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December 31 2015
Have a safe, yet blindly drunk or drugged up New Year's Eve Merry New Year!

December 30 2015
Today is the 1st day since Saturday that I woke up & didn't feel like complete & utter shit Thumb Up!

December 29 2015
I swear: If I'm in a room & someone coughs, I'm instantly sick for 3 days.  Shitty update today.  Will try to get back to normal tomorrow.

December 26 2015
Once again, not the greatest of updates, but someone has to celebrate Kwanzaa!!

December 24-25 2015
Not the greatest of updates, but there's some XXXmas porn in there.  Merry Ho Ho!

December 23 2015
I was offered to split the winning with the guys I'm playing in my fantasy football finals this week.  My reply: I'M GOING HOG!! Thumb Up!

December 22 2015
The new Star Wars was fucking AWESOME!!  No spoilers from me today, but I will say that Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey, has nice nips! Thumb Up!

December 21 2015
I've been waiting 32-1/2 years for today!!  I've also been avoiding Star Wars spoilers for the last 80+ hours!!

December 19 2015
I've been working behind-the-scenes on revamping an old site of mine & my passed friend MrMaryLou, so if you're a fan of BBWs, please visit & bookmark the new & improved Chubby Links Admit It! You Like BBWs!!

December 18 2015
PLEASE!!  No Star Wars spoilers until Monday, because that's when I'm going to see it Thumb Up!

December 17 2015
If I could describe my holiday season in one word, it'd be: miserable.

December 16 2015
I watched the Fantastic 4 reboot yesterday & I didn't think it was anywhere close to as bad as everyone said.  I actually liked it.  Plus, it's the 1st movie & it has to establish everything so that the series can go forward.

December 15 2015
I watched that Bills 30 for 30 last night & it brought back a shitload of great & depressing memories.

December 14 2015
I take 3 days off to relax & go camping with some friends & I feel worse now than before.

December 10-13 2015
I'm talking a couple days off for no real reason other than to party with friends Thumb Up!

December 9 2015
I think I've seen more of Naomi Campbell's nipples in the past month than I have my own.

December 8 2015
I've decided to give Porno Tubesday a break & give Tranny Tuesday a try.  DON'T JUDGE ME!!! If I Had To....

December 7 2015
You know what's better than just making the playoffs in your Fantasy Football League? A 1st Round Bye!  1 win away from the money Thumb Up!

December 5 2015
What does it say about me that I just realized my 2 year old Lumosity account was on auto-rebill?

December 4 2015
Sorry for missing yesterday, but I woke up with a bad pain in my wrist & I couldn't type with my left hand.  If I was a horse, they'd shoot me.

December 2 2015
Ever have a root canal on one of your front teeth?  Once the Novocaine wears off, it feels like someone punched you in the mouth/nose OUCH!!!

December 1 2015
Welcome to December! Merry Ho Ho!

November 30 2015
In all honesty, I am kicking ASS in my local Fantasy Football leagues, but my Draft Kings account is basically depleted PITY ME!!

November 28-29 2015
Like Nude Celebs?  Then you're gonna want to check out this awesome Cyber Week Lifetime Membership offer from Mr Skin! Lil Greenie Approves
$99 Lifetime Membership To Mr Skin!

November 27 2015
Always Remember: #BlackFridayMatters

November 26 2015
I'd like to wish all of you a very Happy Turkey Breast Day!!

November 25 2015
I apologize for the delay in updating today, as I had to go to the dentist because one of my teeth was FUCKING KILLING ME!!!  I'll make up for it tomorrow, because lonely people with no families need porn on holidays! DUCKING!!!

November 24 2015
I apologize for the lackluster update today, but I have to take my little chihuahua to the vet because he tore his ACL.  Hopefully these new full size pics from Miley Cyrus' shoot with Uncle Terry will make up for it Thumb Up!

November 23 2015
I truly think that Fantasy Football is eating away at what little sanity I have left.

November 21 2015
Yesterday, I posted a pic of my broken fence.  After I fixed it, I posted this before & after pic on Facebook and I got a well deserved bashing.  The best reply:
"If you weren't 5 hours away, I'd toss my post hole digger in the truck, come out there and beat you with it."

November 20 2015
At times, I really hate owning a home FUCK ME!

November 19 2015
I watched The Man From UNCLE yesterday & I have to say, that Superman guy is a pretty good actor!  The Lone Ranger?  Not so much...

November 18 2015
Sorry for not updating yesterday, but I woke up feeling like complete dog shit & spent most of the day medicating myself.

November 16 2015
Uncle Terry took some more pics of Miley Cyrus and in the words of that infamous nerd Booger: "We've got bush!"

November 14 2015
Saturday The 14th FUNNY! Funny things, man!  Funny Things!

November 13 2015
Friday The 13th OH NO! Bad things, man!  Bad Things!

November 12 2015
My 9 year old Chihuahua somehow tore his ACL, so he's on IR & out for the rest of the season.

November 11 2015
If you play any type of Fantasy Sports and live in New York, then I beg you to PLEASE let your voice be heard!  Click HERE to help Protect Daily Fantasy Sports In New York Thumb Up!

November 10 2015
Due to a technical error, Porno Tubesday will be tomorrow...and I know that makes no sense.

November 9 2015
Would it surprise you that I spent most of the weekend looking at BBW Shemale porn?

November 7 2015
I rewatched A History Of Violence last night & I'm not sure if the best scene was getting to see Maria Bello's bush or that he ordered a Genny Cream Ale when he went back to Philly.

