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31st December 2000
Merry New Year Everyone! Be safe tonight (meaning don't drink and drive - get all shitted up and call a cab)

30th December 2000
What a fucking weekend the world has lined up for us - 2 great football games today, 2 decent games tomorrow and then New Years Eve - my buddy has a bar and did you know in New York State it's only $45 to get an all night liquor license on New Years Eve? :)

29th December 2000
Be careful if you have Windows and you decide to upgrade to the newest version of IE - I did it yesterday and when it installed the newer version, it deleted all my saved password files, which really sucks!

28th December 2000
Super Mario made his comeback last night and got 3 points - I'm spending 1/4 of my total money allotment for this year and next to pick him up in my fantasy league :)

27th December 2000
Do me a favor - one of my amateurs, Alicia, is in the finals of a contest over at Scarlet Bra Stop by and vote for her for me :)

26th December 2000
Call it laziness, call it being tacky, but I'm leaving my Christmas decorations up until Valentines Day :)

25th December 2000
Merry Ho Ho to you and yours (now turn the computer off and go spend some time with your family and friends)

24th December 2000
Well, my Bills ended their season on a high note - too fucking bad they couldn't play like that all year :(

23rd December 2000
As I sit here and wonder what to say, I remember there's a Bills game tonight. There is one bright note this season for the Bills: Eric Moulds is having one hell of a season and could end up with the most catches in the NFL. Of course, I'd rather be in the fucking playoffs! :)

22nd December 2000
Just what I need - a snow storm the day before the kids are on Christmas vacation. I thought I'd have one more day to myself here in the house, but now I have 2 kids running around here screaming about the snow.

21st December 2000
Am I rotten or what - me and the bride couldn't find anything to watch on TV last night, so we opened one of the kids Xmas presents - Toy Story 2 - and sat in our room and laughed our asses off :)

20th December 2000
The more I watch HBO the more I realize that I will pretty much watch any show that they have on that was made for them. Now if we could only get them to make more than 12 episodes of each show - LOL.

19th December 2000
You know what I hate about having a good game on Monday Night Football? That I end up missing the 1st half of it watching RAW :)

18th December 2000
Yesterday's Bills game was quite possibly the best one that I've ever been to. Even though we managed to loose it in overtime, just watching them play on the snow and the many drunk shirtless fans - it damn near brought a tear to my eye :)

17th December 2000
Last home game for the Bills today and I hope that New England beats the living shit out of them - it's be nice to finish with a shitty record so that we can get a better draft choice.

16th December 2000
I finally got my ass over to Napster last week. I was putting it off because my hard drive on the old computer was damn near full. I just got done downloading the Smashing Pumpkins 2nd last concert from the United Center on Nov 29 - it's shit hot!

15th December 2000
I forget exactly when his birthday is, but I know I'm going to his house to celebrate it tonight - so Happy Birthday Dorse, you unemployed fuck! :)

14th December 2000
So Bush is the next President - La-Dee-Fucking-Da. I think we're all fucked - no matter who's in there :(

13th December 2000
Robert Downey Jr. is now looking at spending 8 years in jail for his continued drug abuse - so let that be a warning to you - do this shit in the privacy of your own home where no one can see you :)

12th December 2000
I honestly think that myself and 10 of my drinking buddies could play better special teams then the Buffalo Bills. I am wearing a brown paper bag on my head to the final home game on Sunday.

11th December 2000
Bills vs Colts tonight on Monday Night Football - winner still has a chance at the playoffs - looser gets ready to pad their personal stats the last 2 weeks of the season. I think you know who I'm rooting for :)

10th December 2000
This is the 1st football Sunday without a Bills game in a long time, so today and will root for the Raiders and the Bucs (oh wait - is it bad for me to root for someone on here - I can't remember because the Bills always fuck everything up)

9th December 2000
If you own a fantasy hockey team, my suggestion to you is to pick up Mario Lemieux ASAP - his tentative return date is Dec 27th :)

8th December 2000
I was going talk today about how much I like that ER was shooting their TV episodes in wide screen, but then I watched ESPN's highlites of the Sabres/Devils game and they too think that Buffalo is full of "snow pussies"

7th December 2000
I was trying to come up with something to talk about today other than the snow in Buffalo, but I can't - did you know that even though the Devils were in town already, they postponed the Sabres game because it was supposed to snow?

