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December 31 2007
Have a safe and happy New Years Eve and don't forget to watch the big Winter Classic NHL Game on Tuesday at 1:00 PM

December 29-30 2007
I've got some friends in from Florida (somehow I keep convincing people to come to Buffalo in the winter) for the big Winter Classic NHL Game on Tuesday between my Sabres and the Penguins. So I'll be busy entertaining them and getting ready for the big game. Enjoy your weekend!

December 28 2007
It's nice to see that The NFL Network is going to be nice and let us watch the Pats/Giants game tomorrow night. Now I have to decide witch network to watch it on: CBS, who's HD football coverage is lacking or NBC, who treats hockey like a red-headed step-child.

December 27 2007
My Grandmother passed away during the night. She was 86 years old. To put that into perspective, she's was born during the baby-boom after World War I.

December 26 2007
Happy Boxing Day to all my Canadian friends :)

December 24-25 2007

Happy Winter Carnival To You and Yours!
Enjoy your Holiday and I'll see you on Wednesday.

December 22-23 2007
The best part of bot buying anyone gifts for Xmas is that I don't have to go shopping at all this weekend! (of course, the worst part is not getting any gifts, but I think it's an even trade)

December 21 2007
I had my 2nd Sleep Apnea test last night. It's really not that bad when you have to wear the mask and hose thing on your face. The one thing that SUCKS is that I usually sleep on my stomach - not gonna happen anymore.

December 20 2007
I just watched a 70 year old Burlesque dancer jerk off a homeless man followed by 5 women covered in honey rolling around in $1 bills.

December 19 2007
Thanks to everyone that told me I had the date fucked up yesterday :) The odd thing is that I had to go sign some papers at the lawyers office and I put 12/17/2007 on all of them. I do love making corrections on legal documents.

December 18 2007
My Dr called yesterday and it seems that I have Sleep Apnea. I get to go for more tests and I think they'll be fitting me for one of those lovely Darth Vader like masks so that I can sleep next to a motor.

December 17 2007
My Fantasy Football Dream Season came crashing down yesterday. Here's some of my players and their scores for the weekend:
Brady - 1
Dunn - 0
Owens - 5
Clark - 0
I also have Tomlinson, who was pulled after the 1st Half since they were winning by 30. Needless to say, after having the #1 seed in the playoffs, I'm now playing for 3rd.

December 15-16 2007
There's a big NorEaster storm coming my way, so if you don't see me on Monday, assume my computer is snowed in.

December 14 2007
I'm so happy with my new FiOS internet connection that I'm going to go and throw my old cable modem at the Time Warner office this afternoon.

December 13 2007
I am hours away from telling Time Warner to shove their cable modem u8p their ass! Verizon is here installing FIOS and when it's all said and done, it'll be much faster and a little cheaper. If you can get it in your area, I strongly advise that you look into it.

December 12 2007
I've got nothing.

December 11 2007
I suck. I rented Evan Almighty thru Tivo/Amazon and forgot to take it off my Netflix list. That means that today I'll be getting Evan Almighty in the mail :(

December 10 2007
All of a sudden this Bills/Browns game next week is pretty fucking important. Who'd a thunk that Buffalo would still be alive in the playoff race.

December 8-9 2007
How am I supposed to watch a 10:30 PM Sabres game and then get up and tailgate at 7:00 AM? Hopefully the Bills/Dolphins game will have a lot of snow :)

December 7 2007
I got back from the Sleep Study about an hour ago and even though they said I slept for 6 hours while 20 monitors were glued to various parts of my body, the time did go by rather quickly. I'm not saying I want to go and do it again anytime soon, but it was ok.

December 6 2007
Yipee For Me! Tonight I get to go and sleep at a hospital! My Dr's think it's a good idea for me to have a Sleep Study performed to find out why I am the way I am. Maybe they'll be able to tell me why I like Non-Normal Porn Sites :)

December 5 2007
I think I'm outta touch with things. I watched Superbad last night and I honestly didn't think it was that funny. There were parts that made me laugh, but for the most part, I could understand what they were trying to do and why it might be considered funny, but I didn't laugh. Is this a sign that I'm getting old?

December 4 2007
Call me kooky, but I found myself rooting for New England last night, even though 75% of the people that remain in my big money pool had picked them.

December 3 2007
The trip to Ottawa was a lot of fun - the Sens lost and I don't think I'm that upset with the outcome :) My Bills won yesterday and probably upset a lot of sad Redskins fans. and it's snowing here in Buffalo :)

November 30- December 2 2007
Road Trip! I'm heading up to Ottawa to watch the Senators play the Rangers on Saturday.

November 29 2007
How the fuck am I supposed to watch the big game tonight if I have Time Warner Cable? Time for me to find a friend with a dish and mooch off of them.

November 28 2007
Happy Birthday Dad!
(as if he visits my site - lol)

November 27 2007
Fun football game last night, huh? Let it be known that every hockey game had at least 4 goals last night :)

November 26 2007
Fucking Kurt Warner and Fucking Neil Rackers cost me $800+ yesterday. I picked winners for 11 weeks straight and you think that fucker could kick a 32 yd Field Goal or that Jesus freak could hold on to a football?

November 24 2007
I saw a guy wearing Ugg's at the Sabres game last night.

November 23 2007
Happy Black Friday! My Bride has some friends that stood in line at some overpriced electronics store for the big Black Friday deals. The store opened at 5:00 AM and they got there 12 hours before. They were 20th in line. It was 22░F outside. The 1st 5 people in line siad there were going to buy one of each big ticket item that was on sale. All this to save $20 and fill out rebate forms for another $15.

November 21-22 2007
Happy Biggest Drinking Day Of The Year to everyone that still celebrates that occasion and Happy Turkey Day to all my US friends and Happy Wednesday and Thursday to everyone else in the world :)

November 20 2007
Fucking short week. Turkey Day always fucks me up as far as work. Friday's not a holiday for me. I'm an angry individual.

November 19 2007
Seeing as my Bills got their asses handed to them pretty early in the game, we left about 1/2 way thru the 3rd quarter and beat the traffic :)

November 17-18 2007
Sabres won on Friday night, which made me very happy because there were a lot of annoying Canadian fans at the arena. It's gonna be a long weekend for me as the Bills play on Sunday Night, so I'll be back to normal on Tuesday. GO BILLS!

November 16 2007
Is it wrong to adjust your meds on your own? :)

November 15 2007
I kinda feel bad about it, but I really hate 5 or 6 of those fucking bastards on KidNation.

November 14 2007
Have you ever seen the movie Bug with Ashley Judd? If not, do yourself a favor and stay as far away from it as possible. I'm beginning to think whoever's approving Judd's scripts is on acid.

November 13 2007
I added a new category yesterday and I bet you didn't even notice! As if all the Milf & Mature categories were not enough, I give to you:
Granny Porn

November 12 2007
Happy Veteran's Day! I do understand the need for these mini-holidays, but why can't they be like the 4th of July or Labor Day? This shit where 1/2 the people get the day off and the other 1/2 have to work sucks balls. I can't go to the bank, there's no mail, Netflix won't be shipping me Oceans 13 until tomorrow so I can't watch it until Wednesday. Give everyone the day off and just cancel the holiday.

November 10-11 2007
Another sports-filled weekend is upon us. For me, it's a lot of hockey on Saturday and a shitload of football on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!

November 9 2007
Sabres take on Toronto tonight, which means I won't be able to buy my brother-in-law any beer before the game as he tends to get a little bit upset at the Leaf fans if he's had a couple of hops and barley shakes.

