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31 December 2002

30 December 2002
If one and only one thing made me happy yesterday, it was that the Dolphins got fucked in the ass - RUN RICKY RUN!!

29 December 2002
Yes, there is a home Bills game today, but seeing as it means nothing at all, I'll be here taking down the house Christmas decorations.

28 December 2002
I see that town that was for sale on eBay sold for $1.8 Million - does the buyer get the town folk in this deal? Sorta like his own little slave community :)

27 December 2002
I got Grand Theft Auto Vice City and started playing it yesterday and now all I can think about are different game scenarios - I'm fucked! LOL

26 December 2002
Boxing Day to me means it's time to take down the decorations :)

24 and 25 December 2002
Merry Ho Ho Everyone!

23 December 2002
If you live in Mexico, let me be the 1st to wish you a Happy Feast Of The Radishes!

22 December 2002
The Bills are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs so I still have hope :)

21 December 2002
Today, as I do every year, I will be celebrating the Winter Solstice, which is officially at 8:14 PM EST - RAISE A GLASS WITH ME!

20 December 2002
YES! The Pornstar Car Salesman won Survivor 5 - score one for the perverts :)

19 December 2002
Holy Fuck do I hate Christmas shopping! Next year everyone over 18 is getting a membership to a pay site :)

18 December 2002
After about a year of watching 3 Simpson's episodes a day, I'm actually getting tired of it - LOL - I now have the TiVo grabbing all the Seinfeld episodes which is 4 a day :)

17 December 2002
I am drawing a blank as far as what do say today - this is probably because I have to go see my accountant in prep for tax season :(

16 December 2002
During yesterday Bills game, the announcer referred to Eric Moulds as "E Moulds" - does this strike anyone else as just plain silly?

15 December 2002
Bills game today - not that it matters much, but the event itself is still fun :)

14 December 2002
AAAAHHHHHHH - Saturday The 14th - stupid things, man, stupid things! :)

13 December 2002
AAAAHHHHHHH - Friday The 13th - bad things, man, bad things!

12 December 2002
If you're thinking of seeing a movie this weekend, do not go and see Analyze That unless you are in need of a good nap.

11 December 2002
New system is up and running very smoothly, but now I have to sit here and re-install about 100 programs - LOL

10 December 2002
I'm supposed to be getting my new computer today, so that means moving over a shitload of files - wish me luck :)

9 December 2002
Well, so much for the Bills :( GO SABRES!!!

8 December 2002
Happy Football Day and (dare I say it?) GO BILLS!

7 December 2002
Have fun shopping at the malls this weekend - LOL

6 December 2002
From Yahoo: "A Santa Maria judge on Thursday ordered pop star Michael Jackson to undergo a medical examination after the pop star failed to show up for court because of a spider bite..." I think I just fell out of my chair.

5 December 2002
I watched Whitney Houston last night on Prime Time - she said that she doesn't do crack cause that's cheap (or something like that) So I guess we can draw the conclusion that she free-bases? :)

4 December 2002
I got off my ass and added a new category - Cheerleaders- enjoy :)

3 December 2002
There's a picture of Michael Jackson over in the Yahoo News section - Holy Flurkin Schnit! How the hell does he get out of bed in the morning with a face like that?

2 December 2002
I do love the snow, but spending 3 hours in the parking lot after the game and then the kids not having school today sorta sucks :)

1 December 2002
Happy December and Happy Football Day to you and yours :)

30 November 2002
I try to not talk about my beloved Bills during the football season cause every time I do, they loose - but I will say that tomorrows weather looks like it's gonna be fucking nasty!

29 November 2002
At least I waited til after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas decorations :)

28 November 2002
Happy Turkey Day and Happy Birthday to my Dad :)

27 November 2002
Today is usually the biggest night of the year as far as bars and night clubs go - reminds me of many hungover Turkey Days from back in my youth :)

26 November 2002
After watching MNF last night, I think I'll go out and buy a Koy Detmer jersey - he rocks!


25 November 2002
What the fuck is this shit with the 2 teens wanting to sue McDonalds cause they are too fat? The one said they ate there 2 times a day! Someone needs to beat the shit out of these people with a large blunt instrument.

24 November 2002

23 November 2002
It's the weekend - go out and enjoy yourself!

22 November 2002
It's Rodney Dangerfield's 81st birthday today - if that's not an excuse to party, then nothing is!

21 November 2002
Today is the Great American Smokeout and while I've been falling off the non-smoking wagon from time to time, I'm not gonna smoke today :)

20 November 2002
Ed Rooney from Ferris Bueller was arrested, as you've probably heard - bad thing for me is that he's from Buffalo :(

19 November 2002
From time to time I run out of humor sites - this is one of those times. Emailme if you have any good useless sites in your bookmarks :)

18 November 2002
BALL LICKER COCK SUCKER CUNT TWAT RIM JOB (Yes, I watched Curb Your Enthusiam last night)

17 November 2002
If you're one of those religious types, don't take this the wrong way:

16 November 2002
Ahhh - nothing warms the cockles of my heart more than the first snowfall of the season :)

15 November 2002
I saw previews of the interview with Whitney Houston yesterday - Diane Sawyer asked her about her weight loss and was it caused by alcohol? pot? pills? cocaine? Well DUH!

14 November 2002
I keep reading how the new season of reality TV shows sucks - I like the new Survivor - I like that everyone is fucking everyone else on The Real World - bring on OZZY!

13 November 2002
I watch Attack Of The Clones last night - I don't remember it being that long when I went to see it at the movies - LOL

12 November 2002
I got the new Star Wars DVD, so I'll be taking an early quit today :)

11 November 2002
Happy Veterans Day!!!!

10 November 2002
If you live in or are from Tunisia, then Happy Tree Festivle to you and yours :)

9 November 2002
I went and saw The Ring yesterday and I thought it was pretty good, but my wife kept laughing at the plot and say "Gilbet...Dad down there!" for some strange reason.