6th December 2000
Today I am ashamed to say that I am from Buffalo, NY. We have a reputation of being a community that can handle the snow. Well, today they decided to cancel school because it's supposed to snow about 3-6 inches around 4 PM. That's fucking sad.

5th December 2000
Sorry I was absent yesterday, but it was my 2 year anniversary of quitting my "other" job and I couldn't bring myself to working (plus I was a tad bit hung over from the Bills game - LOL)

3rd December 2000
Bills are playing Miami today and I have MommaBig in town for the game :)

2nd December 2000
I found what was causing my computer problems as of late - seems I had an email virus called "wishyou" - I didn't even know I had it and I didn't even open the file that was attached to it, but sure enough it fucked with my old system and my new one (seems I brought it over to the new system with my email files) So, long story short, avoid any zip files titled "wishyou.zip" or emails titled "Test Mail"

1st December 2000
Did you watch the VH1 Music Awards? It would have been a perfect show if they'd have gotten anyone other than John Leguizamo to host it :)

30th November 2000
Jesus H Christ - is November already over? Next thing you know it'll be fucking Christmas and people will want free stuff :)

29th November 2000
If you're a member of RealSexyAmateurs, tonight I will be having a live webcam of one of my amateur babes - 9 PM EST - I'll be in the chat as well, so stop by if you can :)

28th November 2000
If you in the market for a new computer, see if you can get one that has Windows 98 on it and NOT Windows Millennium Edition - trust me on this!

27th November 2000
God Damn Bills can't even win a game with 6 of the starting 11 out on defense - what good is that to me? :)

26th November 2000
Good Sunday to you all :) Another big week of football and I'm looking forward to the Bills and the Bucs giving us all a very good game :)

25th November 2000
I got a new computer yesterday - big ass Dell with Windows ME - only problem is that the CD I burned with all my programs on it was corrupt, so now I'll have to spend all day at download.com :(

24th November 2000
I didn't want to be like everyone else, so I waited til the day after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas decorations - the only problem will be remembering to take them down :)

23rd November 2000
Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!!! Get off the internet and go spend time with your friends and family!!! (of course, if you have no friends or family, then the internet is probably the best place for you - and, as always, these comments only apply to my USA brothers and sisters, as it is customary for people in the USA to speak as if everyone in the entire world does the exact same thing as them every day)

22nd November 2000
<insert you favorite Buffalo, NY snow joke here>

21st November 2000
What a joy life is - I still have the flu, there's 2 feet of snow outside my house, the kids are off from school, most of my family is snowed in at their jobs and it's supposed to snow again today :)

20th November 2000
I feel like someone hit me with a Mack truck - the flu is not fun. I'm going to get some links in here for you guys and then go back to bed :(

19th November 2000
My wife threw me a surprise 30th birthday party last night - it was a complete surprise to me since my birthday is not until January - I am in pain today.

18th November 2000
The arrival of winter has also brought the arrival of my 1st cold/flu - this sucks - I'm supposed to be taking my Dad out to dinner tonight for his 55th birthday - we've got a limo and everything - now I get sick - life is so cruel :(

17th November 2000
I am so fucking depressed - today will be the last time the Smashing Pumpkins will play on TV, as they are breaking up at the end of the year. Brings a tear to my eye :(

16th November 2000
I was watching VH1 last night and I'm getting into this Top 100 Rock Acts Of All Time thing - brought back alot of memories of Danzig, Faith No More, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeath and a couple other bands from my youth. Now the problem is that I feel the need to buy all their CD's :)

15th November 2000
While it wasn't a blizzard, it did snow here last night - welcome to winter everyone :)

14th November 2000
My computer is still fucked - seems that it just doesn't want to shutdown properly - I guess 2 years is the life expectancy of a computer these days (or the maximum amount of time before reformatting)

