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December 31 2005 - January 1 2006
Good Bye 2005! Hello 2006! Have a safe and happy New Year Eve and Day and I'll see ya on Monday :)

December 30 2005
I am so ready for this year to end, it's not even funny.

December 29 2005
Party prep time! I'd guess there will be 30 or so people here on Saturday, so I have some cleaning and prep work to do today.

December 28 2005
Well, the holiday's just keep rolling along. Tonight, I'll be heading over to my grandmother's for dinner. and this weekend, what started out as having a couple people over for New Years has turned into some big event with 30 or so people and a lot of them have already inquired about sleeping over - yipee.

December 27 2005
The head-to-head playoffs are over in my one big money Fantasy Football League and while I was not in the running for any of the top prizes, I was in out little consolidation playoffs called The Toilet Bowl (original, huh?) I fucking lost 198-190 :( So, no money for me this year. I did win the Toilet Bowl 2 years ago and other than that, I've never finished in the money in my 4 years in the league - I suck ass.

December 26 2005
Happy Boxing Day to all my Canadian Friends!!! Christmas was very nice for the most part. The family lost a couple of loved ones last year (Miss Ya Ryan! Miss Ya Jean!) but all the parties that we went to and had were actually very nice. My big present came in August when I for my Sabres tickets (game tonight against the Islanders BTW) But I got most of the people on my list an iPod which, from the way they act, has changed their lives :)

December 23-25 2005
Christmas officially starts tonight for me and the family, so I'll be scarce on here for the next few days. So Merry Ho Ho and all that crap to you and yours!

December 22 2005
I finally got to watch The 40 Year Old Virgin last night and I laughed my ass off. and yes, I do realize that the movie's been out for months now, but I think you know how I feel about going to the movies and being annoyed by slack-jawed yokels.

December 21 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday to you and yours! My wife has been away for the last six days and she's coming home tonight. While it's sorta nice to have the entire house to myself and eat bacon sandwiches in the nude and shit with the bathroom door open, it'll be nice to have her home :)

December 20 2005
I just realized that this weekend is fucking Christmas! Fuck me! I have some shopping to do :)

December 19 2005
Not only did the Bills loose badly, but there was no fucking snow! The game would have been watchable if there was 2 or 3 inches on the ground. When you think about it, all the national games from over the weekend were in cold climates - New England, New York, Buffalo, Washington and Chicago - and not even an inch of snow! Oh - I almost forgot - all those cute fireworks you saw on the ESPN coverage of the Bills game....I've never seen them before and I doubt I'll ever see them again.

December 17-18 2005
Big Bills game tonight! Well, it's not really that big for them, but it is the last home game of the season, it's supposed to snow (4-8 inches today and tonight) and it's on ESPN, which means that everyone can start up their "Buffalo Snow" jokes right around 8:35 tonight :) Sunday will be spent with my fat ass on a couch. See ya Monday!

December 16 2005
If you didn't watch The Apprentice last night, then this will have no mean to you at all. Can you fucking believe that Randall didn't give Rebecca the other job? He deserved to win and all that honky horse shit, but fuck me! Give the bitch a $150,000/year job!

December 15 2005
Clinton was at the Sabres game last night and if you were in the 200 level like me, you knew it as soon as you walked in the doors. I have never seen so many people with suits and ear pieces. Too bad he snuck out before the end of the game, but we did win and the Sabres are fucking shit hot!

December 14 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! On a completely unrelated topic, Bank Of America and other industry leaders are recommending that if you own stock in Sirius Satellite Radio, now is the time to sell (you reading this Dorse?)

December 13 2005
What a fucking mess yesterday was. No fucking cable modem for 10 hours because they were doing some sort of upgrade on the lines on my street. Of course, they started their little upgrade at the other end of my street and so we had no TV or internet until 5:30 or so yesterday afternoon. This why there was no update yesterday and I apologize about that.

December 10-11 2005
Still not an overwhelming amount of snow here, but it is supposed to pick up just in time for the Bills Pats game Sunday afternoon, which will be just wonderful! The best games of the year are the ones where it snows during the game and even though New England comes from snowy a snowy climate as well, Buffalo always plays good at home and we love the fucking snow! I'm outta here til Monday :)

December 9 2005
Sabres won in OT last night and the big snow storm held off until I after I got home. It started off like it's be a big storm, with about an inch of the lovely white stuff falling nice and calmly the 1st hour. But then the wind picked up and now it's just blowing around and not accumulating and schools are open and it's just another winter day in lovely Western New York.

December 8 2005
I'm going to the Sabres game tonight, which is really gonna fuck up my TV watching schedule, which will really upset my wife. Plus there's supposed to be a snow storm hitting during the game, which should make the ride home just fucking lovely.

December 7 2005
It's Whip'em Out Wednesday and all I can say to the boys is "Good Luck, Bros"

December 6 2005
I was looking at the next few weeks of football and trying to schedule my holiday plans (Christmans and New Years) around all the NFL games over the next few weeks. So far, the only bad thing is that I'll have to watch the Bills game on my mom's 19" TV on Christmas Eve :(

December 5 2005
Saturday was good, as I won a couple rounds of poker. Yesterday was horrible as the Bills choked on a big fat cock and lost to Miami after leading 21-0. But my Fantasy Football teams did go 4-0 for the 2nd time this season, which is good, but not great, since only 2 of them will make the playoffs that start next week. and I'm really fucking tired today for some reason.

December 3-4 2005
Poker, boxing and hockey tonight....my fat as son the couch watching football tomorrow. Have a nice weekend everyone :)

December 2 2005
BRRRRRR! It's snowing down here in the southern part of Western New York. There's a Winter Storm Warning that went into effect at Midnight and is supposed to be in effect until 6 AM tomorrow. Some places will get 1-2 feet of snow. Too bad the Bills are away this weekend :(

December 1 2005
Welcome to December everyone! I think it's about time I started my internet shopping for Christmas, as I will not be seen in any stores this year as I just fucking loath people. I'm surprised I leave the house to get the mail these days :)

November 30 2005
I watched Mr and Mrs Smith last night - pretty good movie. and yes, I do realize that the movie is very old and was in theaters over the summer, but I just can't fucking stand going to the movies and watching these while being annoyed by people. Yes, I'm one of the many reasons that the movie sales are down once again this year.

November 29 2005
Hey Canada! Now you can legally listen to Opie and Anthony as well as a shitload of other cool music and talk since XM Radio is now available to all of you :)

November 28 2005
Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

November 26 2005
Sabres beat up on the Canadians last night, which made me very happy thinking about all their obnoxious fans having a long bus ride home :) Birthday Party tonight, Bills Game tomorrow and yes, we finally have snow!

November 25 2005
Happy Black Friday! Just like I sorta predicted 2 days ago, this big storm they've been calling for all week completely missed us - I can still see grass.

November 24 2005
Happy Turkey Day to all my US friends! To everyone else on the Earth, Happy Thursday :)

November 23 2005
BIG snow storm is heading our way tonight - or so they say. I would not be surprised if we got no snow what-so-ever as these local weathermen are know for dropping the ball on this kind of stuff.

November 22 2005
My friend that runs Smut Gremlins came into town yesterday, so we had to go and make a donation at the casino (which is why I'm so late this morning and so broke for the rest of the week)

November 21 2005
I'm not sure what shocked me more yesterday - that I have a very good change to go 4-0 in Fantasy Football (after last week's 0-4) of that they killed off Caesar in Rome. He's seemed to be the main character! :)

November 19-20 2005
Happy Weekend To Everyone! Poker tonight followed by a lot of football tomorrow. See ya on Monday!

November 18 2005
Did I mention that winter arrived at my house yesterday? We have a good foot or so of snow here and it's still snowing. The really crappy thing about this is that next week it'll warm up and all this will melt and we'll have nothing but mud until mid December.

November 17 2005
Just a reminder to all you Opie and Anthony fans that don't have XM Radio. If you have DirecTV, you can now listen to them on channel 879 :)

November 16 2005
Having Sabres season tickets is really crimping my TV watching. Sure, they won last night and it was a good game, but going to 2 games each week is really putting a strain on my TiVo - today I have to watch the last 2 episodes of The World Series Of Poker (even though I've known who won for months)

November 15 2005
I think I had the worst weekend ever in my Fantasy Football history. Not only did I go 0-4, but I don't think I was even close to winning. I really have no idea why I waste my money and time on this crap, as year after year I just continue to suck balls.

November 14 2005
Bills won yesterday and Losman looked pretty fucking good coming in after Holcomb got his bell rung. If you saw the security guard get plowed over on ESPN, they reported that he broke his leg, which is false. He's got a sprained ankle (Tice is worse off)

November 12 2005
Sabres beat up on the Leafs last night, which made me extremely happy since I think there were more fans down from Toronto than Buffalo fans in the arena. I truly hope they enjoyed their ride home :)

November 11 2005
Happy Veterans Day! My step-daughter's knee surgery went well and ate up most of my day, so now I have a shitload of work to do before I fuck off and watch the Sabres beat up on the Maple Laughs :)

November 10 2005
My beloved Sabres really stink without Miller between the pipes :( My step-daughter is having knee surgery today, so I'll be sitting in a waiting room with my XM MyFi listening to O and A all day :)

November 9 2005
Between HBO and The History Channel, I'm learning so much shit about The Roman Empire that my head is spinning. This about how fucking advanced they were, not to mention that the built a wall splitting Great Britain in half. I get the feeling that if their empire did not fall, we'd be a bit further along in the technology game.

