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December 31 2008
I'd just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year & thank you for being a loyal surfer of my cute little porn site. All the best to you & yours in 2009!

December 30 2008
One more day left in this shit year!

December 29 2008
Please feel free to point & laugh if you see a fan of one of these teams over the next few week:
New England Patriots - Dallas Cowboys - Denver Broncos
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - New York Jets - Chicago Bears
At least Buffalo let me know they were not going to the playoffs before Thanksgiving :)

December 28 2008
Yes, it's a very rare Sunday update. This could also be my last Bills home game with my season tickets. Think about it: I've had club level seats for EIGHT years and in that time I've seen ZERO playoff games, the team appears to like Toronto better than Buffalo, the economy sucks, and there's a short in my heated seats (skin + metal = ZZZZZZZ) I do love my seats - 2nd row at the goal line gives me a great view of the field - but I have this feeling that with 4 years left in the BillsInToronto crap, I'll be offered a 4 year contract & in 2013 we can all buy Toronto Bills jerseys!

December 26 2008
I watch HBO's Real Sports every month. Last night I watched their year end round-table with all the reporters talking about the past year. Every time Bryant Gumble was shown on screen, I was distracted from what he was saying by the horrendous suit coat he was wearing. And while he might have joked that it was "festive", this man has to be the worst dressed sportscaster on the air today. Don't take my word for it - watch this month's show & just load up some of the past episodes on demand if you can. There's one in there where he's wearing this plaid green & blue sportcoat & I guarantee it will make you vomit. PS: FUCK YOU BATES!

December 24-25 2008
I'd like to take a moment to wish all my loyal surfers a very merry holiday as we all celebrate the most important birth the Earth has ever witnessed...Happy Birthday Santa!

December 23 2008
Last night Sabres game against Pittsburgh was sold out, which in this economy is happening less & less. One would assume that it was because of Crosby and/or Malkin. I know I was excited to see 2 of the best players in the league. But for some reason, anytime either of them touched the puck, the crowd boo'd. I've seen every game against the Penguins in the last 4 years & there is no reason to boo either. I really hate people.

December 22 2008
As I walked to my shed to get my shovel this monring, I realized that the snow was up to my nutsack & I was not touching the grass.

December 20-21 2008
You'd think that people in Buffalo had seen snow before, but every year these fucking morons on the road forget that they'd probably lived in the area all their lives & common sense traffic laws go right out the window. Apparently, when it snows, all the lines on the road become optional. And to the cunt that decided to pass me on the left while I was making a left hand turn in the turning lane: I hope you & your family ended up in a dimly lit ditch.

December 19 2008
After sitting for 4 hours & watching House Of Saddam on HBO last night, I almost feel bad for the guy. I mean, come on - the guy was President of a country & ended up living in a hole in the ground. OH! I just remembered how many people he killed & how many lives he destroyed. I no longer feel bad for him.

December 18 2008
Now that the price of gas is below what it was before all this economy mess started, can't we just go back to how everything was? I'm getting really sick of not spending money for fear of a soup line.

December 17 2008
This kinda fucked me up last night: 1st I watched the season finale of Californication & then I watched the new X-Files movie. 1st there was an "eyes in the back of my head" joke that seemed to jump from one to the other, but the thing that really fucked me up was that Ashby was the bad guy Mulder was looking for!

December 16 2008
9 shopping days left & I don't think I've left the house. I do love online shopping.

December 15 2008
Well, the Bills didn't disappoint me yesterday. 1st, they pass with the lead & 2 min on the clock. Great fucking idea. 2md, they gave our coach a 3 year extension. Brilliant. I need 3 more years of this shit.

December 13-14 2008
Shopping sucks - enjoy your weekend :)

December 12 2008
Seeing as Time Warner & The NFL Network still hate each other, I decided to watch the live show on nfl.com & what a waste of time that was. One would think that they'd show the game, but no. I get 2 morons in a studio talking about the game, I get taped clips of Peyton talking about a running play. I get white guy named Randy Moss on the sidelines talking about the game. Thanks for wasting my time.

December 11 2008
While I ate before the Sabres game last night, I noticed a lot of guys in suits wearing ear pieces & talking into their shirt cuffs. Then a back door opened & in walked Bill Clinton. I was dumbfounded & started to clap. He looked over at me & said "Thank you sir" Good thing he didn't know what I do for a living :)

December 10 2008
Netflix sent me The Dark Night yesterday & this might be the 1st time I watch a movie from them twice before I send it back.

December 9 2008
I don't know what that abortion of an football game in Toronto was, but I do know that it was NOT a home game for the Bills. I'm done with Buffalo. Stub Hub will have some tickets for the New England game on Dec 28th on sale later today - they will make a nice Xmas present for some Pats fan.

December 6-8 2008
I'm off to Toronto since I got suckered into buying the Bills/Dolphins tickets. I do plan on going to the Hockey Hall Of Fame, so it won't be a complete waste of a weekend. Miss you Betty!

December 5 2008
Let's see: before the big problem was the price of gas. Now that gas is back down & lower than it's been in many, many years, everything else is supposedly fucked. Black Friday was a record day for sales, but the stock market is still taking a dump. I just can't wrap my head around all of this, but I hope it evens out soon, because I do know one thing: slinging porn is NOT recession proof :(

December 4 2008
I watched Wanted last night & while I did really like it, it felt like there was too much for just one movie. I also watched Step Brothers & I have to say that teabagging a drumset is ALWAYS funny!

December 3 2008
Fantasy Football Playoffs are coming up and I made the real post season in one league & The Toilet Bowl in the other. 50% seems about right for me.

December 2 2008
Fucking Stomach! I have no idea what's causing it, but I've had a tummy ache for about 2 weeks now. Yesterday was the 1st time it caused me to not leave the house, which meant I was not able to watch my beloved Sabres loose to Nashville.

December 1 2008
Why do I put myself thru it? Why do I continue to cheer for the Bills? Why do I pay a ridiculous amount of money for season tickets just to watch them SUCK year after year? A 10-3 loss to San Francisco? I paid good money to sit in the rain & watch a 10-3 game? And what may be worse is that I've paid EVEN MORE money to have the privilege of driving to Toronto, getting a hotel room for 2 nights so that I can watch our "Home Game" against Miami. They haven't made the playoffs since I got my season tickets. Maybe it's me.

November 29-30 2008
Another big sports weekend. Sabres beat Pittsburgh last night, They play Montreal Saturday & the Bills host the 49ers on Sunday. I can't wait to point and laugh at San Fran for giving Nate Clements that much money!

November 28 2008
Happy BLACK FRIDAY to all the kooks that went shopping at 4:00 AM today - including my bride & step-daughter. Also, Happy Birthday to my Dad!

November 27 2008
Happy Turkey Day

November 26 2008
It's the biggest bar night of the year & in celebration of my 4+ years of sobriety, I'm going to take my 21 year old step-daughter to the Sabres game & watch her get tipsy on big beers.

November 25 2008
One more day of normalcy and then it's officially the fucking holiday season.

