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December 31 2014
Merry New Year!

December 26 2014
So did you have a nice holiday?  If you need me, I'll be out back burning my Christmas tree.

December 22 2014
After 20+ years of doing Fantasy Hockey, CBS Sports has me so pissed off that I'm considering quitting after this year unless we can find a new home.  They are easily the worst run/coded fantasy site I have ever seen.

December 19 2014
It's 7 PM on a Friday & here I am throwing porn links online - I sure do live the life!

December 18 2014
I hid a couple of cheesy Xmas sex sites on today's update Ho Ho Ho

December 16 2014
I think that's 3 updates in the last week - I'm getting good at this shit!  Plus, I'm fin ally back to redesigning the category pages: Interracial Sex (BM/WF) & Ladyboys have been spiffed up Happy Greenguy Banana Dance

December 11 2014
Slowly but surely, I'm getting back on track on here.  Thanks to everyone that's hung around - you have no idea how much I appreciate it! Thumb Up!

December 5 2014
I've been online since 1996.  Started this site in 1997.  I've seen sites like this one come & go...until now.  I've been watching Assylum for a couple years now and it looks like this one is here to stay.  If you like deranged porn, this Assylum site is for YOU!

December 1 2014
It boggles my mind how emotion can beat out logic, but then again, that whole faith/religion over fact/science confuses the fuck out of me, too.

November 25 2014
Sorry I haven't been around, but this time I have a legit excuse - Hurricane Blizzard!!

November 14 2014
For some reason, my wife talked me into going camping this weekend.  IT'S FUCKING SNOWING!!

November 9 2014
Enjoy today's update!  I'll try to get in here a little more often 2014 AVN Hall Of Fame Member Greenguy

November 3 2014
I just put up another pile of new porn links, and I have been working on stuff around here, just mostly behind-the-scenes crap (like dead links - ugh)

October 27 2014
I'll get the hang of this working thing again, mark my words :-)

October 24 2014
I'm back....kinda!

September 18 2014
I'm going to be undertaking a procedure starting next week that will hopefully snap me out of this 5 month long funk I've been in.
(HINT: Just call me McMurphy)

September 5 2014
I swear I was gonna try & update on Tuesday, but this whole TheFappening thing took control of me I Has Tooths
(and if you haven't seen all of them yet, there's a .eu domain that has them all - figure it out lol)

August 21 2014
I'm back I guess.  It might be just for 1 day, but it's a start.

July 13 2014
I just updated Sunshine Sunday - that's 3 days in a row for me! Call me "butter" because I'm on a mother-fuckin roll!

July 12 2014
WOW! I followed thru on a promise! I actually added some New Porn Links today Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

July 11 2014
For those of you that have stuck around, look for an update tomorrow morning, followed by some sort of regular schedule of updates.  Fingers crossed!

June 27 2014
I have little or no idea what's going on with me.  I'm mentally & physically fucked, for lack of a better word.  And what sucks is that odds are I'll be like this for 2+ more weeks due to not being able to get in to see the correct doctors.  I wish I wasn't like this :-(

June 18 2014
I'm still alive, but not even close to 100% - I've got 2 doctor appt's over the next 2 days that should hopefully get me on the right track.

June 7 2014
I'm 2 days into a week long at-home sleep apnea test/study, so please bare with me - I'll be normal soon (I fucking hope)

June 2 2014
Nothing like sleeping your fucking life away!

May 29 2014
Sleep Apnea really does suck ballsBoooo

May 25 2014
This metamorphosis I'm going thru is almost complete...I think.

May 19 2014
I just added some new links, but it's crap.  I need to blow this place up - or at least add a new wing :)

May 13 2014
I'm updating & throwing out as much porn as I can at you guys (and gals?)  Confused?  Click below & read my "blog"

May 11 2014
As most of you know, I've had some major back problems & surgeries.  Well, back problems lead to pain meds, which leads to dependency, which leads to addiction, which leads to detox, which leads to rehab, which leads to this post.  Now you know why I'm days behind on everything :(

May 7 2014
I'm turning corners here, people!

May 4 2014
I'm almost back to normal, whatever the fuck normal is :)

May 1 2014
Slowly but surely, I'm coming out of this funk...

April 28 2014
Believe me when I say, I'm trying here.