November 8 2005
So much for the Pats dynasty :)

November 7 2005
I spent part of yesterday writing complaint emails to CBS about their lack of HD football games on Sundays. Fox it great - every fucking game is in HD. But CBS, who had the double header weekend yesterday, had only 2 HD games out of the 6 they were broadcasting. At 1:00, the people of Buffalo got to watch the Bengals and Ravens, which was not in HD and no one outside of southern Ohio and Maryland even cared about the game. At the same time, the HD game between the Jets (in the same division as the Bills) and the Chargers (best RB in the game today) was not shown. I did find out that the local station is useless, as they pretty much only rebroadcast what CBS sends them. So I sent a nice letter to CBS :)

November 5 2005
It really is a sad fucking day when there's more fan rooting for the visiting team at a Sabres game - plus we lost, which makes it even worse (just ask the ass in the minivan that I would not let cut in front of me in the parking lot) Dinner with the family and then poker tonight - ass on the couch for football tomorrow :)

November 4 2005
I've got one of 3 huge projects that I'm working on to finish today (fucking deadlines) and I have to lug a big fucking TV over to the repair man and then I have to get a satellite dish off my Dad's roof and then the Sabres game - busy busy busy :)

November 3 2005
Sabres got their asses handed to them last night and it was kinda painful to watch. Hopefully we'll do better against the Habs on Friday.

November 2 2005
I stayed up til about 1 last night watching Episode III on DVD and I have this feeling that I'll be up very late tonight watching the extra's.

November 1 2005
Within the span of about 2 months, my TiVo took a shit, my TV has audio but no display and now my fucking DVD player won't play anything. All Sony, which I loved up until this happened :(

October 31 2005
Did Bruschi play last night? I didn't hear his name mentioned that much, other than EVERY FUCKING 5 MINUTES! Believe me, I understand that it's remarkable that he's back at all, let alone back after 8 months, but fuck me! He missed a tackle on the 1st Bills series and you'd have thought he cured cancer. He had 2 solo tackles and 5 assists, which is not that big of a day for a LB. ESPN also shows that he had 30 or so "hits" - can anyone that watches football on a regular basis tell me what constitutes a "hit"? I've never even fucking heard of that stat! and if you're wondering if I'm on this rant because the Bills lost, I can honestly say no. I was thinking of what I was gonna put up here when the Bills were up 16-7.

October 30 2005
Football Football Football! It's 9:00 AM here and I've already watched 1/2 hour of football stuff. With the Bills game tonight against the Pats, I should be watching 15 hours of gameday goodness :)

October 29 2005
I'm letting my niece have some friends over to celebrate her birthday and then all these October Family Birthday's are officially over :)

October 28 2005
I watched a movie last night that just has me flabbergasted - it's called Bad Boy Bubby (and I get no credit for that link) It's an Australian film that was made in 1993 about a 35 year old who lives with his mother and has never been outside of their dingy apartment. Good movie - I highly recommend it.

October 27 2005
Congrats to the White Sox on their World Series victory and for keeping me up very late 4 of the last 5 nights. Also congrats to Mr Skin (yeah, the celeb guy) as I know he's a HUGE White Sox fan!

October 26 2005
I'm exhausted today. I started watching the game last night around 9:00 or so and 5 hours later, I'm still up watching and hoping that Houston can pull it out. I like both teams for some reason and I just want to see a good 6 or 7 game series. Plus, watching the umps make their case for instant replay is delightful :)

October 25 2005
What a horrible week in Fantasy Football for me - I lost in all 3 of the ESPN leagues that I'm in, but I did manage to squeak out a win in the real money league, even though I forgot to put in my 2nd DL and one of my WR's posted a big fat zero.

October 24 2005
My Bills lost and I pretty much expected that, because they suck balls on the road. But what made me laugh was watching Dallas blow the game to Seattle. Are you happy you have Bledsoe now? :)

October 23 2005
October brings a lot of birthday's for the Greenguy Clan and today we are celebrating all of them. So a big Happy Birthday to Samantha, Steve, Ashley, Craig and especially to my lovely mother :)

October 22 2005
It's raining here in lovely Western New York today, which really does suck ass. My step-daughter's Homecoming is today, so that means she has to stand on a float in the rain and then get dressed up and dodge rain drops on the way into the dance. Plus I was going to get all this summer crap that laying around my yard put away, but fuck that - the picnic table can site in the rain for another week :)

October 21 2005
I got suckered into going to a silent auction last night that benefited the local philharmonic orchestra and I have this feeling that I just raped them of some really cool items. The big ones were 2 autographed footballs - Willis McGahee and Eric Moulds :) I also got a shitload of Bills stuff and a table full of poker supplies.

October 20 2005
I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I thought I might have pulled my groin. Well, after a couple of visits to various doctors, I have some sort of bacterial infection down there and they are 99.44% sure it'll go away with antibiotics and whatnot. I only share this with you because that was the major even that happened in my life yesterday :)

October 19 2005
Well, my wonderful weekend of entertaining friends has some and gone and now my life is getting back to normal. I'm buried with work and looking at the email inbox, I'm fucked for the rest of the week. Oh well, I guess it's better to be busy as opposed to sitting around looking for shit to do.

October 14-18 2005
I've got a couple people coming in for the weekend - Kat and Torn who run their own site, Ramster who runs Busty Cafe& jaYMan who runs Raven Riley- are coming in for the Bills/Jets game on Sunday, but knowing how things are around here, we'll be partying and playing poker and whatnot for the entire weekend. The site will of course be updated as usual, just that I don't plan on spending a lot of time online. Have a nice weekend and GO BILLS!

October 13 2005
I watched the baseball game last night (yes, I do tend to watch the playoffs) I saw the ball hit the ground and bounce up into the catcher's mit. Look at it again - you can clearly see it deflect up into the palm of his mit and not into the webbing, which is where it would have been if he did catch it. Good call! GO SOX!

October 12 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! Other than that, I've got nothing.

October 11 2005
The Sabres played Pittsburgh last night (we won) and I decided to dust off my old Tocchet jersey from about 15 years ago and wear it to the game. In between periods, my brother-in-law and I see Sabre Tooth, Buffalo's mascot. He gives my brother-in-law a high-five and then I go to do the same, but since I'm wearing the Pittsburgh jersey, he pulls his big red paw away at the last second and leaves me hanging. I got dissed by a mascot!

October 10 2005
Sabres won on Friday (yes, I know they lost on Saturday), I won playing cards on Saturday, the Bills won yesterday and it looks like I'll go 3-1 overall with my Fantasy Football teams. I think that makes it a good weekend :)

October 7-9 2005
Good Friday To You and Yours. Busy weekend for me - Sabres game tonight, poker and whatnot tomorrow and then I get to watch Kelly Holcomb lead my Buffalo Bills to victory on Sunday! (yeah - that'll happen) Enjoy your weekend everyone!

October 6 2005
NHL Season kicked off last night and I went to my 1st regular season game in a long time. I was ready to blow off the entire season until my wife got me season tickets. and after watching my Sabres beat up on the Islanders, I'm back to being a big fat hockey fan :)

October 5 2005
I running low on Useless Sites! If you know of a website that is just a complete waste of time and space, please, for the love of all that's good, Email Me Your Useless Sites

October 4 2005
Congrats to Opie and Anthony on being on XM Radio for 1 year. and while I'm handing out accolades, congrats to XM Radio on hitting 5 million subscribers :)

October 3 2005
The good news about my weekend is that I brought some of my money back from the casino :) Other than that, the Bills sucked ass, I think all 4 of my Fantasy Football teams lost and I do believe I pulled my groin :(

September 30 - October 2 2005
I'm outta here for the weekend - gonna go donate some money to the casino up in Niagara Falls. Have a nice weekend everyone :)

September 29 2005
UGH what a morning! Rain woke me up around 5 and as soon as I dozed back off, the power went out, which sets of this little radio alarm thing that we have, so I've pretty much been up since 5 and without power til about 10:30. Nothing like sitting at your computer with the back-up generator rumbling away while you think of what you can do with no internet connection.

September 28 2005
Here's something that I just don't get and maybe you guys and gals (I'm sure there's at least 2 ladies reading this) can explain it to me. What the fuck is with this new obsession with cell phone porn? How fucking desperate are you that you need to look at porn on your cell phone? The display on my cell phone is pretty big, but it's still smaller than a Zippo lighter. What the fuck are you going to do with a pic that small? You want cell phone porn? Look at this page of pics, but don't click on the thumbnails...just look at the pics - that's about the size the pics would be on your cell phone.