8 November 2002
What is the countries fascination with Eminem? #1 albums, #1 movie, etc. and don't get me wrong, I'm caught up in it too - I just have no idea why - LOL

7 November 2002
My lovely wife went to Media Play yesterday and picked me up this new Black Sabbath double CD Symptom Of The Universe - very nice :)

6 November 2002
I've been growing a beard the last few weeks. People ask why and I tell them it's for hunting season. They then comment that I don't hunt. I then tell them that I don't go to church but I celebrate Christmas :)

5 November 2002
Not only is it Election day, but it's also Guy Fawkes Day! (I have no idea what that means)

4 November 2002
Election Day tomorrow - just remember, as a rule of thumb, if you like all this porn stuff you're looking at, vote Democratic :)

3 November 2002
It's currently 7 AM Sunday morning - I will be standing outside in a parking lot getting ready for the Bills/pats game within the hour :)

2 November 2002
Just like I thought, Jackass was fucking hysterical - go see it today :)

1 November 2002
I've waited long enough - today I'm going to go and see Jackass

31 October 2002
BOO! Happy Halloween! Please don't egg my house!

30 October 2002
The new Nirvana came out yesterday and I've seen a shitload of shows on MTV and oddly enough VH1 about them recently - it's nice to see I'm not the only one that's still obsessed with them :)

29 October 2002
The new season of 24 starts tonight and the rest of the Fox shows will follow now that baseball is thru fucking with my Simpsons!

28 October 2002
How can you be up 3-2 and have a 5-0 lead in game 6 and then loose? Congrats to the Angels. (and yes, the Bills are awesome - LOL)

27 October 2002
Holy Flurking Schnit! I forgot to remind everyone to change their clocks! Hopefully you did (or at least had nothing important to set the alarm for)

26 October 2002
For the 1st time in probably 15 years, I enjoyed a few cocktails without smoking - I've haven't had a smoke in 14 days and I don't have the patch on either!

25 October 2002
Ahhh - the weekend! A time to relax and drive the teen kids around - until the game on Sunday!!!!!

24 October 2002
Ok - the new design is here to stay and with it being 1 week from Halloween, I've decided to decorate :)

23 October 2002
Overall, comments on the new page design have been positive (about 8 good ones compared to 2 bad comments) What do you think? Be honest - emailme with comments and suggestions :)

22 October 2002
Well, what do you think of the new page layout? Be honest - emailme with comments and suggestions :)


21 October 2002
Oh Yeah! Bills Beat Miami Yesterday! Nothing pleases us Buffalo folk more than beating Miami :)


20 October 2002
I'm still sorta sick, so I've been watching alot of movies - sat thru 3 hours of Lord Of The Rings only to find out that they didn't get to destroy the fucking ring! Watched Mulholland Dr and sat there with my jaw dropped for about 1/2 the movie. I think my sickness is effecting my brain!


19 October 2002
I don't think my wife remembered, but today is Sweetest Day (as opposed to Swedish Day, which I think is sometime in Smarch)

18 October 2002
Every year around this time I get sick with the flu and this year is no exception. I'll be in bed if you need me.

17 October 2002
I watched "2001: A Space Odyssey" yesterday, probably for the 1st time all the way thru - what the fuck was that about? Come to think of it, what the fuck are all of Kubrick's movies about?

16 October 2002
Last week I mentioned that I had "drain flies" and oddly enough, I've gotten alot of comments and questions on them. They look like fruit flies and they live in the trap on your sink drain. Unless you're confident in your plumbing skills, throw some Drano (or whatever) down there 2 or 3 times and that should to it :)

15 October 2002
I'm in the process of quitting smoking once again. This time seems to be alot better than my other half-assed attempts. The only problem is when I start to have a couple of cocktails - LOL

14 October 2002
My Bills beat Houston, which we should have (of course, so should have Dallas - LOL) Next week is a real test - away at fucking Miami.

13 October 2002
Sunday is my official day of rest (not that I'm carrying Christ's cross around or anything) Today I shall watch football for 10 hours and then the usual Sunday night HBO shows - I know I'm a couch potato, but I don't care :)

12 October 2002
My house is infested with "drain flies" - am I the only one that's never heard of these fucking things?

11 October 2002
Today is National Coming Out Day - not that I'm coming out or anything like that - not that there's anything wrong with coming out - you get my drift :)

10 October 2002
Is it just me, or did the MLB Playoffs get really boring once the Yankees and Diamond Backs got beat?

9 October 2002
Well, seeing as we don't have nearly enough for Fantasy Hockey on ESPN, I'm gonna pull the league :(

8 October 2002
Come On! You know you want to get into a Fantasy Hockey League with me!

7 October 2002
For the last 2 or 3 years, the Bills have had a decent defense and no offense - now we have an awesome offense and no defense, sorta like the Rams a few years back. The reason? London Fletcher :)

6 October 2002
I'm off to watch the Bills kick the shit out of the Raiders :)

5 October 2002
I know this is a little late (as usual) but I'm getting a Fantasy Hockey league going on ESPN - 8 total teams, meaning me and 7 of you :) If you're interested, please read here.

4 October 2002
My buddy Amp added a cool new option to his site today - "Amps HeadLine NewS"- check it out :)

3 October 2002
Everybody makes fun of Buffalo because of our winters, but I'll take a few feet of snow over back-to-back hurricanes any day.

2 October 2002
Getting ready for Fantasy Hockey like me? If so, check out my buddy's site - Ultra Hockey

1 October 2002
I can't believe it's already October - next thing you know, I'll have the Christmas lights up on the site :)

30 September 2002
HOLY SHIT am I hung over - Go Bills!

28 September 2002
I don't like to name drop, but this weekend I have Amp, Dr Bizzaro& one of the Big Wig's from Mr Skincoming into town for the Bills/Bears game. Only problem is that 2 are from Chicago - LOL

27 September 2002
OK - admit it - you were scared shitless when Romano's arm got cut off last night on ER.

26 September 2002
Every now and then we all need a break from the daily grind - therefore, I'll be heading up to the Casino as soon as I'm done typing this :)

25 September 2002
I just listed to the new Audioslave song "Cochise" and oddly enough, it sounds exactly like Chris Cormell singing a Rage Against The Machine song.

