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31st December 2001
J-E-T-S JETS JETS OOPS! Have a Happy New Year Everyone! Hopefully it'll snow where you are partying ;)

30th December 2001
This lovely weather we have here in Western New York has got to stop - it was ok the 1st few days, mainly because we didn't get too much snow where I live - now they say 1-2 feet for my town today - this better not cut into my drinking and entertainment plans for New Years!
PS - Anne and I are in a traffic contest for the month of December and we need your help! Go over here and check out Tabatha's site (she's hosting the content - plus she has some really big boobies - LOL) Thanks :)

29th December 2001
Anne and I are in a traffic contest for the month of December and we need your help! Go over here and check out Tabatha's site (she's hosting the content - plus she has some really big boobies - LOL) Thanks :)

28th December 2001
I spoke too soon yesterday about the lack of snow in my area - as soon as I posted that we only had a couple of inches, it started snowing - we now have about 1-1/2 feet on the ground (still less the Buffalo proper, which has a lovely 4 ft 8 inches)

27th December 2001
Ok - most of you know that I live in the Buffalo, NY area - most of you also know that Buffalo is getting POUNDED with snow - the odd thing is that I have a grand total of 3 inches, so you can all stop emailing me about how shitty it must be to live in Buffalo :)

26th December 2001
Happy Boxing Day! Happy Kwanzaa!

24th and 25th December 2001
Have a safe and happy holiday!

23rd December 2001
Why are you online? Go spend some time with your friends and family - it's the Holidays for Christ sakes :)

22nd December 2001
You know how you can tell you're getting old? When the kids social life on a Friday consists of hanging out with friends and whatnot and yours consists of American Funniest Home Videos and Dick Clark's TV Bloopers :)

21st December 2001
Let me be the first porn site to officially welcome you to winter :)

20th December 2001
The Laser Eye surgery went very well - not that I'm a doctor or anything, but I base my statement on the fact that I can see without glasses or contact lenses :)

19th December 2001
Today is the day - as soon as I update the links, I'm off to have my Lasik laser surgery on my eyes - all will be well as long as the 2 Simpsons episodes on this are false :)

18th December 2001
As you probably guessed, I was out of action for most of yesterday due to the Ozzy concert on Sunday. Ozzy is showing his age, but seeing him live was an awesome experience.

17th December 2001

16th December 2001
Today my good buddy Amp is coming into town for the Bills game and then tonight we're all going to see Ozzy!

15th December 2001
I am still sorta on a Nirvana/Cobain kick with my music and reading - one thing I realized last week was that the movie Singles came out in 1992, meaning that it would have had to have been made in 1991 sometime. Nevermind came out in Sept 1991 and started to get very popular around the end of the year, thus making the whole grunge and Seattle thing popular. It just stuck me as weird that Crowe had the "vision" to make this movie before the scene it was set in was popular. (and I know alot of you are scratching your heads about this one, but Dorse will understand it)

14th December 2001
I'm still a Survivor fan - Brandon is gone and he deserved it - Lex should be next cause his head is way too big - I'm rooting for Big Tom and his 3rd eye :)

13th December 2001
It's Dick Van Dyke's birthday today (not that I care, I just like his name - LOL)

12th December 2001
Well, after spending most of yesterday not being able to see my hand in front of my face, I am a candidate for the laser eye surgery and will have the procedure next Wednesday :)

11th December 2001
Today I get to go for my interview to see if I am a candidate to have laser eye surgery - wish me luck :)

10th December 2001
In honor of the Bills winning the 2nd game of the season, I am taking the rest of the day off :)

9th December 2001
Bills versus Panthers today in what I have deemed "The Toilet Bowl" Bills have the advantage due to them being the last of these two poor excuses of a team to actually win a game :)

8th December 2001
In honor of Pearl Harbor Day yesterday, we decided to watch the movie - my ass fell asleep before the fucking action - it was like watching a longer, more boring version of Titanic - if you get the DVD, save yourself alot of trouble and start at Chapter 22 :)

7th December 2001
I've tried to quit smoking before, but I always ended up smoking while on the "patch". The bride and I decided to give it another chance and yesterday was probably the 1st time in 15 years that I did not have any cigarettes at all! This weekend will be the true challenge, as I know I'll be drinking at least once due to the Bills game (the way the Bills are playing now, you almost have to drink)

6th December 2001
You know, I completely forgot that Dec 4th was my 3 year anniversary of quitting my "other" job - please remember that when you throw back a few cocktails this weekend :)

5th December 2001
I'm not a big OJ fan or anything like that, but when was the last time a bunch of armed FBI officers stormed a house because of an illegal satellite hook up?

4th December 2001
Well, I'm back from Seattle. Probably the coolest thing I did was go to one of Kurt Cobain's old houses (the one he lived in before the suicide house) A friend of mine owns it now and his fridge is covered with misguided mail sent to Kurt and Courtney. It's pretty cool :)

30th November 2001
I'm safe and sound and enjoying Seattle (incase anyone cares)

29th November 2001
I was watching one of those TV magazine shows yesterday and one of the "hot topics" was "What Monica Lewinski's Doing For The Holidays" Who the fuck cares!?!?!?!?!? Next thing they'll be telling us what Divine Brown will be doing for New Years! My money is on her looking for some celebrity cock :)

28th November 2001
There's another nasty email virus going around - I don't have it, but I'm getting it emailed to me 2-300 times a day :( Do yourself a favor - Read up on it and see if your system is infected.

27th November 2001
On this day in 1942 Jimi Hendrix was born - oddly enough, I'm going to Seattle this weekend :)

26th November 2001
Well, the one thing I can say that was good about yesterdays Bills/Dolphins game is that it didn't rain :)

25th November 2001
Bills play Miami today at home. This is really the only game that matters for the rest of the season. We fucking HATE Miami. If we win today, the season will have had meaning (I know - I can almost talk myself into anything these days - LOL)

24th November 2001
No update today - we had a few minor errors on the site, which are corrected, but there's not enough sites to justify an update. Do what I'm going to do - get out of the damn house!

23rd November 2001
As usual, I decided to be just like everyone else and put of the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving :)

22nd November 2001
Happy Gobble Gobble Day :)

21st November 2001
Today is the biggest drinking night of the year - some say it's bigger than New Years Eve - so go out, have some fun, have a few cocktails - just remember to get up tomorrow morning and go to Thanksgiving dinner :)

20th November 2001
Is it just me, or is this XBOX just a tad bit too expensive? and why is it these game consoles only give you one damn controller? Bring back Atari! At least you could buy that and have your buddy over to play Combat :)

19th November 2001
Bills found a way to loose another one yesterday - even tailgating, which is one of my favorite things in the world to do, is starting to suck ass when we lose:(

18th November 2001
Jim Kelly will go up on the Buffalo Bills Wall Of Fame today during a special half-time celebration. There will also be alot of Bills there from our glory days, like Andre Reed, Thurmon Thomas, etc. Rumor has it they will play the current Bills during the celebration and the winners will play the 2nd half :)

17th November 2001
I read that a new Barbie doll will have a tattoo - next thing you know they'll be selling a trailer for her to live in complete with accessories like lawn chairs, plastic coolers, outdoor grill and beat up 1984 Ford LTD :)

16th November 2001
I'll be the 1st to admit that I don't get out of the house too much, but why the hell is this Harry Potter thing so damn popular?

