mother board, but simply replacing it wasn't an option since the one I had in there is pretty much obsolete. So a new one went it, which meant the OS had to be reinstalled, but that would have fucked al my data, so a new HD had to be put in and the old HD is now a back up...ugh! I can't wait for UPS to deliver it tomorrow morning :)

August 2 2006
Day 2 on the laptop. I have my prediction hat on - mark it down, because I'm going to bet that his is the 1st place you've read the latest fear mongering: Tropical Storm Chris will Become Hurricane Chris and it will hit New Orleans.

August 1 2006
Sorry I wasn't here yesterday, but my fucking computer took a shit on me :( We think it's the mother board, so of to the repair guy it goes today and now I'm stuck on this fucking laptop for 12 hours a day.

July 29-30 2006
Last weekend of July which kinda makes me upset because summer is half over. So, I'll be relaxing in the pool and playing cards. Enjoy your weekend!

July 28 2006
OH WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! Time Warner bought out my local cable company and the change takes place on Tuesday. These fuckers have already pissed me off because they are taking away my NFL Network. Last year I watched it a lot before and during the season because of the Bills and my many Fantasy Football leagues. and now that they will have games on Thursday's starting on Thanksgiving, I am not fucking happy.

July 27 2006
I took the bride to see Clerks 2 & we both laughed to the point of tears. We also noticed that Rosario Dawson's tits bounce a lot when she dances on a roof :)

July 26 2006
For those of you that are not watching Big Brother All Stars because you think you've seen all the players before and how they plan and act and whatnot, you missed what I think was the best Power Of Veto competition and ceremony EVER! It was the best 20 minutes of television that I have seen in a long time (excluding the porn channel)

July 25 2006
There's a lot of people here in the Buffalo area that seem to be upset over radio jocks Shredd and Ragan being moved to afternoons because of the syndication of Opie and Anthony & their move into the morning slot on 103.3. I love it! I stopped listening to the local shows when O and A went on XM 22 months ago, but now I can listen to O and A from 6-11, Ron and Fez from 12-3 and then Shredd and Ragan from 3-7 (one of the perks of working for yourself and never leaving the house is the ability to listen to 12+ hours of radio a day)

July 24 2006
Answer me this - how come ABC can broadcast in High Def from the middle of a fucking golf course in Liverpool, but NBC can't seem to get their HD feed working from the biggest tennis event on the planet? I know this is more of me being an entitled ass, but I can't watch sporting events that are not in HD anymore and NBC seems to be the worst of the 4 major channels.

July 22-23 2006
I think I'll spend the weekend watching golf and wondering what the British have against sprinklers. I'll also be wondering what rednecks at race tracks have against water in general :)

July 21 2006
Well, it turns out that I am not insane. We got the twat at the furniture store to admit that she ordered us the wrong bar stools, which means a full refund! Of course, I have nothing to sit on in my kitchen, but at least I'm not out this $140 "restocking fee" they wanted to take the chairs back :)

July 20 2006
We bought some bar stools for our new kitchen and since there's black molding all around, we ordered wooden stools that we were told are the color ebony. Did you know that when speaking about wood, ebony is really dark brown? So now I have to go to the furniture store and complain that my pee-sized brain didn't know that the color ebony and the color black are 2 different things.

July 19 2006
Holy fuck do I hate changing time zones. These are all eastern Times: My Sunday ended at 7 AM Monday. I woke up around 1 PM, got on the plane at 8 PM, slept most of the way home and got to the house at 2 AM Tuesday. Stayed up until 6 AM and then slept unto Noon. Went to bed at 11 PM Tuesday and woke up at 4 AM today. What the fuck is that about!?!?!?!

July 18 2006
WOW! I get home from Vegas and find out that WWIII has broken out. I guess I'll have something to watch once I get caught up on my TiVo :)

July 14-16 2006
Well, the business part of my Vegas trip ends as we move from The Hard Rock over to The Venetian (gotta go where the rooms are free) It was really cool seeing everyone that I work with online, but now I have to get into vacation and gambling mode as there's shows to be seen and money to be lost. It's officially the weekend - you heard it here 1st - go out and enjoy yourself and I'll see you on Monday!

July 13 2006
VEGAS!!!! Not that I'm winning or anything like that, but I do love the fact that I can op on an elevator and gamble away most of my money in 5 minutes :) Of course, we are going to do some touristy things like see shows and eat at fancy restaurants, but tat's not until this weekend, so gambling and parties are it for me now :)

July 12 2006
I'm in Vegas and holy fuck is it hot! My Irish ass is gonna melt if I go outside, which according to the over-the-top Fox 5 weatherman, is a very bad idea for today. So I guess I'll just attend these seminars that I'm here for and gamble a bit.

July 11 2006
Well, I'm off to Vegas for some "seminars" It really is just an excuse to go to Vegas and no one stays 6 days for a 2 day conference that's in the middle of Kentucky. The site will of course be updated as I have my laptop and a top notch staff :)

July 10 2006
I'd have more to say today, but I'm still squirming after watching Dan pluck out The Captain's eye last night on Deadwood.

July 8-9 2006
It's the weekend, but more importantly for me, it's the weekend before I head out to Vega$ for a week :) Enjoy yourself while I'm working and packing.

July 7 2006
Shameless plug time - I added two new links to the Cheap Porn Pass page yesterday and one of them is really great: All Porn Sites Pass gives you access to 62 sites for $0.64 a day! And, if you want to get technical about it, you can try out all 62 sites for 3 days at a whopping cost of $1.95 - you can't beat that with a stick!

