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December 31 2012
Well, the Fantasy Football Gods shined down upon me once again yesterday! 1st place Head-To-Head in one league & 3rd Overall Points in another. I have NEVER made money playing Fantasy Football - EVER! Sure, I've won some money back here & there, but the net each year was always negative. So this is the 1st year that I'm in the black and, without posting actual numbers, my investment of $X yielded winnings of $Y where Y = 3.625X
Have A Safe and Merry New Year's!!!

December 29 2012
Holy Shit was Jim Norton fucking funny!  And, for a measly $5 charge, we got our seats upgraded & sat in the FRONT ROW!  If you like raunchy/cringe humor, I STRONGLY recommend that you see him the next time he's in your area.

December 28 2012
Three things for today:
1 - HD Videos By Greenguy was updated Thumbs Up!
2 - Tonight I'm taking my lovely wife to see comedian Jim Norton Thumbs Up!Thumbs Up!
3 - To the person that bought a year long membership to Mr Skin yesterday, I say Thumbs Up!Thumbs Up!Thumbs Up!
Have a GREAT Friday!!

December 27 2012
The bride & I went to see Django Unchained yesterday and while it was just a tad bit too long for me (3:00 PM showing & we got out at 6:15 PM), I have to say, it was a fucking AWESOME movies Thumbs Up!Thumbs Up!

December 26 2012
Well, one Fantasy Football Championship down & one to go Thumbs Up!

December 24-25 2012
No new links will be added while I celebrate Santa's Birthday, but I did manage to add 4 new Free Sites to HD Videos By Greenguy so consider that your XXXmas present :)
Merry Christmas To You & Yours!!

December 23 2012
Ladies (?) and Gentlemen, from yet another one of my MANY side-projects, I give to you:
Sunshine Sunday's!

December 22 2012
Fantasy Football Finals start tonight & I'm in the running for over $1k in 2 leagues.  I just hope Matty Ice throws 5 picks like he did a couple weeks ago!

December 21 2012
Why is it that I've not gotten excited about it being a Friday in about 10 years?  Oh yeah, that's right: I'm old :-(

December 20 2012
I updated HD Videos By Greenguy with 4 new Free Sites (8 movies total)  So, enjoy!

December 19 2012
Early update today due to me having a busy day of offline running around - enjoy your Hump Day!

December 18 2012
I have a new favorite NFL player: Jason McCourty.  I was down by 20 in the semi-finals of one of my Fantasy Football Leagues.  He had 3 tackles for 6 points, 2 assists for 2 points, and 2 BIG interceptions worth 8 points each for a grand total of 24 points!  I'm in the finals where the winner gets $750 & the loser gets $400.  I'm a VERY happy boy!!

December 15-16 2012
Stones PPV tonight followed by a lot of football on Sunday.  ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!

December 13 2012
As promised, my new side project was released yesterday:
New From The Greenguy HD Videos By Greenguy New From The Greenguy

December 12 2012
Don't forget that tonight is The Concert For Sandy Relief @ 7:30 PM EST - Make sure you watch as well as donate a couple of bucks!

December 11 2012
I'm sorry for the lack of updates on here, but I can say that I have NOT been slacking.  Tomorrow I will have a BIG new project that contains a lot of HD videos (and no, I'm not turning this site into a fucking tube)

December 8-9 2012
What a sports weekend!  My schedule will be:
Sat 8 PM: Heisman Award
Sat 8 PM: UFC On FOX
Sat 10 PM: Pacquiao vs Marquez
Sun 1 AM: Sleep
Sun 7 AM to Midnight: Football
Have a GREAT weekend!

December 6 2012
It really amazes me how I can fuck up my personal life on a regular basis.

December 4 2012
3 Fantasy Football teams.  3 playoffs.  2 1st round byes.  I can almost smell the cash!!

December 3 2012
Welcome to December!  Yes, things are a little slow around here, but that's to be expected around the holidays.  Bare with me & I'll do my best to keep you knee deep in new free porn!!

November 29 2012
For me, nothing beats getting a call from the car loan bank asking for the payment you know you made, only to find out you sent it to the company below them on the drop-down menu on the online banking website :(

November 28 2012
Happy Birthday Dad!

November 27 2012
I apologize once again for the lack of updates the last few days - my life sucks, but I'm making some serious changes.

