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Dec 31 2004 - Jan 1 2005
It's New Years Eve and my plans are to spend it with my lovely wife alone here in the house. Have a good one!

Dec 30 2004
Every now and then I draw a complete blank as far as what to put up here - believe it or not, it is hard to come up with some little snappy tidbit every fucking day and today, well, I guess I'm just not feeling very clever today :(

Dec 29 2004
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone!

Dec 28 2004
Seeing as The Bride and I usually watch HBO on Sunday's, we've been TiVo'ing Desperate Housewives for the last few weeks (it was nice when ABC replayed them on Saturday's, but that must make too much sense to them these days) Anyway, I've now seen all the episodes and it's a pretty good show. I'm also glad that it hasn't been cancelled in mid-season like the last 3 or 4 new shows that we started to watch.

Dec 27 2004
Who'd have thought that when the Bills were 0-4 or 1-5 or even 3-6 that they'd be fighting for a Playoff spot on Jan 2nd? I'm big enough to admit that I never thought they'd be in the hunt. Here's what needs to happen - the Bills must win or they are out. If they win, they need either the Jets or the Broncos to loose and then they're in. I have hope :)

Dec 26 2004
Christmas has come and gone and so have my decorations. Not only here online - the bride is taking down the tree today too. Have fun returning all those gifts that you didn't want :)

Dec 24-25 2004
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dec 23 2004
I went to the mall yesterday to do some last minute shopping with my wife. We got there around 10 or so and at 2, I asked how much more we had to do. She said there was just one more store in the mall that she had to go to and then we had to stop at this store and this store and this other store on the way home. I then asked her to take me home. Next year - EVERYTHING will be bought online :)

Dec 22 2004
Seeing as it is Whip'em Out Wednesday I thought I'd mention that I found out that Opie and Anthony will be in Vegas in 2 weeks just like me. I'm not usually one of these deranged fans, but I do hope I get to meet them and get a pic taken :)

Dec 21 2004
Well, it looks like I went to bed a bit too early last night. It really pains me to say this, but thanks to Miami, Pittsburgh now just needs to win next week and they'll have home field thru the AFC Playoffs, which means they can take it easy when they come here to play the Bills on Jan 2nd :)

Dec 20 2004
Let's recap what happened with the Bills playoff hopes yesterday. The Bills won, which is of course good. They beat Cincy, so they're out of it. KC beat Denver, which helps. Indy beat Baltimore, which also helps. But how the fuck did Jacksonville beat Green Bay?!?!?! It was about 5 degrees out! Big thanks to Brett Farve for throwing the ball right to the Jacksonville defenders on more than one occasion!

Dec 19 2004
Three really good games of football yesterday - well, the Wash/SF game was good until the pick at the end of the 1st half - but they got me psyched to watch my beloved Bills continue their run at the playoffs. Then I get to watch Jacksonville freeze up at Lambeau and Manning move past Marino in the record books, all the while rooting for my crappy Fantasy Football teams to do something in the Fantasy Playoffs :)

Dec 18 2004
Well, I think we all heard about it coming out sooner or later and now it's official. The sex tape of former WWE Superstars Joanie Laurer (aka Chyna) and Sean Waltman (aka X-Pac) is now available online. It looks like China has quite the large pussy - I ordered my copy last night :)

Dec 17 2004
WTF was that final The Apprentice show about? The 1st 90 min were fine and normal. But then Trump takes an audience poll and can't decide. So he brings Regis out 30 minutes "early" (even though he's already mike'd up and has a potable mike with him) and Regis interviews audience members, all but 2 like Kelly, so Trump is still confused. BULL SHIT! I did not need to watch 3 hours of this shit to know the Kelly won!!!

Dec 16 2004
Well, my diet is out the window until after these silly little Holidays. My wife started making cookies yesterday and now, everywhere I go in the house, there's some Christmas cookies! So I eat one here and 2 there and before you know it, I'm bloated on the couch watching The West Wing and praying for a bowel movement :)

Dec 15 2004
I get to sit around here all day today waiting for my lovely local cable company to come over and fix the shadows that I have on CBS, the freezing picture on the high channels and my horrible modem connection. The fucked up thing is that this happens once a year right around the holidays. I feel like that guy in the John Candy soap opera movie that can't leave the house because he's got bars on 3 channels :)

Dec 14 2004
Seeing as I watched Survivor on Sunday, I had to watch The Wire last night. Just like last season, they killed off a main character in the 2nd last episode, which was sorta expected, but very entertaining none-the-less. If you're not watching The Wire, go buy Seasons 1 and 2 and then wait for HBO to replay 3 - it's fantastic.

Dec 13 2004
Wonderful day of football for me yesterday. Cleveland ruined a really good joke that I had on their last drive, which would have been that I had more yards of offense than them yesterday. I also won in both my Fantasy Football Leagues (baring any miracles in tonight's game) And, even though it's not football, Chris won Survivor, which makes me very happy for some strange reason, partly because I don't even know him :)

Dec 12 2004
Bills game for me today, but since the weather is a tad bit unpleasant and since I'm not drinking today (I'd end up sleeping right thru Survivor - LOL) we're gonna try and do what normal people do, which is NOT get to the game 5-6 hours before it starts :) GO BILLS!

Dec 11 2004
I finally got to watch Super Size Me last night. I was one of those guy that always said things like "Well, Duh!" when I heard what the documentary was about. But fuck me, it did open my eyes to a few things. We eat out at least 4 times a week, mostly because it's easy and it tastes good. But, I do think I'll be putting an end to that in the very near future.

Dec 10 2004
Well, I think we know who the winner of The Apprentice is going to be but what pisses me off the most is that Survivor is going to make me miss the fucking Philly/Washington game on Sunday night.

Dec 9 2004
I'm in a bit of shock after hearing that Dimebag Darrell of Pantera/Damageplan was shot along with 3 others by some nutjob at a show in a Columbus club last night. That's fucking scary.

Dec 8 2004
Well, well, well. It looks like the Freedom Of Information Act has some good uses. It was reported that 99.8% of the complaints that the FCC has received in 2004 (aside from Janet's tit flop) came from one group of crackpots that can't figure out how to change the channel on their TVs or radios. That group is called The Parents Television Console. What basically happens is that one of these Right Wing fucktards sees or hears something that they find offensive. Instead of turning to a different channel, the tell all the other Right Wing fucktards to basically spam the FCC with the complaint that they typed up, which they do thru an automated form on their website. It's good to know that these people are dictating to our government what you and I should watch and listen to. I thank their God that they have no control over XM Radio and Opie and Anthony :)

Dec 7 2004
The brilliant minds that run the local county government decided that Buffalo's waterfront is screaming out for one of this big gawdy Bass Pro Shops. Price tag to the taxpayers for this glorified bait shop? A mere $66 million. And, here's what I think is the kicker...this will be located in the old Memorial Auditorium (where the Sabres played hockey before we coughed up $56 million for them to have a new arena which is empty this year) The city of Buffalo will still own the Aud and the lot next to it that's going to be turned into a parking lot and Bass Pro will lease it from the city. How much is the amount of the lease you ask? How much will Bass Pro be paying in property taxes? Well, they get to lease both for a grand total of $1 per year. YIPEE! 8 cents extra in taxes per year from this! NICE FUCKING MOVE YOU FUCKING MORONS!

