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December 31 2013
I had 3 goals for today:
1. Update HD Videos By Greenguy Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
2. Update Titty Tuesday Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
3. Update The New Porn Links Yes, The Thumbs Down Is Just The Thumbs Up Flipped
2 outta 3 ain't bad SMILE!
Merry New Year to all of you! I promise to update with some new porn links by the time your hangovers wear off!!

December 30 2013
You can tell it's the end of the year by how dead it is around here.  I added a whopping 11 New Porn Links today, as well as some nice BBW vids over at Chubby Monday Watch It Wiggle See It Jiggle...

December 28 2013
You shall now refer to me as "AVN Hall Of Fame Member Greenguy" Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

December 24-25 2013
IN honor of The 12 Days Of Xmas, I added 12 New Porn Links for you!
Have a great time celebrating Happy Birthday Santa! Santa's Birthday & I'll see you on Thursday!

December 23 2013
The good news?  HD Videos By Greenguy was just updated Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
The bad news? No New Porn Links til tomorrow GRAWLIX!!!

December 22 2013
Just a quick post to update you all about there being no updates at all today I Has Teeth!
Also, the Day Of The Porn Week crap is on Holiday for the week Yes I Am A LAZY FUCK

December 21 2013
Seeing as it's someone's birthday next week Happy Birthday Santa! I thought I'd start my giving to you a little early with Back-To-Back New Porn Links updates!

December 20 2013
Another early update for the New Porn Links page Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
And I will get Ass Fucked Friday updated at some time today Why Wait Til Friday!

December 19 2013
Slow day for me, but I did manage to get HD Videos By Greenguy updated.  I'll make sure to get some New Porn Links added tomorrow morning, then I'll work on Ass Fucked Friday Why Wait Til Friday!

December 18 2013
Up early before we head out to I Hope I Don't Have SARS! appointments, so I thought I'd update the New Porn Links - ENJOY!

December 17 2013
Today's Good News: Titty Tuesday has been updated BEWBS!
Today's Bad News: HD Videos By Greenguy will probably be pushed back til Thursday This Lil Guy Is ANGRY!
Tomorrow's Good News: I should be adding some New Porn Links Pray To Baby Jesus!
Tomorrow's Bad News: Due to doctor appointments, it's won't be til later in the day I Hope I Don't Have SARS!

December 16 2013
As promised, the 2nd thing I did this morning was add a bunch of New Porn Links for all of you to enjoy.  The 1st thing I did?  Well, I just had to check on my 3 Semi-Finals Fantasy Football Teams!  It's looking like I'll be in at least 2 finals next weekend Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
*NOTE* I'll be working on CM next Watch It Wiggle...

December 15 2013
I gotta be honest with you all: I was in the middle of adding some new links, but I simply ran out of gas :-(  So, 2nd thing tomorrow morning, I'll finish them up & Bob will be everyone's uncle What About Bob?
But, the good news is that I did manage to get Sunshine Sunday updated Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

December 13 2013
Once again, I managed to get some New Porn Links added, as well as the weekly Ass Fucked Friday update AND 4 more HD Videos By Greenguy Free Sites added to the mix.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to wallowing in my Holiday Depression Xmas Sucks!

December 10 2013
New Porn Links were added & Titty Tuesday was updated.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to change the dosage on my depression & anxiety meds. because I truly HATE this time of year I Am A Cry Baby

December 9 2013
It may appear as if I'm done nothing today, but what you didn't notice was the usual Chubby Monday update, as well as another 4 Free Sites on HD Videos By Greenguy.  So TAKE THAT! Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

December 8 2013
You know those type of days where everything ticks you off?  I'm having one of those right now!!

December 6 2013
Well, I started to update the New Porn Links late yesterday afternoon, but my bride and her Xmas Crafts Sale preparation got in the way - which is an incredibly lame excuse for a big porn-slinger like me I have TEETH!
And, seeing as it is Friday, I'm now going to work on today's Ass Fucked Friday update.  When you see the pretty border around it in the "Day Of The Porn Week" area, it's finished Ass Fucked Friday!

December 3 2013
Sorry for the late Titty Tuesday update as well as the late New Porn Links additions, but that'll happen when you have 2 doctor appointments in the morning :-(

December 2 2013
No update today, but luck for you that it's another Chubby Monday Chubby Girls Give Me A Chubby!

December 1 2013
I know, I know!  I go from nothing for 3 days to a big massive push of porn-jacking material.  Today is, of course, Sunshine Sunday.  I also added the usual 4 Free Sites to HD Videos By Greenguy.  And, there's 15 New Porn Links for you to enjoy.  I'd say that's a great start to December for me Look At My Toofs!

November 29 2013
Ok then, let's see...
Turkey Day: Pleasant & Uneventful
Cold/Flu: Almost Gone
Fantasy Football: UGH!
Ass Fucked Friday: Updated
New Porn Links: Added
All this by 7:00 AM EST?  I say I deserve a break for the rest of the day Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

November 27 2013
Fuck this fucking cold/flu I have!  I'm going back to bed to rest up for tomorrow, since the family is coming over for Football & Turkey Day!  If I'm not on here tomorrow, have a safe & happy Thanksgiving Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

November 26 2013
I did manage to update the links, as well as Titty Tuesday, even though I'm on Day 2 of this cold/flu Boooo!

November 25 2013
I spent the weekend dog-sitting at my step-daughter's house & I think I caught the cold/flu that she's just getting over.  Don't expect much from me for the next few days Boooo!

November 23 2013
23 New Porn Links added today, which is Nov 23rd?  Coincidence?  I think not! Look At My Toofs!
Also, HD Videos By Greenguy was updated & What Day Of The Porn Week Is It? returns tomorrow with a very hot Sunshine Sunday update! Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

November 22 2013
I'm taking a break from working until tomorrow, but I did want to stop in & let everyone know that my back surgeon can't fix me, so I'm back to the drawing board with this new pain Boooo!

November 20 2013
As promised, I just posted a BIG update on the ever popular New Porn Links page.  Now, I need to rest before I go visit my back surgeon :-(

November 19 2013
I know I'm slacking with updates, but I promise I will update tomorrow morning 1st thing!  Until then, you can enjoy today's HD Videos By Greenguy update Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

November 17 2013
I've got some minor bad news: due to this week being a clusterfuck as far as my offline world is concerned, the "Day Of The Porn Week" stuff will be on hiatus until next week Boooo!

November 15 2013
Here's my 4 Friday Goals:
1. Update Ass Fucked Friday Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
2. Update HD Videos By Greenguy Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
3. Update New Porn Links - this will happen eventually today Look At My Toofs!  Please just check back & see if the Date to the far right has been changed from 13 to 15 Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
4. Play Grand Theft Auto V for hours & hours while my lovely bride assists me Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

November 14 2013
Did you read what I posted yesterday?  Yeah, I'm taking today off Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

November 13 2013
I've updated 5 out of the last 7 days!  I'm getting good at this Look At My Toofs!

