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December 31 2016
Merry New Year!!!

December 29-30 2016
I've got a cold...

December 28 2016
I watched that Rats documentary yesterday & it really skeeved me out!

December 27 2016
It really sucks being the Commish of a Fantasy Football league when the season ends & you can't keep any of the money :(

December 26 2016
Merry Boxing Day, Canada!!

December 24 2016
Merry Xmas Eve!

December 23 2016
Happy Festivus!!

December 22 2016
A very early update since I was sick & sleeping most of the day.

December 21 2016
I updated & I'm sick, so you're welcome :)

December 20 2016
I fucking hate the holidays.

December 19 2016
I didn't go to yesterday's Bills game, but I did tailgate :)

December 16 2016
Nothing beats a sneezing fit 1st thing in the morning.

December 15 2016
You'd think 6" of snow wouldn't shut down the Buffalo area...

December 14 2016
Typical middle of the week for me, as I've got nothing.

December 13 2016
My Fantasy Football team needed 1 point to advance in the Toilet Bowl playoffs & that's what Terrell Suggs got last night!

December 12 2016
Another Bills season officially down the shitter :(

December 10-11 2016
It's the weekend, so put your dick away & go find some friends/family to hang out with :)

December 9 2016
I live outside Buffalo & it's December.  Of course it's snowing!

December 8 2016
I'm not ashamed to admit the reason I started to watch Westworld was because of Thandie Newton & her awesome puffy nipples.

December 7 2016
I've got nothing :(

December 6 2016
My Fantasy Football team is headed to the Toilet Bowl!

December 5 2016
How did my beloved Bills blow a 24-9 leads in the 3rd quarter & lose so badly?!

December 3 2016
Enjoy your weekend!

December 2 2016
Fuck Dallas.

December 1 2016
Fuck December.

November 30 2016
I've got nothing - sorry :(

November 29 2016
I decorated for Christmas :)

November 28 2016
Happy Cyber Monday!

November 26 2016
Happy Small Business Saturday!

November 25 2016
Happy Black Friday!

November 24 2016
Happy Jive Turkey Day!

November 23 2016
The Las Vegas Golden Knights?

November 22 2016
I've got nothing & it depresses me.

November 21 2016
I think my Fantasy Football season is officially over :(

November 19 2016
70F yesterday, snow expected for today.  Gotta love Buffalo weather!

November 18 2016
Had my annual prostate exam yesterday...by a woman!

November 17 2016
Anyone heard anything new on Tony Romo?

November 16 2016
Once again, I've got nothing.

November 15 2016
I've got nothing.

November 14 2016
Supermoon!?  I'll take the soup!

November 12-13 2016
It's the weekend, so get off the net & enjoy yourself!

November 11 2016
Happy Veteran's Day to all who served!

November 10 2016
I just started watching Westworld and it makes me want to play Red Dead Redemption.

November 9 2016
America: You disappointed me :(

November 8 2016
Rock The Vote!

November 7 2016
Be sure to watch my beloved Buffalo Bills self-destruct on MNF tonight!

November 5 2016
Don't forget to change your clocks tonight!

November 4 2016
Friday's used to mean something to me...

November 3 2016
Game 7 goes to extra innings - couldn't ask for a better scenario.  Congrats to the Cubs!

November 2 2016
I'm not a huge fan of baseball, but I am a huge fan of Game 7's!

November 1 2016
Had a tooth crack in half last night #FML

October 31 2016
Merry Halloween!!

October 29-30 2016
Up early for no reason on a Saturday.  Enjoy your weekend!

October 28 2016
I've got the shits.....ugh.

October 27 2016
Today means something to me but I can't remember what it is...

October 26 2016
I've got nothing.

October 25 2016
I'm changing the name of my Fantasy Football team to Dumpster Fire.

October 24 2016
That whole Pop Rocks blowjob thing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

October 22-23 2016
Wedding Saturday, birthday parties Sunday.  Enjoy your weekend!