November 24 2008
How the fuck did my beloved Bills score 54 points yesterday?

November 22-23 2008
Sabres vs Islanders tonight - Bills at Chiefs tomorrow. If you go by recent play, don't bet on Buffalo. Enjoy your last normal weekend before the big Christmas rush!

November 21 2008
When did People Magazine turn into a trash mag? I was on the shitter yesterday reading my bride's rag mags & I picked up People because I assume it was still a somewhat legit magazine. I might as well have read Star or OK! or one of those other vomit inducing shitbag rags.

November 20 2008
At the tailgate party for the Bills game on Monday, we performed an experiment. My step-daughter bought some cupcakes for her boyfriend's birthday. They were frosted with the Bills colors: red, white & blue. I ate 2 of the blue ones & for the next 2 days, I shit a lovely shade of green. Nothing beats bragging about having Green Poopies!

November 19 2008
I've got nothing - enjoy your day.

November 18 2008
Well, that game yesterday was a complete fucking waste of time. The Bill lost and Buffalo failed to deliver on the snow. Looks like it's time for me to focus on the Sabres.

November 17 2008
My beloved Bills are taking on Cleveland tonight on Monday Night Football. Please do not worry about Buffalo disappointing you tonight - the forecast calls for 6" of snow :)

November 15-16 2008
Happy Hunting Season to all you Bambi killers out there! I grew a beard in celebration of the season, so think of me when you cut off the poor fella's head.

November 14 2008
I've watched ER since the beginning. It came on right around the time I started dating my bride and it's been "our show" for lack of a more douchey term. Seeing Dr Green last night, along with the storyline, brought a tear to my eye )-; I now return you to your regular porn surfing schedule.

November 13 2008
I almost hit a week of feeling normal. 5 days in a row, there was no need for me to take a nap. Yesterday I slept for 2 hours during the day & today I woke up after sleeping for 10 hours. I better be caught up because this sleep shit is starting to suck. So, how are you?

November 12 2008
I snuck a new non-normal porn site in on everyone yesterday and I have to admit, Go Go Celebs caught my eye because of it's concept - cartoon porn based on TV & movies.

November 11 2008
Happy Veteran's Day
Happy Veteran's Day to all the veterans out there, especially my Dad!

November 10 2008
I'm going to get a new tattoo tomorrow & I need ideas. I already have a Greenguy so that's out. I'm thinking something mystic or swirling and looping, but I can't find anything I like. If you know of something, email it to me & if it has some meaning, link to a website so I can read up on it.

November 8-9 2008
It was 70 Friday & they're calling for snow by the end of the weekend. I love Buffalo weather! Have a nice weekend.

November 7 2008
I got around to adding another new category yesterday: Amateur Lesbians went live around 5 PM and no one cared :)

November 6 2008
OK - I too am getting sick of all the post election crap. We get it. Obama won. I think this all stems from it being a landslide & the news not having anything to talk about like recounts & lawyers.

November 5 2008

November 4 2008
Go Vote!

November 3 2008
Remember - Tuesday is Election Day and everyone here in the States should be voting. If you're undecided & want to help out your old pal Greenguy, then vote Democrat across the board. Or don't. The important thing is that you vote.

November 1-2 2008
Tonight I get to go see my beloved Sabres play the Ovechkin-less Capitals. Yipee. Sunday I get to go see my beloved Bills play Favre's Jets, unless he's got a sick relative in Russian as well.

October 31 2008
Happy Halloween! Be Safe! Only eat unwrapped candy & apples that have thin bruises on them!

October 30 2008
Happy Beggers Night!

October 29 2008
What's the rule when you're running a Fantasy Football League as a favor for a friend & you want to kick 4 teams out of the league because they are annoying?

October 28 2008
I added a new non-normal porn site today & this is one of my favorite fetish's: Cum Hungry Cocksuckers is all girls that suck cock & swallow cum. My dick got hard while I was watching the trailers.

October 27 2008
I think I shocked the shit out of my mom yesterday. For her birthday (and an early Christmas present) I gave her & my step-dad a trip to Vegas for 4 days with tickets to go see Love & The Jersey Boys. She was oddly silent, so I'm going to have to call over there today to see if it sunk in. It's all airline miles & hotel comps, but it's the thought that counts, right? :)

October 25-26 2008
It's Birthday Weekend for me - not my birthday, but we're celebrating 5 of them on Sunday while we watch the Bills "Squish The Fish" Enjoy!

October 24 2008
I've got nothing. Enjoy your Friday with some porn.

October 23 2008
I added a new category today: Who doesn't like Black Teens? Well, I know some don't, but those people are just plain mean!

October 22 2008
The Bills are 5-1. The Sabres are 5-0-1. No one cares about The World Series unless you actually live in Philly & Tampa, the latter being filled with Band Wagon Jumping losers. The new Metallica album (yes, I said album) is growing on me like a ball rash when I work out. BooYah!

October 21 2008
Today I'd like to send out a BIG Happy 45th Birthday to my favorite brother-in-law. All the best, Bro!

October 20 2008
Happy Birthday Mommy!

October 18-19 2008
Happy Swedish Day Saturday and Happy Bills/Chargers Game With 16 People At My Tailgate Party Sunday!

October 17 2008
I know this news is 4 months old, but what the fuck has the world come to when AC/DC releases an album exclusively at WalMart?

October 16 2008
It's Boss's Day, which means my employee's will read this & then tell me Happy Boss's Day!

October 15 2008
Am I a bad American if I TiVo the beginning of the debate while I watch the Sabres/Rangers game?

October 14 2008
Yipee Yahoo! There's a new non-normal porn sites that you will probably look at & then continue on as if the site did not confuse you :)

October 13 2008
Happy 21st Birthday Sammy!!!!!!!!!

October 11-12 2008
Can you guys and gals do me a favor this weekend? Go to this page and vote for #8 Tracey - it's a dopey local radio contest for Buffalo's Hottest Hockey Mom & while I fucking HATE terrestrial radio, it's my buddy's wife & I like to help my friend's out. Besides, she is a pretty hot milf :)

October 10 2008
Sabres home opener tonight & I'm taking my old friend Zippy - and if you remember him, pat yourself on the back for being a follower of mine for 10+ years.

October 9 2008
The NHL season starts up in North America tonight and I beg everyone to watch Versus so that they can see Detroit beat the shit out of Toronto, who will be officially changing their name to The Maple Laughs (that old gag)

October 8 2008
I have to apologize to everyone. Last week I told you I was going to get a new tattoo. It's a little character that my step-son used to draw named Afro Steve and you can see a decent picture of it here. It's still healing & I do plan on getting it touched up next month, but now you know what my arm will look like for all eternity :)

October 7 2008
This one is long overdue. The Gay Ethnic category has finally been split into the following sub categories:
Gay Asian Gay Black Gay Interrcial Gay Latino

October 6 2008
Seeing as the local CBS & Time Warner did not reach an agreement by gametime, I had a houseful of people watching the Bills loose to Arizona via my 1950's antenna. Who's the dork now?