November 12 2013
Even though playing 5 hours of GTAV yesterday left me thinking about nothing but playing the next mission, I did manage to add some new links AND update Titty Tuesday with a tribute to Natural Wonders Of The World BOOBIES!!!

November 11 2013
I Salute All Of Our Veterans!
Happy Veteran's Day!!
I updated HD Videos By Greenguy this morning, and it's another Chubby Monday for all your lovers of BBW porn How's THAT For A Monday?!
So, with those tasks being accomplished, in honor of all of the Hero's of this great nation of ours, I will be taking the rest of the day off Any Excuse For A Day Off!

November 10 2013
YIKES!  Not only did I update Sunshine Sunday for all you lovers of lesbians, but I also managed to push thru 15 New Porn Links for today!  And, all before kickoff!  My arm hurts from patting myself on the back I Has Teeth!

November 9 2013
Seeing as I added SOOOOOO many New Porn Links yesterday, I'm going to reward myself with a well deserved day off Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
(actually, there's not enough submits to bother with an update lol)

November 8 2013
How's this for a Friday:
I updated with 31 New Porn Links
Ass Fucked Friday was also updated
Take that, fuckers! That's Right! I Called You A FUCKER!

November 7 2013
Back to normal? :) I did just update & sometime today, that date under HD Videos By Greenguy will change to today's date, too :)

November 6 2013
I'm taking the day off from this lovely thing we can The Internet.  Should be back to normal tomorrow :-)

November 4 2013
I do plan on adding some new links today, so check back later & see if the date to the right has changed.  Until then, enjoy another big phat luscious Chubby Monday It's Chubby Monday!!

November 3 2013
No new links today, but don't worry!  It's another lovely Sunshine Sunday AND I also updated HD Videos By Greenguy this morning!  Look for new links tomorrow Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
Also, did you remember to change your clocks?  Spring Back, Fall Forward!

November 2 2013
Don't forget to change your clocks tonight.  Remember: Spring Back, Fall Forward!

November 1 2013
LOOK!  I decorated for Thanksgiving!
Gobble Gobble

October 31 2013
LOOK!  I decorated for Halloween!
Happy Halloween! I'm a ghost! NOW GIMME SOME CANDY!!

October 30 2013
The good news?
I updated HD Videos By Greenguy today Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
The bad news?
I didn't update the links today BOOOOO!

October 29 2013
YIPEE!!  I just updated with 29 brand new never-before-seen picture & video porn links Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
Now, if I can manage to get TittyTitty Tuesday Boobies!!Tuesday updated by Midnight, I'll be all set!

October 28 2013
Well, I ended up taking Sunday completely off from my online work, which put me REALLY behind on my normal Monday crap.  So, no update today, but I will get one done bright & early tomorrow.
Until then, you can enjoy yesterday's Sunshine Sunday and today's Chubby Monday Free Flash Video Sites Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

October 26 2013
Yesterday, I said that I was taking today off.  Well, just call me a BIG FAT LIAR-HEAD because I forgot that I planned on updating HD Videos By Greenguy, so now you have that going for you...which is nice.  Enjoy Your Weekend!
(or don't - I really don't care lol)

October 25 2013
I just added a bunch of links, and you know what that means...Late Friday Update = Taking Saturday Off Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

October 24 2013
Back to the morning updates, but I think we all know that's NOT gonna last forever Look At Those TEETH!

October 23 2013
Would you believe me if I told you that I forgot to upload yesterday's HD Videos By Greenguy update? Look At Those TEETH!

October 22 2013
This morning, I updated Titty Tuesday, and just now, I added a bunch of new links for all you perverts!  I'm starting to like this afternoon updating thing Look At Those TEETH!

October 21 2013
Seeing as I updated so late in the day yesterday, that's my excuse for not updating today :-)  But, I did manage to update Chubby Monday this morning, so you can go enjoy those free vids Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

October 20 2013
It's still Sunday & I just updated - better late than never :-)

October 18 2013
Well, despite having to go to the chiropractor & run some errands, I was able to get Ass Fucked Friday updated as well add some new links.  Mission Accomplished I did a GOOD job!

October 17 2013
Once again, I suck :-(  I'm really trying to get back on track, it's just shit keeps surprising me.  I'm 99.44% sure that the links will be updated and that there will be new Free Anal Video Sites on Ass Fucked Friday.

October 16 2013
I started to update last night, but I did it while watching the Sabres/Islanders game and I was so overwhelmed by Buffalo winning their FIRST game of the season, that I totally spaced on reviewing & forgot to complete my task :-(  But, don't worry!  I just updated & sometime today, I do plan on updating HD Videos By Greenguy Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

October 14 2013
It may be 10:00 PM ET, but, true to my word, I did update today!  I'm doing so good, I might even update tomorrow!!
(at the very least, there will be a Titty Tuesday update, just like there was a Chubby Monday update today)

October 13 2013
Well, after I got this week's Sunshine Sunday ready for everyone, I had to get my Fantasy Football crap in order, and then I worked on today's update.  Another update tomorrow - I swear! Why Do I Have Eyes?

October 12 2013
UGH!  Between back problems, doctor's appointments, and playing GTAV, my week has just been fucked :-(  But, I'm going to do my best to get back on track with everything starting tomorrow.  For now, you'll just have to live off of today's HD Videos By Greenguy update :-)

October 8 2013
True to my word, it's Tuesday & I'm back Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

October 4 2013
Today's update might be the last one for a couple of days, as I have my buddy coming into town for tonight's Sabres/Senators game, as well as my big local Fantasy Hockey Auction & Draft tomorrow.  Then, Sunday is a good 10+ hours of watching football, and Monday has a couple of doctor's appointments.  So, enjoy your weekend & I'll see you Tuesday at the latest Thumb Up For The Weekend!

October 3 2013
I'm sorry, but between last night's Sabres game, tonight's Bills game, and various Fantasy Football & Hockey tasks that I need to perform today, there will be no update BOO HOO

October 2 2013
Yes!  You are reading this site correctly!  Even though hockey started up last night, I somehow managed to update THREE days in a row Blow Me!!

October 1 2013
I updated TWO days in a row?!  I deserve some sort of prize or medal or blowjob Blow Me!!