November 21 2012
I apologize for the lack of updates the last few days - my life sucks.

November 17 2012
While I am annoyed by Busy Body's talking about you to people that have no business knowing yours, I REALLY hate it when those people spread lies based on their own assumptions.  And what makes it worse is that I'm talking about family! Angry!Point and LaughLil Greenie

November 16 2012
The Bills won last night - joy.

November 15 2012
The Bills are on primetime tonight, but my hopes are not too high, even after Reggie Bush dissed the breasts of our women :(

November 14 2012
I finally got to see the new Led Zeppelin concert movie Celebration Day last night & it was fucking AWESOME!  I really wish they'd tour again :(

November 13 2012
It's time for me to brag: My Fantasy Football teams are fucking kicking ass!  I'm in 3 leagues & my records are 8-2, 8-2, and 7-3.  I've also pretty much locked up some money for the highest weekly score in 1 league.  I just hope my luck continues :)

November 11 2012
Happy Veteran's Day
Happy Veteran's Day!

November 9 2012
I have this strange obsession lately with buying old posters & concert t-shirts that I had when I was a young lad.  That & an ridiculous number of sports jerseys :)

November 8 2012
I still have a huge fucking smile on my face from Tuesday :-D

November 7 2012
It's a good day to be an American!

November 1-6 2012
It took me a long time to write up the ad up top, so do me a favor & at least read it :)

October 31 2012
Please Smash Me!!
Happy Halloween!

October 30 2012
Thoughts & prayers to everyone affected by Sandy - unreal.

October 29 2012
I apologize for taking a couple days off.  I got a bug up my ass & decided to play GTA4 for3 straight days :)

October 24 2012
I put up what I think is a neat little effect on the background of the warning page.  I did have it on here, but it made things look a little too strange.

October 22 2012
I'm a selfish ass.

October 19 2012
1st my Yankees get knocked out of the playoffs, then my boy The Freaky Franchise gets rocked.  It was not a good day for my baseball fandom :(

October 17 2012
Well, unlike my Yankees, at least Obama won the debate :)

October 15 2012
I usually don't make last minute lineup changes in Fantasy Football & moving Dez Bryant to the bench yesterday around 12:45 PM just reminded me why I don't fucking do these things!!

October 12 2012
Regardless of your politics and who you think won the debate last night, you just have to LOVE Uncle Joe Biden!

October 10 2012
I really do hate when this happens, because, at least in my head, I know a lot of you just pop by to see what I have to say everyday.  But, today, I've got nothing :(

October 9 2012
Yipee!  Down by 25 going into last night game, my 2 guys put up 30!  5-0, 4-1, and 3-2 in my Fantasy Football leagues so far :)

October 8 2012
Yup, you guessed it!  I took the weekend off from this internet porn stuff.  Had a friend in town, had our Fantasy Hockey draft, watched a lot of football - good times :)

October 4 2012
Did you watch the debate last nig.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

October 3 2012
"I'm spunky. I like my oatmeal lumpy"
Happy Humpty Hump Day!

October 2 2012
Go ahead.  I dare ya!
Please Share Me!

October 1 2012
Fantasy Football Update: Looks like I'll be 4-0-0, 3-1-0, and 2-2-0 in my 3 leagues.  I'm a happy camper :)

September 29 2012
Seeing as I'm sick of updating on Sunday mornings, here's a late Saturday update for you.  Enjoy & have a GREAT weekend!

September 28 2012
We sold our truck last week & even though we're deeply in debt, we're going to the casino tonight.  We are the definition White Trash.

September 27 2012
Thank Buddy Christ that the NFL & the Refs reached an agreement - I'm getting REALLY sick of seeing The Inaccurate Reception!

September 25 2012
So, who won the football game last night?  I fell asleep.  Anything interesting happen?

September 23 2012
How did Vitor Belfort not rip John Jones' arm off last night?  My hat if off to Jones - I gotta give credit where credit is due.  Happy Football Sunday!!

September 21 2012
The guy I'm playing in one of my Fantasy Football Leagues has Amhad Bradshaw, who is injured & missed last night's game.  So I decided to pick up & start his backup, Andre Brown.  113 yards, 2 TD's and a couple catches later & BINGO! 27 points that technically he should of had.  This makes me smile a lot Smile

September 20 2012
I'm really starting to dig this Thursday Night Football stuff, but how weird is it for the Giants to play a Wednesday game Week 1, a normal Sunday gale Week 2, and then a Thursday game Week 3?