October 4-5 2008
Happy Anniversary Opie & Anthony - 4 years back on the radio with XM

October 3 2008
I watched the debate last night and I learned one very important fact: apparently, I'm supporting Obama & O'Biden. Nothing like a black guy & an Irish guy getting along :) Remember, it's not who you vote for, it's that you vote (but if you're on the fence, vote Democrat as a favor to your old porn slinging buddy Greenguy)

October 2 2008
I'm going to get a new tattoo today - I'll take a picture of it tonight if it's not too messy looking.

October 1 2008
In case you missed it, yesterday I added a rather kinky non-normal porn site called Fist and Piss. Can you guess what it's about? :)

September 30 2008
This economic crisis sucks ass. What you need is Cheap Porn! Hell, what you really need is A LOT OF CHEAP PORN! That's why I'm recommending you visit my handy-dandy Cheap Porn Pass Directory! 176 sites for 3 day costs $1.00! Support Porn! Support Me! Support FREEDOM!

September 29 2008
The Buffalo Bills are 4-0 :)

September 27-28 2008
Here's something to think about on your porn adventure this weekend: I often hear people say that porn has a lot of pop-up ads. I can honestly say that I see more pop-up's while surfing "legit" websites. I try to not list any site with pop-ups, so think about that as you click on my links this weekend & then go to IMDB to look up a movie & you see your pop-up blocker go off & then you see a pop-up. I practice SafePorn :)

September 26 2008
Fucking gas prices. I've got 3 cord of wood being delivered today to go with the 2 I have from last season so that I can maintain 2 fireplaces throughout the winter. Of course, it'd be nice if they delivered it stacked, but NOOOOOO! At least Fatty will get some exercise today.

September 25 2008
Clay Aiken is gay? Who Knew!?!?! Criss Angel isn't dead? WHO KNEW!?!?! David Blaine hung upside down for 60 hours while standing up once an hour & then bungee jumped & landed above the lighting rig? WHO CARES!?!?!?!?!

September 24 2008
I'm finally used to IE7 and now these fuckers have IE8 out in beta? And don't bother emailing me with your suggestions on other browsers, you too cool for the room geeks :) I want Netscape 3.02 Gold back!

September 23 2008
You know that feeling you get in your knee where if you shake it, the knuckle pops & everything is fine? I have that feeling in my left knee ALL THE TIME.

September 22 2008
Hey Hey! Look who's favorite team is in 1st place in the AFC East and 3-0 after 3 games! I'll give you a hint: I call him Dad :)

September 20-21 2008
Big news here in Buffalo: Bruce Smith is going up on the Wall Of Fame at Ralph Wilson Stadium. I wonder how close to OJ he'll be :)

September 19 2008
I'm realizing that when fat guys work out, there is sometimes friction between pieces of fat skin & that sometimes causes a rash under your nutsack. Or maybe it's just me :)

September 18 2008
I don't understand why The Love Guru got such bad reviews. I laughed my ass off all the way thru the movie.

September 17 2008
Netflix sent me Speed Racer yesterday: good visual movie; long, boring, drawn out story. And John Goodman needs to loose some weight

September 16 2008
My new favorite players in the NFL is DeSean Jackson. He knows it was a touchdown - there's no need for the ball to cross that silly goalline!

September 15 2008
Watching these hurricanes is like trying to watch live events at The Olympics. If God wants higher ratings, he'd have these suckers strike during prime time. Go Bills :)

September 13-14 2008
Thoughts & Prayers to all those effected by Hurricane Ike

September 12 2008
Week 2 waivers on a new fantasy football website suck, TWO FUCKING HOURS fixing the problems that the handy "automatic processing" feature butchered.

September 11 2008
Remember 9-11

September 10 2008
Tonight I'm taking my lovely Bride to see one of the many Cirque du Soleil shows. I don't know how I've done it, but this will be the 6th or 7th time I've seen a show of theirs. I hope I'm close enough to see some cameltoe :)

September 9 2008
I forgot to mention how sad it was to see the amount of money Time Warner spent on advertising at the Buffalo game on Sunday. Seeing as they do not have the NFL Network, they think they can latch themselves onto the Bills by plastering their name & logo on EVERYTHING! I can't fucking wait for FiOS to be here next month.

September 8 2008
Hey! My beloved Bills looked pretty good yesterday! Of course, both my fantasy teams did shitty & I had San Diego in one pool, Indy in another.

September 5 2008
What a piece of shit football game that was last night. I never knew the Redskins were that horrible. And the Giants came out strong, but then they just went thru the motions for the 2nd half. And, what happened to the pregame hype show? Don't they usually have some performances? Oh yeah, that's right...the Old Man & Milf convention was on.

September 4 2008
Football starts tonight?!?!?!?! Fuck me! That means hockey is right around the corner :)

September 3 2008
I somehow scheduled THREE doctor's appointments for today. 9:30, 11:00 & 1:00 There goes my work day.

September 2 2008
In the last 2 or so years, I've gained 40-45 pounds. I am officially at the fattest I've ever been. It's time for a diet & some exercise. My goal is to loose 1/2 by Turkey Day, the rest by The Super Bowl. I think I might keep track online so that people can either congratulate me or point & laugh.

September 1 2008
American Airlines found our last bag & delivered it this morning...damaged. Good thing it was all clothing, but I can never use it again. I will put a copy of my strongly worded letter once I finish gathering info. Enjoy Labor Day & have fun watching the hurricane.

August 30-31 2008
American Airlines lost our bags. They found them & had a guy drive them out. One of the bags was not ours - and it had an address label for some guy in Canada. So here I sit missing 1/2 my wardrobe.

August 29 2008
Travel Day Part II - apparently, there was a weather problem someplace & I got stuck in Orlando for 3 hours & missed my connecting flight home. So here I sit in Chicago on stand-bye - joy.

August 28 2008
Travel Day for me - and just in time as it looks like Gustav is approaching. Yes, I know it's going to miss Florida, but I want to be home & comfy so that I can watch it on TV (too soon?)

August 27 2008
Six days on vacation & today is my 1st shit day due to a shit sleep. Lucky for me there were no activities planned until dinner :)

August 26 2008
I'm on vacation in Orlando & I have to say that this Florida weather SUCKS! It's rains every day & not just a little - there's was a fucking monsoon at Epcot yesterday afternoon. Today's forecast is much like the 7 day outlook: 90 with a 40% chance of rain. This is a vacation state? I realize there's a shitload of flooding due to Fay, but fuck me. I'll take snow 4 months a year.

August 25 2008
Now that the Olympics are over, I'll have to wait at least 6 months before I can complain about how much NBC sucks at broadcasting sports other than football. (It's kinda hard to fuck up a Sunday night football game)

August 23 2008
Ryan - we're on vacation & you should be here with us.

August 21 2008
Yesterday, I watched Bolt win the 200m & break the World Record TWICE on CBC Canada before I saw it once on any of the 7 NBC channels that I have. And why the fuck am I watching a "Best Of Gymnastics" when there are live real events going on? I fucking HATE NBC Sports.

