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December 29 2011
Well, Fantasy Football was a wash this year - made my money back in both leagues.

December 27 2011
I truly hope that each & every one of you had a Happy Christmas :)

December 22 2011
I'm feeling a little better, so I decided to add some new sites for all you horny fuckers :)

December 20 2011
Sorry I've been scarce - my neck/spine problems continue to worsen :(

December 16 2011
Have a nice weekend :)

December 14 2011
Doctor says 6 more weeks in my neck brace - FML

December 12 2011
13 days til Xmas - I should really start shopping for gifts.

December 9 2011
My weekend will consist of watching a lot of hockey, UFC & football - enjoy your weekend :)

December 8 2011
MRI #2 today seeing as I still have leg spasms & cold/numb hands

December 5 2011
Leg spasms won't stop - FML

December 1 2011
I've got nothing - have a nice weekend

November 29 2011
2 weeks after my neck surgery & I'd say I'm at 75%

November 26 2011
Seeing as it's Small Business Saturday, why not help stimulate my economy & join a paysite thru one of the links on my site :)

November 23 2011
Before I forget, the day after Black Friday is Small Business Saturday.  Oddly enough, I am a small business.  So what better way to feel good about yourself than to treat yourself to a to a paysite membership via one of the links of my site :)

November 19 2011
It's really starting to sink in that I'll be in this neck brace til New Years :(

November 17 2011
24 hours at home & I already feel like I'm trapped in the house.

November 16 2011
I'm home from my surgery & in very little pain.  Now, it's 6 weeks of rehab & living with a big plastic collar :(

November 11 2011
Been following my back & neck problems?  Well, I'm having this procedure done on Tuesday.

November 8 2011
Election Day - make sure you get off your ass & vote!

November 6 2011
I still have this damn pinched nerve - it took all I had to get this update out.

November 2 2011
I have a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder that is so bad, it hurts when I swallow.

November 1 2011
Once again, I've got nothing!

Oct 29-30 2011
Saturday: Hockey & UFC
Sunday: Football
Enjoy your weekend!

Oct 28 2011
I turned on the baseball game last night in the bottom of the 8th - that's the best way to watch these games!

Oct 27 2011
How come no one told me I forgot PumpkinGuy?  And what's this shit I hear Lindsay Lohan was offered $1 mil to make her own FleshLight?

Oct 26 2011
I've got nothing

Oct 25 2011
1st Sabres home game for me tonight - unless those suckers sell on Stub Hub - I'll watch it on TV for a $200 :)

Oct 24 2011
Happy 21st Birthday to my niece Ashley!

Oct 22 2011
I've got nothing - enjoy your weekend!

Oct 20 2011
Happy Birthday Mom!

Oct 19 2011
Don't you just fucking hate it when someone wq2ishes you a Happy Hump Day!?!?

Oct 18 2011
1 week into Fantasy Hockey & I already hate everyone on my team!

Oct 16 2011
Seeing as my Bills lost, I decided to bury my head in work, hence a nice late update - enjoy :)

Oct 14 2011
I'm outta here - enjoy your weekend!

Oct 13 2011
Sorry for the lack of updates - it's been a very strange week

Oct 10 2011
How about them Buffalo sports teams!!!!!

Oct 8 2011
Fantasy Hockey Draft today, followed by some UFC on PPV - enjoy your weekend!

Oct 6 2011

Oct 5 2011
Sorry for the late update - this old man had a couple doctor's appointments today.

Oct 4 2011
2 days til hockey!

Oct 3 2011
I've got nothing

Oct 1 2011
Enjoy your weekend!!

Sep 29 2011
Ever get a pimple inside your nose?  FUCK those things hurt!

Sep 28 2011
1st Fantasy Hockey Draft is Saturday, which is good because I need something to take my mind off Fantasy Football.

Sep 27 2011
Is it normal to want to give up on Fantasy Football 3 weeks into the season?

Sep 26 2011
I just got home from the greatest rock show I've ever seen!  Dave Grohl & The Foo Fighters fucking RULE!!!

Sep 23 2011
Another day with 30 new links added - this is starting to feel like real work - lol - hopefully it makes up for my slacking off earlier this week.

Sep 22 2011
OK - so I dropped the ball yesterday - but I think I made up for it today with a lot of new links :)

Sep 20 2011
Sorry for the lack of updates on here - my offline life is just a mess at times.  But, I can promise you that today's & tomorrow's update will make you forget all about my bad days :)

Sep 16 2011
When it rains, it fucking pours around me.