15th November 2001
I'm in the process of adding a few bells and whistles to the site (like rotating links so they are not always listed Z to A) so please bear with me if you see anything that looks off :)

14th November 2001
I didn't have time to make a sign, so I hope this will pass:

13th November 2001
Well, it's official - Bills QB Rob Johnson broke his collar bone on Sunday - time for me to buy an Alex Van Pelt jersey :)

12th November 2001
Did you ever see the movie The Money Pit with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long? I bought that house - we have had nothing but fucking problems with it - the latest being that our furnace took a shit last night :(

11th November 2001
Happy Veterans Day!

10th November 2001
I watched Freddy Got Fingered last night - I could have guessed and guessed and guessed at what the title meant, but I would have NEVER guessed that - Tom Green is a fucking genius!

9th November 2001
The power went out here yesterday for about an hour or so - I was home alone and you just don't realize how boring life it until you have no electricity. I had to fire up my laptop and watch old Simpsons shows! Life it tough :)

8th November 2001
Oh Man! What should I watch tonight? Survivor, Friends or The Tick and Family Guy - damn, I need a TiVo :)

7th November 2001
Simpsons Halloween Special was pretty good, as was that new show 24, but after that I ended up watching "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh" - nothing beats watching Dr. J trying to act :)

6th November 2001
It's election day - make sure you get out and vote so you can officially bitch and complain when your candidate doesn't get elected :)

5th November 2001
Even though I'm a Yankees fan, I have to admit it's nice to see Johnson, Schilling, Grace and Williams finally get a World Series ring - my hat is off to the DiamondBacks :)

4th November 2001
Bills game today...yada yada yada...drinking at 9:00 AM...yada yada yada...parking here...yada yada yada...see ya when the hangover wears off :)

3nd November 2001
Attention All Unmarried Men! Don't leave the house today - it's Sadie Hawkins Day! :)

2nd November 2001
Start Spreading The News... The Yankees did it again last night, coming back from 2 runs down in the bottom of the 9th to finally win in the 12th 3-2 - they can not be stopped!

1st November 2001
I was watching the Yankees/DiamondBacks game last night and at 11:30 I was starting to doze off - good thing I didn't, cause I would have missed one hell of a comeback! Go Yankees!!!!

31st October 2001
Holy Flurking Schnit! It's Halloween! Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!

30th October 2001
I've been away from the house for a few days now and I've been using a dial-up connection as opposed to my usual cable modem connection and all I can say is this speed sucks - I really have no idea ow some of you can sit here and wait for this stuff to load - get a cable modem or DSL! :)

29th October 2001
Brian and Steve will be pissed at me, but Flutie wins, Johnson does not - bottom line (and yes, I was rooting for the Bills during the entire game)

28th October 2001
Well, today is the big Bills vs Chargers game - much to everyone's surprise, I will be rooting for the Bills to win :)

27th October 2001
Tonight is the end of daylight savings, so we have to turn the clocks back an hour. The official time to do this is at 2:00 AM. So, if you out getting shitfaced in a bar at 2:00, remind the bartender that they, by law, MUST change the clocks from 2:00 to 1:00 - BINGO! An extra hour of drinking :)

26th October 2001
It's official - it's snowing like a mother fucker outside my house - winter is here :)

25th October 2001
You know, I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I know that's partly because I have no hometown team to root for. But what does piss me off is that they move the Sunday night football games to Thursday to accommodate Baseball and seeing as Fox has the TV rights, they delay almost the entire fall season - no new Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, etc. Oh, and don't get me started on Futurama's 7:00 Sunday time slot, which always gets bumped due to a late football game.

24th October 2001
I have Digital cable. One cool little feature is that a little "info" button will pop up form time to time - usually on news channels (ESPN, CNN, Weather Channel, etc.) so that you can scroll thru some current events and scores and whatnot. One popped up on my last night on a Chrysler Jeep commercial, asking me if I was looking at buying a new vehicle. I clicked yes, they asked if I wanted a brochure mailed to me, I clicked yes and then they thanked me. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the world of TV consoles and pop-up's.

23rd October 2001
So did everyone watch Kato Kalin make a fool of himself on The Weakest Link last night? and then after that we got to watch the NY Giants make fools of themselves :)

22nd October 2001
Even though my brother-in-law will yell at me for this, I watch Flutie and the Chargers beat up on Denver yesterday and I still think the Bills made the wrong decision as far as who our starting QB is.

20th October 2001
There's 5 birthdays in my family within 11 days in October, so today is the party for all of them, so Happy Birthday to Samantha, Mom, Craig, Steve and Ashley - let's party! :)

19th October 2001
I am still in shock - I can not fucking believe that my Bills actually WON a game. Defense looked good, offense just couldn't get the ball in the endzone (or thru the uprights, for that matter) But, 1-4 looks alot better than 0-5 :)

18th October 2001
Oh Man - Bills play Jacksonville tonight - NBC has the local broadcasting rights - what is really sad is that they will be putting it on their sister station so that people can watch Friends and ER and the rest of the Thursday night line-up. Just goes to show you how much we love our football team this year :( Me, I'll be watching Survivor - LOL

17th October 2001
I realized yesterday how you know when you're getting old - it's happens when you go to watch TV and you look at VH1 before MTV - think about it :)

16th October 2001
After watching this new VH1 Classic channel for a few days, I've now officially found my favorite TV channel :)

15th October 2001
To me and I'm sure to alot of other "30 somethings", Anthrax has always been a speedmetal band. Even though it's probably not in good taste to make jokes about this stuff, just think of the amount of surfers that have gone to Anthrax.com over the last 2 weeks :)

14th October 2001
Yesterday I mentioned it was my step-daughters 14ht birthday - today I will mention that at the birthday party she had, we found 2 of her friends sneaking beer, dumping out soda pop cans, pouring it in and then walking back to the party - just think, I only have 7 more years of this - LOL

13th October 2001
My Step-Daughter turns 14 today - please pray for me and her mother :)

12th October 2001
Today is a big day for me - I decided to combine my RealSexyAmateurs site with Anne's site from AnneLive.com to make for one BIG real amateur site called Anne Loves Greenguy :) It's a BIG site and I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

11th October 2001
I was channel surfing yesterday and found 3 new channels - I finally get M2 (or MTV2) which is kinda weird, cause I haven't seen any music videos on MTV in about 10 years (LOL) - and I now have 2 new VH1 channels - VH1 Classic, which is all classic rock and VH1 Country, which is all slacked jawed rednecks :)

10th October 2001
You know what is pissing me off more and more these days - normal sites that alot of us go to everyday (yahoo.com, weather.com, etc) that are now popping consoles on us for useless ads. It's almost like surfing on AOL :)

9th October 2001
Sorry I wasn't around yesterday - after my Bills suffered another pathetic loss, I decided to drown my sorrows in mass quantities of Bacardi and 7-Up :)

7th October 2001
Think about this while you suck down a few cold ones during the football games: If you bought $1000 worth of Nortel stock a year ago, it'd be worth $49 now. If you bought $1000 worth of your favorite beer a year ago, drank it all and took the cans back for the 5 cent deposit, you'd have $79 now :)

6th October 2001
Of course, I will be tailgating for the Bills/Jets game tomorrow and parking at my usual spot - we'll be there by Noon and guests include Jim from CyberErotica, Hank from MrSkin and Zippy from Zippy and Blamo. It'll be a good time - fun for the kids - bring the whole fa......errrrr, on 2nd thought, leave the kids at home :)

5th October 2001
Well, someone finally put one over the plate to Bonds - now if we can get the Jets to easy up on my Bills, maybe we can score a TD or 2 :)

4th October 2001
Hockey started last night and that makes me very happy, but for Christ's sake, would someone please pitch a ball over the plate to Barry Bonds!!!!