Dec 6 2004
I'm gonna jinx things right now by saying that twice yesterday while watching ESPN I heard the words "Bills" and "Playoffs" mentioned in the same sentence! Oh - speaking of ESPN, if you watched NFL Countdown you saw Lackawanna's very own Ron Jaworski standing outside the Eagles stadium 5-1/4 hours before the game started with people tailgating, which, according to NFL rules, is 1-1/4 hours too early. Nice to see the rules are broke for certain games.

Dec 5 2004
I think it must've been Movie Weekend at the Greenguy house, as we watch The Alamo last night. I liked it. It was not nearly as bad as the reviews that it got. Billy Bob is a fantastic actor. OH SHIT! It's Sunday....GO BILLS!

Dec 4 2004
I finally got to watch Spider Man 2 last night and what a piece of crap that was. But, I do have to wonder if it's in Kirsten Dunst's contract that she has to show her perky little nipples thru her clothes at least once every movie :)

Dec 3 2004
The busty lesbian got kicked off Survivor last night! Now who the hell am I supposed to drool over? (Jesus - am I a typical chauvinist pig or what?)

Dec 2 2004
Are you watching the latest installment of the Amazing Race? What the fuck is with that Jonathan guy? He has to be the biggest asshole that I've ever seen with this 1 inch of blue hair on the back of his head and his fucking botox riddled face. and what the fuck kind of job title is "Married Entrepreneurs"? You know what I think it means? I think that means that they are rich and jobless, living off some trust fund. Of course, I'll be the 1st to bitch when they get kicked off :)

Dec 1 2004
I was thinking yesterday that I sorta miss hockey this year, but not too much yet because football season is still going on. So then I got to thinking that I'd really miss hockey once the Super Bowl comes and goes. Then I remembered that I took up Nascar last year and now I don't think I'll be missing hockey at all. Greedy Fucks!

Nov 30 2004
I have to ask if anyone knows what the fuck is up with Tommy Davidson's hair in those Carmelo Anthony commercials? What the fuck was he thinking when he went to the barber shop? Did he say "Give me the Darth Vader cut!"?

Nov 29 2004
I SUCK! Sorry about yesterday, but I forgot to hit the button to update the site, so there were no new links :( But, I guess the good news is that today you get twice as many new links as usual :)

Nov 28 2004
Why is it that I wake up really early on the weekends but I have trouble dragging myself out of bed during the week? Maybe it's the football :) I'll be going to my Dad's for his birthday today (Happy Birthday Father!) and then watching the Bills make fools of themselves on the road as usual :)

Nov 27 2004
I'll never understand the mentality these Black Friday shoppers have. People were lining up at one of the local malls at Midnight, waiting in the cold and snow until 6 AM just to save $3 off a fucking Grilled Cheese Maker! The checkout line at one of the electronic stores was over 2 hours! Fuck that - I'll continue to do all my shopping online :)

Nov 26 2004
Yes, once again I've decided to be quite tacky and hang up my Xmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving :)

Nov 25 2004
Happy Turkey Day to all my US surfers! and to those of you not in the US, Happy Last Thursday of November to you and yours :)

Nov 24 2004
Tonight is said to be one of the biggest bar drinking nights of the year, even beating out New Years Eve (which is probably because a lot of people go to private parties on New Years Eve) But why the day before Thanksgiving? Why go out and get plastered the day before you have to sit with your family all day eating a lot of turkey and whatnot. I remember quite a few Thanksgiving Days when I was blindly hung over and praying for the family stuff to end! Remember that when you decide to go out tonight and get fucked up - you have to spend the entire day with your family tomorrow and small children don't care that you're hung over! :)

Nov 23 2004
Just a little update on my pulled ass muscle from a few weeks ago - I get to go back to the doctor today and it's been feeling pretty good since I've been seeing the chiropracter once a week. The only thing that worries me is that I'll have to keep going back to him week after week for a very long time.

Nov 22 2004
Hey Hey! The Bills beat up on the Rams yesterday and are now 4-6 - not out of the Playoffs yet :) Should be a good game tonight too - I think KC will give them a run for their money.

Nov 21 2004
I'm off to watch the Bills take on the Rams today - I'll be torn as usual as I have Faulk on one of my Fantasy teams :) Have a happy Football Sunday!

Nov 20 2004
The Bride and I watched Envy last night - save yourself the rental fee and for the love of God, don't buy the DVD, as this is one fucking horrible movie. I should have known it was gonna be bad when I opened the DVD box and there was not even liner notes on the movie, just the DVD and nothing else. Horrible, horrible, horrible movie.

Nov 19 2004
Yesterday I mentioned that I didn't see what al the fuss was about with the Terrell Owens MNF skit - I poked over on Google's News page this morning and this story is by far the one with the most links, beating out such truly important topics like a $388 billion Bill that'll be up in Congress shortly and recent updates in the situation in Iraq. Hmmm, let's see what's more important in our lives - a HUGE tax bill, the ongoing war in Iraq or the naked back of Nicollette Sheridan?

Nov 18 2004
What's this shit with people getting upset about the MNF intro? I saw it and thought it was a funny little bit. Now people are upset that Sheridan was "naked" - she had panties on, you could see them - plus Desperate Housewives airs at the same time on Sunday's so the time slot is accustom to that type of programming. I think all those "Red States" were upset seeing a sexy white blonde jump into the arms of a studly black man.

Nov 17 2004
Whip'em Out Wednesday - Spread The Virus!
Seeing as my wife was not home last night and she was probably recording 4 different shows to watch sometime today, I decided to watch Se7en last night. I have to say, that movie still gets my stomach doing somersaults.

Nov 16 2004
I'm back from Boston and I'm over the Bills not winning - like anyone thought they'd have a chance. This does mean that we might get to see Losman on Sunday against St Louis :)

Nov 12-15 2004
I'm heading out of town to see the Bills play the Pats on Sunday night. I know, I'm offline more than I'm online these days, but that's gonna change after this trip :) Have a nice weekend everyone!

Nov 11 2004
Happy Veterans Day!

Nov 10 2004
I still feel like shit, but I gotta get my ass back to work before I go stir-crazy - besides, I've been slacking off too much around here anyway (and I say this 3 days before I'm fucking off again to go see the Bills play the Pats this weekend - LOL)

Nov 9 2004
I'm back, but I feel like shit - I have some sort of bug, so I've updated and I'm going back to bed :)

Nov 6-8 2004
The site is updated and I'm taking the rest of Saturday off before my stress level makes my head fucking explode. Bills game Sunday, hangover Monday. Have a nice weekend everyone :)

Nov 5 2004
Happy Weekend Everyone! Not much on the agenda for me except the Bills/Jets game in the cold and rain on Sunday. I've had season tickets for 7 years or so and not once has it rained during a game until this year - this will be the 3rd wet, cold, crappy game in a row. BRING ON THE SNOW!

Nov 4 2004
OK - I feel a little better today - still upset, but life goes on I guess :)

Nov 3 2004
I am officially disappointed with 58,368,031 Americans today. 4 more years of shit - way to go America!

Nov 2 2004
Go Vote!!!!!