July 6 2006
I got caught up on my HBO shows yesterday. I just love watching anything that HBO puts on - especially Lucky Louie.

July 5 2006
Happy Back To Work Wednesday! I have a very nice holiday weekend and the party went well, except for the mess that my slob family left for us to clean up. Lots of work to do today, so I better get cracking!

June 30 - July 4 2006
My big 4th of July Graduation Party Weekend is here, so I'm going to be scarce until Wednesday. The site will of course be updated each day and incase that's not enough for you, here's a couple of special 4th Of July Holiday sites for you to enjoy :)
Red, Tight and Blue | Red, White and Deja Vu | Red, White and Chew | Red, White and Boom!
Shed, White and Blue | Head, White and Blew | Red, White and Shoe! | Red, Wife and Screw

June 29 2006
Sing it with me people: Rain Rain Go Away, Go Fuck Yourself, This Song Is Gay. Rain is forecasted for the next 5 days, which is really bad, since I'm having an outdoor party on Monday for 180+ people :(

June 28 2006
Aside from this big party that I'm having on Monday, I am really looking forward to this weekend's sporting events. I got hooked on soccer, so I'll be watching the World Cup games. and it's Interleague Weekend in baseball, so I'll of course watch the Yankees and Mets as well as a couple of other games. and there's always that little race down in Daytona. I was worried about what sporting events I'd watch on the weekends after hockey ended, but now I feel good :)

June 27 2006
Frank Wank is the latest in the running series of non-normal porn sites & other than that, I've got nothing!

June 26 2006
I've got a very busy week ahead of me. Aside from the normal work on here (which, if you looked behind the scenes, you'd see is in the middle of a major overhaul) I have our annual Independence day party here next Monday. Throw in that we're combining that with my step-daughter's graduation party, I'm fucking swamped! Please bare with me :)

June 24-25 2006
My step-daughter graduates from High School today, so congrats to her and I'll see you on Monday!

June 23 2006
Big CONGRATS to Lindy Ruff for winning NHL Coach Of The Year at last night's NHL Awards!!!!!

June 22 2006
I know that by the time most of you read this, it'll be over, but I'm taking a 2 hour break from my work today to watch the US World Cup game :)

June 21 2006
Happy Summer to everyone on this half of the Earth!

June 20 2006
I guess I have to congratulate Carolina on winning the cup last night, even though I was rooting for Edmonton. At lease it was a really good game.

June 19 2006
I haven't golfed in a couple of years, but after watching the fat guy hit a garbage can and a tent yesterday, I think I might take it back up :)

June 17-18 2006
Even though summer doesn't officially start for a couple of days, the thermometer says it's summer. Highs of 85-90 this weekend might actually get my sickly ass into the pool :) Soccer, hockey and poker on Saturday, racing and Dad on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

June 16 2006
I think my cold is turning into the flu :( I'll spare you the gory details, but suffice to say, I'll be on the couch and in the bathroom for most of the day.

June 15 2006
Having a cold in the middle of June really FUCKING SUCK BALLS! But, it was nice to hear that Edmonton won last night, even though I fell asleep in the middle of the 3rd period.

June 14 2006
How the fuck do I get a cold 1 week before the official start of summer? My throat hurts, I'm getting stuffy, I'm coughing a bit and I can feel those awful aches coming on in my back. So much for my weekend.

June 13 2006
Freaks Of Porn is the newest in my ongoing quest for non-normal porn sites . I also was not able to move back into my basement office yesterday because I had to do too much prep work down there before the move. I also realized that because of the remodeling, I went from 2 tiny basement windows down to 1, but who needs sunlight :)

June 12 2006
I'm doing a happy dance today! I finally get to move back into my basement office, as the remodeling that's been going on around here since February is almost finished!

June 10-11 2006
The weekend is upon us and that means party party party! My niece is having her friends over during the day for her birthday party (nothing beats a 60 pool party) and then the usual poker and hockey tonight. No plans for Sunday, which is always nice :) Have a good one!

June 9 2006
I'm gonna take a break from adding new categories for a week or so. I have to take care of a lot of "behind the scenes" stuff that none of you really care about. But once that's finished, I've got a list of things to look into adding :)

June 8 2006
Two new categories went live yesterday: Rough Sex & Toy Movies - Enjoy :)

June 7 2006
I got my hair cut yesterday for no real reason other than I can't stand trying to fuss with it when it gets long. Diet's going pretty good as well - lost 15lbs so far :) OH! I'm gonna try and get some new categories up today, but please, bare with me on the oddball ones. I need to trim down some of the existing categories 1st and then I'll start to add some of the very category specific ones.

June 6 2006
666 - BAD THINGS, MAN!!!! Wow, was it fucking painful watching Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night. I just kept thinking that the game should be here in Buffalo and that I should be there watching it and rooting on the Sabres. I know, I'm a cry baby :(

June 5 2006
Happy Monday :) The race yesterday was pretty good, The Sopranos was decent and Big Love ended with a lot of misery, so my TV watching and "fat ass on the couch" activities from yesterday were enjoyable. I just wish I was excited about the NHL Finals starting tonight :(

June 3-4 2006
Happy Weekend Everyone! My step-daughter has her prom this weekend, so we're busy with that. Plus the usual poker and Nascar watching and maybe a little time it the pool. Enjoy yourself :)

June 2 2006
Well, my Sabres lost and their season is over. I'm sad that they are out of the playoffs, but you have to admit, for a team that no one even expected to make the playoffs at the beginning of the year to make it to Game 7 of the Conference Finals is an achievement that we can all be proud of. and not that I hate Carolina, but I'm rooting for the Oilers.

