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Have a safe & merry New Years Eve :)

Another US game tonight & I'm betting the arena won't be 1/2 full.

It saddens me how few Americans are showing up to support the US Junior Hockey Team in the World Juniors.  I sometimes wish I was Canadian.

The 2011 IIHF U20 World Junior Championship continues today & I'll be there cheering Team USA on!

The 2011 IIHF U20 World Junior Championship starts today & I'll be there cheering Team USA on!

Please be safe & enjoy the holiday weekend :)

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This place is to fargin small.  Knock down that wall, knock down that wall, and knock down that wall.

Finally, the FCC is going to do something GOOD.  Yipee for Net Neutrality.

I won a playoff games in 2 Fantasy Football leagues this year - I might actually win money!

There's a Christmas Crafts Show here at my house this weekend.  Pick a God & pray to him for me.

Trial #2 for my pain starts today with a spinal MRI

Great Sabres game last night - I almost threw the hat I bought before the game onto the ice :)

10 days til Christmas & I've yet to buy 1 gift.

It figures that as soon as I healed from my surgery that I'd catch a fucking cold.

Koscheck got his ass WHOOPED!  I'm so glad I'm a GSP fan!

Another weekend of Hockey, UFC & Football - enjoy!

I'm beginning to think that this stimulator implant is a bust :(

So far, I'm 50/50 on the stimulator implant :(

Surgery went well, but it is really odd having these wires hanging out of my body.

Minor surgery for me today - will the nut pain be gone forever?

I'm gonna take a couple of days off for my sanity - be back sometime on Monday

5 days between Sabres games is getting me a bit edgy!

Welcome to December!

For the next week, I'm dedicating this site to the memory of my childhood friend Chris, who passed away from a heart attack at age 39.  Rest In Peace, My Friend :(

T-Shirt Hell is having a 10% off sale for the rest of the week - time for me to get some Xmas gifts :)

I have slacked off a bit on watching Nascar, but even I know that 5 years in a row is a fucking massive achievement - congrats to Jimmie Johnson & the 48 team.

I've got a fun filled sports weekend ahead of me with the Sabres game, UFC, football & Nascar - enjoy your weekend!

What fun it was watching the game on my cell phone - good thing I also watched the Philly/Tampa 15 goal scorefest!

Seeing as I have Time Warner for my cable, I look forward to watching the Thursday night football game on my cell phone :(

My impending minor surgery has been postponed 3 times due to various infections (ear & 2 boils) so today I get to go for my 4th set of pre-op tests.  Joy.

Going to the Sabres games is so much more enjoyable now that they are winning :)

Welcome to another fun filled work week - yuck.

My weekend will consist of watching hockey, boxing & football (and probably gambling on all 3)

Thank Buddy Christ this week is over.

Happy Veterans Day!!!

My favorite pornstar, by far, is Belladonna :)

I've got nothing!

Welcome to another fun fill work week!

Just a friendly reminder, Fall Back - change your clocks!

Want to take a trip into the past?  Click here to see what this site looked like 10 years ago!

I am just about ready to just give up on Buffalo sports teams

Did you vote?  I did, but I don't think my choice for Governor of New York is gonna win :(

Big Time Timmy Jim should have gotten MVP - Congrats to the Giants and all their fans!

Welcome to November & another fun-filled week of work.

Here's a completely advertising free Halloween porn site for you to enjoy this holiday weekend :)

Day 5 of this fucking stomach flu - I've got to get my ass to the doctor :(

Day 4 of this fucking stomach flu :(

Day 3 of this fucking stomach flu :(

Just when I thought I was getting over being sick, I get some strange 48 hour stomach virus (well, it better not be more than 48 hours)

Early update cause I'm told people like to surf new porn links late on Sunday night :)

Hockey, UFC & Football - a guy can't ask for a better weekend!

Sick day #2, but I did manage to get out of bed long enough to update :)

Sick day for me - I'm going back to bed.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Cliff Lee is a fucking freak!

Sabres suck.  My fantasy football & hockey teams suck.  My weekend sucked.  Let's hope this week is better for all of the above :)

Sabres 40th Anniversary is tonight - fuckers better win the game!

Sabres lost - I've got nothing.

Sorry there was no update yesterday - I was feeling a little sickly.  But that's not gonna stop me from going to see my Sabres play tonight!

I could really get used to having hockey games played in the middle of the day - too bad today is the last one for a couple weeks :(

The Bills game didn't sell out in time, so it won't be on TV.  This means I can watch Red Zone all day :)  Have a nice weekend everyone!

I am so happy that hockey season is here :)

Why do I hate Garbage Day so damn much?