November 6 2015
Yes, I am making plans to go see the new Star Wars movie, because I realized yesterday that I've been waiting 32-1/2 years for this! YES!!

November 5 2015
Remember legally playing poker online?? Those were the days...not that I ever won anything, but I do have a good friend that won his way into the WSOP! I have this feeling that the recent scuttlebutt about Daily Fantasy Sports is going to cause it to go away just like online poker did, so why not get in now before it does!
Draft Kings will give you & me a free $20 entry into their weekly NFL $6M Millionaire Maker where 1st place gets a cool $1 million! 2nd gets $500,000, 3rd $250,000...all the way to 75500th place, which gets $30. I think it's just over 20% of the entries cash in. If I put you in a room with 4 other Fantasy Football geeks, you think you could beat them with your choice of players this week?
All you have to do is go there via this link: https://www.draftkings.com/r/greenguy89. Then sign up, *deposit $5 & BINGO! You & I are both given an entry into this week's NFL $6M Millionaire Maker Thumb Up!
* Deposit money via Credit Card or PayPal (and I just found out you can use your PayPal line-of-credit, which is also interest free for 6 months if it's over $99)

November 4 2015
Today I get to go see the Pee Pee doctor! Pee Pee Time!

November 3 2015
It's your civic duty to go out and ROCK THE VOTE! ROCK THE VOTE!!

November 2 2015
I think my season at Draft Kings is officially over - WOW!  Did I take a beating yesterday.

October 31 2015
Just remember: A bed sheet & some scissors makes for a great costume!
I Am A Ghost - Now Gimme Some Candy! 

October 30 2015
My sickness seems to be gone - just in time for me to do nothing at all during Halloween weekend!

October 29 2015
Sorry for the lackluster updates the last few days - this sickness is really fucking me up.

October 28 2015
Sorry I had to take yesterday off, but whatever sickness I have just knocked me out.

October 26 2015
Woke up feeling like shit.  Welcome to Cold & Flu Season.

October 24 2015
The World Series is basically upon us, and as usual, Fox will have Joe Buck doing the play-by-play.  I hate Joe Buck.  If you do as well, please sign this petition Thumb Up!

October 23 2015
I saw my chiropractor for the 1st time in 2 weeks yesterday, as she was on vacation.  I'm not sure if I hurt more before or after!

October 22 2015
I haven't watch even an inning of baseball all season, yet I'm glued to the TV now that the playoffs are in full swing.  Who am I rooting for?  I'll give you a hint: Their main team color is blue.

October 21 2015
I watched Jurassic World on Amazon PPV yesterday & I honestly can't believe how fucking cheesy the plot & dialogue were.

October 20 2015
Remember 5 days ago I said I'd probably jinx myself by bragging about how well I did on Draft Kings?  Well, I must be a prophet, because I took a fucking BEATING! BOOOO!!!

October 19 2015
Sorry I took yesterday off, but I figured after adding 30+ links 3 days in a row, I needed a break.

October 17 2015
Most people forget about this made-up romantic holiday, so feel free to send this to the one you love:
Happy Swedish Day!

October 16 2015
Happy National Boss Day to me! I Am My Boss!

October 15 2015
I hate to brag, because that usually means I jinx things, but last week on Draft Kings, I used all of the $86 I had in my account, and now I'm at $162 Thumb Up!

October 14 2015
I've got nothing Thumb Up!

October 13 2015
Can you go blind analyzing spreadsheets full of hockey stats?  I ask because, after these last few weeks, my eyesight ain't so good I No See So Good

October 12 2015
It's just after 1 AM here & I just updated.  But, I have no idea why I'm awake.  Maybe it's because I finally got out of the red on Draft Kings?  Started out the season with $100 in my account, was down into the $30's 2 weeks ago, $50's last week, and I was at $86 going into today.  Right now I'm at $146 & I'm currently winning $18 on entries that included MNF.  Wanna give it a shot?  Use this link to Draft Kings & we'll each get a free $20 entry into The NFL Millionaire Maker next Sunday the 18th! Thumb Up!

October 10 2015
I tried to load up on the links today, as I have a late online Fantasy Hockey Draft tonight, and my schedule for tomorrow is chock full of football stuff, so just in case I don't make it here tomorrow, enjoy your weekend Lil Greenie

October 9 2015
It only took 30 seconds for the Sabres to disappoint me last night.  At least that new kid scored.

October 8 2015
By beloved Buffalo Sabres kick off their season tonight...aka the one day a year I have optimism.

October 7 2015
Happy Dance!! HOCKEY!!! Happy Dance!!

October 6 2015
This is a rarity for me: I turned $50 into $86 on Draft Kings this past weekend Thumb Up!

October 5 2015
I took yesterday off & today I actually feel kinda normal Thumb Up!

October 3 2015
I rewatched Pearl Jam Twenty yesterday & I realized that I really miss the early 90's.

October 2 2015
Fantasy Hockey Prep Part II is officially underway!

October 1 2015
Welcome to October!

September 30 2015
If there's one constant in my life, it's the word "disappoint".

September 29 2015
Sooooo....there may have been life on Mars?  No shit! DUH!

September 28 2015
My brain is so fried from looking at spreadsheets full of hockey stats that I may just veg out on the couch for the rest of the day!

September 26-27 2015
I just updated, but I'm taking the rest of the weekend off due to hosting my Fantasy Hockey Draft here at the house on Sunday Thumb Up!