Sep 14 2011
Do you follow me on Twitter?  I posted a link to those nude Scarlett Johansson pics :)

Sep 13 2011
I pick up my Sabres season tickets today - hockey is just around the corner!

Sep 12 2011
I have to admit, my beloved Bills kicked some ass yesterday!  I sure do hope it lasts :)

Sep 11 2011
Take some time out of football today to remember those lost in 9-11 We can never forget!

Sep 9 2011
What a game to start off the NFL season!  And, I have either Brees or Rodgers in every fantasy league I'm in!

Sep 8 2011

Sep 7 2011
Is Wednesday still "Hump Day" if it's a 4 day work week?

Sep 6 2011
Welcome back to work - hopefully you at least enjoyed the long weekend :)

Sep 4 2011
Have I mentioned how much I hate Fantasy Football?  :)

Sep 2 2011
I can't think of anything except Fantasy Football - if you need me, I'll be making lists :)

Sep 1 2011
Fantasy Football Draft on Saturday & it can't come fast enough.

Aug 31 2011
How come some meds never last until the next script?  Because some meds are tastier than others ;-)

Aug 30 2011
You know you're getting old when your entire day is thrown off because the pharmacy screwed up a script.

Aug 29 2011
I started to watch the MTV VMA's last night, but I had to turn it off because the attempts at humor were just painful to watch.  That & aside from the Foo Fighters, I had no idea who anyone was.

Aug 27-28 2011
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Aug 26 2011
Damn It!  It looks like this hurricane is going to completely miss me!

Aug 25 2011
I completely forgot to tell everyone that I took a trip back to the mid 80's on Sunday night & saw Def Leppard & Heart in concert.  I have to admit, I was very impressed by both, even if Heart did do 3 cover songs.

Aug 24 2011
15 years ago today I married the love of my life & not a day goes by where I'm not thankful for her putting up with me :)

Aug 23 2011
I hate this date.

Aug 19 2011
To me, this is just brilliant!
Andy Levy's Chris Brown Apology On 'Red Eye' Most Sincere Thing Ever (VIDEO)

Aug 18 2011
I bought my Fantasy Football & Hockey magazines yesterday - 1st draft is on Sunday!

Aug 16 2011
I can really be an asshole when I have to fight with my family :)

Aug 15 2011
Last night's UFC fights on Versus might have been the best overall card I have ever seen.

Aug 132011
13 new links added on the 13th - lucky number :)

Aug 12 2011
Yay!  It's Friday!  WooHoo!!

Aug 11 2011
I've got nothing...again.  As if anyone reads this anyway.

Aug 10 2011
I've got nothing - in a rut & just jerking it all day lately :)

Aug 9 2011
Is it strange that Fantasy Football is 1 month away, yet I'm really concentrating on Fantasy Hockey?

Aug 8 2011
If you check out today's newsites page, you'll notice that, for some reason, it's Anal Monday.

Aug 6 2011
I really hope Rashad Evans kicks the shit out of Tito Ortiz - that old fuck has no business being in the ring.

Aug 5 2011
I've been following my home town mayoral campaign for some reason.  Not that I live there or that it has an effect on me, but it's interesting to say the least.

Aug 4 2011
I'm slowly becoming very addicted to GTA4

Aug 2 2011
I'm not exactly sure what a Toe Ring party is, but there's one at my house tonight.

Aug 1 2011
Constipation really sucks!!

July 30-31 2011
I'm done for the weekend - see ya in August!

July 29 2011
I've got nothing - but it is Friday, so I guess that's a good thing.

July 27 2011
Having multiple scabs on your arms & legs and being a "picker" just does not go well together.

July 25 2011
Sorry for the late update today.  I blame my new addiction to GTA4.

July 23 2011
I had Surgery #1 on my nose yesterday, which consisted of scraping the inside of my nasal passage due to inflammation,  Oddly enough, it doesn't hurt!

July 21 2011
Seeing as I finally finished LA Noire, I decided to travel back in time & start GTA4 - so far, I fucking love it! (and yes, I know it's been out for 3 years)

July 19 2011
Happy Birthday Ryan!!  I'd thank you for the gift you gave Ashley, but you know I don't believe in that shit :)

July 18 2011
Well, at least we can all go back to not caring about soccer again.

July 16-17 2011
Enjoy your weekend!

July 15 2011
Always one to be on the tip-top of pop culture, I watched Battle: Los Angeles last night & I have to say, it really was a good action packed movie.

July 14 2011
New York State is starting to fuck with the Indians & their tax free smokes!  I can't wait for the tire fires on the I-90 :)

July 13 2011
I added a couple of buttons to each page.  On the top left is a "Share" button & on the top right is the Google +1 button.  Click them & let others know that you like my site!