October 21 2016
I have a wedding to go to tomorrow & I have nothing to wear!

October 20 2016
Happy 70th birthday to my mom, who will never see this :)

October 19 2016
I've got nothing.

October 17 2016
Bills & Sabres both won yesterday...too bad my fantasy football teams didn't :(

October 15 2016
I told my buddy I'd give his site a plug this weekend, so here it is:
It's called Selfie Nations & it's basically a community of women that like to post selfies & the guys that like to look at them.  So go give him a visit & if you want, send me a friend request Thumb Up!

October 14 2016
I decorated for Halloween.  You're welcome :)

October 13 2016
Calendar's need to come with the option to remind you to not take your garbage out on your regular day when there's a holiday.  I'm the only ass on my street with the can at the road.

October 12 2016
Here's what I deal with on a daily basis: Reviewing a scene from a movie titles Teen Throated 2 & I look up the girl to get some info & she's 27 years old.  I won't fuck with you guys & gals like that.  My teen pages contain 18 & 19 year olds!

October 11 2016
Tuesday is the bride's Monday, which means it's my Monday.

October 10 2016
Fantasy Footballers will understand this: At 10:30 I put in Tevin Coleman.  At 11:30, I took him out because they didn't expect much from him after is sickle cell treatments this past week.  Fucker has 26 points!  The schlep I put in had FOUR!!

October 8-9 2016
Another weekend is upon us, so get your ass out of the house & enjoy it!

October 7 2016
I've got nothing.

October 6 2016
After 3 years with our beloved iPhone 5's, The Bitch & I are getting new iPhone 7's today!

October 5 2016
I watched the new Star Trek yesterday...meh.

October 4 2016
The bride won $125 on a football pool, so my faith in gambling on football has been restored.

October 3 2016
I hate Fantasy Football.  Hockey can't start soon enough for me.

October 1 2016
If it wasn't for sports I'd have nothing to do with my life.

September 30 2016
Two hockey drafts tomorrow - I've got some prep work to do!

September 29 2016
I've got nothing.

September 27 2016
It only took 3 weeks, but I got my 1st win in Fantasy Football last night!

September 26 2016
Made up with my sister after not talking to her for a couple years.  Feels pretty good :)

September 24 2016
Nirvana's Nevermind was released 25 years ago today

September 23 2016
Bill Belichick is a fucking genius.

September 22 2016
Sorry, but I've got nothing for today...

September 21 2016
While I do love seeing hockey on ESPN, I can't fucking stand seeing Brett Hull.  He's a cunt.

September 20 2016
I think I'm in full Fantasy Hockey mode.

September 19 2016
I love fantasy football & I hate fantasy football.

September 17 2016
24 hour flu bug has come & gone and thankfully it didn't last a minute longer.

September 16 2016
It's too early in the season for me to have the fucking flu!

September 15 2016
Bills home opener tonight on national TV - I'll be sleeping by the 2nd quarter.

September 14 2016
Besides winning on Fan Duel this past weekend, I came in 1st in one league & last in the other, proving I know nothing about Fantasy Football.

September 13 2016
My expectations for this Fantasy Football season were just ruined.  I actually won on Fan Duel this weekend!

September 12 2016
Well, The Bills season is over...

September 10-11 2016
It's still summer - get out & enjoy yourself

September 9 2016
I'll admit it: I fell asleep during the 1st quarter :)

September 7 2016
Time to get all those football picks in for this weekend!

September 6 2016
Back to reality after a nice 3 day weekend.

September 5 2016
Merry Labor Day!

September 3 2016
18 hours before today's 12 team Fantasy Football Draft, one guy fucking backs out Fuck My Life

September 2 2016
Captain America Civil War is out today, so that's what I'll be doing.

September 1 2016
I went to lunch yesterday with the best man from my wedding, who's in town for my Fantasy Football draft this weekend.  I feel like such an adult :)

August 31 2016
Football draft went well, but I do hate having the 1st pick & having to pick 2 guys each time it's my turn.

