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Dec 31 2003
I just wanted to say thanks to each and everyone of you that have visited my little corner of the web over the last 365 days. Have a safe and Happy New Years Everyone!

Dec 30 2003
I know - I know - I wasn't around yesterday - I'm a slacker. I do have to say thanks to the dickhead Patroits fan that threw my Bills hat in the toilet at the game on Saturday. Other than that, it was a cool trip to Boston :)

Dec 26 and 28 2003
I'm taking a mini-vacation to go see the Bills play the Pats, so that means you're stuck with the Xmas decorations til at least Monday :)

Dec 24 and 25 2003
Happy Holidays to all of you!

Dec 23 2003
Well, true to my word, I did stand out in the cold for 8 hours on Sunday drinking and eating and hanging with friends and watching my Bills make fools of themselves. The worst thing about this is that I'm going to the game on Saturday in New England - so I get to watch them suck ass one more time this year :)

Dec 21 2003
Did anyone see Joe Namath on ESPN last night? I think Joe had a few too many Hot Totties before the game :) and speaking of games, I'll be standing outside in the freezing weather drinking and watching the Bills for the next 8 hours

Dec 20 2003
Well, call me crazy, but I just don't understand how they can charge Michael Jackson with all these crimes and then say that it's ok for him to leave the country. If it was you or me, we'd be on house arrest.

Dec 19 2003
Happy Underdog Day To All Of You :)

Dec 18 2003
So, with Survivor done til Feb, what the fuck am I supposed to watch on TV tonight? Good thing TiVo has a couple ofThe Simple Life episodes :)

Dec 17 2003
Happy Hump Day Everyone (as you have probably guessed, I have nothing of importance to say today)

Dec 16 2003
Personally, I like the Joe Horn cell phone celebration on Sunday night. I'm a big fan of the TD celebration (assuming you're not getting blown out like Duckett against Indy) BRING BACK THE FUN BUNCH!!!!!

Dec 15 2003
Sandra won Survivor and that makes me happy (yet another case of a dumb contestant not taking the hated contestant to the finals) I won in both of my fantasy football leagues, so that makes me happy. Sadam is captured, so that makes me happy. The Bills lost and suck ass, so that makes me sad :(

Dec 14 2003
I am happy that they finally caught Sadam, but it pisses me off that Bush gets to put another feather in his hat.

Dec 13 2003
Have fun Christmas shopping everyone - cause I'm all done!!!!!

Dec 12 2003
Well, Burton got kicked off last night, so I guess that's a step in the right direction. But I can't help but think that Jonny Fucktard will make it to the finals, just because he's such an ass and no one will vote for him.

Dec 11 2003
Pray with me that Jonny Fairplay will get kicked off Survivor tonight :)

Dec 10 2003
Dan Reeves was fired from Atlanta and now they have Wade Phillips as their coach. I guess Wade left the horrible seasons here coached here in Buffalo off his resume.

Dec 9 2003
Oh man - I think I'm getting the flu. Too bad the country has run out of flu shots - LOL

Dec 8 2003
Let's see...it's Monday, the Bills won (and yes, I wore my Kelly jersey again - LOL), I did realy good in both of my fantasy football leagues, I'm not as hung over as I usually am after a Bills home game. I guess Monday's aren't so bad after all :)

Dec 7 2003
I had a buddy come into town on Friday. He got here right around midnight, so we started drinking around 1 and next thing you know, the sun is coming up. This is why I wasn't around here yesterday and also the reason I still feel like crap today - LOL In any event, I'm off to the Bills game :)

Dec 5 2003
Today's Useless Site Of The Day pretty much sums up how I feel.

Dec 4 2003
It's a sad day when one of the top stories on the news is that Gwyenth Paltrow is pregnant.

Dec 3 2003
My wife has been Christmas shopping for the past few weeks and she's very proud that she pretty much has gifts for everyone. She keeps asking me when I'm going to go shopping and I tell her soon. Little does she know I've done most, if not all of my shopping online :)

Dec 2 2003
With the series premier of "The Simple Life" tonight, I can't help but wonder why we are all so fascinated with the stupidity of celebrities (Ozzy, Anna Nicole, Jessica Simpson, The Rich Girls, etc) Of course, if a camera was following me around 24/7, I'm sure there'd be a lot of drunken stupidity shown to the TV audience :)

Dec 1 2003
Happy December to everyone and if you read the site yesterday, you know why the Bills won :)

Nov 30 2003
The Bills have a game today and I always wear my Bledsoe jersey when the play - but not this week. Let's see if me wearing my Jim Kelly jersey will change our luck :)

Nov 29 2003
The local cable company just started to offer DVR's, so we got one for the main TV. Well, let me be the 1st to say these DVR's are NOT as good as TiVo. In fact, the one we got sucks ass. If you have a TiVo, stick wit

Nov 28 2003
Yes, I know it may be a bit "over the top" but at least I did wait til after Thanksgiving to decorate the place!
(and don't worry - this is the only page that looks like this)

Nov 27 2003
Happy Turkey Day to all my American friends!
And to those of you not celebrating today, Happy 4th Thursday Of November to you!

Nov 26 2003
You know you're old when the thought of going out drinking the day before Thanksgiving doesn't even cross your mind :)

Nov 25 2003
Happy Birthday Ma - we all miss you very much!

Nov 24 2003
My onfield vist durting the pre-game warm ups for the Bills was fucking awesome. Too bad they lost the damn game :( I'll have some pics up once I go thru them :)

Nov 23 2003
I'm excited about going to the Bills game today. This is not because of the game itself, but because I get to go on the field during the pre-game warm ups. They lik eme because I paid my season tickets early :)

Nov 22 2003
I can't wait to watch the Edmonton/Montreal game tonight - that's gonna be so cool watching them play outside.

Nov 21 2003
I can't believe that Rupert got kicked off Survivor last night. I can't believe that Romano got crushed by a helicopeter on ER last night! I can't believe I'm this involved in Thursday night TV!