24 September 2002
A man at a KFC drive thru in California ordered a side of biscuits, accidentally said the "secret code word" and was given 2 dime bags instead of his biscuits - why can't this shit happen to me? :)

23 September 2002
Yeah, I know, the Bills sucked yesterday, but thank goodness for HBO - the "TiVo thinks I'm gay" plot was one of the best skits I've seen in a few years.

22 September 2002
I saw on CNN yesterday that one soccer team in Norway traded a player to another team in exchange for 170 pounds of shrimp - why can't the NFL do shit like this? :)

21 September 2002
It's Bill Murray's birthday today - if that's not an excuse to drink, then nothing is!

20 September 2002
I'm as happy as a pig in shit - I just heard from Courtney Love on Howard Stern that the remaining unreleased Nirvana songs will be put onto an album and in the stores for Christmas :)

19 September 2002
Just a little reminder to everyone - run your Disk Defragmenter every now and then - fire it up and walk away from the computer - it's a very simple task that will correct alot of problems before they occur :)

18 September 2002
I went to my step daughters Field Hockey game yesterday - I was confused as all hell and was told to go look for a book called "Field Hockey For Moms" LOL

17 September 2002
It's about time I came clean and said that yes, I am from Lackawanna, NY where they arrested the 5 suspected terrorists. I also know the mayor personally, but I doubt he'd like being mentioned on this website :)

16 September 2002
The Bills pulled one out of their asses yesterday and my reward is that I have Jury Duty - LOL

15 September 2002
Bills game today (yes, I have confidence they will beat Minnesota) and then at 6:00 I get to call to see if I have fucking jury duty :(

14 September 2002
Ahhhhh! Saturday The 14th! While flipping thru the channels last night, I came across TV Land and their 10 hour Soap marathon - it's good to see that Soap is back on the air :)

13 September 2002
Ahhhhh! Friday The 13th! To protect myself from Jason, I'll be standing under a ladder with my black cat trying to repair this mirror I broke while sleep-walking with my chainsaw :)

12 September 2002
I got a new cell phone the other day, complete with internet access and a hook up for my laptop - I am officially a geek :)

11 September 2002
I've been racking my brain for about 2 weeks thinking of what I could put here today - I can only come up with "United We Stand" and remind everyone to get your flags out.

10 September 2002
Today is Primary Day (well, here in New York anyway) so if there's Primaries in your area, go vote - even if it's just for shits and giggles :)

9 September 2002
2 fucking kick off returns for TD's and a blocked fucking punt!?!?!?! Our Special Teams players were see leaving on a short bus after the game.

7 September 2002
Congrats to Rick and Kim on their Wedding Day (and thanks for having it the day before the Bills home opener!)

6 September 2002
I've got my friend Dorse's wedding rehersal and dinner today, the wedding tomorrow and then the Bills game on Sunday - you might see me before Monday afternoon, but not likely :)

5 September 2002
The kids went back to school yesterday and the house was never so quite :)

4 September 2002
Maybe I'm just noticing it because I've been watching MSNBC since O and A got cancelled, but are there always this many fuck nuts out there kidnapping children?

3 September 2002
Oh man - I need a weekend to recover from the partying over the holiday - LOL

2 September 2002
Happy Labor Day Everyone!

1 September 2002
It's September 1st and that means football is officially "In Season" and what a better way to start off the season with a Fantasy Football Draft :)

31 August 2002
It's the last official weekend of the summer - go outside and find a picnic!

30 August 2002
Are the multi-millionaire baseball players on strike yet? Poor Alex Rodriguez will loose $114,754 a day if they do! It's hard for me to feel bad for someone that makes 3x's the average annual US salary per fucking day.

29 August 2002
While I was traveling my ass off, I did read the John McEnroe book - it was good, but not as dirty as it was made out to be. But, the point of the story is that I now find myself turning on USA to watch the US Open and hear him commentate :)

28 August 2002
Well, the dinner with the Bills was awesome and I got Bledsoe to sign my jersey, I shook his hand, mumbled something unintelligible and basically looked like a dork :)

27 August 2002
Tonight I get to go have dinner with the entire Buffalo Bills 2002 players and staff - I'll be wearing my Bledsoe jersey and walking around with a Sharpie and my Media Guide asking for autographs :)

26 August 2002
I got called for Jury Duty about 2 months ago, but seeing as I was traveling so much in August I had to postpone it - well, the letter came in the mail over the weekend and now I fucking have to go on 9/16 :(

25 August 2002
I know my beloved Bills are 0-3 in the preseason, but who cares - Bledsoe's throwing like he did 5 years ago - fantastic!

24 August 2002
1st and foremost, today is my 6th Wedding Anniversary and I wanted to tell my wife that I love her very much - I always have and I always will :)
On another note, I went and saw Tool last night - HOLY SHIT - I was like one of those girls you saw in the Ed Sullivan crowd when the Beatles or Elvis played - awesome fucking show!

23 August 2002
Even if you didn't get them live in your area, NYC Radio guys Opie and Anthony have been fired due to an on air stunt. Do me 2 favors:
1 - go to MSNBC& read the article
2 - then vote for their Question Of The Day (top center of the page)
Personally, I think it's bull shit and I hope they get back on the air very soon as they are the best fucking thing on the radio today.

22 August 2002
All this talk about a baseball strike - who the fuck cares - I hope they do go out on strike and realize that about 75% of them are grossly overpaid.

21 August 2002
I know I said this last Wednesday, but today is a travel day for me - back to normal tomorrow :)

20 August 2002
So CBS has decided to cast a porn star in the next Survivor series? I love it when we invade the mainstream :)

19 August 2002
I'm still out of town and partying a little too much, hence the lack of my "daily thoughts" recently :)

16 August 2002
I made the mistake of wearing my new Bledsoe jersey down in Miami last Friday and I got a couple of odd looks, but when I wear it today in Seattle, I have the feeling it will be much more warmly received :)

15 August 2002
We all know the old tongue twister "Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers" - why my question is how were they already pickled before he picked them?