June 1 2006
Game 7 tonight. Do or die. Win or go home. Win and you're in. Ticket to the Big Show is on the line. Gotta give 110%. Leave it all on the ice. Win one for the Gipper! Fuck I'm excited :)

May 31 2006
Sabres beat Carolina last night to force Game 7. Oh man, I don't think I can take any more of those 1 goal games, especially the OT ones. Other than that, I'm backed up on work form the long weekend, so bare with me as far as new categories.

May 30 2006
Do or die for the Sabres tonight. I still think they can win 2 games in a row and I really hope the fans back them up instead of acting like some of the assholes that were booing them after game 4. Other than that, I've got to change banks this week, which is looking like it's going to be a HUGE pain in the ass :(

May 26-29 2006
Happy Memorial Day Weekend To All My US Surfers! I'm gonna slack off a lot this weekend as far as work goes. The site will of course be updated with new links each day, but I'm not going to work on anything else. So enjoy your weekend wherever you live and GO SABRES!!!!!!

May 25 2006
Sabres :) What a fucking game last night. The 2nd Period was probably the best I've seen them play all year and HSBC Arena was deafening! I can't wait for tomorrow night's game! OH! Petite Nudes Category was added yesterday as well - enjoy :)

May 24 2006
More new categories yesterday! The only one you'll really care about is the new Milf Movies category. I also added the Interracial Archive Page as well as the Boobs Natural Archive Page . I might add some more today, but I do have to get ready for tonight's Sabres game :)

May 23 2006
I was a busy beaver yesterday before that crappy hockey game came on. The big news is that the Anal Movies category was added yesterday. The mediocre news is that I also added the Movies Archive Page , the Pornstar Archive Page , the Amateur Nudes Archive Page , the Amateur Sex Archive Page & the Blonde Nude Archive Page .

May 22 2006
Go Sabres! :) Game 2 is tonight and I found out that the rest of the playoffs will be on this INHD channel, so that means that all my friends will be over here watching High Def hockey for the rest of the season.

May 20-21 2006
We're celebrating my grandmother's 85th birthday today, so the hockey game better not go into OT, otherwise I'd have to explain to her why I was late for the party :) Other than that, poker after the party and a lot of couch lounging on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

May 19 2006
Kudos to my local cable company Adelphia for stepping up and moving OLN to the basic cable package so that everyone can watch the Sabres/Hurricanes series. and I swear to God if fucking NBC cuts off their coverage of the game on Saturday and moves it to OLN for that fucking 3 minute horse race, I'm gonna bite someone in the face.

May 18 2006
Not that it's gonna change the world, but I archived two of the bigger pages yesterday. Old links from the Oral Sex page are now on the Oral Sex Archive Page and old links from the Big Boobs pages are now on the Big Boobs Archive Page . I know....fascinating.

May 17 2006
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! Another new category for you! Shemale Movies was added yesterday afternoon. Other than that, I've got nothing!

May 16 2006
I added a couple new categories yesterday: Gloryhole & Interracial Movies are now live. Thanks to the couple of people that suggested the Gloryhole category - it's not as impressive as I'd hoped it'd be, but there's enough links in there to keep you busy :) More new categories are on the way, including a couple more of your suggestions (I'm just going thru the bigger pages 1st so that things will look a little less cluttered)

May 15 2006
LET'S GO BUFF-A-LO!!!!! LET'S GO BUFF-A-LO!!!!! My beloved Sabres won on Saturday night which made me very happy. Next up is Carolina and what pisses me off is that it looks like we won't start until Saturday. I don't want to wait a week for more hockey! Another stupid thing is that we have no local TV coverage. The lack of a season last year sorta killed the local sports channel and all our games have been on MSG out of New York. But for whatever reason, they can't show any more games - probably because for some stupid reason, the Outdoor Life Network (or whatever the fuck it's called) along with the mess that is NBC Sports have the NHL contract. Thank the stars I live near Canada and can pick up the games out of Toronto...in HD no less :)

May 13-14 2006
My life does revolve around TV a little too much. Saturday is a given, with the Sabres and Senators playing at 7. After that, I'll turn on the race and pray it's still going on. Sunday is another story. There's 3 things on at 9 that I want to watch - Survivor, Desperate Housewives and The Sopranos - they TiVo's will be working OT :)

May 12 2006
I'll admit it, the Sabres did not look good last night. But fuck me, the refs sucked ass last night. Oh well, I still feel confident :)

May 11 2006
SABRES :) One thing about the crowd at last night's game has me very confused. I'm a big fan and all and I wear my jersey and my hat. I can sorta understand the face-painters (GOTTA SUPPORT THE TEAM!) but what's with these geniuses that bring their homemade Stanley Cups to the game? I saw one guy who's art class disaster actually had the same feeding bowl that my dog uses on top of it. Trust me on this - your Stanley Cup making skills STINK! Stop embarrassing yourself with these towers of aluminium foil and kitchen ware.

May 10 2006
No update today because I fucked up yesterday morning and forgot to update :( So yesterday's update has 50% more links than normal and tomorrow's will also be 50% bigger. Other than that, all I have to say is GO SABRES!