Nov 20 2003
The part of this whole Michael Jackson thing that confuses the fuck out of me is that they know he's in Vegas - just go fucking get him. It's not like he's in some foreign country - drive the 200 miles, pick stupid ass up and drive back.

Nov 19 2003
Well, this just goes to show you that TV executives don't know a fucking thing - Family Guy may be returning to Fox :)

Nov 18 2003
When I woke up Sunday morning I had no email. Seems my ISP changed around all their configs. You'd think they'd let you know about this before they changed everything. When I was on the phone with them yesterday, they actually told me "We emailed you yesterday about the changes" Seeing as I could not download my mail, well, you can imagine what I told the tech guy :)

Nov 17 2003
Sorry I forgot to say anything on here yesterday, but I was in a hurry to get to the stadium and watch my Bills suck ass.

Nov 15 2003
I guess that Alabama Chief Justice Roy S. Moore now realizes there's a seperation between Church and State :)

Nov 14 2003
Well, even though I've been speaking about the storm and snow up here for 3 days, I thought everyone would like to know that I got shit for snow (I can still see the grass) and nothing in my yard blew away except one of my recycle bins (oddly enough, the storm hit on "garbage day" - LOL)

Nov 13 2003
DANGER - GREENGUY - DANGER! The big storm is here from what I can see - no snow yet, but it is windy as all hell and seeing as the higher-ups in the community are a bunch of pussies, schools were closed 1st thing this morning. I guess they are scared that the schools may blow away :)

Nov 12 2003
Big storm is on the way (or so they say) so I have to get out to Home Depot and buy some supplies so I can "Batten Down The Hatches" - WTF does "batten" mean anyway?

Nov 11 2003
Happy Veterans Day!

Nov 10 2003
I have no luck when it comes to football - as most of you know, my Bills lost yesterday in what was a very boring game as far as the offenses were concerned (421 total yards by both teams!?!?!?) I also fucked up in both of my Fantasy Football leagues by not starting Warrick Dunn in one of them, Santana Moss in the other. I suck ass :(

Nov 9 2003
My Bills are playing the Cowboys today and with Parcells as their coach, I keep having these aweful flashbacks to the early 90's Super Bowl games - uuuggghhhhh!

Nov 8 2003
Well, it may not be sticking to the ground, but it did snow here in wonderful Buffalo NY this morning.
<Please Insert Your Favorite "Buffalo Snow" Joke Here>

Nov 7 2003
Well, Survivor had the merge last night. Burton seems to be back in the good graces of the Drake Tribe. Lil seems to be an unofficial Drake member now. Things seem very good for Rupert! :)

Nov 6 2003
This is a strange one and some might call me nuts for posting it, but I got an email today that told me if you go to Google and type in your phone number, it brings up your name, address and a link to a map to your house. This seems a bit scary to me. If your number is listed in there, you can request to have it removed by clicking the little phone image next to your name.

Nov 5 2003
Donny Baseball is back in a Yankees Uniform - yeah, I know it's as a coach, but I just fucking love that guy!

Nov 4 2003
Just a reminder that it is Election Day. Get out and vote. If you're undecided on who to vote for, just pick the Democrat ;-)

Nov 3 2003
This is the reason I hate watching new shows on TV - I started watching The Brotherhood of Poland, NH when CBS started to air it last month. Now I find out it's cancelled after 5 shows? WTF!

Nov 2 2003
I can guarantee one thing to all of you - the Buffalo Bills will NOT lose today :)

Nov 1 2003
I watched The Deer Hunter last night for the 1st time in probably 15 years. Is it just me, or do a lot of these "good" movies form the 70's (Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Taxi Driver, etc.) seem not-so-good nowadays?

Oct 31 2003
Ok, 1st things 1st - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!! 2nd, you may have noticed that there was no update yesterday - that was my fault :( But, the good news is that today's there twice as many new links :)

Oct 26-30 2003
My mother-in-law passed away on the 25th so I won't be around for a few days. The site will be updated daily just as it was when I was on vacation.

Oct 18-25 2003
Yipee! I'm on vacation! 1st non-working vacation for me in 4 years! The site will be updated everyday as usual, just not by me :) See ya on the 26th!

Oct 17 2003
The Red Sox should've pulled Pedro, but I think his ego was in full gear last night. Good thing for us Yankee fans :)

Oct 16 2003
Well, all I have to say to all the Cubs fans out there is that you'll have some company after the Yankees win tonight :)

Oct 15 2003
I have no luck watching sporting events this year - I turned off the Cubs game last night in the top of the 8th with them leading 3-0. I wake up today and see they lost 8-3 - what the fuck happened?

Oct 14 2003
Because a few of you emailed and asked, yes, I am purposely NOT talking about my beloved Bills or Sabres.

Oct 13 2003
Happy Turkey Day to al my Canadian friends!

Oct 12 2003
I think the plate that Don Zimmer has in his head from that beanball back in the 50's is starting to rust. You can't really blame martinez for tossing him to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Oct 11 2003
Well, I know I'll be watching Clemens vs Martinez this afternoon and then I'll be rooting for the Cubs tonight. I mention this because I rarely watch baseball, but it beats College Football :)

Oct 10 2003
Holy shit! It's David Lee Roth's birthday today! Happy 48th Birthday, you arrogant mic swinging goofball!

Oct 9 2003
Is it just me, or do most of our lives revolve around the TV? Tonight I want to watch about 8 different shows, including Hockey, Baseball, Survivor, and ER. Good thing I have TiVo :)

Oct 8 2003
To all of you that live in California, I have one simple question: WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Oct 7 2003
Boy of boy am I an ass. I stayed up last night long enough to see Marvin Harrison catch a TD pass, which is all I needed for my Fantasy Football Team to clinch a win. I went to sleep shortly afterwards and it looks like I missed one hell of a fucking game :(

Oct 6 2003
Bills won - my fantasy football teams look like they won - I lost my battle with the hangover and will be going to visit the couch shortly :)

Oct 5 2003
Bills home game today, which more than likley means a very nice hangover tomorrow :)

Oct 4 2003
I don't know what the big deal about Terrell Owens yelling at his coach is - he's one hell of a WR and if I was him, I'd be pissed too if my role in the offense was diminished like his is. Throw him the damn ball!