14 August 2002
Well, I've been home for under 48 hours and I'm back outta here - leaving for Seattle today - don't worry, updates will be regular :)

13 August 2002
It's good to be home - to sleep in my own bed - to have sex with someone other then myself :)

12 August 2002
Travel day for me - updates in there for today - see ya tomorrow :)

11 August 2002
Ron Jeremy was in my hotel room for a little party the other night - rumor has it he got a BJ in the bathroom :)

9 August 2002
Sorry everyone - due to circumstances beyond my control, there won't be an update today :( We should hopefully be back to normal tomorrow :)

8 August 2002
For some reason the people who organize the conventions in this industry thought it would be good for a larf to have one in August in Miami, so my fair skinned Irish ass is off to the 6th Circle Of Hell :)

7 August 2002
I had TiVo record The Anna Nicole Smith Show& finally watched it yesterday - the link pretty much explains my feelings on the subject :)

6 August 2002
I was watching Fox News yesterday and they had a short story about how Ozzy possibly saved the life of one of the miners because the guy called off work that day to go to see Ozzfest. They actually said "Is there nothing Ozzy can't do?"

5 August 2002
My wife made me watch this Sunday Night Sex Show on Oxygen last night - it's Dr Ruth type show out of Canada - I have many Canadian friends, but I have to say that some of the people that called in to the show were complete and utter morons :)

4 August 2002
I know alot of guys won't admint it, but I will - I do watch Sex and The Cityevery Sunday night :)

3 August 2002
It's the weekend - get out and enjoy yourself!

2 August 2002
I'm getting ready for football this weekend - with Jim Kelly going into the Hall Of Fame and Drew Bledsoe the new Buffalo QB, well, lets just say that my Bills coverage on here will be alot more then last season :)

1 August 2002
Jesus H Christ On A Popsicle Stick - it's already August!?!?!?!?!

31 July 2002
The new Springsteen album came out yesterday and no one under 40 cared - me, I'm off to see Creed and Jerry Cantrell tonight :)

30 July 2002
YES! Finally, it's Swan-upping Season in London - YEE-HA!

29 July 2002
I thought that working for myself would make things a little easier, but I still really fucking hate Mondays :(

28 July 2002
My wife bought a radar detector last week and I now find myself FLYING around town about 70 or 80 MPH, except when I pass one of those motion detector doors at the grocery markets :)

27 July 2002
I saw the preview for the new Bond movie yesterday - Halle Berry looks to be getting naked in that one, too - remember when Billy Bob ass fucked her?:)

26 July 2002
I was at Media Play a few weeks ago and heard "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" off Abbey Road while I was shopping, so I bought it. I was there again the other day, heard another Beatles song and now I have about 6 new Beatles CD - subliminal advertising?

25 July 2002
I went to see MIB 2 last night, but got to the theater late and ended up seeing Eight Legged Freaks - talk about a stupidly silly movie - it was perfect for David Arquette :)

24 July 2002
On this day in 1994 I started "going out" with the lady that would become the love of my life :)

23 July 2002
Ok everyone, I'm running low on links for the "Useless Site Of The Day" Do you know of a useless internet website? Emailit to me!

22 July 2002
Worldcom filed for bankruptcy, claiming nearly $4 billion in "deceptive accounting" - I guess the bean counters forgot to carry a few 1's :)

20 July 2002
Happy Graduation Caleb!

19 July 2002
Happy Birthday Ryan!

18 July 2002
Angelina Jolie Confirms Split With Billy Bob Thornton - this is a perfect example of why you don't get a tattoo of your lovers name :)

17 July 2002
I've had TiVo since Christmas - there's 18-20 episodes of The Simpsons on each week - I've watched them all - that's about 560 episodes that I've watched - I need to get out of the house a little more often :)

16 July 2002
If the cops ever come looking for me, I hope I get to have a big party before I turn myself in like Iverson :)

15 July 2002
Lolita Davidovich and Forest Whitaker were both born on this day in 1961 - separated at birth? I smell a conspiracy :)

14 July 2002
Happy Bastille Day :)

13 July 2002
You know, I watched that OJ sex movie yesterday - it's him :)

12 July 2002

I do really hate to put ads here, but this OJ Sex Tape thing is too funny to pass up :)

11 July 2002
I thought it was kinda silly when I saw Steve Irwin action figures in stores last year - but now a movie? Now that's just moronic.

10 July 2002
A tie in the MLB All Star Game? That's almost as bad as Michael Jackson still pretending he's black :)

9 July 2002
For a mere $20 million you too can take a ride on the Russian International Space Station like boy band star Lance Bass - there are so many thing wrong with this that I can't even begin to list them here on the website.

8 July 2002
I was very lazy yesterday and watched a few movies - Memento was fucking awesome, even though I think I'll have to watch it again to catch everything.

7 July 2002
As if you needed yet another excuse to party this weekend, today is the Festival Of The Giants in Douai, France - I picture large puppets walking down the street.

6 July 2002
I wrote this week off - sorry things have been a little slow around here - I'm off to find a picnic :)

4 July 2002
Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!

3 July 2002
Party at my house today - see ya when I wake up on Friday :)

2 July 2002
With the Holiday coming up and me having a party here tomorrow, I think we might as well write this week off - oh, we'll be updating, but I can already tell alot of people are on vacation :)

1 July 2002
Happy Canada Day and Happy Belated 21st Birthday to Julie (now run to Ric's and grab me a 12 pack God Damn It!)

30 June 2002
I read this over on Yahoo: "Federal authorities have issued a secret alert to state and local law enforcement agencies warning them of the possibility of a terrorist attack in the United States around the Fourth of July holiday..." How secret can it be if it's on fucking Yahoo?

29 June 2002
Nothing beats intentionally scaring yourself for life - last night I had thisput on my left ankle to go with the Greenguy on my right :)

28 June 2002
Well, last night I went and saw Spider Man and like Attack Of The Clones, it was 75% love story and 25% action - ever since Titanic, all they want to do is make big movies that appeal to both men and women - morons.