September 30 2013
I swear! I was going to update yesterday! But then I got caught up in watching football & the fantasy aspect of things & I ended up on the couch with my iPad for 8 hours :-)

September 28 2013
If you're looking for today's update, you're gonna be looking for a LOOOONG time Big Grin

September 27 2013
1st Fantasy Hockey Draft of the season was last night & I had a Fantasy First happen: I had a guy QUIT during the draft!  He was having tech problems on his end & didn't end up logging into the draft until the 5th round.  And seeing as he was VERY upset with his team's 1st 4 Auto Draft picks, he decided he was OUT!  You try to anticipate every potential problem when you run a Fantasy Hockey/Football League, but some things just pop up out of the blue :-(

September 26 2013
I think that you all & me need to just accept that, with all my "issues", I'm not going to e able to update 7 days a week.  I think my goal will be 5.  Everyone ok with that? :-)

September 24 2013
Better late than never with today's update, but I just had to go to see my doc this morning - not that it resolved anything :-(

September 23 2013
I think my body is revolting on me!  I've visited the shitter 3 times, I puked into the garbage can, I have a strange headache on the top left side of my head, and my back is screaming.  Maybe I should run all that thru Web MD :-)

September 22 2013
No update today - sorry, but I'm lazy Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah
But, it's is another Sunshine Sunday, so go enjoy some hot girls bumping donuts Thumb Up For Donut Bumping
(GTAV Update: I still can't drive Poke PokeI am a lil guy)

September 21 2013
This was yesterday's daily update text thingy:
"That's right.  I took a break from GTA V to update.  You're welcome :-)"
I think I can use that one for the next 3 months SMILE MOTHER FUCKER!

September 20 2013
That's right.  I took a break from GTA V to update.  You're welcome :-)

September 19 2013
Seeing as I updated the links so late in the day yesterday, there's not too much new to add.  What does this mean for me?  It means I'll be taking the rest of the day off & playing Grand Theft Auto V GTAV

September 18 2013
When I last left you, I was going to my doctor because of this new/different back pain.  Well, due to a screw up in his office, I was without pain meds for about 40 hours & let me tell you: that is NOT fun :'(

September 15 2013
Better late than never with today's update, right?  Besides, working takes my mind off pulling my hair out while seeing what my Fantasy Football guys are doing :-)
OH! Tomorrow's not looking good for an update because this new back problem/pain is gonna force me to get in & see my doctor.

September 14 2013
Once again, I have to apologize for not updating yesterday, but Friday The 13th was truly bad luck for me, because I have a new/different pain in my lower back :'(  My chiropractor, Dr Paul, thinks he can fix it with yesterday's & Monday's adjustment, so my fingers are crossed!  This new problem is fucking PAINFUL! BOOOO!

September 12 2013
OK - this weather is officially fucking nuts!  It was 88 here yesterday.  Tomorrow, the forecasted high is 55.  And today?  Today is all thunderstorms.  Gosh Darn It!  I want to go swimming in my pool, since it's pretty much the only activity my back can take :-(

September 11 2013
Never America! Fuck Yeah!! Forget

September 10 2013
2 wins & 2 losses in Fantasy Football this past weekend & that has me VERY concerned :-(

September 9 2013
A late update is better than no update!

September 8 2013
I've got 1 word for today: FOOTBALL!! Yes, this gif/smiley is of Priest Holmes!

September 6 2013
The bad news for me is that I don't have Peyton Manning on any of my Fantasy Football teams :-(
The good news for me is that none of my opponents this week have Peyton Manning on their teams :-)

September 5 2013
Bowzer says: Happy Rosh Ha-Sha-Na-Na!

September 4 2013
Yes, no sooner do I say that things are getting back to normal around here that I take Tuesday & most of Wednesday off.  I know, I know!  I stink :-(  But I swear that, when I say it this time, I mean it: Things are back to normal around here!

September 2 2013
Let's see...
21 New Porn Links were added
HD Videos By Greenguy was updated
It's another Chubby Monday
Yup! Things are back to normal around here Normal...Until Tomorrow!!

September 1 2013
Sorry again, but my mind is just drained after 2 days of nothing but Fantasy Football.  But, it is Sunshine Sunday and I will be back to normal tomorrow, so cheer up!

August 30 2013
Sorry, but there will be no update today, because today is my local live Fantasy Football draft It's the most wonderful tim eof the year...

August 29 2013
Sorry for the late update today, but I spent most of the morning getting ready for that High Stakes Fantasy Football Draft/League that I'm in tomorrow at 4:00 PM ET.  There's still spots left in the league I'm in, so if you're interested, check out their website via the links above.

August 28 2013
Anyone want to get in a real money high stakes Fantasy Football League?  It's called Footballguys Players Championship &
I'm currently registered in the Friday August 30th 4:00 PM ET draft that you can find on this page.  There's 10 of 12 spots still open, so dig deep in those pockets & take your shot at winning $250,000.00!
Also, just to be clear, I have NOTHING to do with this league other than I'm entered.  I make NO money if you join, I don't know anyone that's running or entered in the league(s), etc.  I just use & truly LOVE the Footballguys website Thumb Up For Footballguys

August 27 2013
Sorry I flaked out yesterday & didn't update, but that happens when a guy's wife is out of town ;-)

August 25 2013
Well, my bride took off to visit friends for the next week, so I guess I'm a bachelor that lives with his mom :-(
(Actually, she lives with me - I'm not THAT pathetic LOL)

August 24 2013
17 years ago today, I married my lovely bride & there has not been one day that I regretted it...not yet anyway ;-)

August 23 2013
It's hard to have two "Worst Day Of My Life" events, but 8 years ago today was the 2nd one.  I miss the boy more than anyone will ever know.

August 22 2013
I apologize for taking the last few days off, but sometimes life throws you a curveball & you have to do your best to make lemonade.  Or something like that :-)  Back to normal starting today with the links & back to normal starting Sunday with the Day Of The Porn Week stuff.

August 17 2013
I've got to get a lot of work done around here, so after today's update, I'm gonna just stockpile the links & I should be back to normal on Wednesday.  Sorry :-(

August 16 2013
Continuing on with my themed Day Of The Porn Week updates, today it's Part I of my tribute to Big Wet Asses at Ass Fucked Friday - ENJOY! Ass Fucked Friday!

August 15 2013
Black Sabbath last night in Toronto was fucking AWESOME!!  Ozzy sounded FANTASTIC!!  Tommy was damn near PERFECT!!  Geezer played like a MADMAN!!  And this Tommy Clufetos guy that's playing drums for them on this tour is truly AMAZING!!  Their World Tour concludes Dec 22nd, and I HIGHLY recommend that you go see them!! SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH!!
PS: Andrew WK "opened" for them by DJing a boring set of various metal songs.  Feel free to party in the parking lot an hour longer & miss his nonsense.

August 14 2013
I am so fucking excited!!  In a couple hours, I'll be on my way to The Great White North to see Black Sabbath play in Toronto!! SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH!!

August 13 2013
Continuing on with my special Day Of The Porn Week promos, today's Titty Tuesday update features 3 Free Video Sites from the classic busty natural DVD series Natural Wonders Of The World Yahoo For Titty Tuesday!
(and yes, it is strange to call porn from the early 2000's as "classic")

August 12 2013
This is a very special Chubby Monday update!  Not only because I've released FOUR Free BBW Video Sites instead of the normal two, but because they all feature 2012 Miss FreeOnes Best Newcomer Siri, who, as you can see, is a naturally busty & slightly chubby bisexual Porn Goddess!
I don't know about you, but I have a BIG FAT HUGE crush on her (Pun Intended!)
So please enjoy this Chubby Monday's EIGHT high def flash videos & make sure to check out the rest of the full length scenes that feature Siri at Chubby Links Video On Demand.
PSSST!This is also a good time to claim your 15 FREE minutes!Happy Dance!!