May 9 2006
I'm giddy! Sanres went up 2-0 and with both wins coming in Ottawa, I'm a very happy camper! Of course, the Monday game forced me to watch 24 and Penn and Tell: Bullshit afterwards, so I'm tired today. I feel a nappy coming on.

May 8 2006
Another lovely weekend has come and gone and after watching about 8 hours of TV yesterday, I'm ready to get back to work for most of the day and then call it quits so that I can watch the Sabres/Senators game tonight - GO SABRES!!!

May 6-7 2006
I don't think I have ever seen a more exciting hockey game. Last night's 7-6 win over Ottawa was one of the greatest Sabre games EVER! Of course, now we have to wait til Monday for game 2 because of fucking Dora! Poker, Nascar and Boxing tonight, fat ass on couch tomorrow :)

May 5 2006
If you know me and you're reading this, I'd like to invite you over to watch the Sabres/Senators game tonight in the wonderful goodness that is CBC Canada's HD feed.

May 4 2006
Well, it's official - Dora fucked up the schedule for the Sabres/Senators Round 2 NHL Playoff's Series. We play Friday and Monday in Ottawa, then home here Wednesday and Thursday. The one bright side of things in this mess is that CBC will broadcast the games in HD and those of us with an antenna will be able to pick up the games :) OH! The new Teen Lesbians category was added yesterday - enjoy!

May 3 2006
Happy Birthday Einer :)
GO SABRES! The schedule will be released sometime today and Ottawa has a kids show coming into town on Saturday and Sunday, so it looks like Dora will be making the schedule for Round 2 of the NHL playoffs - how fucked is that? Anyway, 2 new categories were added yesterday: Oral Sex Movies & Boob Movies . Look for at least 1 more new one today :)

May 2 2006
Sabres play Game 6 tonight in Philly. so I'll be glued to the TV. Other than that, there's a new non-normal porn site and I'm hoping to get a new category or 2 online by tomorrow morning :)

May 1 2006
Happy May! I'm in a wonderful mood today since my Sabres beat Philly 3-0 yesterday. If you watched the game on NBC yesterday, you noticed a lot of big name ads on the boards. I find it very funny that hardly any of those ads were there for the last home game and I assume it'll be back to the normal local ads for the next home game (which better not be on fucking Thursday)

April 29-30 2006
I'm too pissed off to say much, other than I better not be pissed off on Monday as well.

April 28 2006
Happy Fucking Arbor Day To All You Tree Hugging Hippies! Big Sabres game tonight and I have some tidying up to do for the weekend festivities, so for now I'll just remind everyone that I've got more categories to add over the coming days/weeks, so please & email me if you can think of a category that you'd like to see. and once again, I'm running really low on Useless Websites :( Please! Email Useless Sites Here

April 27 2006
A couple of things today. 1st off, the Sabres shit the bed on me last night, but I still have confidence that I'll see them win the series on Sunday. 2nd, I have a couple new categories to announce. Yesterday I added Teen Solo Girls & today I added Big Natural Solo Girls . I've got more categories to add over the coming days/weeks, so be patient & email me if you can think of a category that you'd like to see. 3rd and finally, once again, I'm running really low on Useless Websites :( Please! Email Useless Sites Here

April 26 2006
What are the odds that 2 of my TiVo's would take a shit on the same day? I'm in a foul fucking mood :(

April 25 2006
I did manage to get the Blonde Solo Girls category added today, even though I'm still just brimming with excitement after watching my beloved Sabres go up 2-0 after last night 8-2 spanking of the Flyers.

April 24 2006
Welcome back to terrestrial radio Opie and Anthony!

April 22-23 2006
Saturday will consist of a lot of hockey and maybe a little poker. Sunday will consist of my fat ass on a couch with no responsibilities. Enjoy your weekend!

April 21 2006
As promised, the amateur categories have been gutted and are now more gooder. Amateur Sex has all the hardcore sites, Amateur Nudes has all the softcore sites, Amateur Movies has all the video sites & Solo Girls has all the sites that focus on one girl or couple. And, as you can probably assume when you look at the Solo Girls page, that one is a tad bit too big, so more splits next week :)

April 20 2006
Busy Busy Busy! The Blonde Hardcore category was added yesterday afternoon and the new Solo Girls category was added this morning. Next on the list is the current Amateur Mega category, which will be split into 3: Amateur Nudes, Amateur Moves and Amateur Sex. The old Amateur Solo category has been dissolved.

April 19 2006
Blonde Movies was added today and I'm hoping to split the blonde page up into soft and hardcore categories today or tomorrow as well. I am also pissed off at the Devils as I think they fucked the Sabres out of a Saturday NBC game by coming back to beat Montreal last night.

April 18 2006
OHHHH! Another new category for you to drool over - Teen Movies was added yesterday afternoon. I also archived the older links from both the Teen Sex & Teen Nude pages as they were both getting way too big. Check out the bottom left of this page for a complete list of all the major updates and stay tuned for more tomorrow!

April 17 2006
Did you notice that I left an Easter Egg for you over the weekend? The old girlgirl/lesbian page was getting way too big, so I decided to split it up a bit. 1st off - and this is a sign of things to come - I've added a Lesbian Movies page, so all the lesbian movie sites are now listed on there. But the page was still too big, so I archived all the older lesbian sites onto the new Lesbian Archive page. More of this in the coming weeks, so stay tuned :)

April 15-16 2006
Easter...yipee. I don't think I've cared about Easter since I heard my mom on the phone ordering the candy for our baskets when I was 9 years old. At least I'll get to see the fights at the Sabres game on Sunday :)

April 14 2006
Good Good Friday Friday to you and yours! If you need me, I'll be eating a very large steak dinner tonight :)

April 13 2006
My beloved Buffalo Bills signed Peerless Price to a 4 year $10 Million contract the other day. Huh? What? He sucks! He only caught 90 balls that one year because Moulds was double teamed every fucking play! He sucked ass in Atlanta. He sucked ass in Dallas. But let's give him $10 million so he can suck ass here for the next 4 years. Great fucking move. I can't wait until I get to root for the Los Angeles Bills.