September 27 2005
I'm a bit lost these days after watching Hurricane Rita coverage for the last 2 weeks. It's like there's nothing on TV anymore. Which does bring up a good point - for the last 6 weeks, the news has been pretty much nothing but hurricanes. I understand that they have to cover them, but are we all to assume that there's nothing else going on in the world? If there were no hurricanes, none of the events in the world would be getting any coverage? Silly.

September 26 2005
The Bills looked like shit yesterday. The Defense was horrible (Spike fucked up his achillies, so he's gonna be out for a long time) and Losman, while he is learning to throw the ball away instead of taking a sack, was pretty much horrible. If it wasn't for McGahee, we'd be truly fucked.

September 24 2005
I went to a comedy club last night - the MC sucked ass, the opening act guy was a complete tool, but the headliner was a "soul brother" named Brian Green and he was very funny. Of course, when I got home, I sat in front of the TV until 5 watching the hurricane, which looks bad, but I don't think it was nearly as bad as Fox News said it was going to be. I hate watching Fox News, but you almost have to because of their "OH SHIT!" factor. Stag today, Bills game tomorrow - see ya Monday!

September 23 2005
We're going out with some friends tonight to celebrate a birthday and I guess we're going to a comedy club. I've never been to one locally, but I have to assume it's the same as watching a local band that you've never heard before...you'll like a couple songs (in this case jokes) but for the most part, it'll be horrible.

September 22 2005
God is really upset with some of you - not me, because I don't believe in God, so it's impossible for him to be upset with me. 1st it was the tsunami. Then Katrina. and now with Rita a couple days from hitting land, he fucks up a Jet Blue plane and drops a couple of tornado's on Minneapolis. I can't wait for winter to see what he throws at the people in my neck of the woods :)

September 21 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday and welcome to fall :) Maggie won Big Brother last night and from what I saw on the show, I was in the minority by backing the "Nerd Herd"

September 20 2005
Once again, I went 3-0 in the ESPN "Down More Than They Are Up" Fantasy Football Leagues, but I lost in the real league that I'm in once again, making me 0-2 and proving that I do suck ass.

September 19 2005
The Bills looked like complete shit yesterday, which is sorta par for the course with them. They have this tendency to look really good one week and then look like complete shit the next. I'm a tad bit worried about Atlanta coming here next week.

September 18 2005
I lost my ass playing poker online last week, so we had a couple people over last night and played for real. I'm up....but do feel kinda guilty taking money from my family and friends :)

September 17 2005
I'm in a bit of a better mood today :) I hooked up an "over the air" antenna to my HDTV yesterday and now I can finally watch Fox in HD (the local cable company and Fox are fighting over the money involved, so I don't get to see anything on Fox in HD) and, to my delight and surprise, I can also pick up CBC's HD feed out of Toronto, which means I'll be able to watch Hockey Night In Canada in HD :)

September 16 2005
I am just angry lately :) I was out doing some running around yesterday and saw one of those ass-clowns that has 7 of those magnetic ribbons on the back of their mini-van. One for the troops and one for cancer and then I spot it. Quite possibly the most fucking ridiculous "ribbon" I've ever seen. It's brown, has the laces on it and all it says is "Football". Football? Since when do we need to show our support for football? I can sorta see where some scumbag would sell the ribbon to make a buck or two, but what the fuck went thru this morons mind when they saw it? "I'd like to show my support for football!" I wanted to pull up next to them at the light, get out, shove my butt in their window and just release my anger via my asshole.

September 15 2005
What's with Bush and his need to hog the spotlight? Incase you didn't hear yet, he's going on at 9 PM EDT tonight to talk about rebuilding after Katrina. Now don't get me wrong, everyone knows this is a horrible tragedy and I'm sure most of you have already donated in one way or another. But why the fuck does he have to interrupt the middle of the biggest night in television...during Premier Week for a lot of shows? It's not like the news hasn't covered it. With the exception of the power outage in LA distracting Fox and their fear mongers for 2 days, the news has been nothing but Katrina. There's no need for him to come on in Prime Time and try to explain how he didn't really fuck this up.

September 14 2005
I am so fucking sick of ESPN's Fantasy Football problems. 1st, the live drafts kept crashing. They they put a lot of the last minute drafts to "auto pick" because of their server issues. Then they were pretty much down all day yesterday. and I'm fucking paying for this! If you're one of the people that's upset as well, do yourself a favor next year - check out Stats World - $80/league (your league pays ESPN more once you total up all the members) and it's basically the same thing without all the useless bells and whistles.

September 13 2005
The 1st part of the Opie and Anthony Auction ended yesterday and I was the top bidder on 2 items so far. I got an autographed copy of Robert Plant's latest CD (I am a huge Zeppelin fan) and I got some of the boys Attack On The Media signs. Poke around over there - it's not all just O and A stuff (the Robert Plant CD is a good example) There's a lot of autographed WWE stuff if you're one of those guys that into wrestling :)

September 12 2005
You probably didn't see it because it was overshadowed by 4 other games with serious/popular undertones, but my beloved Bills looked awesome yesterday. Sure, they ended up kicking 5 Field Goals and only scoring 1 Touchdown, but the Defense looked phenomenal and the Offense will eventually score more. Losman looked very good too :)

September 11 2005
The FlagGuy that's on the upper right of the page says it all.

September 10 2005
What's with our bible-thumping government? 1st I hear that Bush declared Sept 16th "National Day of Prayer and Remembrance" for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not the concept that I have a problem with - I agree with that 100%. It's the wording. Prayer? What the fuck is that? I could think of many other words to use that would not have some sort of hidden religious agenda. The 2nd thing that ticked me off is that FEMA, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to promote television evangelist Pat Robertson's charity. Did you know that this charity "donated" over $800,000 to Robertson's "ministry" last year? Do yourself a favor - if you haven't donated already, give to the Red Cross.

September 9 2005
If I see another commercial or ad for that fat fuck Billy Fucillo and he HUGE car deals I'm going to bite someone in the face. This asshole makes me physically ill. If you live in Upstate New York, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

September 8 2005
YIPEE!!!!! Football Season is finally here! Make sure you get your line-up's in for tonight's game :)

September 7 2005
I've been getting caught up on a lot of TV over the last few days. HBO's Rome looks to be fucking kick ass, but then again, most shows they put on are (The Comeback being the obvious exception) Big Brother is keeping me very interested as well, even though I'm still pissed off about the 300 fuck up.

September 6 2005
Happy Back To Work After The Holiday for all my US friends :)

September 3-5 2005
I've got poker Saturday, Fantasy Football Sunday and the holiday on Monday, so have a nice weekend :)

September 2 2005
How fucking hard is it to air-drop food and water to these people in the hurricane area? Oh yeah, I almost forgot...all our troops are over in Iraq. There's a company that I do business with that's still in New Orleans and they have power, so check this site out.

September 1 2005
Welcome to September :) Like the rest of you, I've been watching the news over the last few days and my heart goes out to all of those down in New Orleans and the surrounding area.

August 31 2005
I had my 1st Fantasy Football draft on ESPN last night. and it was fucking horrible. Their servers just kept crashing and disconnecting everyone. I didn't fuck up any picks, but it took a lot longer than usual.

August 30 2005
I went to the dinner with the Buffalo Bills last night and it was pretty cool. My step-daughter got a lot of autographs on a football we brought - Losman, McGahee, Spikes, Fletcher and Moulds were the big names. and my mother got to drool over meeting Losman for the 1st time :)

August 29 2005
I'll officially be back to work tomorrow. Thanks to all of you that emailed me over the last week or so.

August 24 2005
My step-son passed away yesterday, so I'll be scarce for the next week or so. I do have some friends that will be updating the site for me, so things will be running pretty much normal around here.

August 22 2005
Enough of me teasing you with what's new around here. A lot of your emailed me already because you noticed (thanks for paying attention) The Greenguy's Galleriessection has been completely updated and now contains a lot of new categories that are a lot better than the "Asian Thumbs" type of descriptions that I had in there before. I'll be adding a handful of new galleries each day, so check it out after you've gone thru the normal yet wonderful listing that I have :)

August 20 2005
I did manage to record the segment on The Opie and Anthony Show where they said my name. It's about 15 minutes long and you can listen to it here. If you don't have XM Radio I strongly recommend that you look into getting it, not just for O and A, because there's a lot of shit on it that I listen to when they are on vacation :)
OH YEAH! That little surprise that I have for you? Poke around.......I'll officially tell you what it is one of these days :)

August 19 2005
I do still have a surprise for you, but that will have to wait until tomorrow as today I am giddy with excitement! Long story short, I got my name mentioned on The Opie and Anthony Show this morning. I'll have audio once it's replayed, because when I was recording it, I started to scream with glee when I heard Anthony say "Thanks to Greenguy In Buffalo for the pics" and fucked up the recording :)

August 18 2005
As promosed yesterday, two more new categoeies have been added:
BBW Nudes - Mature Nudes
I think that's it for now, but I will have a surprise for everyone tomorrow :)

August 17 2005
I've been working hard and now I can prove it :) Two new categories were added today:
3some Sex - Spanking Porn
Enjoy them and keep an eye out for a couple more new categories in the near future!