August 30 2016
1st Fantasy Football draft is tonight - wish me luck!!

August 29 2016
Again, I've got nothing, but at least my mood is getting better :)

August 26-27 2016
I've got nothing.

August 25 2016
I've said it before & I'll say it again: Being the Commish of a Fantasy Football League is like herding cats.  40+ year old whiny temperamental little cats.

August 24 2016
20 years ago today I married the love of my life.

August 23 2016
11 years gone...RIP Ryan

August 22 2016
The Tragically Hip show that aired on CBC Saturday legit made me cry...

August 20 2016
Feeling nostalgic for The Tragically Hip today.  Currently listening to Day For Night.

August 19 2016
2 big money football drafts coming up & all I can think about is hockey...

August 18 2016
Today is the 16 year anniversary of my "blog"

August 17 2016
So did you watch the big Women's Beach Volleyball match last night?  I called it The Ass Crack Show!

August 16 2016
I've got nothing!  You're welcome :)

August 15 2016
Just remember: You can drive as fast as you want until you hit the speed limit.

August 13-14 2016
Enjoy your weekend!!

August 12 2016
Phelps is a freak, but you already knew that.

August 11 2016
I hate to say it, but I've got nothing!

August 10 2016
I remember playing Handball in gym as a kid, except we called it Animal Ball :)

August 8-9 2016
Not in a good mood!

August 6 2016
NBC's coverage of The Olympics managed to piss me off before it even started.  How?  The ceremony started at 7.  Their coverage started at 7:30

August 5 2016
I can't wait to watch tonight's Opening Ceremony for the Olymp...zzzzzzzzzzz

August 4 2016
I hate to say it, but I've got nothing!

August 3 2016
That "On This Day" thing on Facebook has been reminding me how much I'm going to hate watching The Olympics on NBC next week.

August 2 2016
Anyone read the Celeb Nudes & News section I post up 3 times a week?
(down & to the left)

August 1 2016
Is there anything worse than a bar band adding their own special "flavor" to every fucking cover song they play? Fucking Amateurs!

July 31 2016
Surprise Sunday Update!

July 29 2016
Sorry for the late update today...and tomorrow's not looking that good either.

July 28 2016
Once again, I've got nothing!

July 27 2016
It's really hard to come up with something to put here every day.

July 26 2016
I have ants in my pants!

July 25 2016
Woke up to lightning popping right above my house!

July 23 2016
Sorry for the late update today - woke up to no internet :(

July 22 2016
Sorry for not updating yesterday - call it a Sick Day.

July 20 2016
Not only am I still hurting from that fucking tree, I'm in a mental funk I just can't shake.

July 19 2016
Happy Birthday Ry!  Miss you!

July 18 2016
I feel like death after 2 days of cutting this fucking tree.

July 16-17 2016
If you need me I'll be out cutting down a fucking massive tree branch.

July 15 2016
The fact that it's Friday means nothing to me & that kinda sucks.

July 14 2016
Remember that branch that fell off my tree?  It's big brother fell last night.

July 13 2016
I am so out of it this week it's not even funny.

July 12 2016
Finally finished that OJ Made In America documentary & I highly recommend all 8 hours of it!

July 11 2016
I've got nothing...

July 9 2016
Family reunion today #FML

July 8 2016
Why am I suddenly interested in tennis & soccer?

July 7 2016
Urban Dictionary published me again: 3holer My Gal Is A 3holer!

July 6 2016
Why am I watching tennis at 8 AM??

July 5 2016
The AC took a shit in my house...FML

July 2-4 2016
That celeb nudity expert Mr Skin has another GREAT holiday offer for you!
Take Advantage Today!
Mr Skin
and Mr Man* are free for 1 week & Naked News has a lifetime membership offer!
*Get your chick a Mr Man membership for a week - she might just thank you Thumb Up Tree Down

July 1 2016
Happy Canadia Day to all my Canadian friends!