April 12 2006
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! They started painting the new kitchen/addition today - cabinets are supposed to come in next week...but we're still 6-8 weeks away from being done. I can only hope that the Sabres are still playing when my kitchen is complete :)

April 11 2006
I'm running dangerously low on Useless Sites :( Please Help Me! Email Your Useless Sites Here

April 10 2006
My weekend forecast could not have been more wrong. Sabres slapped the shit out of Ottawa on Saturday. The comedian I went to see on Saturday - Caroline Picard - was actually very fucking funny. We did play poker and I'm not ashamed to say that I won a little bit. All in all, it was a good weekend and I'm not remembering why I hate Mondays.

April 8-9 2006
Sabres lost on Friday :( Hack female comedy show Saturday :( No Poker :( At least there's a race this weekend :)

April 7 2006
I watched two ends of the spectrum last night as far as sitcoms on broadcast television. My Name Is Earl is probably the best fucking show on TV today. NBC followed this with a new show called Teachers and what a fucking horrendous hack comedy laugh track train wreck this piece of shit is. UCK! The only good part of the entire program was Sarah Shahi from The L Word (and I'm not just talking about her luscious breasts)

April 6 2006
Being sick suck ass. I still feel like shit, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Hell, I didn't even get to see my beloved Sabres beat Ottawa in OT last night!

April 5 2006
I've been a little busy the last few weeks, so I'm really behind on my movie watching. I watched 4 movies in the last few days and I'm really upset that no one told me how fucking horrible The Weatherman was. The Island was decent, Four Brothers was really good. Red Eye was slow at time, but I liked it. The Weatherman can suck my big fat hairy ass!

April 4 2006
I did something last night that I swore I';d never do - I started watching a TV show in the 2nd season without watching the 1st one at all. Huff started up again on Sunday and I have to say, I like what I see, even if I am a tad bit confused by some of the dialogue (which I assume are call backs to last season)

April 3 2006
OHHHHHHHHHHHH! I've added two new categories for your whacking pleasure:
Strapon Sex : Sexy lesbian ladies getting each other off with strapons.
Vintage Porn : Classic porn from the 70's and 80's as well as your granddad's favorites.

April 1-2 2006
Here's a Public Service Announcement from my buddy Ampland :)

March 31 2006
Goodbye March! (can you tell I'm drawing a blank as far as what to speak out today?)

March 30 2006
Yea Sabres! :) I've pretty much given up on the hope of us winning the division, so 4th place and a 1st Round home series in the playoffs is good enough for me.

March 29 2006
Happy Hump Day Everyone! Another day of remodeling, another day without water. Sabres game tonight and they'd better fucking win.

March 28 2006
Incase I haven't mentioned it recently, the remodeling is still going on here at the house. I had no power for an hour or so, which is why the site was updated a little later than usual. Now, for the rest of the day, I am without water :(

March 27 2006
Welcome to the work week everyone! After watching the pre-race coverage yesterday, I'm starting to like Kevin Harvick more and more. I was screaming for him to catch that pinned-ear ass and spin him out at the end of the race yesterday. Also, it looks like Gordon is taking some pills that increase the size of his balls :)

March 25-26 2006
FUCKING SABRES!!!! AARRRGHHH! More wiring to be done today and then a birthday party (Happy Birthday Dean!) and poker tonight, followed by my fat ass on the couch tomorrow.

March 24 2006
Today's date rings a bell in my head for some reason, but I have no idea why and I can't fucking stand when that happens. Sabres take on the Senators tonight and they'd better fucking win :)

March 23 2006
Sabres have me banging my head lately. They almost have to win on Friday against Ottawa. Other than that, I've got nothing :(

March 22 2006
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! 2nd day of spring and it's snowing here in lovely Western New York. I'm a little groggy today as I stayed up late to watch the season finale of The Shield. I think we all knew Lem was gonna be the one who dies :(

March 21 2006
I got caught up on a lot of work yesterday and then watched about 7 hours of TiVo'd shows in a 5 hour time frame. TiVo has really ruined my life. Before I got one, I'd record a couple of shows on my VCR if I knew I was going to miss them. I probably watched 4 or 5 shows each week on a regular basis. But now, I think I'm up to 15 shows that I watch each week...and 5 of them are on Sundays!

March 17-19 2006
This site is green in honor or St Patrick's Day :) I'm outta here. Heading up to Ottawa to celebrate drunken Irish Saints tonight and then the big Sabres/Senators game on Saturday. We're only 1 point behind them after last night's beating of the pathetic Maple Laughs and their horrendous fans (I truly hope all of them enjoyed the long ride home after watching the Sabres victory) Buffalo could be in 1st in the division and 2nd in the conference when I get home on Sunday :)

March 16 2006
I've got nothing today. I'm drawing a complete blank.