August 16 2005
Well, my buddy's band didn't win, but I guess life goes on. Come to think of it, speaking of life, I really have to get ready for my upcoming Fantasy Football drafts :)

August 15 2005
I went to the Erie County Fair last night to see my friend's band Three Man play in a contest and I have no idea if they won. I left as soon as I voted, because I was sick to my stomach from laughing so much at all the fucking freaks that live in my area. I wish I had a camera :)

August 14 2005
Thanks to a lot of you, I'll be at the Erie County Fair tonight watching my friend's band Three Man play in Buffalo's Next Wave Battle Of The Bands and I really can't wait. I can't fucking stand going to the fair as the unwashed masses of Western New York scare the living shit out of me, but I will put up with the slack-jawed yokels to see my buddy's band :)

August 13 2005
Well, the 1st official Bills preseason game is tonight and I'm already psyched to watch a little football! (and of course play some poker)

August 12 2005
Are you watching Big Brother? If so, what the fuck were you people thinking? Kaysar is OK for the game, but brining Eric back would have been like throwing a time bomb into the house. BTW, as of the time I'm typing this blurb, it's down to Kaysar and Jenn for HOH :)

August 11 2005
Here's how busy I am - I didn't even play poker yesterday :) Seriously, there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes here and while I don't want to give out too much info, lets just say that the total number of links on here is not decreasing for no reason :)

August 10 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! I'm buried with work since I took 4 days off, which is a good thing I guess, since having no work to do would mean that something is seriously wrong. (you have to think that way when you own your own business)

August 9 2005
All my guests are now gone and it was a terrific weekend (even if I did loose money playing cards) and thanks to all of you that voted for my friend's band Three Man last week, as they made the finals and I'll get to go see them live this weekend :)

August 5-8 2005
Busy party weekend for me - I have a couple people coming into town and yes, I will name-drop to make me think my cock is bigger than it actually is. The guest list includes Javes, DrBizzaro, Useless from Whoring Wives, Jim from Rent DVD XXX, the original Smut Gremlin, Joey from Amateur Facialsand last but not least, the King Of All BBw's from Chubby Links. So I'll be scarce, but the site will of course be updated :)

August 4 2005
After almost 4 months of fucking around trying to get the proper diving board installed for my pool, it is going in today :)

August 3 2005
Can you do me a really quick favor? My friends have a band (I think they are awesome, but I might be biased) and they have a chance to play at our County Fair next weekend. In order to do so, they need to finish in the top 5 of this poll. So please go and vote for Three Man for me so that I can see them play on a big stage in front of a real crowd. If you'd like to check out the band for yourself, you can do so on their official site. Thanks :)

August 2 2005
I wish I had something intelligent to say here today, but the fact is that I worked my ass off yesterday on a boring project that none of you would care about and I have to finish it today so my brain is kinda fried.

August 1 2005
Welcome to August everyone - summer is 1/2 over and I truly hope you're happy about that!

July 31 2005
Well, the "bet on names that I like" philosophy didn't work out too well last night at the track. Out of 12 races, I picked 1 winner - ONE LOUSY WINNER - and that was in the 3rd race. I do have to say that you will find a completely new class of ugly people at the race track :)

July 30 2005
My slide down the hill to become a complete degenerate gambler will continue today as we are going to the local race track to bet on some horses. I know NOTHING about horse racing, so I'll be very silly and bet on names that I like :)

July 29 2005
New music? Anyone? Foo Fighters new CD seems to be very good - but then again, all of their CD's are, so that doesn't surprise me. How about the new White Stripes? I hated it at 1st (except for the 1st song which is fucking wonderful) but the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. Jack White is a brilliant man.

July 28 2005
After 2 days of loading all my CD's onto my laptop, my iPod is finally loaded up with 800 or so songs. I was going to just dump entire CD's onto it and sort things out later, but I went thru and picked what songs I wanted and whatnot. So I've filled up 4 of the 15 gigs and now I'm just waiting for my little accessories kit to come in so that I can try it out on the stereo :)

July 27 2005
I won an iPod about 16 months ago and I finally got off my ass and hooked it up to my laptop (it didn't like my regular computer for some reason) I think I will enjoy using it once I go thru all my CD's and get music loaded onto the laptop and iPod (yes, I am rather sad and still have most of my music on CD)

July 26 2005
The Space Shuttle is scheduled to launch this morning. I'm interested like everyone else and when I turned on the TV, I went to the local Government channel that says it's "NASA TV" from now until sometime this afternoon. I turn it on and it's nothing but Public Service Announcements - I despise my cable company.

July 25 2005
Welcome to Monday everyone! Get back to work - you're little weekend is over :)

July 24 2005
Today is my 11th anniversary of "going out" with my wife. Love ya babe!

July 23 2005
I finally got to watch 2 pretty popular movies yesterday. Million Dollar Baby was pretty good but Coach Carter was really good, especially for a true story, as I've found that those usually suck balls.

July 22 2005
I was up til 2:00 playing poker last night - sat there for 4+ hours and was doing really well, but I got greedy and fucked myself right in the ass - finished 36th out of 2092 people, but I had a legit shot tat the top 10 if I just played smart cards.

July 21 2005
I tried to play poker last night, but 30 minutes into the tournament, the entire system took a shit. I ended up sitting there for about 4 hours waiting for it to come back up. I woke up to them refunding most of my money, but since I was loosing my ass at the time, most is better than none :)

July 20 2005
I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not, but after 3 months of fighting with the local pool company and their incompetent staff, I think I'll have the correct diving board installed by this weekend :)

July 19 2005
Happy Birthday Ryan! Only 2 more years until you can see this message :)

July 18 2005
Sorry I wasn't around here yesterday. I was playing poker online Saturday morning with a buddy of mine (he runs Busty Cafe if you wanted to check it out) and I invited him down for the weekend for some real poker and partying and whatnot. So needless to say, I was up really late on Saturday and the party continued yesterday :)

July 16 2005
I did end up playing a little poker last night and came in 12th out of 440, so I did good :) Doctor visit for me today to complain about how old I'm getting (strange aches and pains) then a birthday party and hopefully a little poker :)

July 15 2005
The weekend is here and as usual during the summer months, I'm booked solid. Today's not too bad, but I do have a lot of offline running around to do and meeting with people about money and whatnot (my plan is to retire very early - LOL) Tomorrow I have to get up early and head to the doctor as my neck is killing me and I've been on some sort of cholesterol medication for 5 months and no one seems to care but me. The I have to go to a birthday party and back to my place from some poker. Sunday is "Plant My Fat Ass On The Couch Day" :)

July 14 2005
Well, NASA took a shit yesterday. I can kinda understand them being uber cautious, but it's just a faulty fuel gauge. Get a new one, pop it in and let's get this sucker off the ground!

July 13 2005
Big day for NASA today as the Space Shuttle is going back up - my fingers are corssed and I'll be tuned in to the TV to watch it launch.

July 12 2005
I did it! I didn't play poker at all yesterday! I think I'll reward myself by playing this afternoon :)

July 11 2005
I pretty much took a beating playing cards this weekend, so I think I'm gonna take a few days off and gather my composure (well, I'll at least take today off - LOL)

July 10 2005
After 6 ours of driving and 6 hours of poker yesterday, I need a break. I'll be on the couch watching rednecks turn left if you need me :)

July 9 2005
I'm back off to Syracuse to pick up my step-daughter today - nothing beats a nice 6 hours round trip drive - and then maybe a little interaction with other humans while playing real poker :)

July 8 2005
Well, the weekend is here and it seem like just yesterday that I had 150 people making a mess of my yard :)

July 7 2005
Thoughts and prayers out to everyone in London.

July 6 2005
Fucked up day for me today - I have to drive my step-daughter to Syracuse for a Field Hockey camp at SU - so I have a 5 or 6 hour round trip ahead of me. Thankfully, I have XM in the vehicle :)

July 5 2005
Back to work for all us US and Canadian people (I have a feeling Canada took off Monday too, only because they like to copy us) The party went rather well and I am exhausted after 4 days of party prep, partying and party clean-up.

July 1-4 2005
Big party weekend here at the house - poker Friday, 150 or so drunk friends and family members Saturday, a little birthday party on Sunday and then Monday is the 4th. The site will be updated, but I won't be here too much, so enjoy your weekend everyone!

June 30 2005
1/2 day of work for me today as I have to start getting read for this bug party that we're having at the house on Saturday. I have to admit, this is one of those days that I'm happy I work for myself :)

June 29 2005
I continued to watch Citizen Kane last night and I should be able to finish it up tonight. I'm usually not a fan of old movies, but I have to admit that I do like it a lot. I would have finished watching it, but I was up playing poker :)

June 28 2005
I started to watch Citizen Kane for the 1st time last night and I got about 45 minuets into it before I fell asleep. I'm gonna finish watching it today, but I have this feeling it will be very anti-climatic since I know that "rosebud" is his sled.

June 27 2005
Did you know that Live 8 is this Saturday? I only know about it because XM Radio is running promos for it (they are broadcasting each city live, which will be very cool) and my good friend is a huge Pink Floyd fan and they are reuniting at the London show. I remember Live Aid back in 1985 and it was huge! Maybe it was because Zeppelin was reuniting, but I do remember watching it all day. This year, ABC has what looks to be a 2 hour compilation on Saturday night. So, I think the only way you can hear it is if you have XM.