27 June 2002
"Fed. Court Rules 'Under God' Makes Pledge of Allegiance Unconstitutional"!?!?!?!?!?!?! Holy Fuck! I think we have a few other problems in the country that we should be worrying about.

26 June 2002
Over the weekend I had a hunk of tooth fall out on me (from one of the teeth that had 3 cavities filled when I was a youngster) so wish me luck at the dentist and pray they give me some good Nitrous :)

25 June 2002
I went and saw Episode II last night - it wasn't that good, but I do understand why it had to be made so that everything could be tied in. Plus, seeing Yoda in action was pretty cool :)

24 June 2002
There's going to be a Lunar Eclipse tonight, but unless you live in Africa, you're not gonna see shit :(

23 June 2002
Good morning and Bingo to ya!

22 June 2002
Today, I have nothing to say except that I miss my step son.

21 June 2002
I'm far from a soccer fan, but it is nice to see that the good ole USA made it to the final 8, especially sicne they weren't supposed to win a game all tournament :)

20 June 2002
My Simpsons calendar reminds us that today is "Viola Gopher Count - Viola, MN" I picture alot of drunk people counting gophers for some reason.

19 June 2002
I just found out today that Tool is coming to Buffalo the day before my wedding anniversary - this really puts me in a tight spot!

18 June 2002
Why is it that even though most people don't work on the weekends, Monday's are always the busiest days of the week? I get current on Friday - come Monday there's a pile of shit on my desk :(

17 June 2002
Tiger is a freak - even when he golfs a little under his best, he's still a few shots better then Choker Phil :)

16 June 2002
Happy Father's Day!

14 June 2002
The other day I had nothing to say - today, I have to say congrats to Hasek and the Wings for winning the cup - I have to say Happy Flag Day - and I have to say Amphad a really nice picture of me on his site today :)

13 June 2002
Today is the 16th birthday of the Olsen Twins - 2 more years and all you perverts can see them naked :)

12 June 2002
Do you have any idea how fucking hard it is to come up with something to write here every day? Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick, I've been sitting here for about an hour and I have NOTHING! NADA! ZERO! ZILCH!

11 June 2002
I usually don't puts ads here (yeah, I know, who the hell am I kidding) but my friend MrSkin will be on Howard Stern tomorrow announcing his Top 100 Nude Celebrity Scenes - make sure you check it out
Nude Celebs Anyone?

10 June 2002
My calendar tells me there is a solar eclipse, so make sure you don't look directly at the sun today :)

9 June 2002
Is it just me, or do the new Bills uniforms look as bad at Tyson laying all bloody on the mat?

8 June 2002
I'm gonna get the Tyson/Lewis fight tonight, not because I'm a big boxing fan, but because I have a feeling Tyson will do something completely insane :)

7 June 2002
I watched the MTV Movie Awards last night - I haven't seen that much nipple in public since I went to a Spring Break Wet T-Shirt contest in Panama City in 1991!

6 June 2002
I love this - I get into bed last night, followed shortly there after by my wife. I ask "What do you want to watch?" She replies "I don't care - whatever" I then turn on the basketball game. About 30 seconds later, I hear "Who's on Letterman?" So much for the ball game :(

5 June 2002
Not only is today the Dragon Boat Festival in China, but it's also Markie Mark's birthday - COME'ON COME'ON FEEL THE VIBRATION!

4 June 2002
It's Flag Day in Finland (just incase you needed an excuse to party today)

3 June 2002
Time to return to the good ole USA today - but not after we stop at a few Canadian drug stores and the beer station :)

2 June 2002
Happy Birthday Gran, Nicki and cousin Chris (as if my any of them, especially my Grandmother, read this website - LOL)

1 June 2002
Call it a cheap ploy for publicity if you must, but I'd like to say a big Happy Birthday to my friend and website partner, Anne:)

31 May 2002
I'm in Montreal, it's raining like a bitch and I'm learning that if you address the locals starting with "Hey Frenchy..." they tend to get a tad bit upset at you :)

30 May 2002
Well kids, I'm on my way to the Great White North for a convention and to be abused by the lovely French Canadians :)

29 May 2002
If you haven't seen The Shield on FX, I strongly suggest you start to watch it - they are replaying the entire season starting this week, ending with the season finale next Tuesday - AWESOME FUCKING SHOW!

28 May 2002
I was a little lame over the weekend and watched some movies - Vanilla Sky was awesome, as was The Others (even if Mad TV ruined it for me) but I do have to say that Ali was about as fun as watching grass grow.

25/27 May 2002
It's Memorial Day Weekend - get your ass outside and find a fucking picnic :)

24 May 2002
It's Tommy Chong's Birthday - I will start celebrating at 4:20 PM EST :)

23 May 2002
Don't you hate it when you wake up at 4 in the morning and relaize that it's garbage day, but you forgot to take out the garbage?

22 May 2002
Today is Immigrants Day in Canada - I have a very funny feeling there are not alot of former US citizens being honored up there today :)

21 May 2002
I just looked at the Fall line up for Fox - the good news is that Futurama will be back (even if it is still in the worst fucking time slot ever) - the bad news is that Family Guy is officially shit canned :(

20 May 2002
I stayed home on Saturday night (yes, I am a lamo) You'd think that because of sweeps they'd put something decent on TV - I think I ended up watching home improvement shows :)

19 May 2002
It's a toss up over what I care less about - a horse that won 2 races or the white rapper that thinks he's black :)

18 May 2002
Napster was bought by a German company for $8 million - I can't fucking wait to see the pop-up hell that they put into the next version.