3rd October 2001
I watched that John Lennon special on TNT last night - alot of the performers were really good, like STP, Alanis Morrisette, Sean Lennon - Even Kevin Spacey. But some of them just butchered songs - like Imagine sounded like shit with that girl singing and Billy Preston playing that old funkadelic organ - Neil Young was much better on the Hollywood telethon :)

2nd October 2001
Even though I'm not ready, I've got my 1st of 2 Fantasy Hockey drafts tonight - wish me luck :)

1st October 2001
After watching my Bills get beat up yet again, I am officially a San Diego Chargers fan - GO FLUTIE!!!

30th September 2001
As September closes and seeing as I've been reading alot of Nirvana books lately, this seems appropriate:
1992 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage - Nirvana had opened the show and were relaxing afterwards. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were sitting with the 6 month old child, Frances: Courtney spotted Axl Rose and called him over to where they were sitting with Frances. "Axl, Axl!" she said. "Will you be the godfather of our child?" With several bodyguards looming behind him, Rose leaned over, his face reddening beneath a thick layer of makeup, and pointed his finger in Kurt's face. "You shut your bitch up or I'm taking you down to the pavement!" he screamed. The Nirvana entourage exploded in laughter, except for Kurt, who made as if he was about to hand Frances to Courtney so he could stand up to Rose. But instead he glared at Courtney and said "Shut up, bitch!" and they all exploded some more. Rose's then-girlfriend Stephanie Seymour then broke an awkward silence by innocently asking Courtney, "Are you a model?" "No," replied Courtney. "Are you a brain surgeon?"

29th September 2001
Yes, I will be at the Bills game tomorrow - should start tailgating around 9:00 AM - if you're going to the game, stop on by and have a cocktail - I'll be parked here.

28th September 2001
I'm sure alot of you have fantasy hockey drafts coming up over the next week or so - make sure to check out my buddies site - UltraHockey. It's got alot of very necessary fantasy info :)

27th September 2001
Hey! It's Meat Loaf's birthday today! If that's not an excuse to drink, I don't know what is :)

26th September 2001
Well, I'm flying home today - going thru the security at LAX should be alot of fun - I'll be getting there a little earlier then usual :)

25th September 2001
Before I left for LA I decided to take a book with me incase the movie sucked ass (see my comments a few days ago about Moulin Rouge - good thing I brought a book) I brought "Come As You Are" which is about the early years of Nirvana and was written before Kurt committed suicide. The weird thing about this is that yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of the release of Nevermind. Freaky? LOL

24th September 2001
My Bills just suck rancid ass - our defense was supposed to be fantastic, but the last 6 quarters they looked liked someones bitch - and Rob Johnson just does not have it - I wish we still had Flutie :)

23rd September 2001
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL! Being in LA and having to get out of bed by 10 AM to watch my Bills is not the easiest thing in the world to do! :)

22nd September 2001
I didn't catch as much of that telethon as I'd have hoped to, but I did get to see Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready from Pearl Jam sing with Neil Young - Vedder still has one of the best voices I've ever heard. Ok, enough of me talking - get outside and enjoy your weekend :)

21st September 2001
I've had enough of this "hand over Bin Ladin or else" crap - didn't we give them 72 hours on Monday? Action speaks louder than words - time to start blowing some stuff up :)

20th September 2001
If anyone ever tries to get you to watch that fucking Moulin Rouge moive, slap the shit out of them and tell them to fuck off - that has to be the WORST movie I've ever seen.

19th September 2001
My wife took our daughter to The Backstreet Boys concert last night - the one thing that struck her as odd was that they didn't search any bags or purses - this coming a few days after the NFL announced we can't even bring bags into the games - go figure.

18th September 2001
Call me crazy, but I am still taking my planned trip to LA tomorrow - of course, they cancelled one of the two flights I'm on, so I just spent an hour getting moved over to a new flight - oddly enough, when they did cancel the flight, they didn't move me to another one.

17th September 2001
It is my feeling that we all need to try and get back to doing what we were doing before the attack on us. I think one of the their goals was to disrupt the day to day operations here in the states and they pretty much succeeded last week. Don't get me wrong, I don't want everyone to forget about the tragedy, just that the faster we get back to normal, the stronger we will be :)

15th September 2001
IMHO, Falwell and Robertson have gone too far. It's beyond me how they can blame this on pagans, abortionists, feminists, homosexuals, the ACLU. Read what these morons have to say over at Yahoo.

14th September 2001
I got this in the mail a few times and saw it on a few message boards, so:
"Friday Night at 7:00 pm (EST), step out your door, stop your car, or step out of your establishment and light a candle. We will show the world that Americans are strong and united together against terrorism. Please pass this along to anyone and everyone on your e-mail list. We need to reach everyone across the United States, quickly."

13th September 2001
Many emailed in about this one - it is FALSE
"In the year of the new century and nine months, From the sky will come a great King of Terror... The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. Fire approaches the great new city... In the city of york there will be a great collapse, 2 twin brothers torn apart by chaos while the fortress falls the great leader will succumb the third big war will begin when the big city is burning"

12th September 2001
I am still in complete shock and really don't know what to say about yesterday. But, I will say this - if you own a gas station, don't use this tragedy to make yourself a few bucks - keep gas prices where they were Tuesday morning.

11th September 2001
Too much going on right now - if you haven't already, go turn on a fucking TV.

10th September 2001
Bills looked real good in the 1st half - no idea why they shit the bed in the 2nd half :(

9th September 2001
Bills game today - season opener at home - drinking starts promptly at 9 AM :)

8th September 2001
A few weeks back I mentioned that I was trying the vodka and water thing to see if it would cause less of a hangover - well, throw that theory out the window :) I'm off to my fantasy football draft (being hung over should make for some interesting picks)
PS - going to the Bills game tomorrow? Come have a beer with me :)

7th September 2001
MTV VMA's were last night - hi light of the show was Triumph the Insult Comic Dog asking if he could sniff Jennifer Lopez's butt - good stuff!

6th September 2001
If you live in or near Marion, OH, then I hope you enjoy the Popcorn Festivle :)

5th September 2001
I don't know about you, but my wife and I are doing the Snoopy Dance all day today - it's the 1st day of school!!!!!!!!

4th September 2001
Going to the Bills game on Sunday? Shoot me an email and I'll tell you where I'm going to park :)

3rd September 2001
Happy Labor Day!!! Happy Full Moon!!! Happy Birthday Alison Lurie, Irene Papas, Amber Lynn and Charlie Sheen!!!

2nd September 2001
Family picnic's bring out the best in me - I can officially say I cam the King of Bocce Ball (or Lawn Bolling) Sad, isn't it? :)

1st September 2001
September is here - It's Labor Day Weekend - time to get that last summer party in and start to think about football!

31st August 2001
This may be a bit of a morbid thought, but if you don't yet have a will, get one soon. It's hell when a family member passes and does not have a will - trust me.