November 8 2007
I've got nothing :(

November 7 2007
I was kinda busy yesterday - the Non-Normal Porn Sites & Cheap Porn Pass pages have both been updated. Tonight I'm off to watch my beloved Sabres beat up on the hated Maple Leafs.

November 6 2007
The good news is that the Bills/Pats game on the 18th was moved to 8:15 on NBC. The bad news is that Buffalo was not the reason NBC moved the game :) OH! It is currently snowing here in Western New York, so with any luck, it'll be a blizzard for the game.

November 5 2007
Fucking Daylight Saving! I'm one of the morons that forgot to change their clocks Saturday night, which means my alarm went off an hour early on Sunday for the Bills game. At least they won :)

November 2-4 2007
The Bride doesn't know it, but I'm taking her up to the casino for a night of gambling. Saturday is a down day and Sunday is the Bills/Bengals game 9which I may leave early so that I can watch the Indy/Pats game) Enjoy You Weekend!

November 1 2007
No Trick-Or-Treaters last night, but I did get to watch Eragon (which was not as bad as I thought it would be) and I made a big ass pot of chili that I assume will taste like shit. Yummy!

October 31 2007
Happy Halloween! I used to love Halloween until we moved out to the sticks. I haven't had a Trick Or Treater in the last 6 years :( It's too bad, because the 1st one that does come here will get a massive bowl of candy :)

October 30 2007
Happy Beggers Night!

October 29 2007
Tell me, baseball fans: what's bigger news today? The Red Sox winning The World Series OR A-Rod opting out of his $25 mil/year contract with The Yankees OR The Yankees hiring a new manager?

October 27-28 2007
You'd think that a movie written and directed by the guy that did Saw would be good. No, it's a fucking movie about a ventriloquist dummy that kills people. Avoid Dead Silence at all costs. That's my tip for this pre-Halloween weekend!

October 26 2007
Happy Friday to you and yours! 1/2 day for me today as I have to go and clean and get ready for 5 birthday parties tomorrow.

October 25 2007
My Sabres look like shit. My Bills suck and apparently they want to move to Toronto. But my Fantasy Football team is 7-0!

October 24 2007
Meds are back to normal and I feel almost ok today, but yesterday was a fucking nightmare.

October 23 2007
Listen to this one: my Doctor put me on a new med 3 weeks ago and gave me some free samples. I've been taking them as prescribed and went to get an actual prescription for them yesterday. The pharmacy won't fill it because there's a very high possibility that it will react with the other med I'm on and cause one of a number of horrendous side effects, from sweating to seizures. Lovely.

October 22 2007
I honestly thought the Bills would screw it up and somehow loose yesterday - even with 8 seconds left. But I am happy knowing that we ruined Willis' return to Buffalo.

October 20-21 2007
Happy Birthday Mommy! Happy Birthday Steve!

October 19 2007
The Bills took their 1st unofficial step to moving up North by trying to schedule a pre-season game in Toronto for 2008 and a regular season game in 2009. All this just before Willis Mcgahee makes his dreadful return with the Ravens this weekend. Blech.

October 18 2007
Is it sad that I'm deeply engrossed in a show about kids? Kid Nation has got me to the point where I'm upset with the way these kids are behaving - as if they were adults! Sad indeed.

October 17 2007
I have to admit, I thought the Transformers movie was going to be a bit cheesy, but I got it in the mail yesterday and I was surprised at how good it actually was. I know, I'm 4 months too late with my review, but I don't go to the movies anymore as I hate being annoyed while watching something.

October 16 2007
I'd just like to say Hello! to all my neighbor's to the North, especially those that watched the Maple Leafs game last night :)

October 15 2007
I get to go see another Nut Doctor today - whip-de-fuckin-doo! I think it's been 2 years since I 1st felt the pain - gotta love modern medicine :)

October 13-14 2007
Happy Birthday Sammy!

October 12 2007
Short day for me today - I have to clean up for 5 birthday parties tomorrow - 5 family members have birthdays in October, so we have one big party, which is nice because that means I only have to see some people once instead of five times (you know who you are)

October 11 2007
That fucking Holiday on Monday fucked me up - the mail is all off and a day late and I didn't get a deposit into the bank on time. Oh well, Sabres game tonight :)

October 10 2007
I can't believe how much Monday Night Football has thrown me off for this week. It's Wednesday and I've gotten NOTHING done yet this week. Throw in the Sabres game tomorrow and the party here on Saturday that I have to get ready for and this week is fucking shot :(

October 9 2007
I can not fucking believe that the Bills lost that game last night. Our offense needs to be shot.

October 8 2007
OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! My beloved Bills are playing the Cowboys on Monday Night Football tonight! This is the 1st time in 13 years that we've gotten a MNF game. We've had Sunday and Saturday night games, and if you think about it, that pretty much the same thing. But this is Monday, so that's all the fucking news can talk about.

October 6-7 2007
Another lovely weekend is here and I'll be enjoying it from the comfort of my couch, watching a lot of hockey and a lot of football. Enjoy your weekend and we'll see you on Monday!

October 5 2007
My beloved Sabres kick off the 2007-2008 season tonight - another year of optimism awaits!

October 4 2007
Thanks to everyone that emailed me yesterday about my glaring typo - it seems I put a Q into the word "fantastic" Me and my fat fucking fingers.

October 3 2007
I watched the new Fantastic Four movie yesterday - you have to love Netflix and being able to time out the new releases so that you get them on Tuesday.

October 2 2007
Wondering why I haven't said anything about my Fantasy Football teams this year? Let's just say that things are going fine :)

October 1 2007
What is the most embarassing thing you can do at a Fantasy Draft? Most people would think it's taking a player that's already been drafted, but I think I experienced something even worse. At my Fantasy Hockey Draft over the weekend, one guy actually tried to draft a player that was already on his team.

September 29-30 2007
Fantasy Hockey Draft on Saturday - Pretending that the Bills don't suck on Sunday - Enjoy Your Weekend!

September 28 2007
Not much on the agenda for me today, but I do have to finish my prep work for my Fantasy Hockey Draft (aka the 2nd Bestest Day Of The Year)

September 27 2007
I've decided that I'm not going to watch ANY new shows this year - not one. You just know they're going to cancel 1/2 of them, so why take a chance. Survivor, Earl and ER for me :)

September 26 2007
I got my hands on a copy of DeathProof and if you haven't seen it yet, go out and buy a copy TODAY! It's anotyher great Tarentino movie.

September 25 2007
I added a new category yesterday: Asian Lesbians. Today I updated the Non-Normal Porn Sites page as well as the Cheap Porn Pass (a lot of $1 trials on there)

September 24 2007
One thing you all have to remember: always bet against me, especially when it involves the Bills :)

September 22-23 2007
Take the Bills with the points - trust me on this :)

September 21 2007
The Sabres kick off their season tonight with a pre-season game against Columbus and I'm taking my mommy :)

September 20 2007
Kid Nation kicked off last night with 38 minutes of commercial free TV - CBS finally did something right :) Survivor starts tonight and I bet we get a couple extra commercials to make up for last night.

September 19 2007
I watched We Are Marshal last night and aside from the plane crash, I had the feeling that I'd already seen the movie. I'm really starting to hate these tragedy to triumph piece-of-shit movies.

September 18 2007
Big Brother 8 ends tonight and I wonder which Donato will win?

September 17 2007
I had a horrendous football weekend. My Bills got the shit kicked out of them, 2 of my 3 fantasy teams lost and I forgot to put in my picks for 2 pools - and I paid money for one of them! I'm going to go suck my thumb in the corner.

September 15-16 2007
It's the weekend and I'm going to take some time off. I've still got yard work to finish up and with all the football on tomorrow, I can hear a couch calling my name already :)

September 14 2007
You know summer is officially over when your wife tell you that you need to put away all the picnic tables and chairs and lawn crap that you dragged out of the shed in May.