March 15 2006
DUDE! Sabres :) I turned the game on with about 15 minutes left in the 3rd and was sorta bummed that they were loosing. But, that changed pretty quickly and they pulled out another win. Saturday's game at Ottawa is HUGE and yours truly will be there rooting on his team.

March 14 2006
I can't believe that Robo Cop killed Tony last night on 24 ! Rudy was doomed from the beginning and since he's just an annoying fuck - much like Edgar - I'm glad to see him go. My wussy side is also a tad bit sad that they killed off Dana on The L Word :(

March 13 2006
I've still got a really bad pain in my neck. I still have a large backhoe in my yard. I also have a very large concrete truck spinning about 10 feet away from my window. At least the Sabres are on fire :)

March 11-12 2006
I think the stress has finally gotten to me, so I'm gonna log off, head over to the chiropractor and then fuck off for the rest of the weekend watching hockey and playing poker. Enjoy!

March 10 2006
Wind and rain and warm weather means nothing to me except that my yard is a fucking mess. I need a day off.

March 9 2006
It's raining and all the snow melted, so my yard looks like a big giant mud pit. I have to help the contractor run all new cable lines in the house and tonight, I'll lower my stress level by going to watch my beloved Sabres :)

March 8 2006
The stress in my life with this new kitchen remodel is just mind-numbing, but 2 things have made me happy in the last 24 hours. The Sabres came back to beat Boston 3-2 last night and I got a legit reply to my complaint to the local Fox station about their HD fuck up on Monday. Of course, there will be a concrete truck in my backyard this afternoon and I'm sure that will put me in the corner sucking my thumb in no time.

March 7 2006
I'm starting to really hate my local Fox affiliate. I had to get a fucking antenna so that I could watch their HD shows because they can't work out a deal with the local cable company as far as the HD feed. Last weekend, they forgot to turn on the HD feed for the Nascar race in California. Yesterday, 90 minutes into the 2 hour episode of 24, they turn it off for some crappy local used car commercial and then they never turn it back on. All this technology and the whole things goes to shit because some $6/hour retard can't remember to press a fucking button!!!!!!!!!!

March 6 2006
Yesterday was "My Fat Ass On The Couch" day since my lovely wife was at bingo all day. I watched Silkwood and Drugstore Cowboy for the 1st time in about 10 years and I forgot how good each one was. I then watched Lord Of War which was a tad bit long, but still pretty good. I did NOT watch the Oscars, but it was nice to see the only movie I've actually seen win :)

March 4-5 2006
To the Toronto fans that sat up in the 300 level and chanted "GO LEAFS GO" during Lafontaine's speech before they retired his number and raised it to the rafters, I'd just like to say that you people are complete and utter assholes and I hope you enjoyed the ride home after we beat the shit out of you 6-2.

March 3 2006
I'm a bit giddy because tonight I get to see Pat Lafontaine's number retired and raised to the rafters at the Sabres game tonight. Him and Sasha (Mogilny) were just fucking awesome on the ice.

March 2 2006
I really hate these fucking "Sweeps Weeks" on TV. I went to the Sabres game last night and now I'm about 4 hours behind on TV shows that I watch on a regular basis. Plus there's 3 or 4 hours of shows that I have to watch or DVR tonight. Fucking TV is running my life!

March 1 2006
One show into the new seasons of The Apprentice and The Amazing Race and I already despise at least 6 people from these shows. I'm also hooked on the mind numbing fun that is Deal Or No Deal :)

February 28 2006
Another great episode of 24 last night, but one thing did catch my eye during the show...the guy playing The President has three earring holes - like that'll ever happen in real life! (yes, I know, like anything on this show would ever happen in real life)

February 27 2006
Well, the Olympics are over and now, according to the wisdom of Bryant Gumble form HBO, we can all get back to watching REAL sports, like the NCAA Tournament (opinionated ass that he is)

February 25-26 2006
Sorry about the little fuck up with the listings on Friday. I have to learn to not touch things that I don't know how to properly edit :) Lots of Olympics this weekend for me, plus some boxing, poker and Nascar, so enjoy your weekend!

February 24 2006
Hockey Semifinals today, which means I'll be missing about 5 hours of work. Not that I'm complaining, but my boss can be a dick sometimes :)

February 23 2006
Yesterday, I got to watch the US Men's Hockey Team shoot themselves in the foot with too many stupid penalties and now they're coming home early. So that meant that I jumped onto the good old Canadian bandwagon, because, well, it was invented there! They can't loose! GO CANADA.....Oops! Fuckers! Go FINLAND!!!!! :)

February 22 2006
This remodeling the kitchen crap is really starting to annoy me. My fridge and stove are now sitting in my living room and today, the contractor has to shut off the power to the house for 3-4 hours so that they can move the meter. All this during the USA Hockey game :(

February 21 2006
I watches House for the 1st time last night since I was waiting for 24 to come on my HD Fox channel and it was pretty fucking good. I might have to start watching it next week after the Olympics have concluded. I sure to hope that we don't loose to Russia by 15 goals today :)

February 20 2006
I know I am just a rotten human being for doing this, but I could not stop laughing during the couples skating last night on NBC when 3 of the 6 best couples fell over during their routines. I was sitting there yelling "FALL!" after I saw how funny the 1st couple was :)

February 18-19 2006
I have a very full weekend line up. Olympic Hockey is gonna eat up a lot of my mornings and afternoons, plus a little poker on Saturday night and then I hear there's a little car race on Sunday afternoon :) Enjoy your weekend!