July 12 2011
If you can see the Google +1 button up there under the Greenguy, give it a click for me please :)

July 11 2011
Happy Craps Day!

July 9-10 2011
My wife is having a garage sale this weekend - pray for me

July 8 2011
Have a nice Friday :)

July 7 2011
Hopefully some of you noticed, but I put a daily movie on as many of the category pages as possible - watch and enjoy :)

July 6 2011
I've got nothing, except another nice big update for ya!

July 5 2011
I'm back after taking off for a nice 4 day weekend :)

June 30 2011
I've got a big party at my house this weekend, so I'm gonna take a couple days off from updating.  Enjoy your weekend & I'll be back by Tuesday at the latest.

June 29 2011
WOW!  I updated 2 days in a row!  I also feel special :)

June 28 2011
Sorry for the lack of update lately - I've been sick with Cellulitus (look that one up for a scare)

June 25 2011
Congrats to New York State for passing the Same Sex Marriage Law!

June 23 2011
Jay Mohr was fucking hysterical on the NHL Awards last night.

June 21 2011
Would you pay to be in a Fantasy Football League where all the rules were not in writing? This is what I deal with in my life.

June 19 2011
Happy Father's Day!!

June 18 2011
Enjoy your weekend - I know I will ;-)

June 17 2011
I released a new side project yesterday - Sunshine Lesbians - take a look & bookmark it if you wish :)

June 16 2011
While I was rooting for Vancouver, my hat is off to Tim Thomas - that fucker stood on his head all series, only letting in 8 goals in 7 games. And as my friend pointed out, only 100 days til next season!

June 15 2011
My prediction? Vancouver in a nail-biter!

June 14 2011
Game 7! Game 7! Game 7! Game 7!

June 12 2011
Even though I no longer drink booze, I can still get a hangover if I pound down 5 or 6 Red Bulls :)

June 10 2011
Big Game 5 tonight in hockey - it's on NBC so watch it :)

June 9 2011
What's better than the NHL & the NBA finals being tied at 2-2 after 4 games?

June 8 2011
It is true that if you watch the last 2 minutes of a basketball game, you pretty much see everything you need.

June 7 2011
Nice to see some life out of Boston, but I'm still rooting for Vancouver.

June 5 2011
Another great fucking NHL Finals game last night - I just hope Boston can come back & make a series out of it.

June 3 2011
I had to go to traffic court today & I have to say, I skated smoothly away :)

June 2 2011
What a great game to start the finals - and yes, I am rooting for Vancouver :)

June 1 2011
Welcome to June & that can only mean one thing: The Stanley Cup Finals!

May 31 2011
1 more day til hockey - I hope I can make it :)

May 29 2011
Watching the Indy 500 for some unknown reason - maybe because I want to see a crash at 200 mph?

May 28 2011
What a great fucking Game 7 last night!  Congrats to Boston & their fans.  Now we have to wait til Wednesday for the Cup Finals to start :(

May 27 2011
I've said it before & I'll say it again: Nothing beats a Game 7 in playoff hockey.  I'm rooting for Tampa, which means Boston will win.

May 26 2011
I did manage to peel myself away from LA Noire last night to watch Tampa force Game 7 tomorrow night against Boston.  GO BOLTS!

May 25 2011
Congrats to Vancouver & all their fans on reaching the Stanley Cup Finals!!

May 24 2011
Sorry I haven't been around too much lately - LA Noire got here :)

May 21 2011
I am SO ready for The Rapture - BRING IT ON, INVISIBLE MAN!

May 19 2011
Seeing as the end of the world is Saturday, why not buy a porn membership that you'll never have to pay for? :)

May 18 2011
Foo Fighters new album is very addictive & they are coming to Buffalo in September!!!

May 16 2011
Think about this: Van Halen released 6 GREAT albums from 1978 to 1984 - how come no one does this anymore?

May 15 2011
Ahhhh....the return of playoff hockey :)

May 14 2011
Happy Birthday Timmy 4 Fingers!!

May 13 2011
Friday The 13th - Bad Things!!!

May 12 2011
I'll admit that I was completely lost last night due to the lack of a hockey game.

May 11 2011
Another Game 7 tomorrow night - fuck I love playoff hockey!

May 10 2011
My sleep schedule is just fucked.  I no longer sleep for more then 3 hours at a time.  My life consists of 6 hours awake, 2 hours asleep, repeat.

May 9 2011
I'd say that I hate Monday's, but these days sorta just blend together these days, so most days suck balls.

May 8 2011
As you can tell by the rare Sunday update, this lack of hockey during the day on the weekends has me doing crazy things!