September 13 2007
Hockey is right around the corner! I got tickets in the mail for a preseason game next Friday and I started to do some prep work for my Fantasy Hockey draft at the end of the month.

September 12 2007
I slid a new one in on you yesterday - bet you didn't even notice! I added a Blog Porn category because I'm hip and groovy and only 2 or 3 years behind the times :)

September 11 2007
Six Year Ago Never Forget

September 10 2007
My prediction of the Bills winning held true for 59:59 :( Not only did the ending of that game make me sick, but I think sitting in the rain all day got me a tad bit fluish as well.

September 8-9 2007
Is it strange that I've invited friends from Canada to come in for the Bills home opener? The Bills will win this game - you heard it hear 1st - they always play great in Week 1. It's Week's 2-17 that we have problems with.

September 7 2007
One game into the 2007 NFL season and I already can't fucking stand the Peyton Manning in the hotel commerical. I bet that one will get beat to fucking death for the next 17 weeks.

September 6 2007
I know - I know - all I talk about is football. Today's no exception :) The Bride is going to Bingo, which means we have to TiVo Big Brother and I can watch the game live! Let the (fantasy) football season begin!!!

September 5 2007
Football season really adds a lot of tasks to my weekly routine. Aside from the 3 Fantasy Football Leagues that I'm in, I've got a couple of pools to make picks for each week. I'm thinking that Wednesday is a good day to make all my picks.

September 4 2007
I find it really hard to believe that the NFL season starts in 2 days and the NHL season starts in 25. Summer's over, people! Go outside and put away all the lawn furniture.

September 1-3 2007
Happy September! Happy Fan tasy Football Draft Day! Happy Labor Day! Happy End Of Summer Weekend! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

August 31 2007
In my ongoing effort to be hip and cool and embrace new things and keep up with the times and understand the douchey term that is "Web 2.0" I've added all those pretty little image above. The little ones will allow you to add this page to your "Social Bookmark" page. The long buttons will allow you to add my RSS feed to your reader so that you'll be the 1st one to know when I've updated my links.

August 30 2007
This is the last Thursday of the summer - feels kinda weird now, right?

August 29 2007
Think this might be a good thing? I had the 1st pick in my Fantasy Football draft over the weekend and of course, I took Tomlinson. I found out yesterday that I have the 1st pick in my draft this weekend as well. Tomlinson in both leagues can't be that bad :)

August 28 2007
I'm home :) The vacation was nice, but now I'm back to reality, which really sucks after taking 5 days off.

August 22-27 2007
I'm on vacation - yipee! The site will be updated as usual (even if this page has a different date listed below)

August 21 2007
Busy offline day for me today as I've got to pack some shit and finalize some football stats for this weekend's big draft down in Florida.

August 20 2007
I decided to make my wife happy yesterday and went up to America's Fair a couple hours before the Demolition Derby started. All I can say is that I was right in my assumption that most of the people that live in my area, including some of my family and friends, are slack-jawed yokels. But the Demolition Derby was fucking great!

August 18-19 2007
The Bills lost last night and no one cared. I also doubt that anyone cared that Atlanta won. I'm gonna spend some time with my Bride today and tomorrow, I'm finally off to the redneck hick-fest that is "America's Fair"

August 17 2007
The Bills play their 1st home pre-season game tonight, but The Bride is taking up all her friends, which means I'll have to watch it tomorrow. Oh well, I have Fantasy Football crap to take care of anyway :)

August 16 2007
This stupid America's fair is really fucking with my TV watching schedule - The Bride's going up there again tonight, which means I'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch Big Brother...we watch the shows together cause we're in love :) At least I'll get to watch some boring pre-season football on ESPN instead.

August 15 2007
I found out yesterday that I'll have the #1 overall pick in my Fantasy Football Draft next weekend. I can not remember picking higher than 6th in any of my big money leagues, so this is fucking HUGE for me! LT!!!!!

August 14 2007
The Bride is taking all the nieces up to America's Fair today...uck. At least the hosue will be quiet all day :)

August 13 2007
I get to go to the dentist today - yipee! I had a cavity that he started to work on but could not deaden the nerve, so he packed it with some crap and sent me on my way. I somehow chipped the tooth a bit since then and I now have this very odd taste in my mouth, so I'm actually looking forward to going :)

August 11-12 2007
The Bills won their 1st preseason game and I've got my 1st Fantasy Football Draft. Other than that, I've got nothing - enjoy your weekend!

August 10 2007
The Bills play their 1st pre-season game tonight against New Orleans and oddly enough, it's the National game on CBS. Now I think we all know what team is the focus of the National coverage, but it will be nice to finally see a Bills pre-season game in HD on CBS.

August 9 2007
The Slack Jawed Yokel Fest (aka The Erie County Fair) started yesterday and for some unknown reason, my lovely Bride thinks it's a good idea to spend hour after hour, day after day with the unwashed masses of my area. I used to get tricked into going by being told we were heading for the beer tent, but now I only go on one day: The Demolition Derby!

August 8 2007
I fell asleep watching The Bronx Is Burning on ESPN last night. I woke up to see the end of Bonds' speech after hitting his home run. I realized that I didn't really care, rolled over and went back to sleep.

August 7 2007
I just looked at my calander for the week and relaized that my 1st Fantasy Football Draft is this Saturday. It's for a small Shits and Giggles league, but seeing as I've done nothing yet as far as prep-work, I think I need go and download some stats.

August 6 2007
2 airport runs on Friday, 2 on Sunday, 2 on Monday - I do love having people in from out of town :) Most have gone home, but there's still a few friends here, so I'm gonna update and then fuck off for the day - but mostly because I'm exhausted.

August 3-5 2007
I'm taking a 3 day weekend. I know it's a bit confusing because I'm here telling you that I'm taking today off, but as soon as I finish typing this up, I'm turning off the computer. Enjoy you're weekend and I'll see you on Monday!

August 2 2007
Did I mention that the new Nut Doctor sent me to a Physical Therapist, who thinks I might have a bad hip which is causing a tendon to rub on a nerve and thus, my pain. I see him twice a week and I have to say, the crap he's making me do is just destroying me.

August 1 2007
Welcome to August Everyone! Other than that, I have a lot of people coming into town this weekend and I'm trying to get my work related crap finished so that I can enjoy myself.

July 31 2007
July is over and so are the new categories. Enjoy the 10 brand new pages and I'll add some more as I see them become available.

July 30 2007
This is the last new category - I swear! POV goes live today and I think that's 10 total new categories. Enjoy!

July 28-29 2007
Happy Weekend! I wish I had more to say, but I think I'm going to turn off my computer and go fuck off until Monday.

July 27 2007
I'm just crazy with new categories! Here's one that no self respecting Link List should be without: Femdom Strapon...and don't worry guys, it lists Lesbian Femdom's as well as the everyday run-of-the-mill male ass fucking bitches :)

July 26 2007
Are you one of those guys that surfs porn form work? SHAME ON YOU! :) I kid...I kid....But I have added an Office Porn category just for you - enjoy!

July 25 2007
More new categories - today there's 2. Well, maybe not 2, but the old Threesomes category has been split into Threesomes MMF (2 guys and 1 girl) and Threesomes FFM (2 girls and 1 guy) I'll have another one for you tomorrow!

July 24 2007
In honor of my 13 year anniversary of being with my lovely wife (not our wedding anniversary) I give to you another new category! Asian Porn Movies went live today and looking at my little cheat sheet, there' 4 more new categories coming after this.

July 23 2007
The new category adventure continues! Today I give to you Gangbang Porn (which really means that I split up the existing Groupsex category) Look for more new categories over the next 2 weeks!