Oct 29 - Nov 1 2004
I haven't gotten on my little Political Soap Box too much this year, but now's the time. I don't want to preach and tell you how to vote, but I am going to vote Democrat right across the board. But, the points I do want to get across to all of you are that you should get out and vote on Tuesday and you should be informed before you do so. If you're wondering why I'm voting the way I am, you can check out these website's:
(this one is quite funny)
Bills game on Sunday - hangover on Monday - have a nice weekend :)

Oct 28 2004
My hat is off to the Boston Red Sox and all their fans - congrats for getting that very large hairy monkey off your collective backs :)

Oct 27 2004
Whip'em Out Wednesday - Spread The Virus!

Oct 26 2004
I still feel like shit - I think I slept more than I was awake yesterday - but the site is updated and now I get to go to the chiropracter to have him work on my strained ass muscle :)

Oct 25 2004
I feel like the Bills looked yesterday - horrible! It's not a hang over, more like some sort of flu and fever thing. I'll be on the couch :(

Oct 23-24 2004
Seeing as my 17 year old step daughter is driving my vehicle all the time now, I finally broke down and leased a 2005 GMC Yukon Denali yesterday. The bells and whistles on this thing are fucking sweet. So, I'll be picking that up later today and probably just sitting in it for the rest of the weekend :)

Oct 22 2004
I thought about it a lot last night and I was cheering for Houston to win, but since the Cards won and since they beat the Cubs when I went to Wrigley this year, well, I think I'm gonna jump on the Red Sox's bandwagon.

Oct 21 2004
Yankees lost, which makes me sad :( So, now I have to wait until after tonight's game to see which bandwagon I'm going to jump on :)

Oct 20 2004
I still have confidence that the Yankees will win tonight :)

Oct 19 2004
Is there a Yankees/Sox game on tonight? I have 5 or 6 hours free and need to fill up some of my spare time.

Oct 18 2004
Hey! The Bills won a game! and you can all bow to me for taking Culpepper in both of my Fantasy Football leagues :)

Oct 15-17 2004
I've got some friends coming into town this weekend to watch two 0'fer teams go at it on Sunday.
Go Bills...Squish The Fish :)

Oct 14 2004
Well, the debates are now over and I know who I'm voting for (and it's not the redneck that tried to crack a few knee slapper jokes last night)

Oct 13 2004
I can still hear all the Sox fans crying in their beer after last night's game. Way to go Schilling!

Oct 12 2004
Seeing as I have a strained muscle in my ass, the doctor gave me some muscle relaxers and Holy Fuck! Talk about a waste of a day - yesterday I took 3 naps, each about an hour long, I was groggy and dizzy all day...but my ass felt fine :)

Oct 11 2004
Well, the Bills sucked ass once again and to top it off, I went to the doctor today and found out that I have a strained ass muscle - and don't ask how I did it, because I don't know :)

Oct 9-10 2004
Poker Saturday - football Sunday - enjoy your weekend :)

Oct 8 2004
Martha Stweart goes to jail today, which sorta sucks because I don't think she did anything that any of us wouldn't have also done. But for the love of Buddy Christ, can we please stop showing clips of the prison and where she'll be living and trying to interview current inmates?

Oct 7 2004
It's good to see that Stern is following Opie and Anthony to satellite radio ;-)

Oct 6 2004
I got Opie and Anthony on XM Radio and I have to say that it's wonderful to have them back on the air and that I am once again addicted to listening to them.

Oct 5 2004
Well, the Bills disappointed me once again, both my Fantasy Football teams lost and yesterday was a complete waste of time because of a massive hang over. So, it's back to work for me today :)

Oct 1-4 2004
OK - here's the deal: I have 6 people coming into town today for the Bills/Pats game on Sunday, so that means that I'll be really scarce on here all weekend. The site will be updated every day, but you'll have to wait for Tuesday to read some more of my snappy little comments :) Have a nice weekend everyone!

Sept 30 2004
For some reason, I never really got into the whole "CSI" thing - I think the "jokes" in the commercials for the original one are really lame and David Carusso just rubs me the wrong way. But I do like Lieutenant Dan, so I watched the 1st 2 episodes of CSI:NY - BORING!

Sept 29 2004
Once again, I'm running low on silly and stupid sites for the "Useless Site Of The Day" area. So, if you know of one, please Email it to me here. Thanks :)

Sept 28 2004
Well, maybe my bitching to my cable company paid off? Probably not, but they did finally get the HD feed up for ABC, which means I got to watch MNF last night - and it looked fucking awesome!

Sept 27 2004
Sorry about not being around this weekend - I had a Fantasy Hockey Draft on Saturday (yes, I know they are not playing - LOL) and Sunday was a lot of football. I won in both my FFL leagues this week, so I am a happy camper :)

Sept 24 2004
I haven't found anything online yet, but my local radio station got news that the Bills submitted a bunch of plays for re-review by the NFL and they admitted that they fucked up one of the holding calls on a long punt return, the holding call on what should have been a safety and the 4th and goal that should have been a TD for us. Man, I really hate it when we loose because of the refs :(

Sept 23 2004
Well, my Fantasy Football team's woes continue. 1st, Davis went down at RB. Now, I have Winslow out at TE, Cowart out at LB and my back up QB is Maddox, who is also out and I had planned on playing next week when Culpepper is on a bye. I fucking hate football!

Sept 22 2004
Happy Hump Day Everyone :) I was right about Drew winning BB5, but since the Bowling Moms didn't win The Amazing Race, I am happy that Chip and Kim won :)

Sept 21 2004
I know it looks like I watch a lot of TV, but I really only watch a handful of shows each week. For instance, tonight I'll be parked in front of the TV watching CBS and the finale's of Big Bother 5 &The Amazing Race - I'm rooting for Drew and the Bowling Moms :)

Sept 20 2004
I didn't watch the Emmy's last night, but I did see the results. It's nice to know that all you need to do to win an Emmy is have a long running show cancelled or come to an end in order to pick up your prize.

Sept 19 2004
Football today - a lot of football :) and the of course, a few hours watching HBO.

Sept 18 2004
I'm so backed up on work that I'll probably end up working most of today, but I do plan on having a cocktail or 2 and watching De La Hoya and Hopkins battle it our tonight. and tomorrow? Well, I think we all know what happens tomorrow....FOOTBALL!

Sept 17 2004
Can you believe that Trump fired Bradford last night! I'd comment on Survivor, but I don't know any of their names yet :)

Sept 16 2004
Seeing as I have a few friends that live on or near the Florida pan-handle, I would just like to wish everyone down there the best now that Ivan has hit land.

Sept 15 2004
Happy Hump Day :) I think my rage over football has finally subsided and now I am focusing my anger on the IRS (I've got to pay some taxes today)

Sept 14 2004
The 1st week of football is on the books and I officially hate so many teams and players, it'd take me the better part of this page to list them all. Thankfully, the World Series Of Poker final is tonight :)

Sept 13 2004
Holy Shit! Don't even talk to me about the Bills :( The good thing about football yesterday for me was that I have Culpepper in both of my fantasy leagues :)

Sept 11 2004
The top right corner of this page says it all.
I'll also be scarce this weekend as the Bills are playing at home.