30th August 2001
I got a call from the local radio station yesterday - I might be teaming up with them to do a flashing in the city type project - stay tuned :)

29th August 2001
Well, I think my hangover from the party this weekend is finally gone, so now I have no excuse as to why I haven't cleaned up or taken down the big tent in my backyard. I love having parties - I hate cleaning up after them :(

28th August 2001
How come I can stick to my diet when there's no company at my house, but as soon as I have some friends stay over from out of town, we gourd ourselves with alot of stuff that we just should not be eating?

27th August 2001
Is it just me, or the older you get, the longer the hangover lasts? It seems like just a few years ago, I could go 3 or 4 days straight partying and having a good time and not feel that bad after it was over. Do it for 2 days now and I still feel like someone ran me over 2 days later - LOL

25th August 2001
1st big party at the new house is today - 125 of our closest friends and family - the only problem is where the fuck are all these people supposed to park? LOL

24th August 2001
On August 24, 1996 I married my lovely bride Karen and I have never been happier - Happy Anniversary Karen - I Love You!!!! (sorry for the mushy personal crap on the website - LOL)

23rd August 2001
My amateur site, RealSexyAmateurs.com, is back up and running - thank God that headache is over :)

22nd August 2001
My apologizes to anyone trying to access my amateur site, RealSexyAmateurs.com - we had some technical problems early yesterday and we're hoping to get everything ironed out later today.

21st August 2001
The problem with buying a new house is that 99% of the time, the morons that lived there before you were basically lazy slobs. You can tell if this is true when you powerwash some concrete and realize it's actually a different color then what you thought it was when you bought the house :)

20th August 2001
Well, the BlinkerFluid.com cars didn't win their heats at the demolition derby last night, but the "Barbie" car did win "Best Paint Job" so I am proud of that (even though I didn't paint it - LOL)

19th August 2001
For those of you in WNY if you're going to the Erie County Fair Demolition Derby, look for the 2 BlinkerFluid.com cars in the night time shows. One is all pink with "Barbie" written on it (chick driver - go figure) and the other is white with Sesame Street characters (for my niece - again, go figure) Of course, we couldn't put the Greenguy on those cars - LOL

17th August 2001
Can you hear that? I you listen really hard, you can hear the casino in Niagara Falls calling my name! LOL See ya on Sunday :)

16th August 2001
Oh Man! My world is falling apart! The music group Aqua, who had that "Barbie Girl" song a few years back, is breaking up! What next?!?!?!!??!

15th August 2001
Well, after 5 days of having the cable modem work when it felt like it, I am very happy to be back online and actually able to surf (now if I could only get this damn free ICQ software to work - LOL)

14th August 2001
Like I said last week, it hasn't rained much here in the last 6 weeks. So Yesterday I decide to wash off the Viper and take it for a spin - doesn't it fucking rain on me and my just washed car!!!!!!!!

13th August 2001
The Bills played their 1st pre-season game last night and even though we lost (and I left the game early to watch my shows on HBO - LOL) it was quite exciting to be back at the game feeling the atmosphere.

12th August 2001
Is there a drought everywhere this summer? It's rained twice since the 4th of July and has been in the 90's almost daily up here (we usually get 4 or 5 days of 90's all summer) My lawn looks like someone painted it with shit colored paint :)

11th August 2001
I have one word that can describe my upcoming day: TOGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10th August 2001
I tested out an age old wives tale last night - you know how they say that after a night of drinking it's not the alcohol that causes the hangover, it's the mixer. So, I drank vodka and water all last night. I'm not hung over to the point where I can't see, but I do feel a little crappy :(

9th August 2001
I went to "Preview Night at the Erie County Fair" last night. For some God awful reason, my wife loves hanging around with the slack jawed yokels at these things. Well, seeing as it was preview night, it was only $2 to get in and $1 for each ride. Needless to say, all the people with $10 to their names were there last night - I wish I had my camera :)

8th August 2001
Call me crazy - call me a moron - call me a slacked jawed yokel, but I'm hooked on that Cannonball Run 2001 on USA this week :)

7th August 2001
Here's a very important tip - read and then re-read any email you get form your ISP - I did not re-read mine and missed the part about them deleting all my email at midnight last night because my mailbox was full of emails form that fucking Sircam Worm virus - so I lost some mail yesterday :(

6th August 2001
This damn email virus is really starting to piss me off. My dial-up just emailed me and told me that I had too much email on the server and to correct the problem ASAP or my account would be turned off. I can't even download my mail, let alone correct the problem that is infecting about 10% of the computers in the world!

4th August 2001
Just because I have the feeling that alot of you are not getting as much porn in your diet as you should be getting, I've decided to change things around on the website and have 7 updates a week - so unless it's a major US holiday, expect new porn sites to be listed :)

3rd August 2001
I took my 13 year old daughter golfing yesterday for the 1st time ever - we played 9 holes at a par 3 course - she beat me on 2 holes (if she could putt, she'd be dangerous - LOL)

2nd August 2001
I watched that MTV 20th Birthday Party last night - even though I feel the network has gone to shit in the last 4 or 5 years, it was really cool to see Sum 41 play with Tommy Lee and Rob Halford - I just wish Janes Addiction played something other then Been Caught Stealing :(

1st August 2001
August!?!?!?!?! (looks around) What the fuck happened to July!?!?!??! July is my favorite month of the year! :)

31st July 2001
Well, today the Code Red virus is poised to strike again - if you don't know about it, read up on it here.

30th July 2001
My calendar says that today is "Love Day" - I'm not sure what that means, but I think we should all go looking for "love" at some point today :)

28th July 2001
Here's how sad my animals are: As most of you know, I moved into a new house last week. I have a Golden Retriever named Grendal and 2 cats, D'arcy and Stella. We've been in the new house for a week. The dog has not left my side since we got here (he stands outside the bathroom and whines when I go to take a dump) Stella has decided that she too will follow me around the house, while D'arcy has decided that she will not leave the basement, unless it's very dark in the house. and as soon as she sees someone, she runs back to the basement :)

27th July 2001
Well, my golfing adventure included a birdie on a par 3, a par on a par 3 and alot of 7's, 8's and 9's - I'm not a strong golfer :)

26th July 2001
Screw this - summer is too short - I'm going golfing :)

25th July 2001
How's this for weird - my mother-in-law is over helping my wife unpack here at the new house. Today they will be doing my office. So as I sit here and look at porn all day, my mother-in-law will be in the room with me - LOL

24th July 2001
This fucking email virus that a shitload of people have is really pissing me off - I'm getting around 300-500 emails a day with the virus attached to them. If you missed yesterdays message, you need to go here to read about it and then go here to learn how to get rid of it.

23rd July 2001
There's a NASTY email virus going around - http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,45427,00.html If you have it, it sends the virus to everyone in your email address book. I don't have it, but I am seeing the effects of it as I am in ALOT of email address books :( Click on the link and go to Wired.com and read up on it.

22nd July 2001
It's Sunday - get your ass outside and enjoy yourself - stop sitting around looking at this computer :)

21st July 2001
Moving was hell - we hired a moving company and they sent 4 guys to my old house at 9 AM. We had everything pretty much packed, but with all the stuff I have, well, they left the new house around 9 PM - long ass day :)

20th July 2001
Today is moving day for me - wish me luck :)

19th July 2001
Was at the new house yesterday from 9 AM to 5 PM - the cable company had me set for a 9-11 AM appointment for putting in new lines and then they told the cable modem guy to come between 3-5 PM - now, remember that I'm not moved in yet, so I had to spend 8 hours in an empty house just for cable :(

18th July 2001
Well, it only took MCI 10 days to turn off the previous owners old phone number at my new house. Yup, 10 days for some moron to turn on their computer and click the "disconnect" button on that account. Hopefully, if you have a past due bill with them, they'll give you 10-14 days after the fact, too :)

17th July 2001
Why is it that when you fart, you can somewhat stand (possibly even enjoy) the smell - but if someone else farts (like your wife in bed) you almost throw up your dinner?