July 21-22 2007
You have to admit that it's been an eventful week! Just to recap it for everyone, I added Mature Porn Movies, Housewife Porn and Interracial WM BF (white male black female) categories and I've updated the existing Interracial Porn to be Interracial BM WF (black male white female) I think I deserve to take the weekend off - enjoy!

July 20 2007
Yipee Weekend! and Yipee Mature Porn Movies, as that's the newest category for you to all enjoy :)

July 19 2007
Another new category! Today I added a Housewife Porn category. Are they Milfs? Mature? Amateurs? You decide!
Also, Happy Birthday Ryan!

July 18 2007
It's new categories time once again! Today I've sorta got 2 for you. The existing Interracial Porn category is now Interracial BM WF (black males white females) and the new category isInterracial WM BF (white males black females) Look for another one tomorrow!

July 17 2007
I really fucking hate Doctors. I'm in pain and have been for a year or so. I get in to see a new specialist and what happens? I get sent for tests and told to come back the day before Halloween. IT'S THE MIDDLE OF JULY FOR FUCK SAKES!

July 16 2007
For those of you keeping score at home, I'm going to a new Nut Doctor today and this one should want to cut me open :)

July 15 2007
One rough day and a forced early wake-up and I'm back on East Coast time. Not much going on today - I think I'll watch people drive around a rather large oval all afternoon.

July 14 2007
We're back from Vegas and we have all the money we brought down to gamble with, so I'm a happy camper. This also means that things are pretty much back to normal around here, except for the time of the updates, as my body is still about 3 hours off.

July 12-13 2007
Still in Vegas, but I did find some free time to get an update done for you porn freaks :) Should be back to normal around here on Saturday.

July 10 2007
The vacation part of my Vegas trip is finished as today we head over to a different hotel for seminars and business. Of course, it's still Vegas, so it's not like I'm working :)

July 8 2007
7-7-07 was not exactly lucky for me, but The Bride had to fill out paperwork on 2 different slot machines, so I guess I'm a winner as well :)

July 7 2007
7-7-07 and I'm off to Vegas! The luckiest day since 1907 (or maybe 1977) and I'll be in Sin City playing Blazing Sevens slots :)

July 6 2007
You've probably noticed that I haven't said anything about my beloved Sabres since the day before free agency started. That's because I'm too pissed off.

July 5 2007
Happy Back To Work! Wednesday sure is a silly day of the week to have a major holiday. Throws off the entire week, especially when you're heading to Vegas on Saturday :)

July 2-4 2007
Party Time! Prep-work on the 2nd, big party on the 3rd, cleanup on the 4th. Enjoy your holiday if you're here in the US and if not, have a nice week :)

June 30 2007
I wonder if all my fellow Buffalo fans are saying their good-bye's to Drury and Briere.

June 29 2007
Well, Studio 60 disappointed me. I think I'll call it quits early today and go fuck off in the yard - gotta get ready for 100+ people invading my house on Tuesday.

June 28 2007
I think that tonight is the series finale of Studio 60 and I really hope that he kills off as many people as possible with really horrific storylines. Think about it, if you knew that NBC was going to cancel your show at the end of it's 1st season, wouldn't you write a horrendously tragic ending?

June 27 2007
Another visit to the Nut Doctor today. Yes, if you've been following this ongoing story, it still hurts. I do get to go see a different Nut Doctor next month, since the current one likes to just throw pills at me.

June 26 2007
Every year this happens - I get a cold or the flu in the middle of the summer. I have it now, had it for about 2 weeks now - sore throat, cough, achy, etc. Shitty sickness.

June 25 2007
Jesus H Christ where did June go? and what the fuck is going on in Nashville? Are the Predators trying to drive the value of the team down? and when will my Sabres make offers to Briere and Drury? I need this info!

June 23-24 2007
The fucking pool people fucked up my fucking weekend by not completely hooking up the new fucking heater and now I can't use my fucking hot tub during the fucking party this weekend. Fuckers!

June 22 2007
If you're not watching Studio 60 on NBC, you're missing some great sarcasm and slaps in NBC's face - it's a shame they've already cancelled this show :(

June 21 2007
Happy 1st Day Of Summer To You and Yours!

June 20 2007
Well, after seeing their commercials on CBC during Hockey Night In Canada for the last few years, I finally got to visit Casino Rama and donate some of my money. Not as big as I had it pictured in my mind, but it was a pretty cool casino and a really nice hotel.

June 18-19 2007
I'm taking a mini-vacation and heading up to Canada for a little gambling. But don't worry, the site will be updated as usual :)

June 16-17 2007
Happy Father's Day Weekend - now stop surfing porn and go outside.

June 15 2007
Welcome back to XM Opie and Anthony! I am so glad I didn't act like a complete moron and smash my Inno and MyFi's :)

June 14 2007
Woke up today with a really bad sore throat that's making it's way into my ear, so I've updated and now I'm off to the doctor.

June 13 2007
Sorry for the late update today - I woke up with a horrendous cold/flu and spent most of the day sweating on my couch.

June 12 2007
Don't Stop Believing! I can't get that fucking song out of my head now. David Chase might have single-handedly brought Journey's crappy music back into the homes of American like it's the 70's all over again. I watched the final episode again last night and I'm still comfortable with the ending.

June 11 2007
Forget about the ending of The Sopranos - that show is over. What the fuck is that mess they call John From Cincinnati? and more importantly, why can't I wait for next weeks episode!

June 9-10 2007
I don't think there's enough coverage of this whole Paris Hiltonthing on the news. An in-cell webcam would be nice. I'm outta here for the weekend - enjoy yourself, go outside and have some fun and I'll see you on Monday!

June 7 2007
Congrats to Anaheim and all their fans on winning the Stanley Cup lat night. The certainly did deserve it and I think Buffalo would have gotten their asses handed to them much like Ottawa did. It's a shame that it took until games 4 and 5 of the Finals for teams to figure out that a weak backhand shot is how you score on Emery.

June 6 2007
In hopes to jump on every bandwagon about 10 months after the idea became popular, I've decided to shitcan the old Sexy Butts category and replace it with the new and improved Big Butts page - enjoy!

June 5 2007
I've got nothing other thant I did manage to update my Home Made Stanley Cups page yesterday with some pics I took in Ottawa.

June 4 2007
I'm home from Ottawa and it was incredible! But, I'm now sick for some reason :( So I'm gonna fuck off for the rest of the day and rest.

June 1-3 2007
I'm off to Ottawa to watch Game 3 - I'll be in the 300 level, so you won't see me on TV, but watch the game on NBC or CBC at 8 PM EDT Saturday. And, before the game, I'll be outsiode looking to add to my collection of Home Made Stanley Cups :)

May 31 2007
Another good hockey game last night. I know the final score was 1-0, but you don't need scoring for a good game. Game 3 is on Saturday at 8 PM on NBC and guess what.....I'm going! A buddy of mine that live in Ottawa has 2 extra tickets and he was kind enough to invite me up there for the game.

May 30 2007
I Tivo'd 2 specials on Star Wars that The History Channel had on Monday night and since I was 6 when the 1st movie came out, it was very strange and exciting to see all the tie-ins that people came up with while I remembered how I felt when I 1st saw the movies. I'm a geek :)

May 29 2007
I was hoping to be able to add to this, but my Sabres didn't make it :( But, in honor of the Stanley Cup Playoffs getting started last night, I bring to you my collection of Home Made Stanley Cups.

May 25-28 2007
You know what? Fuck this. It's a holiday weekend here in the States and I'm gonna enjoy it. There might be an update or 2 this weekend, but don't count on it. Turn off the computer, go outside, get the stink blown off, allow your body to know what real sunlight is and enjoy yourself!