17 May 2002
With all the cool shows and whatnot on last night, I decided to sit back with a classic - I watched Slap Shot :)

16 May 2002
It would be too easy to put something about Star Wars in here today, so I'll just say that I think Eddie killed those 2 Columbians back in '77 :)

15 May 2002
YES! The planned Casino's on the Buffalo area were approved yesterday by the Seneca Nation - we should have a Casino up and running by Jan 1st! No more driving to Canada! :)

14 May 2002
Here's my thinking - this weekend when Star Wars Episode II opens, I'll go see Spider Man. In 2 or 3 weeks when the next big thing opens, I'll go see Star Wars - I want to see these movies really bad, but I can't stand sitting in crowded theaters with slack jawed yokels chin wagging all around me.

13 May 2002
I know it's Bea Arthur's birthday, but is still alive?

12 May 2002
Happy Mother's Day To All You Mothers :)

11 May 2002
It's saturday - go outside and enjoy yourself!

10 May 2002
Screw this working shit - I'm going golfing :)

9 May 2002
Mark my words - this fucked up bomber guy - part of his insanity will be blamed on Nirvana and Kurt Cobain - fucking morons.

8 May 2002
Ok - they caught that mail bomber guy - but did you hear his band? They sound like Danzig singing Nirvana - LOL

7 May 2002
I watched Sid and Nancy last night for the 1st time in about 10 years - the snot bubble on the subway still makes me laugh my ass off :)

6 May 2002
Tyson is a fucking genius :)

5 May 2002
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

4 May 2002
I do love spring, cause the summer party season is right around the corner - but I really can't stand all this "Spring Cleaning" shit - LOL

3 May 2002
Today is International Tuba Day - now you have an excuse to party tonight :)

2 May 2002
I've been getting plastered with email virus over the last week or so - I know my system is clean, but is yours? Do yourself a favor - fire up the anti-virus stuff tonight before you go to bed and double check your system :)

1 May 2002
Today is Save Internet Radio DayAs usual, I'm not good at explaining things, so click on the link to find out more info :)

30th April 2002
Seeing as today is Kirsten Dunst's birthday, I might as well say that the SpiderMan movie does look good to me, but for some reason I can't see her or Maguire as being suitable for it - something about them just rubs me the wrong way.

29th April 2002
What the fuck was up with that guy giving ecstasy to his kids? I can understand his view on him trying things, but not the 13 and 15 year old. Fucked up.

28th April 2002
It's the weekend - go spend time with your family and friends :)

27th April 2002
I went and saw Panic Room last night - very good movie (of course I'd watch Annie if Fincher directed it)

26th April 2002
It would be way to easy for me to make a Left Eye joke, so I won't :)

25th April 2002
American Cardinals announced that Priests will be able to molest as many children as they want and that they will only be kicked out after they are caught twice (not once - TWICE) - Thank God I'm not a practicing Christian.

24th April 2002
I'm still sick with the flu, but I will say Happy Sexretaries Day to all of you :)

23rd April 2002
I've had the flu the last few days, so I haven't been too vocal around here - let me say that I am happy the Bills acquired Bledsoe and that I am saddened by the passing of Lane Staley and Linda Lovelace :(

22nd April 2002
Happy Earth Day To You!

20th April 2002
My wife is out of town, so I'll be back on Monday :)

19th April 2002
"Don't do the crime if you ain't got the time"

18th April 2002
Oh great! As soon as the NHL playoffs start, we accidentally kill some Canadians.

17th April 2002
Well, my cable modem is out and I'm sitting here pulling my hair out waiting for pages to load - LOL - I have no idea how you guys and gals that are still using a dial-up can take this lack of speed :(

16th April 2002
Today is National Stress Awareness Day - do you think it's a coincidence that it's the day after taxes are due?

15th April 2002
If you mail your taxes to the Massachusetts location, you can wait til tomorrow to file - it's a holiday there!

14th April 2002
Did you do your taxes yet? If you answered "YES" then please, take the day off :)

13th April 2002
Well, you can tell baseball season has started - SportsCenter is 45 minutes of baseball and 15 minutes of hockey, basketball, golf and whatever sport they deem uncool :(

12th April 2002
Just when I started to root for someone on Survivor, they throw off my buddy Rob :(

11th April 2002
Hey - It's Joel Grey's Birthday!!!! (yeah, I have no idea who is he either - but he's on my Simpson's calendar)

10th April 2002
My wife got sick of me bogarting the TiVo she bought me for Christmas, so she went and bought her own - 6 hours after opening the box, I had the entertainment center ripped apart and put back together. One comment I heard while I was doing this was "How much stuff can you hook up to one TV?"

9th April 2002
7 day sleft to file your taxes (I know, I ran out of stuff to talk about)

8th April 2002
My good friend Dorse gave me a shitload of very rare Nirvana CD's the other day - thanks again Dorse :)

7th April 2002
Some of you may remember the free live amateur webcams I asked you to try out a few months back - well, the site is now open:)

6th April 2002
My comic side kick Amp wanted me to remind you about Daylight Savings Time

5th April 2002
Kurt Donald Cobain
Feb 20th 1967 - April 5th 1994
I've been reading more about his life and now I think that the Seattle Police Dept should reopen the case. Read why over here.

3rd April 2002
You might have noticed that we were down for a few last night - we paid out electrical bill, paid of the guy that guards the machines, but someone tripped over the plug and BLAMO no Greenguy :( But, things are fine now, so please continue your wacking :)

2nd April 2002
Just a good tip for the day - never, ever spend less then $10 on a mouse, cause they break very easily and usually when you need them the most (of course, when don't you use a mouse on here - LOL)

1st April 2002
I was trying to think up an April Fools joke to play on everyone, but then I was told that I was not funny :(

31st March 2002
Happy Easter!
and as usual, in honor of the holiday, here's a nice gallery of Anne:)

30th March 2002
Does anyone know if Opie and Anthony is streamed live from a radio website? I looked all day yesterday and couldn't find one that did it and now I'm in need of a fix for Monday - LOL

29th March 2002
One of the local radio stations announced yesterday that a concert in June will feature Poison, Cinderella, Winger and Faster Pussy Cat - DUDE! Someone wash my bandannas and dust of my leather jacket.....no wait, I still dress like that...DAMN THE 80'S ALL TO HELL!!!!!