August 11 2013
I've got decisions to make.  Nascar is down the road (no pun intended) at Watkins Glen, the Bills are playing the Colts in a preseason game where we get to see if EJ Manuel can save our franchise, and I'm growing very fond of that Dufner guy at The PGA Championship.  I think I need 3 TV's ;-)

August 10 2013
I forgot how horrendous the 2nd half usually is in these NFL Preseason games.  Can't wait til tomorrow to see how bad the Bills play!

August 9 2013
There's a garage sale at my house for the next 2 days.  The girls advertised it on Craig's List, so I can't wait to see the kind of people that show up to buy my used crap.

August 8 2013
I stumbled onto Rocky III last night.  I forgot how fucking funny pretty much all of Mr. T's (Clubber Lang) and Burgess Meredith's (Mickey) lines were.  Examples:
Clubber: [to Adrian] Hey, woman! Hey, woman! Listen here. Since your ol' man here ain't got no heart, maybe you'd like to see a real man. Yeah, I bet you stay up all night dreamin' about a real man, don't ya? Well I tell you what. Why don't you bring your pretty little self over to my apartment tonight, and I'll show you a real man.
Mickey: No, they weren't setups. They was good fighters, but they wasn't killers like this guy. He'll knock ya into tomorrow, Rock!
You can read & truly enjoy more Rocky III quotes right here!

August 7 2013
I'm back :-)

August 4-6 2013
I updated the links today (Sunday) but I think I'm gonna take some time off, sort some shit out, and I'll be back on Wednesday.
Aug 4 - Sunshine Sunday Will Be Updated
Aug 5 - Chubby Monday Will Be Updated
Aug 5 -
HD Videos By Greenguy Will Be Updated
Aug 6 - Titty Tuesday Will Be Updated

August 3 2013
Sorry, but no update today.  Tomorrow's not looking good either.

August 2 2013
Downloaded some Fantasy Football programs & apps today Thumb Up For Fantasy Football

August 1 2013
I have to apologize about yesterday.  I just had one of those days where I didn't want to interact with anyone :-(

July 30 2013
I've got nothing!

July 29 2013
As July comes to an end, I'm reminded that I have probably 3 or 4 Fantasy Football Drafts in the next 4 weeks.  Time to download some stats The Return Of Priest Holmes!

July 28 2013
The wife went to get her palm read or some shit.  I can't wait to find out what I'm going to do to piss her off in the future!

July 27 2013
Sorry, but no update today.  Yesterday being the 16th anniversary of link-o-rama.com should have been a good day, but a scum sucking THIEF ruined that for me.  Luckily he was caught before he stole from me, but it was a very stressful day.

July 26 2013
Happy Birthday To Me...
It's my Sweet 16!!
On July 26th, 1997, I bought/registered the domain link-o-rama.com
A BIG HUGE THANKS to all of you for visiting me over the past 16 years and supporting me Shake & Thanks!

July 25 2013
Tomorrow is a big day in the history of the adult internet.  Stay tuned.....

July 24 2013
19 years ago today, at the ripe old age of 23, I started dating a wonderful woman who I am now happy to call my bride Love Ya Babe!

July 23 2013
OK - things are pretty much back to normal - enjoy the links :)

July 22 2013
No update today due to those circumstances that are beyond my control, but feel free to amuse yourself with the BBW & Big Ass vids I have over at Chubby Monday Chubby Monday

July 21 2013
Sorry for the late update today, but I was watching Phil Mickelson win The (British) Open - Congrats, Lefty!! Lefty Golfing Righty ;-)

July 20 2013
I'm sorry, but no update today.  Instead, why not simply enjoy the 4 new HD Video Free Sites I have here at HD Videos By Greenguy Fuck My Thumb!

July 19 2013
Happy Birthday RyRy!  We all miss you so much & I know that I for one would really like to know what you'd be like at the age of 24 :'(

July 18 2013
Yesterday, I asked you goofballs to ask me some questions via my ask.fm page, and aside from the 10-12 morons that just posted nonsense (ex: hrhrh) I did get some good interesting questions.  So why not keep it going!
Go Ahead! I DARE Ya!!  Ask Greenguy A Question - ANY Question!

July 17 2013
I have to admit, while I do get some decent ones, most of the questions you guys & gals ask me via ask.fm are really fucking dumb!  I wish I could force the dumb ones to leave their Twitter name or something, but if I do that, the dummies don't ask questions :(
So come on!  I dare ya!!  Ask me a question & prove to me that you're not one of the dummies Shake & Thanks!
(...and I Double Dog dare ya to leave your name LOL)

July 16 2013
My doc got my meds worked out & I feel fucking FANTASTIC! FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!!

July 14 2013
Congrats to Big Time Timmy Tim on his no-hitter last night!

July 12 2013
I'm sorry for the late update - fucking meds are fucking with me big time Gosh Darn It!

July 11 2013
I really f'ing hate when my doc messes with my meds.  I've been off my game for the last 48 hours :-(

July 10 2013
Merry Hump Day!  Other than that, I've got bupkiss!

July 9 2013
My calendar says that Ramadan starts today:
1 - Is that like Link O'Ramadan?
2 - Do I get a discount on the soup?

July 8 2013
Not only is it Chubby MondayChubby Monday, but I also updated HD Videos By Greenguy with 4 HD Lesbian Video Free Sites.  So I ask that you please enjoy what I do for you Big Grin

July 7 2013
I have to Ha Ha! Anderson Silva!  Cocky mother-fucker got knocked the fuck OUT!  And, I almost forgot that the Drunk Party Girls, European Porn, and Feet Fetish Porn categories now have the new look Thumb Up!

July 6 2013
While it was a typical 1st day of NHL Free Agency for my beloved Sabres (they did NOTHING!) I have to admit that my jaw dropped when I heard that Alfredsson went to Detroit!  Just fucking WOW!

July 5 2013
So, how many of you were lucky enough to get a 4 day weekend out of your bosses?  Not me - I'll be working all day.  But, at least my boss lets me watch TV, so I won't miss a minute of the Zimmerman Trial or the NHL's Free Agent Frenzy!  Have a GREAT Friday!

Happy Independence Day! July 4 2013 ...and BOOM goes the dynamite!
That's right!  I love porn so much that I updated on a major holiday!  I also updated the Cumshot Porn category to the new layout AND it's Babysitter Week at HD Videos By Greenguy.  Have a great day Lil Greenie Says Fuck You!

July 2-3 2013
Aside from changing over the Cheerleader Porn & Creampie Sex categories to the new layout, I did a late update today as I'm taking tomorrow off - ENJOY!