August 20 2008
Isn't basketball supposed to be a big part of the Olympics as far as us Americans are concerned? If so, why do I only see it at 8 or 9 AM? I haven't looked, but are they leading up to an early Sunday final which would be live here in the stats on Saturday night? Why do I care since I'm a hockey fan? :)

August 19 2008
I may have found the greatest porn site EVER! This week's Non-normal Porn Site is called The Minion and all I have to say is spend the 5 minutes it takes to watch the trailer.

August 18 2008
As much as I hate the Chinese government (I know - I'm really taking a stance there) I am watching The Olympics (yes, another big surprise) The point of this is that it is really cool to see history happen. That Phelps kids sure can swim :)

August 15-17 2008
I've got a house full of out-of-town guests, so enjoy your weekend & GO AMERICA! WOO-HOO! WE'RE BETTER THAN EVERY OTHER COUNTRY!
(of course, I have no idea if that statement is true or not, seeing as I've only been to Canada & I have to admit, I do like how they support & enjoy hockey)

August 14 2008
I know it's Fantasy Football Season, but I picked up my copy of The Hockey News Ultimate Fantasy Pool Guide with my boy Ovechkin on the cover & I can't fucking wait for Fantasy Hockey Season to start! Of course, I have 2 football drafts in the next 2 weeks that I've done no prep work for.

August 13 2008
I was going to talk about last night's concert, but seeing as I only recognized 5 songs & Testament's sound guy had the cords plugged into his ears & asshole, I might as well admit that I did actually feel bad for the US gymnastic team. Apparently, someone put invisible banana peels on the event floor.

August 12 2008
I'm turning back the clock to the head-banging 80's tonight as I make my way to the redneck fest that is America's Fair to watch Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath with midget Dio), Motorhead & Testament. For some reason, Judas Priest is not playing tonight, which sorta sucks because I do love a 57 year old gay bald man belting out heavy metal anthems!

August 11 2008
I'm hooked on the Olympics. I didn't want to get hooked, but I've got events on 5 High Def channels pretty much 24 hours a day. I just finished watching Australia beat Canada in Mens Field Hockey (who knew men played field hockey)

For me, today is not about the start of The Olympics, which I watched LIVE in HD on CBC out of Toronto - take that NBC & "They Stapled My Stomach But I'm Still Fat" Al Roker. Today is about the marriage of 2 friends & seeing as they're dirty pornographer's like me, I can link to their sites while I say...
CONGRATS To Emerald and BlueBrit On Their Wedding Day!!!
(visit them today, not me)

August 7 2008
I'm officially an ordained minister of The Church of Spiritual Humanism - you have to love the internet.

August 6 2008
I read that Comcast got shot down on their request to block P2P traffic. While I don't support that kind of file trading, I do support your right to do so. I can't believe that the FCC finally did something right.

August 5 2008
I had something to talk about today, but I forget if it was more on Exxon, something on the Olympics or more Big Brother 10 crap about the annoying people on there. Like that Jessie lunkhead & his 100% Natural body & obsession with looking at himself in the mirror. We get it - you've got muscles. Go lift something.

August 4 2008
Are you watching Big Brother 10? I'm wondering why I'm watching because I truly hate EVERYONE on the show. Anyone that makes up a funny name for their job is a douchbag, let alone wears their name on their clothing because it's a city - Memphis The Mixologist is a MORON! More & more, I find myself watching TV that annoys me, which may explain a lot of my anger issues. BTW, go fuck yourself, Bates :)

August 2 2008
Congrats to Caleb & Brooke on today's unofficial wedding ceremony!

August 1 2008
WTF is with Exxon reporting another quarter of record setting PROFITS while we go broke paying $4.00/gallon? I picked my niece up from work the other day & it cost me $5.00!! We are so fucked as a nation.

July 31 2008
I've got nothing. Good Bye July!

July 30 2008
I've been tinkering with some new looks on the site, so bare with me if things look a bit "off"

July 29 2008
I am a fan of all things Kurt Cobain, but I watched a UK documentary (not rockumentary) called "Kurt Cobain: Early Life of a Legend" and I fell asleep. Pretend you moved away the day you graduated high school & never saw any of your old friends again. This documentary was based on interviews with all those old friends, who are all living their boring normal lives & remembering when they knew a kid that became a rock star. OH! There's a lot of interviews with Charles Cross, too, but if you read "Heavier Than Heaven" then you already know what he knows. I can't wait for "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" to get here today.

July 28 2008
Hey! I'm almost timely with a movie review! The Dark Night was fucking AWESOME! And I saw it at an IMAX theater & seeing as it was my 1st time at one, that impressed the fuck out of me as well. Like HDTV has ruined regular TV for me, I now want everything in IMAX!

July 26-27 2008
I'm going to kill 2 birds with 1 stone this weekend: I'm going to see my 1st IMAX movie and it's going to be The Dark Night. I have this feeling I will be repeating this exact scenario again in the near future.

July 25 2008
Nothing beats changing your meds around, being exhausted at 9 PM and then wide awake at 1 AM Good thing I don't have a "real" job.

July 24 2008
14 years ago today my future bride and I started to date. Happy 14 Year 1st Date Anniversary thingy, Babe!

July 23 2008
My step-daughters and I forced my bride to watch Batman Begins last night so that we can now drag her to the movies and see The Dark Night. It took a lot of convincing that the movies are not cartoonish or moronic like the wonderful Batman movies of the past now look. How stupid looking is Nicholson's Joker now? THIS TOWN NEEDS AN ENEMA! Bleech.

July 22 2008
If you have a washer and dryer, go look at them for me. Is the washer on the left and the dryer on the right? If so, then the contractor that built that part of your house is not a complete fucking moron.

July 21 2008
There's a rumor going around that the new $5 bills that have 2006 printed on them are actually worth $12. This is because they were printed in 2008. Assuming this is true and you save all the $5 you find, where do you go to trade them in for the extra $7?

July 19 2008
Happy Birthday Ryan! I say it a lot, but I honestly miss you more than you will ever know.

July 18 2008
I just watched the 1st 3 episodes of Big Brother 10 and I can say that I hate pretty much everyone in the house, especially that self absorbed asshole Memphis. He says he's a "mixologist" and not a bartender. The correct term is "Beverage Engineer", seeing as the waitress is a "Beverage Consultant" And just because your name is the same as a state doesn't mean that EVERYTHING you wear has to say MEMPHIS or have a big M on it. I also hate all the lying religious twits that think they can confess after and all will be well. From what I remember, God want you to be truly sorry for your sins and I doubt that admitting the sin ahead of time means you're sorry. I need sleep :)

July 17 2008
After staying up all night and going to bed at 10 AM yesterday, I was about to say that I think I'm back on my normal schedule because I forced myself to go to sleep at 4 AM. But the more I think about it, that's 1 AM Vegas time....I'm still fucked.