May 24 2007
Did Idol run long? I don't watch it, but The Bride does and she TiVo'd it because we were watching a movie. I don't think she know's who won :)

May 23 2007
Anaheim finished off Detroit last night, so they'll be playing Ottawa for the Stanley Cup. I wonder how Game 4 in Ottawa will be for the Roger Water's fans :) One thing is for sure: NBC will not cut away from an OT game for the 11:00 news.

May 22 2007
Short work day for me - my grandmother had a stroke last night, so I'll be up at the hospital for the rest of the day.

May 21 2007
Well, my Sabres are out of the playoffs :( It was another great year to be a fan and while I know that this team will not have the same players next season, we had a similar problem last off-season (JP Dumont, Jay McKee) and we were fine. Oh well - I've renewed my season tickets for next year and I'll be there on October :)

May 19 2007
Sabres play Ottawa at 2 PM EDT today - it's on NBC, but I'll be at the game, hoping for one more road game on Versus HD :)

May 18 2007
You still watch ER? Why'd they take away Ray's legs?

May 17 2007
The Sabres gave me a glimmer of hope with last night's 3-2 win over Ottawa. Game 5 will be on Saturday at 2 on NBC - and I really hope that it goes into OT so that the coverage of the horsey race is delayed :)

May 16 2007
Why is my world falling apart? My Sabres are down 3-0 and now Opie and Anthony are off of XM for 30 days. I do get to listen to them on FM from 6-9 but WTF am I supposed to do from 9 until I go to sleep?

May 15 2007
My Sabres are really getting me depressed. I just hope they can win tomorrow so that I get to go to one more game.

May 14 2007
Fuck Me :( The Nut Doctor gave me some new meds that sorta helped the problem, but caused 2 more problems to creep up. I can't fucking stand taking pills. Sabres Game 3 is tonight at 7 on Versus - watch it for me :)

May 11-13 2007
Freedom Of Speech also means that we have the freedom to offend. Lately, this concept has been abused by many special interest groups that seem to be on some sort of witch hunt for radio personalities. It started with Imus, then JV and Elvis and now, it's Opie and Anthony. How fucked is our society that people are this offended by words? It may be a children's song, but "sticks and stone may break my bones, but names will never hurt me" keeps ringing in my ear. Do your part to fight for your rights - click here and register at PeopleAgainstCensorship.com so that you can to help fight for our freedom.

May 10 2007
Sabres/Senator's series starts tonight and Time Warner was nice enough to give the Buffalo area the Versus HD channel for the rest of the playoffs (not that it matter's much to me, as I'll be at the home games and I could have watched them on CBC'd HD feed anyway)

May 9 2007
You know what I love? When someone calls my house and I decide to let the machine get it (mostly because I know it's not for me) The caller hangs up and does not leave a message. The caller then proceeds to call back 10-15 minutes later, again not leaving a message. The 3rd time they call, I usually pick up the phone, scream "SHE'S OBVIOUSLY NOT HOME!" and then hang up. It's the little things that make me happy :)

May 8 2007
I did manage to get 3 somewhat important updates done yesterday and today. The Non-Normal Porn Sites and Cheap Porn Pass pages were updated and there's a new Useless Site. Why do I tell you this? I really have nothing else of importance to speak about today :)

May 7 2007
Well, my Sabres finished off the Rangers yesterday on national TV and we'll be moving on to the Conference Finals against Ottawa. When that series starts and how fucked up it will be because of NBC's love of golf, no one knows.

May 6 2007
Every now and then I get an email asking why I don't update on Sundays. 1st off, it's not a "God" thing, but I do think that everyone needs a break and Sunday's are my day off from porn (for the most part) The 2nd thing is that weekends in the porn business are a little slow (just like most other businesses) So do yourself a favor - take the day off from porn, from surfing, from being online. Go outside, get some fresh air, spend some time with your family and friends and maybe, just maybe, catch a hockey game on NBC at 2 PM EDT today :)

May 5 2007
íHola y feliz cinco de mayo a usted y el tuyo! Sabres pulled on out of their ass last night. Don't get me wrong, they did look very good for most of the game, but that fucking Lundqvist was standing on his head for most of the game. It's really strange how the emotions of 19000+ people can go from sad to ecstatic in the span of 5 game minutes. Game 6 is tomorrow on NBC - watch it for me please :)

May 4 2007
Big game for the Sabres tonight (7:00 EDT on Versus and TSN) and I'm full of confidence (as if my feeling effect what they do on the ice) It's also Friday and I have a shitload of stuff to do - both online and offline - and I'm on Day 5 of not smoking (this time I smoked everything in the houose before I quit, so I'm not tempted - lol)

May 3 2007
Happy Birthday Einer!

May 2 2007
I'm going to take my location out of the equation and say that if you're not watching the Sabres/Rangers series, you're missing some great goaltending on both sides. My personal opinion is that Briere did score, but we have to live with what the replay officials say (and I can sorta see why they did not over-rule the on-ice call) Game 5 is Friday and I'll be there rooting for my Sabres.

May 1 2007
HOLY FUCK! It looks like Time Warner finally decided to let me get back online. I was down all day Sunday. Monday I could surf, but I could not upload anything, I could not post on message boards and I could not get to a shitload of sites. I've got so much fucking work to catch up on now that I don't think I'll finish it in time to watch tonight's big Sabres/Rangers game (7:00 EDT on Versus and TSN)

April 28 2007
Say what you want about my Sabres, but they did win last night. Yes, the skaters looked like complete shit for the 1st 40 minutes. Yes, the Rangers played a lot better than Game 1. Yes, Miller kept us in the game right to the very end. But all that really matters is that we won - end of story. I can't stand these douchbag reporters and announces that say we "stole" the game or that we "didn't deserve to win" Fuck You! We won, the Rangers lost - end of story.

April 27 2007
OH! I forgot that I did tell everyone about my diet and exercise plan. Diet is going really good - lost 6 pounds so far. Exercise is going slow as my ongoing nut problem (dig thru the archives for info on that) is causing a lot of pain when I ride the exercise bike. I'm still smoking, but that's going to stop really soon.

April 26 2007
My stockpile of Useless Sites is running very low :( If you know of a useless, funny, time wasting, strange, odd, goofy or just plan stupid website, please Email It To Me!

April 25 2007
I'm in a bit of a better mood today. I have no idea what made me so fucking frumpy yesterday, but tonight I have the Sabres/Rangers game to go to, so regardless of how horrific my day is, I have that to look forward to :)

April 24 2007
I've got nothing today.

April 23 2007
Well, looks like the Sabres are playing the Rangers. NBC said that one of next weekend's games would be Game 2 of the series. I really hope that it's the Saturday game because if Game 2 is on a Sunday, that'll fuck up the on-off-on schedule and we'll end up with back-to-back games which is never good for either team.

April 22 2007
Happy Earth Day!

April 21 2007
I'm as happy as a clam at high tide! My beloved Sabres beat The Islanders last night 4-3 to win the series 4-1. This was the 1st time I've ever seen the Sabres win a playoff series live and I have to admit it was fucking great! I was jumping around and screaming like a moron. So now we wait and see who we play next and I don't care if it's Tampa Bay or The Rangers.

April 20 2007
The Sabres can (and probably will) clean up the Islanders tonight. Of course, I'm going to the game, which means I have to gord myself on healthy foods before I leave the house since there is NOTHING even remotely healthy to eat at the arena (they used to have a fruit platter, but for whatever reason, that's gone)

April 19 2007
I started 2 of the 3 things I set out to do yesterday. I've been dieting for just over 24 hours now (Fat Smash Diet - the 1st 9 days SUCK and my head hurts) and I got my fat ass on the exercise bike and lasted a whopping 12 minutes before I was gasping for air and wondering why my legs felt like someone repeatedly punched them. The smoking will continue for a week or so, as I don't think I could handle that on top of these other pains my body is experiencing.