Sept 10 2004
Here's what sucks about Fantasy Football - and you can tell I'm really pissed since there's only been one game - I have McGinest who sacked Manning near the end of the game - 8 points for me - Yipee! I also have Vangerjagt, who because of the sack had to attempt a 48 yard Field Goal instead of one from 35 yards. He misses, so I get a -1 for the miss. Had he made the 35 yarder, I'd have gotten 5 points. Had he made the 48 yarder, I'd have gotten 7 points. So here I am with a net gain of 7 points AND since New England didn't cover, I'm out $100 as well. I don't see how it's possible for me to love and hate football all at the same time :)

Sept 9 2004
It looks like what's left of Hurricane Frances has hit my area - it's been raining for about 24 hours now and there's a lot of flooding. Thankfully, I live on a hill :)

Sept 8 2004
How come every time I have a shitload of work to do online, I have a shitload of stuff to do offline? Like today, I'm buried with work, but I had to go see my niece get on the bus for the 1st time and later I have a dentist appointment. Tomorrow, I'll have no work to do and no place to go and will be sitting here with my thumb up my ass - LOL

Sept 7 2004
Well, back to work for everyone today - the kids still have one day off before returning to school, but tomorrow is gonna be so peaceful around here :)

Sept 3-6 2004
Big weekend for me! Today I have to get ready for tomorrow, when I'll be hosting my league's Fantasy Football Draft and then a little No Limit Texas Hold'em afterwards. Sunday I'll be recovering from Saturday - LOL - and then watching the race at night. Monday is Labor Day and I think The Bride wants to have the family over for hot dogs and hamburgers. So, long story short, have a nice weekend and I'll see you on Tuesday!

Sept 2 2004
I finally got to see the episode of The Simpsons titled Homer Simpson vs. The City Of New York - I have not seen this episode since 9/11, probably because a major part of the plot takes place at the WTC, but man, what a funny episode.

Sept 1 2004
Welcome to September everyone! The summer is officially "over" after this weekend and the kids go back to school next week! YIPEE!!!!!!!!

Aug 31 2004
Why do I have this uncontrollable urge to turn on NBC? Oh yeah - I miss the Olympics!

Aug 30 2004
For the 3rd year in a row, I get to go have dinner with the Buffalo Bills tonight. On another note, I ended up with the 10th pick in my Fantasy Football draft on Saturday, which means another year for me with no decent running back :(

Aug 28-29 2004
Since this is the last weekend in August, I plan on sending it out with a BANG! Pre-season Bills game is on tonight, as are the "go fast, turn left" guys and or course, The Olympics. I'll be back on Monday!

Aug 27 2004

Aug 26 2004
Is it just me? Or are you too totally consumed by Fantasy Football and Poker for the last few weeks?

Aug 25 2004
My buddy was searching around looking for info on the upcoming Big Brother episode last night and found quite a few sites where people are buying the live feed and basically sitting there for 6-8 hours, typing up everything that the see on the CBS website and then posting it on message boards for others to read. How fucking lame is your life when you can sit and watch a feed for hours upon hours, write up little reports on what you see and fucking pay for the privilege to do this! I love the Big Brother show, but a couple of these people are a tad bit fucking touched :)

Aug 24 2004
Today is my 8th wedding anniversary - I love you Hon!!!!!!!

Aug 20 2004
I love Adelphia, my local cable company - and not only because they are our version of Enron. Over the last few days I've seen this one commercial many, many times that boasts to viewers that if you want to watch the Monday Night Football games in HighDef, you can't do it on satellite and you need the Adelphia HD box. Now, I have an HD box and we don't get ABC. So I called them and asked when we were going to be getting the ABC HD feed. They said that as of right now, they don't have it and that they are working on a solution. HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU RUN A COMMERCIAL FOR A SERVICE THAT YOU DON'T EVEN FUCKING PROVIDE!
PS - Another vacation weekend for me - I'll be back Sunday or Monday :)

Aug 19 2004
I've got my 1st Fantasy Football Draft tonight - it's only on ESPN and there's no prize, except for bragging rights. I won it last year, so my fingers are crossed :)

Aug 18 2004
You can tell you're addicted to the Olympics when you watch 2 hours of Men's Gymnastics just because it's on the High Def NBC channel :)

Aug 17 2004
Things are a little back to normal in the online world for me today. Of course, the lap top is still fucked and I have some email that I need to get off of there, but hopefully that'll be addressed today :)

Aug 16 2004
Well, you old buddy Greenguy got a little tipsy while he was down in Miami and spilled some beer on his laptop, which is why the site was not updated until today. Sorry about that - as soon as the summer ends and the parties become fewer and fewer, I'll be back on track :)

Aug 11 2004
I'm heading out for a working vacation in Miami tomorrow. When I 1st heard it was going to be in Miami in August, I was worried about the heat. Now, they say there'll be a hurricane coming in when I'm down there. As if the shitty weather in Buffalo isn't bad enough!

Aug 10 2004
I suck :( I forgot to hit the button that updates the site yesterday and that means that today's NewSites Page has nothing listed for Monday, but a shitload of sites listed for Tuesday. Sorry about that :)

Aug 9 2004
Seeing as I was not on here at all yesterday, I think you probably assumed that my "adults only" party went well on Saturday. Even though it never hit 70, we did go swimming and make fools of ourselves :)

Aug 7-8 2004
We're having an "adults only" birthday party here at the house today for my wife's cousin's husband - he's my friend too, but the long version of who he is sounds more official - LOL. Anyway, it's a pool party and as of 10:30 AM EDT it's a balmy 59 F outside - nice, huh? In any event, I'll probably be scarce tomorrow - enjoy your weekend :)

Aug 6 2004
For some reason, today I am just in a foul fucking mood. I think I need a cocktail.

Aug 5 2004
Tonight's Big Brother should be fucking awesome - I can't wait til they bring in Adria twin into the house!

Aug 4 2004
I think everyone knows that I'm pretty hooked on good reality TV and I have to say that Big Brother 5 and The Amazing Race are really good this season. Scott has to go - he's just a fucking tool. The little person and her cousin are quite annoying too :)

Aug 3 2004
My wife has been out of town since Saturday and I have to admit that it's not the same here without here. I know that sounds kinda sappy, but I miss her :)

Aug 2 2004
I just saw on ESPN that Craig Kilborn is coming back to hose Sports Center with Dan Patrick - that is so fucking awesome!

Aug 1 2004
Welcome to August - only 34 days til my Fantasy Football draft! :)

July 30 2004
Well, my master plan of having a party yesterday flopped, but today is another story! Seeing as that crazy fuck Tyson is fighting tonight, the wife agreed to having a few people over for the fight and a little cards :)

July 29 2004
Well, it's Thursday and my wife asked me what my plans were for the day, which is basically the same thing I do everyday of the week: work on this site, eat breakfast, get my fat as son the tread mill for 45 minutes or so, work some more, eat dinner and watch TV. She then commented on how "boring" we are, so I think I'll try and talk her into have a few people over for cocktails down by the pool :)

July 28 2004
Happy Hump Day Everyone! I got bored last night and decided to watch Monty Python's Life Of Brian for the 1st time in about 15 years - still made me laugh just as much as the 1st time I watched it.