June 30 2016
I watched Broadcast News last night & Albert Brooks playing the whiny jealous asshole that you just know he is in real life took me right out of the movie.

June 29 2016
That OJ 30 For 30 is worth all 7+ hours of viewing!

June 28 2016
Eric Lindros is going in the Hockey Fall of Fame?!

June 27 2016
I'm happy to report that after 2 grueling days where neither of us had used a chainsaw before, this became this & then finally this Thumb Up Tree Down

June 25-26 2016
Go outside & enjoy the weekend!

June 24 2016
Remember that massive branch that fell off my tree last week?  Well, the removal crew (aka me & my buddy) start on it today.

June 23 2016
My obsession with seeing the Kardashian women naked is at an all time high.

June 22 2016
RIP Einer.

June 21 2016
Summer has sprung! (I still celebrate season changes on the 21st)

June 20 2016
Congrats to Cleveland & thanks for making Buffalo the worst sports town for champions in the world!

June 18-19 2016
Happy Father's Day Weekend!

June 17 2016
So this happened.  FML.  Anyone have a hacksaw?

June 16 2016
So tonight's NBA Finals game starts at 9:00 PM?  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

June 15 2016
I need to go back to bed...

June 14 2016
Now that hockey's over, my depression will be kicking into high gear :(

June 11-12 2016
It's the weekend!  Stop looking at porn & go outside!

June 10 2016
San Jose is still alive!!

June 9 2016
I really hope I don't see Crosby raise The Cup tonight...

June 7 2016
1st Muhammad Ali & now Kimbo Slice!  Sleep tight, Virgil!

June 6 2016
Watched my 1st NBA game of the season last night.  I was not impressed.  Give me my hockey lol

June 4 2016
Loving my sleep schedule!

June 3 2016
7 years ago, I was living the high life in Vegas.  These days, I fight with my mother about the AC...

June 2 2016
My grandmother would've been 95 today, except she died.

June 1 2016
I've got nothing...

May 31 2016
Peaky Fucking Blinders!!!

May 28-30 2016

Mr Skin is having a Memorial Day Weekend Special: Complete access to his entire nude celebrity database for only $4/month!

May 27 2016
Looks like I'm a Sharks fan!

May 26 2016
I'm looking forward to falling asleep during tonight's big Game 7!

May 25 2016
Penguins forced games 7 I Heart Hockey Now it's time for the Blues!

May 24 2016
It's officially sweating season...

May 23 2016
Happy Birthday Opie Radio!

May 21-22 2016
People on ludes should not drive...

May 20 2016
Nothing beats a big fat cold sore on your lip to let everyone know you have the Herpes Simplex Virus!

May 19 2016
I've got nothing...

May 18 2016
These late starts for the hockey games stink because now I fall asleep during the 1st period instead of during the 2nd!

May 17 2016
Sleep doctor thinks my nose is fucked, so more doctor appointments for me.

May 16 2016
I thought taking the weekend off would refresh me. I thought wrong...

May 14-15 2016
I'm taking the weekend off Thumb up

May 13 2016
I'm ready for the day! Jasonguy

May 12 2016
SO glad St Louis beat up on Dallas last night!  I mean, how can you root for a city that killed Kennedy??

May 11 2016
Looks like I'm jumping on that St Louis Blues Bandwagon!

May 10 2016
2 Game 6's force Game 7's GO CAPS GO! I'm hoping for another tonight!

May 9 2016
I celebrate Mother's Day today...

May 8 2016
I'm trying out a new way to link to the tube vids I add every day.  Hope you all like it I Is Lil

May 7 2016
I'm so excited I just exploded in my pants...too bad it wasn't in the front.

May 6 2016
Here's what I think of the fucking Kentucky Derby:
Fuck The Derby

May 5 2016
Five de MayHola From Mr Skin!Five de May
In honor of Cinco de Mayo, you can get access to Mr. Skin (for the guys), Mr. Man (for the ladies), or Naked News (for everyone) for ONLY $5/month! (GET IT?!)