July 1 2013
Happy Canada Day to all my friends up North Greenguy Likes (Most) Canadians!

June 30 2013
In about 1 hour from the time I'm typing this, I will be making a big fat pig of myself at a $6 all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet Thumb Up For Beeing A Fatty!! Have a nice Sunday!

June 29 2013
So I'm going thru withdrawals from not having any hockey, but I do find comfort in the fact that the 2013 NFL Season starts in 68 days Happy Dance!!

June 28 2013
Here's a tip if you're watching the Zimmerman trial: Find a live stream online & watch that.  These assholes at all the big news networks load up the screen with graphics, throw in commercials whenever they want, and their banter on the case is just fucking horrendous. WPTV.com has a GREAT live feed.

June 27 2013
I am SO glad I decided to tune into the Zimmerman/Martin trial yesterday on Headline News.  That girl is SASSY!  I'll be watching all day again!

June 26 2013
The 2013-2014 NHL season should start the 1st week of October, so I say Let The Countdown Begin! Thumb Up For The Next NHL Season!

June 25 2013
Did you watch the game last night?!  Who the fuck saw that coming?!  And I just fucking LOVE how Patrick Kane brought his drinking buddies onto the ice to celebrate instead of his family - a true Buffalo boy :-)

June 24 2013
Even though I want Chicago to win The Stanley Cup, I kinda want Boston to win tonight so that there's a Game 7 on Wednesday.  NOTHING beats a Game 7 in hockey (or basketball & baseball)

June 23 2013
I think I'll jinx them & officially state that I am rooting for Chicago over Boston in the Stanley Cup Finals!

June 22 2013
12 years ago today, my life was effected in the worst way possible.  If I had a time machine, I'd go back to June 21st 2001 & live that day for the rest of my life.

June 21 2013
I'm not a huge fan of basketball, but I'm so glad I watched Game 7 of the NBA Finals last night.  WHAT A GAME!  And, while my knowledge of the sport is minimal, I do know one thing: Mario Chalmers SUCKS!  I can't believe they let him play for so long after his many mistakes.  Even that 3 at the end of the quarter was complete luck.  Anyway, congrats to the Miami Heat & their fans.  And I don't think I'm going out on a limb here, but that LeBron guy... he's pretty fucking good TEETH!

June 20 2013
I really need to adjust my sleeping habits, because this shit with me falling asleep midway thru the 3rd period of the Stanley Cup Finals hockey games is NOT working out for me!!

June 19 2013
Sorry for not updating yesterday, but that fucking flu thing took me out for the day.  But, I did make it to the doctor's & he put me on antibiotics & so far...Thumb Up!

June 17 2013
Nothing beats getting sick on Father's Day & missing out on all the fun & dinner with my family because I was stuck in bed sweating Boooo!

June 16 2013
For the 1st time (probably) ever, I will not have any interaction with my father on Father's Day, because, as he put it: "We already have plans."
Gosh Darn It!! Boo Hoo! Loony Bastard!

June 15 2013
It's a good thing I have 2 TV's, since I'm having the boys over to watch some Stanley Cup hockey as well as the big UFC PPV.
Go Chicago Thumb Up, Baby!
Go Rashad Thumb Up, Baby!
Go Big Country Thumb Up, Baby!
Go Go Chick Fight Go Thumb Up, Baby!Thumb Up, Baby!

June 14 2013
Are you listening to the new Black Sabbath album?  Did I just date myself by calling it an "album"? :)

June 13 2013
I had a tooth pulled yesterday, and, of course, I asked to have it back as a memento.  Wanna see it?

June 12 2013
It's Wednesday & that means I have 3 doctor's appointments.  Have a good one!

June 11 2013
I'm starting to go thru some painful withdrawals from lack of hockey :(

June 10 2013
My doctor/med problem has been resolved, and since I missed 2 days of updates, today's is BIG!  And speaking of BIG, let's not forget that it's Chubby Monday Thumb Up For Chubby Chicks!

June 8-9 2013
Don't expect too much from me over the next few days.

June 7 2013
I am still beyond FUCKING CUNT!! livid!!

June 6 2013
I am beyond FUCKING CUNT!! livid!!  My normal doctor had a death in the family.  So I call to get a refill on one of my meds.  The CUNT FUCKING CUNT!! that's filling in for him thinks I'm taking too much of this med & FUCKING CUNT!! decided, even though she is NOT FUCKING CUNT!! my doctor, that she's going to lower my dosage FUCKING CUNT!! by about 25%.  I barely get by on this med now, and this CUNT FUCKING CUNT!! wants me to use less?!  FUCKING CUNT!! LIVID!! FUCKING CUNT!!

June 5 2013
Well, I finally got the Celebrity Nudes category page changed over to the new layout - and you're gonna want to bookmark it for The Mr Skin Minute every Friday.  And, as I mentioned yesterday, I found a new thing/area that I now want to add to every category page.  Check out the Porn For Women page & see if you can find it HeHeHeHe

June 4 2013
Yesterday, after I got today's Titty Tuesday update ready, I started to work on changing over the Celebrity Nudes category to the new design when I found something that I want to add to ALL the category pages.  So that means today will be spent redoing all the category pages that I've already updated FML!

June 3 2013
It's another fun filled Chubby MondayChubby MondayAnd, I got the Big Bubble Butts category changed over yesterday - and please note that the old title of the page was simple "Bubble Butts", so now it's located in a different area of the master category list.  I know, this is incredibly boring...

June 2 2013
OK, let's see...
HD Videos By Greenguy was updated Thumb Up!
Sunshine Sunday was updated Sunshine Lesbians
The British Porn category now has the new layout Thumb Up!
Happy Birthday to my step-daughter Thumb Up!, my cousin Thumb Up!, and my deceased Grandmother I Miss My Gran
Other than that, it's pretty much an uneventful day Lil Greenie

June 1 2013
It was a BOOBIES!! filled Friday for me, as I got the Big Boobs Porn, Big Boobs Sex & Big Natural Boobs Porn categories changed over to the new design.  Of course, now it's Saturday & the weather is just fucking lovely, so log off & get your fat ass outside... until 5:00 PM EDT when hockey starts back up Thumb Up For Outdoor Activities!

May 31 2013
I only got one category changed over yesterday - Big Boob Porn Movies - because I was working on getting today's Ass Fucked Friday sites ready It's Another Ass Fucked Friday!

May 30 2013
3 more categories cleaned up & switched over to the new design: Blonde Porn Movies, Blonde Sex, and Bondage Porn are officially "spiffy" Thumb Up For Spiffy!

May 29 2013
I got 2 more category pages switched over yesterday - Black Porn Movies & Black Teen Porn - and I managed to update HD Videos By Greenguy with 4 new sites.  I'm good!