April 24 2014
I'm going thru a really rough patch in my life right now - I'll be back, but no idea when.

April 21 2014
No sooner do I get back when I get fucking nailed with a cold/flu/infection that I'm still dealing with 4 days later. I feel terribleBoooo

April 17 2014
I'M BACK!! Miss me?

April 11-16 2014
I've got to take some time off to get my life in order, so not only did I add some New Porn Links and update Ass Fucked Friday, I also did early updates for Sunshine Sunday, Chubby Monday, Titty Tuesday, and HD Videos By Greenguy.  I will be back, hopefully better than ever, so enjoy all the filthy porn I just flung at you & try to not blow your load on everything today Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

April 10 2014
I took yesterday off, but not to worry! There's 17 new porn links for you to enjoy, I just updated HD Videos By Greenguy, and tomorrow is the return of Ass Fucked Friday

April 8 2014
I remember exactly where I was 20 years ago today when I found out that Kurt Cobain had been found dead at his home outside Seattle.  Nirvana was (and still is) very special to me, because I remember being the 1st of my friends to discover them in late 91.  I think I turned a lot of people on to them, and as stupid as this may sound, it made me feel good knowing that I helped "spread the word," so to speak.  And I'm not ignorant to the fact that most of the people I introduced Nirvana to would have found out about them eventually, but I still feel a strange sense of pride none-the-less.  Rest In Peace, Kurt.

April 7 2014
As promised, I added another handful of new porn links, as well as updated Chubby Monday with 2 really hot BBW video sites

April 6 2014
I'M BACK!!!  Because I just know that all of you are simply dying to know how my hiatus went, I got about 1/2 of what I wanted to accomplish done (which means I'll probably take another one of these next month lol)  Today, aside from the 16 new porn links I just added, I also updated HD Videos By Greenguy with 4 new sites, 1 being a total of 6 minutes of footage from Duke Pornstar Bailey Knox's 1st porn movie: Belle Get's Schooled.  And, it's also another lovely Sunshine Sunday, so enjoy yourself now, because tomorrow I'll be right back at it with even more new porn links, as well as the customary Chubby Monday update Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

March 29-April 5 2014
I am so backed up with on & offline work that I'm just going to take a week off from here & do my best to get caught up.
And remember, if it's not a "Verified" link, it's new to you! Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

March 27 2014
Looky Look!  I added some more new porn links for the 3rd days in a row!  Lucky you!

March 26 2014
Better late than never, and even if it's technically Wednesday, I did update Titty Tuesday this morning, as well as the HD Videos By Greenguy that was scheduled for yesterday.  I also managed to add some new porn links.  Hopefully this makes up for my laziness this past weekend

March 25 2014
I owe all you guys & gals an apology.  I've been seriously slacking off lately.  But, I did add a bunch of New Porn Links this morning, and hopefully no one noticed that Sunshine Sunday was updated yesterday & Chubby Monday was updated today I Is Hiding!

March 21 2014
My Billion Dollar Bracket, along with the wife's, was fucked after the fucking early games yesterday.  We're both sitting at 10/16 as of this morning.  FUCK!!  I could have really used that billion I Has Tooths

March 19 2014
Want a tip on how to pick your NCAA bracket?  I have 1 word for you: Random.  BUT, it's not as simple as flipping a coin or letting the bracket website picking randomly for you. What you need to do is combine the numbers (seeds) and then generate a random number with minimum of 1 & maximum of total.  The lower seed gets 1 to & including number of higher seed.  The higher seed gets their seed +1 to end (total) For example: Let's take an 8vs9 matchup.  Their total is 17, so generate a random number from (and including) 1 to (and including) 17.  The #8 seed gets the numbers 1-9 and the #9 seed gets the numbers 10-17.  If the random number you generate is 5, the #8 seed moves on.  If it's 13, the #9 seed moves on.  Follow?