May 4 2016
The Forth Awakens 

May 3 2016
Happy Birthday Einer!

May 2 2016
13 years ago today, I saw Pearl Jam RAWK!

April 30 2016
My side project Chubby Girls Links added 7 new tube vids & 17 more BBW links today Thumb Up A Fat Girls Ass!
(...and I'm taking Sunday off)

April 29 2016
It's National Hairball Awareness Day!

April 28 2016
I was surprise the Islanders looked so good Hockey Guy I was not surprised Anahiem lost at home...again...

April 27 2016
One day without hockey & I'm going thru withdrawls...

April 26 2016
One word: Deadpool

April 25 2016
I enter a NHL contest on Fantasy Aces for $11 and I lose every time, but I entered one for $1.10 yesterday & dominated - came in 1st & won $5!! FML

April 24 2016
Please enjoy today's very rare Sunday update Thumb Up!

April 23 2016
Just a reminder that I try to update my side project Chubby Girls Links every Saturday.  Today I added 24 all new tube & free porn links I Do Love Me Some Chubby Girls!

April 22 2016
Merry Earf Day!

April 21 2016
Today I get to clean the yard.  FML.

April 20 2016
In honor of the date, I've made the site green.

April 19 2016
New York State: ROCK THE VOTE Check! Rock The Vote!

April 18 2016
I finally won some decent money on Fantasy Aces playing Daily Fantasy Hockey last night FUCK YEAH!

April 16-17 2016
Things are going good.  Maybe too good.  Gonna enjoy the weekend while I can...

April 15 2016
Vaping gives you all the nicotine with none of the fun of smoking.

April 14 2016
Seeing as I'm still awake after watching St Louis beat Chicago in OT, I thought I'd update.

April 13 2016

April 12 2016
This lack of hockey is starting to get to me Playoff Time!

April 11 2016
Just a friendly reminder that you can still Play Daily Fantasy Sports In New York State Fight The Power!

April 9 2016
You ever have the feeling it's an anniversary or someone's birthday, but nothing backs you up?

April 7 2016
This funk I'm in has no boundries...

April 6 2016
2 days til I see my Loony As A Loon! doctor & I can't f'ing wait!

April 5 2016
As much as I hate remembering people on the anniversary of their death...RIP Kurt

April 4 2016
I've got nothing.

April 2 2016
I'm halfway thru watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the 3rd time (but only the 2 hours of bonus crap once)

April 1 2016
No fooling: I've already watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens once today & I'm about to watch it again!

March 30 2016
Anyone else smell an April Fools joke tied in with the early release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Friday?

March 29 2016
I hate dealing with a person's assistant!

March 28 2016
That anger you feel when your doctor said they'd increase your meds, but sends over a script for the old dosage OUCH!

March 26 2016
Yes, I took yesterday off from updating, but I did remove over 1,000 old dead tired links Thumb Up A Bum

March 24 2016
So Yahoo just decided to ban people in New York from playing Daily Fantasy Sports.  I fucking hate this state.

March 23 2016
So I moved the $10 I had in Draft Kings over to Yahoo & now I have $60 - me thinks people are not as good on Yahoo!

March 22 2016
Stupid New York State banned me from Draft Kings, so if you live here, please...
Take Action Now To Support Fantasy Sports in NY!

March 21 2016
Spring Has Sprung!! LOL LMAO ROFL OU812 REO Speedwagon!

March 19 2016
All this talk about brackets...I'm a flying buttress fan myself.

March 18 2016
I'm not proud.  I added this:

Support The Greenguy
Slinging Free Porn Ain't Exactly Free, So If You'd Like To Support The Site, Fell Free To Send In Whatever Via Paypal - Thanks!

March 17 2016
In honor of Drunken Irish Day, I need a favor from anyone in New York State
Take Action Now To Support Fantasy Sports in NY!

March 16 2016
I truly fucking HATE this new website program I'm being forced to use.  I should not have to relearn everything I know about this crap this late in my life!!