September 19 2012
TiVo had a great deal on their HD DVR 2 weeks ago, so I picked one up for the house.  I've had a TiVo since 2001 & the deal they had was $400 with lifetime service.  This thing has so many bells & whistles, it's puts my crappy Time Warner HD DVR to SHAME!  And, it's only $2.50 a month for the Cable Card.  LOVE LOVE LOVE my TiVo!

September 18 2012
I've got nothing :(

September 17 2012
It looks like I'll be 2-0-0 in all 3 of my Fantasy Football leagues - life is good :)

September 16 2012
I'm not sure why I even bothered to update today as I know all of you will be watching football with me :)

September 14 2012
No, I didn't start Clay Matthews or the Green Bay defense last night in my Fantasy Football leagues - thank for asking!

September 13 2012
Thursday Night Football and my house is wired with Time Warner?!  Good thing I splurged on 1 FiOS box last year :)

September 12 2012
You know you're taking Fantasy Football WAY too seriously when you have a massive fight on Facebook over a potential waiver screwup :)

September 11 2012
Looks like I forgot to hit the "update" button yesterday - sorry about that.
Also, 09-11-01 - ALWAYS REMEMBER

September 8 2012
With all this talk about football, I almost forgot that Fantasy Hockey is (hopefully) right around the corner! Finger's Crossed :)

September 7 2012
I have to admit, while I loved Obama's speech last night, Biden stole the show :)

September 5 2012

September 4 2012
Did you know that I have a webcam site?  It's called Greenguy Cams and I just had it redesigned & added a shitload of new girls & couples.  Take a look - can't hurt :)

September 3 2012
Fantasy Football Draft Day #2!!!
Are You Ready For Some Football?!
(Oh, and Happy Labor Day!)

September 1 2012
Fantasy Football Draft Day #1!!!
Are You Ready For Some Football?!

August 30 2012
All you porn freaks are lucky I'm finding time to sling some smut at you, because these next few days are all about Fantasy Football!!!
Are You Ready For Some Football?!

August 29 2012
I just have the feeling that today is going to be a GREAT FUCKING DAY!!

August 28 2012
A free plug for my buddies at Football Guys: If you want to "dominate" your Fantasy Football League, I highly recommend using Draft Dominator, which is included for free with your membership.  I use this site daily during the football season.

August 27 2012
Watching The Jets not score a TD in 3 straight games makes me SO very happy :)

August 25 2012
People must think my Buffalo Bills have a good team this year, since tonight's pre-season game actually sold out in time for us to watch it live!

August 24 2012
16 years ago today, I married the most beautiful woman in the world <3

August 23 2012
It's been 7 years since he left us & I truly do miss the boy :'(

August 22 2012
Nothing beats staying awake for 32 hours & then sleeping for 15 :)

August 21 2012
Nothing beats wearing a topical t-shirt!
Illegitimate Rapist T-Shirt Legitimate Rapist T-Shirt Romney Ryan Wonder Twins T-Shirt

August 20 2012
Had my 1st Fantasy Football Draft yesterday.  It's a strange league in that you get credit for kickoff & punt returns.  Everyone laughed when I drafted Darren Sproles, but fuck them! He had almost 2,700 all purpose yards last year!

August 19 2012
I can't believe that I forgot about this yesterday! 12 years ago, on August 18 2000, I started to save these little "daily thoughts" and that would eventually be turned into my "blog"
2000 Blog Archive at Greenguy Link O'Rama

August 18 2012
Anyone watching this season of Big Brother?  I'm beginning to realize that the only reason I like Chilltown was because of Dr Will, as Mike Boogie is a complete & utter fucking asshole.  Also, Chef Joe has to fucking go!

August 17 2012
I've said it before & I'll say it again: The design, layout, and option at the Link List Clit Pass are probably the best I have ever seen.  Yes, I am jealous :(

August 16 2012
Remember that nude celeb side project I started last month? I added 8 new celebs to it yesterday - enjoy :)

August 15 2012
I added a strange free site the other day that still has me very perplexed.  Check out the inverted nipples on this very busty Thai girl:
Roxie Is A Thai Cutie

August 14 2012
1st Fantasy Football Draft is this Sunday - I better start crunching some numbers!