Oct 3 2003
Is it just me, or does everyone just fucking love Rupert on Survivor?

Oct 2 2003
Rush Limbaugh is an idiot and I'm glad he stuck his foot in his mouth and will no longer be on my beloved Sunday NFL Countdown. McNabb is a good QB, he's just having a off year so far (he was #1 overall for QB's in my fantasy league last year)

Oct 1 2003
It's October 1st and that means it's time to decorate this page for Halloween!

Sep 30 2003
Well, it's the last day of September and tonight's weather calls for a low in the 30's and possible hail - I do love living in Western New York :)

Sep 29 2003
The bad news is that my Bills sucked ass and I have a hang over - the good news is I did pretty good in my Fantasy Footnall leagues :)

Sep 27-28 2003
Big Fantasy Hockey Draft for me on Saturday - Big Bills Game for me on Sunday - see ya on Monday :)

Sep 26 2003
Satan called - he said it's cold in hell today - I guess it's because the Red Sox made the playoffs :)

Sep 25 2003
I would just like to take the time and wish everyone in Columbus, MS a very happy "Possum Town Pig Fest" - now that sounds like a party!

Sep 24 2003
With the help of a little herbal medicine (no, not the good herb - LOL) I feel a lot better today. But, such is the hell that is my life, I have to get a new electrical panel installed in the house, so no power for the next 6 hours :(

Sep 23 2003
Well, it looks like the hurricane did "get" me - te change in weather up here seems to have givine me a rather rotten case of the flu :(

Sep 22 2003
I, like my beloved Bills, seem to be shitting myself a lot today, so I'll be going back to bed now.

Sep 20 2003
Yesterday the pool company comes ot close the pool, but they forget to bring the cover with them (they had to repair it because of some rips from last winter) So, since they had no cover, the didn't close the pool. The bride and I decided we'd take advantage of this, heat up the pool and have a pool party today (high is gonna be 65 - LOL). So, needless to say, if you don't see me on here tomorrow, you'll know why :)

Sep 19 2003
Believe me when I say that I do feel sorry for the people that were seriously effected by Hurricane Isabel, but never has a hurricane reached Western New York. But, for some strange reason, schools and businesses started announcing last night that they'd be closed today. Currently, it's 70 degrees and cloudy with winds at 15 MPH and no rain. Of course, no one would watch the news if there were no cries of DOOM AND GLOOM!

Sep 18 2003
Sorry for the late update today, but I've been watching CNN's coverage of the hurricane all morning. What the fuck are these asshole thinking? Broadcasting live 20 miles from the eye of the storm is not the brightest fucking idea anyone has ever had. There was one female reporter who probably weighed 95 lbs soaking wet - which she was - that damn near blew away during her broadcast. Go find some fucking shelter!

Sep 17 2003
Make fun of the Buffalo winters all you want - I'll take snow over a hurricane any day of the week. Good luck to those of you in it's path.

Sep 16 2003
Seeing as it's Mexican Independance Day, it seems fitting that I have some version of Montazuma's Revenge :)

Sep 15 2003
Not only is it Cannonball Adderly's birthday, but the Bills won yesterday, so I am a very happy camper (except when I look at my Fantasy Football teams - can someone please beat the shit of of Donovan McNabb for me please)

Sep 14 2003
Time to crack a few cold ones and watch a little FOOTBALL!

Sep 13 2003
All this hype about David Blaine living in that fucking box is starting to annoy me. There's people starving all over the world and this fucktard does it as a publicity stunt. For those of you in London, my suggestion is Paint Ball Guns :)

Sep 12 2003
More and more, I'm seeing TV commercials that boast that a restaurant or fast food place has "Buffalo Wings" or, even worse, "Buffalo Chicken" 1st off, there is no such fucking thing as "Buffalo Chicken" 2nd, unless you live in the Buffalo, NY area, you have no idea how real "Buffalo Wings" taste - DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!

Sep 11 2003
The top right corner of this page says it all.

Sep 10 2003
So, who, like me, has Krut "I Can't Hang On To The Ball" Warner in their fantasy football leagues? Why did I waste a pick on him!

Sep 9 2003
As most of you probably guessed, I celebrated the Bills win over the Pats a little too much on Sunday and that's why I wasn't around yesterday :( But, the good news is that there are new links once again and all is well on the site :)

Sep 6-7 2003
Just a little update on what the fuck is going on around here - as most of you know, I moved to a new server on Thursday. And, just like when you move to a new house, something always breaks :( Well, the program that runs the links broke - nothing bad, sorta like an old car, it needs a tune up and everything will be fine. So, no new links til probably Monday :( The good news is that you probably won't need them, as it is officially FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!

Sep 4 2003
I watched Chicago last night - I knew it was a "musical" but what the fuck was with all the fantasy scenes? It was almost as bad a Moulin Rouge!

Sep 3 2003
This whole Snoop Dogg "izzle" thing has officially gotten out of control. I was driving around yesterday and saw a lady driving a car that had "J DIZZLE" as the license plate - what the fuck is that about?

Sep 2 2003
I do hate to see labor Day coem and go, but that does mean that football is right around the corner and the kids get to go back to school :)

Aug 30 - Sep 1 2003
Links are back to normal, it's a holiday weekend, life is good :) Happy Labor Day everyone!