July 27 2004
I'm sure a lot of you didn't bother to watch the opening night of the Democrat's national Convention, but I did and I have to admit it was cool to see Clinton up there rallying support for the Democrats. I miss Bubba :)

July 26 2004
Holy Shit! This is the last Monday in July? Where the fuck did the time go? Summer is half over :(

July 25 2004
I was given a very good tip this morning by a buddy of mine that's in a Fantasy Football Leagues with me:
Don't Draft Rickey Williams :)

July 24 2004
Today is my 10 year anniversary of "going out" with my wife, so we'll be relaxing today out by the pool. Enjoy your weekend :)

July 23 2004
Tonight I get to go to the wedding of my wife's cousin's son. If you asked me a year ago, I'd be very excited about going to any wedding - lots of food and booze :) But now, with the New York State ban on smoking, going out to these kind of things is not as fun as they used to be :(

July 22 2004
I have nothing at all to say today - I apologize to those of you that come here to see my rants and ravings on a daily basis.

July 21 2004
Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. I was having some connection problems with my cable modem, so I fired up AOL, which didn't like me using ICQ or Eudora while it was running, so I ended up fucking off for most of the day :)

July 19 2004
I'm back! I had a nice relaxing weekend and I even got to enter an actual No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament at a casino over in Central New York. For those of you that have never played in a real one, it's a little different from the online tournaments and completely different from the ones I've played at people's houses. I got my ass handed to me and was out about 75 minutes into it, but my buddy ended up coming in 25th our of 152 people. Of course, we won the same amount of money :)

July 15-18 2004
I'm off on a working vacation of sorts. The site will of course be updated each day, but I will be offline for the most part. Enjoy your weekend and I'll see ya on Monday :)

July 14 2004
I dusted off the VCR last night and watched The Empire Strikes Back, which IMHO is the best Star Wars Movie ever. I of course then watched poker on ESPN and was pleased to see the rookie take the top prize :)

July 13 2004
I went and saw Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday and all I can say is WOW! Do yourself a favor and go see this movie.

July 12 2004
It's official! I'm already hooked on the Olympics! I watched the trials over the weekend for swimming and track and field and the picture on the NBC HD feed is fucking awesome! Now I just have to learn the names of who I'm rooting for and I'll be all set :)

July 10-11 2004
It's the weekend and that means I'll be out in the pool with a frosty hops and barley shake. Have a good one!

July 9 2004
Wow did I fuck up on Tuesday. I completely forgot to watch the 1st episodes of Big Brother 5 and The Amazing Race! Why can't these network TV stations be more like cable and replay the good shows 2 or 3 times a week?

July 8 2004
I watched the director's cut of The Butterfly Effect last night. Very cool, very strange, very awesome movie. I give it 1 finger up :)

July 7 2004
Well, my weeks of waiting ended last night with the premier of the 2004 Word Series Of Poker on ESPN. I have to admit, I assumed it was going to be like last years, where they just showed all the rounds from the final, but this looks like it's going to be a good 33 week season of poker!

July 6 2004
Back to work for me today, but this 3 day hang over might have me laying on my office couch very shortly! Hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend :)

July 2-5 2004
Ok - here's the deal. I'm having a little poker game here tonight, then a big huge fucking party here on the 3rd, then a small after-party here on the 4th and then I know I'm going to need to rest a lot on the 5th, so I'll be scarce. The site will be updated as usual, except for Sunday. Have a safe 4th Of July Weekend :)

July 1 2004
Happy July To Everyone!

June 30 2004
It's nice to see that Howard Stern got back on the air in those markets that Clear Channel cut him from, as well as a few others.

June 29 2004
Incase you were thinking about seeing the movie Paycheck, save yourself 2 hours of your life and get a different movie.

June 28 2004
Well, there's 5 days until I have my annual 4th of July party (yes, it's on the 3rd) So I have a lot of shit to do before there's 120 people in my yard :)

June 26-27 2004
I get to go to a stag tonight, so that means I'll most likely be hung over tomorrow and watching the rednecks drive around from the comfort of my couch :) Have a nice weekend!

June 25 2004
It's always nice to know that the Vice President of our wonderful country can tell a Senate member to "Fuck Off" during a Congressional meeting :)

June 24 2004
I watched Bad Santa last night - Holy Fuck! Funny movie, but some parts are just WRONG!

June 23 2004
Well, I'm officially lost on Tuesday nights now - since 24 and The Shield are now over, I can't find anything decent to watch. Of course, this will all change in 2 weeks when ESPN starts to air the 2004 World Series Of Poker :)

June 22 2004
I've got to stop watching all these celebrity poker tournaments. Aside form the fact that the last one featured one of the Baldwin brothers and his jittery nasal drip problem, they all seem to bet really stupidly, which causes me to want to bet the same way when I play!

June 21 2004
Well, after a weekend of cleaning and organizing the yard and then slacking off all day on Sunday, I'm ready for another week of work. Of course, this feeling won't last past lunch time :)

June 19-20 2004
Happy Father's Day Weekend to you and yours :)

June 18 2004
Well, it's the last Friday of Spring, so that means you have this weekend to get your yard in order for the summer :)

June 17 2004
I watched the season premier of The Simple Life 2 last night - is it just me, or are Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie the 2 dumbest people on the planet?

June 16 2004
Detroit won the NBA Finals and no one rioted? :)

June 15 2004
Well, as I'm sure some of you noticed, we were down for most of today. I guess there was a power outage at my hosting company. But we are back up now and things are running normal :)

June 14 2004
Ok, so the season premier of Six Feet Under wasn't Earth-shattering, but it was decent and you know it's only going to get better. The season finale of Deadwood was pretty good, but I found myself wanting more of Al calling people "cocksuckers" :) It also looks like I have to fine tune TiVo as the new summer seasons are starting up on Fox.

June 12-13 2004
It's the weekend once again - time for me to get my ass out in the yard and start to get things in order for the coming summer parties - But I'll be by the pool around 6 if anyone wants to join me in a hops and barley shake :)

June 11 2004
Movie Week continued at The Greenguy House last night, as we watched Mystic River - long movie, but very, very fucking cool. I'm sure you guys and gals are getting tired of hearing about me watching movies, so I think I'll drink myself silly tonight :)

June 10 2004
It must be Movie Week for me, as I watched Along Came Polly as well as Monster last night. The 1st was that kind of "cute" funny, but Monster was really fucking cool.

June 9 2004
For some reason I decided to watch Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas again last night. Man, that's a fucking awesome movie.

June 8 2004
Congrats to Tampa Bay and Dave GarbageTruck on winning the Stanley Cup last night :)

June 7 2004
Oh Lordy do I hate Monday's. Soprano's was decent, Deadwood was awesome as always. Hockey game tonight :)

June 5-6 2004
Why are you online? It's the weekend - go find some family and friends to hang with :)

June 4 2004
Well, it's the weekend once again. I've got 2 parties at my house tomorrow - one for my 10 year old niece's birthday and then one for the adults, where we'll be watching hockey and boxing. Hangovers are mandatory :)

June 3 2004
Make sure you celeb freaks check out the Paris Hilton DVD offer - and this one is not like that last piece of shit site I was promoting, you'll actually get the DVD shipped to your house. I already ordered my copy. You're friends will be impressed :)

June 2 2004
My GrandMother turns 83 today, so I'll be spending the day with her :)

June 1 2004
Sorry for not updating yesterday, but I think a lot of people did what I did over the weekend - PARTY PARTY PARTY! Nothing beats the 2nd day of a hang-over :)

May 29-31 2004
Seeing as it's Memorial Day Weekend, I'll be slacking off a bit - however, as usual, the site will be updated :)

May 28 2004
Nothing beats a good rain storm that causes water to pool up in your garage and basement. You know where I'll be most of the day :(

May 27 2004
Holy Shit! I don't believe that I wasted 2 hours of my life last night watching American Idol!