June 25-26 2005
I'm taking the weekend off :) I plan on watching a little Inter-League Baseball, some boxing, fast cars making left and right turns and a little poker to play. Enjoy your weekend!

June 24 2005
Well, things are progressing with the never ending remodeling around here. They finally fucking started on the new diving board yesterday after me begging them since April to get started on it. New windows are basically done and it's Friday. I'm in quite a happy little mood today :)

June 23 2005
I got my new TiVo yesterday and spent about an hour or so trying to remember all the shows that I had a Season Pass for - I know I missed a few and I'll be kicking myself once I realize that I missed one of them.

June 22 2005
I was proud of myself yesterday. I came in 32nd out of 600 or so in a poker tournament. My ego was feeling pretty good until I entered 2 tournaments after that and lost rather quickly. But I'm about even for the day so I guess that's a good thing :)

June 21 2005
I think the 1st TiVo I ever bought finally died. I've been waiting for them to release a HD model that I can use with my local cable (they have HD version for satellites) and I know that once I go buy a new one, they'll come out with the HD model shortly after.

June 20 2005
Seeing as my Dad isn't really into Nascar, we watched golf yesterday. It was a lot of fun watching numerous professional golfers choke hole after hole after hole - what a horrible display of golf and a huge national stage.

June 19 2005
Happy Father's Day Everyone!

June 18 2005
I'm going to a stag tonight for a buddy of mine - 1st stag I've gone to since I quit drinking, so I hope there's a lot of poker :)

June 17 2005
You know what I love? I love that the US Gov't thinks tat they own the internet. It started with that bill about spamming, but there's the same amount of spam in my email as there was before. They can patrol and punish all the US spammers they want, but they'll never stop people outside of the country. Now, they are fucking around with adult site owners (like me) with a new law that is just a red tape nightmare and effects anything any adult webmaster has done since 1995. To put this into perspective, think about everything that you've done at your job(s) for the last 10 years. Now think about having to go back and adjust EVERYTHING by adding more documentation. I love this country, but these Right Wing Republican Cocksuckers that think by passing a law for US webmasters is gonna curb porn on the internet suck ass.

June 16 2005
It's rainy and dreary here today, so I'm sorta on a bummer kinda mood and really have nothing to say :(

June 15 2005
We watched Hotel Rwanda yesterday and I have to admit....not a lot of laughs. Seriously, it was a really good movie and I now see why Don Cheadle was nominated for an Oscar.

June 14 2005
Michael Jackson was found Not Guilty yesterday on all charges and that didn't surprise me too much. What did baffle me was the blonde milf with the doves outside the courtroom, releasing one each time he was found Not Guilty on a charge. I kept hoping that he'd be found guilty on just one of them so that she'd have to kill one of the birds :)

June 13 2005
I really do have nothing today - Tyson is still a quitter, I don't care about the NBA Finals, Entourage was good and The Comeback still stinks - that's about it peoples.

June 12 2005
Long day yesterday - birthday party, swimming, a lot of food, a little poker and of course, Tyson quitting in the PPV fight. I'm sure a couple of you bought it too and it just might have been worth it to watch Ali's kid beat that white chick senseless :)

June 11 2005
I'm sorry I wasn't here yesterday, but I do have an excuse! We had a BIG thunderstorm here on Thursday night and the cable went out until about Noon yesterday - so I wasn't able to get online for the 1st part of the day. But then we noticed a lot of water damage and whatnot in the house when the storm was over, so I spent most of yesterday taking care of that little problem. Water is an unforgiving merciless cunt!

June 9 2005
Holy Shit! It's been hot up here the last few days. Just because I live in the Buffalo NY area doesn't mean that we don't hit the 90░ mark every now and then :)

June 8 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone!

June 7 2005
I watched the season premiers of Entourage, The Comeback and Six Feet Under last night. 1 and 3 were good as always, but I have to admit that I think HBO dropped a big pile of shit in the middle of my living room with The Comeback - yuck!

June 6 2005
I'm in a bit of a rush today as I'll be helping my Grandmother move into a new apartment and the moving guys are coming at 8:00 AM - so I'll be back to work later, but I'll probably be very sore :)

June 5 2005
Not much to say today except it's fucking humid as all hell and I play poker with a bunch of losers :)

June 4 2005
The Bride is going out of town this weekend - so what's that mean for me? Not too much actually - LOL Still going to be playing cards tonight and truing to find something macho to watch on TV :)

June 3 2005
I finally got off my lazy ass and went to see the new Star Wars yesterday and I have to say that I was very fucking impressed! I think this one may now be my favorite of the 6, with Empire Strikes Back a close 2nd.

June 2 2005
Even though I know for a fact that she's not reading this, my Grandmother turns 85 today, so I'd just like to wish her a Happy Birthday!

June 1 2005
Welcome to June and what I like to think of as the month that feels like summer, but isn't for another 3 weeks. The party season continues here at my house as we're celebrating my grandmothers, my step-daughters and my niece's birthday today.

May 31 2005
Well, I had a nice relaxing weekend and I ended it by watching the 1st episode of that new reality show Hell's Kitchen - this one is gonna be really fucking good!

May 27-30 2005
Ahh yes...Memorial Day Weekend. While I have no major plans other than watching 1100 miles of racing on Sunday, I really don't plan on being around here too much :) Enjoy the holiday if you're here in the States and if not, enjoy your weekend none-the-less :)

May 26 2005
I'll admit that for some strange reason I got suckered into watching the season finale of American Idol last night - 115 minutes of fluff and bullshit followed by 5 minutes of anger (at least on my part) and that's it for TV for a couple of months now. Sure, there are a few exceptions, like Six Feet Under and Big Brother, but for the most part, no good TV until September when football season starts :)

May 25 2005
I don't really follow boxing too much, but I did watch the entire season of The Contender and I'm happy that Mora won the finale and was crowned the undefeated champ. And, oddly enough, I'm looking forward to a couple of PPV's featuring rematches from the show.

May 24 2005
24 ended pretty strangely last night. I wonder if Jack will now join Mexico's CTU :) Tonight looks to be the last of the "sweeps finale" battles and yes, one of the shows I'll be watching Rob and Amber Get Married.

May 23 2005
OH! I did forget to mention one thing yesterday: Kevin Harvick is a little whinny prick! Welcome to Monday everyone! :)

May 22 2005
We played a lot of poker last night and I actually walked away with more money than I started with, so I'm happy :) Season finale's of Deadwood and Desperate Housewives tonight (yes, I watch Desperate Housewives - LOL) so I'll be resting up on the couch getting ready to say "Cocksucker!" a lot.

May 21 2005
I think a critter ate thru some of my speaker wire so the 1st part of my day will be spent tracing that thru a wall and ceiling. After that, I'll spend a couple hours on the couch watching the Yankees beat up on the Mets and then a little poker and Nascar :)

May 20 2005
Well, the milf didn't win on The Apprentice, Dr Carter is gone from ER and Opie and Anthony are in "Worst Of" - Today stinks.

May 19 2005
I haven't watched American Idol since those wonderful audition episodes, yet I have this overwhelming urge to root for Bo Bice for some strange unknown reason.

May 18 2005
The new Star Wars movie opens tonight and seeing as I can't fucking stand sitting in a theater full of people while watching a movie, that means that I'll be seeing in sometime in June :)

May 17 2005
I watched an episode of NBC's Dateline the other day on "The Most Dangerous Roads In America" and it made very little sense to me. It wasn't that the roads had dangerous curves or blind spots or design flaws. Most of the accidents were caused by drivers that fucked up or pedestrians walking/crossing where they shouldn't. There was one road in Texas where morons were crossing a 6 lane Interstate Highway that has a 55-65 MPH speed limit. How fucking stupid do you have to be to cross a fucking thruway!

May 16 2005
FUCKING IAN!!!!! I had him in my Survivor pool and ended up just getting my money back because he quit and came in 3rd. On a brighter note, individual game tickets go on sale for the Bills today :)

May 15 2005
I got my ass handed to me in poker last night, so today I will sit and wallow in my misery on the couch waiting for Survivor to come on :)

May 14 2005
I probably haven't seen the movie in 20 years, but every time this date rolls around, I'm remembered of that horrible comedy Saturday The 14th. I had to look up how was in it to refresh my memory and all I can say is that I think this was the beginning of the end of Richard Benjamin's career :)

May 13 2005
Friday The 13th! Bad Things, Man! BAD THINGS!

May 12 2005
Why do the people behind the scenes at Survivor feel the need to completely fuck up my Sunday night TV viewing by not showing the finale on a Thursday? Now I have to change around my TiVo because there will be 3 shows on at the same time that I need to watch. It's sorta pathetic how much my life revolves around TV :)

May 11 2005
I'm a bit depressed today after watching Amber and Boston Rob lose last night. But for some reason I'm rather giddy about their upcoming wedding special :)

May 10 2005
I felt like a huge waste of space yesterday as I did pretty much nothing all day except sit my fat ass on the couch and watch old NFL Playoff games on TV. I think I was in bed by 9 :)

May 9 2005
I watched what seemed like endless hours of coverage on the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Is there really a need for ESPN to have 5 hours of coverage before the race and then NBC's live coverage is about 2 hours - all for a race that lasted just over 2 minutes. and what's with these uptight rich bitches and their ugly fucking hats?