Aug 29 2003
Things are pretty much back to normal around here, with the exceptoion of the "newsites" page which is 2 days old for some reason (working on that right now) So, surf away :)

Aug 28 2003
Yes, I'm back online - but for the time being, the links are a little old (from last week) Please bare with me til I get this shit taken care of (someone's fucking head is gonna be on a stick for this one)

Aug 27 2003
As most of you know, Ihad a stag here last weekend. Well, the wedding is this weekend and we are hosting the reception as well. They decided to save a few bucks and cook all the food themselves, so my house if just fucking loopy this week. Please pray to the God of your choice for me :)

Aug 26 2003
I went and had dinner with the Buffalo Bills last night - you don't realize how big these guys are until you stand next to them and they shake your hand and almost crush it :)

Aug 25 2003
I have a Ms PacMan/Galaga video game that I won earlier this year. There was a problem and tthey sent out a tech guy to fix it, which he did. But, before he leaves, he ask me "Hey, do you know that you can get regular PacMan on this?" Of course, I did not know that and he then showed me how to get it (up up up down down down etc) Why is there a need to hide this from the owners of the games? All these cheat codes are just a waste if they never tell anyone about them.

Aug 22-24 2003
This weekend I am hosting a Fantasy Football Draft as well as a stag here at my house. The on Sunday it's my 7 year wedding anniversary (and no, I have no itch - LOL) The site will of course be updated, but I suggest you all get out and enjoy the last few days of summer. Have a good weekend everyone :)

Aug 21 2003
Well, my ESPN Fantasy Football Draft is tonight - I am no prepared for this one, so wish me luck :)

Aug 20 2003
This new email virus that's going around is just fucking killing me - I must have received 10,000 emails yesterday and about 1/2 had a virus attached to them. Thank God Norton cathces all of them, but this is getting to be a real pain in the ass.

Aug 19 2003
So now there are claims that the big power outage really was terrorism. Well, if it was, thanks a lot for annoying the piss out of 50 million people, ass holes!

Aug 18 2003
Well, I got to see Mars last night, which is really fucking cool.

Aug 17 2003
Well, it looks like Michael Vick threw a curve ball into a few Fantasy Football drafts.

Aug 16 2003
The funny thing about the power outage here on Thursday was that during it, a tree hugger hippy dude came by askimg me to sign a petition for windmills - now that's a fucking idea!

Aug 15 2003
Yesterday reminds me of The Simpsons episode where Homer plugs in the Santa Clause and the power in the town goes out.

Aug 14 2003
Make sure you check out the "Stupid Pic Of The Day" in the top right corner - pretty good stuff :)

Aug 13 2003
The best thing about the kids being old enough to work at the county fair this year isn't that they're out of the house for most of the day, it's that they bring me home pizza each night :)

Aug 12 2003
The bride and I are going to Vegas for a few days in October - I called for reservations yesterday and mentioned that I wanted info on opening a line of credit with the hotel. I was then transferred to one of the higher-ups at the hotel and it looks like my room will be free - LOL

Aug 11 2003
Just because some stipper says Ben Affleck stuck his finger up her ass doesn't mean that he's a bad person!

Aug 10 2003
The Bills beat the Ravens last night and I know the game doesn't mean a damn thing, but why did the Ravens for for 2 to win the game? Why not tie the game, go into OT and let your guys play a few more downs? (or is there no OT in the pre-season?)

Aug 9 2003
Well, I guess with a couple thousand dollars and a couple thousand signatures, anyone can run for governor in California.

Aug 8 2003
I don't know where it is, but today is Li'l Margaret's Bluegrass and Old Time Mucis Festival - sounds like a bunch of people missing teeth will be in attendance :)

Aug 7 2003
28 days til the NFL season starts and I am so fucking psyched! The Bills are going to the Super Bowl! (and no, we will not loose this time - LOL)

Aug 6 2003
I have the last 2 episodes of Last Comic Standing on my TiVo but my fucking morning radio show blew that for me - DAMN YOU DAT PHAN...DAMN YOU!!!!!!!

Aug 5 2003
Well, I'm back from Miami and I must say, whoever decided to have a convention down there in August is fucking insane :)

31 July - Aug 4 2003
Working vacation for me - the site will be updated daily (I'm told - LOL)

30 July 2003
I watched This Is Sports Center last night - holy shit, I thought I worked at some stressful jobs!

29 July 2003
Oh man - I am getting psyched! Training camp is underway - I'm getting my fantasy football sheets in order - I can't fucking wait for football!!!!!

28 July 2003
I am trying very hard to think of something that's good about Mondays and I can't come up with anything - LOL

26 July 2003
There's a wedding shower/stagette here at my house today, which means I get satuck in my office til the cock swinging strippers leave (which is probably a good thing)

25 July 2003
That's right Kiddies - for today and today only, we're celebrating Christmas In July! What does this mean? Aside from the color changes and decorations on this page, not much :)

24 July 2003
Well, the no smoking ban in bars went into effect here in New York States last night. Good thing I built a bar here at the house over the summer :)

23 July 2003
More updates on the categories around here - I've split the amateurs page into SoloAmateur sites and MegaAmateur Sites - check it out :)

22 July 2003
I did manage to get off my ass yesterday and went to see Bad Boys II - it was long, but really, really good and action packed. I'd recommend it :)

21 July 2003
Weekends over - it's raining - I think I'll go back to bed :)

19 July 2003
The boy turns 14 today, so I'll be out supervising the pool party all day :)

18 July 2003
One week till NFL Training Camp starts - I got my season tickets for the Bills in the mail yesterday - football is right around the corner!!!!

17 July 2003
It's summer time and I know I', not supposed to be watching a lot f TV - but why am I hooked on Big Brother 4 and Last Comic Standing? and why do I hate the Asian guys on each? :)

16 July 2003
Yipee! 5 new categories for you to wack off to! Just check out the main page for the complete list :)

15 July 2003
I see that TBS has picked up Futurama and Family Guy, but the shit thing is that they are playing the same episodes as The Cartoon Network. It's bad enough that these are both cancelled, but what the fuck is this crap with the reruns?

14 July 2003
Sorry I wasn;t around all weekend, but I found one hell of a picnic :) Also, Happy Bastille Day to all you French folks out there.