September 25 2015
Any of you remember the comic strip Bloom County?  Bill The Cat?  Opus?  Well, Berkeley Breathed has brought Bloom County BACK!!

September 24 2015
My mom is 68 years old and yesterday, she bought her 1st brand new car/vehicle EVER!  The joy on her face almost made me forget that she's spending my inheritance MOM!

September 23 2015
I decided to watch Furious 7 on PPV yesterday.  I'm not a huge fan of the series, and I get that they are popular because of the cars & stunts & action scenes, but fuck me!  The plotline & dialogue were fucking atrocious!  And I don't think they had enough call-backs to bad jokes.

September 22 2015
I'm happy to say that I won $3 in a Free Entry contest over at Draft Kings...but don't ask about my paid entries I Got My Ass SPANKED!

September 21 2015
You have no idea how big of a letdown watching my Buffalo Bills screw up and lose to New England, especially after each team's 1st drives, where we marched down & scored and then held them to a 3-and-out Fuck Me

September 20 2015
I honestly don't remember when the Buffalo community was so hyped up about football...and that includes the Super Bowl years! Here's what's going on here in Orchard Park, NY:
1 - Buffalo Bills are playing New England...and very few people here like them, especially Tom Brady because he's a CHEATER!!! Gosh Darn Cheaters!!
2 - ESPN is broadcasting LIVE outside the stadium until 10 AM. So far, aside from Ron Jaworski giving a shout-out to my/his hometown of Lackawanna, NY, the best thing I've seen is a guy in the crowd of people standing behind the live broadcast holding up a picture of Robert Durst Kudos To You!
3 - The Guinness Book Of World Records is here as they're trying to set the World Record for crowd noise at the stadium today GET LOUD!!!
4 - The RV/Camper parking lot sold out yesterday. It also sold out last Saturday before last Sunday's game. I only mention this because it's only happened ONE time before this season Ok So I Do Not Have A Camper Smiley
So I'm trying to work as I soak all this in...and I just noticed a SECOND Robert Durst sign & I'm on the verge of tears from laughing!!! Too Funny!

September 18 2015
Due to my obligations as the Assistant Commish (ok, Secretary) of a Fantasy Hockey League that has keepers & salaries & contracts & whatnot, I'll be taking off from updating tomorrow so that I can work on everyone's rosters Tis The Season!

September 17 2015
For me, the highlight of last night's Republican Debate was Marco Rubio's BOMB of a joke WOW WOW WOW WOW

September 16 2015
My calendar says today is Independence Day in Mexico, but it's not May 5th Well DUH!

September 15 2015
I love my Buffalo Bills, but I'm dropping any that I have on my Fantasy Football teams.  I started Sammy Watkins over Brandon Marshall at WR.  Watkins had 0 points, Marshall has 18.  I lost by 7 FUCK ME!!

September 14 2015
My teams in my local Fantasy Football Leagues KICKED ASS yesterday, just like my beloved Buffalo Bills Thumb Up!
My entries over at Draft Kings...Not good WEEP FOR ME!!!

September 13 2015

September 11 2015
Never Never Forget Forget
Also, I'm taking Saturday off for Buffalo's Out Of The Darkness Walk

September 10 2015
For the 1st time in 7 days, I actually feel almost normal.  Good thing, too, because there's football to be watched tonight!

September 9 2015
Still fucking sick FML!! AC guy came & fixed the AC, only to have it take a shit 8 hours later FML!!

September 8 2015
Not only am I still fucking sick, but the fucking AC took a shit.  Nothing like trying to sleep with a horrible cold while it's 84 in your room FML!

September 7 2015
Sorry for not updating yesterday, as well as the lack of new links added today, but whatever sickness I had last week was just a prelude to how fucking horrendous I've felt since Saturday morning.  I'm pretty sure I for everyone in my Fantasy Football League sick during our draft, then I spent about 36 hours in bed.  I'll make up for it tomorrow...assuming I'm not dead from whatever the fuck sickness I have.

September 4 2015
Seeing as I'm hosting my big Fantasy Football Draft tomorrow, I doubt I'll be working/updating.  Plan accordingly Thumb Up!

September 3 2015
Fuck this fucking flu shit FML!

September 2 2015
So I just get over whatever summer cold/flu I had last week & my lovely bride gets sick & gives it back to me FML!

September 1 2015
I got the top 2 guys on my list at my Fantasy Football draft last night (Gronk & Brown) and yet, I think my team sucks balls.

August 31 2015
1st Fantasy Football Draft of the season for me tonight.  The homer in me wants to draft Tyrod Taylor I Love This Emoticon!

August 29 2015
I might not update tomorrow as I have a shitload of Fantasy Football prep to do for this coming week.

August 28 2015
Some days, I'm creative as all hell when I'm working.  Today is not one of those days.

August 27 2015
I've said it before & I'll say it again: Being the Commish of a Fantasy League is like trying to herd cats.  40+ year old cats that have jobs & an education.

August 26 2015
I discovered something worse than a fucking summer cold/flu:
Waking up to Day 2 of a summer cold/flu & finding 2 major problems with the fantasy football league you're commish of AARRRGGGHHH!

August 25 2015
I can't think of anything worse than a fucking summer cold/flu BOO!

August 24 2015
Sorry I took the weekend off to work on my fantasy football & hockey stuff.

August 21 2015
Not only should Tyrod Taylor be named the Bills starting QB, I might fucking draft him in my fantasy leagues!