May 26 2004
Holy Shit! I don't believe that Jack cut off Chase's hand last night on 24!

May 25 2004
I got back from Chicago last night and I had a fucking blast! The Cubs lost the game we went to on Friday, but it was truly awesome just to be at Wrigley Field. Special thanks to my buddies Dr. Bizzaro & Mr Skinfor taking care of me while I was in town :)

May 20-24 2004
I'm off to Chicago for a few days to hang with friends and hopefully catch the Cubs game on Friday. The site will of course be updated every day as usual. Enjoy your weekend :)

May 19 2004
ATTENTION LADIES! I got off my ass and got rid of that horrible "nakedmen" category - mostly because it was loaded with guy guys :) I now have a category called "4 Women" that has an assortment of straight nude males as well as erotic sites designed with you in mind. Enjoy :)

May 18 2004
I read this over on Google this morning:
"Coldplay singer Chris Martin says he and wife Gwyneth Paltrow have no idea why they decided to call their baby Apple."

May 17 2004
As you probably guessed by my absence from here yesterday, I spent the day on the couch recovering from 12 hours of drinking on Saturday :) I did get to finally watch all the episodes of Surviving Nudgent 2 - he's a crazy fucker!

May 15 2004
I went to my buddy's 30th birthday party last night, so I'm a little shaky today - but that doesn't mean that I can't have a party here at the house tonight :)

May 14 2004
Happy Birthday Timmy4Fingers!

May 13 2004
Well, things are progressing here at the house - the main floor now has AC so I'm quite happy with that - Of course, my back yard still looks like a fucking bomb went off :(

May 12 2004
Happy Hump Day! Only a few more hours to go and vote for Rupert :)

May 11 2004
I've been watching Nascar this season and I do enjoy it - but answer me this: If Nascar is the #2 sport on the country behind football like I've heard, why are there always cars with no ads on the hoods? You'd think that since it is so big, people would be killing to get their ads out there for the public to see.

May 10 2004
Well, seeing as Rupert didn't win last night, I think a lot of you are like me today, just sitting on the CBS website clicking on his name for the 2nd $1 Million prize :)

May 9 2004
Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's :)

May 8 2004
Ahhh, the weekend. Time to fuck around out in the yard, fire of the grill and have a few hops and barley shakes :)

May 7 2004
Friends was decent last night, but then again, none of these sitcom series finale's are ever that great. Of course, I was a tad bit pissed while watching it because Old Tom got booted from Survivor. Rupert's still there, so I'm happy :)

May 6 2004
I have to admit, I'm not a huge Friends fan, but I am caught up in the hoopla and will be watching the final episode tonight after I watch Survivor :)

May 5 2004
Happy Cinco de Mayo to you and yours :)

May 4 2004
I was reading Google News this morning and came across this headline:
"Jackson's Underwear Now Evidence"
Why does that make me fall out of my chair laughing? :)

May 3 2004
Happy Birthday Glenn - We All Miss You Very Much!

May 1 2004
Happy May to all of you :) I broke even at poker last night, so with my luck that means I won :)

April 30 2004
The weekend is here! I'm playing poker tonight and then starting to clean up the yard tomorrow, which is always fun with a hang over :)

April 29 2004
Well, American voted and sent my redheaded Buffalo boy packing - good job! :)

April 28 2004
It's nice to see that Bledsoe restructured his contract with the Bills - hopefully he can start to play like he did 2 season ago - then we'll be all set!

April 27 2004
You know, if everyone keeps voting for the redheaded kid from Buffalo on American Idol, there's a good chance he'll win, causing the show to be cancelled :)

April 26 2004
Ian McShane from Deadwood has to be the funniest cocksucker on TV today :)

April 25 2004
I watched that Klitschko/Sanders fight last night on HBO and I was rooting for Sanders - you have to love an overweight older guy that swings like he's in a drunken bar room brawl. Oh, one other thing...Larry...Merchant....is a horrible...announcer.

April 24 2004
My backyard looks like a fucking bomb went off in it. Thankfully, the next time the septic system has to be done, I'll be dead :)

April 22 2004
Well, my new septic system is being hooked up today and with the luck I have, they found a major problem after they disconnected the old one and I can't flush the toilet or use a sink for the next 6 hours :(

April 21 2004
Is it just me, or could Maurice Clarett just have gone to school last year without playing football and then been eligible for the draft? I say fuck'em!

April 20 2004
Well, the President is in town today - nothing like closing down all the major streets in the city and giving the Republican's 8-10 hours of free press on all the TV and Radio stations.

April 19 2004
Ahh yes - you can tell Spring is here because there's a massive amount of digging going on in my backyard. Fucking septic systems!

April 18 2004
Nothing beats a good 2 day hangover - I'll be on the couch watching rednecks drive around in circles if anyone needs me :)

April 16 2004
I can't believe that Omarosa fucked Kwame last night on The Apprentice. I think he would have done a much better job than Bill. Oh well, poker tonight, hangover tomorrow :)

April 15 2004
I watched Kill Bill Vol 1 last night and now I'm psyched to go see Vol 2 at the movies. That seems to be the best thing to do with these 2 part movies - wait for the 1st one to come out on DVD so that it's fresh in your mind when you go see the 2nd part at the movies.

April 14 2004
Be honest...how many of you have not yet sent in your taxes? How many have not done them yet? How many filed extensions? :)

April 13 2004
Why does Bush feel the need to interrupt our Prime Time TV schedule? We all watch him, none of us understand a damn thing he says, then we watch the news people so we can hear them explain everything to us in terms we can understand and then the TV shows we were trying to watch are started an hour later or postponed to the next day. Presidental Address's are the reason we have 24 hour news channels and CSPAN.

April 12 2004
Admit it - you watched The Masters yesterday and you thought Phil Mickelson was going to choke on the 17th or 18th hole.

April 10-11 2004
Holiday Weekend - get your ass away from the computer and go spend time with your family and friends :)

April 9 2004
Good Friday to all you religious zealots :)

April 8 2004
Hockey playoffs started last night and once again, my Sabres didn't make it. I rarely talk about the Sabres on here, as some of you will remember I got a nice Cease and Desist letter from them a few years back because I had their logo on the site during their Stanley Cup run. I guess porno people like me are not supposed to root for our home teams in public :)

April 7 2004
After watching last night's episode of The Shield all I can say is "WOW"

April 6 2004
Nothing beats watching a blowout for the NCAA Basketball Finals (this is why I stick to hockey and football)

April 5 2004
Today is the 10 year anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, which still makes me feel a little bit of sadness. But why is it that every year between his Birthday in Feb and his death in April, Courtney Love seems to stick her fat ass in the public's eye?

April 4 2004
Ok - by a show of hands - who forgot to change their clocks last night? :)

April 3 2004
Ahhhh....nothing beats a day of re-installing programs and downloading files. I need a stiff drink :)

April 2 2004
Well, after surviving another year of April Fools jokes and seeing as my old hard drive is almost recovered, I think I'll take some time off and get my other computer back in order :)

April 1 2004
I was trying to think of a cute or clever April Fools Day Joke to play on everyone, but I came up empty :(
Or did I?
Or did I do this same thing last year? :)

March 31 2004
I must admit it was very nice to see that FX had the balls to not cut out the partial nudity from last nights episode of The Shield (plus I caught a glimpse of some puppies!)