11 July 2003
It's the weekend - go find a fucking picnic :)

10 July 2003
So, our old buddy Hasek is gonna come out of his retirement of whacking guys with sticks in pick-up games back home to return to the old timers team..errr...the Red Wings :)

9 July 2003
Well, almost a year after Opie and Anthony got yanked off the air, my local radio station finally put on 2 other goofballs named Don and Mike - they seem pretty good, but I still miss Opie and Anthony :)

8 July 2003
I watch ESPN daily - it's a habit of mine. But I really hate summer time, as it's nothing fights..errrrr..baseball :)

7 July 2003
How come when you hit 30 years of age, 3 days of drinking means 3 days of hangovers?

3-6 July 2003
With the 4th being on a Friday this year, that pretty much means it's a 3 day booze fest here at my house :) Have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone!

2 July 2003
Happy Hangover Day to all our friends to the north :)

1 July 2003
Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north :)

30 June 2003
I'm having a party on Friday for the 4th and as usual, the weather calls for rain all weekend - I love having parties, but I don't want all these damn people in my house!

27-29 June 2003
As promised, there's 6 new categories for all of you to enjoy - just check out the Categorized Links page for the complete list :)

26 June 2003
My handy Simpsons calendar tells me that today is The Luling Watermelon Thump - I get this image in my hard of people thumping others on the head with watermelons - now that sounds like a fucking party!

25 June 2003
I'm starting to think that FX is the coolest channel on TV today - I've watched The Shield since day one and I'm currently watching Lucky - but the kicker was the recent 44 Minutes... movie - kick ass shows and they swear :)

24 June 2003
So are you watching Our Of Order on Showtime? We got to peek at Mallory Keaton's tits last night :)

23 June 2003
I hate this time of the year - nothing but fucking baseball to watch - at least football season is only 2 months away :)
On a side note - I'm going to be adding some new categories over the next few days/weeks - stay tuned :)

22 June 2003
We all miss you Glenn!

21 June 2003
3:10 PM EDT is the Summer Solstice - make sure you crack a cold one in honor of Summer!

20 June 2003
This is just proof that I am officially a geeky home owner - I just fucking love these new outdoor lights that have the "dusk til dawn" feature - I have 6 of them now :)

19 June 2003
Happy Juneteenth Everyone :)

18 June 2003
Happy Hump Day Everyone :)

17 June 2003
San Antonio won the NBA Playoffs on Sunday and no one cared :)

16 June 2003
Happy Bloomsday Everyone! (I have no idea what the fuck it means either)

15 June 2003
Happy Fathers Day Everyone :)

14 June 2003
AHHHHHHH! Saturday The 14th!!!!!
(I know - I know - cheap joke)

13 June 2003
AHHHHHHH! Friday The 13th!!!!!

12 June 2003
I watched the DVD About Schmit last night and boy did it suck ass. The worst part is that I bought the fucking thing instead of renting it!

11 June 2003
I watch Star Wars Episode 2 last night, skipping over all the lovey-dovey parts (I love DVD's) My favorite part of the whole movie are those bombs that Jango Fett releases when Obi-Wan is chasing him thru the asteroid field - the sound the make is just fucking awesome.

10 June 2003
Congrats to the New Jersey Devils - with the Nets also in the finals, it almost makes me wish I lived in New Jersey.....almost :)

9 June 2003
I'm back from my wet and muddy weekend in the woods - and yes, I am still hung over :)

6-8 June 2003
It figures - it's Mandatory Metallica weekend on my local radio station and I'm heading out to go camping where there's little or no radio reception :( Good thing I have a big cooler of beer :)

5 June 2003
Happy Birthday Marky Mark!

4 June 2003
KISS is coming to town this summer, which baffles me because I paid good money 2 years ago to see them on their "Farewell Tour" - money grubbing whores!

3 June 2003
I got my copy of the new Zeppelin album yesterday (yeah - I know - it's a CD) and all I have to say is that it is fucking awesome! I also got the DVD but I don't dare put it in as I'd do nothing for the rest of that day :)

2 June 2003
I just noticed that my calendar say it's both Gay Pride Month as well as National Accordion Awareness Month - does that make anyone else giggle? :)

1 June 2003
I went to the local Media Play last night to buy myself a copy of Scarface and I was told by the clerk that they have all been recalled because they plan on releasing another version of the movie in the near future. I really hate this - this is the reason I own 2 copies of Seven and the 3 Die Hard movies - money grubbing fuckers!

31 May 2003
Just a little info - I've been getting a lot of emails that say they are from PayPal asking me to verify my credit card number and personal info via a form in the email - this is a SCAM! If you submit your info in the email, it does not go to PayPal, it goes to some scumbag that's collecting info on people. Be careful! Always log into your account on things like this and then if you need to update your info, do it on their website.

30 May 2003
Yesterday was Bob Hope's 100th birthday. I know this because every time I looked at the TV, I was reminded of this fact. In other news, Mike Tyson seems to be insane again - is he fighting soon?

29 May 2003
I just say Led Zeppelin on The Today Show and it got me all knotted up inside thinking about getting the new album and DVD - I say "album" and not "CD" because, oddly enough, I have al their recordings on vinyl :)

28 May 2003
Does anyone else find it strange that the bass player form Ozzy's band left to join Metallica and now Jason Newstead is playing bass for Ozzy?

27 May 2003
Fucking local weather forecasters - all last week, that said it was gonna be a shitty rainy weekend, so no one, myself included, planned any parties. I think it rained for an hour on Saturday - with all this technology they claim to have, they still don't know shit.

23-26 May 2003
Fuck this work shit - the kids are off from school for a nice 4 day weekend, so I think I'll do the same. The site will of course be updated daily :)

22 May 2003
Stop picking on the Dixie Chicks for because of their political views - if you're gonna hate them, hate them for the real reason - they are country singers!

21 May 2003
Why is it every year when the weather starts to get nice, I get a fucking cold? I spent 11 hours in bed yesterday :(

20 May 2003
I've been listening to a lot of White Stripes lately and I just fucking love them. What is a really nice thing to see is them pumping out albums once every year or so as opposed to waiting 3 or 4 years like a lot of other artists.