August 13 2012
I've got nothing.

August 11 2012
Do you have an iPhone?  This is a GREAT app for your battery life.
(and no, I get no money for this)

August 10 2012
Not even 10:30 and I already hate today!

August 9 2012
Today, I'm all about Usain Bolt & the US Women's Soccer team!

August 8 2012
Finally going to see the new Batman movie today with the Bride!

August 7 2012
How can I wake up at 6:00 and be completely out of gas by 10:00?

August 6 2012
I'm really getting into the odder events of Track & Field...errr...Athletics.  I spent an hour the other day watching the entire Shot Put event & found myself truly engulfed in the event, rooting for the big burly Polish guy that was wearing a bandanna :)

August 5 2012
I do believe that I have a new favorite Olympic sport: Women's Water Polo

August 4 2012
I'm watching the Womens Tennis Finals at the Olympics & Serena Williams is a fucking freak! And a hot one to boot ;-)

August 2 2012
Sorry for the late update, but I'm tired & sore from seeing Slipknot, Slayer, Motörhead, and Anthrax last night \m/

August 1 2012
By far, my favorite NBC Olympics bashing website is Deadspin.  This morning, I thoroughly enjoyed reading how NBC embellished yesterday's Women's Gymnastic's Finals

July 31 2012
Here's something interesting I found this morning: Verizon's Suggested Texting Abbreviations

July 30 2012
Here's another handy Olympic schedule link from one of my favorite sports websites Deadspin :)

July 28 2012
So, I fell asleep - multiple times - during the Opening Ceremonies. I saw most of Part 1 of the history lesson (Industrial Revolution, celebrating health care) Was there a Part 2? It's pretty sad when the best part of the event was a B grade Mr Bean performance.

July 27 2012
I'm sure most, if not all, of you are pretty internet savvy, but here's a link to the NBC Olympics TV Schedule that should come in handy over the next 2 weeks.  Have a good Friday!

July 26 2012
With Women's Soccer starting up yesterday, I've found myself already engulfed in everything Olympics.  Good thing I live near Canada so that I can watch all of the big events live :)

July 25 2012
I'm once again watching Big Brother & fuck me! You have to devote a lot of time during the week to keep up with the show - especially with the 3 hours of live viewing on Showtime every night!

July 24 2012
18 years ago tonight, I made a booty call to a sexy woman that would eventually become my bride :)

July 23 2012
Even though I pretty much work on here 24/7, for some reason, I still really hate Mondays.

July 21 2012
I'm not a big fan of guns, but let's stop blaming the weapon for the crime. And, for the love of God, stop blaming Batman!

July 20 2012
From @PatFuckinDuffy on Twitter:
"Somewhere, right now, Fred Willard is very relieved."

July 19 2012
Is it still true that you'd supposed to wear green on Thursday if you're horny?

July 16 2012
I started a new side-project over the weekend that's simply called Nude Celebs.  It's small right now & mainly contains well known celebs, but I plan on adding to it once a month or so & I'll get some lesser known celebs in there as time goes by.

July 14 2012
Take a break from porn for about 90 minutes today & join me in watching one of my favorite all-time spoof movies: Saturday The 14th!

July 13 2012
RIP Steve C :(

July 12 2012
I can not possibly verbalize or put into text the feelings I currently have.  FML

July 11 2012
Yes, I will be repeatedly going into various 7-11's in my area & getting many free 7.11 oz Slurpees!

July 10 2012
I don't really know what it means, but as you can tell by the finger flipper up top, I like the concept of Christmas In July

July 9 2012
I finally got a Windows 7 machine about 3 weeks ago & at 1st I was very happy with it.  But the more I use it, the more I fucking hate it.

July 6 2012
So my psychiatrist highly recommended a book for me to read & use to solve a certain issue that I am having problems with.  It came in the mail today & I started to peruse thru it.  I lost count at the number of times it referenced this "God" person that I don't believe it.  Now how the fuck am I supposed to use this book to help me?

July 5 2012
With the big party last weekend & the holiday yesterday, my internal clock is all fucked up.  Took me about 10 minutes to realize it was Thursday when I woke up 6 hours later than I usually do!