13th November 2000
Well, my Bills won and the final score was Flutie 10, Johnson 3 :) 12th November 2000
I had a couple of hops and barley shakes last night and now as I sit here and type, I'm paying for it - the Bills have a home game toqay against Da Bears - Ditka would be proud of me - Go Bears!!! :) 11th November 2000
Well, yesterday was eventful - I went from my system running normal to not having any of my saved email to my email program not working at all to my system not loading explorer at start up to backing up as much info as I could onto disks thru dos to reinstalling windows to my system working, but not shutting down properly. All this took a good 12 hours :)

10th November 2000
It's Friday and we still don't know who the next president will be - we may not know til next Thursday the 17th and thus, every other country in the world is laughing at us :(

9th November 2000
With all this confusion about Florida, I have to ask why the fuck these people are still using ballots for elections? I'm not sure that the government officials in Florida know it or not, but they now have these very big machines that you step into, pull a lever for who you want to vote for and it actually counts the votes itself! Technology never ceases to amaze me :)

8th November 2000
Was it just me, or did everyone sit glued to the TV last night watching election results? What the fuck are these people doing declaring a winner in a state that has only reported 3% of it's votes? Is it really that important that we know before we go to sleep who the TV people "think" has won? and don't even get me started on the Electoral College!

7th November 2000
It's Election Day, so make sure you get out and vote. The only race I'll comment on is one here in the Buffalo area - I beg of you to please vote for the underdog, the little guy, the quick fix - please vote for Doug Flutie :)

6th November 2000
Flutie led my Bills to another win - Yipee!!!! But, what really pissed me off yesterday was Fox - the 4 o'clock game ran late, so they decide to join Futurama "already in progress" - what the fuck is that all about? Please don't tell me that I'm going to miss 1/2 of every episode until football season is over!?!?!

5th November 2000
Today, the Patroits will beat the shit out of my beloved Bills (again, trying a new theory here)

4th November 2000
It's Saturday - what are you doing sitting in the house? Me, I have to help my mother-in-law move into her new appartment and then I have 2 photoshoots of some amateur babes - the pics are for something, I just can't remember.....

3rd November 2000
The NBA opened it's season the other day, which means that we've seen the last hockey highlites on SportsCenter til the NBA all-star game :(

2nd November 2000
I've been sick with some sort of flu bug, so my mind is not working properly today :(

1st November 2000
Some of you may hate me for this, but I did open up an amateur pay site today - Real Sexy Amateurs - it's not the biggest site in the world, but I am taking my own pics of amateur females and couples, so you won't get to see them any place else. There's a shitload of free samples of each of the exclusive amateurs and you can try out the site for 5 days for $2.95 - so do me a favor, at least take a look :)

30th October 2000
IT WORKED!!!!! Every time I said the Bills were going to kick ass, they got their asses kicked - so now as long as I say they suck the day of the game, all will be well :)

29th October 2000
Today, the Jets will beat the shit out of my beloved Bills (trying a new theory here)

28th October 2000
Usually, I have a hard time coming up with something to say, but 2 days a year it's real easy - DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR FUCKING CLOCK TONIGHT - SPRING FOWARD, FALL BACK - because I know someone will come in here today, read this and say "Oh Fuck! I have to change the clocks tonight!"

27th October 2000
Well, it's sort of officially halloween weekend, so that means dressing up in silly outfits and having a party here at the house. So, seeing as I have to clean the house - look for an early quit today. Enjoy your weekend and don't drink too much orange beer :)

26th October 2000
I can't believe I forgot to put up the rest of my Halloween decorations! I was too worried about which costume I was going to wear I guess - LOL

25th October 2000
The power went out here around 10 PM last night and I never realized just how much life sucks without electricity - so a big thanks to Benjamin Franklin :)

24th October 2000
I forgot to mention yesterday that Roger Clemens is by far my favorite baseball player - Yankee fans, get out your brooms :)

23rd October 2000
The Bills sucked rancid ass once again, but I wanted to comment on the little Gary Anderson bastard - true, the Bills did cut him, but what no one touched on yesterday was the fact that he didn't want to play in Buffalo in 1982 (hell, who did) and that he missed all of his field goal attempts in preseaon on purpose so that he would be cut. Just a little insite into the #1 all time kicker in the NFL.