May 28 2013
Welcome back to work!  While I did enjoy a lot of offline time over the long weekend, I did manage to get the Black Big Butt Porn, Black Lesbians, & Black Sex categories changed over to the new template Thumb Up For The New Design!

May 26-27 2013
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
I Heart Holidays!
Now get off the computer, go outside & enjoy some time with family & friends.  THAT'S AN ORDER!!

May 25 2013
I know I've been slacking a little bit this week, but starting tomorrow, things will be back to normal Thumb Up!

May 23 2013
Well, Pittsburgh certainly showed Ottawa who the better team is last night.  OUCH!

May 22 2013
In the event that you haven't noticed, the Porn Of The Week stuff is on hiatus this week, but it'll be back starting Sunday.

May 21 2013
I had planned on doing more work yesterday, but then I turned on CNN & it's basically been on since.  #OklahomaStrong

May 20 2013
I apologize for the lack of updates over the weekend, but I did something that you all do each & every day: I surfed the internet!  It's been a long time since I just sat here & surfed.  And I have to say, it was GREAT!

May 17 2013
I was ever so close to switching over the Asian Sex page to the new design, until I found about 140 links that had to be edited/updated BOOOOOOO!
So, look for that one to be changed over today Thumb Up!

May 16 2013
While I was changing over the Anal Sex & Anal Porn Movies categories yesterday, I pushed the wrong button & some of today's new links got listed in with yesterday's :(  So trust me when I say that there really are 20 New Porn Links that were added for today.

May 15 2013
Hooray for me!  I was able to switch over 3 categories to the new page layout I'm Good!
So please enjoy Amateur Nudes, Amateur Porn Movies, and Amateur Homemade Sex while you're surfing today!

May 14 2013
I was so pissed that Toronto was beating Boston 4-1 in the 3rd that I turned the game off & went to sleep.  But my anger turned to giddiness when I woke up & looked at the final score!  Nothing makes me happier than the Maple Leafs fucking up FUCK TORONTO!

May 13 2013
The Bride usually celebrates Milf's Day by going to Bingo! with her girls, so I decided to tag along yesterday.  They were getting very annoyed with me, because every time O 69 was called, I giggled like Beavis ROFLMFAOLOL

May 12 2013
Happy Mother's Day to the 10's of moms I have perving out to my links Dees 4 Yous!
Also, the Amateur Lesbians category now has the new layout/design Thumb Up!

May 11 2013
Yesterday I got the new design set up on the Porn For Women page.  Once I get the new design on all the categories, I'm going to split up a few of the bigger ones, like this one will be split into naked men & couples, because, quite frankly, that page is just too fucking big.

May 10 2013
I added a site today that may have one of the hottest titles I have ever heard:
Fuck It Like A Pussy
Am I right or am I right? Fuck It Like A Pussy

May 9 2013
Today is one of those days where the date means something to me, but I can't remember why.

May 8 2013
I'm pleased to announce that I have the new category page design/layout up & in action on the MMF Threesomes page Thumb Up!
If you have any questions or comments about the new design/layout, please feel free to email me Shake & Thanks!

May 7 2013
Not only did my med problem magically correct himself, but I even managed to get part of my new site design up on the This Week's New Free Pornsite Links by Greenguy page Thumb Up!
(but don't get too comfortable to the lack of banners & ads lol)

May 6 2013
Due to an unforeseen problem with my meds - that is totally NOT my fault - you may not see me again til Wednesday.  Pray for me Prayer Does NOTHING!

May 5 2013
With a little luck, I might have part of my new design up tomorrow on the New Free Pornsite Links page Cool!

May 4 2013
About 2 weeks ago, I told you that I was going to be making some design changes around here.  So far, the only change that I've implemented is to the bottom/footer of all the category pages, basically from the list of categories on down.  Soon, I hope to be making some overall changes to the category pages that I feel will make things a little easier on your guys & gals as far as navigating the site as well as how it's seen.  As always, my goal is to bring everyone as much free porn as possible while doing so on friendly web pages. Shake Hands

May 3 2013
Happy Birthday Einer!  You are missed more than you will ever know.

May 2 2013
I'm too mentally drained from yesterday to update today, but I want you all to always remember: If it's not a "verified" link, it's new to you! Teeth!

May 1 2013
Late update today.  I'd explain why, but I'm not sure where to start.  FML!

April 30 2013
Last night was HORRENDOUS because there was NO HOCKEY!!  Thank the stars the playoffs start tonight Thumb Up

April 29 2013
A fine & dandy Chubby Monday to you & yours Happy Dance!!

April 28 2013
I'm very upset that Chael Sonnen lost to John Jones in last night's UFC Main Event on PPV.  His post-fight interview made it sound like it might be retiring Boooo!

April 27 2013
Bad back & all, I'll be out in the yard today with my lovely bride picking up what looks to be a never ending assortment of dead branches that fell off the trees over the winter.  FML

April 26 2013
You have no idea how happy I am that the Bills - and EVERY other team - passed on Fuck You Geno Smith!Geno Smith.  I think the sports media wants to make him the next RG3, but my hunch that he SUCKS was proven correct.  Nothing that happened last night made me happier than seeing him sit in the Green Room, head in hand, just completely depressed.  I fucking hope he's still sitting there tomorrow Ha Ha!

April 25 2013
I'm a bit happier with today's new links, seeing as I did manage to add 10.  Double Digits!

April 24 2013
This fucking sucks & I apologize.  9 new links is all I have for today?!  NINE?!  Just goes to show you the state of the biz I'm in #FML

April 23 2013
"This place is too fargin small. We need to knock down that fargin wall, knock down that fargin wall, and knock down that fargin wall." ~ Roman Moroni
If you're a long time visitor, you'll know that quote means I'm going to be doing a complete site redesign.  The kids these days & their smart phones & tablets...gotta make this place look good for them :)

April 22 2013
Happy Earth Day!

April 21 2013
WOW! Am I glad I didn't send in that form to pre-order Sabres playoff tickets!  Of course, this means I need a new team to back in the playoffs.  I'm thinking St Louis & either Washington or NY Islanders :-)

April 20 2013
What can I really say about the events that transpired yesterday other than "Good Job!" to our law enforcement personal.  And, this Tweet, which references how many people were listening to the events go down in real time via a scanner app:
We saw a whole new way of receiving the news. Welcome to the future.

April 19 2013
As I type this, I'm listening to the Boston police scanner via Opie & Anthony on SiriusXM as they close in on the 2nd suspect.  Not your usual place for breaking news, but they seem to be about 15-30 minutes ahead of the regular news channels.  I hope this fucker is killed soon! #BostonStrong

April 18 2013
All the coverage of Boston that was shown last night before the Sabres/Bruins game had me almost rooting for them over my beloved Sabres.  But, in the end, when the Sabres won, I was a very happy boy Thumb Up!

April 17 2013
As much as I hate this cliche, we have to get back to normalcy.  With that being said, enjoy today's new porn links I Have Eyes?