16th July 2001
Fucking MCI!!!! On Thursday they said the old phone line at the new house would be shut off in 24-72 hours. 96 hours later, the fucking phone line is still on - I hate these cunt assholes!

15th July 2001
Sorry I wasn't around yesterday - I had a wedding to stand up in, so congrats to my good friends Keith and Michelle :)

13th July 2001
Never use MCI as a phone company - I just bought a new house and went to get my phone lines put it. My company can't put them in til the old lines are turned off. So I call MCI to see when they'll be turned off and their reply is "Sometime in the next 2 weeks" I fucking flipped on these morons - how can they expect me to not have a phone for about 2 weeks? If the customer had not paid their bill, the fucking phone would be shut off within an hour. Fucking MCI cunts!

12th July 2001
Oddly enough, I've recently got a few emails from you guys asking for a bi-sexual site where it's 2 guys and 1 girl. The only one I could dig up is Three Pillows Is it a pay/membership site (sorry, but of all the years I've been online and looking as sites, I've only seen a handful of this type of site)

11th July 2001
Greedy fucking movie companies - when I 1st got a DVD player, I bought the movie Se7en, only to have them come out with a special edition DVD a few months later. Now, after having paid a few bucks for the Die Hard trilogy, I find out they've come out with the "new and improved" Die Hard Trilogy - the only way they could improve on Die Hard would be to re-shoot the fight scenes so that it was not so fucking obvious that Bruce Willis had a stunt double.

10th July 2001
If you buy a new house or just plain decide to do some improvements on the old one, never let your spouse talk you into letting their friends and family help with the painting - call a professional :)

9th July 2001
How come whenever I go to watch old X-Files episodes on TV I always miss the 1st 5 minutes and thus am very confused for the rest of the show?

8th July 2001
Hangovers and picnic's do not mix - I can tell you from experience :)

7th July 2001
Following up on what I said yesterday = why are you in the house? Go outside - find a picnic and some friends :)

6th July 2001
It's Friday and I really have nothing useful (or useless) to say, so just go out and enjoy your weekend :)

5th July 2001
Having the 4th of July land on a Wednesday really sucks ass. But just think, in 2003 it'll be on a Friday :)

4th July 2001
Happy 4th Of July!!!!!

3rd July 2001
I'm sad to see Hasek leave Buffalo but like I've said in the past, I have Biron on my fantasy team :)

2nd July 2001
Ok - I'm going to be somewhat back to work now - will probably not be at 100% til next week. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers :)

27th June 2001
I'd like to thank everyone for them emails and thoughts of support about the death of my step son. Many have requested info for sending flowers, but we are respectfully declining them. In lieu of flowers, we are asking that people make a donation to our local cancer hospital in his memory.

25th June 2001
On Friday my step son committed suicide, so I will not be online for the rest of the week. Some friends of mine will be adding new links and the site will be run as normal.

24th June 2001
Sorry for not being around yesterday - I've got some offline problems which I'll let you know about tomorrow.

22nd June 2001
I thought the 1st day of Summer would be a great day to finally get my ass on the golf course - it rained :(

21st June 2001
The announced yesterday that they will be building 2 casino's in the Western New York area within the next 18 months - this means that I don't have to go all the way to Canada to gamble anymore!!!!!!

20th June 2001
Seeing as today is World Juggling Day, I'll be out in the back yard with my 2 cats, my dog and a bowling ball :)

19th June 2001
My Simpsons Calendar says today is "Juneteenth" - I have no idea what that means (the calendar also has a month between June and July called "Smarch")

18th June 2001
So did you watch everyone choke yesterday at the US Open? If Tiger was on his game, none of that would have mattered, as he would have been 8 or 9 stokes ahead of everyone else and the don't have a playoff day for 2nd place - LOL

17th June 2001
Happy Father's Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16th June 2001
Incase you needed an excuse to have a few cocktails, today is the National Hollerin' Contest in Spivey's Corner, NC (just don't hold your own version of the contest - the neighbors will complain)

15th June 2001
Hasek won the Vezina last night for the 6th time - that didn't surprise me as much as Bill Barber getting the Coach of the Year award - I didn't know they gave that to the coach that had the most off ice problems because of a piss poor General Manager :)

14th June 2001
Gladiator is on HBO alot this month, basically because it won the Academy Award for Movie of the Year - my wife refuses to watch it, basically because it's set in ancient times. She also refuses to watch any movies that's set in outer space :)

13th June 2001
We're going to be coming very close to having record temps here this week and of course my air conditioner is broken :(

12th June 2001
Recently a local TV station has been playing "retro" Simpsons episodes - all from the 1st 2 seasons - Holy Fuck are those alot different from the last few years - Homer's voice is a tad bit off and Smithers appears to have been black for a few episodes :)

11th June 2001
McVeigh is dead and it's about time - that's all I'm gonna say about that.

8th - 10th June 2001
Happy Birthday Wishes to my mate Murray that runs Mega Porn Links - on that note I think I'll update and go camping :)

7th June 2001
Yesterday, the courts upheld their original decision and denied Timothy McVeigh his stay of execution. This was based on the fact that the fucker did it, that he admitted to doing it and all the lost files in the world are not going to save him. One news station said that they felt that McVeigh was just doing this to waste more taxpayer money. The fucker is scheduled to die on Monday.

6th June 2001
As promised, here's some pics of my new car :)

5th June 2001
As some of you know, I won a 2000 Dodge Viper at a porn convention last January from the people over at CyberErotica - well, I got that sucker on the road yesterday, learned how to drive stick really fast and it is a sweet ride - I'll get some pics up here for everyone as soon as the weather is nicer (it's gloomy around here - LOL)

4th June 2001
Call me sensitive, but I've been watching that Iron Chef show on FoodTV a little too much lately - Bobby Flay RULES!

3rd June 2001
I do love the summer months, but already I have something lined up that I have to attend each of the next 4 weekends - no rest for the wicked :)

2nd June 2001
My grandmother was born on June 2nd 1921, making her 80 years old today! So, even though it may seem a little sappy, I'd like to wish my Gran a Happy Birthday! (and if you see her, don't tell her about this site - she thinks I do "math" on the computer, as I was "always good at math")

1st June 2001
Not only does today mark the begining of Gay Pride Month, but it also Donut Day - I don't know what donut day stands for, but it can be used as an excuse to drink :)

31st May 2001
Call me crazy, but I hope that the Sabres don't sign Hasek for his final season (I have Biron in my fantasy hockey league and I need a goalie really bad - LOL)

30th May 2001
I reformatted the system last night and let me tell you, if you ever have to do that, make sure you have EVERYTHING backed up someplace!

29th May 2001
I joined a local gym the week before I left on my vacation, mostly because every since high school, I've gotten a tad bit fat (I blame high school, as they made me take gym classes 3 days a week, thus giving me a little exercise) Point being, after not working out for about 12 years, I am in pain - LOL

28th May 2001
If you are in the US, get off the fucking computer and get your ass outside - go find a fucking picnic - the internet is not your life!!!!