July 4 2012
Ahhh yes.  The ever-popular Humpday Holiday!

July 2 2012
Monday after a big party weekend - ugh!

June 29-July 1 2012
We've got a BIG graduation party here this weekend, so I may or may not be around to update this links.  With me, family comes 1st :)  Enjoy your weekend!!

June 28 2012
I started to type a website into Chrome that started with "pimp" & Google suggested that this might be the site I was looking for :)

June 27 2012
Are you following me on Twitter?  I post some sites that you won't see on here - think of it as a bonus :)

June 26 2012
There's a High School Graduation party here this weekend & I've decided to make Electric Gummy Bears :)

June 25 2012
Today, I give to you Snot Girls - Enjoy! :-)

June 24 2012
Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you What Porn Sites Looked Like Back In 1999

June 23 2012
Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you Lonely Virgil

June 22 2012
If I had a time machine, I'd go back to this date 11 years ago, June 22 2001, when I was on the golf course with a couple friends. Even though I didn't know it at the time, that afternoon/evening was the last time in my life that I was truly content. Shortly after I got home, we got the call that my step-son had taken his own life Frown

June 21 2012
I have to admit, while it was not hilarious, last night's NHL Awards did make me laugh, especially the Will Arnett & Brendan Shanahan parodies.

June 20 2012
There's a conversation going on on Twitter with a couple High School friends about what we think of the NBA finals & Buffalo not having a team.  We used to have The Buffalo Braves, but they moved to San Diego & became The Clippers, then of course they moved to Los Angeles.  Point of this story?  I still love my old team :)

June 19 2012
I watched Chronicle yesterday based on the previews, which did seem very cool to me. What a fucking AWFUL movie. I can't believe I wasted $4.99 to get the HD version on PPV.

June 18 2012
I watched WAY too much golf over the weekend.

June 15 2012
Tonight, a guy is gonna walk a high-wire over Niagara Falls.  But, he'll be tethered to the wire (and not by choice)  That basically takes ALL the danger out of it.  I'm still gonna watch, but I'm not gonna like it!

June 14 2012
I know times are tough, but if you have some extra cash, you could really help me out by buying a membership to one of the many quality adult sites I have reviewed over here :)

June 13 2012
HEY!  Did you see that Dallas is coming back to.....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

June 12 2012
Congrats to the LA Kings!

June 10-11 2012
The people have spoken!  Over the last few days I asked if you were for or against external/offsite links opening in a new tab.  92.5% of you said YES.  So, since I am a man of the people, new tabs it will be :)

June 5-9 2012
I'm toying with the idea of having all external/offsite links on here automatically opening in a new tab - email me your thoughts :)

June 4 2012
I'm horny today - I think I'll go look at some porn ;-)

June 3 2012
Fucking Kings!!!  grrrr

June 1 2012

May 31 2012
This is probably way too local for most of you, but I am fucking livid that this Corasanti asshole was acquitted on charges of hitting & killing an 18 year old girl while driving drunk!

May 30 2012
No time for a witty comment today - I'm running late to go see my loony doctor :)

May 29 2012
Happy Back To Work Day! :(

May 28 2012
Happy Memorial Day!

May 27 2012
Sorry for missing the updates on Friday & Saturday, but that's what you get when you're out of town & my laptop takes a shit :(

May 24 2012
I'm only rooting for New Jersey because they used to be the (original) Colorado Rockies and I had a Man Crush on Chico Resch when I was a kid :)
(oh yeah, I also hate the fucking Rangers)

May 23 2012
It's not that I dislike Los Angeles, but I would have loved to see Shane Doan get a shot at The Cup

May 22 2012
Do me a favor - go watch the free video trailers on this site & then you'll see why I think she has to be the kinkiest chick on the internet

May 21 2012
Because of ESPN, I know WAY too much about sports that I don't watch - like basketball & baseball.  Example: why do I like Blake Griffin & Stephen Strasburg so much?  I've never watched either of them live!

May 20 2012
One of these things is not like the other

May 17 2012
I went to my back/neck doctor yesterday for my final follow-up after my last surgery.  I still have cold/numb hands/fingers as well as a very painful/stiff lower back.  He basically told me that odds are that I'll be like this for the rest of my life.  Joy :(

May 16 2012
Again, I state: Depression really sucks.

May 15 2012
Depression really sucks.