August 20 2015
Bills Preseason Game #2 is tonight! Here's to Tyrod Taylor showing us he's starting QB material Thumb Up!

August 19 2015
I have to admit, it is GREAT to see that Berkeley Breathed has revived the Bloom County comic strip.  Bill The Cat fucking RULES! FUCK YEAH CHIPPERSON!

August 18 2015
Seriously: How can a psychiatrist help someone they see for 15 minutes every 4-6 weeks??

August 17 2015
Two weeks until my 1st of 2 big Fantasy Football drafts & all I can think about is how CBS Sports is releasing their 2015-16 Fantasy Hockey update tomorrow Greenguy Hearts Hockey

August 16 2015
Incase you missed this gem in yesterday's links, I think I may have found my all-time favorite pornstar name/alias for a BBW:
Julie Ann More

August 15 2015
After watching last night Buffalo Bills preseason opener, I really hope Tyrod Taylor is named our starting QB for Week 1 Three Cheers For Tyrod Taylor!!!

August 14 2015
Tonight is the preseason opener for my beloved Buffalo Bills and, oddly enough, I'm excited to watch it!

August 13 2015
If you want to know what life was like before the all this PC bullshit, go watch the 1976 version of The Bad News Bears Thumb Up!

August 12 2015
Sorry for the late update today, but I do take my dental hygiene seriously! See My Teeth?

August 11 2015
So how about that ending on True Detective? (asks the guy 2 days after it airs)

August 10 2015
I know I whore myself out a lot on here, but if you collect NFL or NHL TeenyMates, I've got a lot of individual figures for sale cheap on my eBay Thumb Up!

August 9 2015
Another less-than-stellar Sunday update, but it is the weekend, so who gives a fuck Thumb Up!

August 8 2015
There's still time to buy my Nirvana Legacy 1988-1994 Rare 8 CD Box Set (Only 1000 Made) on my eBay!!!

August 7 2015
I've got nothing.

August 6 2015
Having a rough week, but at least I'm updating Thumb Up!

August 5 2015
Here's a cute little shits & giggles thing that none of you will do:
My Favorite Bands or Musicians By Decade

August 4 2015
Any Nirvana fans on here?  I've decided to sell my Nirvana Legacy 1988-1994 Rare 8 CD Box Set (Only 1000 Made) on my eBay

August 3 2015
If you're in the Buffalo area, or just want to donate to a great cause, please check out my American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's annual Out Of The Darkness Walk page.  Thanks!

August 2 2015
Sorry for the light update today - I think I need to go back to bed.

August 1 2015
So... August is here... I've got nothing!

July 31 2015
Someone explain to me why I thought July had only 30 days?

July 30 2015
So much for July & so much for that OTC wonder drug.  Back to my normal caffeine intake & daily naps.

July 29 2015
I started some new OTC wonder drug/vitamin/patch thing that's supposed to boost my energy & keep me focused.  So far, so good...I think.

July 28 2015
I completely forgot that I have something up on my eBay that some of you may actually want:
5 XBox Live Gold 1 Month Membership Cards (Xbox One/360)
Right now it's at $34 - but hurry! Bidding ends around 4 PM EDT!

July 27 2015
I renamed my Monday links to Mature Milfs Momday!  GET IT?!?!

July 26 2015
Sorry I took yesterday off - I just wasn't feeling like I wanted to actually do some work.

July 24 2015
Sorry for the late update today, but it is the 21st anniversary of my bride & I dating, so we're celebrating a little I Am On The Right

July 23 2015
My niece says I have to be #TeamMeek but what truly fascinates me about this whole thing is that the City of Toronto Councillor's Twitter username is @norm WOOT!

July 22 2015
Just an FYI about the dating links you see on here: NONE of them have anything to do with Ashley Madison!

July 21 2015
I went a little nuts with the tube clip links today, so try to not waste more than an hour or 2 watching them Thumb Up!

July 20 2015
Sure! Why not wake up before the sun come up on a Monday & watch some golf! WTF is wrong with me??

July 19 2015
You'd be interested to know this uniform was given me by the Captain of the Links at St. Andrews from Scotland Why am I awake? Scotland is my homeland! My Homeland!

July 18 2015
PSSSSST! Mr Skin is still $4/month - and yes, I just renewed Lil Greenie

July 17 2015
I yanked a shitload of dead links yesterday & it pains me to see the sites of my old friends go belly up Me Is Sadness

July 16 2015
I've still got some stuff up for sale on my eBay if you're interested.

July 15 2015
It's Prime Day at Amazon, so if you have some cash to spend, do me a favor & go to my lame side project Greenguy89.com & click on the Amazon banner for me...please? Lil Greenie

July 14 2015
The depressing news just keeps on coming in my life.  I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say the piece of mail I recv'd yesterday was a fucking doozie!

July 13 2015
I'm exhausted.  My back is killing me.  I feel like someone beat me up.  But, it was totally worth it to see Def Leppard & Tesla last night RAWK!!!

July 12 2015
Sorry for taking yesterday off, but I really needed to clear my head.  Tomorrow is up in the air too, as I'm going to see Def Leppard tonight Happy Greenguy Banana Dance

July 10 2015
I watched the movie Sixteen Candles for the 1st time in about 25 years yesterday & I have to say that the Long Duck Dong scenes are still fucking hilarious!

July 9 2015
I've got nothing Yup!