28th March 2002
Does a full moon on Passover mean more candy from the Easter Bunny? Or does it mean that he turns into a sex crazed rabbit? :)

27th March 2002
My local morning guys are on vacation this week, so I've been listening to Stern alot - he's still good, but not as good as Opie and Anthony :)

26th March 2002
Tyson vs Lewis - June 8th - YIPEE! I'm not exactly a boxing fan, but I do love it when Tyson fights, mostly because I don't think any of us can believe some of the shit that comes out of his mouth :)

25th March 2002
I am so happy that Moulin Rouge didn't win Best Picture last night - I probably would have beat the shit out of someone if it did - I said it before and I'll say it again - that was the WORST fucking movie I've ever seen (yes, Rocky and Bullwinkle was better)

24th March 2002
Is today Palm Sunday? I'm rusty on my religious holdays and whatnot :)

23rd March 2002
It's Saturday - go spend some time with your family and friends :)

22nd March 2002
It's William Shatner's birthday - if that's not a reason to drink, then I don't know what is.

21st March 2002
It's the Cock Lady'sbirthday - stop by and say Hi!

20th March 2002
Pray for me to whatever God you worship - I have to go get my taxes done this afternoon :(

19th March 2002
It's Bruce Willis' Birthday!!!!!

18th March 2002
I watched Wrestlemania last night and I'll admit it was probably the 1st time since the last one that I watched it - true to form, you can miss an entire year of wrestling and still know what's going on :)

17th March 2002
In honor of St Patrick's day, here's a gallery of my friend Anne getting into the holiday cheer:)

16th March 2002
Can't talk now - still drinking - green beer stains on my shirt - corn beef give me gas - I love St Patrick's Day :)

15th March 2002
It's Friday - the sun is out - the birds are chirping - spring is almost here - and St Patrick's Day is Sunday - time for me to find a keg and a bottle of green food coloring :)

14th March 2002
Screw this working crap - I'm going to the casino for the day :)

13th March 2002
It's probably due to the fact that Buffalo has neither a pro or decent college team, but I can't fucking stand the NCAA March Madness crap - it seems like 1/2 of ESPN's SportsCenter is about it.

12th March 2002
Stop thinking about ass cock and fuel up the jets! (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go buy the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back DVD and watch the deleted scenes)

11th March 2002
Let's just take a moment to remember the tragedy of 9/11

10th March 2002
High winds caused the power to go out here last night form 8 PM to about 4 AM - reading in the dark sucks ass.

9th March 2002
Happy Baron Bliss Day to all my friends in Belize :)

8th March 2002
If you are in an area that the show is broadcast, Opie and Anthony are having another 55 Gallon Drum Challenge today :)

7th March 2002
Before I get my taxes done, I need to get a Profit and Loss statement from Casino Niagara - I can either fill out a form, have it notarized, mail it up and wait a few weeks or I can go to the Casino and pick it up in person - just what I need, an excuse to go to the Casino - LOL

6th March 2002
I thought my family was fucked, then I watched the Ozzy's family last night on MTV - HA!

5th March 2002
What are the worst 2 words that someone who works at home can hear from his kids?

4th March 2002
I've said it before and I'll say it again - I will watch ANYTHING that HBO puts on - Six Feet Under was awesome and even that long drawn out Monica thing was pretty good :)

3rd March 2002
We rented "Don't Say A Word" yesterday on tape - there were 7 fucking preview ads on the tape before the movie started - almost 15 minutes of shit - that's almost as much advertising as you find on these porn sites :)

2nd March 2002
If I had something useful or funny to say, I'd put it here - but it's the weekend and thus I've turned my mind off :)

1st March 2002
Why do TV networks feel the need to put all the really good programs on Thursdays? With the help of Tivo and my VCR, I did manage to watch 2 Family Guys, Futurama, Survivor, Friends and ER - kinda sad, huh?

28th February 2002
I heard on Stern this morning that the courts ruled in favor of controversial website Voyeur Dorm, stating that it was an internet business and not a typical business that had customers coming and going, so based on that they can stay open :)

27th February 2002
Well, residents of my town voted down a proposed $90 million new high school yesterday by a 7:1 margin - everyone wants a new school, no one wants to pay a 17% tax increase for it - LOL

26th February 2002
I do love Buffalo Weather - yesterday's high was around 55, it was sunny and very nice - tomorrow's low will be around 15 and it's gonna start snowing tonight :)

25th February 2002
Yes, I was very hung over yesterday, but I did manage to stay awake for most of the USA/Canada hockey game - my hat is off to Team Canada :)

23rd February 2002
I'll be at a stag tonight for my buddy Bates - it's at Dead Center Bar and Grill in sunny downtown Lackawanna (incase you wanted to stop by)

22nd February 2002
So did ya watch "GLUTTON BOWL #1"? How the hell did Takeru Kobayashi eat so fucking much?

21st February 2002
What did Dong-sung say when he heard he was disqualified? OHNO! (Thank you, thank you - I'll be here all week - try the veal!)

20th February 2002
I think I'm going to try and quit...errr...cut down on my smoking again (you and me both know that as soon as I go out drinking this weekend the patch will be ripped off and probably smoked)

19th February 2002
I've said it before and I'll say it again - Ice Dancing is NOT a fucking sport - next thing you'll see in the Olympics is Country Line Dancing, Ballroom Dancing and Break Dancing!

18th February 2002
Happy Presidents Day :)

17th February 2002
A friends mother called me yesterday wanting advince on buying a new computer. Two things during the conversation nearly made me piss myself - 1> She want to buy it from "City Circuit" 2> She insisted that it have an internal "Bunsen Burner"

16th February 2002
You have to love it when Team USA slaps tha shit out of Finland AND Team Canada looses to Sweden :)

15th February 2002
I don't know aobut you, but watching Figure Skating is pretty much the only Olympic "sport" that sucks ass - hockey starts tonight (I know it started last week, but that didn't count - LOL) so I am a happy camper :)

14th February 2002
Once again, in honor of Valentines Day, Anne and I thought you all might like to see a gallery of Valentines Day picsof her (as well as a special offer - LOL)

13th February 2002
Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick - how come no one reminded me to put ValentinesDayGuy up on the site!!?!?!