March 17 2014
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I'm wearing one of my favorite t-shirts:
Fuck You You're Irish

March 15 2014

March 13 2014
Another day, another handful of New Porn Links & another 4 HD Videos By Greenguy Free Sites. ENJOY! Happy Greenguy Banana Dance

March 11 2014
Aside from the usual Titty Tuesday update, some of you may have noticed TWO updates on the New Porn Links page.  I updated very early today with a handful of new sites, but then I had some free time, so I added another handful, giving you TWO HANDFULS of new free porn! Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

March 10 2014
Welcome To The Work Week!  In case you missed anything around here over the weekend, Saturday was quiet, but Sunday saw me add some new HD Videos, as well as update Sunshine Sunday with 3 new Lesbian Video Sites.  Today, as it is every Monday, is for all you lovers of BBW Porn Vids, with another update of Chubby Monday.  I'm going to try to add some new porn links today, but don't hold your breath I Has Tooths

March 8 2014
Change Your Clocks!!

March 6 2014
I added some new porn links for all you horny guys & gals this morning.  Other than that, I've got nothing Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

March 4 2014
So, let's take a look at what I've done since the last time I posted on Sunday:
Updated Chubby Monday
Updated Titty Tuesday
Added some New Porn Links
Got my paperwork ready for my accountant so I can get my taxes done Boooo

March 2 2014
I think I'm back to normal after this latest bout of the flu.  What's that mean for you?  Well, I did manage to update HD Videos By Greenguy yesterday, and today, I updated Sunshine Sunday, as well as added some new porn links.  Now, if you'll excuse me, it's Hockey Weekend Across America Hockey Guy

February 28 2014
Ass Fucked Friday CHECK!
New Porn Links CHECK!
Back to bed with the flu CHECK!

February 26 2014
I did update yesterday, but shortly after, my sick ass went back to bed because I have a nasty flu.  So, incase you missed them, HD Videos By Greenguy & Titty Tuesday were updated yesterday, and New Porn Links were added yesterday & today.  And, just like yesterday, I'm going back to bed I do love Target Vomiting

February 24 2014
My passion for hockey saw a HUGE boost after the US beat Russia last week.  But, after watching the men & women lose to Canada, followed by the lackluster performance against Finland in the Gold Medal Game, well, I'm back to feeling kinda blah about itDONK!

February 21 2014
I just updated both Ass Fucked Friday and HD Videos By Greenguy.  I'll be updating the New Porn Links later, after I watch the USAvsCAN hockey game! GO USA!!

February 20 2014
I just added some new porn links for you to enjoy BEFORE & AFTER, but NOT during the US vs Canada Gold Medal Women's Ice Hockey game, which will be shown, oddly enough, LIVE on NBC GO USA!!

February 18 2014
I hope you're all happy that I took time away from my busy schedule of watching The Olympics to not only add new porn links yesterday AND today, but I also updated Titty Tuesday with a cute little tribute to Japanese porn studio Cinema Gas Unit Corp and their love of busty natural Asian ladies - ENJOY!

February 17 2014
I'm back!!  I have to admit, watching The Olympics has really eaten up most of my awake hours, but I did manage to keep up over the weekend, as well as today, with the usual Sunshine Sunday, Chubby Monday, and HD Videos By Greenguy updates.  Also, look for some New Porn Links this afternoon Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

February 14 2014
Happy Valentine's Day! Grinch Heart

February 13 2014
I am officially addicted to watching Olympic hockey, which is why I just updated with THIRTY new links to hold all your horny fuckers over until Monday when there's no Men's Hockey games TEETH

February 11 2014
I just uploaded today's Titty Tuesday update, so if you'll excuse me, I'll be on the couch watching LIVE Olympic coverage of major events on CBC out of Canada, especially Shaun White in the Men's Halfpipe at 12:30! #FuckNBC

February 10 2014
I know I've been slacking on adding New Porn Links so that's what I did 1st thing this morning.  But, I have been keeping up with most of my other updates, like Ass Fucked Friday, Sunshine Sunday, and today's Chubby Monday BBW video sites.  Unfortunately, my Olympic watching did force me to put off yesterday's HD Videos By Greenguy update.  But don't worry, as it'll be back on schedule Thursday.

February 7 2014
Ass Fucked Friday and the New Porn Links have been updated.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics LIVE on CBC out of Canada, since NBC has a strict anti-live Olympic programming policy Boooo

February 5 2014
I swear I updated Titty Tuesday yesterday afternoon! I Has Tooths  And, this morning, I've already added 4 more sites to HD Videos By Greenguy.  I'm hoping that, when I get back from the 2 doctor appointments I have today, I'll be able to add some New Porn Links as well Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

February 4 2014
What a boring Super Bowl!  Good thing I picked Seattle! I SWEAR I Picked Seattle!
The New Porn Links were just updated, I did update Chubby Monday yesterday, I just forgot to link it up, and I should be able to get to Titty Tuesday this afternoon.