March 15 2016
Corporate tax day used to mean something back when my company actually made money.

March 14 2016
Sometimes, it's ok to fall off a wagon.....

March 12 2016
I Is A Leprechaun!
I'm not Irish & I don't drink, yet I feel the need to party from now until next Sunday

March 11 2016
The funk I was in has subsided, and so has yesterday's Poopla! Poopla!
March 9 2016
As soon as I fight my way out of this funk I'll update that celeb news section I put up.

March 8 2016
Late day for me means late update for you - sorry.

March 7 2016
Shit day for me means shit update for you - sorry.

March 5 2016
Yesterday, the program - oops! I mean the app that I use to create websites/pages took a shit after an unexpected Windows 10 update.  So after hours of trying to repair it myself, seeing as the company is out of business, I gave up & bought a new/different program or app or whatever the fuck Microsoft wants to call these things that they break on me!

March 4 2016
I added a tube clip section to all the categories, but I'll admit that not all the categories have tube clips yet.

March 3 2016
Do you have any idea how bad it is when your power goes out and your backup generator takes a shit?  Flashlights?  Candles?  I think I own those things, but trying to find them in a pitch black house with the light from a cell phone that's at 12% ain't fun!

March 2 2016
I swear this is legit.  A buddy of mine is looking for people - male or female or whatever - to help beta test a selfie community with news, forums, picpots, timelines, likes, and all that social media fun stuff.  He's only taking 100 people for this 1st stage & currently has 35 spots left open (yes, I am one of the 1st 100)  So take a look at Selfie Nations, become a member if it interests you, and help me help my buddy help the internet I Really Am A Member!

March 1 2016
I've decided to decorate this site for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday Cheers!

February 29 2016
I just know that I'll be writing March 1st as the date all day Dummy

February 27 2016
OK - enough of this tomfoolery with milfs on the other side of the pond!  No C & C, no hidden messages ;-)

February 26 2016
Rough few days - tomorrow's update will be better I promise.

February 24 2016
Friends invited me to go for coffee later.  I sure hope it doesn't COST-A-LOT!

February 23 2016
Full disclosure: Long time fan Vicky, who I also assume is a milf, has seen my dick!

February 22 2016
Today's Mature Milfs Momday update is dedicated to long time fan Jane, who I assume it a milf, as long as she KNOWS I'm not a cuck! Not that there is anything wrong with it

February 20 2016
Happy Birthday, Kurt.  RIP

February 19 2016
Once again, Sorry for missing yesterday, but things are looking up...I think

February 17 2016
Sorry for missing yesterday - it's been a rough start to the week...

February 15 2016
The incompetence or outright lying of the @TWC_Help Twitter account for Time Warner Cable has officially made my brain hurt.  Don't worry, I'm writing up a report & will publish it.

February 14 2016
I planned on a bigger Valentine's Day themed update, but I need to write up a strongly worded letter to Time Warner Cable I Have Anger

February 13 2016
The current temp reads like a bad +/- for a hockey player FUCK IT BE COLD!!!

February 12 2016
Mr Skin got a slick new design...THIS IS NOT WHAT I'M USED TO!!!

February 11 2016
The good news is that I'm paying out the winners in my Fantasy Football Playoff Pool.  The bad news is that I didn't win anything.

February 10 2016
I feel worse today than I did the day after the Super Bowl.  It's like someone beat me up in my sleep.

February 9 2016
The worst part about "Oscar Season" is that they delay the PPV release of all those nominated movies until after the awards.  Thankfully, that new James Bond movie Spectre stunk & is out today for $4 Hello!

February 8 2016
Chinese New Year: Year Of The Monkey + Mountain Dew: Puppy Monkey Baby = Year Of The Puppy Monkey Baby Thumb Up!

February 6-7 2016
I'm taking the rest of the weekend off.  Enjoy the big game GO TEAM!!