19 May 2003
Do me a favor - the local radio station is having a Buffalo Survivor contest and I'd really like to see Paul Cambria win, so go here and vote for Jodi Johnston if you would :)

18 May 2003
Road Trip this weekend - lots of alcohol - more on Monday :)

16 May 2003
I just wanted everyone to know that I am not "The Buffalo Spammer" :)

15 May 2003
So is anyone gonna stay up for the Lunar Eclipse tonight?

14 May 2003
I think I'll dust off my copy of The Matrix and watch the DVD today so that I am sorta caught up for the new movie :)

13 May 2003
Hi Jeremiah Weed!

12 May 2003
I can't believe Jenna won Survivor last night - I can't believe she got 6 fucking votes! I can't believe that Rob didn't get to the finals! I can't believe I had to watch Six Feet Under at 11 on TiVo :)

11 May 2003
Happy Mother's Day!
(why do I have the feeling there's not a lot of moms reading this?)

10 May 2003
It's Sid Vicious' Birthday - might have to dust off Never Mind The Bullocks... and throw back a couple cold ones today :)

9 May 2003
Are you watching Survivor? Rob is a back stabbing cock sucker, but you have to admit he has played "the game" and deserves to win. I just hate that they're gonna screw up my Sunday night HBO viewing :)

8 May 2003
I said it before and I'll say it again - I am officially on the Minnesota Wild band-wagon :)

7 May 2003
New York State recently passed a law that it's illegal to feed deer. They brought this poor 62 year old woman into local court yesterday to yell at her for feeding the deer. She was not bringing food to the park where they roam, she was just pulling leaves and whatnot off the trees and giving it to them. What the fuck is wrong with that?

6 May 2003
After seeing all the destruction due to the tornado's over the weekend, I once again stand by my statement that living in Buffalo with the snow is not that bad.

5 May 2003
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

4 May 2003
What is the world coming to when a college football coach can't go to a titty bar without being fired from his job - what a crock of horse shit.

3 May 2003
Holy Shit was Pearl Jam good - one of the best concerts I've ever been to (Smashing Pumpkins on the Siamese Dream tour and the last Tool concert are 1 and 2 in my book)
PS - Glenn - Happy Birthday - We Miss You Alot

2 May 2003
Pearl Jam concert tonight - 1st time I've ever seen them live (kinda sad, huh?)

1 May 2003
Holy Shit it's already May (but you probably knew that)

30 April 2003
Well, Ozzy's kid jack is now in rehab - nothing beats having an addiction at 17 :)

29 April 2003
I watched Fear Factor last night - that part with the contestants milking the goat with their mouths - fucking priceless!

28 April 2003
Ahhh - the weather is finally breaking - I have construction workers all over my property building and remodeling things - damn, spring costs a lot of money.

27 April 2003
Seeing as it's National Karaoke Week, do that mean we'll be surrounded by drunken Asian businessmen if we go to the local bars?

26 April 2003
NFL Draft Weekend is upon us, which means there will be about 30 hours of the most boring TV ever on ESPN

25 April 2003
It's Arbor Day - go plant a fucking tree :)

24 April 2003
I think I will make it official and jump on the Minnesota Wild bandwagon :)

23 April 2003
Happy Secretaries Day to you and yours (now all I need is a secretary - LOL)

22 April 2003
Happy Earth Day everyone! (of course the day has less meaning to me after watching the Penn and Teller special on it)

21 April 2003
Well, after a very restful and party filled holiday weekend, I think I'm ready to get back to the grind. Too bad the kids are still off form school - LOL

20 April 2003
Happy Easter Everyone :)

18 April 2003
Good Friday Everyone

17 April 2003
Well, it looks like the Red Wings are really missing Hasek now :)

16 April 2003
Today is National Stress Awareness Day - I am aware of my stress. I have it under control. Why don't you fucking believe me? Stop bugging me about my FUCKING STRESS LEVEL!!!!!!!

15 April 2003
Well, the root canal went rather well and I am not in any major pain, so I am happy - that is, until I remember that I have to go to the bank and get checks cut for my taxes - AAARRRGGGHHH

14 April 2003
I get to go have a root canal done today - I wonder if it'll be more painful than paying my taxes tomorrow :)

13 April 2003
I've been watching The Masters all weekend, as I usually do with the major golf events. It seems to me it's not that interesting unless Tiger is making a run. Maybe what they need to liven things up a bit is a few hot babes on the course ;-)

12 April 2003
I watched City By The Sea last night - is it me or is DeNiro just shows up for these movies and cashing the checks?

11 April 2003
I am happier than a pig in shit! I just heard that Family Guy will be coming to The Cartoon Network starting April 20th (right after Futurama at 11:30 PM) Thank God for The Cartoon Network!

10 April 2003
Just a reminder - taxes are due on Tuesday! :)

9 April 2003
New York State recently passed a No Smoking law that pretty much says you have to be sitting in a ventilated closet in your house if you want to smoke. This went thru the State Assembly within about 3 months. What puzzles me is that once again, for the 15th year in a row or something like that, they are late on their state budget. Priorities?

8 April 2003
Kurt Cobain
Feb 20 1964 - Apr 8 1994

7 April 2003
Happy Tater Day to everyone in Benton, KY

6 April 2003
Go change your clocks (because I know a few of you forgot) and then go spend some time with the family - it's the weekend - get you ass away from the computer :)

5 April 2003
I am surprised that Amp reminded me to remind you, as he's usually to busy touching himself, but...

4 April 2003
I am so pissed off that Rocket Scientist Guy got voted off Survivor last night - of course, I am happy that Romano got the shit beat out of him at the end of ER :)

3 April 2003
Have you been watching the Family Business show on Showtime? My life is not comparable to his, but I have to admit that a lot of the circumstances that he encounters are very similar to some of mine :)

2 April 2003
WOO HOO! It's Dr Demento's Birthday!

1 April 2003
Merry Christmas Everyone!

31 March 2003
I watched WrestleMania last night - this was probably the 1st time I've watched any wrestling since the last one - I was pretty impressed.