March 30 2004
Well, it looks like the Yankees are not going to win 162 games this year :)

March 29 2004
Well, the recovery program finished up and when I went to finalize the program, it stalled and restarted my computer :( So, that means I get to watch my hard drive try and recover itself for another 3 days.

March 28 2004
Since my computer is still recovering (41% at this time, for those of you keeping score at home) I decided to move around a few TV's yesterday and let me tell you, you do NOT want to try and move a 36" Sony by yourself :)

March 27 2004
Well, the HD recovery is at 17% so at this rate, it'll be next weekend by the time I get my data back - LOL I think I'll go fuck off for the rest of the day and then have a few Red Bull and Stoli's tonight :)

March 26 2004
Well, I have good news! My computer is back up and the data recovery program seems to be finding all my data on the crashed hard drive! The bad news is that this program seems to be recovering everything it finds, including deleted files, so after 14 hours, it's only at 7%. But I'd rather wait 4 days for my data as opposed to loosing it forever. I need a drink :)

March 25 2004
My main computer here at the house is still fucked, but my buddy is driving up today to see if he can sort it out. The good news is that I did manage to get an update in today and It's a big one :)

March 24 2004
No update today - I had a hard drive crash on my system here at the house and I'm in the process of pulling my hair out. More info tomorrow :)

March 23 2004
Metallica is coming to town. Tickets went on sale last Saturday for the show, which is on October 10 - WTF is up with that? 1st off, isn't 6 months before the show a little too early to start selling tickets? Secondly, it's a Sunday and since the Bills schedule has not yet been announced, I can't be sure I'd be able to go. Bad idea on this one :(

March 22 2004
Well, once again, I'm hooked on an HBO show - Deadwood looks like it'll be a fucking awesome series.

March 21 2004
Happy Hangover To You and Yours :)

March 20 2004
It took me a few days to get back on track, but I did manage to finally get my pics from WrestleMania XX online - enjoy :)

March 19 2004
Does anyone else have the feeling that Bin Laden will be found about a week before the Presidental Election

March 18 2004
No green beer for me yesterday - I played it safe and watched Jerri not get kicked off Survivor :(

March 17 2004

March 16 2004
I got home from NYC last night, so I'm playing "catch up" today - hopefully I'll be able to get to my pics from WrestleMania today sometime :)

March 15 2004
WrestleMania was fucking awesome! Way too much to talk about in this little area, but I will say that I was on TV a lot from what I could see and one of the guys I was with caught The Rock's elbow guard when he did the People's Elbow!

March 13 2004
I got my tickets for WrestleMania and I'm on the floor! If the camera is in it's usual position (with the entrance to the left) I'll be on the other side of the ring just left of center in the 4th row. I have no sign, but I will of course be wearing a Greenguy t-shirt, as will my wife and buddy Murray :)

March 12 2004
I give all of you that live in NYC one hell of a lot of credit. I do not think I could live here with all the hustle and bustle that's going on. But, it is an awesome place to visit :)

March 11 2004
Well, we drove down to NYC yesterday and made great time until we hit the city - LOL The only major problem was that the car rental company is trying to blame this little 1 inch dent on the front fender on me. Fuckers.

March 10 2004
Did I forget to mention that I'm heading off to NYC today and that I'll be attending WrestleMania XX this weekend? :)

March 9 2004
I did forget to mention one thing in my little political rant yesterday and that was that the most important thing about this or any other election is that you, at the very least, vote. You have 10 months to register if you have not done so already. Get moving :)

March 8 2004
I would never turn this into some sort of political forum, but I will remind you from time to time that all this crap that's going on with Janet Jackson's tit and Howard Stern being removed from some stations and whatnot - this is all because Republicans are controlling things. Remember this when you vote in November :)

March 7 2004
Well, we partied a lot on Friday and then we all laid around the house recovering on Saturday. Today, we're off to watch the Sabres game :)

March 5 2004
Weekend! Time for me to throw a party for all my Aussie Mates and take in a hockey game. Don't be surprised if you don't see me til Monday :)

March 4 2004
I'm still sick, but feeling a little bit better - it's amazing what a couple of pills subscribed to your spouse will do for you :)

March 3 2004
I hate it when the snow starts to melt. It was 60 2 days ago, 45 yesterday, in the 30's today - all that means that my stupid ass is not wearing the proper clothing when I go outside and thus, I have a cold :(

March 2 2004
Primary Day here in New York as well as a few other states around the country - go out and vote if you're a registered Democrat like me :)

March 1 2004
I watched that WWE Monday Night Wars DVD yesterday - it's good shit. Since I pretty much watched RAW, it was cool to see how Nitro was run and whatnot.

Feb 29 2004
Happy Leap Day!!!!

Feb 28 2004
Well, my buddy Murray from Mega Porn Links is in town from Australia, so I'll be busy drinking..err...entertaining him for the next few weeks :)

Feb 27 2004
Sorry about not putting up my usual spew on here yesterday - had some offline stuff to do and I just plain forgot :(

Feb 25 2004
In honor of Bush's stance against Gay marriage, I'd decided to split off my Gay Category into 11 different sub-categories - enjoy :)

Feb 24 2004
Just great! Now Bush wants to get an amendment to the Constitution banning same sex marriages. Does this seem a little bit extreme? Who the fuck is anyone to say that 2 people can't get married? It boggles the mind.

Feb 23 2004
What is Ralph Nader doing? Isn't it bad enough that he fucked up Gore's bid to become President? Please, for the love of porn - VOTE DEMOCRAT! :)

Feb 21 2004
Ahhh...the weekend! The Bride tells me that we're going out for cocktails tonight, so I may or may not be here in the morning to spout off my usual babble :)

Feb 20 2004
I got a very nice Sony Plasma HDTV about 2 weeks ago. The local cable company has a HDTV receiver, so I shelled out the $7/month for it. One problem is that it does not work with TiVo on the HDTV channels NOR does it work with the cable companies DVR box, so I can't pause or record HDTV shows :( I was thinking of shitcanning the cable box and getting a satellite dish with TiVo for HDTV - the fuckers want $1000 for that set up! Now, the other problem with the HDTV is the amount of channels - I get 7 (NBC, CBS, HBO, etc. as well as PBS for some really strange reason) The satellite gets about the same, but different ones (ABC, ESPN, Discovery?) Long story short - HDTV is probably not nearly as good as it sounds and is about 2 years off from being the norm. Save your money :)

Feb 19 2004
You know why there's so much fuss over this new Mel Gibson movie? It's not that it's not PC, it's that the fucking thing has subtitles! I go to a movie to watch it, not read it! :)

Feb 18 2004
I heard a rumor that Beyonce's tit popped out at the NBA All Star Game - anyone have word on this?