Perez Hilton, the man who draws cocks & dope nose on celebrity photos, is speaking out against Cyber Bullying?  Anyone else see a problem with this?

Had another Fantasy Hockey Draft last night - I'm really getting psyched for the upcoming season!

One Fantasy Hockey Draft down, three to go!

Welcome to October, Fucksticks!

I slept all day after being awake all night - I think my sleep pattern has officially flipped itself.

Sorry for the late update today - I'm just having one of those days.

My lack of sleep is starting to take it's toll on my sanity - I'm just constantly giddy!

Enjoy your weekend!

A nice early update due to another sleepless fucking night :(

Today is Big Garbage Day & we threw out a 3 year old couch because it basically caved in underneath us.  Now I know we're not the slimmest of people, but fuck me!  3 years for the life-span of a couch?!?!?!

Another early update, but not due to insomnia, seeing as I slept most of the day :)

Early update due to insomnia - lovely, huh?

Well, I had a productive Fantasy Football weekend :)

I'm taking the weekend off.  I suggest you do the same :)

TGIF Mother Fuckers!  ;-)

3 updates in a row - I think I might be back on track!

Back to back updates?  Someone slept for more than 2 hours last night :)

This lack of sleep is really starting to fuck with me.

Never Forget

I'm trying to get my online life back to normal, but I'm not sure what that is anymore.

My offline life is really distracting from my online persona.

Big update Friday & no update Saturday.  Why?  Saturday is my big Fantasy Football Draft & I need a lot of time for prep work!

Sorry for the late update today - I'm still trying to get caught up on my regular crap after being away for 5 days.

Welcome to September - where did my summer go?

Sorry for the lack of updates around here - I decided to take a couple days off from the computer & boy, did it feel GREAT!

Fantasy Football Weekend Part 1!!!

I'm home alone - naked bacon sandwiches it is for me!

Happy Anniversary to my Bride of 14 years!

Have a nice weekend - there's not too many left in the summer (of course, I'll be prepping for Fantasy Football all weekend)

(think about it.....)

19 new links added on the 19th?  I wish I was doing this on purpose - lol

18 new links added on the 18th?  Bad things!  Again, I suck :(

I did update yesterday, but I have no idea why I didn't update this page.  I suck :(

Looks like I'm now updating on Sundays and taking Saturdays off.

13 New Links added on Friday the 13th - that can't be good!

I'm home from my working vacation in Canada & now I have about 5 hours of Big Brother to catch up on.

Still in Canada, hence the late update.  But I'll be home tomorrow & back on my normal schedule by Friday.

I'm on a working vacation this week, so updates may be a bit erratic.  But not to worry - I will keep the porn flowing!

I can not fucking believe that Silva pulled that move out of his ass last night.  I was SO HAPPY to see him getting his ass handed to him.

I looking into getting one of those little notebook laptops & I actually found one that's on sale at Office Max that still has XP installed on it!  I fucking HATE Windows 7!!!

I'm a week behind on the actual episodes of Big Brother, but I can't stop watching the live show on Showtime every night, no matter how utterly fucking boring it is!

PLEASE buy one of the DVD's I have for sale on eBay - there's less than 1 day left - all are under $4.00!!!

Welcome to August - Summer is 1/2 over :(

1 - I'm trying to quit smoking using Blu Cigs
2 - I'm selling on eBay some of my old DVD's for around $4
3 - I could really use a legit massage with a not-so-legit happy ending ;-)

I'm quitting smoking as of today & instead of the patch, I'm going to try these Blu E-Cigs.  Wish me luck!

Wanna buy some of my old DVDs?  :)
All are in great condition - most were watched once or twice.  I just need to make some room in my house.

16 years ago today I hooked up with the most beautiful, caring, loving woman in the entire world.  Happy Dating Anniversary, Babe!

I've got an old buddy coming into town tomorrow & you think I can find more than 5 old friends to come to a party?

Big Brother After Dark is really letting me down.  Bring back the days of that big cocked bisexual goofball flapping his dick around in the yard!

Yesterday was NOT the end of the saga of the Recurring Boil!  Fucker is not healing properly - inflamed, but not infected.  I really fucking HATE getting old.

Hopefully, today is the end of the saga of the Recurring Boil!

Happy Birthday Ry - Miss you more than you will ever know.

It's summer time!  Stop looking at porn & get your ass outside.  Go to a picnic.  Mow the lawn.  Find a party.  Enjoy yourself!

We almost got to see some live sex on Big Brother After Dark last night.  Too bad Brendon was such a pussy, cause Rachel was ready!