May 7 2011
Have you ever seen a picture of Hitler dead?  Think about that one this weekend :)

May 6 2011
Ok Mexicans, back to work mowing my lawn!  :)

May 5 2011
Happy 5 de Mayo!

May 4 2011
Happy belated birthday Einer - miss you!!

May 2 2011
It might have taken 9 years to do it, but I'm really happy the fucked Osama is rotting at the bottom of the ocean floor.  But, I can't help but feel bad for the guy that makes & sells the gun targets you use at shooting ranges.

Apr 30 - May 1 2011
Once again, I have a very nasty colds/flu that is making my offline life miserable.

Apr 29 2011
I got suckered into watching the royal wedding & I'm glad I did. All I know is that the wedding dress designer did not take into account the "big nipple" factor - someone has major THO this morning!

Apr 28 2011
Even with Buffalo loosing to Philly, I still think the NHL Playoffs will give me a heart attack - 4 game 7's and 2 went to overtime?  BEST SPORT ON PLANET!

Apr 26 2011
The two most thrilling words in sports?  Game Seven!  Of course, I'm rooting for Buffalo tonight, but then I'm going to root for Chicago over Vancouver!

Apr 25 2011
This fucking playoff hockey is going to kill me!

Apr 23-24 2011
Busty hockey weekend - after the Sabres won in OT on Friday, there's 4 games on Saturday to watch & then I'm off to Game 6 of the Buffalo/Philly series on Sunday.  Screw Easter dinner - hockey is more important :)

Apr 22 2011
Happy Earth Day!!  Go Sabres!!

Apr 21 2011
What a fucking hockey game last night - Ryan Miller stood on his head with 3 ridiculous saves.  And the best part is there now there's a Game 6 - no Easter dinner for me!!!

Apr 20 2011
Happy 4-20 :)  Big game for my Sabres tonight - I better be at a hockey game on Easter!!!

Apr 19 2011
Not only did my Sabres loose last night, but I got a ticket for blowing a stop sign on the way to the game :(

Apr 18 2011
Sabres home playoff game tonight - it's really my favorite time of the year!

Apr 16-17 2011
It's a weekend that'll be filled with playoff hockey - do yourself a favor & watch a game or 8 :)

Apr 15 2011
I remember when I was younger that I actually looked forward to getting my taxes done due to the refund I was going to get.  Now, I just worry about paying what I owe on time :(  Oh yeah - GO SABRES!

Apr 14 2011
My beloved Sabres kick off their post-season run tonight against those bastard fuckwads from Philly!

Apr 13 2011
You know you're getting old when you forget to update the main page of your website for 4 days - sorry about that :)

Apr 9-10 2011
Sabres are in the playoffs - life is good :)  Enjoy your weekend!!

Apr 7 2011
Sorry for the late update today - my body decided that I needed to sleep away most of the day.

Apr 6 2011
My beloved Sabres are on the verge of clinching a playoff spot.  On another positive note, Toronto was officially eliminated last night :)

Apr 4 2011
I found myself watching college hoops over the weekend & I have to say, the women's games were much more exciting then the men's.

Apr 2-3 2011
Just a small update to tide you thru the weekend - enjoy & see ya on Monday!

Apr 1 2011
April's Fools jokes are over-rated...or are they?

Mar 30 2011
Did you know that I'm on Facebook & Twitter?

Mar 29 2011
A few words of advice: pay attention to the warning labels on nasal spray.  Your old friend here managed to burn a hole from one nostril to the other :(

Mar 26-27 2011
Another weekend of hockey & UFC - have a good one!

Mar 24 2011
Gotta love a nice spring time snow fall - love Buffalo!

Mar 23 2011
Just what we need to take our minds off Libya & Japan - the death of an actress most of us didn't know was still alive

Mar 22 2011
As I type this, Japan has just sustained another substantial earthquake - 6.3 magnitude off the coast of Fukushima - my thoughts and prayers go out to these poor people

Mar 21 2011
I finally leave the house for a Sabres game after being sick for the last month & I come home feeling like complete crap.

Mar 19-20 2011
Not that I expected to do well, but my bracket was fucked after Day 1 :(  I think I'll stick to hockey & UFC this weekend :)

Mar 17 2011
I've decorated the site in honor of St Patrick's Day :)

Mar 16 2011
I still can't really think about anything major other than Japan - thoughts & prayers.