May 14 2012
I may have found the greatest porn pic EVER! It's the 4th pic in this gallery.  Enjoy :-D

May 13 2012
Happy Milf's Day :)

May 12 2012
You may remember that after my last neck surgery, the incision got infected & I've been injecting myself with antibiotics for the last 6+ weeks.  Well, today the PICC line came out :)

May 11 2012
A friend of mine asked me at what age people start to accidentally shit themselves. I said around 41. That's about right, isn't it?

May 10 2012
You can pretty much tell how old your favorite Link List is by looking for a Shaved Pussy category.  Yes, as odd as it may seem, back when I started this site 15 or so years ago, girls with shaved twats was NOT the norm.

May 9 2012
Since my bad back has me trapped on the 1st floor, I've been subject to the CRAP reality shows that my wife watches.  The really sad thing is that I'm addicted to Mob Wives, Khloe & Lamar, and various "Housewife" shows.  SAVE ME!!

May 8 2012
If you use Google's Chrome as a browser, I highly the extension Hover Zoom.  It's GREAT for looking at picture galleries.
(I also highly recommend Google's Chrome for your browser)

May 7 2012
I have officially jumped on the Capitals bandwagon!

May 6 2012
Los Angeles may force me to jump on a new band wagon this afternoon :(

May 5 2012

May 4 2012
Once again, I have found a gallery that made me giggle.  Check out the facial expressions on these chubby teens :)

May 3 2012
Happy Birthday Einer! <3

May 2 2012
Sorry for the late update today, but I was honestly busy over at T-Shirt Hell because they have a 50% off sale.  I got 5 very offensive shirts for $10 each :)

May 1 2012

April 30 2012
Every now & then I stumble across a pornsite that's very unique.  Yesterday, I found Beauty and Braces - it's porn you've never seen before.

April 29 2012
I don't know why, but I laugh every time I see ESPN's Michael Jordan commercial!

April 28 2012
Here's a strange NHL tidbit I discovered:
In the East, teams 1,5,6,7 are still in the playoffs
In the West, teams 2,3,4,8 are still in the playoffs
Strange? Yes. Interesting? Not really :)

April 27 2012
Forget what I said yesterday as well as the day before.  The four best words in playoff hockey are: Game Seven Double Overtime!

April 26 2012
Forget what I said yesterday, the three best words in playoff hockey are: Game Seven Overtime!

April 25 2012
The two best words in playoff hockey? Game Seven!  I think I'll root for the Caps tonight and Ottawa & Jersey tomorrow.

April 24 2012
Always with my finger on the pulse of pop culture, the bride & I watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo last night - great flick!

April 23 2012
Ron Artest is an ass.  Not for the elbow, but for his new name: Meta World Peace

April 22 2012
In honor of Earth Day, I'm turning off the computer & watching hockey all day long :)

April 21 2012
Oddly enough, 4/21 is National Drug Test Day :)

April 20 2012
As much as I am already hating the 4/20 references, it is kinda odd that I added 20 new links today :)

April 19 2012
You have to admit, playoff hockey is getting really good!

April 18 2012
Follow-up appointment with my doctor today.  Not that I've had any progress :(

April 17 2012
Why is today Tax Day & not yesterday?  You mean I could have help on to what little money I had for one more day??

April 16 2012
You'd think that the IRS would be happy that I'm sending them some money today, but nooooooo!  They want ALL the money I owe.  Looks like late payment penalties are in my future :(

April 15 2012
I don't think there's enough hockey on today :)

April 14 2012
I think I'm gonna see if Netflix has Saturday The 14th & watch that on a loop until hockey starts at 3.  Enjoy your weekend!!

April 13 2012
Friday The 13th - Bad Things, Man. Bad Things!

April 12 2012
Very interesting start to the NHL Playoffs last night.  Have I mentioned that I'm backing St Louis? #BandWagonJumper

April 11 2012
Why YES! I am excited about the NHL Playoffs

April 10 2012
3 days with no hockey is driving me crazy!

April 9 2012
So, did you enjoy celebrating the rise of Zombie Jesus?

April 7 2012
Nothing beats starting out your Saturday with a good stomach emptying puke

April 6 2012
I'm in a funk today :(

April 5 2012
I normally don't pay too much attention to golf, but every year when The Masters rolls around, I'm glued to the TV

April 4 2012
The Sabres are going to give me a fucking heart attack!