July 16 2008
I'm back from my working vacation and seeing as I'm still on Vegas time, I'm doing a really early update for today - and there's a lot of links, so you should thank me for all the extra time I've given you today :)

July 14 2008
After coming to Vegas for 9 years, I finally got to see it rain. We were in the room as it rolled in and I have to say that watching it from the 35th floor is truly amazing. (and yes, I know that there are many major flooding issues when it rain in Vegas, but being a tourist, it's fun to me)

July 12 2008
Hello from no-longer-sunny Las Vegas! Seeing as it's cloudy and going to actually rain, I decided to get some work done and add 78 New Porn Links for you to enjoy this weekend. As for me, I hear a slot machine calling my name....

July 7 2008
69 New Porn Links added today! That seems like a nice number to leave up there for a few days as I take a little vacation to Vegas and gamble away my life savings. Enjoy your week - be back soon!

July 5 2008
I'm happy to say that the party was a dry event and I actually had a good time. Of course, I still have to clean up a lot of crap, including a 24x20 tarp that is staples 16' in the air and then nailed to the driveway.

July 3 2008
Well, as of 10:45 AM EDT it's raining and I have 90-100 people showing up for a party in 4 hours. I fucking hate my Independence Day party.

July 2 2008
Good to see Brian Campbell cash in. $56.8 mil over 8 years is probably a tad bit more than the Sabres had offered him, but we did get Lalime....I know, I don't care either.

July 1 2008
Happy Canada Day! Isn't it odd that the NHL's free agency starts on a Canadian holiday? I do know one thing: I'm not getting suckered into watching live coverage of the free agent signings like I did last year. It took 4 hours before the 1st player signed with a new team!

June 30 2008
I recently found out that StatsWorld, the online service that I use for my fantasy football leagues, was bought out :( If you know of a good online service that has customizable leagues and allows you to start defensive players as well as the regular offensive ones, please email me!

June 28-29 2008
Well, I've finally seen all the George Romero "..Of The Dead" movies and I have to say, I know understand the whole Zombie Movie thing a little better. The last one - Diary Of The Dead - was not as bad as the reviews it got, but I could see where some of the cheesiness could have caused that.

June 27 2008
What a fucking horrible day yesterday. I think I slept more than I was awake. I do love having sleep apnea as well as having my new meds even out and stop effecting me. I know - I know - BOO HOO to me - Throw me a Pity Party :(

June 26 2008
Last night was the 1st time I slept in my own bed in about 2 months...and it was horrible and I feel like shit today. I guess my body needs to readjust to sleeping in comfort.

June 25 2008
Here's an update on yesterday's rant: after 3 hours, 5 holes in a ceiling and numerous wire tests with a not so portable TV, I have cable in my bedroom. And if you're reading this - and you know who you are - I hope those window shutters are lost forever and you have to pay for them, you dope fiend.

June 24 2008
I do love re-doing other peoples work, especially when I paid them to do it. You'd think the asshole that owns the company and says he can do what that company does could actually do those jobs. But NOOOOO! Here I am trying to redo things that are in areas you can't get to without a saw.....I JUST WANT TO WATCH TV IN MY BEDROOM!

June 23 2008
I woke up today to read that George Carlin had passed away :( I have his latest HBO special on my TiVo and I've been watching it here and there for the last week. I doubt I'll be able to finish watching it for a long time.

June 21-22 2008
The 21st will always be the 1st day of summer for me, no matter what these silly "experts" say. The 22nd will always suck, because I miss my step-son more than he'll ever know.

June 20 2008
Is it going to be a bad day if 15 minutes after you wake up, you've already found piles of shit from 2 different animals in your path around the house? Of course, I didn't step in either, so maybe it's going to be a good day :)

June 19 2008
My 3rd bad movie of the week attacked me last night - Fools Gold was the 3rd horrendous movie I've seen this week - 4th if you throw in that I started to watch The Long Kiss Goodnight and turned it off after she threw the knife thru the tomato. Of course, I did see Rambo and it was fantastically gory, so that made up for the plot.

June 18 2008
Happy Wednesday to you and enjoy tonight's full moon. Also, please excuse the dust, as I'm remodeling around here.

June 17 2008
Two in a row for bad movies, but this one is at least from this century. I started to watch The Eye with Jessica Alba (she was in the movie and not at my house watching the movie with me) and I turned it off about 20 minutes it. Horrible movie. Unwatchable! I wanted to take a fork and poke myself in THE EYE! (get it?)

June 16 2008
10 years after it was released, I decided to watch He Got Game. 60 minutes into it, I realized why I never watched it, but I had too much time invested in the piece of shit to stop watching.

June 14-15 2008
Happy Flag Day. Happy Father's Day. Happy Whatever.

June 13 2008
AHHH! Friday The 13th! Bad Things! Like getting up at 5:30 because you have to work before you go to your Dr's appointment at 8:30 - that's a bad thing.

June 12 2008
I watched Jumper last night and while Hayden Christensen annoys me for some reason (Star Wars II maybe?) I did enjoy the movie and would like to see the obviously planned sequel. Too bad Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 3% rating :(

June 11 2008
If you're a fan of The Tudors on Showtime and you think that renting The Other Boleyn Girl would be a good way of learning about what happens to Mary after she's sent away from Court, save yourself the effort.

June 10 2008
Early update today as I have to take The Bride to an early Dr Appt. Nothing like the love of your life throwing off your day :)

June 9 2008
I really do love catching a cold in June. Going from AC to humidity to AC to humidity has really fucked me up. I blame Global Warming :)

June 7-8 2008
It's the 1st weekend of June and it looks like it's gonna be a hot one up here in Buffalo - who'd a thought global warming would bring us 90 weather in June? I can't wait for it to be 110 in August! Enjoy your weekend and recycle some paper :)

June 6 2008
Never become friends with the help, because the help will take advantage of you and fuck you over somewhere down the line.

June 5 2008
I have to take my hat off to the Detroit Red Wings. They were the better team and deserved to win the cup. Of course, this is 3 years in a row that I've rooted for the looser in the finals.

June 4 2008
Game 6 is tonight and it's on NBC, so make me proud and tune in. and you can make me even prouder by rooting for Pittsburgh so there's a Game 7 :)

June 3 2008
I went to sleep last night after the 2nd OT, hoping I'd wake up to see a headline along the lines of "Pens Force Game 6!" I woke up a happy camper

June 2 2008
Happy 30th Birthday Niki!

May 31 - June 1 2008
The Weekend is here and it's raining. At least there's some hockey to watch :)

May 30 2008
I have to clean up today and get ready for my house to be invaded by my niece and her friends - the joys of being the uncle with a pool and hot tub :)

May 29 2008
Seeing as so many of you enjoyed the last one - Fist Flush- I decided to keep the "kinky lesbian" thing going by adding Girl Girl Spankas the next non-normal porn site - enjoy :)

May 28 2008
Game 3 of The Stanley Cup Finals is on NBC tonight. Tune it in for me, even if you're not watching. The NHL needs ratings like the Chinese need building designers from San Francisco (too soon?)

May 27 2008
I'm so giddy! Tonight I'll finally be watching that cool movie Cloverfield! Of course, I have the feeling it'd be a lot better if I didn't know there's a monster.