May 8 2005
Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers :)

May 7 2005
Mother's Day is tomorrow and we're having the family over, so that means I have to tidy up around the house and whatnot. It's very odd that I was a complete slob when I lived with my mom, but now, I'd say that I am rather tidy :)

May 6 2005
Yipee! It's Friday! My pool is open and it's a balmy 51░ here today. The water in the pool is probably around 55░ so I should be fine if I take a quick dip :)

May 5 2005
Hola. ┐C´┐» est´┐Ásted hoy? Quisiera llevar a un momento el deseo cada uno cinco felices de Mayo:)

May 4 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday To You and Yours! Have you been watching The Amazing Race? I love rooting for Boston Rob and Amber, but I have a feeling this will be the last time a "celebrity" is on the show, seeing as they always seem to find people that know who they are and feel compelled to help them with tasks. This does not take anything away from the genius that is Boston Rob and they will win :)

May 3 2005
Happy Birthday Glenn - we all miss you.

May 2 2005
Let me make one thing perfectly clear for all the new and media outlets that ran this story over the weekend: Laura Bush is NOT funny.

May 1 2005
Welcome to May everyone! I'll be slacking off today watching restricted cars driving around a very large track :)

Apr 30 2005
What a fucking dreary day it already is. Supposed to rain all fucking day today and tomorrow and maybe even snow on Sunday. Good thing my pool is being opened on Thursday :)

Apr 29 2005
Well, the President and NBC really fucked up my TV viewing last night. I watched him yap away for an hour and then watched Survivor from 9-10. At 10, I turned on NBC assuming that I'd be able to watch The Apprentice and then ER. Well, NBC decided that they'd shitcan Joey and Will and Grace, so as soon as I turned on NBC I saw Alex being driven away in the taxi at the end of The Apprentice. Why can't the President do these things on Sunday's and fuck up the lives of people trying to watch Riding The Bus With My Sister?

Apr 28 2005
I've pretty much given up on TiVo'ing old episodes of The Simpsons and Family Guy and whatnot. I'm now into that Modern Marvels show on the History Channel. Fuck, I'm getting old.

Apr 27 2005
Here's the last update on my weight loss thingy. When I started this last diet, I was 196.5. I entered into a friendly competition with a buddy when I was at 194 to see who could loose 12 pounds the fastest (he started at 193) As of yesterday, I was at 182 and he was at 183, so I win :) I also figured out that since last June I've lost 30 pounds (I was 212 back then when I started a diet) I am thinking that it'd be nice to see 179 and then it'd be nice to see 175 so I may continue to diet for a few more weeks :)

Apr 26 2005
Ohhhh! Ex-President Palmer is back on 24. Now Jack should have no problems breaking protocol :)

Apr 25 2005
My cable company is fucking with me. 5 miles away, my brother-in-law has had "On Demand" for months now. Yesterday when I wake up and turn on the TV I see the On Demand menu on the screen, so I get very excited because it's new and there's a lot of crap you wan watch at will. So I try it and every show I go to watch gives me an error. Turns out that we only have the screen for the next month or so while they work out the bugs. So now I have to be teased by this fucking screen for the next 4 weeks. Fucking cable!

Apr 24 2005
Well, it snowed last night. Not a lot, but enough to piss me off because it's the last week in April.

Apr 23 2005
The original plan for today was that the bride and I would get the yard ready for the summer - picnic tables and lawn chairs and whatnot. But with rain and a high today of 48░ and snow tomorrow, I say fuck it - let's party :)

Apr 22 2005
I'm happy that the skinny twit from Survivor went home last night and sad that Bren got fired on The Apprentice. But I am scratching my head at how they'll get rid of Dr. Carter on ER - only 4 shows left for him.

Apr 21 2005
Holy Shit! This fucking weather is killing me! It was in the mid 70's yesterday and since it's been so nice the last week or so, the bride and I decided that Saturday would be our day to "get the yard in order" - taking out the picnic table and chairs and whatnot. Now they're calling for fucking snow tomorrow and Saturday night. I blame the new pope :)

Apr 20 2005
Congrats to all the Catholic's on your new Anti-Jew Pope :D

Apr 19 2005
So Adobe bought Macromedia for $3.4 billion yesterday. Can you even fathom how much money that is? To put it into terms that you and I can understand, if you were to make that much money in a year at a 40 hour a week job, you'd be making over $1.6 million an hour! Unreal.

Apr 18 2005
Ahh yes, back to the work week. The kids are off from school, but they're teens so they'll be gone most of the week doing things they're probably not old enough to be doing :)

Apr 17 2005
I have to say that I cleaned up in poker last night. I won one outright and split two with another person (we were splitting pots to get new games going) We also played this came called "Cornhole" which is sorta like horse-shoes with bean bags. I won some money playing that too :)

Apr 16 2005
Here we are 3 weeks into Spring and already I have a party to go to. I'm still on the wagon, so it'll be a day of Sugar Free Red Bull and hopefully a little poker :)

Apr 15 2005
Happy Tax Day Everyone! I have to pay my Federal taxes today, but I was getting a refund from the State that would cover what I owe, so back in February I hurried to send out my State taxes and the check came in last week. But, me being the greedy fuck that I am, I sat on the money until the last minute and now I'll have to wait in line at the post office today to mail out my Federal taxes.

Apr 14 2005
The NFL schedule came out yesterday and for the 1st time in 3 years The Bills have a night game! and what a great fucking time for a night game - Saturday December 17 - I can see the snow flying on ESPN already :)

Apr 13 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! Here's today's headlines as I see them: The Pope is still dead, Michael Jackson is still a pedophile and Britney Spears is officially a whore :)

Apr 11 2005
Just an update on my little diet - it's not progressing as much as I had hoped. I have lost 10 pounds, but with the weather getting nicer, that means we actually have things to do and places to go on the weekends, which means I'm off my little eating schedule and that's bad. But, I figure as long as I'm eating right 5 days a week I should be ok in the long run.

Apr 10 2005
There were 60 guys in the poker tournament that I went to yesterday and I came in 11th - no money, but I did pull a few horse-shoes out of my ass and piss off a couple of people by getting a card on the river. I think I knocked out 6 or 7 people, but then I got stupid and fucked it all up. But, I did last longer than MrMaryLou and Yell :)

Apr 9 2005
Last night consisted of a lot of practice hands of poker, a $50 2 minute fight and way too much Red Bull. I'm off to play in a big poker game today, so wish me luck :)

Apr 8 2005
We watched most of 2 movies last night. Spanglish was ok, but not great. Sideways, on the other hand, got turned off about 45 minutes into it. I really have to learn to stick with action and comedy movies :)

Apr 7 2005
Well, it looks like Jimmy Smits will be the next President. I also watched that little "Best Of" for The Amazing Race and it just reinforced my statements that Boston Rob us a fucking genius.

Apr 6 2005
I really am getting sick of all this Pope coverage on the news. They treat this as if there's nothing else going on in the world. That is, unless you're watching a sports news channel, then the only news is Barry Bonds and college hoops :)

Apr 5 2005
I have a theory that The Pope was waiting around to see what happened with Terry Schiavo and once he found out, his life was complete and he moved on. Make sense? :)

Apr 4 2005
The storm came and douched us with snow yesterday - the kind of snow that's real wet and heavy. Trees are down all over the place and just my luck, the power went out around 4:30 or right before the fucking race was ending. As most of you know, I have a generator on the house, but it doesn't run everything and since the power was out all over the place, there was no cable. Power came back on around 10, which means I also missed Deadwood :( Our forecast for tomorrow? High in the 60's. Wednesday? High in the 70's. Fucking Global Warming sucks ass!

Apr 3 2005
Ok - it's April 3rd and it's fucking snowing like it's the middle of January here in Buffalo. This storm is fucking nuts - the radar looks like it's a hurricane the way it's moving in circles. Today's forecast calls for 3-7 inches of snow. But Tuesday, it'll be in the 60's :)

Apr 2 2005
If you have XM Radio and thought that it was a waste to pay the extra $2 for Opie and Anthony, well, today's the day! They are no longer a "Premium Channel" (still on 202) The bad news is that they are on vacation and playing "Worst Of..." for the next 9 days. But that's also good news, because if you haven't been paying attention, you can get caught up on most of the ongoing jokes and whatnot. Give'em a listen :)
Oh yeah - I almost forgot - here's a Public Service Announcement from my buddy Ampland :)

Apr 1 2005
For those of you that assumed I'd put on some elaborate April Fools joke, I'm sorry to tell you that I was not clever enough to come up with anything witty to do on the site for today :(

Mar 31 2005
The weather here in the Buffalo area is just wonderful - it's already 55░ and we're supposed to get up into the 60's today. So I guess that old knee-slapping analogy of March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb is true :)

Mar 30 2005
I've been watching The Amazing Race and I do love Boston Rob and Amber - even if they just kept driving when the brothers rolled their truck. I think I would have kept driving too - hell, the gay guys were there and they think they have everything under control anyway :) But my 2nd favorite couple is the brothers and I was so fucking happy when they won the foot race and beat those Republican cock suckers and booted them form the race.