Another Mel Gibson tape came out this morning & it's once again pure genius!

I love Mel Gibson more & more with each released tape - #4 came out this morning!

Today's update was a bit late due to me having minor surgery today (damn recurring boils)

Congrats to Spain & seeing as I took 3 years of Spanish in High School, congrats to me too!

I think I'll actually watch the World Cup finals this weekend, rooting for Spain so that whore from the Netherlands looses her blowjob popularity.

Big Brother started up last night.  Nothing like watching 3 shows a week for the next 75 days.  When you add in the Showtime live show, I'll be investing a lot of time into this stupid program for the next few months!

Unless you're in the female prison with here, this is the only place you'll be able to see nude pics of Lindsay Lohan :)

Welcome back to work everyone :(

Have a fun & safe holiday weekend!

Have a fun & safe holiday weekend!

Happy Birthday Canada!

How bad is it to go on an all cereal diet? :)

I can't wait for this fucking month to end.

Looks like North America is officially out of The World Cup.  Personally, I blame Canada.

Arlene - you were taken way too soon & we miss you already.

What a great & strange day yesterday was.  1st the US moved on in The World Cup.  Then there was an earthquake in Canada that was felt here in Buffalo.  Finally Tyler Myers & Ryan Miller won big at The NHL Awards.  Perplexing day.

NHL Awards are tonight.  I have a feeling Ryan Miller is a lock to win since they have Buffalo's own Goo Goo Dolls playing at the event!

I really think I'd be more interested in The World Cup if it wasn't for those fucking horns!

I miss you Glenn!

Have a nice weekend!  I'll be coughing up a lung on my couch.

Nothing like getting a cold a couple days before summer officially starts :(

Facebook shut down my account - seems I had it set up as a personal accopunt & not a business page - so the new page is located here.  Do me a favor & share it with your friend :)

I really have no interest in basketball, but for some reason, I find myself compelled to watch this Lakers/Celtics series.

June 14 2010
I'm back & playing catch-up with a lot of work. I'm also tweaking the site in ways that none of you will ever notice :)

I'm on a working vacation - the site will be updated as normal, so don't worry about not getting your daily dose of free porn :)

June 4 2010
Two more wake-ups & I'm off to Vegas!

June 3 2010
Nice to see that Philly came back - looks like it's going to be a really good series!

June 2 2010
Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight - look for Philly to come back & make it 2-1

June 1 2010
I think I am officially addicted to Red Dead: Redemption

May 28-31 2010
Have a happy & safe Memorial Day weekend!

May 27 2010
I'm really statrting to go thru hockey withdrawls. Saturday can't come soon enough!

May 26 2010
This boil just won't die! The doctor could only lance it yesterday & tell me to come back in 4 weeks for final removal.

May 25 2010
For those of you that are still following my boil saga, I go under the knife today.

May 24 2010
If you want to see an amateur girl that really knows how to suck cock, check out Deep Throat Girlfriend - this girl is a fucking champ!

May 22-23 2010
I bought Red Dead: Redemption & it's starting to consume my life :) This is the 1st video game I've bought since GTA: Vice City, so I am a bit rusty. I'm greenguy71 on XBox if you want to kill me.

May 21 2010
I do love Fridays, even though I rarely leave the house :)

May 20 2010
The pool is open & tonight will be the 1st edition of Hot Tub Hockey, where I drag the TV outside & me & my friends site in the hot tub watching the game.

May 19 2010
Boil update: not only is it still there, my doctor says I have to have it surgically removed. Lovely.

May 18 2010
Getting old SUCKS! Two words you never want to hear: Recurring Boil

May 17 2010
Sorry for the late update today - I got s shit fast new machine & had to transfer a shitload of files & programs.

May 15-16 2010
Sorry for no update yesterday, as I was feeling a bit sickly. Congrats to all the Philly fans as history was made. Conference finals start Sunday!

May 13 2010
Now who thought Montreal was going to beat Pittsburgh? And what about Philly coming back from 3-0 to tie Boston? You're probably sick of me saying it, but NHL PLayoff Hockey is the shit!

May 12 2010
Nothing beats a Game 7 in the NHL Playoffs & tonight we get to watch Montreat vs Pittsburgh - should be a great game.

May 11 2010
Pearl Jam last night was fucking AWESOME!!! One of the best live shows I've ever been to.

May 10 2010
I'm going to see Pearl Jam tonight * I am really psyched to go!

May 8-9 2010
Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there :) Hockey & UFC are on my agenda this weekend - have a good one!

May 7 2010
I know, I talk about hockey a lot, but it's really getting interesting, especially with Montreal winning last night & making their series with Pittsburgh 2-2. Watch Versus over the weekend & catch a few games :)

May 6 2010
Happy Six de Mayo!