April 18 2007
I'm fat and out of shape. I also smoke way too much. I really think it's time I got a hole of myself, got on a diet, got my fat ass on the treadmill and quit smoking. I will start this process today (that was kinda hard to type - lol)

April 17 2007
Sabres won :) Other than that, I've got nothing to speak about and a ton of work to do since I took off most of yesterday watching TV.

April 16 2007
I had a rough weekend. As you know, I spent Friday at the casino and I think I went to sleep around 3 AM. Saturday I fucked around the house, went to the hockey game and then stayed up til 1 or so. Sunday I watched a lot of hockey and the 1st 4 or 5 episodes of The Riches and went to sleep at 2. So now it's Monday and I got up at a normal time and I'm exhausted.

April 14 2007
A couple of friends came into town yesterday and we took an impromptu trip up to the casino last night. We got there around 6 and realized around 1 AM that we should probably go home. I think we came up with most of the money we left with, so that's a big win for me :) Sabres/Islanders game is on Versus tonight - watch it for me.

April 13 2007
AHHH! Friday The 13th! Bad Thing. Bad Things. But then again, the Sabres beat NY 4-1 last night, so I'm feeling confident that today will be another lovely day :)

April 12 2007
Well, now that Imus got fired from MSNBC, that's 2 news channels that I officially hate (the other is Fox News, but I think that one was obvious)

April 11 2007
OHHH! NHL Playoffs Start tonight! Versus has Pittsburgh vs Ottawa and then Dallas vs Vancouver. Oddly enough, CBC has the same games and since I can get CBC in HD, I'll be watching Canadian commercials in between plays.

April 10 2007
Back to the nut doctor for me today (it's not my nut that's hurting, but it's a lot funnier to say that instead of "The Lower Abdominal Doctor") I really hope that he suggests another ridiculously painful procedure that doesn't help things at all.

April 9 2007
Hi Toronto Maple Leaf fans! How you feeling today? A little upset that your team missed the playoffs? Are you blaming it on the Shoot Out? Maybe you're blaming it on Buffalo coming back to beat you 5-4 after you had a 4-1 lead? Regardless of the reason you've come up with the make yourself feel better about your team, I think that you'll have no problem getting tickets to watch them golf :)

April 7-8 2007
Regardless of if you celebrate the holiday or not, have a nice weekend and I'll be back on Monday.

April 6 2007
Good Good Friday Friday to you and yours. Remembewr - look out the window between 1 and 3 PM because the sky will get dark....scary!

April 5 2007
I think my flu is done with, but then again, it is snowing here in Buffalo and I'll be heading out to the Sabres game tonight, so odds are I'll have the flu again tomorrow. Odd how the Sabres end the season against 3 teams that are not in the playoffs. and a programming reminder - Sabres vs Flyers is on NBC Sunday at 12:30 PM EDT.

April 4 2007
I'm gonna say Day 5 of my fu. I felt a little better yesterday afternoon, but today my stomach is doing somersaults again :( The one good thing that happened yesterday is that my Sabres clinched the top spot in the conference yesterday. 2 rafter banners down, 3 to go!

April 3 2007
Day 4 of my flu, but I have to get some work done, so I'll be sitting here trying to get caught up in between bathroom breaks.

April 2 2007
I've got the flu. This sucks money balls. I'm going back to bed.

March 31 2007
Sorry for the late (and small) update today. I was up bright and early and then I felt the need to go to the bathroom, where I had a little problem. I won't go into details, but let's just say that I had no other choice but to play "Armageddon: The Home Game" I need a nap :)

March 30 2007
Ah yes, another weekend is upon us. I'm sorry I have not been to creative or witty on here the last week or so - I'm working on a couple of really boring projects that involve a lot of numbers and spread sheets and just very boring work.

March 29 2007
Sabres beat Jersey last night - still in 1st and up by 7 with 6 games to go! Other than that, I've got nothing :(

March 28 2007
I had to take my dog to the vet yesterday. He's 10 now and my poor buddy had to have 3 lumps removed (one they are doing a biopsy on) as well as 3 rotten teeth. He's all drugged up now (I wonder if he's enjoying it - lol) but he seems to be ok. I just hope he doesn't start to lick/chew on the stitches, because he looks silly with the lampshade on.

March 27 2007
Geez there's a lot of hockey on tonight. Sabres play tomorrow, which means I'll be flipping back and forth between 3 or 4 games - some for standings races and some for fantasy hockey so that I can get out of last place :)

March 26 2007
Good Monday! I'm in a bit of a hurry today, as I have to write up a nice letter to CBS and CBS Sports and try to explain to them that no matter what sporting event they think will end at 7 PM on a Sunday will go long and fuck up every program I planned on watching for the rest of the evening.

March 23-25 2007
The newest celebrity sex video is officially online! Kim Kardashain is the daughter of OJ's lawyer Robert Kardashain, stepdaughter of Olympic Gold Metalist Bruce Jenner and BFF of uber slut Paris Hilton. The videos are of her banging hip-hop artist RayJ. She's pretty hot and the movies are very hardcore. So check out KimKSuperstar today!
(yes, it's a busy weekend for me, so you get this ad until Monday)

March 22 2007
Today is Day 2 of my 3 day excursion to HSBC Arena. I saw the Sabres beat up on the Caps last night (Ovechkin had 0 points) and tonight we're going to see The Blue Man Group. Tomorrow the Leafs are in town for a nice home-at-home where I think we can pretty much allow them to set some tee times for April 14th :)

March 21 2007
This one is about 8 years over due. Today I finally added one of my all time favorite categories: Nipples. So regardless of if your into puffy, piercied, big, ccark or pointy nipples, this page is for you. Enjoy!

March 20 2007
More updates! Yesterday I updated the Cheap Porn Pass page. I went thru and double checked the prices on all the sites as well as the number of bonus sites you get access to, so everything on there is 100% correct (for now anyway - these things change almost weekly) I also updated the Broadband Porn page yesterday, making sure everything was on the up and up as far as the sites and their use of high def and broadband porn. Today I've updated the non-normal porn sites
pages and I think I'm going to add a new category later, so stay tuned :)

March 19 2007
I know that I work in my basement and 3 hours into my work day, I'm still sitting here in my underwear, but I really do fucking hate Mondays. and I know that's such a hack joke and I really have no right to complain, but my nut hurts and I really have nothing else to talk about.

March 17-18 2007
Happy St Patrick's Day Weekend! Of course, I'm Irish - but aren't we all on St Patrick's Day? Hahahahaha....blech. In honor of the big weekend (and because a lot of you complained to me) I'm going to bring back The Useless Site Of The Day! So email me some silly, stupid, time consuming, worthless, waste of space websites and I'll post them for you!

March 16 2007
I'm still feeling very sickly. And, for those of you that have followed what I say here for the last 18 months, I have another visit to the Nut Doctor (it's not a problem with my nut, but it's down there) for a Nerve Block shot. Yipee!

March 15 2007
I'm sick :( I've got one of those colds that when you cough, your whole body aches. I also found it really strange that I went to sleep listening to rain pound the roof of my house and woke up to about an inch of snow.

March 14 2007
In honor of the new British Porn category, tonight (March 14th) at 11:00 pm EDT, British Bombshell and 2005 Penthouse Pet of the Year Martina Warren will be online at ImLive.com, VideoChatting with thousands of ImLive members LIVE from her home. Click Here For More Info

March 13 2007
I forced myself to go to bed at 10 last night. I think I fell off around 12 and woke up at 7, so I'm back on my normal schedule. Other than that, I'm working on my legitimate blog and hope to have it ready for people to see tomorrow.