12th February 2002
In honor of the begining of Mardi Gras, Anne and I thought you all might like to see a gallery of Mardi Gras picsof her (as well as a special offer - LOL)

11th February 2002
I forgot to mention that over the weekend I updated the Productspage - you can not get some Viagara, stuff to make your cum taste better, a gang bang video featuring some of the goofballs on Howard Stern and maybe a few things for Valentines Day :)

10th February 2002
A few of you asked me where the site of the blowjob girl that was on Opie and Anthony last week was - her site is over here:)

9th February 2002
I like the Olympics and it's a good thing that I live near Canada, cause none of the 3 NBC stations have anything on til later this afternoon, but the Canadian station started broadcasting live events about an hour ago. NBC should have some sort of Olympic games on one of the channels 24/7.

8th February 2002
You have to love it when the Winter Olympics come to the States and weather is causing havoc with the Opening Ceremonies :)

7th February 2002
We had company in town from Saturday that left yesterday. Seeing as I was feeling like shit, I sat in front of the TV and watched about 4 hours of The Simpsons that was recorded by TiVo :)

6th February 2002
Everyone in my house has been sick recently except me - now I have it, they're all better and I look like a whiny bitch :(

5th February 2002
My friends over at MommaBigwanted me to let everyone know that the word of the day is "marvelous" Try and use it at least 3 or 4 times today :)

4th February 2002
Congrats to the Patroits for winning the SuperBowl (even though I had alot of money on the Rams - LOL)

3rd February 2002
Get off the computer - the gosh darn SuperBowl is on!

2nd February 2002
If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound? If a tree falls in my driveway, does it fuck up the rest of my day? I think you know the answer to these questions :)

31st January 2002
Brady's gonna start at QB for New England this Sunday - it would have been better if they alternated them on each play - that'd keep St Louis guessing :)

30th January 2002
After 4 days of record breaking temps here in Buffalo, it's snowing again (like we needed it to be 50 in January - LOL)

29th January 2002
Do you have the feeling that New England knows who's gonna start on Sunday, but they want to play this whole QB controversy thing all the way til game time?

28th January 2002
I had a surprise birthday party for my wife on Saturday, so that's why I wasn't around yesterday :)

26th January 2002
My wife and a few of her friends are hooked on this stupid Temptation Island show - they sit around and chinwag about how this could this guy be with this chick and how could this girl betray her man and how emotional the people on the show get - I'm sitting here wondering how these couples that went on can actually function due to their lack of brain power - THE FUCKING SHOW IS SET UP SO THAT EVERYONE CHEATS ON THEIR MATES!!! WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN? A FUCKING BEACH BLANKET PICNIC?

25th January 2002
I was sitting on my computer at 7:00 last night and thought to myself that I had better wrap up what I was doing becuase at 8:00.....Oh Lord! No more Survivor! Well, at least now I can watch The Family Guy :)

24th January 2002
Am I classified as a "collector" or an "insane fan"? Here's my Simpson's collection:)

23rd January 2002
Call me kooky, but I think Tyson killed OJ's girlfriend's dog :)

22nd January 2002
I have to go to the accountant today to get started on my taxes - wish me luck - LOL

21st January 2002
What a weekend for football - even though I was rooting for the Pats, according to the rule book, the refs got the call right (sorry Raider fans) I'm thinking that the Pats will beat the Steelers and the Rams will be the Eagles.

20th January 2002
Hangover day - go watch some football :)

19th January 2002
Did you know that on your birthday you can do anything you want and your wife can't yell at you? I'm gonna drink beer, do shots, smoke crack, drop acid, try heroin and go to a strip club. Of course, tomorrow I'll be living in the garage :)

18th January 2002
They're going to increase security at airports again - this time by making sure if your luggage is on the plane, so are you - they weren't doing this before?

17th January 2002
The problem with having ICQ is that ir lets everyone know that you have a birthday coming up :)

16th January 2002
I took my wife out to dinner at a fancy restaurant last night - the problem with going to one of these high class places is that all the items on the menu are "Specialties of the House" so you sit there and try and guess which one is just a plain old 14oz steak :)

15th January 2002
I'd like to break away from my normal useless banter to wish my wife a very Happy Birthday! :)

14th January 2002
Why does Fox TV feel the need to rob us all of new episodes of Futurama? 7:00 on Sunday is the worst time slot on the entire network because football always runs into it. Then, when they do schedule it to be on, they move it for some dumb new show about people in a chamber - morons!

13th January 2002
It's Sunday - go watch some football!

12th January 2002
I did finish reading the Kurt Cobain "Heavier Than Heaven" book on the plane to Vegas (yes, I'm back on the Nirvana kick again - LOL) If you haven't read it and you're a 30ish guy like myself, it's really good reading, especially the "made up" ending about how the suicide probably went - very good book.

11th January 2002
I'm back from Vegas (and let's not talk about that anymore) and the 1st thing we did when we got home was watch Survivor on Tivo - I am so happy Ethan won and not Lex :)

9th January 2002
Well, it's the last day of my Vegas vacation and it looks like I might have to fly home with no shirt :(

8th January 2002
I'm still out in Vegas - I'm still broke - I'm usually hung over - I'm loving this place :)

6th January 2002
Today is the day - For those of you in the Vegas area, come on out on the 6th and meet me and a shitload of amateur girls at The Amateur Mega Bash

5th January 2002
Lord knows I love Vegas, but when you loose your entire gambling allowance 2 days into a 7 day vacation, well, let's just hope that things get better :)

4th January 2002

3rd January 2002
I just love how it takes 7 feet of snow to shut down Buffalo, but only 3 inches to shut down Atlanta :)
For those of you in the Vegas area, come on out on the 6th and meet me and a shitload of amateur girls at The Amateur Mega Bash

2nd January 2002
Happy New Year Everone! Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, but I think everyone pretty much assumed I was a tad bit hung over :)

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