27th May 2001
Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick! I go away for a week and there were all kinds of events to talk about. The Democrats have control of the Senate - Bush got us all a tax break - Avs and Devils in the finals - I found out about most of this when I got home from my vacation, as watching TV in Mexico is not the easiest thing to do :)

18th - 26th May 2001
Vacation time :)

17th May 2001
I went out on Tuesday and bought the new Tool and Weezer CD's - the Weezer CD is still in the case, as I can not stop listening to the new Tool - do yourself a favor and go get it :)

16th May 2001
Nothing sucks worse then catching a cold/flu when it's ncie outside - trust me on this.

15th May 2001
You know what pisses me off about this whole Timothy McVeigh situation - the only people benefiting from this extra month are his legal defense team. He's guilty, he admitted this. He's going to be put to death. There are no documents in the world that are going to change this. I've never been happier to know that someone from my region (Western New York) was going to die.

14th May 2001
The XFL folded late last week, and it's basically our fault. I'm sure that alot of you, like me, watched the 1st week or 2 and then never really watched it again. The football itself was not the quality that we're used to watching in the NFL, but it wasn't that bad. Our expectations were too high and it really is a shame that the league had to go under :(

13th May 2001
Happy Mothers Day Mom (as if she's surfing on this website - LOL)

12th May 2001
Tomorrow is Mothers Day, so remember to, at the very least, give her a call or send some flowers (it's not to late to send flowers - trust me - LOL)

11th May 2001
I'm a little upset about the refs putting the whistle in the pockets last night, but I will say that I am now rooting for the Pens to win the Cup, basically because it'll do wonders for hockey if Mario wins :)

10th May 2001
My calendar says that today is "Whacking Day" Now I know the meaning of that, because I know what calendar I'm looking at - do you know what it means?

9th May 2001
It's good to get away fromthe computer for a week or so, but in my case, when you do get back to it, having to go thru 1000 pieces of email is NOT fun :(

8th May 2001
I felt very safe while entering Six Flags in Southern California yesterday, basically because they ran us all thru a metal detector :)

7th May 2001
I finally got to watch 61* last night on HBO - those NY City writers are oddly enough just as back stabbing today as they were back then.

6th May 2001
Sabres are now up 3 games to 2 and already I have Pens fans crying to me about their crappy goalie and how he likes to put the puck in his own net :)

5th May 2001
Me gusta Cinco de Mayo y Corona :)

4th May 2001
Tina!?!?!?!?! Well, at least it wasn't Keith - LOL

3rd May 2001
I don't know what's making me more happy today - the fact that my Sabres are right back in the race or that Tool and Weezer are releasing new albums in about 10 days :)

2nd May 2001
I am in such a shit mood today that I can't come up with anything intelligent to say.

1st May 2001
My Sabres are back in the race, probably due to the fact that we're back o the road (we haven't had home ice advantage for the start of a series in a few years, so they were a little confused)

30th April 2001
Sorry I wasn't around yesterday - I took the whole day off and did nothing but lay around and watch TV (aka hangover)

28th April 2001
I know it's short notice, but I will be throwing a stag tonight for my good friend Keith Puchalski at the Downtown LA Lounge (next to Victoria Square) in Lackawanna from 7:30-11:30 - $20 gets you free booze, food and a couple of naked ladies :)

27th April 2001
Today is Arbor Day, so if you don't go out and plant a tree, you are technically breaking the law!

26th April 2001
I do not think I'll be participating in "Take Our Daughters To Work Day" today (Sabres in 5!!!)

25th April 2001
Robert Downey Jr got arrested for public drunkenness - if you have a problem like his, do yourself a favor, invite friends over and get fucked up in the privacy of your own home :)

24th April 2001
Seeing as today is Armenian Mrtyrs' Day, I think it's a good thing that the Sabres have home ice advantage over Mario and the boys :)

23rd April 2001
Some of the plumbing in my house took a shit last night (no pun intended) and now I have Mr. Hanky living on my front lawn :)

22nd April 2001
Roman Cechmanek and Brian Boucher were so upset after yesterdays game that instead of going home to Philadelphia and facing the rath of the fans, they decided to end their lives. They went out onto Main St in Buffalo and when they saw the metro Rail coming, they jumped out in front of it. But alas, like everything else, it went right between their legs :)
Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week!

21st April 2001
Today is Tony Danza's birthday and even though he has not done anything good since he was on Taxi, I think we should all drink to him tonight (and then laugh hysterically at his acting career)

20th April 2001
The NFL schedules came out the other day - the Bills have two 4:00 home games, so it looks like there will be at least 2 Mondays where I won't be working :)

19th April 2001
What to watch tonight? Sabres vs Flyers? Survivor? Smackdown? It's a good thing I have 2 VCR's :)

18th April 2001
All the Sabres need to do is win one more game and then all you poor Flyer fans can stop emailing me and direct your anger at the real problem - that moron Bobby Clarke :)

17th April 2001
It's bad enough that the Sabres lost last night and won't sweep the Flyers when I go to tonights game, but now my PC is a tad bit fucked (yes, that is a technical term)

16th April 2001
Just a friendly reminder that taxes are due today :)

15th April 2001
Here's how fucking commercial Easter has gotten - go to easter.com and you'll get redirected to fucking Hallmark. No wonder so many people are depressed around the holidays.

14th April 2001
Saturday the 14th - damn, I sure hope that movie with Jeff Goldblum is on today :)

13th April 2001
Seeing as it's Good Friday, I always think back to my religion classes and how they told us that on Good Friday, between like 1 and 3 PM the sky was supposed to get dark, symbolizing the death of Christ. It's also odd how they kept us in classes during that time so that we couldn't see outside :)

12th April 2001
It's time for me to beg and plead for you to vote for Alicia (a girl on my amateur site) in that amateur babe contest. If you look at the girl that she's up against, I think you'll clearly see that she is not a true amateur. In any event, if you have a min to spare, please go vote for Alicia for me :)

11th April 2001
If you go to Pizza Hut and order one of those pizzas with the bread stick crust, do NOT expect to get the same bread sticks that they have on the menu. To be honest. they were quite horrible tasting :(

10th April 2001
Why is it whenever the weather starts to get nice I get the fucking flu?

9th April 2001
You know the cops have nothing better to do when your 11 year old son comes home and tell you they confiscated his skateboard because of some fucking silly ass town ordinance. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME!!!!!

8th April 2001
7 years ago today, Kurt Cobain was found dead of a self-inflicted shotgun wound. In all seriousness, I am still upset by this.