February 17 2006
There's a big storm going thru WNY right now. Winds are 30-40 MPH with gusts of 50 or so. Temp was 60 sometime during the night and are forecasted low for today is 15. It's already dropped 17 since I woke up an hour ago. So it's windy and raining and soon it'll be well below freezing, causing everything to be coated with a nice sheet of ice...and then it's gonna snow. Normally, I wouldn't care that much, but I have to leave the house today :)

February 16 2006
Once again, I'm as giddy as a gay school boy in a gym locker room! My local cable company finally decided that the area I live in can now access On Demand stuff as well as a couple of new HD channels!!!!!

February 15 2006
I'm as giddy as a gay school boy in a gym locker room! Men's Hockey starts today at the Olympics!!!! I also have not heard anything new about Michelle Kwan...I hope she made it home OK :)

February 14 2006
Happy Valentines Day

February 13 2006
True to my word, I wrote a strongly worded letter to NBC yesterday about what I think is their horrendous Olympic coverage:

I have a few questions and comments, and oddly enough, I'm not even going to ask why there are no "contact" or "feedback" links/pages other than this blog form on the entire NBC Olympic website.

1st off, I love the Olympics, especially the Winter Games. I have a High Def TV that I invested a lot of money in about 3 years ago. NBC's HD coverage of the Summer Games in 2004 was fantastic! The HD feed seemed to be 24/7 Olympics, with the regular NBC feed showing the normal daily shows and a couple of hours of Olympic coverage during prime time. I watched the HD channel pretty much all day and loved that I could watch live events at 8 in the morning.

I eagerly awaited the 2006 Winter Games and the almost 24/7 coverage I assumed would be on the HD feed. What happened? Why is Meet The Press on my HD feed this morning? Why is the weekday daytime schedule filled with talk shows and soap operas? These programs are not in HD anyway, so no one would care that the HD channel is all Olympics like the Summer 2004 games.

I'd also like to ask if anyone there has watched CBC Canada's coverage of the games? I live just outside Buffalo, NY, so we get CBC on our local cable provider and I can pick up their HD feed with my antenna. This is a major national channel that is pretty much 24/7 HD Olympic coverage. Take a look at any day on their TV schedule page - http://www.cbc.ca/television/index.html - from 7-8 AM until 11 PM, it's pretty much all Olympics, with the occasional news show thrown in. They also have 4-5 hours of coverage in the middle of the night. This is what NBC's HD channel should be doing. I've honestly had CBC's HD feed on my TV at least 50% of the time so far this weekend. I have it on right now watching Women's Hockey, even though you have it on one of the other channels. I guess The Chris Matthews Shows is needed on both the regular and HD feeds for some reason.

I'm probably a bit jaded on all of this, since I do have the CBC feed from Canada and I remember the HD coverage from Summer 2004, but come on! Why would you go with the 24/7 coverage for the Summer 2004 Games and put normal programming on for the Winter 2006 Games? It doesn't make sense to me.

I'll watch the NBC HD Feed a little bit when it comes on, but for the most part, I'll be sitting here watching CBC's coverage and wondering why we have no Canadian Tire locations here in the states.

February 12 2006
One day into the Olympics and I'm already disgusted by NBC's coverage. Even as I type this up, NBC has Meet The Press on and they will not be showing any HD coverage until 3, because they feel it's necessary to have 3 hours of the fucking qualifying for next weeks Daytona 500 on. Qualifying? UGH! I think a strongly worded email to NBC is in my future.

February 11 2006
I went to my 1st Major League Lacrosse game last night between the Buffalo Bandits and the Portland Lumberjax (the magazine poked fun at their attempt to be cool with the X in their name) WOW! What a strange and different atmosphere. Maybe I'm just used to hockey games, but it seems like a lot of the unwashed masses come out for the MLL games. I'll go again - the game itself is very exciting and I think I can deal with the mullets and fat guys in tight replica jerseys :)

February 10 2006
Not that I'll be watching a lot today, but The Olympics start up tonight with their boring Opening Ceremonies. I sure hope that NBC does what they did last year on their HD feed, which was 24/7 Olympic coverage without any of the crap shows that are on during the day. But they won't - they'll fuck it up and play the soap operas and talk shows during the day. Go USA!

February 9 2006
These Thursday Sabres games are really throwing a monkey wrench into my Thursday night TV watching - 2 weeks in a row that I have to TiVo Survivor, Earl, The Office and ER. and my lovely wide is using my interest in hockey as an excuse to go to Bingo! :)

February 8 2006
Today, I get to move my entire office up to my bedroom so that the contractors can do what they do down here in my lovely basement office. I'm really starting to hate this new kitchen.

February 7 2006
Sorry about not updating yesterday, but I think everyone expected me to miss at least one update over Super Bowl weekend. As you all know, I was rooting for and betting on Seattle...if you guys and gals have learned anything over the last few years, it's bet against whoever my sorry ass is rooting for :)

February 3-6 2006
Super Bowl Weekend Is Finally Here!!!!!!!!! I have a couple of people coming into town this weekend and we'll be playing a lot of poker and watching some of that brutal UFC and making silly bets on the big game and stuffing our faces with fatty foods. and there may be some sweet wonderful booze being passed around as well (although I will not be partaking in that) So enjoy your weekend and GO SEAHAWKS!

February 2 2006
That fat furry fuck saw his shadow today...6 more weeks of winter...yippee.

