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Rejection Reasons From Greenguy Link O'Rama

Rejection Reasons From Greenguy Link O'Rama
You site was rejected for one of these reasons, please read how to fix it.

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1024 Rule

Sites can not have any left to right scrolling when viewed at 1024 pixels. Try setting your tables to a max of 975, make sure none of your images are over 975 and make sure that tables inside other tables do not force the main table to go over 975.

120 Seconds Movie Rule

Sites with movies must have 120 total seconds of movies with at least 10 seconds per movie

1200 Rule

The minimum width + height of your pics has to be at least 1200 pixels. Good: 700 + 525 = 1225 Bad: 640 + 480 = 1120 If you have standard 4:3 pics, 700 on the long side will be good. If you have 16:9 pics, 800 on the long side will work.

24 Pics Rule

Sites must have a minimum of 24 pics with 12 pics per gallery page

Blind or Misleading Links

We all know what blind links are - if the surfer puts his mouse on a link and thinks he's going to go to a page that's described by the text, banner or mouseover and they don't, that's a blind link. This also includes recip links (the name of the Link List should appear in the text)

Category Does Not Match Site

The category you select has to actually match the site. Just because she's taking a cock in her ass in 3 pics does not mean it's an "anal" site, just because she's using a dildo does not make it a "sex" site, just because you're promoting a mature sponsor does not mean the content goes in one of the mature categories, the list goes on and on and thing to remember: the category should be based on all the content.

Connection Issues

We were not able to contact your site. Please verify that your server is up and that others can see your site and resubmit it.

Consoles Or New Windows

No consoles, no new windows, nothing that pops open a new tab

Copyright Infringement

If you don't have permission to use the material, then we can not link to your site

Counters Are Not Allowed

We no longer allow 3rd party counters on any of the pages of your free site (exception: Google Analytics)

Enter Link Is Misleading

The only time the word "enter" can be on your warning page is in the link to the main page

Excessive Ads

No more than 3 banners/ads per page and no Full Page Ads of any kind (meaning don't try and slip them into one of your pages) This also applies to picture and movie content. Pics and movies can not have overly excessive watermarks and movies can not have more than 1 second worth of ads.

Free, Revshare and Sponsor Hosting

You have to own the domain that you have the free site on and you have to pay for your own hosting

Hosting Is Questionable

Odds are we looked at your whois and got confused. thus we have questions about your hosting. Please post on the board

Hotlinking Is Not Allowed

Everything on your free site - banners and content - has to be hosted on the domain that the free site is on

Illegal Words

I'm not going to list them here, but for the love of Buddy Christ, keep your text and ads legal.

Invalid Or Missing Recip Link

Something is wrong with the link back to us (or to someone else). It could be that it's below the "enter" link. It could be that the URL is messed up. It could be that there is no recip. It could be something else.

Lack Of Nudity

This is an adults only Link List. If you submit a site where the girl doesn't gets naked until the last 6 pics and it's not for the lingerie category, the site will be declined.

Masked Content

This is a porn site - no masked or pixilated images or movies

Missing Images, Movies, or Graphics

One or more of the images on your site is not loading OR we clicked on a thumb and it did not lead to a full size pic/movie.

Mix Of Pictures and Movies

Free sites should be all pictures or all movies - we will not list sites that have a mix

Mix Of Soft and Hardcore Content

More and more categories are specific to nudes (softcore) or sex (hardcore) If your site has a teen stripping nude on the 1st page and then having sex on the 2nd, I can't list it in either TeenNudes or TeenSex because 1/2 the content does not fit into the category

Movies Will Not Load

I review movie sites using Windows Media Player with default settings. If your movies will not load using this player, the site will be declined.

Multiple Submissions

1 submit per webmaster/company per day

Not Enough Recip Links

You must be trading traffic with at least 5 other established Link Lists

Pics Or Movies Are Out Of Order

This one does seem simple enough, but you would not believe the number of sites that are submitted where the girl's clothes are suddenly back on 1/2 way thru the site.

Poor Grammar or Spelling Errors

I only speak English, so I only market to English speaking surfers. If English is not your 1st language, you might want to consider marketing to surfers that do speak your language (instead of butchering mine) And, for the love of Buddy Christ, get a spell checking program.

Pornstars and Celebs Have Names

As dumb as it may seem, you have to list the name(s) pornstar or celebrity on the site.

Recip Link To Site That Does Not List Free Sites

I (and others) will not link to sites that have recip links to sites that you did not submit your site to. So double check the recip link you get from some sites and make sure it's linking to that site and not some side project.

Reviewer Is Not Comfortable With Content

This happens from time to time - some things that we are not comfortable with are implied rape, under-water bondage, inappropriate marketing of "teens", etc.

Site Structure Violation

Something's fucked up with your site:
Take a look at it at 1024 pixels wide (as that's how we reviewed it) and make sure everything lines up properly. Take a look at your font colors and make sure they do not blend in with each other.  Did you make a horizontal pic into a vertical thumb or vice versa?  Do all of your pages have the same layout?  The list goes on and on and on......

Submission Title Does Not Match Site Title

The title that you submit must match the title of the site when we review it.

Template Is Overused

Please do not use the same template for your free site more than once a week (changing the colors and/or fonts does not mean that it's a new template)

That's Not A Free Site

This is a Link List that lists Free Sites (see Rule #1) . We do not list Galleries, AVS Sites, Pay Sites, Tube Sites, Blogs, Top Lists, etc.

Thumbs Do Not Match Pics/Movies

The thumbnails for pics have to lead to a bigger version of that pic and movie thumbs have to lead to a movie that contains the scene where the image was grabbed from

Title Does Not Match Content

The title of your site has to match the content on it. If you have a site called "Cumshot Madness" she'd better have cum on her in most (if not all) of the pics

Title or Description Is Based On Only One Gallery

It's a Free SITE and not a Gallery.  Your title and description have to describe the entire site & not just one of the galleries.

Vid Caps Or Over-compressed Pics

Still images taken from movies (vid caps) and pics that look crappy due to over-compression are not allowed

Warning Page Is Incomplete

Your warning page should have a clear cut warning that the surfer is on an adult website

Other - Please Contact Webmaster

Please post on the board

If you still have problems, please stop by the board and post

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