July 8 2015
Nothing like sleeping for 12 hours & feeling like you want to go back to bed an hour later :(

July 7 2015
Any of you guys (or gals?) interested in those TeenyMates collections?  If so, I've got some NFL & NHL TeenyMates Sets For Sale

July 6 2015
I decided to take a quick shower before the US vs Japan Women's World Cup Final last night.  When I got out & looked at the TV, it was already 4-0 I STINK!!

July 5 2015
Looks like I'll be keeping my FlagGuy up for at least 1 more day, as the US Women's National Soccer Team looks to drop the bomb on their Japanese counterparts in the FIFA Women's World Cup Final today!
America Loves Soccer!
(too soon?)

July 3-4 2015
My favorite celebrity site is having a $4/month sale for The 4th Of July!
God Bless America!
America Loves Mr Skin! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!America Loves Mr Skin!

July 2 2015
It looks like it'll be WWII all over again on Sunday in the FIFA Women's Final!
(Too Soon?)

July 1 2015
I Can Be Canadia?
Happy Birthday Canadia!!

June 30 2015
25 years ago today, I saw Aerosmith, Metallica, and some band named The Black Crowes at the now defunct Silver Stadium in Rochester, NY.  One of the BEST concerts I've ever been to!

June 29 2015
It's another Mature Mom Milfs Monday over on the New Porn Links page!

June 28 2015
Just a quick Sunday update today, since I know most of you are not online & out enjoying your weekend!

June 27 2015
A little late with the update today, but I was busy splitting the Milfs category into Milf Nudes & Milf Sex Thumb Up!

June 26 2015
With a little bit of luck, I'll have another new category for you tomorrow!

June 25 2015
I think I've slept 14 of the last 24 hours - gotta love having a sleep disorder!

June 24 2015
I ordered our league's draft board & kit for this years Fantasy Football season yesterday, and they said that if I let people know about them, they'd give you 10% off this year and me a discount year, so if you run a league, here's 10% Off Fantasy Football Draft Boards/Kits Are You Ready For Some Fantasy Football?!

June 23 2015
I added a shitload of new smileys/emoticons/emojis yesterday and today.  Got one to suggest?  Email it to me - but make sure it's small enough or easily resizable Thumb Up!
...and unfortunately, Tub Girl is too big Good Ole Tub Girl

June 22 2015
I think that my little Amateur Movie Monday experiment is officially a bust, so today marks the 1st Mature Mom Milfs Monday!

June 21 2015
Happy Dilfs Day!  Also, can you tell by this screen cap from the Recent Updates section in my Mr Skin account that I like the girls in Orange Is The New Black?

June 20 2015
The one thing I hate about this site is working on stuff that none of you will ever notice, but it has to be done...by hand...to every page!

June 19 2015
I've got nothing!

June 18 2015
I really not a fan of the noodles, but Happy Ramadan!

June 17 2015
I am NOT afraid to whore myself out!
I've Got Some (basically) New Crap On eBay

June 16 2015
As usual, I fucking fell asleep during the 2nd period of last night's hockey game.  Congrats to Chicago, especially Patrick Kane, who is as close as Buffalo will ever get to having The Stanley Cup.

June 15 2015
I see absolutely nothing wrong with spending most of Saturday & all of Sunday binge watching Orange Is The New Black Thumb Up!

June 14 2015
It's Sunday & I update before 7 AM?  WTF is wrong with me?  I'm going back to bed :)

June 13 2015
Started watching Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black yesterday, so this mindless rambling of mine sorta fits today:
NBC's Aquarius Is The Future Of Binge Watching & It Sucks!

June 12 2015
Just once, I'd like to wake up in the morning & not be exhausted 2 or 3 hours later :-(

June 11 2015
My Review Of The Doc "Hot Girls Wanted"

June 10 2015
You gotta love it when your credit card company decreases your credit limit by 1/3rd for no reason FUCK!!

June 9 2015
Typical to most of my playoff hockey viewing, I fell asleep in the middle of the 3rd period when it was tied 2-2 I STINK!

June 8 2015
I ended up pounding a lot of Monster energy drinks on Saturday night so I could watch the hockey game & woke up Sunday feeling like I had a hangover, so that's why there was no update yesterday.  Sorry :)

June 6 2015
Are you an Opie & Anthony fan?  Got a bit of a beer gut?  Well, then check out my Opie & Anthony T-Shirt For Sale!

June 5 2015
It's just too hot during these warmer months for me to drink coffee...but I need caffeine!!  Luckily, they sell it in pill form & it's a shitload cheaper than using my fucking Keurig machine Thumb Up!

June 4 2015
...and no sooner was the tax money in my account, it's gone & I'm broke again :-(

June 3 2015
I Happy Dance GOT Happy Dance MY Happy Dance TAX Happy Dance REFUND!

June 2 2015
Do me a favor & check out my new friend Indie Nudes because I like to help those that help me Thumb Up!

June 1 2015
My niece turns 21 today & all her friends took her out last night & there was a cake & presents...when I turned 21, my buddy knocked on my door at 12:05 AM & made me go buy him beer Ha Ha!

May 31 2015
I too hate people that bitch about the weather, but yesterday it was 82F here and today, it's fucking 45F Maybe It Will Snow!

May 30 2015
I added a shitload of links today in honor of me waking up to this:
About Fucking Time!!!

May 29 2015
I was a little bored yesterday, so I added a new category:
Teen Interracial

May 28 2015
After spending countless hours trying to reach a human being on the IRS phone number, I finally succeeded in talking to someone & found out the refund I submitted 60 days ago should be here next week About Fucking Time!