7th April 2001
My Sabres look to be 1 step away from the home ice advantage over the Flyers, thus causing many Flyer fans to have an overwhelming urge to beat up Rob Ray :)

6th April 2001
Why is it I feel the need to have golf on all the time during their major tournaments? I also find that whenever I do watch golf, Tiger shoots like shit - I must be a curse or something :)

5th April 2001
As the NHL playoffs approach, I will of course start talking about my Sabres again (even thought the NHL lawyers kindly asked me to not post the Sabres logo on the site anymore - LOL)

4th April 2001
Forget about watching BootCamp tonight - I'll be over at BoobCamp :)

3rd April 2001
I'm not sure how many of you noticed it, but I am one of the very few sites online that is advertising for Hustler.com I mention this not so much as a plug for the site, but because I just think it's so cool that I get to advertise for a magazine that kept me busy late at night during my youth :)

2nd April 2001
Do you feel that Wrestlemania lived up to it billing? There were a few things in there that made me say "Holy Shit!" but I don't think it was the greatest PPV ever (of course, having Lemmy and Motorhead there was pure genius on Vince's part)

1st April 2001
Did I put an April Fools joke on the site today? You be the judge - I'll be watching Wrestlemania if anyone needs me :)

31st March 2001
Just a friendly daylight savings reminder - Spring Forward - change your clocks today :)

30th March 2001
I am so fucking happy that Jerri got kicked off Survivor last night - mostly because now I won't have to listen to my wife call her a "cunt" every 5 minutes :)

29th March 2001
Yesterday, I talked about my monitor "shaking" and that I used Windows Help to correct it - alot of you emailed me and asked how I fixed it, so here it is:
Control Panel - Display - Settings - Advanced - Monitor - then change the frequency to a lower setting and see if that works :)

28th March 2001
A word to the wise - the display on my monitor has been "shaking" (for lack of a technical term) for about a month. I assumed it was shot, so I went and bought a new one. The new one shakes, too. So, I do what I should have done in the 1st place, I read the Windows help guide and now all is well :)

27th March 2001
I know there's alot going on in the wrestling world, but the best thing I saw yesterday by far was Randy Johnson nailing that dove with a 95 MPH fastball - all you saw was a POOF of white feathers :)

26th March 2001
There is nothing more depressing then sitting down to watch Futurama and The Simpsons only to find out that the TV edited edition of True Lies is on :(

25th March 2001
It's a little late, but seeing as we celebrated it yesterday, Happy Birthday to The Cock Lady!!!

24th March 2001
Deciding to go to the casino at midnight is NOT always a good idea :)

23rd March 2001
Yes another reason to watch HBO - they show crack whores sucking cock on their America Undercover series about hookers :)

22nd March 2001
I just got done listening to Vince McMahon o nthe Howard Stern show - much, much, much better then the Bob Costas interview :)

21st March 2001
While watching RAW last night, I was flipping during the commercials and found "Beyond The Mat" which was a documentary about the behind the scenes lives of a few professional wrestlers - I'd recommend fans and non-fans alike watch this, as it was very informative.

20th March 2001
At 8:21 AM EST the Vernal Equinox arrived - in other words, Happy 1st Day of Spring :)

19th March 2001
Did everyone see Vince McMahon on HBO with Bob Costas? I have a feeling that Costas was physically scared of Vince a couple of times, just proving that Vince is still a genius :)

18th March 2001
The day after a Saturday St Patrick's Day is quite possibly the worst hangover day ever :(

17th March 2001
Happy St Patrick's Day!!!!!

16th March 2001
They announced yesterday that the census numbers for my area show a drop in population - my wife's reply to this: "More food for us." I have no idea what that means, but it made me laugh myself silly :)

15th March 2001
I watched True Romance again the other day and noticed that there is about 5 minutes of screen time in there between James Gandofini and Brad Pitt - I just thought that was interesting due to their current movie, The Mexican (Plus I had a roommate that was exactly like Floyd, but that's a different story)

14th March 2001
Seeing as I am basically a couch potato when I'm not working, here's a program reminder - Survivor is on tonight at 8 and then The Simpsons are on at 9 - this could be the best hump day I've had in a long time :)

13th March 2001
Lindros to St Louis??? Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick, Bob Clarke has to be the meanest person alive today :)

12th March 2001
We got a new radio station here recently and for the 1st time, we have Howard Stern on in the morning, so I'm now confused if I should listen to him or the local guys, who are funny, but are not Stern funny :)

11th March 2001
I'm sorry - I have nothing at all to day today (I think I need a vacation)

10th March 2001
It's Saturday - get offline and enjoy your weekend :)

9th March 2001
Rapper DMX was released from a local jail this morning - the interesting thing is that he's now on crutches - rumor has it that while searching his cell on Wednesday, he tried to put up a fight now his knee is injured - not sure what that means, but if sounded interesting to me :)

8th March 2001
My supposedly nice and quite neighborhood has become very odd lately - 1st there was a fire that killed a few people, then some guy went thru all the unlocked cars in the neighborhood until he found one that had keys (happened to be a friend of the family's) and yesterday, some guy killed his wife around the corner from me, 3 houses away from my brother-in-law. Might be time to move :)
PS - Happy Birthday Emmy!!!!!

7th March 2001
Time for me to ask a favor from you - one of the girls from my amateur site, Alicia, is still in a context over at Scarlet Bra so if you could go over there and vote for her I'd appreciate it (besides, the other girl looks like a professional amateur, if you catch my drift)

6th March 2001
Cable modem is down today, so hopefully it'll get back up and I can review some sites for todays update :)

5th March 2001
So much to talk about today: Jerry "The King" Lawler left the WWF after his bride, Kitty, was shitcanned. 2 hours of The Soprano's to talk about. Napster still seems to work just fine. Today is the "Feast of Excited Insects" in China :)

4th March 2001
Happy Birthday Meatman!!!!!!!!

3rd March 2001
It's good to know that as of this morning , I can still fire up Napster and download Simpson's audio clips :)

2nd March 2001
Fucking Bills deciding to keep fucking Rob Johnson over Dough Flutie still has me really fucking pissed off - I hope Flutie signs on with another team and rips up the league like we know he can - good luck Doug!!!

1st March 2001
I don't know what I'm more upset and worried about: the fact that I have to go to the tax man today OR that the Bills decided to keep Johnson over Flutie :(

28th February 2001
I've never been one to celebrate Ash Wednesday, but I have been known to participate in Hash Wednesday :)

27th February 2001
I would like to put up a message saying rest in peace Sir Donald Bradman...you are a true insperation to all sports men and women...we will miss you.

26th February 2001
HBO just kicks ass - last night's season ending episode of Oz kicked ass and now, after over a year of waiting, The Soprano's will be back next week - I can't wait!!!

25th February 2001
It's the weekend - why are you online? Go spend some time with the family and friends - they miss you :)

24th February 2001
True story - 2 guys set fire to a shed behind a donut shop. The go their separate ways after starting the fire. The one guy hangs around close enough to watch it and when it really starts to kick, he decides to call the other guy on his cell phone. He misdials by 1 number and ends up getting the local Fire Chief, who calls out the troops to put out the fire and then gets the morons number off his caller ID, who then gets arrested. This happened about 1 mile from my house :)

23rd February 2001
I did forget to say thanks to everyone that sent in Useless Sites that other day - thanks to "KNTC Radio" as well as many others, I'm now set for a few days :)

22nd February 2001
Steely Dan released an album last year?

21st February 2001
I need help! My stockpile of useless sites is down to almost zero - so please, go thru your bookmarks/favorites and Email me a few of the sites that you have :)

20th February 2001
Am I getting old? Seems all I want to talk about these days are the cool movies I've watch...speaking of movies, Frequency was AWESOME :)

19th February 2001
I'm having a hard time determining which was better last night - the attack of the brain dumbing brains on Futurama or the return of Side Show Bob on the Simpsons - Matt Groening is a genius :)

18th February 2001
The more I watch the XFL the more I like it - I admit the football is not exactly up to NFL standards - but you have to admit it is entertaining :)

17th February 2001
Well, Bush has been in office for just under a month and it looks like we're going to war - WAY TO GO GEORGE W!!!!!