March 12 2007
Fucking Daylight Savings! I'm used to getting up between 7 and 8, but I stayed up late on Saturday partying and drinking Red Bull and now my body is really fucked up. I woke up at 10 today :(

March 10-11 2007
In honor of Daylight Savings Time and based on the assumption that I will be sleeping really late on Sunday, there will be no update on the 11th :( Don't forget to change your clocks and have a great weekend!

March 9 2007
This will show you how busy I've been over the last 3 weeks: when I was adding the European Porn category, I noticed I had a decent amount of sites based in Britian. So yesterday I finally got some free time and I now have a nice shinny new British Porn category for you to toss off to :)

March 8 2007
Sorry for the late update today - my 86 year old grandmother is staying with us for a couple days and she comes 1st.

March 7 2007
I watched Saw III last night. I'll admit that I'm not really a big fan of "horror" movies and I did watch the 1st two on cable, but what a great movie. Sabres play Colorado tonight, which is nice because we don't get to see to many Western Conference teams.

March 6 2007
I would just like to thank NBC Sports for deciding to not show the Pitt/Phil game last Saturday in HD. Way to support hockey as well as please your HD viewers!

March 5 2007
Here's a scary scenario: yesterday my house filled up with natural gas. After about an hour of looking around for leaks with the heating guy, we realized that a line outside burst and it was seeping back into the basement thru some conduit and the seam where the new addition meets the old basement. For the 5th time in 6.5 years, there will be a back hoe in my backyard :(

March 4 2007
Sabres won again :) Today is my day of relaxing - NBC's got a High Def game on at 12:30 (odd time, but I guess that the fucking golf match that's on at 3 is more important) and then I'll probably watch the Busch race down in Mexico and scratch my head as to why I only know the names of 4 drivers.

March 3 2007
Do I talk about hockey too much? If I so, I apologize as lately, it seems like it's the one thing I'm really excited about other than this site and my lovely bride. Sabres beat Montreal last night 8-5. The Canadians fans acted decently, except for the few that must have read the scoreboard incorrectly on their way out and chanted GO HABS GO as they walked to their cars. We're up in Toronto tonight.

March 2 2007
Sabres game tonight and guess what country the opposing team comes from :)

March 1 2007
I watched The Departed again yesterday and it was just as good as the 1st time I saw it a couple months ago at one of the local movie theaters. and just so you don't think I'm some sort of Oscar Ass that goes out and buys whatever won an award, I bought the movie last week :)

February 28 2007
I'm really pleased with what the Sabres did yesterday. Biron was going after this season anyway, so it's not like that was a surprise. Novotny has not impressed me this year and I was starting to like him during the playoffs last season. Zubrus is a good player and I think he'll fit in well and as everyone knows after last year, we can always use a couple of extra defensemen :)

February 27 2007
NHL trade deadline is today and I really hope that my Sabres do nothing - maybe a defenseman, but that's it. Also, I'll be spending most of my afternoon going thru this pile of paperwork I have that contains all my 2006 tax info as I'm heading to the accountant tomorrow.

February 26 2007
Did you watch that boring mess that was The Oscars last night? At least The Departed and Scorsese won.

February 25 2007
Well, the Sabres/Senators game lived up to it's hype - good game, lots of fights and scoring - the only bad thing is that we lost on a shitty goal :( I think I'll fuck off for the rest of the day and watch the race :)

February 24 2007
My PC is back and I'm doing a very flamboyant happy dance right now :) Things will be back to normal around here now that I'm up and running on the main computer. Of course, I have a lot of catching up to do today before and log off and watch the Sabres/Senators fight tonight.

February 23 2007
Well, it looks like I won't be wearing my Sabres jersey to a game up in Ottawa any time soon :) Also, I'm sorry to say that today is another non-update day due to my PC problems. Turns out the motherboard and processor were fried, but it's fixed and on it's way back to me, so I should be back to normal tomorrow.

February 22 2007
Sorry I wasn't around yesterday - seems my PC took a shit on me :( I wish I had an interesting story to go with it, like I was installing Vista and it's exploded, but the sad truth is that I went to turn it on Tuesday night and pressing the button did nothing. So I'm on the laptop (which I fucking hate) and my PC is in Jersey getting fixed (there's only 2 or 3 people in the world that I'd trust with working on my system and one lives in Jersey)

February 20 2007
I read that today is Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day where people are asked to go outside at Noon and scream Hoodie-Hoo! in hopes of chasing winter away. I ask that everyone participate in this very silly ceremony.

February 19 2007
It seems that my rant on Friday about Canadians got a couple of my friends to the North a little upset. I don't hate all Canadians and I don't hate all Canadian hockey fans. It's the assholes that chat stuff like "GO LEAFS GO" during the US National Anthem that I hate. You'd hate me if I went to a Sens game and chanted "USA USA USA" during the Canadian National Anthem, right? I hope that clears things up :)

February 17-18 2007
It's European Porn Weekend here at the Link O'Rama! The new European Porn category went live today and the newsites page will contain a lot of European porn sites for the next 2 days. More new categories are coming, so stay tuned!

February 16 2007
Dear Canadians that go to hockey games in Buffalo:
What the fuck is wrong with you people? You scream your team's chant during the singing of the American National Anthem. You act like over-zealous assholes when you're in the hallways. You bang on the glass when you're sitting in the front row (Ritchie )) - I'm talking to you) You basically act like you're at a home game, forgetting that you're surrounded by 15,000 Sabres fans. Of course, none of this matters when you loose and have to make that long drive across the boarder and home while wiping the tears from your eyes because your favorite team just lost to THE BEST FUCKING TEAM IN HOCKEY! Behave a little better and maybe people won't think you're all a bunch of moose fucking drunks :)
Much Love, Greenguy

February 15 2007
What is it with Valentine's Day? It's supposed to be I get my love a gift and she gets me one - end of story. Why do people other than my bride feel the need to send cards and give gifts to me? I can't wait to get a pile of St Patrick's Day cards and maybe a couple of shamrocks as gifts.

February 14 2007
Merry Valentine's Day! Looking for a last minute Valentines Day gift for your woman? Why not get her a membership to a site that's For The Girls :)

February 13 2007
24 was pretty good last night, but you just knew there was going to be a mole inside either CTU or The White House. Still, it's one of the best shows on TV and Chad Lowe plays the perfect weasel.

February 12 2007
Back to work Monday. Not that I took the wqeekend off or anythign lik ethat, as I probably spent 10-12 hours in front of this monitor doing this and that. I'm also a tad bit lost because football is over...and which genius decided to have the pro Bowl on Saturday night?

February 10-11 2007
Looking for a last minute Valentines Day gift for your woman? Why not get her a membership to a site that's For The Girls :)

February 9 2007
Incase you've been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, Anna Nicole Smith passed away yesterday :(

February 8 2007
The last of my Super Bowl Weekend visitors is leaving today. A buddy from Ottawa stayed in town a couple extra days so that he could watch his Senators loose to my Sabres last night :)

February 7 2007
I made a difference! Last week I noticed that my garbage man throwing my 3 very full bins of recycling in with the garbage. I called to complain and the garbage company told me "No he didn't" So I wrote a letter to the garbage company and sent a copy to the local newspaper as well as my town supervisor. I got calls from each yesterday: the paper is going to print it, the town supervisor told me I'm not the 1st to complain and she's upset with them as well and the head of the garbage company called to get my ideas on how to help fix the problem (they have too much recycling, so they mix it) So now the proposal is a separate truck every other week just for recycling. I'm happy :)

February 6 2007
Well, congrats to the Colts on their Super Bowl victory! This win puts to rest so many recurring stories that you hear on ESPN, but it does allow for the discussion on Grossman sucking ass to continue. He threw 2 picks, but his numbers were decent. If he actually made a decent pass to Berrian and her scored, his numbers would have been almost the same as Manning's. He's not great, but he didn't loose that game for Chicago. Also, there's 3 feet of snow on the ground here, most of my visitors have left and I'm still fucking exhausted.