22nd October 2000
What can I say - it's time to dust off the #7 jersey and break out the Flutie Flakes!!! LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!

21st October 2000
What the fuck has the world of boxing come to? $49.95 to watch Golatta quit!?!?!?! Thank god there's a WWF PayPerView on Sunday - guarenteed 3 hours of action and no one will quit because they're having a bad day. (OH Yeah - Happy Birthday Steve!!!!)

20th October 2000
Ok - here's who I'm backing for New York State Assembly (and I have no idea what people in the assembly even do) Her name is Eileen Hotho - I figure anyone with a name like "HOTHO" deserves my vote! (Oh yeah - Happy Birthday Mom!!!!)

19th October 2000
All this talk about who to vote for for president - fuck it - vote for who you want to vote for - I am not the one that should be helping you make up your mind - who the fuck am I to tell you who to vote for. Enough said. (until tomorrow when I joke about a NY State Assembly canidate - LOL)

18th October 2000
I get to do my 1st lesbian photo shoot today and I'm nervous as all hell - LOL. Also, Subway Series - Yankees in 6 :)

17th October 2000
A general rule of thumb for all of you - never eat at a restaurant that has the word "waffle" in the title - bad things man, bad things!

16th October 2000
A few of the Bills players are upset that the fans are booing the team when they play bad and cheering for Flutie when he comes into the game - well, when you suck as bad as the Bills have over the last 4 weeks, you're gonna get booed. and as for Flutie, looks like it's time for me to dust off my #7 jersey :)

15th October 2000
I am scared to say anything about todays Bills game because I'm afraid that I'll jinx things, so I'll just say that I hope the Bills and the Chargers have an awesome game :)

14th October 2000
Oh - enough picking on the Canadians (they have a tough enough time as it is) A few of you emailed me and told me that I was fucked in the head for thinking that the Republicans would try to shut down porn on the internet - you all know of Vivid Video, right? (if not, they're a major porn movie company) This is what they have to say about it: "If Bush is elected President he'll probably appoint anti-adult crusader Oklahoma Rep. Steve Largent to his administration. Largent has been trying to strong-arm the Justice Department into cracking down on the adult industry, stating, 'Prosecutions of obscenity have dropped over 75 percent since 1992, this at a time when pornography has become ubiquitous in our culture today, giving a false sense of legitimacy to the pornography industry.' Don't let Bush's cronies ruin our freedom. Support Al Gore and tell your friends and family to vote in November. Go to http://www.algore2000.com/ or get an absentee ballot at http://www.myabsenteeballot.com/ if you're away from home." To think, Steve Largent, one of the most under-rated wide receivers of all time, doesn't like porn. Must have been all those rainy days in Seattle :)

13th October 2000
Yesterday my comments caused some confusion - I said: "vote Democratic for me - otherwise I'd have to move my website to Canada" - that does not mean that I want to move to Canada, that means I'd have to move my website to Canada. I got a few complaints from Canadains asking what was wrong with Canada. Well, living in Buffalo, NY, I've met many Canadians in my time - you want a list or just the top 10? :)

12th October 2000
So did you watch the Presidential debates last night? Me either :) You want to hear my views in a nutshell? Republicans want to eliminate free porn on the internet while Democrats want to keep everything status quo. So, vote Democratic for me - otherwise I'd have to move my website to Canada and I don't want to do that :)

11th October 2000
I started up an email list (down a little bit on the right) I have no idea why, but I always wanted one - I'll use it in case of an emergency and I need to contact a shit load of you at one time :)

10th October 2000
While watching RAW last night, I could not believe the amount of people actually booing Mick Foley - I know Stone Cold is big, but Foley is a much better entertainer IMHO.