30 March 2003
Hangover Sunday ;-)

29 March 2003
My buddies bar, Dead Center on Center St in Lackawanna, is closing it's doors after tonight - basically due to too many noise complaints from the neighbors (they even made the Buffalo News a few times) So if you don't see me on here tomorrow, you'll know why :)

28 March 2003
It's Friday - stop fucking off at home and go out and enjoy yourself :)

27 March 2003
I can see! I can see! For the 1st time in over 15 months, I don't have to squint when I read the scrolling text on CNN :)

26 March 2003
Well, today I once again go under the laser to have my vision corrected. Seems the 1st time I did this back in 2001 corrected me to about 20/40 or so, which means I can't drive too well at night, can't see the TV too good, etc. Hopefully this one will work :)

25 March 2003
With "The War" going on, it's almost impossible to turn on the TV and not see someone spouting off their feelings on it - please, remember that if you hear an opinion that differs from someone else's, that everyone has a right to voice their opinions and that's part of what makes this country great :)

24 March 2003
I'm almost ashamed to admit that I watched the Eminem 8 Mile moves over the weekend and that I actually liked it.

23 March 2003
When it rains around here, it pours - had the basement flood a little yesterday, had to reformat the main computer and I was hung over really, really, really bad :(

21 March 2003
In celebration of the 1st day of Spring, I think I will sit back tonight with a lot of beer and watch the war :)

20 March 2003
I assume you all watched the 1st episode of The War last night on TV - what baffles me is that this morning I got to watch interviews with US Soldiers in the Middle East on the Today Show. Does this seem odd to anyone else?

19 March 2003
Well, looks like the War will start pretty soon - this really puts the screws to my planned visit to the Canadian Casino tomorrow.

18 March 2003
What happened to the element of surprise as far as going to war is concerned? If we're gonna go at it with Iraq, then why bother telling everyone on the planet that we're going to do it? Just go in and blow the fucker up :)

17 March 2003
Happy St Patrick's Day!

16 March 2003
Seeing as today is "Freedom Of Information Day" I feel the need to inform all of you that I will continue to drink green beer for today and most of tomorrow :)

15 March 2003
YES! The Sabres have a new owner and he says he's gonna keep the team here in Buffalo. I celebrated this last night by drinking ALOT of green beer :)

14 March 2003
Drunken Irish Weekend is upon us - I have a quart of green food coloring for me beer :)

13 March 2003
With only 4 days til St Patrick's Day, I've decided to decorate the site in green :)

12 March 2003
I watched Misery last night for the 1st time in about 10 years - I still can't bare to look when she "hobbles" him - OUCH!

11 March 2003
Incase you're not following the NHL these days, my Sabres are having a fire sale this week :(

10 March 2003
So are you watching the new season of Six Feet Under? Do you think Nate is a dork without Brenda?

9 March 2003
It's Sunday - relax and spend time with your family :)

8 March 2003
My Bills traded Price to the Falcons yesterday and that's not exactly a bad thing for us. Sure, Price caught a shitload of balls last year, but Moulds has always been the #1 guy, thus Price usually got less attention from the opposing corners. Josh Reed showed early in the season that he could catch the ball and with Price gone, that frees up a lot of cap money to go after Spikes :)

7 March 2003
I watched the President's news conference last night. For the 1st 10 minutes, I was lost - I guess my 14th grade education level is not good enough for Presidental speeches. Thank God the reporters could ask questions :)

6 March 2003
Getting drunk on a Wednesday is not always a good idea (especially on Thursday morning - LOL)

5 March 2003
My trusty Simpsons' calander says that today is "The Feast Of Excited Insects" in Korea - sounds tasty, huh?

4 March 2003
Happy Fat Tuesday!!!!!

3 March 2003
I'll admit that I am caught up in the celelbrity thing on ABC and I was so fucking happy when they got rid of that asshole Tyson last night :)

2 March 2003
You know what I love about boxing these days? I have no idea that there is a fight until a few days before, when they scheme some media fiasco (Tyson's growing insanity, Jones and Ruiz fighting at the press conference, etc) Boxing is becoming more and more like wrestling every day :)

1 March 2003
How greedy is this - at the new casino in Niagara Falls, NY there's a $25 service fee for using the ATM - as if loosing all my money isn't enough, they hit me with this fucking fee.

28 February 2003
Well, the new casino here has been open for 2 months - I think it's time I went up and made my donation :)

27 February 2003
Oh man - Mr Rogers passed away :(

26 February 2003
A very happy hump day to you and yours :)

25 February 2003
Is it just me, or even with all the bragging aobut this and that, are the weather forecasters just as far off as as they were 20 years ago? "BIG STORM THIS WEEKEND" was all we heard around here last week - we got 2 inches of snow - big deal.

24 February 2003
Let's recap the weekend - we got to see Etienne take a dive for Tyson (fucker had his mouthpiece out and in his hand before he hit the mat) - we got to see Oz turn into a weekday soap opera and basically have everyone die - someone named Norah Jones pretty much sweept the Grammy's - that's pretty much it :)

23 February 2003
TiVo picked up the 1980 classic movie Flash Gordon for me during the week - I can remember watching it over and over again when I was a young lad - watching it now just makes me wonder what the fuck they were thinking when they cast Sam Jones as the lead - LOL

22 February 2003
The Grammy's are on Sunday night and after watching the commercials, I have no desire what-so-ever to watch - in fact, the last time I think I was enthused about the program was when Metallica played - and I still have the performance laying around here someplace!

21 February 2003
Why has my life suddenly revolved around watching Michael Jackson specials on TV? I think Jackson knew exactly what he was doing, that Bashir's in on all this and the 2 of them are laughing all the way to the bank.