April 16 2013
No update today.  Boston <3

April 15 2013
I'm typing this as I watch the aftermath of the Boston Marathon explosions unfold.  My heard goes out to all those innocent people effected.  Unreal.

April 14 2013
I turned on The Masters yesterday & saw Tiger hit a great 2nd shot on a par 5 that landed on the green, so he had a very makeable putt for eagle.  I thought that my jinxing Tiger was over, but then he missed the putt.  Jinx is in FULL EFFECT!

April 13 2013
2 days ago I mentioned that every time I watch Tiger Woods play golf, he sucks.  Well, yesterday, 5 minutes after I turned on ESPN, sure enough, he STOINKS the flag pole & his ball goes backwards into the water.  I'm Tiger's JINX!

April 12 2013
I got a bug up my ass about one of my sites yesterday, to the point where I'm thinking I'll be finished with it sometime in the next 4 days.

April 11 2013
I rarely watch golf, but every time I do, it seems that Tiger Woods knows I'm watching & then shit the bed.  I've never seen him win a tournament live!

April 10 2013
I fucking hate this: I work at home, so I don't set an alarm to get up.  But today, I have an early doctor's appt, so I had to set an alarm for 5:00.  So why is it, every time I do set an alarm, I can't fucking go to sleep?!

April 9 2013
Do you ever see a date & have the feeling it means something from your past, but you can't remember what it is?  April 9th is one of those days for me.

April 8 2013
For some dumb reason, I decided to get the WrestleMania PPV last night and while it wasn't that bad, it wasn't that great either.  Kinda glad I gave up on the WWE about 9 years ago.

April 7 2013
The Bride decided to have a Massage Therapy guy come to the house today, so I'll be getting a massage and hopefully a Happy Ending!  No, wait!  Oops!  Nevermind :-)

April 6 2013
Back in 2010, I bought & started to play Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games, but I never finished it.  So yesterday, I got a bug up my ass & decided to go back & finish it - or, I should say, finish the main storyline, because there's no way in hell I'll ever get 100% on this (or any other) game.  This might have been a bad idea because, now all I can think of, is playing the game.  That's why I'm late with today's update :-)

April 5 2013
Sorry I didn't update yesterday.  I've been trying to think of an excuse (lie) to tell you, but I don't have one :-(
Also, 19 years ago today, we lost the brilliant talent that was Kurt Cobain, although we'd not find out until 3 days later :'(

April 3 2013
It's the NHL Trade Deadline & I can't wait to see how bad Darcy dismantles my beloved Buffalo Sabres Booo!

April 2 2013
The Sabres sent me the paperwork to buy my playoff tickets.  This happens as they trade away the team so they can start to rebuild for next year?

April 1 2013
The future is here! Google Nose (or what I like to call: Smell-O-Vision) was released today!  It's still in BETA, but, just WOW!  Who knew porn could smell so good! Hehehehehehehe

March 30 2013
Think about this: 1,980 years ago, Jesus Christ was on a cave tomb transforming into Zombie Jesus.  It's true!  The Bible says so!

March 29 2013
Good Good Friday Friday!

March 28 2013
Well, the trip to the dentist yesterday might lead to not one, but TWO root canals!  OU-FUCKING-CH!

March 27 2013
Sorry, but no update today because I have 2 fucked up teeth that are REALLY hurting, so off to the dentist for a couple hours in the chair :'(

March 26 2013
Just a reminder that it's yet another Titty Tuesday - and just to spice things up, it's Busty Ethnic Week Boobies!!

March 25 2013
I have to admit: I had a GREAT weekend up in The Great White North!  But, since today is Chubby Monday, that means it's back to work for me :-(

March 22-24 2013
It's the reverse of last weekend for me as I'm off to visit my buddy Ramster from Twisty's up in Canada to take in a Senators' hockey game & partake in the nightlife of Ottawa.  Have a good weekend!

March 21 2013
Seeing as it's the changing of the seasons, I like to walk up to complete strangers and say: "Spring Has Sprung!" and then poke their arms while asking if they get the joke :-)

March 20 2013
I've been sitting here for a good 5 minutes trying to think of something witty to say....

March 19 2013
Just a reminder that today is Titty Tuesday Boobies!!

March 18 2013
Even though I no longer drink, I feel oddly hungover today Soy es loco

March 17 2013
In honor of St Patrick's Day, I have decorated the site in green Soy es loco

March 16 2013
BIG DAY for me!  My friend Ramster from Twisty's is in town, so we're going to watch my Sabres battle his Senators this afternoon.  Then it's back home for a party with the boys from my Fantasy Hockey Leagues, where we'll be watching a lot of hockey, followed by the big UFC PPV with GSP.  Hopefully your weekend is as fun filled as mine!

March 15 2013
Tonight, the bride & I will each be fulfilling a lifelong dream: We're going to see Bill Cosby LIVE!

March 14 2013
I've got bupkiss!

March 13 2013
It's Hump Day, which means I've scheduled 12 appointments & will leave the house & not come home for 12 hours.  Have a good one!

March 12 2013
Today I get to be hooked up to some sort of electric shock machine to figure out just how bad my thumbs, index & middle fingers are fucked.  Stay tuned!

March 10-11 2013
I just ordered myself one of these to wear next weekend:
Fuck You, You're Irish!
Want one?  Stop by T-Shirt Hell & order this shirt today!

March 8 2013
Trust me on this: Nothing beats vomiting out-of-the-blue...TWICE!

March 7 2013
I can not even begin to describe the emotional highs & lows I experienced yesterday.  Seriously: FML

March 6 2013
I don't know if I hate or love Wednesdays.  The Bride is off from work each Wednesday, so we jam all our doctor & offline appointments into one day.  We're leaving the house at 9:30 & won't be home til 5:00 - good thing my Mom is here to scare off any intruders :-)

March 5 2013
Not only is it Tuesday.  And not only is it Titty Tuesday.  But today starts Busty Milf Week At Titty Tuesday!! Boobies!!

March 4 2013
While my Sabres didn't win last night, they did manage to get 1 point, which extends their little streak of getting at least 1 point to FOUR games Thumbs Up!

March 3 2013
All of a sudden, we find my beloved Sabres on a 3 game win streak!  Let's make it 4 against The Rangers tonight Thumbs Up!

March 2 2013
Yesterday I told you I have low testosterone.  When I 1st had it checked 4 months ago, it was 204.  This time, after using Testim each & every day, it's now 105?!  WTF is that about? Fucking Loopy!

March 1 2013
I have low testosterone & based on the commercials I see, I'm supposed to be embarrassed by this?

February 28 2013
I think I'm good to go after a couple weeks of sickness, so I'll get this place shaped up & back on schedule starting today!

February 26 2013
HA!  I just snuck in the ever popular & seldom seen Late Night Update! I RULE!