February 2 2014
A big CONGRATS to Andre Reed for FINALLY being inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame - an honor that was WAY overdue! Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

January 31 2014
We all know it's been unusually cold the last month or so, but what really annoys me is when one of my Know-It-All acquaintances says or posts that Global Warming is a myth because it's 3 outside.  I like to correct them by replying with: "Well, if it wasn't for Global Warming, it'd be 1 outside."  FACE! Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
PS - I'm working on Ass Fucked Friday as I type

January 29 2014
I was just over at Twitter looking at my page & I noticed something interesting: if you're ever in the mood to just scroll & scroll & scroll thru a shitload of porn pics, check out the media section of my feed - it's actually pretty good!January 28 2014

Let's see what I've got going on today for all you horny perverts:
1 - Titty Tuesday was updated
2 - HD Videos By Greenguy will (hopefully) return this afternoon
3 - Time permitting (HA!) I'll add some New Porn Links I Has Tooths

January 27 2014
I can't even begin to explain my latest absence, but rest assured that I'm going to get my act together ASAP eventually I Has Tooths

January 23 2014
OK, so Vegas was a blast!  I got home late Sunday night, and started working Monday on a page dedicated to 2014 AVN Award Winners, with clips & trailers for about 50 of the winners.  I almost finished it when I started to feel a little sick to my stomach.  So I laid down & there I pretty much stayed for the next 60 fucking hours!  I must've caught a stomach virus during my 52 hour trip to Vegas Boooo Stomach Flu
I'm gonna try to sneak in an update with plenty of New Porn Links Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

January 17-19 2014
Here's to my 52 hour vacation to Vegas! Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

January 16 2014
So here's the plan!  Today I updated HD Videos By Greenguy.  Tomorrow I'll be adding some New Porn Links as well as updating Ass Fucked Friday.  Then, I'm outta here til Monday so I can pick up my AVN Internet Founders Branch Hall Of Fame Member award Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

January 15 2014
In honor of my lovely bride's birthday, I decided to update & add some New Porn Links Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

January 14 2014
As promised, I added some New Porn Links!  And, it's Titty Tuesday as well!  Double fun for you! BEWBS!

January 13 2014
The Bad News? No New Porn Links til tomorrowBoooo
The Good News? It's another Chubby MondayChubby Monday

January 12 2014
Once again, I have to apologize to you, my loyal surfers, for not being here for the last few days.  That blizzard caused 2 pipes to freeze, 1 of which burst.  I also had my boiler spring a leak for some dumb reason & I was without power for about 6 hours yesterday.  But, there is good news!  You hit the trifecta today: I added a lot of New Porn Links, I updated HD Videos By Greenguy, and it's Sunshine Sunday Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

January 9-10 2014
I jumped the gun by saying that I survived the blizzard earlier this week: we had 2 pipes freeze, one of which burst overnight Tues/Wed & went unnoticed for a couples hours.  So, I'm going to be scarce for a few days while I deal with this mess Boooo

January 8 2014
Your prayers have been answered! I survived the Hurricane Blizzard!  So, seeing as I'm alive, I added some New Porn Links & updated HD Videos By Greenguy Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!

January 6 2014 - Part II
Seeing as I'm in the middle of a Hurricane Blizzard, I decided that I might was well add some New Porn Links before the power goes out!
January 6 2014 - Part I
I just can't seem to snap out of this "I Don't Feel Like Working" funk Cry Baby Twat  I'm putting the "Day Of The Porn Week" stuff on hold for the rest of the week, but I will be keeping up with January 6 2014
I, as well as adding New Porn Links.  Look for some tomorrow Thumb Up!

January 5 2014
I don't know what's causing it, but I've been in a very lazy kinda funk.  Anyone have ideas on how to snap out of it?

January 2 2014
Merry New Year!  I did manage to get some New Porn Links up for all you perverts Shove This Thumb UP YOUR ASS!
Now, I get to spend the rest of the day removing all my Xmas decorations and changing 2013 to 2014 on a bunch of my websites Me No Gusta

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