Mar 29 2005
Yesterday was the 1st day that I felt pretty good after having a flu bug for the last week or so. The shit part is that even though I was eating a lot less then I usually do, I gained some weight. I'm told this is because my body is sorta getting ready incase I get sick again. This really fucked up the weight loss competition that I'm in :(

Mar 28 2005
Happy Dingus Day Everyone!

Mar 27 2005
Merry Easter to you and yours!

Mar 26 2005
It's listed below for the Useless Site Of The Day but I did want to bring as much attention as possible to the Pat O'Brien Sexual Harassment Scorecard because it is fucking hysterical. Enjoy :)

Mar 25 2005
Good Friday to you and yours! :) My sickness seems to be subsiding, which means my wife is going to make me leave the house today and go shopping with her. and it's not even a good kind of shopping - we have to go look for windows and doors for a little spring remodeling. Good thing I have a contractor to put all this stuff in once she buys it :)

Mar 24 2005
Day 5 for this horrible flu. The worst thing is that I almost missed Survivor last night (fucking college basketball) I turned it on 5 minutes into it, so I didn't miss anything. I must say that James seemed a tad bit skeeved that he got the boot :)

Mar 23 2005
This flu thing sucks - if I was female I'd swear I was pregnant with this queasy feeling I get every morning when I wake up. and I'm really hungry, but every time I eat it gets worse. I guess that bright side of this is that I will loose some extra weight :)

Mar 22 2005
Sorry I wasn't here yesterday, but I was sick. I won't bore or disgust you with the details, but I did spend 8 hours on the couch yesterday sleeping and both of the kids also have this sickness. I feel a little better today, but not 100% yet.

Mar 20 2005
Enough of this work shit! I spent most of yesterday on here doing a little spring cleaning on the links and my eyes hurt from looking at porn and coding all day. So I'm gonna slack off and park my fat ass (10 lbs lighter now, for those of you that care) on the couch all day and watch TV. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

Mar 19 2005
I was a HUGE Metallica fan when I was growing up, but once Nirvana and the rest of the grunge stuff came out, I sorta strayed away from my roots. But last night I finally got to watch Some Kind Of Monster and it was fucking awesome! It made me think back to when I bought the Master Of Puppets album (not tape or CD) and how happy I was to find the original recording of Kill'em All that was released on Megaforce Records. I think today I'll dust off a couple of my old albums and fire up the record player :)

Mar 18 2005
I stink :( In my attempt to rush thru the morning yesterday, I did everything right, except press the little button on here that says "UPDATE" which is why you didn't see any new links yesterday :( A apologize and I'll make it up to you somehow :)

Mar 17 2005
Happy St Patrick's Day! (and yes, I am Irish - LOL) Did ya catch Survivor last night? I almost missed it and it's a good thing I set the TiVo to grab it, because it was an awesome show. Too bad Angie and her hairy armpits had to go :(

Mar 16 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! The dog is fine (except for the lamp shade he now has to wear around his neck) I've lost 8 pounds on my diet, the news season of The Shield started last night and today I plan to watch The Incredibles. Life is good :)

Mar 15 2005
I'm a little rushed this morning - my dog had surgery on Friday to remove a couple lumps and since he was not trying to pick at the stitches, we haven't had the nice lamp-shade thing around his neck. Well, this morning, he decided to yank out a couple of the stitches, so back to the vet I go :(

Mar 14 2005
Watching TV on Sunday nights is really starting to eat up a lot of my time. 1st we have The Contender (buh-bye Pretty Boy!) and then we have Deadwood (Cocksuckers!) and then of course there's Carnivale (they're gonna meet!) and finally The L Word (Lesbians...huh huh huh huh) 4 hours on my fat ass in front of the TV - nice! :)

Mar 13 2005
The local papers have been buzzing with March Madness stuff because The University of Buffalo was playing in the MAC finals last night. They were up by 19 in the 2nd half, only to loose in overtime. This is just one of the many reasons I could care less about basketball :)

Mar 12 2005
The Bride's cousin ordered a computer last week and was shocked to find out that it didn't come with a floppy drive. I tried to explain to her that I probably haven't used mine in 2 years and that they are pretty much obsolete, but she didn't want to hear that. So I'll be over there installing at $20 A: drive today :)

Mar 11 2005
I'd been doing really good on my diet (regulars will remember that I started on Feb 22nd) So far I've lost 8 lbs but yesterday, we had the family over for dinner and I decided that I was gonna write off the day. I ate like a pig - well, not a pig, but I ate like I used to eat before the diet. My stomach felt like it was gonna explode and today I feel like shit. I guess after 2-1/2 weeks of dieting my body is not liking my old eating habits.

Mar 10 2005
Timely, I am not :) I watched The Amazing Race 7 yesterday (even though it was aired on Tuesday and there's probably no one still taking about it) but I have to say that I got very excited to see Boston Rob and Amber come in 1st for this leg of the race. Too bad the bimbo blondes are gone - LOL

Mar 9 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! I have nothing to say today other than that :(

Mar 8 2005
Our cable company finally got us The NFL Network yesterday and I have to say that I watched it all day and it almost cured my offseason depression...almost :)

Mar 7 2005
Well, I don't think that Deadwood disappointed last night, but it does seem really strange to have Bullock and Swearengen going at each other so early (previews of next week show Bullock calling him out again) and what's with Bullock's wife and step-son calling him "Mr Bullock" all the time. Strange indeed, but it was an awesome premier :)

Mar 6 2005
Big night on HBO - I'm really psyched to see the season premier of Deadwood and the next episode of Carnivale. and it's very nice to see that Showtime is playing The L Word at 10 and 11 so I won't have to wait another day to watch it on HD :)

Mar 5 2005
Ahh yes...the weekend is upon us! Not that I have any plans or anything, but it is nice to know that I can slack off for 2 days and not feel bad about it :)

Mar 4 2005
Martha Stewart is out of jail! What do you think she'll do now? Me? I'd check my email and go grocery shopping :)

Mar 3 2005
I finally got to watch the 1st episode of The Amazing Race 7 yesterday. Call me what you will, but I'm already on the Boston Rob and Amber bandwagon (especially since the rednecks are already gone)

Mar 2 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday! Just an update on my weight loss. If you remember, I was 196.5 lbs last Monday. When I weighed myself yesterday, I was down to 190.5 lbs. 6 pounds in 8 days :)

Mar 1 2005
March seems to have "come in like a lion" up here in the North East. It's been snowing for about the last 16 hours, but not that much - maybe 2 inches or so. So I guess this means that March will "go out like a lamb" and spring will be here in 4 weeks :)

Feb 28 2005
I hit the nail on the head last night with my TV watching schedule as far as The Oscar's go. I watched from 8-9 so I got to see Chris Rock's monologue and Best Supporting Actor. I then changed the channel and watched Carnivale at 9 and The L Word at 10. I turned The Oscar's back on at 11 and saw one music number and then the rest of the "big" awards. Cutting out those 2 hours of the show seems to work wonders for me:)

Feb 27 2005
Not too much on the agenda for me today - try to eat as little as possible, maybe get my fat ass on the tread mill and then park my fat ass on the couch for Nascar, the beginning of the Oscar's and then Carnivale and The L Word :)

Feb 26 2005
I watched Raging Bull last night for the 1st time on about 15 years. It was decent, but I still don't get most of these "classic" movies as far as their greatness goes.

Feb 25 2005
So far so good on my diet - I was 196.5 on Monday and down to 194.5 yesterday. I will say that this shit of adding up calories all day long sucks ass, but it seems to be working :)

Feb 24 2005
We took my niece to the movies to see Are We There Yet? yesterday and let's just say that my review of the movie consists of the words "I fell asleep" :)

Feb 23 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday!

Feb 22 2005
I started a new diet yesterday, which is probably the 6th diet I've tried in the last 2 years. I'm 196 lbs right now. On this diet, the calories that you take in are based on the weight that you want to achieve, so since I want to get down to 170 lbs, I'm on a strict 1700 calorie diet. I hate it already :)

Feb 21 2005
Happy Presidents Day! I like that the schools pull one over on the kids by giving them the week off, which is really only 4 days instead of 5 because of the holiday.

Feb 20 2005
Let me see if I can do this......AH-HEM...BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY LET'S GO RACING!

Feb 19 2005
Big Nascar Race Weekend! Yipee! and I really don't give a shit if the NHL sorts out it's problems today or not - I'm done with hockey.

Feb 18 2005
Erie County (which is where I live here in New York) is just fucked. These asshole have been trying to pass a budget for months now and they finally did yesterday. Long story short, they are cutting millions of dollars, which will close all our county parks, most of the DMV's, about 1/2 the sheriff department and a shitload of jobs. But after all that, the cocksucker that's running things had the balls to say that they will come up with the money to bring a fucking Bass Pro Shop into town. Parks - bad. Multiple DMV's - bad. Sheriffs - bad. Fishing - good. I truly hate Joel Giambra, you cocksucking Republican asshole!