February 25 2013
Sorry for the delay in updating, but, well, you know how it is with habits ;-)

February 23-24 2013
Finally, the UFC has made me a very happy boy: Chick Fights!!  Have a GREAT weekend!!

February 22 2013
Good Friday to you!  And, not only did I update HD Videos By Greenguy today, but it's also Black Anal Sex Week at Ass Fucked Friday - ENJOY!

February 21 2013
Still sick, but since I assume you're not, I updated Thumbs Up!

February 20 2013
I'm still fucking sick, but I did manage to update today.  Even the flu can't keep us away from porn!!

February 19 2013
Sorry, but no update today - that fucking flu is back BOOOO!

February 18 2013
Sorry for the late update - I took a 1/2 day for President's Day :-)

February 15 2013
Now that all that mushy crap we call Valentine's Day is over, you can get back to finding someone to have an affair with ;-)

February 14 2013
I Heart You!
Happy <3 Day!!

February 13 2013
Enough of this fucking flu - I'm going to the doctor I hope I do not have Sars!

February 12 2013
Oh joy!  My flu decided to hit me in the morning instead of the afternoon.  FML :-(

February 11 2013
OK!  Enough!!  This stupid fucking flu I have that has me feeling fine in the morning & curled up in the fetal position sucking my thumb at night has fucking got to STOP!!!

February 9-10 2013
Still sick, but I did manage to eek out a small update for you.

February 8 2013
This "flu" I have is fucking confusing.  I wake up every morning feeling pretty good, but as the day goes on, I feel worse & worse & worse, until I'm in bed under 4 blankets shivering my fat ass off!

February 7 2013
Well, my sickness hasn't completely overwhelmed me...yet.  Of course, I do love coughing up massive wads of phlegm every 5 minutes.

February 5 2013
I wasn't going to update today so that I could take care of some other shit, but then I started to feel really sickly.  So, since I think I'm coming down with the flu, I thought I'd better get an update done before I find myself in bed for the next 3 days :-(

February 4 2013
What a great Super Bowl!  And I'm not just talking about the game: The Bride & I won THREE times on various football pools!  And how fucking shitty is it that Buffalo Bills great WR Andre Reed got snubbed AGAIN by the Pro Football Hall Of Fame voters BOOOO!

February 2-3 2013
Happy Groundhog Day Do You See My Shadow?
What a weekend for sports!  Sabres hockey Sat & Sun afternoon, UFC Saturday night.  And I think there's a football game on Sunday?  ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!

February 1 2013
Welcome to February, you horny lovestruck fuckers!

January 31 2013
Sorry, but no update today.  I'm way too busy with offline shit :(

January 30 2013
I'm so glad hockey is back!

January 29 2013
Not only did I update HD Videos By Greenguy but it's also Titty Tuesday so you've got a lot of HD porn vids to watch!

January 28 2013
Why is it that getting grown men in a Fantasy Hockey League to follow a very simple set of rules a lot like trying to herd cats?

January 27 2013
I got to re-live some of my younger days last night.  The Bride & I drove up to Toronto to see Soundgarden & they were fucked GREAT!

January 25 2013
It's a big day for me! Tonight I'll be going to my 1st Sabres game in over 15 months!  My back/neck surgeries sure did put a damper on my live sporting event attendance :(

January 24 2013
It's a super-duper day for my side project Sunshine Lesbians!  Today I added the 1,000th Lesbian Free Site!  And with 40 categories of all lesbian porn, there's sure to be something for the lesbian lover in you Thumbs Up!

January 23 2013
Sorry for the late update, but that's what you get when you have 2 doctor's appointments on Hump Day!

January 22 2013
No update today due to me being **** sick, but I did manage to update the Titty Tuesday page BOOBIES!!

January 21 2013
UGH!  Two weeks of talk about brothers coaching against each other, Ray Lewis & Randy Moss retiring, and how Joe Flacco is a God!  At least there's hockey on today to distract me :)

January 20 2013
No update today - there's too much hockey & football to look at instead of porn!

January 19 2013
YIPEE!  It's my birthday!

January 18 2013
YIPEE!  It's another Ass Fucked Friday!!Doin The Butt!

January 17 2013
Sorry for the late update today.  It's amazing how one little thing, like a typo on a webpage, can completely throw off your entire dayF You!

January 16 2013
I've got a Fantasy Hockey Draft tonight & I'm really hoping that gets me back in the mood to enjoy some hockey!

January 15 2013
In honor of my lovely bride's birthday, I've officially renamed another day of the week: Today is Titty Tuesday! Boobies!

January 14 2013
Do you know what day of the week it is?  Why, it's Chubby Monday!!

January 13 2013
Ahhh yes - the very rare Sunday update.  I thought that, since I was updating HD Videos By Greenguy and Sunshine Sunday's that I might as well add some new links.  So take a quick look & then watch some football :-)

January 12 2013
Are you ready for some football?!?!

January 11 2013
It's Friday & I've got nothing Thumbs Up!

January 10 2013
I am fucking livid at these pompous asshole baseball writers that sent in blank ballots for this year's Hall Of Fame inductions.  How can you not vote for anyone?!  I feel so bad for Biggio & Piazza, because they both deserve to be in there.

January 9 2013
Happy 69th Birthday Jimmy Page!

January 8 2013
It boggles my mind how the BCS could have ranked Notre Dame #1 when it was obvious there were not even in the same league as the SEC teams.

January 7 2013
I apologize for not reminding you that yesterday was Sunshine Sunday.  But I'm making up for it by reminding you that today is Chubby Monday!

January 5 2013
Why would my father & step-mom think that 5:00 PM is a good time to get together for dinner?  Don't they know there's FOOTBALL on?!

January 4 2013
Following in the footsteps of Sunshine Sunday's and Chubby Monday's, I give to you my newest side-project: Ass Fucked Friday's!
My goal is to officially rename every day of the porn week :)

January 3 2013
I added a site yesterday that featured a very rare thing.  The site's called Jessie Rogers High Def Videos and, of course, features teen pornstar Jessie Rogers.  I looked her up in my movie theater & saw that, as strange as it might sound, she is a REAL teen pornstar!  Her DOB is 08/08/1993, which means she's currently 19 years old.  But, the production date on the 2nd movie on the site - Jessie Rogers: Unbreakable - was released 07/2012.  This means that she was 18 when the video was shot.  Like I said, it's a very rare thing to actually see a legit teen on a teen site Thumbs Up!

January 2 2013
I'd say that it's back to work for me after the holidays, but seeing as I pretty much worked every day the last 2 weeks, today feels like a Wednesday to me :)

January 1 2013
I was gonna take the day off, but since my lame old ass spent last night at home sleeping, I decided to work a bit.  And, seeing as I had a shitload of sites from the launch of HD Videos By Greenguy that were not added into the links, I threw all of them in there.  If you've been paying attention to HD Videos By Greenguy , which was updated today BTW, then these are not new to you - but you can pretend they are :)

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