Dave is Funnier Then Me :(

Recently Ampland received an email from a guy named Dave that said:
"Humor?  Greenguy sucks.  You don't."
To this, I replied:
"Is it really my fault you don't get the jokes?  I'll find some "Knock Knock" jokes for you this weekend :)"
Dave then sent in these knee slappers & I'm still trying to stop laughing :)

Idaho, but I'm tired.

What's high in the middle and round on both ends?  Ohio.

Why is Greenguy green?  Split pea soup.

Knock knock,  Who's there?  Ida.  Ida who.  No, Idaho, but I'm tired.

Why did the Greenguy cross the road?  To score a chicken.

Why did Greenguy come back.  The chicken turned him down.

How many Amps does it take to write Greenguy's humor links?  None, he does it all himself.

"Greenguy went to a saw store to buy a new bowsaw, to cut wood for his moonshine still.  Salesguy told Greenguy he ought to try a chainsaw, and Greenguy said: "OK.," but he came back the next day complaining about how the chainsaw sucked, and the bowsaw worked so much better.  Salesguy said "That's odd, let me look."  where upon he started the chainsaw first pull, and it ran fine.  Greenguy said: "What's that noise?"


So now you all have proof that Dave is funnier then I am :)

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