February 2-5 2007
It's finally Super Bowl weekend and I have a lot of friends coming into town, which means I'm going to be scarce for the next few days. There will be an update on Saturday, but I can't see putting anything new online on Sunday (who's surfing porn during the biggest football game of the year?) and Monday is 50/50. So enjoy your weekend and GO COLTS! (now you know who I'm rooting for and you can bet on the Bears)

February 1 2007
Happy February to you and yours :) A lot going on here with the big game on Sunday. I have a shitload of people coming in from out of town and a lot of betting pools to get ready.

January 31 2007
I went to my 1st Sabres game in 25 days last night (I was in Vegas for the last 3 home games) Can someone please tell me when Boston will be getting a professional hockey team? For the love of Buddy Christ, they looked like complete shit last night.

January 30 2007
Did you hear about the new Paris Hilton porn tapes? Well, Celebrity Movies Free has them. I've seen them - they are pretty good and just more proof that she really is a slut :)

January 29 2007
I don't know what it is, but the last 3 or 4 days, when I wake up, I am fucking clueless as to what day of the week it is. I guess that when you work at home and the 1st few hours of every day are the same as far as work and coffee making, that'll eventually start to happen.

January 28 2007
Day 2 of cleaning for the big party next weekend (fuck you, Bates - it's not like the place just magically looks that good) At least today I'll be able to watch some hockey as I clean. And, I have to get some pools together for the big game - I'll be running the normal 100 squares as well as a fantasy pool, 1st TD pool and a list of Prop Bets that people can make with each other.

January 27 2007
No football this weekend - what the fuck is a husky male to do with himself? I guess I'll clean the house for next weekend's big Super Bowl party!!! WAHOO!!! (I know - I suck)

January 26 2007
Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie mates - GOOD ON YOU! I finally got around to watching the 1st 4 hours of 24 last night &it was fucking great. The only think I have a problem with is how Jack managed to give himself suck a lovely haircut while cleaning up in the airport hanger :)

January 25 2007
Whether you agree with it or not, Daniel Briere was the MVP of last night's NHL All Star Game. The guy had 1 goal, 4 assists (3 primary), was a +5 and was on the ice for 6 of the East's 9 goals. No one really dominated the game (Nash would have won MVP if he got credit for that goal in the 1st) So my hat is off to Briere as well as Campbell and Miller, who did let in 3 goals, but when you look at how many people complained about Brodeur not starting and having him let in 6 goals, you can all go fuck yourselves :)

January 24 2007
Happy Whip'em Out Wednesday Everyone! I watched the NHL Young Stars Game and Skills Competition last night and my beloved Sabres did pretty good. I was so happy to see Miller make that nice glove save on Selanne to seal the win for the Eastern Conference in the Skills Competition. I'll be glued to the TV tonight watching the All Star game and praying that Miller can stand on his head in the 1st period, as I know no one is going to be playing defense.

January 23 2007
We got a bit of snow here today, which suck only because I actually have to leave the house to go to the nut doctor (for those of you following along at home, yes, that's still going on)

January 22 2007
Well, I'm happy for Indy and sad for New Orleans. But, one thing did cross my mind yesterday while watching the game on CBS: we're going to be stuck listening to Phil Simms for 5 hours on Super Bowl Sunday! I don't mind Nantz at all - I actually like him. But hearing Simms makes me want to stick a screwdriver in my ears. Just listen to how he ends his sentences, especially during the 1st hour or so of the game. I'm starting to think that every colorman in football - Simms, Dierdorf, Cross, Aikman and even Madden - are all morons.

January 21 2007
I'm back and I'm broke :( But we did have a lot of fun in Vegas. Went and took a helicopter ride thru the Grand Canyon, saw the Bodies exhibit (very fucking strange) did the Japanese Steak House thing and gambled a lot. The site will once again be updated on a daily basis and there will be a lot of New Adult Links for the next week or so as I get caught up.

January 14-20 2007
I'm outta here! I'll be out in Vegas for the next week and since my reviewers are out there as well, the site will not be updated until next week :( But don't worry, there's still a shitload of links on the New Sites Page & my old saying still holds true: If it's not a verified link, it's new to you :) Wish me luck and I'll see everyone next week!

January 13 2007
One more wake-up and I'm off to Vegas for a week with a rubber-band full of cash :) I'm pretty much ready for the trip, so today will be spent watching a lot of hockey and football. My predictions (so you can bet against me) are Indy, NO, Seattle and SD (all based on the spreads - but I think Seattle will win outright)

January 12 2007
I've got nothing today other than I really fucking hate Toronto Maple Leaf fans.

January 11 2007
I never watched any of the CSI shows, but now I have proof as to why I don't :)

January 10 2007
I finally got around to watching An Inconvenient Truth last night and it looks like Peen and Teller lied to me and I have to start recycling again.

January 9 2007
I have 2 complaints about last night's BCS game - and oddly enough, neither really have anything to do with the game :) The 1st is that at 8:30, after watching the HD feed on Fox for an hour, it suddenly cut out and I was stuck watching the SD (standard) feed for the rest of the game. I called my local Fox station to complain, but apparently no once cares what happens after normal business hours. The 2nd is that if I see that fucking Rock'em Sock'em Dodge commercial one more time, I'm going to bite someone in the face! It was a cute commercial the 1st 10 times I saw it 3 weeks ago, but now it seems like that fucking commercial is played at every fucking break of every sporting event that I watch! ENOUGH WITH THE ROBOTS!

January 8 2007
I assume this is the 1st full work week for everyone, which probaby means you have a pile of shit to do like me. But I have another problem: I'm off to Vegas on Sunday :) Now, that's not really a problem, but I do have to get caught up on my work and take care of some crap for when I'm away, so my free time for this week is fucked. (I know - poor Greenguy has to go to Vegas for a week. Boo Hoo for him)

January 7 2007
I have 2 words for all you Dallas fans: Ha Ha! It's strange how people either love or hate Dallas - there's no middle ground. I hate them, not because they beat Buffalo twice in the Super Bowl, but just because for as long as I can remember, I've hated them. More football for me today (and probably a nap or 2)

January 6 2007
Today is the last full day in Buffalo for my Aussie mates :( We have a big send-off planned with a Thanksgiving like dinner (I guess turkey is rare over there) and of course, there's a lot of football and hockey to be watched as well (they do like the American sports)

January 5 2007
I'm back from Ottawa and with the exception of the hockey game, I had a great time. I wore my Miller jersey to the game and the Ottawa fans were actually nice to me. I did get one "YOU SUCK!!" but other than that and a couple of boo's and thumbs down, things went well. I still have my Aussie friends in town, so today I get to look at Niagara Falls for the 58th time in my life and tonight we're all going to the Sabres/Penguins game.

January 2-4 2007
I'm off to Ottawa to visit my buddy that runs Pornstar Legends. A little partying on Tuesday night and then we get to go see the Sabres play the Seantors on Wednesday. I'll be back on Thursday and the site will be updated every day (so pay no attention to whatever numbers and dates it says below)

January 1 2007
Happy 2007! (except those of you that are fans of the Denver Broncos)

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