April 3 2012
I'm a big fan of thinking that anyone that wants to pose nude for a website should do so.  But, every now & then, I come across a girl that makes me wonder WTF was she thinking?

April 2 2012
A week ago it looked like my beloved Sabres were a lock for the playoffs.  Now, it looks like they pretty much have no chance :(

April 1 2012
No April Fools Joke: This strep infection will have me on IV antibiotics 3x's a day for the next 6 weeks :(

March 31 2012
Well, the major set-back with my surgery landed me back in the hospital for 5 days with a strep infection :(

March 26 2012
I have to go to the doctor today because I think I've had a major set-back with my surgery :(

March 24 2012
I thought I'd get a quick update in before tonight's Sabres game :) LETS-GO-BUFF-A-LO!

March 23 2012
My recovery from the last neck surgery is not progressing as well as I had hoped.  The big problem now is that I have a pinched nerve or something going from my neck to my shoulder & partly down my arm.  My Bride keeps referring to me as a "Hot Mess"

March 22 2012
Anything newsworthy going on in the NFL over the last few days?

March 21 2012
I'd be extremely happy if the Sabres made the playoff after the shit run they had, but what makes me even more happy is watching the collapse of the Toronto Maple Leafs :)

March 20 2012
It looks like Spring Has Sprung! ROFLMAO! I tell everyone I see or chat with on the 1st day of spring because I'm a whacky guy!

March 19 2012
I'm home from surgery - now we just wait & see if my spinal cord moves back to where it was.  But, since I did get out of the hospital a day early, I added twice as many links for today to make up for the days I missed.

March 15-20 2012
I'm off to have surgery - wish me luck!

March 14 2012
Here's my pathetic attempt at picking the ever popular brackets

March 13 2012
I have given in to all the NCAA March Madness & decided to enter my pics in Opie & Anthony's Brackets Brackets Brackets contest :)

March 12 2012
Based on ESPN's SportsCenter, I must be the only one that could give a fuck about brackets!

March 11 2012
Today is Movie Watching Day and my wife gets to pick this time.  On the schedule: Jack & Jill, The Help, and Footloose.  Please pray to Jebus for me!

March 10 2012
Well, I went to see Van Halen last night. David Lee Roth needs to hang up his microphone because he just can not hit those notes that he used to 20-25 years ago. It was like he was not even singing, just talking the lyrics. Eddie Van Halen, on the other hand, was fucking AWESOME! But seeing & hearing Roth took me right out of the show :(

March 9 2012
Bad back or not, I will be at the Van Halen concert tonight!  I may even go in on time so I can see the opening act...Kool & The Gang :)

March 8 2012
Are you on the Sabres bandwagon yet? :)

March 7 2012
I'm back on a fucked up sleep pattern - I go to bed around 7 or 8, sleep for 4 hours, then get up & work for 3 or 4 hours & then back to bed til the morning.  It's starting to suck :(

March 6 2012
You gotta love being able to find horny fat chicks in your city :)

March 5 2012
I got caught up on the new season of Survivor yesterday & 1/2 way thru the 1st episode, I was already hating Colton.  Not because he's gay, but because he's a fucking annoying crybaby!

March 4 2012
Since my Sabres are looking so good (6-0-2 in their last 8) my hopes are up that they actually make the playoffs!

March 3 2012
I really miss getting surfer email :(

March 2 2012
Sorry I missed yesterday, but I did add some extra links to make up for it.

February 29 2012
Happy Leap Day!
(sick of hearing that yet?)

February 28 2012
Hands are getting cold more often - can't wait for this surgery!

February 27 2012
1st day in the last 5 that I don't feel like complete shit - yipee!

February 25 2012
Day 3 of the flu FML

February 23 2012
I'm sick & I'm going back to bed.

February 22 2012
Today seems like the appropriate day for this NHL factoid: The most popular jersey number this season is 22.  The number of players wearing the number? 22 :)

February 21 2012
I can't believe that I missed Kurt Cobain's birthday yesterday - he would have been 45 :(

February 20 2012
So did you watch some hockey yesterday?  See my Sabres giving me false hope by beating Pittsburgh 6-2? :)

February 19 2012
It's Hockey Day In America, so turn on NBC and watch some of the greatest sport in the world!

