Special Section Because I Said So! My Vision Special Section Because I Said So!
The script that runs this site is old.  It's circa 2001 & the guy that wrote it retired about 10 years ago & is now MIA.  I think I know of 1 other person using this script.  So it's time for an upgrade.  And, since there's a lot of things I've always wanted to do with the site, I'm going to try & implements all the bells & whistles I can think of
1 - Thumbs: Every link will have a thumbnail preview (yes, all 15,000+ of them)
2 - Models: I'm going to tag every gallery I can with who's in it
3 - Categories: I have 150+ right now & it makes me trying to remember them all & deciding what new ones to add, so fuck it!  I'm going to put that burden onto you Not really - let me explain:
    a. 1st step is to shorten up the list.  For example, links in the Amateur Lesbians category will go into Amateurs and Lesbians.
    b. I then let you pick & choose what you want to see.  If you want Amateur Lesbians, you check those 2 categories & hit submit, where you'll be taken to a page that has all the links tagged Amateurs AND Lesbians.  You want busty milfs taking black cock up the ass?  You click Anal, Busty, Interracial & Milf.  You want a busty chubby Asian lesbian in lingerie & fishnet stockings getting fucked up the ass with a strapon while bound to a table?  Click Anal, Asian, BBW, BDSM, Busty, Lesbian, Lingerie, Stockings and Strapon.  This might be the only result, but at least you've found EXACTLY what you were looking for!
    c. You'll also be able to pick from Pics, Vids or Mixed galleries.
    d. Models will also be worked into it, so if you want to see Brandi Love with a black guy or Riley Reid having anal lesbian sex, you'll be able to find it.
4 - Search: A basic necessity that is LONG over due.

There's more, but most of it is behind-the-scenes crap.  This is going to be a MASSIVE undertaking, and that's not even counting the time it's gonna take me to make thumbs! (I can do about 50/hour, so I'm looking at roughly 300 hours, which is 12.5 days straight or 7.5 40 hour work-weeks).  My goal is to have it live with or without thumbs by June July August September October November? 1st (I can put placeholders in for whatever needs thumbs).  I have my work cut out for me...

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?  Now's the time to email me!