16th February 2001
I'm learning to adjust my schedule, both online and off, in order to watch The Simpsons 3 times a day - it makes the days seem alot fuller :)

15th February 2001
Seeing as I'm getting my crap together today, just a friendly reminder that it's better to get your taxes done early (if you end up owing money, just wait til the last day to file - LOL)

14th February 2001
It's Valentines Day - did you remember? I did, so it looks like I'm getting laid!!!!!!

13th February 2001
Today is Jerry Springers birthday, so in honor of that, go out and cheat on your partner with their cousin's milkmans 16 year old kid - odds are you're partner has already done it with you Aunt's neighbor :)

12th February 2001
Is this the end of Napster? I could not log onto it this morning for a few hours - just tried it again and it's working - it'd suck if they do go down, as I was just really getting into it :)

11th February 2001
How sad is this - I had to hand write a note yesterday - nothing major, about 2 paragraphs - but the problem is that typing all the time has basically ruined my hand-writing skills - LOL

10th February 2001
I watched the movie Lake Placid last night (with Bill Pullman and Bridget Fonda) No one told me that was a comedy - LOL

9th February 2001
There was a big fire in my neighborhood last night that killed 3 people - kinda makes you think a little bit about your own home. (sorry for the depressing thought on a Friday)

8th February 2001
Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick - traveling takes alot out of me - slept for 12 hours after getting off the plane and it is good to be home :)

7th February 2001
Well, I didn't get to go to Seattle so I didn't get to go to Cobains old house, but I will eventually get there and you will see pics.

6th February 2001
Today I continue my West Coast traveling - going up to Seattle to visit a buddy of mine that actually lives in Kurt Cobain's old house :)

5th February 2001
I'm still out in LA, trying to stay out of the sun so that I don't end up looking like a lobster :)

4th February 2001
So did everyone watch the XFL last night? I was able to catch the 1st half of the Vegas/NY-NJ game and it looks damn interesting with all those cameras and on-the-field interviews. and the football aspect of it wasn't that horrible, either :)

3rd February 2001
Hello to everyone from sunny Los Angeles. I'm out here on business, but don't worry - the site will remain open while I'm out here (I have 14 monkeys that live in my shed that are running the site for me - LOL)

2nd February 2001
Happy Groundhog Day to everyone (I'm hoping for 6 more weeks of winter - YIPEE!)

1st February 2001
I just saw Brian Bosworth on TV talking about the XFL (he'll be a color commentator I guess) He looks like shit as compared to how he looked in that Stone Cold movie from about 10 years ago - LOL

31st January 2001
I must have alot of time on my hands - I watched another movie last night - Galdiator (pronounced "glad-he-ate-her") It seemed like they packed up Braveheart and moved it to a warmer, less rainy climate :)

30th January 2001
I watched Pink Floyd: The Wall yesterday on Starz - I understand the album, I understand the stage show, but the movie confuses the fucking hell out of me :)

29th January 2001
Some things that pissed me off with yesterdays SuperBowl: The wrong Lewis won the MVP. That squirrels ad was NOT that funny. Kerry Collins is obviously back on the bottle. Pepsi's commercials sucked. Bud and Bud Lite were the big winners :)

28th January 2001
Super Bowl Sunday and I could care less - fuck the game, I want to drink and watch the commercials - and then of course watch Survivor :)

27th January 2001
I watched Battlefield Earth last night (my wife has wet crotch for John Travolta) and I now know why that movie lost a truckload of money - LOL

26th January 2001
Get those SuperBowl bets in now at my new Online Sports Book and Casino (tip: go with the under - LOL)
Oh Yeah, Happy Aussie Day (OIY OIY OIY)

25th January 2001
I was reading thru Entertainment Weekly while I was sitting on the throne yesterday and I was looking at the upcoming TV schedule and started reading about the upcoming episode of Oz - these bastards spilled the beans on everything that will happen next week - not hints either. Now I'm fucked for watching it on Sunday (or actually Tuesday due to the SuperBowl and Survivor) Be warned if you have a copy of it laying around.

24th January 2001
I don't know what I could care less about - Bush taking office or whoever wins the SuperBowl - I haven't been this uninterested in football since the last strike :)

23rd January 2001
Go check out the useless site of the day if you are a wresteling fan - but be careful, it is very painful looking.

22nd January 2001
For the 1st time in awhile, I can say that I was completely entertained by the WFF PPV last night, especially the Jericho-Benoit match, which I thought was going to be boring as hell. Good show, Vince :)

21st January 2001
I want to wish Keith a belated Happy Birthday and also wish Tank a Happy Birthday today (yes, I do know a man named Tank)

20th January 2001
I went up to the casino in Niagara Falls, Ontario last night - now, I can understand that their laws prohibits them from giving away free alcohol, but do that have to charge $5 a drink? Rotten fucking bastards! (of course, Vegas has spoiled me as far as casinos go)

19th January 2001
Today is the day I have been dreading for a long time - today I turn 30 years old.

18th January 2001
When I said that non-smokers were "uptight assholes" I meant that in the nicest way possible :)

17th January 2001
A friend of mine brought up a very good point as we were shoved like cattle outside to smoke during the Sabres game - what alot of non-smokers don't realize is that things like the new arenas that our sports teams play in comes from the taxes on smokes and alcohol. So, if you're one of those uptight non-smoking assholes, remember that the next time someone lights up near you :)

16th January 2001
Is it just me, or is WWF not the same without Foley around? I sure do hope that they bring him back for the PPV on Sunday :)

15th January 2001
Having 8 Australians in your house is not that bad, until they get all pissed up and want to have a snowball fight at 1:30 AM in your backyard :)

14th January 2001
Does anyone know what it feels like when 8 Australians invade your house? If not, I'll let you know tomorrow :)

12th January 2001
I bought a copy of S.O.D. (Stormtroopers Of Death) at the record store yesterday - I haven't heard suck beautiful moshing metal music in a long time - Scott Ian and Billy Milano are still fucking geniuses :)

11th January 2001
Here's a little tip for you the next time you want to go to the local electronics store and buy something - go there, check it out, tell them you'll be back the next day and then go online, find it for cheaper (thru yahoo or buy.com) and buy it from there. We just saved about $500 buying a cam-corder thru Yahoo as opposed to the local store :)

10th January 2001
I do love going away on vacation, but I hate coming home to all the snail mail and email that piles up when I'm away - of course, it's better then my old job where no one did a damn thing while I was away (Yes, I am talking about Sue)

9th January 2001
I'm back from Vegas, but I'm still on West Coast time, so the update may be a little late today. Did I mention that I won a Dodge Viper out there? Now all I have to do is find some chains or studded snow tires and I'll be all set :)

8th January 2001
I'm on my way home from Vegas today - my wallet is a little lighter but my driveway will look ALOT better - more on that in the next few days :)

6th January 2001
Things I've learned in Vegas: craps is a VERY addictive game - Black Jack is NOT my game - betting silly on Roulette is not always good - never send the wife off to play War on her own :)

4th January 2001
Hello from Lost Wages Nevada!!! I'm technically here on business, but they put the slot machines right on the way from my room to the convention center - it's just not fair!!! :)

2nd January 2001
I'm off to Vegas for a convention - not to worry, the site is still open and I will have new links every day - enjoy :)

1st January 2001
Welcome to the official start of the new millennium :)

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