February 18 2012
Heading out to see The Beatles tribute act Rain - have a good weekend!

February 17 2012
Do you mind the new ads on the top of the pages?  Or are they too annoying?  Let Me Know :)

February 16 2012
I finally got around to watching that Pearl Jam Twenty rockumentary & I have to say, I was VERY impressed with how they covered the late 80's & early 90's rock scene in Seattle.

February 15 2012
I've got nothing except I hate the term "Hump Day"

February 14 2012
Happy Valentine's Day!!

February 13 2012
I've got a serious case of the Mondays - ROFLMFAO

February 12 2012
Sunday Funday!  I did an update today because I think a lot of you will need something to occupy your time since there's no football :)

February 11 2012
OMG!  I get to watch another Sabres game tonight!  That's 2 this week! #FuckMSG

February 10 2012
No football this weekend?  No problem!  NBC will take care of you with their Sunday afternoon games :)

February 9 2012
Looks like more surgery for me :( The MRI on my mid/lower back was normal, so he thinks the problem is still up in my neck. I'll be having a Posterior Cervical Laminoplasty on March 15 & it looks like I'll be in the hospital for 4 days with this one :(

February 8 2012
Doctor's appt today - hopefully I'll finally find out what's wrong with my back!!

February 7 2012
Does it really matter what Brady's woman said?  Geesh!

February 6 2012
Is it just me, or did those commercials yesterday pretty much suck?  In case you missed them, you can watch & vote on all of them here.  And please, no comments on my post from Saturday :)

February 4 2012
Super Bowl Weekend!!  I'm taking the Pats -4 and you can take that to the bank!

February 3 2012
I'm so fucking sick of hearing about Gronkowski's ankle that I almost wish they'd go back to talking about Tebow!

February 2 2012
It was nice to actually watch a Sabres game #MSGsucks

February 1 2012
Happy Humpty Hump Day!

January 31 2012
Hockey starts back up tonight - not that I really care about my Sabres, but I do care about the 2 fantasy leagues I'm in :)

January 30 2012
Happy Monday!!

January 28 2012
I rarely do this, but I thought this was pretty cool.  Tonight (Saturday Jan 28th) at 10 PM EST you can have a viewing experience like no other: A REAL LIVE Swinger Sex Party!  2 rooms with 4 HQ right light technology cameras & live chat with the swingers, including my friends, Anna & Bruce :)  No tipping, no extra money - just a couple hours of real amateurs having a swinger sex party!

January 26 2012
My wife convinced me to watch Bridesmaids last night - it was ok, but it could have been SO much better.  Would it have killed them to have some Dumb & Dumber type sound effects when the fat one was shitting in the sink?

January 25 2012
OMG!  The Sabres actually won a game!  Not that I watched it, since Time Warner & MSG both suck balls!

January 24 2012
Update on my back problems: still have numb/cold hands & fingers and my back is pins & needles about 1/2 way down.  Doc is sending me for a 3rd MRI.  Fingers crossed!

January 23 2012
I put my Brady jersey on yesterday & I may not take it off for the next 2 weeks!

January 21 2012
I did a quick update today so that I could announce a new category: BBW Lesbians!

January 20 2012
I know I said that I was going to update more often, but seeing as yesterday was my birthday, I decided to take off.  41 years old now - fuck I feel old.

January 18 2012
This website was blacked out today in protest - learn about SOPA/PIPA and how you can fight internet censorship

January 17 2012
I'm sick of being lazy - gonna get back to daily updates for all you horny surfers (except weekends, cause fuck working on Sat & Sun)

January 16 2012
I'm tied for 1st in my Fantasy Football Playoff Pool (yes, I'm such a geek that I'm in a playoff pool too)

January 13 2012
Friday The 13th finally brought snow to Buffalo!

January 11 2012
I have Time Warner Cable & my Buffalo Sabres broadcast on MSG.  Seeing as the team is so shitty, I can honestly say that I have not missed watching them.

January 9 2012
TEBOW 3:16 says I just beat your butt!

January 6 2012
Today I ordered my tix for Van Halen with special guest, Kool & The Gang? One of these things is not like the other...

January 4 2012
Today's word is Santorum :)

January 2 2012
Happy New Year!  Don't forget, The Winter Classic is today!

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