Feb 17 2005
The NHL season has officially been cancelled. Hmmm, what to do now? I guess I'll start by watching Survivor tonight :)

Feb 16 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! I was looking on Google for some news this morning, hoping to find something funny to comment on. Here's a few of the headlines that I found:
Defrocked priest gets 12-15 years for rape
Teen Gets 30 Years in Zoloft Murder Case
Still no deal as NHL deadline looms
Michael Jackson, Suffering From Flu, Rushed To Hospital
Fuck! The NHL is still around? :)

Feb 15 2005
Have you seen these gates in Central Park that are supposedly "art"? I'm not going to pretend that I know what is and what is not "art" but this my friends, this is not "art". This is a waste of 25 years and $20 million.

Feb 14 2005
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! If you're here today, that means you probably don't have a significant other, so feel free to look at a few sites and take care of yourself :)

Feb 13 2005
Pretty good race last night - I think I'm going to officially jump on the Jimmie Johnson bandwagon. Too many people already worship Junior and too many people already hate Gordon. Busch looks like a twink and Stewart is an ass. So, I'm left with Johnson :)

Feb 12 2005
I think I'm sorta excited. Last year I started to watch Nascar because I needed to fill this void left by not having any football on Sundays. I guess tonight is the official start of the 2005 Nascar season? I assume that this Bud Shootout thing (I know it's al the pole position winners form last season) is sorta like Nascar's pre-season or a teaser? In any event, I'll be watching it tonight :)

Feb 11 2005
Can someone please explain to me why the fuck I should care that Prince Charles is getting remarried? Does the rest of the world really care that much about what happens in England? Does the Royal Family over there even have any power as far as the country is concerned? I say who gives a fuck! Get married and have your new wife grab you by the ears and shove your face into her hairy snatch - have fun!

Feb 10 2005
I finally got to watch The Amazing Race finale last night and I was quite upset to see that Freddy and Kendra won - I think this is because his goofy glasses rubbed me the wrong way. But, it is nice to see that Boston Rob and what's-her-face will be on the next one :)

Feb 9 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday!

Feb 8 2005
My big Super Bowl weekend is over and I think it went really well. We played a lot of poker and I even got to win one :) Congrats to the Pats and their fans (I was rooting for the Eagles and since they covered the spread, I'm happy - LOL)

Feb 4-7 2005
SUPER BOWL WEEKEND! I'm having a lot of online friends come into town for the big game. DrBizzaro, Kat Vixen and Torn, Ramster, RawAlex, jaYMan, Hank, MrMaryLou and of course my best friend Jim. I hate to name drop, but I felt I must :) GO EAGLES!!!!
(updates will be normal, but I'll be too busy to update anything else)

Feb 3 2005
The Ground Hog saw his shadow, so that means 6 more weeks of winter - yipee! And, to top it off, I split the Cumshots page up a bit and added Cumshot Creampie and Cumshot Facial - enjoy :)

Feb 2 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday! Happy Groundhog Day! Happy Petite Busty Blonde Amateur Getting Fucked! :)

Feb 1 2005
Welcome to February everyone! That's it. That's all I have today. I really do suck :)

Jan 31 2005
It was around 50░ here yesterday and everything started to melt. Now it's 10░ and all that water has frozen - what a mess. I assume that my ice problem is nothing compared to Georgia and South Carolina, but we've had plenty of ice storms in my years on Earth and I know what they're going thru.
Oh yeah - 2 new categories added today: Boobs Hardcore and Boobs Natural

Jan 30 2005
ESPN Classics has 8 hours of past Super Bowl highlights on today - that should give me the fix I need :)

Jan 29 2005
I really am at a loss for something to do this weekend. No football, no hockey, no rednecks making left hand turns for 3 hours. What to do, what to do :)

Jan 28 2005
I keep reading all these stories about the election in Iraq and I keep wondering why the fuck I care about it :)

Jan 27 2005
This is how much I suck ass. At the end of the Eagles game on Sunday I decided that I was going to root for them in the Super Bowl. Since I'm having a party here for the game, I decided that I was going to order a jersey. Instead of going with the obvious choices of McNabb or Owens, I decided to get the jersey of the a guy that I've had on a few of my Fantasy Football teams over the last few years and since his number is the year I graduated High School, it seemed like a cool thing to do. So I ordered a Chad Lewis jersey to wear during the big game :(

Jan 26 2005
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone!

Jan 25 2005
I don't have much to say today except that there's another new category as well as a new non-normal porn site :)

Jan 24 2005
Looks like it'll be a pretty decent Super Bowl game. I'm looking forward to seeing if Owens will brush off the doctor's orders and play in the game. The only thing that sucks is that now we have to wait TWO WEEKS for the fucking game :(

Jan 23 2005
Well, so much for that "Noreaster"! They did get part of the local forecast right - they called for 6-16 inches of snow and we might have gotten 6. It did snow all day, just not as bad as we're used to up here in sunny Buffalo :)

Jan 22 2005
Well, so much for that nice relaxing weekend I had planed. There's a "noreaster" coming. It's actually kinda fun to watch it move in on this annoying AOL Weather Bug thing. 6-16 inches of snow forecasted - NICE!

Jan 21 2005
More new categories for the site - one today, two yesterday - listed below. Other than that, it's Friday and I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend :)

Jan 20 2005
For some strange reason, I decided to cut off most of my hair yesterday. I ended up with a very short haircut and a 7 inch pony-tail that is too short to donate to Locks Of Love or anything like that, so I think I'm gonna nail it up in my bar :)

Jan 19 2005
Today is my birthday and I am now 34 years old. It is also Whip'em Out Wednesday, so I'm crossing my fingers :)

Jan 18 2005
I'm going to admit something that I normally don't admit - it's cold in Buffao today. The current temp is -4 F or -20 C. Small birds are freezing in mid air and falling to the ground :)

Jan 17 2005
I truly do suck at backing football teams. We all know that I'll always back the Bills, but this weekend, I was rooting for The Jets, St Louis, Minnesota and Indy. 0-4 for me this weekend - I suck :(

Jan 16 2005
I can not believe that Brien missed TWO fucking game-winning FG's last night. I don't even think the Jets deserve to be in the playoffs, but I just hate the Stagettes for some reason. Oh well, two good games on tap today - I'll be on the couch if you need me :)

Jan 15 2005
Today is my wife's birthday, so Happy Birthday Baby!

Jan 14 2005
I was getting caught up on some TV yesterday and caught the 1st episode of the new Surreal Life. I can't believe what a fucking tool "Chyna Doll" is, let alone that this waste of space actually wrote a book. Verne Troyer is very sad and very hysterical at the same time - the fucker was naked on his scooter pissing in the corner! This look like it'll be a really good show :)

Jan 13 2005
No new categories today, but we are working on a few more - off the top of my head, hand jobs, fem dom, squirting, reality, fisting and legs come to mind. We're also going to split up a few of the bigger categories, like teen, into softcore and hardcore. We're working :)

Jan 12 2005
The never ending quest to make this site more gooder continues! Yesterday, it was the list of "Official Pornstar" sites on the Famous Pornstars page. Today, we went thru most of the sites on the Mature Pornpage and moved all the Milf ones to the brand spanking new Sexy Milfspage. To me, the whole "milf" thing is getting out of hand and I've gotten a couple of requests/complaints about the old mature page, so I think it was time to split them up. Enjoy!

Jan 11 2005
I'm officially back to work and I've been looking around this place a little bit and decided that some changes need to be made. Some new categories being #1 on the list. But, for today, a simple one - I've added a new area to my "Famous Pornstars" page so that you'll be able to find your favorite pornstar's official website :)

Jan 6 2005
My sister-in-law passed away yesterday after a 5 year battle with cancer :( My online time will be scarce until Tuesday, but I have some friends that will be updating the site for me.

Jan 5 2005
Family emergency so I'm back home from Vegas :(

Jan 4 2005
Let me start by saying that I was supposed to land in Vegas at 3:30 and had dinner reservations for 6. 1st our plane is delayed 90 minutes in Buffalo because of the weather in Vegas - very rainy we're told. Then the flight takes about an hour longer than usual, so we land at 5:30. We waited 90 minutes for our luggage to come out in the claim area. So we get it and head to the hotel and get here around 7:30. Check in, it's not the room we reserved and the hotel is full. So after talking to 4 or 5 different people, we get the correct room and live is good. Except that it's now 9 PM and I missed dinner :(

Jan 3 2005
Well, the Bills blew it yesterday and I'm really depressed about how they played. So, I think I'll go to Vegas for week :)

Jan 2 2005
This is it! Today is the day! Do or Die for my Bills! I predict that we will beat Pittsburgh and that the Jets will loose to St Louis and we'll be in before 5 PM tonight :)

Dec 31 2004 - Jan 1 2005
It's New Years Eve and my plans are to spend it with my lovely wife alone here in the house. Have a good one!

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