February 5 2016
I'm starting to think that a tattoo just above her pussy has become the new trampstamp. 

February 4 2016
The Kardashian Effect On The People vs O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

February 3 2016
I've been online for almost 20 years and I've won & lost my share of "Keyboard Battles" on msg boards & in chat rooms.  I was in one on Monday & one user chimed in with something I honestly never thought of:
"Does any other person you've never met get you guys as worked up?"

February 2 2016
PSSSST Did you see the spy photos of Ronda Rousey in a Body Paint Swimsuit? OMG!

February 1 2016
Yes, I did decorate for the upcoming holiday Grinch Heart

January 31 2016
Yesterday I said I was going to update from Windows 7 to 10.  I thought it might be a good idea to back everything up to a new empty HD I have, so I did that 1st.  It should be done moving files by Thursday I HAZ LOTS OF PORN!

January 30 2016
Early update today as I plan on finally making the jump from Windows 7 to 10 The Pulse Of Technology

January 29 2016
Take it from me: No matter how low the risk of a side effect from a medical procedure is, if it does happen to you, it really sucks.

January 28 2016
Yesterday I watched the 1st 2 episodes of the new X-Files mini-series.  Was it always this far fetched??

January 27 2016
Yesterday I posted that I was still in a funk.  I got an email from John P that simply said: "Cheer up I hear there is lots free porn on the Internet now!"  Thanks, that literally made me lol Thumb Up!

January 26 2016
I'm still in a fucking funk.

January 25 2016
I swear that I woke up feeling good, but then the dog pissed on the couch, I burned my arm on the fireplace, and I have a horrendous headache FUCK!!!

January 24 2016
Today's update sucks because, not only am I in a funk of a mood, I'm trying to quit smoking.

January 21 2016
I'm boycotting the Oscars because there we ZERO male nominees with red hair!

January 20 2016
I started watching Gotham on Netflix not knowing it was a broadcast TV series & now I'm 10 episodes into this mess that doesn't match Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy & I just can't stop watching it!

January 19 2016
45 is half of 90.

January 17 2016
I'm pissed Denver beat Pittsburgh!  Brown & Williams would have destroyed the Broncos!

January 16 2016
I'm finally off to see The Force Awakens for a 2nd time YIPEE!

January 15 2016
Happy Birthday to my lovely bride, who will never read this!

January 14 2016
Not that any of you will care, but I fucked up something yesterday & all of Wednesday's links are mixed in with Tuesday's.  So, now you know.

January 13 2016
By now you've probably seen this pic of the car incased with ice that was taken in the Buffalo, NY area.  Well, that's probably less than 5 miles from my house Yes, It Is COLD!!

January 12 2016
OMG!!! Get This: There's SNOW in the greater Buffalo, NY area!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!

January 11 2016
RIP David Bowie.

January 9-10 2016
I already know I'm taking the rest of the weekend off, so enjoy the links & I'll see ya Monday!

January 8 2016
I was doing my projections for a couple of Fantasy Football Playoff Pools and I think this years Super Bowl will be Pittsburgh vs Arizona Hello!

January 7 2016
After having to cancel 2 appointments due to being sick, I finally go to have Part 2 of my root canal done today.  Not sure if that's good or bad...

January 6 2016
HOT DAMN!  109 new links added in the last 3 days - I can be pretty damn productive when I'm not sick with the flu Thumb Up!

January 5 2016
Not gonna lie: I did not miss these temps in the teens or single digits, but the reason is I'm stingy with the heat in the house BRRRRR

January 4 2016
Not sure if I would win 1st Overall for total points in my Fantasy Football league yesterday, I kept myself busy during the games by adding 42 new links for Mature Milfs Momday!
...and yes, I did wind up in 1st Thumb Up!

January 3 2016
Not the biggest of updates for you guys & gals (?) today, but it is the 1st Sunday I've added new links in a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time FREE!

January 2 2016
Mother Nature waited for New Year's Eve to finally put some snow on the ground in Buffalo Snow What!

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