May 27 2015
I've got nothing...

May 26 2015
I fell asleep about halfway thru the 3rd period of the hockey game last night.  Did I miss anything exciting? FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!

May 25 2015
Yes, it is Memorial Day, and I am very thankful to all that died in the line of duty serving our country.  But, it is also Towel Day, so please, proudly carry your towel today & everyday I Can Has Towel

May 24 2015
The closest I'll ever come to non-porn fame:

May 23 2015
I'm up early because I had to take a massive fucking dump & these fucking birds chirping outside my house are really fucking annoying!  Happy Holiday Weekend, fuckers!  Almost forgot: I was looking in the junk drawer for a ruler & found this Thumb Up!

May 22 2015
It's a big holiday weekend, which really means nothing to me as far as partying, so odds are I'll be updating if you too are a lonely loser & feel the need to tug it over the next few days.

May 21 2015
Is it strange that I'm sad to see Letterman go, even though I probably haven't watched him on a regular basis in 10-12 years?

May 20 2015
More proof that I have my finger on the pulse of pop-culture: I went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron yesterday!

May 19 2015
So let's see...It's another Porno Tubesday on the New Porn Links page; Tampa Bay won YIPEE!; I still don't have my tax refund FUCK!!

May 18 2015
(As if you care) I added a couple new links to My Friend's Porn Sites, so give'em a click Thumb Up For Clicks
Ero Curves - Tiny Eve - Eros Blog

May 17 2015
If my hockey jinx continues, look for Anahiem & Rangers in the finals, because I'm rooting for Tampa Bay & Chicago!

May 15 2015
It's been 45 days since I e-filed my Federal taxes & I'm owed a lot of money.  The IRS site says if it's been over 21 days, you can contact them to see what the holdup is.  You ever try to get someone on the phone at the IRS?  I am so fucked.

May 14 2015
I am dragging ass today because I pounded down 3 or 4 energy drinks & stayed up to watch the fucking Rangers beat Washington I HATE The Rangers

May 13 2015
Seeing as I've adjusted the look inside here, it might be time for me to spruce up that 10 year old warning page.

May 12 2015
One of the MANY medical issues in my life is Sleep Apnea as well as the fact that I sleep about 12-14 hours a day.  In order to find out if it's being caused by the meds I'm on, I'd have to stop ALL of them for 2 weeks, then have another sleep study.  Yeah, that's exactly what I want to do: Stop taking all my meds for 2 weeks Crazy Doctors

May 11 2015
I went with the bride & her family to Bingo yesterday.  Yes, it is boring as fuck...until the 1 number you need pops up on the screen as the next number to be called...and some cunt screams BINGO!  1 number away from $500 FUCK!!!

May 9-10 2015
It's a rare Saturday update for me, since I'm fucking off for the rest of the weekend to celebrate Milf's Day!

May 8 2015
If I still see this on the IRS Refund site come Monday, I'm really gonna fucking snap!

May 7 2015
If you've been paying attention around here (and it's ok if you haven't) you've seen the general design of the category pages changing.  It's a work in progress & since there's 150+ of them that I (stupidly) have to edit by hand, just be patient with me.

May 6 2015
I finally got to watch Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck yesterday & all I can say is WOW!  Such a powerful documentary & it made me so happy that I was alive & enjoying/spreading his music when it was happening.

May 5 2015
Get It??
In other news, it's Porno Tubesday on the New Porn Links page, and I've been tweaking the design on the category pages.

May 4 2015
May The 4th Be With You I Heart Luke

May 3 2015
Just a small quick update today to get my ducks in a row.

May 2 2015
No update today, but I did want to mention a few things:
1st & foremost, do society a favor today: Do NOT watch The Kentucky Derby BOO!364 days a year, you could give 2 shits about horse racing.  Rich people in fancy hats getting drunk & watching horses run around for 2 minutes Crazy Strange Just ignore the hype machine that is NBC Sports, because in the end, NO ONE CARES! You Better Not Watch It!
2ndly, I added 2 new categories today:
Lesbian Anal
Lesbian Femdom
3rd & finally: GO CAPS! Go Caps Go

May 1 2015
My Caps won last night...even if I did fall asleep in the middle of the 3rd period BOO!

April 30 2015
Happy that Tampa won last night, making my record 2-6 in backing teams in the playoffs.  Caps & Hawks from here on out for me!

April 29 2015
The lack of playoff hockey last night very much confused me Dizzy!!

April 28 2015
The new design on this page is very much a "work in progress" but hopefully you guys (and gals?) like it Thumb Up!

April 27 2015
Well, here's the new design for this page that I've been working on.  It's not 100% complete, but my brain hurts from searching for smileys & emoticons!

April 24 2015
Just an FYI: No update tomorrow & Sunday's not looking good either, as I'm in the process of a MASSIVE redesign of this page.

April 23 2015
Take a look in the top left corner - hopefully I got this right & it's on every page Thumb Up!

April 22 2015
Happy Earth Day from The Original Greenguy Lil Greenie

April 21 2015
Depression has set in once again, as you can NOT find this site in Google by searching for the word "greenguy" BOO!

April 20 2015
I did some more work yesterday & added another new category:
NEW!Latina TeensNEW!

April 19 2015
I did some work yesterday & added a new category:
NEW!Asian TeensNEW!

April 17 2015
I apologize for the less-than-stellar update today - I'm just not feeling it this morning.