9th October 2000
My Bills once again let me down, so now it may be time to focus my attention on the Sabres (of course, as soon as I talk about them they'll start loosing - LOL)

8th October 2000
I'm not going to trash talk the Dolphins, I'm just going to say that I hope and pray that the Bills defense kicks the living shit out of that loud mouthed mother fucking asshole traitor Thurman Thomas.

7th October 2000
I bought that NHL Hockey package from the cable company - man, it that sweet - I think there were 6 games on last night :)

6th October 2000
I think it might be time for me to actually close up the pool for the year (it's supposed to snow this weekend - LOL)

5th October 2000
Today I get to go to court, as my wife's ex-husband has filed papers against us because he feels he's paying too much child support each month - this from a man that has not paid child support in over a year :)

4th October 2000
What a better way to end hump day than to sit down, relax and watch the opening of the 2000-2004 NHL Season :)

3rd October 2000
Hockey season starts tomorrow and I'm fucked in one of my fantasy leagues, as Kariya has decided that he wants to be like McSorley and use his stick for hitting something other than a hockey puck.

2nd October 2000
The Bills offense just sucks ass - that's all I'm going to say about that.

1st October 2000
Bills game today - time to break out the chili and clams and start drinking at 8:30 AM :)

30th September 2000
Whether you celebrate it or not - Happy Rosh Hashanah :)

29th September 2000
This is my favorite weekend of the year - it's time for the fantasy hockey drafts!!! I'm in 2 leagues this year - one thru ESPM (draft tonight at 9 PM EST) and one with a buddy of mine that I've been in for 4 years now (one of those leagues where you keep players from the year before, have a salary cap, etc) Wish me luck :)

28th September 2000
I made the mistake of watching ESPN today at the top of the hour - now I know every result from the Olympics that will be televised on NBC today. This whole tape delay thing pisses me off - Say they have en event going off at noon their time - that's 9PM EST - we could watch it live. and it's not like they've got schedule problems - they have 3 fucking channels to play with (honestly, when was the last time you watched CNBC or MSNBC before the Olympics?)

27th September 2000
Seeing as I was away on business, I had to watch the WWF PPV last night. Man, I tell you, nothing beats Stone Cold walking around and just beating the crap out of everyone for no reason. Today I get to sit down and watch RAW, so don't spoil it it for me :)

26th September 2000
I'm home and things will be back to normal today - also, as most of you know I'm still looking for amateur models in the Buffalo, NY area - we've changed it to male OR female (or couples) If you're interested, click here.

25th September 2000
I'm on my way back home and things will be back to normal tomorrow, but if you ever travel to New Orleans, stay as far away from the Sheraton Hotel as possible - this place sucks rancid ass.

24th September 2000
Bourbon Street in New Orleans is way too fucking crazy and this isn't anywhere close to Mardi Gras. And, when I say crazy, it's not crazy with the flashing and whatnot, just that everyone on the street, which is packed from side to side, is really down to earth and just out to have a good time (where I grew up, that many drunk people meant fights every 10 feet - LOL)

23rd September 2000
This convention is seriously kicking my ass - I think I've had 10 hours of sleep over the last 3 nights - good thing I'm not getting shit faced each night or I'd probably be dead by now :)

22nd September 2000
I think I saw Rickey Williams last night at one of the webmaster parties, but then again if you were him in a room full of pornographers, would you want to be noticed? :)

21st September 2000
Well, I'm off for the Big Easy today for a big porn convention - that means I'm going to be attending meetings and seminars and expositions and just alot of work related stuff (or course, there are the parties after all of this that last until the wee hours of the morning and feature various stages of nakedness, but the IRS doesn't want to hear about that at taxtime, so we'll just keep that a secret)

20th September 2000
What's this crap about NBC banning that cool Nike commercial where the blonde is washing up in the bathroom and gets chased by the guy in a Jason mask with a chainsaw? I thought that commercial, along with the gladiator one, was awesome.