May 5 2010
Happy Five de Mayo!

May 4 2010
Hockey Playoffs are starting to heat up - some really good games last night - if you're not watching, you're missing out!

May 3 2010
Happy Birthday Einer! I miss you more than you will ever know.

May 1-2 2010
Happy May To You & Yours!

April 30 2010
Don't forget to follow me on Facebook & Twitter - I'm known to post some free porn every now & then :)

April 29 2010
Every time I back a sports team, it just solidifies the fact that I am a jinx. I think I'll just root for individual players now - GO MIKE RICHARDS!

April 28 2010
BIG Game 7 tonight - CO CAPS!!!!

April 27 2010
I think it might be time to jump on the old Capitals bandwagon :)

April 26 2010
Big game for my Sabres tonight - too bad it's not nationally televised. But, if I were you, I'd watch the Caps/Habs game on Versus & drool over Ovechkin's ridiculous talent.

April 24-25 2010
My Sabres survived to play at least one more game - let's hope it's 2 :)

April 23 2010
I really hope that tonight is not my last Sabres home game of the season.

April 22 2010
Happy Earth Day!
(Buffalo sports teams suck)

April 21 2010
It's pretty much do or die for my Sabres tonight - at least they called up a tough guy from the minors to throw some weight around.

April 20 2010
420 - heh heh heh

April 19 2010
For the 1st time in the 30 years the format has been in place, all 8 NHL PLayoff series are tied at 1-1 after 2 games. If you're not watching these games, you're missing some great hockey!

April 18 2010
Sorry there was no update yesterday - I ran out of time before the Sabres game & then was just too depressed to work after. No biggie - Best Of 5 now!

April 16 2010
My beloved Sabres beat Boston last night behind the goaltending of Ryan Miller - next game is tomorrow at 1 PM EDT on NBC - watch it & look for me :)

April 15 2010
What a start to the NHL Playoffs - 4 upsets in one night! I'm psyched to go see my Sabres play Boston tonight - LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!

April 14 2010
NHL Playoffs start tonight - do yourself a favor & watch Pittsburgh & Ottawa on Versus - playoff hockey is the BEST!

April 13 2010
How come no one is afraid of Tuesday The 13th?

April 12 2010
So what the fuck am I supposed to do with 2 days of no hockey?

April 10-11 2010
It's the last weekend of regular season hockey & I'm in 2nd place in my fantasy league - wish me luck!

April 9 2010
How can it go from 80 last week to 33 today? It's fucking COLD out!

April 8 2010
Has it really been 16 years since Kurt Cobain was found dead? Wow - it seems like yesterday to me :(

April 7 2010
I think I might have officially become a ticket scalper. I got 2 extra tickets for the Sabres home playoff games & sold Games 1 & 2 for a nice profit already :)

April 6 2010
Sabres last home game before the playoffs - you want to watch some good hockey? Next week when the playoffs atart will rival the Olympic games!

April 5 2010
Happy Dingus Day!

April 3-4 2010
Have a safe & happy Zombie Jesus weekend!

April 2 2010
This is my favorite time of the year - it's too warm to need the heat on, too cold to need the AC :)

April 1 2010
April Fools Day just doesn't mean the same thing as it used to.

March 31 2010
I love my dog, but is there really a need for him to nudge me at 4:30 in ther morning? Just hold it in like I do!

March 30 2010
Happy Passover :)

March 29 2010
Sorry for the late update - it was a long fantastic weekend :)

March 27-28 2010
Stag #2 Saturday night - watching hockey all day Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!!!

March 26 2010
Nothing beats driving 45 minutes to a doctors appointment to find out it was cancelled.

March 25 2010
Early update today due to my pending 3 hour appointment at the dentist :(

March 24 2010
I've got nothing!

March 23 2010
Obama's health care plan passes & I get sick - typical.

March 22 2010
I feel healthier already!

March 20-21 2010
Spring is finally here - enjoy your weekend & get your ass outside for a bit!

March 19 2010
I decorated for Easter :)

March 18 2010
Happy Hangover Day!!!

March 17 2010
Happy St Paddy's Day!!!

March 16 2010
Congrats to my buddy Jim who told me he's getting married!

March 15 2010
Insert Ides Of March joke here

March 13-14 2010
I really hate March Madness. Good thing Stag Season is upon us - 1st one is this weekend!

March 12 2010
I slept for 8 straight hours last night - 1st time in about 4 months I've done that.

March 11 2010
While porn may keep me young, this getting old stuff really sucks. I've got/had a total of 5 doctor appointments this week - that's insane!