April 16 2015
Nothing worse than falling asleep after the 1st overtime of an NHL Playoff game!

April 15 2015
Even though my beloved Buffalo Sabres basically ruined the hockey season for me, I'm very excited to watch some NHL Playoffs tonight! HOCKEY!!!

April 14 2015
Here's a cheesy reminder: TAXES ARE DUE TOMORROW!

April 13 2015
Well, the idea of updating on Saturday went out the window when I decided to just fuck off for the entire day.  Anyway, it's Girlfriend Monday, so enjoy!

April 10 2015
You might have noticed that I don't typically update on Saturday, but that may change now that the Fantasy Hockey seasons are over, because that ate up most of my mornings.

April 9 2015
Are things looking better around here?  I did finish adding the review score to all the applicable premium sites.  Next, to clean up the numerous dead links - and I know there's a lot - but I'm working on it!

April 8 2015
Hump Day!  And remember, it's Friendly Wednesday, so all of today's new links are from my friends.  Show them I still have a little internet power Thumb Up!

April 7 2015
This whole O & A thing has me feeling like I'm in the middle of a family dispute :(

April 6 2015
I took the weekend off to spend time with the family :)

April 3 2015
Good Good Friday Friday!

April 2 2015
I started to go thru all the Premium sites that I have listed & I'm going to add the review score to those that have reviews.  Hopefully you guys (and gals?) will find this helpful.

April 1 2015
No April Fools here!  If you look below at the list of categories, you'll see that none of them have that background color that I was using while I was making layout changes to the pages.  That's because I FINALLY FUCKING FINISHED!!! Thumb Up!

March 31 2015
Fucking taxes!  I owe the state, but I'm getting a refund from federal, and I need that to pay the state!  It best come in by the 15th!!!

March 30 2015
I'm back!  I had a nice enjoyable weekend, and it snowed!  Hopefully this week will be kinda normal :-)

March 27 2015
The Good News:
I apologize again for not being able to update yesterday, but the techguy's worked on my server & things are now loading as fast as ever!
The Bad News:
I'm gonna try to take the weekend off, so see ya Monday!

March 26 2015
I apologize, but I don't think there's going to be an update today.  I'm having some programming problems & seeing as the script I use to run this mess was written in 2001, I'm having trouble finding anyone that knows WTF is going on Thumb DOWN!
It's fixed, the site is loading like shit thru a goose, and I'll be back tomorrow

March 25 2015
Started watching Bloodline on Nexflix yesterday & I'm fucking hooked!  I've come to the conclusion that I will now watch any series Netflix puts out!

March 24 2015
Remember what I said yesterday about not being #1 when you search "greenguy" in Google?  Well, yesterday afternoon, it magically came back!! I Can Dance!

March 23 2015
I am depressed beyond belief.  For the 1st time ever(?) this site is not the #1 result in Google for the word "greenguy".  What might be worse is that I could not find this site on the 1st 20 pages of results (or the top 200).  It feels like I've been robbed of my identity Me Sad

March 22 2015
So I took most of yesterday off & watch 2 great movies: 1st it was Interstellar.  Then, I watched Exodus: Gods and Kings.  Both were great works of fiction He He He

March 20 2015
Spring Has Sprung!! LOL! ROFL! GTFO! OU812! REO SPEEDWAGON!

March 19 2015
For those of you that are paying attention to things around here, I'm down to about 20 or so categories that need to be changed over to the new design.  I'm confident I'll have the rest done by Christmas!

March 18 2015
Nicki Minaj announced US tour dates that go on sale today & my niece is seriously freaking out.  I'm in charge of getting her some presale tix, but I honestly can't remember being anywhere near as excited as she is about a concert!

March 17 2015
Here in the Buffalo area, everyone wants our beloved Sabres to tank the rest of the hockey season in order to get a high draft pick so they can take McDavid or Eichel.  But take a look at the last 3 "next big thing" draft picks:
John Tavares: Drafted in 2009 - Islanders have made the playoffs once (in 2012); just now becoming a very good team
Sidney Crosby: Drafted in 2005 - Penguins missed playoffs his 1st season; didn't win Stanley Cup til 2009 (plus he's got Malkin)
Alexander Ovechkin: Drafted 2005 - Capitals missed playoffs his 1st 2 years; still no Cup
My point? We're still not going to see a good team until the 2020's!!

March 16 2015
So happy today!  I made it to the money in 1 of my Fantasy Hockey leagues!  With any luck, I'll break even Thumb Up!
(Oh, it's also Girlfriend Monday - ENJOY!)

March 15 2015
With a little help from an old friend, I was able to add a Last Updated date to all the category pages on here.  Hopefully that helps some of you out Lil Greenie

March 13 2015
AAAHHH!!! Friday The 13th Part II!! Bad things!!

March 12 2015
The Bitch has 2 job interviews today, so let's hope she lands one Thumb Up!

March 11 2015
I really hate it when I get a bug up my ass about how this page looks.  Yes, it does need a new design, but I'm still working on updating all the category pages!!

March 10 2015
Not only is today Porno Tubesday but look at what came in the mail yesterday!
2014 AVN HOF Member Greenguy

March 9 2015
Aside from the fact that it's another Girlfriend Monday, I have one thing to say:
Roof Ice Dams SUCK!!!