Feb 17 2004
It may not be the most PC thing to say, but I was laughing my ass off for most of the "The Littlest Groom" show last night. Too bad it's only 2 episodes :(

Feb 16 2004
Well, I watched the big race yesterday and I have to admit I was interested during most of the race. Nice to see that the "beer car" won :)

Feb 15 2004
I am by no means a Nascar fan. But I think I'll give today's race a chance to away me over to the redneck side :)

Feb 14 2004
AHHHHHHH! Saturday The 14th!!!!! Stupid Things, Man. STUPID THINGS!

Feb 13 2004
AHHHHHHH! Friday The 13th!!!!! Bad Things, Man. BAD THINGS!

Feb 12 2004
I just got done listening to Courtney Love ramble on for 45 minutes on Howard Stern - Holy Shit is she a fucking basket case.

Feb 11 2004
Happy Hump Day Everyone :) I really have nothing major to say today except that I really hate Republicans :)

Feb 10 2004
I got the CD version of Al Franken's Lies and The Lying Liars Who Tell Them a few weeks ago when I was driving to a buddy's house for the weekend. It's 8 CD's total, so I got thru about 5 of them during my drive to and from. But it's so fucking good that I find myself popping it in the car CD player when I'm driving around town. I know no one comes here for my opinion on books, but I do recommend it :)

Feb 9 2004
What a fucking game last night. The Pro Bowl was a fantastic end to a fantastic season. I can't wait til next season!

Feb 8 2004
Oh My Lord! There's not football for 6 months after today! What the fuck am I going to do with all this free time?

Feb 7 2004
Sorry for the delay in updating today - the bride and I decided that we needed to loose a couple bucks at the casino last night :)

Feb 6 2004
With all this talk about the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, I think a lot of us missed a pretty interesting start to Survivor: All Stars. After watching last night episode, I have to say that I am still rooting for Rupert :)

Feb 5 2004
With all this talk about Super Bowl commercials I think a lot of us forgot there was actually a pretty fucking good game played on Sunday - LOL - Congrats to the Pats (yes, I jumped on the bandwagon back in December)

Feb 4 2004
With all this talk about Janet Jackson's Tit I think a lot of us forgot about some of the cool commercials that were aired during the Super Bowl. Aside from my personal favorite, The Simpsons master card commercial, I like the FedEx one with the alien and as always, Bud and Bud Light showed us some good stuff.

Feb 3 2004
Well, I guess the big thing on everyone's mind today is still Janet Jackson's tit being exposed during the halftime show of the Super Bowl. Here's something to think about - if she did not know her tit was going to be exposed, why did she have that big "Nipple Shield" on? That thing looks a little uncomfortable to be wearing around for shits and giggles.

Feb 1 2004
Happy February and Happy Superbowl Sunday and if I'm not here tomorrow, Happy Super Monday Hangover to you as well :)

Jan 29 2004
Hey! Stop picking on Democratic Presidential Canidate Howard Dean. I haven't decided who I'm going to vote for when they come to NY but I'm not going to hold his enthusiasm against him when I do decide.

Jan 28 2004
Here's what pisses me off about the local school closings and whatnot - it's been snowing and blowing like a bitch here since late last night - I can't see across the street and I have snow drifts the size of small children all over my yard and driveway. But, since this week is Regents Exam Week at all the High Schools, there's no way in hell they are going to close the schools. My kids are off today anyway, but I feel really bad for all the kids and parents that have to go out in this shit.

Jan 27 2004
A very special Happy 30th Birthday goes out to my sister today

Jan 26 2004
My wife found this new series on Showtime called "The 'L' Word" which my perverted mind has determined that the L stands for Lesbian - which of course is only partly correct, but men will watch it for all the hot lesbo action :)

Jan 23-25 2004
My good friend Jim's mom passed away this week, so I'll be out of town for a few days. The site will be updated as usual and I'll be back here spewing out my boring drool on Monday :)

Jan 22 2004
I have to admit that I do watch American Idol, but only the 1st few shows. My only interest is in the complete losers that think they can sing and watching them get shot down by Simon. 3 more episodes for me and then I'm done til next season :)

Jan 21 2004
Ok - it's official - after watching all the shows on ESPN and Bravo, I am not officially hooked on No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker. I've been hanging out at Yahoo Games for the last 3 days and I can't stop playing!

Jan 20 2004
If you missed Fox's new Reality show My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance last night then you missed the start of what looks to be a really fucking funny show. This Steve guy is a fucking genius :)

Jan 19 2004
What is it with these pharmaceutical companies putting commercials on the air that leave you scratching your head as to what the fuck they are talking about? I saw the one with Ditka yesterday and the one with Dorthy Hamil over the weekend as well. I have no fucking clue what the drugs do and I have no idea how to spell them, so I can't go look them up online. Seems like a big waste of money to advertise this way. They should just come out and tell you:
This is Viagara - It'll get your cock rock hard for about 4 hours! :)

Jan 17 2004
With my wife's birthday on Thursday and mine on Monday, I think I'm gonna fuck off for the weekend. See ya on Monday :)

Jan 16 2004
Fucking schools! The current temp is 0 F (-18 C) so they decide to close the schools. They act as if the busses and class rooms don't have heat or something stupid like that. I wish I could call off work because it's "too cold".

Jan 15 2004
I just want to wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely wife today!

Jan 14 2004
I'm torn as to who to root for during the Colts/Patriots game this Sunday. I know I said that I was putting on my Pats hat as soon as the season ended, but I had Harrison in my Fantasy Football League and for some reason, I just can't root against him - LOL

Jan 13 2004
I watched the 1st episode of the new season of The Sureal Life last night. This looks like it's going to be another fantastic season. I just wish they'd either put it on a different night (Sunday at 9 is HBO time) or replay the shows during the week.

Jan 12 2004
With the Packers out of the Playoffs, it looks like I'll be officially backing the Patriots and dusting off my Brady jersey for the next 2 weeks :)

Jan 11 2004
Well, I'm home and it's fucking cold here in Buffalo. I guess we had a few pipes freeze and burst while I was away - thankfully we had someone watching the hose and I didn't come home to a big frozen basement :)

Jan 10 2004
All good things must some to an end and my trip to Vegas is no exception. The only thing that sucks is I'll miss the 1st game today because I'm traveling :(

Jan 9 2004
Well, we went to see Celine Dion last night and oddly enough, my wife did not like it at all. So if any of you guys find yourself out in Vegas and your wife/girlfriend tries to talk you into going, tell them to loo at this :)

Jan 8 2004
Please pray for me - I got my wife tickets to go see Celine Dion tonight.

Jan 7 2004
4 straight days of drinking does something very strange to your body - especially here in Sin City. I think I'll take a few days off :)

Jan 6 2004
Yup - still in Vegas and still loosing money :( Heading over to a private party at the Hard Rock later today :)

Jan 5 2004
I think that I will start to post who I bet on down in Vegas so that you can all bet the opposite and win some money. Greenguy didn't cover and Denver got the shit kicked out of them, so I lost a couple bucks :(

Jan 4 2004
Not only was the flight to Vegas horrible because of 2 little spoiled rotten kids sitting behind us, but I didn't land in time to bet the over on the Carolina/Dallas game :(

Jan 3 2004
I'm outta here - off to Vegas for a few days - I'll have the laptop with me and the site will be updated daily. Wish me luck! :)

Jan 2 2004
Man, I am lame. I was in bed by 11 on New Years Eve and yesterday, I worked all day! Of course, I am trying to save a few brain cells for my trip to Vegas next week :)

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