March 10 2010
RIP Corey Haim

March 9 2010
Happy belated birthday to the Smut Gremlin!

March 6-7 2010
Enjoy your weekend!!!

March 5 2010
My Bride is out of town for the next week, which means I'll be walking around the house in the nude eating bacon sandwiches all week!

March 4 2010
What a boring NHL Trade Deadline - not one big move :(

March 3 2010
NHL Trade Deadline is today - I sure hope my Sabres make some big moves, but I'm not holding my breath.

March 2 2010
I am so fucking lost without The Olympics on my TV 24/7 :(

March 1 2010
I guess I have to say congrats to Canada for beating the US in hockey yesterday.

February 27-28 2010
I can't think of a better way to end the Olympics with a hockey game between USA & Canada. GO USA!

February 26 2010
Let's hope that the Men's hockey team plays a little better than the women did yesterday.

February 25 2010
Women's Ice Hockey Final today - I hope our grils kick some Canadian ass :)

February 24 2010
USA Hockey in the Final Four - NICE!

February 22 2010
Hello to all my Canadian friends! Enjoy the game against Germany tomorrow!

February 20-21 2010
I'll be watching The Olympics all weekend, concluding with the big USA vs Canada hockey game on Sunday night.

February 19 2010
I tried to watch figure skating last night, but after the 1st 3 guys fell, I gave up due to too much laughing.

February 18 2010
I'm really loving The Olympics, especially the non-NBC stuff like hockey & curling. Of course, tonight we have men's dancing on ice skates - ugh.

February 17 2010

February 16 2010
Men's Olympic Hopckey starts today!!! You can find the complete TV schedule here

February 15 2010
My least favorite event in the Winter Olympics is Figure Skating, but I'll still watch it, knowing that some unlucky man or woman will fall & ruin the last 4 years of their lives, making me giggle uncontrolably :)

February 10-13 2010
It's not too late to get yourself a girlfriend for Valentine's Day :)

February 9 2010
I hate my sleep pattern. Exhausted at 9, up at 11. Tired again at 1, back up at 3. Who lives like this?

February 8 2010
I ended up winning on 3 different Super Bowl Pools & I had a couple bucks on the Saints, so all-in-all it was a GREAT weekend

February 6-7 2010
Here's my bets for the Super Bowl - and those of you that follow me on a regular basis will know to bet the opposite :) I'm taking the Saints +4.5 & I'm taking Over 56.5 I got my Brees jersey in the mail yesterday, so I'm all set - enjoy your weekend & GO SAINTS!

February 5 2010
I'm starting to panic - the Brees jersey I ordered last weekend is not here yet :(

February 4 2010
Big Super Bowl party this weekend - time for me to make up some pools & prop bets.

February 3 2010
I added a new category yesterday & it's a fetish of mine that I truly enjoy: Girlfriends

February 2 2010
Happy Kill A Groundhog Day!

February 1 2010
I got a new Google Droid today & I can't wait to figure out how to use all the shit it has!

January 29-31 2010
It's Hockey Weekend In America so make sure to watch some hockey for me :)

January 28 2010
The "Pants On The Floor" guy now has a song out? What's wrong with this country?

January 27 2010
Sabres game tonight - hopefully Brodeur is still looking like shit.

January 26 2010
You can tell you're getting old when you have a yearly appointment with a urologist.

January 25 2010
I'm sorta depressed that Favre & Minnesota didn't make it to the Super Bowl.

January 23-24 2010
Enjoy your weekend!

January 22 2010
Sorry for the lack of updates on here - a close family member was in a bad car accident. Get well soon Chris!

January 19 2010
Happy Birthday To Me :)

January 18 2010
While I was in Vegas I put $20 on Arizona +7 and $20 on San Diego -7. More proof that you should always bet the opposite of me.

January 16 2010
I'm home from Vegas & let's just say that I won BIG!

January 12-15 2010
I'm in Vegas for the week. My minion is updating the site for me.

January 9-10 2010
Enjoy your weekend!

January 8 2010
I'm off to get a massage - hopefully it includes an happy ending :)

January 7 2010
4 more wake-ups & I'm off to Vegas!

January 6 2010
It was so nice wqtching the USA juniors win Gold by beating Canada in hockey last night. USA USA USA!

January 5 2010
Not watching football last night was kinda strange - it's heard to believe that the playoffs are already here.

January 4 2010
Today I get to go to the doctor to see about getting a device implanted into my ass that is supposed to relieve the chronic pain I am in. Yes, my ASS!

January 2-3 2010
Enjoy your weekend!

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