May 25-26 2008
Happy Memorial Day to all my US friends! To everuone else, Happy Last Sunday and Monday Of May! Feel free to have a picnic :)

May 23-24 2008
Here's another lame joke for you to tell people: walk around singing "Blow Speed Racer Blow!" to yourself. If someone laughs at you, again, punch them in the gut.

May 22 2008
Tell this joke to your friends today: Indiana's Jonesing For Some Crystal Meth. If they laugh hysterically, punch them in the gut.

May 21 2008
Not only am I months behind on movies that are in theaters (I watched the new National Treasure last night) but I'm also weeks behind on DVD releases. I finally got to see Juno and I have to say that, even though I'm 20 years older than the main character, I really enjoyed the movie and laughed my ass off.

May 20 2008
So after 2 years of shit teams, NBC finally has 2 popular hockey markets in the Stanley Cup. It's a shame that the 1st 2 games are on Versus, because aside from their shitty network as a whole, more people get NBC. But don't worry - I'll remind everyone before the big games :)

May 19 2008
OK - I'm getting back to normal, as are things around here. There's a nice big update today and the links were verified over the weekend, so enjoy :)

May 17 2008
This time, the lack of an update on this page was also site-wide. Had to go visit some friends on Thursday and things will be back to normal on Monday. Sorry about that - for now, just enjoy the latest Non-Normal Porn Site :)

May 15 2008
You can tell that your memory is shot when you update every page of your website except the min one that pretty much everyone reads and bases their surfing experience on. Sorry about yesterday.

May 13 2008
Sorry Philly, but if all goes well, we might have some Stanley Cup hockey early next week.

May 12 2008
Over the weekend, I watched a movie called The Savages. Good movie and part of it takes place here in Buffalo. I'd just like to say that even though the movie portrayed the area as really gloomy, the sun does actually come out once in awhile up here.

May 10-11 2008
I'd like to take this time to say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, especially my mom, who probably has no idea that my site is green on black :)

May 8 2008
I'm back in my office! It's very green and smells like paint and my heard hurts because I came back down here too soon, but at least I can now work.

May 7 2008
I'm starting to really hate working on my laptop here in my livingroom...but the TV is nice :)

May 6 2008
My office is being painted and seeing as my memory is shot, I forgot to move my files from my main computer to this shitty laptop. I fucking hate working on this little piece of shit because my fat fingers are always hitting the wrong keays (and I did not spell check this post or even proof read it - this is what tyouu get when I'm on a laptop)

May 5 2008
I got to go see The Police on Saturday (15 months after they got back together - Buffalo stinks) and I have to say that they put on a GREAT show! Elvis Costello opened for them and I actually knew 3 of his songs! I also realized that all of his songs sound like they should be played as the credits roll on any 1980's movie :)

May 3 2008
Happy Birthday Einer!!! We all miss you more than you could have ever known.

May 2 2008
I watched the Detroit/Colorado game last night and I actually felt bad for the Avs. Loosing in 4 games is one thing, but loosing Game 4 at home by a score of 8-2 (and you know Detroit went easy on them in the 3rd) has to be painful. BTW - for those of you keeping score at home - I've jumped from the Caps bandwagon over to Pittsburgh's - GO PENS!

May 1 2008
Happy May Day....blech!

April 30 2008
I added a new Non-Normal Porn Site yesterday and I've added a definition so that you'll not be confused like I was the 1st time I saw the title :)

April 29 2008
One year ago today was the last time I has a cigarette.

April 28 2008
I think I forgot to update this page over the weekend - sorry about that. Of course, the site was updated on Saturday, as it is every day of the week, except for Sunday, as that's the Lord's day :)

April 25 2008
I've got nothing - click a link, look at some porn, come back, repeat :)

April 24 2008
Today means something to me, but I can't fucking remember what it is, which is typical for me these days. I guess they were right back in school when they said that drugs and alcohol killed brain cells.

April 23 2008
Looks like I can put away that Ovechkin jersey I got in the mail 2 days ago.

April 22 2008
In honor of Earth Day, I've decorated the site green (that old gag) But I do ask that you do something - change a light-bulb, recycle a newspaper, plant a tree, make a donation, install solar panels on the roof of your house - make your buddy Greenguy proud of you :)

April 21 2008
I watched The Omega Man yesterday because I wanted to see what they based I Am Legend on. I can't tell you how many times I laughed at the movie, not with it. (and Bill Maher is brilliant)

April 19-20 2008
This weekend, I will reach a new low. I will be paying someone to split wood in my yard while I watch hockey. and I wonder why I'm fat.

April 18 2008
If you watched the Flyers/Capitals game last night, you probably noticed a lot of "morons" sitting in the stands wearing paper/cardboard hockey helmets. Somewhere, there is a guy laughing his ass off because his "I got stoned and made a hat" invention is making Philadelphia fans look like there is a short bus waiting to take them back to their assisted living homes.

April 17 2008
Nice to see Ottawa join my Sabres on the golf course :)

April 16 2008
As most of you know, I live in Western New York. It snows here. I was at the local mall yesterday and the big snow piles from plowing the parking lot have melted. When this happens, there's a big mess on the ground from all the crap that got plowed along with the snow. Now none of this is unusual...until you throw in the 3 guys with metal detectors walking thru the debris. When I was leaving the mall, I drove past them and threw all my change out the window.

April 15 2008
Happy Tax Day! I sent in my payment yesterday, but I've had my eye on Google Trends for the last few days and oddly enough, "tax extension form" has been in the top 10 for the last 48 hours. I'm beginning to think I'm in the minority when it comes to paying my taxes.

April 14 2008
Here's proof that there's symmetry in porn: today I added two n ew paysites, one from each end of the fetish spectrum. The 1st is Extreme Gangbang, which covers women getting rough-fuched by multiple men. The 2nd is Strapon Tricks, which covers men getting assfucked by strapon wearing women. Something for everyone :)

April 12-13 2008
Once again, I'm so full of nothingness that I am bloated. Enjoy your weekend :)

April 11 2008
I've got nothing - enjoy your Friday.

April 10 2008
I really wish I had something interesting to put here other than hockey, but yesterday involved me sleeping a lot due to my sleep apnea problem and then watching 6 hours of....hockey :) Calgary surprised me - that's all I'm gonna say.

April 9 2008
In my ongoing effort to be at least 3 months behind pop movie culture, I watched There Will Be Blood last night. While I did enjoy the movie, I want to beat whoever approved the music with a bowling pin. What the fuck was that about? Why did I keep hearing the THX sound effect? CLICK CLICK CLICK THUD! and how come they never wrote down what they wanted to tell the kid?

April 8 2008
I finally broke down and hooked my laptop up to my TV so that I could watch a movie on Netflix. For some reason, even though I make my living on this lovely internet, I never wanted to watch movies on my computer because it didn't feel "right" to watch a 2 hour movie in that manner. I know what you're saying: What about watching porn movies on your computer? No one watches porn for 2 hours :)

April 7 2008
Well, Washington made it into the playoffs - must be nice to struggle to capture the 8th spot and end up in 3rd :) The 1st game is on Wednesday and the wonderful Versus network that usually caters to bullriding will have the 1st game at 7.