19th September 2000
So much to talk about today - the Bills special teams looked like they were playing High School ball - I'm wondering if NBC can put even more commercials/advertising on the Olympics (hell, give me more useless athlete profiles from Hungary's track and field stars) - watching Randall Cunnimgham last night on MNF makes me wonder why he isn't starting someplace (like Buffalo - we had a shot at him a few years back, but we passed and he went to Minnesota)

18th September 2000
The Bills lost yesterday, so that means I lost a bet (and it pains me to type this):
"I admit that GregPix is the best adult site on the net"

17th September 2000
My Buffalo Bills travel down to the wastelands of New Jersey to take on the Jets today. Seeing as I am a betting man, I found some webmasters from New Jersey - the two geniuses that run GregPix - hell, I like them so much I even made a banner. What are we going to bet? You'll find out after the game :)

16th September 2000
The Olympic games are officially underway - of course, whatever you watch on TV today has already happened, so it's sort of a disappointment to already know what happened before you watch the games.

15th September 2000
It's special time of the year - the Olympics are starting tonight - my favorite event is the Amish Rake Fighting :)

14th September 2000
While sitting around last night with my friends Greg and Jim, we decided that we'd really like to know just what flavor Mountain Dew is.

13th September 2000
I was watching HBO Real Sports last night and they said that for the Summer Olympics the governing bodies decided not to enforce abstaining from sex during the games and that because of this, they are giving each athlete 51 condoms for the 17 days of Olympic games. 3 times a day for 17 straight days!?!?!?! My dick would fall off!!!!!

12th September 2000
So are you following this whole Bobby Knight thing? I think they're just too scared of him and they needed a reason to get rid of him. It's nice to see his players and staff backing him and threatening to walk out.

11th September 2000
Another fine performance by the Buffalo Bills yesterday, but that's not what I'm going to chat about today. Today, I will chat about the 4 assholes that think they own the entire row of seats where I have my season tickets. I'm in section 206, row 4, seats 7-10. I drink beer, I smoke and I use the bathroom. All 3 of these things cause me and my party to get up during the game (not during plays, but during TV time outs and whatnot) If you think you are too bothered by us, then next year DON'T BUY AISLE SEATS, ASS HOLE!

10th September 2000
Ahh, to be 29 and foolish - here I sit at 7:45 AM rushing to get my website updated so that I can shower, grab a cup of coffee and get my ass out the door in time to crack open my 1st tailgate beer of the day by 8:30 AM - I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!!

9th September 2000
Today's Saturday and you know what - this is the 1st Saturday in about 3 months that I have absolutely NOTHING to do - it's a nice feeling :)

8th September 2000
Last night my wife had a sex toy party here, so that meant that I couldn't watch any TV at all (I did tape Smackdown and I figure that I'll be able to catch the MTV Video Awards at least 12 times this weekend) But nothing in the world is funnier than sitting downstairs during one of these parties and listening to the ladies oooh and aaah at all the double ended dildos :)

7th September 2000
I went golfing yesterday and the strangest thing happened to me - I was golfing like shit (as usual) and one of my buddies golfs lefty. Now, I play hockey lefty (not professionally or anything like that, but as a kid I shot left handed) So I grab one of his clubs for a goof and started swinging it. He looks at me and tells me that my left handed swing looks alot better than my normal swing. So I golfed 1/2 of the remaining holes lefty and I actually shot better. Now I'm fucked - I just bought a new set of clubs at the beginning of the season and also took some lessons. Luckily I have 1 lesson left, so I'm going to ask my teacher if he thinks I should try and golf lefty for the rest of my life :)

6th September 2000
Finally - the kids are back in school!!!!! I am the happiest man on earth (if you work at home, you know what I mean) Also, I had this made up for my friends over at GregPix :)

5th September 2000
The guys that run gregpix.com don't like me anymore - they were blind linking me in order to get onto my top 10 list - I've asked them to not do that about 4 or 5 times now, but I guess all the toxic waste that's in New Jersy has clogged their brains. In any event, they said bad things aobut me - (you can decide to send them a comment on your own, as it wouldn't be very nice for me to ask you to email them and tell them that they have 2 inch peckers)

4th September 2000
WOW! What an awesome game last night - was anyone else scared that there'd be another kick-off return after the Bills went up with 35 seconds left? In any event, the BIlls won and that's all that matters :)