20 February 2003
Happy Birthday Kurt

19 February 2003
Screw Michael Jackson - I beginning to think that Mike Tyson is a much better side-show attraction :)

18 February 2003
Today I get to go to my accountant and get my taxes done - please pray for me to the God of your choice :

17 February 2003
For those of you that are getting blasted by the snow storm in the North East, I have two words for you: "HA-HA"

16 February 2003
Watching people drive 500 miles with their left-hand blinker on makes me wonder if it's the race or the potential for an accident that will force me to watch the Redneck Superbowl today :)

15 February 2003
Since when does a murder trial involving a wife running over her dentist husband a few times with her car qualify as newsworthy? Am I alone in asking "Why the fuck should I care?"

14 February 2003
Happy Valentines Day to you and yours - especially to my lovely wife :)

13 February 2003
Happy Black Love Day to you and yours :)

12 February 2003
I got my ass out of the house yesterday and went to see my Sabres loose to St Louis 3-2 :(

11 February 2003
Today is "White Shirt Day" in Flint, MI - I have no idea what that means, but it does sound fun :)

10 February 2003
Just a reminder - Valentine's Day is Friday - order some damn flowers :)

9 February 2003
Holy Shit! There's no football on today! Time to focus on what's left of my hockey team :)

8 February 2003
I know it's not what I want it to be, but my Simpsons calendar says today is Nirvana Day- me thinks I will go put a CD in :)

7 February 2003
Twat did you say? I cunt hear you. I have an ear infucktion :(

6 February 2003
Tonight on TV you have Joe Millionaire as well as Star Search - 2 very crappy reality type shows that I will not be watching. Instead, I will watch Michael Jackson talk about his version of reality :)

5 February 2003
Not only am I struggling thru my hard drive crash, but I have a cold on top of everything and my nose looks like that of a 3 year old with the sniffles and no conception of the word "tissue"

4 February 2003
Sorry I wasn't around yesterday - my hard drive crashed and I'm basically fucked :( If you know of any programs that you can use to try and recover data off a bad hard drive, please email me :)

2 February 2003
Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow - 6 more weeks of winter - yipee!!!!

1 February 2003
My heart goes out to the family and friends of the Space Shuttle crew.

31 January 2003
I got caught up last night with The Sureal Life mini-marathon and I now know why none of us have seen Corey Feldmen in any movies ot TV's show sinthe last 10 years - what an annoying little fuck.

30 January 2003
I went and saw A Guy Thing yesterday and I must say, this is one of the worst fucking movies I have ever seen. Jason Lee needs to get back into movies that Kevin Smith or Cameron Crowe have written.

29 January 2003
Did you watch George W. last night? Or were you like me, catching the jist of it on the news at 11? :)

28 January 2003
I got a chance to go thru all the Super Bowl commercials again yesterday (I missed a few due to intoxication) and I think the top 3 were the Reebok Office Linebacker, The Bud Zebra Replay and of course, Ozzy :)

27 January 2003
Well, the "Bet the Opposite of Greenguy" theory held up yesterday - hopefully you didn't with me :)

26 January 2003
I've got my money on Oakland (-3.5) So now you have to decide it you want to follow my hot streak from last weekend (2-0 Baby!) or go with the usual "Bet The Opposite Of Greenguy Cause He Looses 99.44% Of The Time" theory :)

25 January 2003
Is it cold? Or is it just me? :)

24 January 2003
It's Warren Zevon's birthday today and just by me mentioning that, you will no doubt be singing "Wearwolves Of London" in your head all day :)

23 January 2003
I'm not sure what has me happier today - the fact that the courts threw out that moronic lawsuit against McDonalds or that it's National Pie Day :)

22 January 2003
Traveling today - talk to you tomorrow :)

21 January 2003
I suck - I have nothing at all to say today :(

20 January 2003
Holy Shit - I got both games right yesterday! Must be due to it being my birthday :)

19 January 2003
I'll be rooting for Tampa Bay and Oakland today, so now you know who to NOT bet on :)

17 January 2003
As you know, my wife's birthday was 2 days ago - my birthday is in 2 days, so this is Birthday Weekend for us, so if you don't me til Monday, don't too upset - LOL

16 January 2003
I went and saw Catch Me If You Can yesterday - great fucking movie!

15 January 2003
Just wanted to take a minute and wish my lovely wife a very Happy Birthday! :)

14 January 2003
A buddy of mine and his band, Dick Delicious and The Tasty Testicles, will be on Howard Stern tomorrow - try and listen :)

13 January 2003
Over the weekend, I was of course watching football and rooted for The Jets, San Fran, The Steelers and Atlanta - this is why I lost al my money in Vegas. Stay tuned for this weekends picks so you can bet against me :)

12 January 2003
I'm not sure just what it is, but I just do not like the Titans - maybe it's the uniforms (of course, the Bills look like them now too - LOL)

11 January 2003
I went into last weekend on the Packers band-wagon, which of course didn't too far. I think this weekend I'll be rooting for the Jets.

10 January 2003
Are you sick of me talking about Vegas? Good - so am I. Thank God I'm coming home today :)

9 January 2003
I'm still down here in Vegas for one more day - good thing my wife is getting lucky on the slots or it'd be a boring day - LOL

8 January 2003
If I had something useful to say, I'd put it here :)

7 January 2003
I'm still in Vegas - still loosing most of my money and a lot of brain cells as well :)

6 January 2003
You know it's a bad idea to gamble after you loose on all 4 of your football bets :(

5 January 2003
Anne and I will be attending a few parties over the next few days here in Vegas - if you want info on them click the links below:
LV Rocks Girls Of The Internet III
Ultimate Party 2003

4 January 2003
I have no idea why I even bother gambling when I come to Vegas - 1 day into the trip and I've lost most of my money! :(

3 January 2003
There were some problems with the newsites page, but we've fixed those (thanks Richard) and all is well. I'm off to Vegas :)

2 January 2003
I think the battery on my cordless phone took a shit, so I've been having to answer the phone that has no caller ID on it - I fnd myself scared at time to answer when I don't know who's calling - LOL

1 January 2003
Happy 2003 To You and Yours!

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