April 5-6 2008
I know it's been all about hockey with me lately, but as I type this on Saturday, I really hope the Washington Capitals win tonight and make the playoffs - partly because I do like them as a team and partly because I fucking hate Carolina.

April 4 2008
So, it looks like I'm in the market for a new favorite hockey team to root for in the playoffs :(

April 3 2008
I can't wait for my beloved Sabres to miss the NHL Playoffs by 1 point. Or, even better, by loosing a tie-breaker. That would be a perfect end to a perfect season.

April 2 2008
I updated the Non-Normal Porn Site page yesterday and I have to admit, it's not for those with a weak stomach (especially the other girl - lol)

April 1 2008
I was going to pull off some elaborate April Fools joke, but as usual, I forgot about it until about 10 minutes ago....or did I? ;-)

March 31 2008
I'd say more, but I have to be quick as my battery backup is making an alarm noise for some fucking reason and I have to finish what I'm doing before it shuts my computer off FOR NO GOOD FUCKING REASON!!!!!!!!!!

March 29-30 2008
You know the problem with the internet? Self-diagnosis of medical conditions. I'm convinced that I have Fibromyalgia.

March 28 2008
You want to know a cool thing about HD Net? I sent them an email, thanking them for another solid year of NHL coverage and the head of programming actually replied back! Do you have any idea how many unanswered emails I've sent to CBS? :-)

March 27 2008
What's this I hear that the baseball season started already?

March 26 2008
Now that my Sabres have officially shit the bed, I'm thinking I need a new team to root for. I really hope Washington makes the playoffs so I can root for Ovechkin.

March 25 2008
YIPEE! No religious holidays until Christmas!

March 24 2008
Happy Dingus Day!
(feel free to throw up on yourself)

March 22-23 2008
I'd like to take some time out of my day and wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday this weekend. The date of this holiday may change each year, but the message remains the same: Happy Birthday Easter Bunny!

March 21 2008
Happy Christ Killer Day!
(my apologies to all the Christ loving porn sufers out there)

March 20 2008
How I can go from a miserable fuck when my Sabres are down 4-1 to the happiest asshole in the world when they end up winning 7-4? and what the fuck was with the ending to I Am Legend? For fuck sakes, they ruined a really great movie with the last 30 minutes.

March 19 2008
I added a pretty controversial Non-Normal Porn Site yesterday - trust me and go take a look.

March 18 2008
I have officially replaced my morning coffee with Amp Energy. I used to be a big Red Bull fan, but this stuff tastes better, they sponsor NHL games and it's green :)

March 17 2008
Happy St Patrick's Day!

March 15-16 2008
Be safe this weekend and enjoy some green beverages :)

March 14 2008
My accountant called me today and I owe less than I have set aside for the IRS - this is the 1st time I've had something that resembles a refund in the last 10 years!

March 13 2008
I'd better get busy decorating the site if I want to be ready for the big St Patty's Day weekend :)

March 12 2008
Even though I'm a Democrat, I never liked Spitzer...until now :)

March 11 2008
It's a good thing that I put in my order for Sabres playoff tickets because it's always nice to own tickets to events that will never happen.

March 10 2008
I watched the final episode of The Wire last night and while I won' ruin anything for those of you that TiVo'd or DVR'd it, I will say that it was very good and wrapped everything up in a nice way. A great end to a great show.

March 8-9 2008
Odds are your local weather douchbag's called for some sort of storm this weekend. If the storm is less than expected, welcome to every weather forecast in Buffalo from October thru April.

March 7 2008
Every time I see Chet on Survivor, I get physically ill.

March 6 2008
I watched the original version of The Getaway with Steve McQueen last night. I found myself very turned on by the fat tits of Sally Struthers as well as the lovely nipples of Ali MacGraw. I do love getting a stiffy watching movies that we're released when I was 1 :)

March 5 2008
Why is it that I hate Sean Penn in real life, but I fall in love with his movies? I watched Into The Wild last night and I'm not ashamed to say that I cried. What a great fucking movie!

March 4 2008
If you look at the new non-normal porn site you too can learn a new phrase:
cave bitch

March 3 2008
I have a new hobby that seems to be consuming at least 1 day a week: making candles. It started with a little POS kit so that I could recycle the left-over chunks at the bottom of the jars, but now I'm ordering wax and melting and mixing and adding scents and bitching about wicks and feeling kinda like a housewife more and more :)

March 1-2 2008
What a piece of shit Leap Day turned out to be. I ended up taking a 4 hour nap due to my sleep apnea and then I had to watch Montreal fans cheer as the Canadians beat my Sabres. I should've stayed in bed.

February 29 2008
Happy Leap Day! (yes, I'm nervous)

February 28 2008
PSA Day: Big phone and cable companies are trying to eliminate Net Neutrality, the principle that protects our ability go where we want and do what we choose online. More than 1.5 million SavetheInternet.com supporters are fighting to keep the Internet free and open for everyone.
Click here to Save The Internet

February 27 2008
Another Sabres game for me tonight. I sent in my order form for my playoff tickets, but fuck me! These guys better shape up and actually make the playoffs!

February 26 2008
Those of you that LINGER LONGER know that I am a pretty big Nirvana fan. I recently watched Kurt Cobain: About A Son and what a pile of shit that is! Picture this: audio from interviews with Cobain played over outdoor pictures and scenery. It's an audio book with meaningless pictures. Save yourself some cash and jerk off instead.

February 25 2008
The NHL schedule makers are really trying to fuck with me. 5 homes games in 9 days, which is one game every other day. Game 2 is tonight and I'll get to BOO Briere for no reason.
(and Ralph Nader is an asshole)

February 23-24 2008
Have yourself a lovely and porn filled weekend :)

February 22 2008
Here's how fucking stupid I am: I was taking the garbage out Wednesday night after the Sabres game and looked up at the moon. It was red/orange and darker on one site. I thought it looked pretty cool. Yesterday I found out there was a lunar eclipse that happens every 10 years.
"OOOHHHH! Look at the pretty moon!"

February 21 2008
I have to admit that when my beloved Sabres went down 3-1 to the lowly Tampa Bay Lightning, I thought it was over. But fuck me, they came back to tie the game and win it in OT. OOO!! AHH!! SABRES ON THE WAR PATH!

February 20 2008
I do fucking love NetFlix. Even though Monday was a National holiday, they managed to get their movies over to the post office so that I could watch Michael Clayton and Ameriican Gangster - both really good movies. Spealing of having movies delivered to your house, have you looked at The NetFlix Of Porn? :)

February 19 2008
My sleep apnea is acting up again. Even with the fucking mask on, I still wake up exhausted 50% of the time. It's a good thing I work at home, because I'm going back to bed as son as I finish updating the Non-Normal Porn Sites page :)

February 18 2008
Happy President's Day!