3rd September 2000
The day has come - you've yearned for this for 8 months - football season is upon us - today Buffalo gets to avenge it's fluke loss to the Oilers and it's on ESPN to boot :)

2nd September 2000
Lancaster was pretty cool last night (lots of Chevy's but very few Fords - LOL) My car came in 2nd - here's a picture of my ad on the car (you'll notice they made him black out the middle finger - LOL) I used greenguy2000.com because that's alot easier to remember than link-o-rama.com with all the dashes and whatnot :)

1st September 2000
If you're on the WNY area then meet me out at Lancaster Speedway tonight as I am sponsoring Mike Janis' Pro Mod Dragster (look for the Greenguy on the car and greenguy2000.com - basically because that's easier to remember then all the dashes in link-o-rama.com)

31st August 2000
Last day of August - summer is basically over after this weekend - the only good thing is that football is back! After the events that happened because of my using the Buffalo Sabres logo on the site, you won't see the Bills logo - but, being the season ticket fan that I am, I will of course rant and rave about them every Sunday and Monday :)

30th August 2000
I do love the shows that HBO puts on - Sopranos, Oz, Sex and the City, Arliss (yes, Arliss) - but my problem is that their seasons are so damn short! 13 episodes of Oz is not not enough for me! Tonight will be the last new Oz we see til June of 2001 - hell, there's still at least 4 months til a new Soprano's episode. It's like HBO is just one big cock tease :)

29th August 2000
Did everyone have a late night yesterday? It was kinda good that Raw was on late, cause I got to watch Tiger loose to Sergio. But then again, I was up til 1:30 after watching Raw - LOL

27th August 2000
It's that time of the year, ladies and gentleman - fantasy football time :) I'm off to a draft today and this site might be a little useful.

26th August 2000
Damn! This is basically the last Saturday of the summer! Where the fuck did summer go? In any event, I'm going to an old fashion stag tonight with beer and horseshoes and food and unattractive naked babes walking around (just what I want to do on the weekend - look at more naked people - LOL)

25th August 2000
Early quit for me today - I've got a contractor coming to the house to replace a window here in the "green room". Also, it looks like Glenn has traveled off into the sunset - he didn't email me yesterday, even though I sent him an email and call him "slapnuts" :)

24th August 2000
So Richard won last night and that's cool with me because I was rooting for him for the past few weeks. I even tried to get fatnakedfag.com but someone else registered it already :( and as you glance at your calendar, you'll see that today is Thursday and that means that my buddy Glenn might be back today - if he does email me, you'll be the 1st to know :)
and finally, today is my wife and mine's 4th wedding anniversary :)

23rd August 2000
So much to do, so little time - 1st off there's a good 5 hours of Battlestar Galactica on the SciFi network today from 10-3. But I have to miss part of that so I can go take my 1st golf lesson today. Then, of course, everyone knows that Survivor is on tonight - my wife wants to have a "survivor party" with us eating fish and rice out of coconuts and crap like that. Wish me luck :)

22nd August 2000
Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche broke up over the weekend, thus ruining any chances of them doing a nude lesbian scene in a movie in the near future (shame, too, because I think they both have nice nipples)

21st August 2000
Results from the demolition derby - the 1st car won his heat but lost in the finals - the 2nd car lasted about 1/2 way thru his heat - as promised, I have pictures :)
(ps - Tiger is a freak - they should make him golf lefty)

20th August 2000
If you're going to the Erie County Fair tonight for the demolition derby, keep an eye out for the Greenguy - I have 2 cars in the derby - 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening (I'll have pictures of them tomorrow)

19th August 2000
It's Saturday and I get to go to a class reunion that's neither mine or my wives - we're crashing the reunion of the class that graduated high school the year after me :)
Glenn seems to be on vacation again - he's once again been retired to the humor archive :(

18th August 2000
It's Friday, which to me doesn't mean the same as it did about 3 weeks ago - LOL - try and get outside this weekend :)
Also, it looks like my number one fan Glenn is back - I'm hoping he'll continue to email me again today :)

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