March 8 2015
I was gonna update yesterday, but I found myself truly consumed listening to the re-release of Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti, especially one song:
Everybody Makes It Through (In the Light) (Early Version - In Transit)

March 6 2015
BTW, the roof did stop leaking in my house, but yesterday I realized the temps were back in the teens, so I'm sure to have problems this weekend when it's in the 30s.

March 5 2015
Well, after a couple hours of getting snow & ice off my roof yesterday, I think I'm entitled to take the rest of today off...but I did update Thumb Up!

March 4 2015
Good thing I got the update ready early today, as it's above freezing for the 1st time in about 3 months & now there's water leaking in everywhere in my house BOO!!!

March 3 2015
Seeing as I was so late with yesterday's Girlfriend Monday links, I made sure to load up on the Porno Tubesday vids bright & early!

March 2 2015
Sorry for the late Girlfriend Monday update, but personal/family matters come 1st.

February 28 2015
Seeing as I missed updating Thursday, I just put up an extra special super duper no holds barred Saturday update! (that looks like every other update)

February 27 2015
I'm sorry I missed yesterday's update - too many doctor appts, including 1 that was 2+ hours in a dentist chair!

February 25 2015
Don't you fucking hate it when you wake up & your PC decided to reboot itself in the middle of the night FUCK!

February 24 2015
Video Tuesday has officially been changed to Porno Tubesday Thumb Up!

February 23 2015
As promised!
1 - It's Girlfriend Monday on the New Porn Links page
2 - I shit on my TV!

February 22 2015
If Birdman wins ANYTHING tonight I may just take a shit on my TV!

February 20 2015
OK - enough about my update streak (6 days in a row & 10 of the last 11 BTW)

February 19 2015
Updates 4 days in a row & 9 of the last 10?!  I might "officially" be back!

February 18 2015
For Lent, I'm once again giving up Religion. Seems to be working, so why stop!

February 17 2015
Late update Monday = Early update Tuesday!  And, it's another jam packed all video update!!
PS - Every day is Fat Tuesday at my Chubby Twitter Gals Page

February 16 2015
It's a little late in the day, but I updated before midnight, so it counts!  And, it's the 1st of what I'm going to call Girlfriend Monday's Thumb Up!

February 15 2015
Yes, I took yesterday off - so sue me!  But I do have to say that Jim Jefferies was FUCKING HILARIOUS on Friday night!

February 13 2015
To celebrate Valentine's Day, as well as my 5th daily update in a row, The Bitch & I are going to see Jim Jefferies perform tonight!

February 12 2015
4th day in a row with an update?!  I think that's a new record!  So do me a favor & click on a banner, will ya? Thumb Up!

February 11 2015
I updated THREE days in a row?!

February 10 2015
I'm thinking that, once or twice a week, I'm just gonna bombard you with clips from recently released movies from my HD Porn Theater.
(you all do know I have that, don't you?)

February 9 2015
I honestly don't think my life can get any worse...

February 6 2015
Sorry I didn't update yesterday, but I have one hell of a legit excuse: I was removing about 6,000 links...by hand Thumb Up!

February 4 2015
Humpday Update Thumb Up!

February 2 2015
Merry Groundhog Day!
Here's my take on the end of the Super Bowl:
6 seconds left in the half, you'd think they were gonna kneel, run 2-3 seconds off the clock so that they wouldn't have to kickoff, then kick the fieldgoal - nope! Touchdown pass to tie the game!
20 or so seconds left in the game on the 1, you'd think they'd run the ball - nope! Pass gets intercepted!
The same things that make Pete Carroll a great coach can also make him look dumb. They score & he's a genius. You can't have it both ways...

January 31 2015
I was gonna try to put up some new links to day, but there's just not enough good stuff to bother.

January 30 2015
Just finished a nice little update and I got 7 categories all spiffed up & fancy looking:
Oral & Blowjobs
Oral Sex Movies
Panty Porn
Pantyhose Porn
Petite Sex
Porn Movies
Pornstar Lesbians

January 29 2015
No update yesterday or today, but rest easy, knowing that things are going on behind the scenes.

January 27 2015
Not a massive update today, but an update none-the-less!

January 26 2015
More Netflix yesterday.  Started watching their series The Fall & I have to admit, only 2 episodes in, I'm hooked!

January 25 2015
I was gonna update yesterday - I swear!  But then I turned on Netflix & sat my fat ass on the couch for the entire day.

January 23 2015
Another day, another update! Thumb Up!
...and, I think I forgot to tell everyone what my lovely bride, The Bitch, gave me for Xmas: Meet my little buddy Ren!
Greenguy's Chihuahua Ren

January 22 2015
I am going to try to update today, but I did want to mention that most of my category pages do have a new 1-5 min flash video every day.  Just look for the next to the category to know which ones to visit each day Thumb Up!

January 21 2015
I updated - nothing major, but I do want to at least try to get back to doing this every day.

January 20 2015
I'm back & almost recovered from my big birthday weekend!

January 16 2015
Updates for 3 outta the last 4 days, but I can almost guarantee that streak is gonna stop, seeing as it's my birthday weekend

January 14 2015
Back-to-back updates - enjoy it now, because I could be back to weekly at any moment!

January 13 2015
I am working a lot these days - pretty soon, it'll be daily updates lol

January 11 2015
It's 7 AM on a Sunday & what am I doing? Slinging porn!!

January 8 2015
WOW! I actually updated before Noon!  I deserve some sort of prize

January 5 2015
RIP Stuart Scott.  With as much ESPN that I've watched over the years, it's like losing a friend :'(

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