February 16-17 2008
Big hockey weekend for me - Sabres play the Rangers at 1 on Saturday and then the Penguins at 6 on Sunday. and there's always the CBC games as well as one of the nine games NBC has decided to grace the country with. Enjoy your weekend :)

February 15 2008
It was announced yesterday that The Police are going to grace the Buffalo area with their presence. I'm debating if it's worth $201.50/ticket, which includes a $1.50 facility fee, whatever the fuck that is, to see a band that I didn't really follow when they were together.

February 14 2008
Happy Valentines Day, especially to Shauna, who is the cunt that called me from a company that I don't do business with and refused to give me the name and phone number of here scummy telemarketing company. I was happy until this douche dialed my number.

February 13 2008
Fucking Weather! I told my buddy I'd pick him up from the airport last night. His flight was originally due at 10:55 PM. The it was delayed until 12:25 AM. The at 11:30 as I'm getting ready to leave, I find out that it's delayed until 1:25 AM. I get to the airport and start to freak out because the flight is not on the Arrivals screen. I calm down and get a call at 1:50 AM that he's landed. All this because Chicago could not handle a little snow.

February 12 2008
Time Warner sent me 12 coupons for free OnDemand movies - 1 per month for the next year. I sent them a letter saying that I'd rather have the $4 go towards The NFL Network each month :)

February 11 2008
I was at the game last night when Zednik's throat was sliced by Jokinen's skate & it was really creepy. It happened on my side of the ice, but I was watching the play (much like the main camera view) and when I realized something was wrong, Zednik was at the blue line rushing towards his bench with a massive trail of blood behind him on the ice. You could have heard a pin drop in the arena.

February 9-10 2008
Once again, I'm years behind everyone else: Resident Evil was fucking AWESOME! Resident Evil: Apocalypse should get here today and Resident Evil: Extinction should get here Tuesday. This Writers Strike is finally starting to pay off!

February 8 2008
OH WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! I sit down for a nice 4 months of Jonny Fairplay last night and the fucked gets himself voted out on purpose at the 1st tribal council! Maybe Evel Dick will show up on Big Brother 9 and appease me.

February 7 2008
Is the Writer's Strike over yet? I'm getting really sick of watching 3 star movies from Netflix!!!! Thankfully, Survivor starts tonight and Big Brother is this weekend!

February 6 2008
I've got my 1st Sabres home game in over a month. I missed 2 due to travel, so the last one was Jan 4th. I can't wait to get back into the groove of going to games :)

February 5 2008
It's Super Tuesday for me, which means I get to vote for my favorite Democrat candidate who won't get a chance to run for President since he's not Obama or Clinton. It also means that there's a new Non-Normal Porn Sites for you to either enjoy or scratch your head at.

February 4 2008
All I know is that I lost aobut $100 yesterday while the same people kept winning on the football squares and I'm PISSED! :)

February 2-3 2008
Welcome To Super Bowl Weekend! My money is on New England -12. Smart people will remember my horrendous streak and put their money on The Giants :)

February 1 2008
Happy February To You
(can you tell I have nothing to talk about today?)

January 31 2008
Did you hear about the "big snow storm" here in Buffalo yesterday? 60+ MPH winds, rain and then snow, MASS HAVOC! In the end, we got about 1 inch of new snow.

January 30 2008
Why is there this big outrage over Burress predicting that The Giants will win? What the fuck is he supposed to say? "Yeah, I think we're going to loose to the Pats on Sunday." Stupid fucking sports reporters. I also hope that Brady was wearing the foot thing on his foot just to fuck with people.

January 29 2008
The Writers Strike has me looking at some movie series that I never got around to watching - like Underworld, Final Destination and Resident Evil. I might even rent the entire Harry Potter series and spend a weekend learning what that is all about.

January 28 2008
When is this stupid Writers Strike going to end? Can the "big wigs" just give in so that I can have something to watch on TV? If this goes on, think how bad things will be in 3 months when there's nothing but re-runs on TV. Might be time to up the old NetFlix account 1 or 2 movies.

January 26-27 2008
It's All-Star Weekend in the NHL, so if you're one of the 18 people that have the Versus channel, take a look at the Skills Competition and Young Stars game on Saturday and the All-Star Game on Sunday.

January 25 2008
I've got nothing - but the Sabres did win :)

January 24 2008
It's Birthday Party Day - YIPEE! There's 4 January BD's in my family - mine included - so everyone is coming over here for dinner and cake. I hope everyone leaves before the Sabres game at 8:30 :)

January 23 2008
I recently found out that I have Sleep Apnea and after 2 weeks of treatment, I'm back to where I was before I started. That means more Dr's appointments.

January 22 2008
Now that the holiday is over, maybe I can get some mail delivered and make a trip to the bank. Why aren't all holiday's the same?

January 21 2008
Fucking Green Bay! I took them -7 in a BIG money pool and now I'm standing here with my pockets inside-out, mu shoulders shrugged and my palms facing up.

January 19 2008
Happy Birthday To Me :)

January 18 2008
I got in late from Vegas and I'm exhausted. But my helpers did manage to get some links in there so we're back to normal :)

January 11-17 2008
I'm on vacation, but I think there's enough links in the database to keep everyone occupied :)

January 10 2008
Netflix hooked my up with 3:10 To Yuma and Sunshine and I have to admit, both movies were fucking great! Now I know that I'm a couple months behind on the review, but just remember that I hate movie theaters (which really means that I hate people)

January 9 2008
I turned in my cable modem to Time Warner yesterday and the cunt behind the counter didn't even ask why I was turning it in. That's how fucking shitty customer service is becoming - collect the check and who cares if you suck at your job.

January 8 2008
I'm thinking about backing Jimmy Tide for President this year (throw his name in Google and find no info about him)

January 7 2008
I took Pittsburgh +2 in a big money pool over the weekend, so my favorite word is now PUSH! I'll be making bets in Vegas this weekend, so I'll post who I took so that you can bet the opposite (I'm 1 for 8 over my last 2 trips to Vegas when it comes to NFL Playoff games)

January 5-6 2008
I'm not sure which is worse - waiting around 8 hours for a Verizon guy that never showed up, having a pipe burst in my attic OR having friends in from Ottawa for a Sabres game that the Senators win. That was my Friday - hope your weekend is a little bit better :)

January 4 2008
I almost got into a fight at the Winter Classic NHL Game. A very drunk guy was trying to get to his seat in the row in front of mine. The guys on the end were not paying attention to him, so he says "I'll just go down this row and jump down. Excuse me" I was on the end and said "Fuck you! Go down your own row." We argued back and forth a bit and he then says "Faggot!" My reply? "Yeah, I suck cock." The look on his face was fucking priceless! He finally mumbled something like "I bet you do" and then went to his seat using his row.

January 3 2008
Happy New Year! I know, I'm 3 days late, but as you know, I was at the big Winter Classic NHL game on Tuesday between my Sabres and the Penguins. and my lazy ass decided to take some pics - enjoy :)

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Czech Porn
Drunk Party Girls
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Pantyhose Porn
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