February 1 2006
Welcome to February! I'm getting a bit giddy about the upcoming sporting events in February. Of course, the Super Bowl is this weekend, but next weekend, the Winter Olympics start up and I'll be watching that for 17 straight days. We also have Nascar starting up, which will calm my nerves on Sunday's until football season starts back up in August :)

January 31 2006
4 hours of looking at kitchen cabinets yesterday and I'm ready to put my head thru a wall. and tomorrow we get to go look at new appliances, because God forbid we use the existing stove, fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, can opener and tea pot!

January 30 2006
I have to go and pick out kitchen cabinets and appliances with my wife today. Please pray for me.

January 29 2006
Sorry about yesterday - as all of you regulars probably noticed, Friday's links got mixed in with Saturday's on the New Sites Page , so I was busy tying to sort that out. It's all good and things are back to normal :)

January 27 2006
I got caught up on a lot of TV yesterday and I find that I really don't care what happens on The West Wing anymore. Sure, I'll watch the rest of the season, but it feels so pointless. and Celebrity Fit Club is boring now that Kenickie took his man-tits to rehab.

January 26 2006
I have big burly men cutting a door sized hole in my basement and I can't fucking hear anything - HELP ME!

January 25 2006
Well, we finally have a decent amount of snow here in Buffalo after weeks of 40 and 50 weather.

January 24 2006
I finally started to watch The West Wing last season and now they're canceling it. I fucking hate regular TV! At least HBO and Showtime are putting out good shows that keep coming back each year and you know before the season starts if it's coming back the next year.

January 23 2006
Fucking Denver ruined my excuse to order a Plummer jersey, so I decided to jump on the Seattle bandwagon and order a Hasselbeck jersey, but no one has my size in stock (I need a large) Neither the Seahawks website or NFL.com even sell his jersey (and the custom jersey's take 2-3 weeks) I found a couple of other places that have them, but the only sizes are S and XXXL. So, I ordered a Jurevicius jersey :)

January 21-22 2006
Poker tonight and football tomorrow. What more can you ask for out of life :)

January 20 2006
I got caught up on my American Idol viewing and while I know that I will not watch it once the complete messes are gone, I do love watching these slack jawed yokels making complete asses of themselves.

January 19 2006
Happy Birthday To Me! :) 35 today and I'm not happy. Not because I'm getting older - it's these damn fucking contractors drilling holes on my basement walls setting up the foundation for the addition my wife and I thought was a good idea last week when we signed the papers.

January 18 2006
The weather in Buffalo has not been that bad this year, but that's changing very quickly. It snowed a bit over the past weekend and most of that melted yesterday, but the wind and rain started yesterday and today they're forecasting 40-50 mph winds and snow - NICE!

January 17 2006
So did you watch the 4 hours premier of 24 over the last 2 days? This is the 1st season that I'm watching it in High Def and that alone make it 10x's better (that and them killing off people 15 minutes into the show)

January 16 2006
So much for Indy's Super Bowl season :) I'd have liked to see them get to the big game, but now I'm betting on Denver and Seattle.

January 14-15 2006
Football all weekend, party and poker tonight and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely wife :)

January 13 2006
The Bills coach is going to resign today and that's fine and dandy with me, but what really has me pissed off is that Andre Reed is not a finalist for the Hall Of Fame. He's currently #5 all time for receptions, #6 for yardage and #10 for touchdowns as far as receivers go. How can he not go in on his 1st ballot?

January 12 2006
I've been getting caught up on all my TV watching since I missed a lot of shows when I was in Vegas. The L Word is back on and I find myself watching the show for the plot now and not just for the luscious lesbian sex scenes :)

January 11 2006
I forced myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour last night and I woke up around my normal time, so it only took me a day to get off Vegas time and back into my normal routine.

January 10 2006
I got home from Vegas about 4 hours ago and since I'm still up, it's technically the 9th for me even though it's been the 10th for 5 hours :) I'm exhausted and will be fucked for the rest of the week after staying up til 5:30 Vegas time the night before I came up (yesterday?) Anyway, the site is updated & here's some pics I took of my hero's over the weekend.

January 8 2006
Last night we got to go to the AVN Video Awards (it's the Oscars for Porn Stars) and I have to say, it was an impressive event. We were guests of Miss Nude Internet Raven Riley & here's a pic to prove it :)

January 6 2006
Doing the CES thing today and hopefully I'll get to see Opie and Anthony (which is the only reason I got CES passes)

January 5 2006
I do believe that my football betting luck is changing! I took Texas with 7 last night and since they won outright (congrats to them for that) I'm a big winner! Well, that's the only thing I've won since I got here, so in the overall picture, I'm a big looser :(

January 4 2006
Arrived in Vegas yesterday and so far, so good. Plane was on time, got a nice room, met up with a couple of friends and lost some money at the casino. Have to go get my badges for the conventions today and then party a bit tonight, which should be fun since this is my 1st real trip to Vegas since I quit drinking.

January 3 2006
Well, I'm off to Vegas in about 5 hours for the wonderful porn conventions as well as CES (yes, I can get in there - I market websites - lol) I'll be updating the site form there ever day, so things will be pretty much normal as far as updates and whatnot. I'll also be donating a lot of my hard earned money to The Venetian :)

January 2 2006
I'll gloat a little bit. I won 2 of the 3 ESPN Fantasy Football Leagues that I was in :) No money, but the pride that comes with the title (as well as the snazzy ESPN t-shirt) is all I need :)

December 31 2005 - January 1 2006
Good Bye 2005! Hello 2006! Have a safe and happy New Year Eve and Day and I'll see ya on Monday :)

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