Mar 15 2011
I have a friend that lives in Tokyo that I've been following on Twitter - he's posting info & news that is at least an hour ahead of CNN - you can see his Tweets here

Mar 14 2011
I have a friend that lives in Tokyo that I've been following on Twitter - he's posting info & news that is at least an hour ahead of CNN - you can see his Tweets here

Mar 11 2011
Thoughts & prayers to those effected by the tsunami

Mar 10 2011
Chara's hit was legal, Charlie Sheen is loosing me, I think I have to actually leave the house today

Mar 8 2011
Apparently, I'm developing an ulcer - Zantac is my new best friend

Mar 7 2011
Dr's appointment today - fuck I hate getting old

Mar 5-6 2011
Typical weekend for me - gonna watch hockey, MMA, Nascar & whatever else the TV Sports Gods throw at me.

Mar 4 2011
These last few years, I really fucking dread tax season

Mar 3 2011
Charlie Sheen is my fucking hero!

Mar 1 2011
Head cold has been replaced by stomach flu - FML

Feb 28 2011
Sickness is almost gone.  Just in time for the rainy season.

Feb 26-27 2011
Sick of being sick.  Today's goal is to actually leave the house & go to the Sabres/Detroit game, then rush home for the UFC fights.  Enjoy your weekend!

Feb 24 2011
I finally went to the doctor & I have a severe sinus infection - yipee!

Feb 23 2011
I've had a fucking cold since the day before the Super Bowl.

Feb 22 2011
A good friend and colleague passed away today.  MrMaryLou, you will not be forgotten.

Feb 21 2011
Didn't we just have a fucking Monday Holiday?

Feb 18-20 2011
Watch some hockey this weekend, would ya?  :)

Feb 17 2011
1st I have to put my dog to sleep & then I get some nasty cold/flu that's kept me in bed all day.

Feb 16 2011
My dog of 14 years was put to sleep yesterday :(

Feb 15 2011
I've got nothing!

Feb 14 2011
Valentines Day?  HA!  It makes me feel like Fedor did Saturday night after Bigfoot handed him his ass.

Feb 11 2011
I was happy to see that Fedor is fighting again this weekend, but this thing he's fighting scares the shit out of me!

Feb 10 2011
That Boston vs Montreal game was one for the ages - 14 goals and almost 200 penalty minutes - great game!

Feb 8 2011
it looks like it's time for me to turn all my attention to Fantasy Hockey

Feb 7 2011
I went into the game yesterday backing the Steelers - even had on my Hines Ward jersey.  But as the game went on, I found myself clapping for the packers & being upset when the Steelers did something good.  Green Bay....Greenguy....maybe there's too much of a similarity :)

Feb 4 2011
I just realized that I haven't left the house since Monday.  This also means I haven't showered in a couple days :)

Feb 3 2011
Storm still have you trapped in the house?  Why not buy a pornsite membership :)

Jan 31 2011
I have to admit, I truly enjoyed watching the NHL All Star Weekend, especially the Fantasy Draft (even if there were no Sabres to be seen)

Jan 29-30 2011
This lack of hockey & football is really putting a drag on my weekend.

Jan 28 2011
Nothing like being awake for 28 straight hours followed by a nice 14 hour nap.

Jan 26 2011
I bought a 2 terabyte external hard drive yesterday for $139 - I will never fill this thing - lol

Jan 25 2011
I have nothing of interest going on in my life - strange?

Jan 24 2011
Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay in the Super Bowl - that's gonna be a good game!

Jan 21 2011
I'm done for the week - enjoy your weekend & look for the next update on Monday.

Jan 20 2011
I think I'm over turning 40 - what a pain in the ass that was.

Jan 19 2011
It's my 40th birthday & I am NOT happy about it :(

Jan 18 2011
It's not even midnight & somehow I've already added Tuesday's links - isn't technology wonderful :)

Jan 14 2011
I just wanted to say a quick Hello! to a couple of the Indie Girls that I had the pleasure of hanging out with in Vegas: Anna Miller, Brandi Love & Karen Fisher - it was a fucking riot partying with you gals!

Jan 13 2011
Poor me, I was stuck in Vegas for an extra day due to the storms here in the North East - please pity me :)

Jan 8-11 2011
I'm in Vegas on "business"  See ya on Wednesday :)

Jan 7 2011
I'm going to Vegas tomorrow & I can't wait to loose money betting on football games!

Jan 6 2011
Sorry for the lack of updates - my friend & one employee was diagnosed with cancer recently & given 1-3 months to live yesterday :(

Jan 3 2011
Fantasy Football is officially over & I think I won the same amount of money I paid to get into the leagues - that's a big win for me!

Jan 2 2011
Happy New Year!  I'm spending this holiday weekend watching a massive amounts of sports :)

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